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									Importance of Google to Merge Desktop
        & Mobile Advertising
As if 2012 was not noisy enough with all the algorithm updates that were rolled out,
search engine giant Google won’t let the year go without one more bang. The search
engine giant recently announced its plans of combining desktop and mobile
advertising into one single campaign which shook the core of mobile SEO as many
marketers know it.

It was Google itself via a research it spearheaded that told the world the fact that
three-quarters of mobile surfers prefer to visit websites that are custom made for
their mobile devices. Since it came from Google, every mobile SEO company on the
planet took this advice as gospel and scrambled to tailor fit their campaigns for the
on-the-go audience.

So, why is Google seems to be contradicting its earlier statement? According to
Google CEO Larry Page, internet users are not really seeking for a different
experience when using the web on their Smartphone compared to the experience if
they are browsing using their PCs. With this development, mobile SEO just got more

Google Will Do the Heavy Lifting for Advertisers

What Google is basically saying to all advertisers is that internet users are looking for
a seamless transition of their browsing experience from one device to the next.
Unlike today wherein advertisers need to tailor fit their ads based on the intent of
the mobile consumer, Google is now saying that everything can be done in one
platform and Google will dynamically and automatically update the ads based on the
media source of the query.

So, are you ready to unlearn the things Google taught you about mobile SEO and
reframe everything in this context?

The Great Ads Migration from Search to Apps

The other thing that makes advertisers become wary of this model is the fact that
apps usage across different operating systems is increasing exponentially and rapidly.
While Google is in a good position when it comes to Android, any logical mobile SEO
company won’t disregard the presence of the other big operating systems such as
Blackberry, Ios and the re-emerging Windows.
The question in the mind of every mobile SEO practitioner is – what if, at least in the
world of mobile advertising, apps overtakes search in terms of the preeminent
advertising medium? If desktop advertising is merged into mobile advertising, where
does that leave advertisers or investors in case they want to shift their advertising
efforts from a search engine platform to applications?

According to Page, they are still in a very good position even if this happens and that
it won’t cause such a dramatic change. However, no one can blame advertisers if
they are a bit wary about this matter, especially that Google also changes its position
every so often when it comes to internet advertising.

So, What Now?

If there’s one thing that Google has effectively taught marketers, it’s the inevitability
of change. And now that mobile SEO. is facing yet another major development, it’s
really up to marketers to see opportunities rather than challenges and to make
informed and wise decisions to make the situation work to their advantage.

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