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									Brainstorming Your Way To Riches!

A great deal has been written about the group thinking concept. Members
all participate in solving problems, coming up with new ideas or dreaming
up new products. (Many heads are better than one?)

They discuss the product, idea, or problem with each person throwing out
their thoughts on the subject regardless of how ridiculous it may seem.
This is supposed to generate a vast pool of knowledge, including the
answer to what the group is trying to find.

Each idea is written down by one of the group and eventually the puzzle
is supposed to fall in place and the solution found.

Another method is for you to do your own private brainstorming, using a
tape recorder. When it is played back, it just may have the solution for

Generally, however, neither method produces any better results than if
you study the matter thoroughly and look at it from every possible angle.
After you have "busted" your brain capacity in this manner, sleep in it
and let your "subconscious" find the solution.

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