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					How to Select the Most Suitable Broker For Your Needs

The foreign exchange market industry has revenues of several billion
dollars a year, and it provides the chance to earn lots of cash over a
brief amount of time, that additionally attracted people curious about
speculating the naivety of potential investors. The net is filled with
sites created with the only real purpose of deceiving customers by taking
their cash as soon as they get into their account. Therefore, it's an
honest plan to seek out a broker who will prove to be a reliable partner,
before beginning to trade on the forex market.

Here is a list of recommendations that you just should take into account
before selecting your broker.

Open a demo account

If a broker doesn't supply a demo account, move on. Choose several
brokers who meet the before mentioned conditions and open a demo account
for each of them. If they do not invest in a demo system, that means that
the broker is simply too small to show confidence, or they're new on the
market and they seek to win the maximum amount as possible over a brief
period of time.

Trade much and ask many questions, in order to make your own opinion. The
kind of treatment that you receive now, will also apply in the future, so
look for quick and useful responses.

An aspect to keep in mind is that demo accounts do not benefit of all the
amenities of a real account. Differences regarding speed of execution of
an order, or available features, may occur.

Check the paid prices

You should verify what proportion you've got to pay before opening a true
account, because a broker lives from your commissions.

The best brokers usually have small spreads. The spread are calculated in
pips (4th decimal of a price) and represent the difference between the
purchase and the quotation of sale between bid and ask.

You should prefer brokers that only commission spreads (no hidden fees),
so that you know from the beginning which is the cost of each
transaction. The variation of the spread can range between fractions of a
pip to 4-6 pips or more. See if the spread is fixed or variable, as well
as its maximum for each currency pair you want to trade.

Look for a high leverage

Depending on the strategy you want to use and on the risk profile, the
maximum leverage is a good indicator to follow when choosing a broker.
The margin used by brokers varies between 40:1 and 1000:1, so you can
either make a big profit, or lose all your investment.

Promotions and bonuses
In order to attract customers, brokers provide various bonuses to create
a new account. You can also take into consideration the little gifts they
offer, which are usually proportional to the invested amount, and lower
than a fixed maximum sum.

Read the contract thoroughly

"I agree to the terms and conditions" is the most common lie out there,
but you should read this before checking it. Don't waste your money on
trading, without knowing from the start what are the conditions you have
to work with.

Here is a helpful and handy resource that will help you easily assess
brokers and find the best one that suits your needs.

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