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					CalWORKs Resource Guide

                      Santa Clara

    Making a Difference Through People,
         Service and Performance!

         October 2012
                                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
                          EMERGENCY RESOURCES                                      HEALTH SERVICES
                          Emergency Assistance Network:                    1       Children’s Health Initiative – Health Insurance      17
                            Community Services Agency of                          Free Prescription Saving Card                        17
                             Mt. View & Los Altos                                  Health Benefits Recourses Center                     18
                            The Salvation Army                                    WIC – Nutrition Program                              18
                            St. Joseph’s Family Center                            Healthy Kids – Health Services                       19
                            Sunnyvale Community Services                          Santa Clara Family Health Plan – Health Plan         19
                            Sacred Heart Community Services                       Black Infant Health Program                          20
                            InnVision Georgia Travis Center                       All Around Senior Services                           20
                            InnVision Opportunity Services Center                 CalWORKs Community Health Alliance                   21
    Santa Clara             West Valley Community Services                        YMCA – Mental Health Services                        21
   County Social                                                                   Mental Health Call Center – Counseling Services      22
                          SUPPORT SERVICES
                                                                                   Goodwill of Silicon Valley – Wellness Center         22
  Services Agency         Benefits Information                             2
                                                                                   Council on Aging – Senior Community Services         22
 Mission Statement:          MyBenefitsCalWIN
                                                                                   Cal-Learn/AFLP Programs – Pregnant Teen Services     23
                             MyBenefitsCalWIN Mobile Application
                             24-7 Automated Information Line                      SOCIAL WORKER & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
  The Social Services        Information Intake Benefits                          CalWORKs Social Work Unit                            24
Agency is a culturally       Information Continuing Benefits                      Domestic Violence Prevention                         24
 sensitive and socially                                                            Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence             24
                          2-1-1 – Santa Clara County                       3
  responsible public      HelpSCC - Emergency & Urgent Hotlines            3       FOOD ASSISTANCE
agency providing high        Includes Housing SCC                                 Second Harvest Food Bank                             25
                                                                                      Food Connection Hotline
 quality, professional,   Bay Area Self-Sufficiency Calculator             4
                                                                                      Partners in Need (PIN)
     financial, and       Sacred Heart Community Service – JOBLINK         5
                                                                                      Operation Brown Bag
                          Contact Cares – Confidential Hotlines            5
protective services for                                                               Family Harvest
                          Native TANF – Assistance & Services              5
   residents of Santa                                                                 Produce Mobile – CalWORKs Location
                          Clean Slate – Tattoo Removal Program             6
     Clara County.                                                                    Food Stamp Application Assistance
                          Expungement Program – Record Clearance           6
                          Jump Start Auto Repair Program                   6       CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program                    26
                          Career Closet – Clothing                         7       Farmers’ Market and CalFresh Program                 26           MERIWEST Credit Union – Financial Education      7       Department of Aging and Adult Services               27
                          Community Action Agency – Energy Assistance      7          Senior Nutrition – Dining In & Out
                          Children Dental Center                           8       Eat Healthy! Eat Smart!                              27
                             San Jose Center
                             Sunnyvale Center                                     Housing SCC – Page 3
                          The Family Self-Sufficiency Program              8       The Family Self-Sufficiency Program – Page 8
                          Resources for Immigrants                         8       Community Technology Alliance – Page 11
                          California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE)   9       Housing Services – Pages 12-13
                          Phoenix Data Center                              9
                          Working Partnerships, USA                        9       TRANSPORTATION
                          East San Jose Community Law Center               9       Guarantee Ride Program                               28
                          Internet Essensials – Comcast                    10      Bike to Work Program                                 28
                          Did You Know – EBT Cards                         10      Mileage and Bus Pass Cost Reimbursement              28
                          Teen Health Van – Innvision The Way Home         10      Transportation Information for Santa Clara County    29-30
                          Low-Cost Banking Programs                        11      California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program           31
                          United Way Silicon Valley – Credit Coaching      12
                          Community Technology Alliance                    12      CHILD CARE RESOURCES
                          Housing Information                              13-14   KAFPA – Kinship, Adoption & Foster Care              32
                              Shelter & Housing                                   First 5 of Santa Clara County – Early Childhood      32
                              Transitional Housing                                Child Care Resources – CalWORKs Referrals            33
                              Affordable Permanent Housing                        Alternative Payment Programs – Child Care Services   34
                              Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing
                                                                                   EMPLOYMENT/POST EMPLOYMENT SERVICES
                          Opportunity Fund – Match Savings Account         15
                                                                                   Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE)             35
        CONTACT           IDA Program – Refugees and Asyles                15
                                                                                   Employment & Career Centers                          36-37
  Cecilia Núñez-Massara   The Earned Income Tax – Earned Income Credit     16
     (408) 755-7742       Tax EZ Program – Free Tax Preparation            16      EDUCATION/TRAINING
       cecilia.nunez-                                                              Colleges & Adult Ed. – CalWORKs Liaison Services     38
                                                                                   Adult Education/Colleges/CBOs/Other                  39
                                                 EMERGENCY RESOURCES
ASSISTANCE                                                Assistance for Santa Clara County Families

 NETWORK                                The Emergency Assistance Network (EAN) provides a variety of
                                        services to prevent homelessness and works as a safety net for
   (EAN)                                residents facing eviction, utility disconnection, and hunger. The EAN
                                        offers assistance to help families and individuals recover from
         PROGRAM                        emergency situations, often providing case management and financial
      INFORMATION                       education in conjunction with:
Everyone        experiences
emergencies from time to                 Food Assistance                                    Utility Assistance
time. For some Silicon                   Rent and Mortgage Aid                              Medical and Transportation Aid
Valley residents, however,
each day is a struggle for                 Contact the Emergency Assistance Network Agency providing
financial   stability   and                          services to families living in your zip code.
independence. When an
emergency hits, they need
somewhere to turn for help:                                                                               The Salvation Army
                                             Community Services Agency
The Emergency Assistance                                                                                   359 North 4th Street
                                               of Mt. View & Los Altos
Network (EAN) was set up                                                                                  San Jose, CA 95109
                                                   204 Stierlin Road
to assist families during                                                                                    (408) 282-1165
                                              Mountain View, CA 94043
these struggling times.                             (650) 968-0836
                                                                                                   95013 95037 95119 95120
                                                                                                   95121 95122 95123 95127
        ELIGIBILITY                       94022 94023 94024 94035 94039
                                                                                                   95132 95135 95137 95138
Families can refer to the                    94040 94041 94042 94043
                                                                                                95139 95141 95148 95192 95193
service provider according
to the zip code they live in.
                                              St. Joseph’s Family Center                         Sunnyvale Community Services
                                                  7950-A Church Street                                  725 Kifer Road
CONTACT INFORMATION                                 Gilroy, CA 95020                                 Sunnyvale, CA 94086
       2-1-1                                         (408) 842-6662                                     (408) 738-4321
                                                    95020 95021 95046                           94085 94086 94087 94088 94089
   DEPARTMENTS                                                                                   InnVision Georgia Travis Center
Gilroy ---------- (408) 846-0323         Sacred Heart Community Services
                                                                                                      297 Commercial Street
Morgan Hill --- (408) 779-2101                  1381 S. First Street
                                                                                                       San Jose, CA 95112
Milpitas -------- (408) 586-2400               San Jose, CA 95110
                                                                                                         (408) 453-2124
Mt. View ------- (650) 903-6350                   (408) 278-2160
San Jose ------ (408) 277-5450
Santa Clara --- (408) 615-4700                                                                       95002 95050 95051 95035
                                                    95110 95117 95125
                                                                                                     95053 95054 95112 95116
                                                    95126 95128 95134
                                                                                                        95131 95133 95134
                                                  InnVision Opportunity
                                                                                                 West Valley Community Services
                                                     Services Center
                                                                                                        10104 Vista Drive
                                                     33 Encina Avenue
                                                                                                       Cupertino, CA 95014
                                                    Palo Alto, CA 94301
                                                                                                          (408) 255-8033
                                                      (650) 853-8672
                                                                                                   95014 95015 95030 95032
                                               94301 94302 94303 94304
                                                                                                95033 95044 95070 95129 95130
                                                  94305 94306 94309

                          Have a computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                    SUPPORT RESOURCES
    The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                         Create a MyBenefitsCalWIN
                                         account to:
                                          Check Your Benefit Status
                                          Submit/Continue Application
                                          Submit Periodic Reporting (QR7/MSR)
                                          Renewal Online
        AS OF                             Check Current Case Status
    DECEMBER 2012                         Review Up To 6-Months Case History
                                          EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) Balance
                                          Monthly Benefits Amount & Date Available
  MyBenefitsCalWIN                        Request Verification Letter                  Replace Medi-Cal Card
    APPLY ONLINE FOR                      Report Abuse and/or Fraud
                                          Review Information on Fair Hearings
    CalWORKs (Cash Aid)                  Contact a Worker by E-mail Sent to a Centralized E-mail Box
    CalFresh (Food Stamps)
          Medi-Cal
     Refugee Assistance                                                     MyBenefitsCalWIN Mobile Application:
                                                                             Provides an overview of the four primary programs:
       LANGUAGES                                                              CalWORKs (Cash Aid)
      English, Spanish,                                                       CalFresh (Food Stamps)
     Chinese & Russian                                                        Medi-Cal
                                                                              General Assistance
  MyBenefitCalWIN                                                            Find CalWORKs County Offices via GPS, Zip Code and
  Mobile Application                                                          Select Location
       Available 24/7                                                       Provides Disaster Assistance
   Eliminates travel and                                                    Check eligibility
   office hours to begin,                                                    Apply for MyBenefitsCalWIN
    simplify & speed up                                                       Once request has been submitted, Applicant may also
  the application process                                                     submit verifications:
                                                                             Select the verification type and take a picture of the
                                                                              verification using the mobile phone camera
INFORMATION LINE:                        Information Intake and Continuing Cases:
 1-877-96 BENEFITS                            Intake Benefits: For information on newly filed applications
  or 1-877-962-3633                           Application Assistance Center (AAC)               Families with Children
                                              1867 Senter Rd., SJ (408) 758-3800                CalWORKs, CalFresh & Medi-Cal
                                              General Assistance (GA)                           Adults with NO Children
       Information                            1919 Senter Rd., SJ (408) 758-3106                CalWORKs, CalFresh & Medi-Cal
   Office Locations/Hours                    Continuing Benefits: For information approved/ongoing cases
        How to Apply                         Continuing Benefits Services (CBS)                Families with Children
     EBT/Medical Cards                       1870 Senter Rd., SJ (408) 758-4100                CalWORKs, CalFresh & Medi-Cal
         Case Status                         Benefits Service Center (BSC)                     NONE Financial Assistance Cases
      Programs Offered                       CALL CENTER ONLY: (408) 758-3600                  CalFresh & Medi-Cal
    How to Report Abuse                      General Assistance (GA)                           Adults with NO Children
                                              1919 Senter Rd., SJ (408) 758-3100                CalWORKs, CalFresh & Medi-Cal

                        Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                  SUPPORT RESOURCES
     The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                                          For Everyday Needs and in Times of Crisis,
                                                                 Help Starts Here: Dial 2-1-1

                                       2-1-1 is a free and confidential, 3-digit phone number and service that
                                       provides access to critical community programs and services, including:
                                       food and shelter, counseling, drug and alcohol intervention, job training,
                                       child and elder care, health care, youth programs, and so much more.
                                       It also provides links to volunteers, provide resources, or assist during a
           2-1-1                       crisis in Santa Clara County. Specially trained, multilingual call-center
   TTY: 866-390-6845                   specialists offer a friendly voice while providing accurate, up-to-date
  Outside of Santa Clara               information, and appropriate, culturally sensitive referrals.
  County: (866) 896-3587
         WEBSITE                                             Disaster Assistance and Other Benefits
                                       2-1-1 offers a long list of community benefits including critical link during a
          HOURS                        disaster such as an earthquake or flood. It gives disaster officials a way to
     24 hours / 7 days                 provide up-to-date information about the crisis and serves as a resource
                                       for emergency needs, such as rescue services, power information,
       LANGUAGES                       medical care, fuel, shelter, food, and debris removal. After a disaster, 2-1-
English, Spanish, Vietnamese           1 can provide important recovery information, such as how to apply for
  and 140 other languages              financial assistance.

                                                       Information and Referral for Santa Clara County

                                       This is an on-line website that includes a directory of health and human
Emergen cy an d
                                       services available in Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County. It is
                                       updated regularly and easy to use.
Urgent Hotlin es
                                       Food resources available including food banks, outlets, communal food
                                       storage facilities, and organization & agencies providing meals and
       WEBSITE                         emergency food.
                                       Housing resources available including emergency shelters, subsidized
                                       rental housing, home loans/insurance, housing search and information,
                                       moving assistance, utilities connection/repair. To determine your eligibility
                                       for government assisted housing, you may select the housing category
                                       which links to the website.

                                       Health resources.

                                       Children and Youth resources available.
 Have computer and internet
access? Try            Seniors assistance and resources.
for information and resources
                                       Employment resources that assist the underemployed and unemployed.

                      Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                 SUPPORT RESOURCES
     The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                                                         SELF-SUFFICIENCY CALCULATOR QUESTIONS
                                                  I. QUICK LIST of information and documents you will need at the time you call to complete the Self-
                                                  Sufficiency Calculator:
                                                     You and/or your child (ren) have legal resident status? Yes ____ No ____
                                                     Family Size: number of adults and children & ages of all family members
                                                     Tax filing status if married
                                                     All monthly income sources for the household (type of income and amount)
                                                     Public benefits currently received and amounts
                                                     Household expenses (by category – see below for detail)
                                                  II. COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:
                                                     Age of head of household: 18-24____ 25-59 ____ 60+ ____
                                                     Number of additional adults in each age range (sharing a kitchen) 18-24 ____ 25-59 ____ 60+ ____
                                                     Number of children in each age range: Under 2 Yrs. ____ 3-5 Yrs. ____ 6-12 Yrs. ____ 13-17 Yrs. ____
   B AY ARE A SELF -                                 Are you pregnant? Yes ____ No ____
                                                     Are you married? Yes ____ No ____
     SUFFICIENCY                                     If YES: Are you and spouse filing taxes jointly? Jointly ____ Separately ____
     C ALCUL ATO R                                   Have you lived apart from spouse for 6+ months?           Yes ____ No ____
                                                     Is your home the main residence of your child?           Yes ____ No ____
      This website identifies                     INCOME
      potential eligibility for                      What is the first wage earner’s pre-tax income? $_____ per hour/week/month/year
     different public benefits.                      If hourly wage, how many hours worked per week? ______
                                                     Do you receive other income or child support payments? Yes ____ No ____
                                                     If YES: Second wage:                $______ per hour at ______ hours/week
           WEBSITES                                  Child support received:             $______ per month
                                                     Unemployment:                       $______ per month                            Disability-based income:            $______ per month
                                                     Other income:                       $______ per month (such as alimony, small business)
              or                                     Is there an additional wage earner in your family? Yes ____ No ____                            If YES: Wage:                       $______ per hour at ______hours/week
                                                     Unearned income:                    $______ per month
                                                     Do you or a household member receive SSI?         Yes ____ No ____
  Identifies which benefits and tax                  If YES:  You  Spouse _____ number of children
  credits you may be eligible for.                   AND: Living in the household of another?          Yes ____ No ____
                                                     Do you and your children have health insurance? Yes ____ No ____
  Describes how each benefit                         If YES: Received from an employer?                Yes ____ No ____
  works, where to apply and what                     OR, other _____________
                                                     Do you have assets over $2000 or do you own a car? Yes ____ No ____
  documents to bring.                                Which benefits do you currently receive? (Check all that apply)
  Allows you to see a “before and                      Advanced EITC  CalFresh $__________ per month  CalWORKs $__________ per month
  after” budget that takes benefit                     Subsidized Childcare  Medi-Cal  Healthy Families  WIC  School Meals  Head Start
                                                       HEAP  Lifeline
  amounts into account.
                                                  EXPENSES                                  Miscellaneous:
          DIRECTIONS                              What are your monthly costs?              Child Support          $________ per month
     Complete the following                       Housing         $________ per month       Clothing/Shoes         $________ per month
                                                  Utilities       $________ per month       Debt repayments        $________ per month
questions; then logon to the Self-
                                                  Food            $________ per month       Laundry/dry cleaning $________ per month
Sufficiency Calculator to find out                Transportation $________ per month        Personal hygiene items $________ per month
which programs (such as Cash Aid,                 Child Care      $________ per month       Telephone(s)           $________ per month
 CalFresh, Medi-cal etc.) you may                 Health Care     $________ per month       Tuition                $________ per month
                                                  Does your rent include heating/cooling    Other                  $________ per month
          be eligible for.                                                                  Total Miscellaneous    $________ per month
                                                  costs? Yes _____ No _____

                    Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                     SUPPORT RESOURCES
     The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                                            Looking for a Job? JOBLINK can help you!
                                          FREE SERVICES
                                             Informative Workshops                           Resume Preparation         Job Coaching
      JOBLINK                                Personalized Voicemail                          Email Set Up               Job Referrals
                                             Mock Interviewing                               Interview Preparation
    1381 South First Street                  Clothing for Interviews/Work                    Use of Internet (Job Search)
     San Jose, CA 95110                      On-Site Recruiting/Workshops                     Use of Phones, Copiers, Fax and Computers
       (408) 278-2172                     MANDATORY JOB SEARCH WORKSHOPS
           Hours                             English on Wednesday: 9:00 AM – NOON Spanish on Thursday: 9:00 AM – NOON
   M, T, W 9:00 – 4:00 PM
     TH 9:00 – 2:00 PM                    COMPUTER CLASSES
   Friday by Appointment                     Every Thursday from 2:00 – 4:00 PM

                                          CRISIS LINE: (408) 850-6125
                                          A crisis hotline for anyone experiencing depression, anxiety, grief,
                                          loneliness, parental stress, or general hard times. Callers receive
                                          supportive listening, crisis intervention, information and referral.
                                          ANTI-HATE HOTLINE: (408) 279-0111
                                          A service, partnered with the Human Relations Commission, for listening,
 Contact Cares                            reporting and follow-up of incidences of discrimination and hate crimes.
 Confidential Hotlines                    24-7 LINE FOR YOUTH: (888) 247-7717
                                          A free hotline for youth ages 7-24, providing supportive listening, crisis
        HELP LINES                        intervention, and information and referrals. Youth may call the line
All help lines are confidential           ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON.
24-hour availability
7 days a week                             CENTRE CARES HOTLINE: (408) 850-6179
                                          A hotline for people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Anyone whose life
       WEBSITE                            has been touched by HIV/AIDS can call the line for supportive listening,                   crisis intervention, and information and referrals.

NATIVE TANF                               The goal of the Native TANF Program (NTP), is to provide cash
                                          assistance and supportive services to eligible needy Indian families with
        LOCATION                          children in need of temporary aid and services. The NTP may provide
 Bay Area Regional Office                 parent(s), or caretaker relatives who are participants, with job preparation,
 2480 N. First St., Suite 140             employment opportunities, and supportive services to increase self-
   San Jose, CA 95131                     sufficiency.
        NEW PHONE                         Needy Native American families living in Santa Clara County that are
       (408) 433-1000                     members/descendants of a federally recognized Tribe, or descendants of
                                          a California Indian Judgment Rolls may be eligible to participate in this
         HOURS                            program.
 M-F, 10:00 AM– 6:00 PM
       WEBSITE               English, Spanish and others as needed.

                         Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                  SUPPORT RESOURCES
     The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                       Are gang related tattoos preventing you from getting a job or moving
                                       forward in life? If you meet the criteria and are interested in removing your
                                       gang related tattoos please call the Clean Slate Program.
                                             Must be between the ages of 14 and 25
                                             Must be a San José resident
                                             Tattoos must be on hands, wrists, neck or face
                                             Must live a gang free lifestyle
     1694 Adrian Way                         Must complete 30 hours of community service
   San José, CA 95122                        Must be working or going to school and/or must enroll
  Phone (408) 794-1660                       in a job readiness or vocational program
                                             Must commit to program by attending weekly life skill
    Fax (408) 923-5215
                                             group workshops for 10 weeks
 cleanslatetattoremoval@                     Must Graduate                          Tattoo removal begins after 3 month program and
                                             community service hours is completed

                                       Get your record cleared; obtain free legal services to clear non-violent
EXPUNGEMENT                            misdemeanor(s) and/or felony committed in Santa Clara County.
  PROGRAM                              ELIGIBILITY
         LOCATION                      Current CalWORKs participants, former CalWORKs clients who have
    County of Santa Clara              received aid within the past 12 months.
Office of the Public Defender          HOURS OF OPERATION
    120 W. Mission Street              Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
     San Jose, CA 9510
       (408) 299-7700                  LANGUAGE CAPACITIES
                                       English, Spanish, Vietnamese
        CONTACTS                       To overcome any language barriers, the Public Defender’s Office has
 Mamie Lopez (408) 299-7025            access to interpreters who speak virtually any language.
John Gutierrez (408) 299-7028

 Jump Start                            Santa Clara County Social Services provides vehicle repair assistance to
                                       clients who are participating in Welfare to Work (WTW) work activity in
 Auto Repair                           order to achieve self-sufficiency. This is a non-recurring, short-term
                                       benefit program that assists qualified participants with the cost of minor
  Program                              repair of their personal vehicle up to $1,000.

  Current CalWORKs clients              The repair MUST be necessary for the vehicle to remain operable.
                                        Applicants must be currently employed and personally own the vehicle
  contact your Employment
                                        which serves as the primary means of traveling to work.
 Services case manager, and
                                        Vehicle must be registered and insured.
former CalWORKs clients call
   (408) 436-2865 Ext. 223

                     Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                  SUPPORT RESOURCES
     The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                      Career Closet provides one-on-one personalized services, which include
                                      an interview outfit, business casual clothing, shoes, purse, jewelry, coat,
                                      and lingerie. All items are free of charge to the clients, plus they receive a
                                      $35 certificate to come back and shop the Style Cupboard sales.
                                      Career Closet also has a Work Experience Program which teaches the
                                      fundamentals of starting a job, beginning with team work in the back shop
                                      area where all donations are sorted. Work Experience Staff (WES) learn
                                      current business appropriate clothing styles, work with trained dressers,
                                      learn the "personal dresser" program, and work in the retail shop. We also
                                      teach front desk and receptionist skills, such as; computer and data entry
        CONTACTS                      skills, phone etiquette, and customer service.
43 East Gish Road, Suite 100
    San Jose, CA 95112                REFERRALS
       (408) 451-1200                 Participation in Career Closet is done via referrals.              ELIGIBILITY
                                      Current CalWORKs participants and low-income women.
       WEBSITE                        HOURS OF OPERATION               Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

                                      Free financial education workshops for the public. Meriwest Credit Union
                                      offers free checking accounts to all CalWORKs and County Social
                                      Services clients. (See Page 10 for additional information.)

CONTACT INFORMATION                   PHONE: (408) 365-6328
       Greg Meyer
Community Relations Manager           WEBSITE:

                                      Community Action Agency offers NON-EMERGENCY energy bill payment
                                      program to assist low-income families in Santa Clara County.
                                      This program is available once per calendar year.
                                      Call 1-866-205-2388, leave a message with your mailing address to
Community Action                      request an application.
   Agency                               Mail verification of household income (W-2, tax return, paycheck stub)
                                        Energy bill must match the address of the applicant
CONTACT INFORMATION                     Meet household size and income.
    930 Britton Ave.                  Weatherization Assistance Program Community Action
 San Carlos, CA 64070                 This program enables low-income families to permanently reduce their
    (650) 595-1342                    energy bill by making homes more energy efficient. For applications call
                                      1-866-205-2388 and leave a message.
                                      CONTACTS & LOCATION
                                      673 E. Brokaw Road, San Jose, CA 95112 (408) 920-3953

                    Have a computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

Children Dental Center Of San Jose                                    Children’s Dental Center of Sunnyvale
          1153 S. King Road                                                      897 West El Camino Real
         San Jose, CA 95122                                                       Sunnyvale, CA 94087
     (Tropicana Shopping Center)                                           (Between Mary and Mathilda Avenues)
            (408) 240-0250                                                           (408) 701-5882

               HOURS                                                                       HOURS
      M – F 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                                                 M – F 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
             WEBSITES                                                                    WEBSITES                                                                                     

                                                                                  Local, State and National
                The Family                                                       Resources for Immigrants
       Self-Sufficiency Program                                             
        Housing Authority of the                                                       Administered by
          County of Santa Clara                                                 Franci Collins & Cristal Verde
         505 West Julian Street
          San Jose, CA 95110                                                            RESOURCES
              (408) 993-4200                                                For students, teachers, immigrants,
      Current Section 8 Tenants                                                advocates and policy-makers.
 may qualify for a free savings account.                                         INTERACTIVE DATABASE
 Call to find out more! This program is                                    Listing of hundreds of ESL classes at
                                                                        more than 100 sites in Santa Clara County.
  voluntary and does not affect your
                                                                            RESOURCES FOR IMMIGRANTS
  eligibility for continued assistance                                  Links to local, state and national resources
       under the Housing Choice                                             for immigrants and their advocates.
            Voucher Program                                                            EVENTS PAGE
                                                                            Current Santa Clara County events.
                                                                               Information on relevant topics.

                Have a computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                 SUPPORT RESOURCES
     The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

  California                         Provides a 20% discount on monthly energy gas and electric rates to
  Alternative                        income-qualified households, certain nonprofit organizations and facilities
                                     housing agricultural employees. Recipients are also exempt from the
  Rates For                          recent 9% electric rate increase.

Energy (CARE)                        ELIGIBILITY
                                     Household income must be verified.
                                     To learn more about CARE and to download an application, please
                                     call or visit the CARE website at

   CENTER                            Provides links to free and low-income services offered throughout Santa
                                     Clara County and neighboring communities.
      P.O. Box 1713                  SERVICES INCLUDE
   Los Gatos, CA 95031                 Details on how to qualify for assistance.
                                       Information regarding assistance with meals, groceries, shelter,
       WEBSITE                         healthcare, legal, transportation and senior assistance.              Provides translation in Spanish and Chinese.

   WORKING                           This program provides one-time emergency assistance for rent, medical
                                     bills, and similar urgent needs to Silicon Valley Union workers and
PARTNERSHIPS,                        families.
Union Community                      Santa Clara County Union Members
   Resources                         LANGUAGE CAPABILITIES
                                     English and Spanish
2102 Almaden Rd., Suite 107
                                     AREAS SERVED
   San Jose, CA 95125
                                     Santa Clara County 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
      (408) 269-7872

EAST SAN JOSE                        East San Jose Community Law Center offers Legal Clinics that advise
                                     low-income individuals with specific questions/concerns on a one-on-one
COMMUNITY LAW                        basis in immigration, workers’ compensation, small business, workers’
   CENTER                            rights, consumer and debtors’ rights. Call to schedule a clinic appointment.
     1030 The Alameda
                                     Low-income families
    San Jose, CA 95126
      (408) 288-8719

                   Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                    SUPPORT RESOURCES
      The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                                         GET FAST, AFFORDABLE INTERNET AT HOME
    Internet                             ELIGIBILITY
   Essentials                            If your child receives free or reduced price school lunches, you may
 from Comcast                            AFFORTABLE INTERNET
                                              $9.95 a month +taxes
                                              No price increases, activation or equipment rental fees
     1-855-8-INTERNET                         Low-cost computer available at initial enrollment
       (1-855-846-8376)                       Free internet training, online, in print and in person

Did you know this                         HOW TO ACCESS YOUR CASH BENEFITS AT LITTLE OR NO COST

about your EBT?                          TRANSACTION FEES
                                         You can make up to four (4) cash-only withdrawals each month with your
                                         EBT card without paying a transaction fee. After that, you will lose .85
EBT CUSTOMER SERVICE                     cents for each additional cash-only withdrawal. The fee will be taken from
     1 (877) 328-9677                    your available balance.

For your convenience, you                Purchase and cash-back at the same time do not count as one of the four
can choose to have your cash             (4) free withdrawals for the month.
benefits deposited directly
into your personal bank                  SURCHARGE
account instead of using your            This is the amount some ATM’s charge you each time you withdraw your
EBT card. Contact your local             cash benefits. This surcharge is taken out from your available balance and
public assistance office to find         it can be between $1 and $3 each time.
out how you can sign up.
                                         AVOID SURCHARGES
    Avoid surcharges or                  You will not have to pay a surcharge if you get your money in any if these
  transaction fees to your               ATM machines: Bank of the West, Citibank, Comerica, Exchange Bank,
         EBT Card                        First Northern Bank and US Bank.

                                                   One-Stop Homelessness Prevention Center

                                         InnVision Georgia Travis Center:
                                         297 Commercial Street, San Jose, CA 95112

                                         Uninsured and homeless youth ages 10-25 years old.
  Teen Health Van                        HOURS OF OPERATION
 CONTACT INFORMATION                     Noon – 6:00 PM
     (408) 453-3124

                       Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                        SUPPORT RESOURCES
       The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                                     Silicon Valley/South Bay SAVES
                                             Financial Literacy Education, Help individual and families build wealth through
   BANKING                                   free services, community partnership – nonprofit, financial institutions,
                                             government, and employer!
  AVAILABLE                                                      Low Fees Features & Account Balances
   FOR LOW-                                                                       Income          Opening
                                                                                                              Balance           Free
    INCOME                                                Institutions
                                                                                  Eligibility     Balance     After 12

INDIVIDUALS &                                                                                       Saving Accounts
                                                    Alliance Credit Union           None            $10         $25
   FAMILIES                                           Bank of America               None            $25        $300
                                                                                    None            $10           $100
                                                    Central Credit Union
Local banks and credit unions                             San Jose
   offer low-cost saving and                                                        None             $5           $50
                                                         Credit Union
   checking services geared                          Valley Credit Union            None            $25            $50           
toward promoting low-income                          Washington Mutual              None             $1           $300           
      families to save and                               Wells Fargo                None            $25           $300
    participate in the wealth                ENROLLMENT CAN BE DONE THROUGH THE FOLLOWING AGENCIES
    building process. These                            Work2Future One Stop                     Gilroy One Stop
   saving/checking accounts                            1601 Foxworthy Avenue                    7800 Arroyo Circle Ste. A
     require below-market                              San Jose, CA 95118                       Gilroy, CA 95020
                                                       (408) 794-1100                           (408) 846-1480
 balances and low or NO fees
  so low-income families can
                                             Work2Future customers will be given an introductory card to these institutions.
    enjoy common banking
features – pay bills, use ATM,
      and make transfers.                                     Meriwest Credit Union
                                             Toll fee (877)637-4937 or (877)Meriwest
   TO LEARN MORE ON                          Financial Literacy Education, Partnering Agencies: Catholic Housing, MACSA
   FINANCIAL LITERACY                        Grant, Scholarship, Volunteer Opportunities, Customer need not belong to any
                                             employee credit unions.
     (America Saves Campaign)                                     Low Fees Features & Account Balances                                                                                                               $0 fee
(The Financial Literacy & Education                                                                                 One-time            Non-
  Commission, a partnership of 20                    Participating Institutions       Guidelines                    Member-           Interest
          federal agencies)                                                                                           ship           Bearing                                                                                                    Checking
               finance/                                  Downtown SJ                   You do
 financial-institution/fin-education/                   Financial Center             not need to
      resources (U.S. Treasury                        1 N. First Street, SJ           belong to
            Department)                              5615 Chesbro Ave, SJ                 an
                                                                                                                                       $20                   117 N. Milpitas Blvd., SJ         employee
                                                                                                          $20            $5          opening
   (The Federal Reserve System)                     298 San Antonio Rd, MV           association
                               556 Edquiba Rd. MF                  or
     (Native Financial Education                                                        meet
 Coalition – for Native Americans)                      3140 Hansen Way                income
1-800-829-1040 (Volunteer Income                        Bldg 4C, Palo Alto           guidelines
      Tax Assistance Program)
   (National Foundation for Credit           MERIWEST-Gregory Meyer, Community Relations Mngr. (877)637-4937 X6328
           Counseling, Inc)
                                             Note: Members can access branches offices: Peninsula and East Bay

                           Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                  SUPPORT RESOURCES
     The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                       Credit Coaching is a FREE program of United Way Silicon Valley that
                                       gives individuals and families the opportunity to work directly with a trained
                                       Credit Coaching volunteer to learn and understand how to read and
                                       improve their credit.

                                       During a period of one year, participants will meet with their coach 6 times
                                       in order access their credit report and score and work to repair and
Credit Coaching                        improve their personal credit. This is a FREE program and is open to any
   Program                             individual and family living in Santa Clara County.

        LOCATION                       WEBSITE
1400 Parkmoor Ave., Suite 250
   San Jose, CA 95126
                                       HOURS OF SERVICES/ OPERATION
         CONTACT                       Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
          Mary Ly
  Phone: (408) 634-4392                LANGUAGES
    Fax: (408) 345-4301                English, Spanish and Vietnamese

                                       Distance learning website of some 300 podcasts and other online learning
                                       materials. You can access the distance learning site at CalWORKs.

                                       COMMUNITY VOICEMAIL
                                       Provides a unique VoiceMail number, so that clients can establish and
                                       maintain contact with potential landlords and employers, service providers,
  Community Technology                 family & friends.
Alliance's mission is to end
and prevent homelessness               THE SHELTER BED HOTLINE (1-800-7SHELTER)
 by linking and networking             Provides up-to-date information about emergency shelter beds throughout
    communities through                the nine Bay Area counties via a 24 hour toll-free number. Callers can
         technology.                   access information by county, language, and type of shelter needed.

                                       HELPSCC (WWW.HELPSCC.ORG)
        CONTACT                        This is a free web-based directory of health and human service providers
      (408) 437-8800                   in Santa Clara County. Users can find information on over 1100 agencies,
   Fax: (408) 437-9169                 including      location,   telephone       number      and      services.
                                       HOUSINGSCC (WWW.HOUSINGSCC.ORG)
        WEBSITE                        This is a free web-based directory of over 10,000 subsidized housing units
                                       in Santa Clara County. Users can search by location, rent, open and                   closed waiting lists, accessibility for the disabled, and services offered.

                     Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                            SUPPORT RESOURCES
        The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

           Santa Clara County                                       Gilroy Armory                                 InnVision Julian Street Inn
           Shelters & Housing                                  8940 Wren Ave., Gilroy                                    (408) 271-0820
                                                    Near Las Animas Park; clients must be onsite          546 W. Julian St., San Jose 95110; Shelter
            Asian Women’s Home
                                                      by 6:00 for intake. Space limited to 125 –             and rehabilitation for men and women
                 (408) 975-2739
                                                         breakfast and dinner served daily.                      diagnosed with mental illness.
   2400 Moorpark Ave. Ste. 300, San Jose
 95128; Assists victims of domestic violence;                   EHC LifeBuilders                                InnVision Opportunity Center
 women and children 12 years old and under.                                                                              (650) 853-8672
                                                            Boccardo Family Living Center                33 Encina Way, Palo Alto 94301; Homeless
              Bill Wilson House                                       (408) 686-1300                    adults, no children; light meals, showers, case
                 (408) 243-0222                        13545 Monterey Rd., San Martin, 95046;           management, dental van, dr. on duty, clothing
   3490 The Alameda, Santa Clara 95050;                Admin. center offices are open M - F from          and haircuts. M – F, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
 Youth 11 – 17 years; shelter, food, clothing,           9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Accepts migrant
       mental health and medical care;                                                                   InnVision – The Way Home, Montgomery
                                                       families and two parent families, allowing                   St. Inn – (408) 271-5160
             24/7 365 days a year.                               families to stay together.                358 N. Montgomery St, San Jose, 95110
         Bill Wilson Quetzal House                      Boccardo Regional Reception Center                 Shelter for men, meals, showers, laundry,
                 (408) 243-0222                                  (BRC) – (408) 539-2170                       clothing, food, shelter, health care,
509 View Street, Mt View 94041; Girls 13 – 17           2011 Little Orchard St., San Jose 95125                transportation and referrals; 24/7.
  chronic runaways from foster care; shelter,        Homeless adults only. Call (408) 510-7507 &
       mental health and medical care;                                                                  Next Door Solutions for Domestic Violence
                                                      leave a message. Shelter, laundry, meals,                     Hotline – (408) 279-2962
            24/7, 365 days a year.                  clothes, toiletries, showers, job search, mental     234 E. Gish Rd., San Jose 95112; Victims of
     City Team Heritage Home Shelter                   health services, case management, legal           domestic violence; emergency shelter for 30
                 (408) 294-1238                                          assistance.                        days, legal assistance, support groups.
  435 N. Third, San Jose 95112; Shelter for                 BRC - Medical Respite Program
 single pregnant women, shelter until baby is                                                                            Salvation Army
                                                                      (408) 539-2170                                     (408) 282-1175
      born then enter well baby program.                  2011 Little Orchard St., San Jose 95125          405 N. 4th St. San Jose 95112; Men only;
    City Team Ministry Rescue Mission                 Recover after hospitalization - not a medical     shelter, showers 10-11, meals for all at noon.
                 (408) 288-2185                       facility; no direct medical care. Guaranteed
580 Charles St., San Jose 95112; Men only –                                                                         YMCA Support Network
                                                      bed allows time for the client to recover after
 6:30 breakfast; sandwich lunch; 5:00 dinner;                                                                            (800) 572-2782
                                                         leaving a hospital; three meals a daily.
5:30 intake for night shelter; 7 free nights; can                                                             Emergency assistance for battered
                                                                  Client must meet criteria.
       work out longer stay for a charge.                                                                individuals; shelter, counseling, referrals for
                                                              Family Supportive Housing                                 food, no age limit.
       City Team Ministries San Jose                                  (408) 926-8885
                 (408) 232-5600                      692 N. King Rd. San Jose 95116; Homeless                    Transitional Housing
2304 Zanker Rd. San Jose 95131; Homeless                  families with children: meals, shelter,                         Homesafe
    men, shelter, rehab, furniture clothing,          workshops, clothes closet and Health Van.                   San Jose (408) 251-8064
                three hot meals.                        Call between 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. M. – F,                 Santa Clara (408) 501-7550
 Cold Weather Shelter Program for                           Tuesday is intake day. 24/7, 365.               70 Kentucky Place, San Jose , 95116
          homeless adults                                 InnVision Commercial Street Inn –               611 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, 95050
   November 28th – March 30th                                         (408) 271-1630                     Two year shared housing for women with
                                                         260 Commercial St., San Jose 95112             children and singles; income required; client
Boccardo Regional Reception Ctr (BRC)                Homeless women and women with children:                contacts Next Door for interview and
     2011 Little Orchard St., San Jose,                shelter, clothing, showers, laundry, health                   application process.
 Near “The Plant” shopping center. Clients             care and transportation; two daily meals;                    InnVision – The Villa
must be onsite by 3:30 p.m. to join lottery for                M – F 4:30 p.m. – 8:30 a.m.;                            (408) 271-0567
   bed assignments. Three meals daily.                         open 24 hours on weekends                     184 S. 11th Street, San Jose 95112;
           Shelter opens at 4:00.                                                                          Shared housing for women & children
                                                    InnVision Georgia Travis, One Stop Center
            Sunnyvale Armory                                          (408) 453-3124                               in a multi-unit complex.
      620 E. Maude Ave., Sunnyvale                        297 Commercial St, San Jose 95112                                 Maitri
      Near Fair Oaks/Wolfe Rd. split.                  Homeless women & women with children;              (408) 436-8398 Hotline (800) 862-4874
  Be onsite by 6:00 p.m. for intake; space          emergency day respite, meals, shelter, health       234 E. Gish Rd. suite #200, San Jose 95112
               limited to 125 –                       care, showers, laundry, case management:           Assists people with cultural displacement,
     breakfast and dinner served daily.                         M – F 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.              conflict resolution and domestic violence.

                               Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                            SUPPORT RESOURCES
        The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

     Transitional Housing Cont.                            Developments that have                                   SCC Housing Search
     InnVision - Stevens House @JSI                            open wait lists:                     
               (408) 280-7019                         Brookwood Terrace Family Apartments                             YMCA Villa Nueva/
435 S 10th St San Jose, CA 95112; Supports                          408.279-5700                              Susanne B. Wilson Residence
 8 graduates of Julian Street Inn – residents           1350 E. San Antonio St. S.J., 95116          
may stay up to two years. Each resident pays                   Casa De Los Amigos                                     Housing Authority
a small fee and contributes up to 20 hours per                     (408) 937-0794                                   of Santa Clara County
          week in community service.                         967 Lundy St. S. J., 95133                    
     West Valley Community Services                              Casa Feliz Studios
                 (408) 255-8033                                    (408) 516-4776
                                                                                                            Homeless Prevention & Rapid
      10104 Vista Dr. Cupertino, 95014                      525 S. Ninth St. S. J. 95112                    Re-Housing Program (HPRP)
 Emergency funds for housing, housing wait                Craig Gardens Senior Housing
       list assistance utility, health and                                                                       HPRP Collaborative
                                                                   (408) 559-1907
  transportation. Health services and food               2580 S. Bascom Ave., S. J., 95008                 Sacred Heart Community Service
    pantry available. Operates a housing                                                                 1381 S. First St., San Jose, CA 95111
   complex for working homeless men and                              Eden Palms
              women with children.                                 (888) 271-6410                       HPRP serves individuals and families who are
                                                          5398 Monterey Rd., S. J., 95111               homeless or would be homes but for HPRP
Housing for Disable, Mental Health                            Edenvale Special Needs                    assistance & can remain stably housed after
      & Substance Abuse                                            (408) 224-5080                       temporary assistance ends
                                                          5340 Monterey Rd. S. J., 95111                Assistance is available for past due rent,
         House of Grace – City Team
              Undisclosed address                                 El Paseo Studios                      security deposit, Section 8 Housing (for
 contact:                              (408) 370-1144                       security deposit only), & motel vouchers if
 Addicted, abused or homeless women can                      4980 Hamilton Ave., 95130                  household has secured housing and is waiting
 rebuild their lives, without being separated                     Gish Apartments                       to move-in.
           from their young children.                              (408) 436-8972                       HPRP assistance is available to households
  It is 12 to 14 month residential program.                 35 E. Gish Rd., S. J., 95112                who earn $51,750 or less for a family of 4
      InnVision – Alexander House                            Hillview Glen Apartments                   need temporary assistance to stay in their
        Office (650) 853-7066 x210                                 (408) 723-1874                       home or end homelessness. Households who
  Shared/permanent housing in 6 units for                   3220 Pearl Ave., S. J. 95136                are facing eviction or have a 3-day notice
   women diagnosed with mental illness.                   Ohlone Chynoweth Commons                      must provide proof of hardship (why rent was
                                                                   (408) 414-7103                       not paid). Participants must be able to remain
 Silicon Valley Independent Living Center
                                                           5300 Terner Way, S. J., 95136                housed after temporary assistance ends.
                (408) 894-9012
          San Jose, 2202 N. First St.,                      Parkside Glen Apartments
                                                                   (408) 264-8291                       What is required:
      Mon. – Fri., 9:00 .am. – 5:00 p.m.                                                                 Eviction or 3-day notice from landlord.
 Gilroy, 7800 Arroyo Circle, (408) 842-2591,              810 Hillsdale Ave., S. J., 95136
                                                                                                         Identification for all members in household
         M – Th 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                        Catholic Charities Family
                                                                                                         (with date of birth).
            F, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.                              Housing Program
  Provides housing placement and multiple                           (408) 325-5277                       Current lease/agreement or intent to rent if
 referrals for services for disable clients with         2625 Zanker Rd., San Jose, 95134                homeless.
        barriers to independent living.                          Charities Housing                       Proof of income and/or public benefits
                                                                (salary/unemployment/ disability/bank
   Affordable Permanent Housing                                       CraigsList                         statement/benefits/child support/other) for
     Currently accepting applications:                          last 30 days or Notice of Action.
    Betty Ann Gardens: (408) 254-4540                            Housing Authority                       Proof of Need (i.e., current receipts for car
 Belovida at Newbury Park: (408) 263-8484                      of Santa Clara County                     repair, medical bills, decrease in income
                                                                          /benefits, etc).
      Curtner Studios: (408) 265-4249
                                                              Mid-Peninsula Housing                      Complete pre-screening application to
 Fourth Street Apartments: (408) 451-9054
                                                                 http://www.midpen-                      determine eligibility.
  Rincon de Los Esteros: (408) 437-1303        

                               Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                   SUPPORT RESOURCES
     The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                       For every $1 you save, you can earn up to $2 in matched funds.
                                       You can save up to $2,000 of your own funds and earn up to $4,000 in
                                       matched funds.
                                       USE MATCHED FUNDS FOR
                                         Post Secondary Education: community college, university or
                                         vocational/technical schools
   Individual                            Starting or Expanding an existing business
                                       Program Requirements (once accepted)
 Development                           1. Complete 12 hours of financial education classes
 Account (IDA)                         2. Save at least $20 every month (up to $167 a month)
                                       3. Spend funds within 2 years of opening your account
    Program                            ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA
                                         Have a valid Social Security Number or ITIN (Tax Identification Number)
The Individual Development               Have an earned source of income (part or full time job)
   Account Program is a                  Be under certain income limits or qualify for the Earned Income Tax
 matched savings account                 Credit
  program that helps low-              INCOME LIMITS PER NUMBER OF PERSONS IN THE HOUSEHOLD
  income and low-wealth
   families build assets.              1- $21,660 2- $29,140 3- $36,620 4- $44,100 5- $51,580 6- $59,060
                                       HOW TO APPLY
                                        Attend an orientation, and submit an application with valid proof of
    Angelita Hernandez
                                        income and picture ID
       (408) 516-4699
                                        Schedule a one-on-one with LCD to review your application
                                       Spanish and English

                                       The Individual Development Account Program is a matched savings
 IDA Program                           account program designed to help refugees and asylees achieve long-
                                       term financial goal.
                                       ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS
 For Refugees                            Must be a Refugee or Asylee who is not yet a citizen.
  and Asyles                             Resident of Santa Clara County.
                                         Must be employed (part-time ok).
                                       Income must not exceed the limit per persons in the household:

        LOCATION                       1- $21,660 2- $29,140 3- $36,620 4- $44,100 5- $51,580 6- $59,060
 Catholic Charities of Santa
        Clara County                   HERE’S HOW IT WORKS
    2625 Zanker Road                    Sign up for an orientation.
   San Jose, CA 95134                   Attend a free series of money management classes to prepare you to
                                        reach your goal.
         CONTACT                        Open a savings account.
      Alma Salihovic                    Deposit at least $29 a month every month for a minimum of one year
  IDA Program Supervisor                and maximum of 2 years.
      (408) 325-5154                    Use your savings and match money toward your asset.                WHAT CAN YOU USE THE MONEY FOR?
                                       Home purchase Small business Education

                     Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                     SUPPORT RESOURCES
      The following organizations are available to assist you and your family!

                                         TO QUALIFY YOU MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING RULES:

 The Earned                                Must have a valid Social Security Number.
                                           You must have earned income from employment or self-employment.
                                           Your filing status cannot be married, filing separately.
 Income Tax                                You must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien all year, or a nonresident alien
                                           married to a U.S. citizen or resident alien filing a joint return.
 Credit (EITC)                             You cannot be the qualifying child of another person.
                                           If you do not have a qualifying child, you must:
(Sometimes called the                       be age 25 but under 65 at the end of the year,
Earned Income Credit)                       live in the United States for more than half the year, and
                                            not qualify as a dependent of another person.
                                           Cannot file Form 2555 or 2555-EZ (related to foreign earned income)
         WEBSITE                           For 2008, your investment income must be $2,900 or less.                      AGE TEST:
   Key word search: EITC                   Under age 19 at the end of the year.
                                           A full time student under age of 24 at the end of the year.
                                           Any age and permanently and totally disabled at any time of the year.
                                         RESIDENT TEST:
                                           Child must live with you in the U.S. for more than half of the year (6 months or
                                         RELATIONSHIP TEST:
                                           Son, daughter, stepchild, grandchild, or adopted child.
                                           Brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, niece, nephew whom you care as your
                                           Eligible foster child (child placed with you by an authorized agency) whom you
                                           care as your own.

                                                        Location                            Days and Times               Phone #
Tax EZ Program                                     Catholic Charities
                                                                                                                       (408) 325-5241
                                                   2625 Zanker Road                   By Appointment – please call
                                                                                                                       (408) 325-5106
   FREE TAX                                       San Jose, CA 95134
                                             Vietnamese Martyrs Chapels
 PREPARATION                                    (Next to Andrew Hill H.S.)
                                                                                                  No appointment necessary
                                                   685 Singleton Ave
 SERVICES AND                                     San Jose, CA 95111
 INFORMATION                                     Neighborhood Center
                                                                                                  No appointment necessary
                                                  2150 Alum Rock Ave
For families whose                                San Jose, CA 95116
                                                    Serra Cottage
     income is                                 (Next to St. Francis Center)
                                                                                                  No appointment necessary
                                                    7980 Church St
$49,000/year or less                                Gilroy, CA 95020

                                         TAXPAYERS NEED TO BRING
 All sites will offer services in           Photo ID
Spanish and Vietnamese, but                 All W-2 s and 1099s (if any)
you are encouraged to bring                 Bank Account and Routing # if you would like Direct Deposit
     your own interpreter.                  Social Security Card or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number for all
                                            family members
                                            Copy of 2007 tax return (if available)

                         Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                           HEALTH SERVICES
   Do you need health insurance or medical prescriptions? Here’s good news!

  CHILDREN’S                            Three different programs (Medi-Cal, Healthy Families and Healthy Kids)
                                        exist in Santa Clara County that can provide free or low-cost medical
    HEALTH                              benefits for you and/or your children. All three programs include:
   INITIATIVE                                   Full medical, including prescriptions
                                                Doctor’s visits
    HEALTH                                      Prevention Services (well-baby visits)
                                                Health Education
  INSURANCE                                     Dental Care
  FOR CHILDREN IN                               Vision Services
   SANTA CLARA                                  Alcohol and Substance Abuse Care
                                                Mental Health
      COUNTY                            MEDI-CAL
                                                No monthly premiums or co-payments
         EASY “1-2-3”                           Low-cost health, dental and vision for children (birth to 19 years)
 APPLICATION PROCESS:                           Low premiums ranging from $4 per child to a maximum of $45 per
1. Make a phone call.                           family
       1 (888) 244-5222                         Families may pay three months in advance and receive the fourth
2. Talk to someone who                          month free
speaks your language who                HEALTHY KIDS
will:                                           Created to fill the insurance gaps for kids in Santa Clara County
 Determine which plan your                      Low premiums ranging from $4 per child to a maximum of $36 per
 child qualifies for.                           family
 Refer you to a certified                       Families may pay three months in advance and receive the fourth
 application assistor in your                   month free, or pay for nine months in advance and receive the next
 neighborhood.                                  three months free
3. A Certified Application                      Children up to their 19th birthday may qualify regardless of their
Assistor will personally help                   immigration status
you determine the right plan                    Will NOT hurt your chances to get a green card
and complete an application.

                                        YOU ARE ELIGIBILE IF YOU MEET ALL THESE REQUIREMENTS
     Free                                Not Eligible for Medicare  Legal US resident
                                         No prescription drug coverage (public or private)
 Prescription                            Household income equals to or less than:
                                          $45,000 single person       $60,000 family of two
 Savings Card                             $75,000 family of three     $90,000 family of four
                                          $105,000 family of five     Families of six or more call for information
           PHONE                        INSTANT SAVINGS AT THE PHARMACY COUNTER
      1 (800) 444-4106                   Most cardholders can save between 25%-40% on brand-name
                                          medicines.  No hassle – use the card over and over again.
                                        HUNDREDS OF MEDICINES
Applying for the Together Rx
                                         Over 300 brand-name medicines and products.  Savings on a wide
Access Cards is free. There             range of generic drugs as well.
are no enrollment, monthly or           FOR MANY CONDITIONS
        hidden fees.                    Infections  High blood pressure  Allergies  High Cholesterol  Asthma
                                         Diabetes  and much more

                      Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                          HEALTH SERVICES
  Do you need health insurance or medical prescriptions? Here’s good news!

                                                        The HBRC at O’Connor Hospital
                                       As a member of the Daughters of Charity Health System, the Health
                                       Benefits Resource Center (HBRC) supports their mission of serving the
                                       sick and poor by improving access to health care and providing social
                                       services in a holistic approach to promote healthy families. Families will be
 HEALTH BENEFITS                       assisted regardless of immigration status or income.
   RESOURCES                           The (HBRC) is a one-stop information and referral service that links needy
  CENTER (HBRC)                        families to valuable government-sponsored health benefits and social
                                       services, such as Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, Healthy Kids, AIM (Access
        LOCATION                       for Infants and Mothers), and Calfresh (formerly known as the Food Stamp
     O’Connor Hospital                 Program). HBRC can assist with health coverage information and the
    2105 Forest Avenue                 application process for such programs. Services provided by the HBRC
    San Jose, CA 95128                 are free to the community.

          PHONE                        In addition, the HBRC provides ongoing case management and support
  (877) 904-HBRC (4272)                for families who may experience any type of difficulty related to their
                                       enrollment and/or access to their benefits.
M – F 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.            Appointments available, (walk-ins are welcome).

        WEBSITE                        Services in Spanish, English and Vietnamese.

                                                              Santa Clara County WIC Programs and Sites

                                           Santa Clara County                Main Office: 976 Lenzen Avenue, Suite 1100
                                       Department of Public Health           Santa Clara Valley Med. Ctr: 2406 Clove Dr., T-41
                                              WIC Program:                   VHC East Valley: 1993 McKee Road, EVT1
                                       976 Lenzen Ave., San Jose,
                                                                             VHC Tully: 500 Tully Road
                                        CA 95126 (408) 792-5101
                                                                             VHC Milpitas: 143 N. Main Street
                                           Santa Clara County
                                       Breastfeeding Support Line:           VHC Sunnyvale: 660 S. Fair Oaks Avenue
WIC, the Women, Infants and
                                             (408) 885-5950                  VHC Gilroy: 7475 Camino Arroyo
    Children Program is a
 nutrition program that helps             Gardner Family Care
pregnant women, mothers of
                                         Gardner Health Center               Gardner Health Center: 160 E. Virginia Street, SJ
  infants, infants and young           160 E. Virginia St., Ste 100          CompreCare: 3030 Alumn Rock Avenue, SJ
 children eat well, be active,            San Jose, CA 95112
                                                                             Emma Prusch: 647 S. King, SJ
       and stay healthy.                     (408) 918-2682
                                                                             Alviso: 1621 Gold Street, Alviso
                                       CompreCare Health Center
WIC has local offices all over           3030 Alumn Rock Ave.                Gardner South County: 7526 Monterey St., Gilroy
 California. Call the toll free           San Jose, CA 95127
number below for information                 (408) 254-5197
and to find the nearest office:          Indian Health Center of
                                         Santa Clara Valley, Inc.            Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley, Inc.:
     1-888WIC-WORKS                    1685 Westwood Dr., Ste #4             1685 Westwood Drive, Suite #4, SJ
                                          San Jose, CA 95125                 Mountain View WIC Site: 327 Moffett Blvd., Ste F
      (1-888-942-9675)                    (408) 445-3400 X210

                       Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                             HEALTH SERVICES
 Dedicated to helping families achieve self-sufficiency through empowerment!

                                         SERVICES INCLUDE
                                         Healthy Kids enables low-income
                                         children (ages 0-18) in Santa Clara
                                         County to receive health services
                                         they need for healthy development.
                                         Funded entirely through local and private sources, the program provides
                                         comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and mental health coverage to a
                                         population generally underserved – specifically, children with immigration
                                         issues or those who are not eligible for state-subsidized Medi-Cal or
     Jennifer Shelton
210 East Hacienda Avenue                 Healthy Families because their family income is slightly too high to qualify,
      San Jose, CA                       yet too low to pay for health care coverage.
     1-877-680-4555                      REQUIREMENTS
                                         Income eligibility requirements are based upon the Federal Poverty Level
         HOURS                           (FPL). For the Healthy Kids program, a family may earn up to 300% of
M – F 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.              the FPL. The cost of providing Healthy Kids coverage is $86 per child per
                                         month or an annual amount of $1,032 per child.
       WEBSITE               LANGUAGES: English, Spanish and Vietnamese

                                              Santa Clara Family Health Plan can help you apply for Medi-Cal
                                         Medi-Cal provides comprehensive medical coverage for eligible children
                                         and adults. To be eligible, you must be a California resident and a U.S.
                                         citizen or legal permanent resident. People who qualify may include:
                                                   Adults 65 or older
Santa Clara Family Health Plan                     Persons who are under 21 years of age
 is a local not-for-profit health                  Certain adults between 21 and 65 years of age, if they have minor
              plan.                                children living with them
        LOCATION                                   Pregnant women
    210 E. Hacienda Ave                            Persons who are blind, disabled, or residing in a skilled nursing
    Campbell, CA 95008                             facility
 M – F 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                       Persons with breast or cervical cancer, tuberculosis, or needing
                                                   kidney dialysis or tube feeding
           CENTER                        There are many different Medi-Cal programs, with income limits varying
      1153 S. King Road                  based on family size and program category. Income limits vary from just
     San Jose, CA 95122                  over 50% of the federal poverty level for adults in some programs (e.g.
 (in the Tropicana Shopping              $600 per month for a single adult; $1100 per month for a family of four), to
            Center)                      up to 200% of the federal poverty level for pregnant women and infants
 M – F 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.             (e.g. $3,842 for a family of four). Individuals who have incomes over the
         LANGUAGES                       monthly amounts may still apply for and be eligible to receive Medi-Cal
English, Spanish & Vietnamese.           benefits.
                                                  FOR PERSONAL ASSISTANCE AND AN APPOINTMENT, PLEASE CALL
Interpretation services available
  in more than 170 languages                                                  1 (877) 688-7234
    including Sign Language

                         Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                         HEALTH SERVICES
  Do you need health insurance or medical prescriptions? Here’s good news!

                                           SANTA CLARA COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH
                                       DEPARTMENT’S BLACK INFANT HEALTH PROGRAM
                                      The Black Infant Health Program (BIH) was established by the California
                                      Department of Public Health to address the alarming rate of infant mortality
                                      among African-American babies. The Program is run locally by the Public
                                      Health Department and includes a multidisciplinary team of public health
       LOCATION                       nurses, health educators, and community workers who provide
   Santa Clara County                 comprehensive case management and other services to African-American
      Public Health                   women who are pregnant or parenting a child who is under the age of one.
1993 McKee Rd., Building B
   San Jose, CA 95116
                                         Black/African-American women ages 18+ years old
         CONTACT                         Families at any income level
Beverly White-Macklin, MPH               Pregnant women or those with children less than 3 months old
beverley.white@phd.sccgov.               Those willing to participate in a group empowerment sessions with other
             org                         pregnant/parenting women
       (408) 937-2270                 The Black Infant Health Program includes the following services:
                                         Monthly home visits from a public health nurse and community advocate.
                                         Referrals for health care and other community resources.
M – F 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                         Education and support to reduce the risks of problems such as breast-
         WEBSITE                         feeding difficulties, cradle cap, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome             (SIDS).
 en-us/Residents/BIH/Pages/              Free classes, support groups, and workshops.
        default.aspx                     Networking opportunities with other families.

                                                       “THE BEST SENIOR OPTIONS ALL AROUND”

                                      All Around Senior Services is an Assisted Living and Residential Care
                                      Home Referral Agency dedicated to helping seniors find housing
                                      Experts on residential board and care homes for the elderly, assisted
                                      living facilities, memory care facilities, independent living communities and
                                      in home care companies are provided in 10 counties: Alameda, Contra
    FOR INFORMATION                   Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz,
Info@allaroundseniorservices          Solano and Sonoma.
                                      Save time and money by learning the best options for your budget and
        CONTACT                       care needs. Free services includes an initial assessment, case
 Vangie Valdez- Santa Clara           management, tours of homes and facilities. If a home is chosen from the
  County Regional Director            referrals, All Around Senior Services will provide complimentary
     1 (800) 991-0626                 transportation to the new home in a ADA compliant wheelchair van.
         HOURS                        Services are designed to meet the needs of seniors, their families and
M – F 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.           health care professionals. The program works to make a new life transition
                                      as easy as possible by eliminating the mystery, stress and anxiety. The
         WEBSITE                      program cares about seniors and getting them where they want to go.
                    Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                               HEALTH SERVICES
  Dedicated to helping families achieve self-sufficiency through empowerment!

                                                           CalWORKs Helath Alliance Outpatient Providers

                                                    Gardner Family Care                            Mental Health Service Team
                                                    Corporation (GFCC)                                      (MHST)
                                              160 E. Virginia Street, Suite 280                            614 Tully Road
                                                   San Jose, CA 95112                                    San Jose, CA 95111
                                                      (408) 918-5500                                       (408) 494-1593
   CALWORKS                                         Hours of Operation:                                Hours of Operation:
     HEALTH                                       M – F 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM                            M – F 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    ALLIANCE                                       Language Capabilities:
                                                      English, Spanish,
                                                                                                     Language Capabilities:
                                                                                                   English, Spanish, Cambodian
                                                       & Vietnamese                                        & Vietnamese
 Counseling Services for
  clients with mental health                                                                   Asian Americans for Community
  and occurring issues,
                                               Catholic Charities (CCSCC)
                                                                                                     Involvement (AACI)
  including substance use                      2625 Zanker Road, Suite 101
  and domestic violence.                                                                          2400 Moorpark Ave., Suite 300
                                                  San Jose, CA 95134
 No service time restriction for                                                                     San Jose, CA 95128
                                                     (408) 325-5219
  the Mental Health Services                                                                            (408) 975-2730
  Team.                                            Hours of Operation:
                                                                                                       Hours of Operation:
 Medi-Cal eligibility is required.              M – F 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
                                                                                                     M – F 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
 Medication management                          TH    9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  available for clients enrolled in                                                                   Language Capabilities:
                                                  Language Capabilities:
  counseling services.                                                                                   English, Spanish,
 Transitional housing is
                                                 English, Spanish & Bosnian
                                                                                                      Vietnamese & Mandarin
  available to Health Alliance
  clients and their children                    Asian American Recovery
  through Health Alliance
                                               Services (AARS) - The Place
  counselor referrals.                                                                              CalWORKs Health Alliance
 Off-site counseling services at                1340 Tully Road, Suite 304
                                                                                                     Program Administration
  community colleges and adult                      San Jose, CA 95122
  education programs are                                                                                  Mona Aguilar
                                                      (408) 271-3900
  available.                                        Fax: (408) 271-3909                                 1879 Senter Road
 Services are generally free of                                                                       San Jose, CA 95112
  charge, but there may be co-                     Hours of Operation:
                                                                                                     M – F 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  pays required by Medi-Cal for                  M – F 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
                                                                                                          (408) 758-3782
  certain services.                            T, W & TH 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
 Other services available and
                                                   Language Capabilities:
  vary by provider.
                                                    Spanish & Japanese

                                                                                    Counseling Services are provided to
 SERVICES AT YMCA                                                                   individuals, couples, families and groups,
(408) 295-4011 Ext. 259                                                             including Prenatal Support Program for
                                                                                    new and expectant parents on an
        CONTACT                                                                     affordable sliding fee scale.

                          Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                                HEALTH SERVICES
  Dedicated to helping families achieve self-sufficiency through empowerment!

                                                            MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES LOCATION
    MENTAL                                 If you are in need of mental health counseling or assistance, you can
                                           contact the County’s Mental Health Call Center at any time. They will talk
                                           with you to clarify what your needs are and can direct you to the
    HEALTH                                 appropriate counseling services.

     CALL                                           Fair Oaks Mental Health
                                                      660 South Fair Oaks
                                                                                          South County Mental Health
                                                                                               1215 First Street

    CENTER                                            Sunnyvale CA 94086
                                                     Narvaez Mental Health
                                                                                                Gilroy CA 95020
                                                                                            Downtown Mental Health
                                                         614 Tully Road                    1075 East Santa Clara Street
  1-800-704-0900                                      San Jose, CA 95111                      San Jose, CA 95116
        or                                         East Valley Mental Health                    Children’s Shelter
                                                      1991 McKee Road                           4525 Union Avenue
    Gateway at                                       San Jose, CA 95116                         San Jose, CA 95124
  1-888-488-9919                                      Central Mental Health                North County Mental Health
                                                        2221 Enborg Lane                        231 Grant Avenue
   The Mental Health                                   San Jose, CA 95128                      Palo Alto, CA 94306
    Call Center staff                             Juvenile Hall Mental Health               Las Plumas Mental Health
      is available                                  840 Guadalupe Parkway                   1650-K Las Plumas Avenue
                                                      San Jose, CA 95110                       San Jose, Ca 95133
    24 hours a day,
     7 days a week                                                       Bascom Mental Health
                                                                        650 South Bascom Avenue
                                                                           San Jose, CA 95128

                                                     THE PROGRAM PROVIDES

                                                         Free Therapy Sessions.
                                                         Free Addiction Counseling.
  Goodwill Wellness                                      By Referral Only to Individuals Without Insurance.
  Mental Health Clinic                               Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    (408) 869-9160
                                              Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP-TitleV)

                                           No fee job assistance, job referral and homecare aid classroom training for senior
           WEBSITE                         workers aged 55 or older in low income households, unemployed, and residents of              Santa Clara County able and willing to work.
             CONTACT                       Call (408) 350-3221 and leave message with name & phone #. Someone will return
           Henri Villalovoz                the call within 1 day.          For employment information and assistance call: (408) 296-8290.
             HOURS                         LANGUAGE: English is required to complete assessment exams.
    M – F 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
         WEBSITE      Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources
           com                                                22
                             HEALTH SERVICES
  Dedicated to helping families achieve self-sufficiency through empowerment!

   Cal-Learn                                              Adolescent Family Life Program/Cal-Learn
   Program                                           Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Education Department

                                               Planned Parenthood Mar Monte (PPMM) administers the Cal-
   Cal-Learn is a mandatory                    Learn Program as well as the Adolescent Family Life Program
    program for CalWORKs                       (AFLP) in Santa Clara County. PPMM reaches over 200,000
 participants who receive cash                 families annually in counties throughout Mid-California and
   assistance and are under
19 years of age, are pregnant
                                               Northern Nevada to provide medical services, education programs,
or parenting, and have not yet                 and advocacy initiatives.
 completed their high school
           education.                          PPMM also offers exciting education programs featuring
                                               classroom presentations, radio shows, peer education, family
The Cal-Learn Program requires                 communication classes, an information hotline, and support groups
    participants to enroll in high             to help parenting or high-risk teens plan positive futures.
school or an equivalent program,
to earn a high school diploma or                        Julie Smith-Reid, Director of Education Programs
 its equivalent. The focus of Cal-                       Laurice Rubalcava, Regional Program Manager
Learn is to provide teens with the
  support they need to complete
                                                                        1879 Senter Road
    their high school education.                                       San Jose, CA 95112
                                                                    Telephone: (408) 808-1800
       Participants who turn                                           Fax: (408) 998-0542
19 years of age while in the Cal-
Learn Program may volunteer to
 remain in the program until they                   General health services are provided at the following clinics:
receive their high school diploma
   or equivalent, or turn age 20.                        Gilroy Health Center                      Mountain View Health Center
                                                            760 Renz Lane                             225 San Antonio Road
     The Cal-Learn Program                                 Gilroy, CA 95020                         Mountain View, CA 94040
                                                            (408) 847-1739                               (650) 948-0807
  includes: Payments for child
care, transportation and school
    expenses, intensive case                                                                          San Jose Blossom Hill
   management to assist teen                     San Jose Alameda Health Center
                                                                                                          Health Center
                                                        1691 The Alameda
parents obtain education, health                                                                     5440 Thornwood Drive, #G
                                                       San Jose, CA 95126
    and social services, cash                            (408) 287-7526
                                                                                                        San Jose, CA 95123
bonuses, and receive additional                                                                           (408) 281-9777
services such as Women, Infant
    and Children (WIC), Food                             San Jose Eastside
                                                                                                      Sunnyvale Health Center
 Stamps, Medi-Cal and Family                               Health Center
                                                                                                        604 E. Evelyn Avenue
       Planning Services.                              3131 Alum Rock Aveune
                                                                                                        Sunnyvale, CA 94086
                                                         San Jose, CA 95127
                                                                                                           (408) 739-5151
                                                           (408) 729-7600

                                                   Mar Monte Community Clinic
                                                      2470 Alvin Avenue, #80                              Facts of Life Line
                                                       San Jose, CA 95121                                  1-800-711-9848
                                                         (408) 274-7100

                        Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                                            The mission of the CalWORKs Social Work Unit is to help CalWORKs
 CALWORKS                                   Employment Services participants address any personal barriers that may
                                            be interfering with the participant’s ability to become self-sufficient.
SOCIAL WORK                                 Services are voluntary, free and confidential.

    UNIT                                    Once the referral is received, the social worker makes an assessment of
                                            the client’s needs and may provide some of the following services:
  Contact your CalWORKs                       Make referrals to domestic abuse resources and community based
 Employment Services case                     organizations.
   manager to be referred
                                              Coordinate various services, both within and outside the CalWORKs
        ELIGIBILITY                           program.
   All active, post-aid and                   Provide crisis intervention.
 pending CalWORKs clients                     Make referrals to behavioral health services.
   are eligible to receive                    Screen for child welfare concerns.
    assistance from the                       Assist families with school attendance issues.
CalWORKs Social Work Unit.                    Assist clients with family conflicts.

IS SOMEONE YOU LOVE,                        If someone you love is either physically or emotionally hurting you,
     HURTING YOU?                           CalWORKs has services to help you. We can provide you with services to
   (DOMESTIC ABUSE                          help keep you and your children safe, help you to escape the abuse and
       SERVICES)                            become self-sufficient.
 READY TO REACH OUT?                        Services are free, voluntary and confidential
 Contact your Employment                    Social Work Unit has social workers and a Domestic Abuse Liaison to
 Services Case Manager or
the CalWORKs Social Work                    provide crisis intervention and the development of a safety plan which may
   Unit at (408) 258-3763                   include emergency housing, counseling services, and restraining orders.

          F                                 SERVICES
                                            Emergency Shelter: The 24-hour, 7 days/week, year-round shelter provides
                                            short-term, emergency protection, counseling and numerous on-site services for
                                            women and children.
                                            Counseling: Next Door provides crisis counseling and support groups designed
                                            to rebuild the lives damaged by abusive relationships.
                                            Advocacy: Next Door provides a wide array services to victims in crisis including:
                                            walk in or pre-arranged appointments, safety planning, legal options, and crisis
                                            counseling. There is also a special program for women over 50 called MAVEN
TO PARTICIPATE OR GET MORE                  (Mature Alternatives to Violent Environments Now).
 INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL                   Youth and Children's Services: Next Door provides weekly year-round
        (408) 501-7550                      programming to help children exposed to domestic violence develop life skills,
                                            self-esteem and learning skills.
          (408) 279-2962                    Teen Services: Our support groups for teenage youth exposed to domestic
  Operating 365 days a year, the            violence and/or at risk of developing abusive relationships help to break the cycle
 hotline provides immediate crisis          of violence.
  assistance in both English and            HomeSafe Transitional Housing: The two HomeSafe facilities, located in Santa
              Spanish.                      Clara and in East San Jose, provide housing services for up to 36 months so that
                                            women and their children can begin new lives.

                          Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                                 FOOD ASSISTANCE
                                 These programs are available to assist you!

                                               Second Harvest Food Bank Food Assistance Programs
                                                  Call the Food Connection Hotline for Information on These Programs

                                            PARTNERS IN NEED (PIN)
                                            PIN provides food assistance to low-income volunteers who work at the
                                            Second Harvest Food Bank distributing centers in San Jose or San
                                            Carlos. To learn more about PIN, please call 1-800-984-FOOD (3663).
   Second Harvest
      Food Bank                             FOOD ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
                                            This program provides a variety of grocery items to hundreds of non-profit
  of Santa Clara and                        agencies in Santa Clara and San Mateo county neighborhoods. These hot
 San Mateo Counties                         meal programs, emergency food pantries and shelters serve a culturally
                                            diverse clientele of individuals, families with children and seniors.
Food Connection Hotline
   1-800-984-3663                           OPERATION BROWN BAG
  M – F, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM                  This self-help program offers low-income seniors a weekly bag of
                                            groceries. Seniors must be 60 years or older or 55 years and disabled.
                                            FAMILY HARVEST
       Curtner Center                       This program provides monthly groceries to low-income families with
    750 Curtner Avenue                      minor dependent children.
  San Jose, CA 95125-2118
  (Food is not generally distributed        MOBILE PANTRY
         from this location)                This program assists families and individuals living in geographically
                                            isolated, “walking” communities that do not have access to grocery stores
      Cypress Center                        or community services. Members receive protein-rich foods, such as eggs,
    4001 North First Street
                                            milk, and meat as well as fresh produce on a monthly basis.
      San Jose, CA 95

                                            PRODUCE MOBILE
      Business Office:                      This program delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to individuals each
  M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                month at local neighborhood centers to improve health and nutrition in
         Warehouse:                         low-income communities. For more information on Produce Mobile
  M-F 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.                locations, please call 1-800-984-FOOD (3663).

           WEBSITE                          The Produce Mobile visits the Employment Connection at the
                      CalWORKs Central Office – 1879 Senter Road, San Jose, CA 95110,
                                            on the 4th Wednesday of each month 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM. The
        ELIGIBILITY                         EBT card needs to be presented to participate.
     Low-income families
       and Individuals                      CALFRESH APPLICATION ASSISTANCE
                                            CalFresh Outreach Specialists will assist those who wish to apply for
  LANGUAGE CAPABILITIES                     CalFresh. Help will be given with completing CalFresh applications and
English, Spanish, Vietnamese &              the initial appointment process with Social Services Agency.
other languages by arrangement

       PUBLIC TRANSIT                                    The call is FREE! The food is FREE!
Light Rail – Exit Curtner Station
   VTA Bus – Use #26 Bus

                            Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                                     FOOD ASSISTANCE
                                     These programs are available to assist you!

                                                             Subway #3691                          Subway #5956                         El Pollo Loco
  CALFRESH                                                 2386 Senter Road
                                                          San Jose, CA 95112
                                                                                               165 W. San Fernando St.
                                                                                                 San Jose, CA 95112
                                                                                                                                       6986 Chestnut St.
                                                                                                                                       Gilroy, CA 95021
 RESTAURANT                                                  Bus Route: 73                     Bus Route: 22, 63, 64, 67               Bus Route: 14, 68
                                                            Subway #11142                         Burger King #7318                     El Pollo Loco
MEALS PROGRAM                                            2002 Alum Rock Road                   1305 N. Bascom Ave #A                5124-A Stevens Creek
                                                          San Jose, CA 95116                     San Jose, CA. 95128                         Blvd.
Elderly, disabled or homeless, can                       Bus Route: 23 and 64                       Bus Route: 81                    San Jose, CA, 95129
use their CalFresh EBT card to                               Subway #470                         Burger King # 3246                     Bus Route: 23
purchase       prepared      food    from              2006 Winchester Blvd #B                635 E. Capitol Expressway                 El Pollo Loco
restaurants participating in the CalFresh                 Campbell, CA 95008                     San Jose, CA 95111                   665 Coleman Ave.
Restaurant Meals Program.                                Bus Route: 26 and 60                    Bus Route: 70 and 73                San Jose, CA 95110
                                                            Subway #27048                        Burger King # 6028                    Bus Route: 61, 62
An Eligibility Worker will determine
eligibility for the program and code                       421 California Ave.                   4040 Monterey Road                     El Pollo Loco
                                                          Palo Alto, CA 94305                    San Jose, CA 95111                2131 Monterey Hwy. #30
the EBT card to be accepted as
                                                      Bus Route: 66, 68, 70, 72, 73              Bus Route: 66, 68, 70               San Jose, CA 95125
payment for hot meals at the                                                                                                        Bus Route: 26, 66, 68
                                                            Subway # 39199                          El Pollo Loco
participating restaurants.
                                                         103 E. Santa Clara St.                 996 W. El Camino Real                   El Pollo Loco
EBT card must be shown at every visit,                    San Jose, CA 95113                     Sunnyvale, CA 94087                  1701 Story Rd. #30
prior to ordering to verify that the EBT              Bus Route: 22, 23, 322, 522                   Bus Route: 22                    San Jose, CA 95122
card is coded.                                               Subway #2400                           El Pollo Loco                   Bus Route: 22, 25, 77
                                                         3481 S. Bascom Ave.                     2505 El Camino Real
  See List of Participating                               Campbell, CA 95008                    Santa Clara, CA 95051
       Restaurants                                           Bus Route: 61                          Bus Route: 22

                                                                                                     City of San Jose
     FARMERS                                         City of Los Altos                               Alum Rock Village Farmers’ Market
                                                     \Los Altos Downtown Farmers’ Market             Saturdays, 9am - 1pm, Year Around
   MARKETS AND                                       Thursdays, 4pm - 8pm, May - September           57 North White Road
                                                     State Street @ 2nd                              Berryessa Farmers’ Market
   CALFRESH/EBT                                      City of Milpitas                                Saturdays, 9am - 1pm, Year Around
                                                     Milpitas Farmers’ Market                        1376 Piedmont Road
       FOR INFORMATION                               Sundays, 8am - 1pm, Year Around                 Evergreen Farmers’ Market
         1 (877) 847-3663                            526 Los Coches Street                           Sundays& Wednesdays, 9am - 1pm, Year Around
                                                     City of Mountain View                           Evergreen Village Square, Ruby Ave @ Classico Avenue
Single people and families with little               Mountain View Farmers’ Market                   Kaiser Permanente Farmers’ Market
or no income can buy food by using                   Sundays, 9pm - 1pm, Year Around                 Fridays, 10am - 2pm, Year Around
                                                     Caltrain Station                                270 International Circle
their EBT at grocery stores and                      City of Mountain View                           San Jose Downtown Farmers’ Market
some farmers’ markets in the                         Mountain View Farmers’ Market                   Fridays, 10am - 2pm, May - November
county.                                              Sundays, 9pm - 1pm, Year Around                 San Pedro Square between Santa Clara and John Street
                                                     Caltrain Station                                Santa Teresa Farmers’ Market
Bring your EBT card to the Farmers’                  City of Palo Alto                               Saturdays, 10am - 2pm, April - November
Market information booth, decide                     VA Palo Alto Farmers Market                     Kaiser Santa Teresa, Santa Teresa @ Camino Verde
                                                     Wednesdays, 10am - 2pm, April - November        Vietnam Town Farmers’ Market
how much you want to spend and                       3801 Miranda Avenue                             Saturdays, 8am - 12pm, Year Around
swipe your card. You will receive                    City of Santa Clara                             989 Story Road
                                                     Kaiser Santa Clara Farmers’ Market              Julian St. James Farmers’ Market
one token per $1.00 to buy fresh                     Thursdays, 10am - 2pm, Year Around              Wednesdays, 4pm - 8pm, June - September
fruits and vegetables.                               710 Lawrence Expressway                         East St. John & 16th Street
                                                     City of Sunnyvale                               Hanchett Ave Farmers’ Market
                                                     Sunnyvale Farmers’ Market                       Saturdays, 9am - 1pm, June - September
City of Cupertino                                    Saturdays, 9am - 1pm, Year Around               Hanchett Ave & The Almaeda
Farmers’ Market at Vallco Shopping Mall              Intersection of Murphy and West Washington      Mayfair Farmers’ Market
Fridays, 9am - 1pm, Year Around                      City of San Jose                                Sundays, 10am - 2pm, June - September
Steven Creek and Wolf Road                           San Pedro Square Farmers’ Market                Kammerer Ave @ Sinclair
City of Gilroy                                       Saturdays, 8am - 1pm, April - December          Fairgrounds Outdoor Farmers’ Market
Spice of Life - Gilroy Downtown                      West St. John Street between North San Pedro    Wednesdays, 4pm - 8pm; Fridays, 4pm - 8pm;
Farmers’ Market                                      & North Almaden Avenue                          Sundays 10am - 4pm; Year Around
Sundays, 10pm - 2pm, May - October                                                                   344 Tully Road, Parking lot across from Fairgrounds
7th Street & Eigleberry

                                 Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                         FOOD ASSISTANCE
                        These programs are available to assist you!

    SENIOR                                                Department of Aging and Adult Services
                                                                 Senior Nutrition Program
   NUTRITION                          Dining Out
   PROGRAM                            Dining Out locations are community centers throughout Santa Clara
                                      County where seniors, 60 years of age and over, can enjoy a nutritious
                                      mean, group activities, and good company. It’s a place to socialize with
                                      other seniors who are dancing, taking classes, playing game, and eating
 (408) 975-4860                       right – together.
                                      Any person over the age of 60 is eligible for these lunches. A donation of
Annually, the Senior Nutrition        $2.50 is suggested for each person to help offset the cost of the meal.
Program      provides    over         Some sites require reservations and registration is required at all sites.
1,000,000 hot lunches and             Please contact individual sites for requirements. Most sites are open daily
home delivered meals. The             (Monday-Friday). Please call ahead to each location’s hour of operation.
menus      provide    healthy         Transportation is available to some sites.
choices and approved by a             Diving In
registered dietitian.                 Dining In is a way for seniors, 60 years of age and older, to enjoy meals
                                      delivered right to their home. The Meals on Wheels program is available to
   FOR INFORMATION                    home bound seniors, regardless of income, who are ill, disabled, or
  Council on Aging Silicon            otherwise unable to obtain food or prepare meals for themselves. Weekly
           Valley                     deliveries of frozen lunch/dinner entrees and breakfasts supplemented
      408-350-3246                    with milk, bread, fresh fruit, juice, and other grocery items help seniors
                                      remain healthy and maintain their independence.
        WEBSITE                       Weekly Delivery Includes:               Seven breakfasts
           snp                              Seven frozen meals (lunch and dinner)
                                            Half gallon low fat milk
       ELIGIBILITY:                         A loaf of bread
Any person over 60 years old                Assorted grocery items

                                            Santa Clara County Department of Public Health
                                                        Eat Healthy! Eat Smart!
                                      Program offers nutrition and physical activity classes for CalFresh
                                      participants. Representatives are available to present information and
                                      attend resource/health fairs. Program provides health information as well
                                      as host celebrity chef events. Call to find out more information.

                                      FOR INFORMATION
                                      (408) 793-2778
     Vanessa Merlano                  WEBSITE
   1400 Parkmoor Avenue     
        Suite 120-B
    San Jose, CA 95126                HOURS
      vanessa.merlano                 Varies M – F 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. – After hours also available

                      Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

             Free to CalWORKs Clients for work/training related purpose!

                                        Experiencing car problems or having difficulty getting to work and
GUARANTEED                              back? Eligible participants may receive a maximum of 120 rides
                                        to/from work and job interviews. Rides may include multiple stops at
 RIDE HOME                              child care locations, pre-schools, and other school sites. Rides for
                                        urgent or unpredictable situations must be work-or training-related.
      To enroll, contact                This program is for current CalWORKs and former CalWORKs clients
       OUTREACH at                      who have received aid within the last 12 months (Post-Aid).
       (408) 436-2865                   CalWORKs participants and a limited number of low-income families
                                        with depend children up to 13 years old. Low-income families must
       HOW TO APPLY                     have a family income that is no greater than 200% of the Federal
      Current CalWORKs                  Poverty Level (FPL).
participants must contact their
  CalWORKs Employment                   LANGUAGE CAPABILITIES
   Services Case Manager                English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

                                        This program provides CalWORKs participants and their employed
  PROGRAM                               teenage children with bicycles to travel to their employment.
          CONTACT                       Recipients receive a new bicycle, safety helmet, bike lock and
      Current CalWORKs                  lightset.
participants must contact their
  CalWORKs Employment
  Services Case Manager.                ELIGIBILITY
                                        This program is limited to qualified individuals who do not own a
                                        vehicle. Eligible participants are required to sign an agreement to
                                        follow all safe riding rules and practices and to wear a safety helmet
                                        while riding their bicycle. Participants must be working or
                                        participating in Work Experience or Community Services.

MILEAGE AND BUS                         Eligible CalWORKs clients and their children may receive bus passes,
                                        parking fee or mileage reimbursement to facilitate their participation in
   PASS COST                            employment and/or training.
REIMBURSEMENT                           ELIGIBILITY
    PROGRAM                             Clients must be participating, in good standing, in a CalWORKs
      Current CalWORKs
participants must contact their         NO LONGER ON AID
  CalWORKs Employment                   CalWORKs post-aid participants must call (408) 793-1203 for
  Services Case Manager.                assistance.

                      Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

              Free to CalWORKs Clients for work/training-related purpose!

                                         Monthly Flash Passes, Monthly Stickers and Day Pass Tokens:

                                         DAY PASS TOKENS
                                         Adult Day Pass Tokens: 5 for $27.00
                                         Youth Day Pass Tokens: 5 for $22.50
TRANSPORTATION                           Tokens may not be used for fare upgrades or substituted for cash
  SANTA CLARA                            Adult Flash Pass - $70.00
    COUNTY                               Express Flash Pass - $140.00
                                         Youth Flash Pass (ages 5 through 17) - $45.00
 AT A GLANCE SINGLE                      Senior/Disabled/Medicare Monthly Sticker - $25.00
                                         ANNUAL PASS SUBSCRIPTIONS
SINGLE RIDE (regular & limited           Annual pass subscriptions can be purchased any time of the year.
stop buses, light rail)                  Adult: $770.00
Adult: $2.00                             Express: $1,540.00
Youth (5-17 years): $1.75                Youth: $495.00
Senior/Disabled/Medicare: $1.00          Senior/Disabled/Medicare: $275.00
                                         Senior (65+)/Disabled/Medicare Reduced Fares
Adult: $4.00                             **When boarding VTA Buses, Place exact fare in the fare box
                                         (drivers do not carry change)**
Adult: $6.00                             All Youth and Senior/Disabled/Medicare fares are valid on
Youth (5-17 years): $5.00                VTA Express Bus service without an upgrade payment.
Senior/Disabled/Medicare: $2.50
Adult Express: $12.00                    Children under 5 ride free with adult or parent.

                                         TO QUALIFY FOR THE SENIOR/DISABLED FARE,
                                         YOU MUST PRESENT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING
Adult: $4.00
                                         A Medicare Card, Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount
Youth (5-17 years): $3.20
                                         Card, DMV Disabled License Plate registration, DMV Disabled
Senior/Disabled/Medicare: $2.00
                                         Parking Placard printout, a valid card from another transit provider
COMMUNITY BUS SINGLE                     or proof of age (65 and older).
Adult: $1.25                             All Youth and Senior/Disabled/Medicare are valid on VTA Express
Youth (5-17 years): 75¢                  Bus service without an upgrade payment. Children under 5 ride
Senior/Disabled/Medicare: 50¢            free with adult or parent

                                         Fares and schedules are subject to change.

                                         BUY VTA PASSES ONLINE

                       Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

           Free to CalWORKs Clients for work/training related purpose!

                                                       RESOURCE                         PHONE NUMER               WEB PAGE

   ADDITIONAL                          Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)
 TRANSPORTATION                        VTA Customer Service
                                       650 & South Santa Clara
INFORMATION AT A                       County Toll Areas
                                       Hearing Impaired (TDD only)                       408-321-2330

     GLANCE                            Bike Locker Rentals                               408-321-7520
                                       General Assistance
      INFORMATION                      RIDES for Bay Area Commuters                    1-800-755-POOL  
                                       Bikes on buses, light rail, VTA                  1-408-321-2300  
                                       Bikes on Caltrain                                1-800-660-4287
Call VTA's Customer Service            Bike parking and lockers at transit stations,    1-408-321-7520  
 Department at (408) 321-              VTA                                                            
2300, TDD (408) 321-2330,              Maps
 or from the 650 area code             Countywide, VTA                                  1-408-321-2300  
  and South Santa Clara                Cupertino                                        1-408-252-7054
County only (800) 894-9908.            Los Altos                                        1-650-948-1455
                                       Milpitas                                         1-408-262-2613
                                       Mountain View                                    1-650-968-8378
  The Call Center is open              Palo Alto                                        1-650-324-3121
Monday through Friday from             Santa Clara                                      1-408-244-8244
 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and            Sunnyvale                                        1-408-736-4971
Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to             Subsidy/Transit Ticket Programs
 4:00 p.m. Representatives                                                              1-408-321-2300  
                                       ECO PASS, VTA
can advise you on the best             Commuter Check, RIDES
    routes to get to your              VTA On-Site Ticket Sales, VTA
                                       Paratransit Services                             1-408-436-2865
The Source for Bay                     Outreach & Escort General Information
                                       Outreach & Escort Reservations
Area Transportation                    San Andreas Regional Center                      1-408-374-9960
                                       Catholic Charities Independent Aging Program     1-408-282-8608
Current Traffic Info.
                                       HOV Lanes
      Dial 611                         Bus and Rail Map, VTA                            1-408-321-2300  

                                       Park & Ride Lots
                                       RIDES for Bay Area Commuters                    1-800-755-POOL  
                                       Bus and Rail Map, VTA, Caltrain                  1-408-321-2300  

                                       Transportation Services for Children
                                       Kids Kab in Cupertino                            1-408-342-0100
                                       Protocol Transportation(formerly Peninsula       1-650-493-2666
                                       Daycare Transportation)
                                       A&E West Coast Transportation                    1-408-998-8275
                                       Student Transportation of America                1-408-998-8275
                                       West Valley Charter Lines                        1-408-371-1230

                                       Taxi Services                                   Please check the Yellow Pages/Internet

                    Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                        Low-Cost Automobile Insurance Program!

                                     What is the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program

                                     The primary goal of the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance
                                     Program (CLCA) is to provide an affordable auto insurance option to low-
                                     income good drivers.

                                     California Law requires that all drivers be insured. However, too many low-
                                     income drivers remain uninsured because the costs of standard insurance
                                     premiums are beyond their financial reach. The California Low Cost
                                     Automobile Insurance Program provides affordable liability only auto
CALIFORNIA                           insurance that meets the state's financial responsibility laws

AUTOMOBILE                           CLCA is available in Santa Clara County.

 INSURANCE                           What is the maximum limits this CLCA liability policy will cover?

  PROGRAM                            CLCA policies are limited to no more than two policies per person.
   (CLCA)                            BASIC LIABILITY POLICY

     FOR MORE                                  Bodily Injury liability per person - $10,000
INFORMATION ON THE                             Bodily Injury liability per accident - $20,000
CLCA PROGRAM, CALL                             Property Damage liability per accident - $3,000

1-866-602-AUTO-1                     Who is available for the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance
                                       Low-income drivers in Santa Clara County Eligible household income
  1-866-602-8861                       may not exceed 250% of the federal poverty level.
                                       For example:
       Website:                                1 persons           $27,925                        2 persons   $37,825                          3 persons           $47,825                        4 persons   $57,625
                                               5 persons           $67,525                        6 persons   $77,425                          7 persons           $87,325                        8 persons   $97,225
  Key Word: CA Auto
  Insurance Program                    Applicant must be at least 19 years of age or older and a continuously
                                       licensed driver for the past three years.
CLCA coverage limits are               Applicant must qualify as a good driver:
less than the mandatory                The value of the car to be insured must not exceed $20,000.
basic-limits policies, but             College student-applicants may not be claimed as dependent on another
   California state law                person’s federal and/or State income tax return.
  provides that a CLCA
                                     A policyholder may not purchase or maintain an automobile liability
policy satisfies financial
                                     policy other than the CLCA policy for any vehicle in the household.
   responsibility laws.

                   Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                          CHILDREN SERVICES
                            These services can help you and your family!

                                           KAFPA is Northern California’s largest kinship, adoptive, and foster parent association,
                                           and mostly volunteer run non-profit. KAFPA provides education and training, family and
                                           youth programming, and resource coordination, in addition to policy advocacy for all
                                           families through community engagement. The best of services to this significant and
                                           essential community in Santa Clara County is accomplished through many partnerships.
                                           The Resource Center is currently housed in San Jose (serving San Jose and surrounding
                                           cities including San Francisco County) and a satellite Resource Center in Gilroy (serving
                                           South County families (Morgan, Hill, Gilroy, San Martin) and also Merced County (Los
          Adriana Garcia
       2nd Building, 1st Floor             WEBSITE
      373 West Julian Street     
       San Jose, CA 95110
          (408) 975-5309                   HOURS               Monday & Wednesday 9am-5pm; Tuesday & Thursday 9am-5pm

                                                                        Family Resource Center Sites:
                                                     Captain Jason Dahl Family                         SJB Northwood Family
                                                     Resource Center, Bldg. P-1                     Resource Center, Bldg. 700
                                                3200 Water Street, San José, CA 95112       2760 East Trimble Road, San José, CA 95132
                                                            (408) 361-4281                                 (408) 684-4785
                                                  Sacred Heart Community Service                           Somos Mayfair
                                               1381 South 1st Street, San José, CA 95110    370-B South King Road, San José, CA 95116
FIRST 5 Santa Clara County is a                             (408) 278-2176                                 (408) 251-6900
local public agency that distributes                                                                 Indian Health Center (IHC)
nearly $30 million in annual funding         Santee Family Resource Center, Rm. 23              Family Resource Center, Ste. #140
from California’s Proposition 10             1313 Audubon Way, San José, CA 95122                    25 North 14th St., Ste. 140,
tobacco tax to early childhood                            (408) 420-1932                                San José, CA 95112
programs and services in Santa                                                                             (408) 445-3400
Clara County. For more information            Mercy Street Family Resource Center            The Health Trust Family Resource Center
please visit:                               748 Mercy Street, Mountain View, CA 94041           46 Race Street, San José, CA 95126
                                                          (650) 967-4813                                   (408) 380-8600                      Catholic Charities Family Resource Center      Fairwood Family Resource Center, Blgd. 203
                                              4 Wabash Avenue, San José, CA 95128           1110 Fairwood Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
FIRST 5 Family Resource
                                                          (408) 380-8600                                   (408) 684-4785
Centers: FREE programs, services,                           Mexican American Community Services Agency (MACSA)
and activities for families with                                         Family Resource Center, Bldg. K-1
children, birth through age 5.                                         385 I.O.O.F Avenue, Gilroy, CA 95020
                                                                                  (408) 846-5999

                                                Home visiting services to support you and your child
                                                Developmental screening and connection to developmental and behavioral support
Family Support Services for                      services
families involved with family and               Support for navigating the court system
dependency court systems –                      Parenting support for families who are divorced or separated (Triple P Positive
FREE assistance, please contact a                Parenting Program)
Family Support Specialist at:                   Connection to emergency food and shelter
       (408) 534-5784                           Access to immigration assistance
                                                Access to health insurance enrollment
                                                Assistance with finding employment or gaining vocational skills
                                                Connection to FIRST 5 Family Resource Centers
                                           To access services, please contact a Family Support Specialist at
                          Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                CHILD CARE RESOURCES
                         All Current and Former Calworks Families are
                              Eligible for Free Child Care Services!

 SERVICES                                PROGRAM?
                                         CalWORKs has contracted with Community Child Care Council of Santa
                                         Clara County (4Cs) to provide referrals and help in this area. You can
                                         meet with a 4Cs counselor on a drop-in or appointment basis. Assistance
   If you have a child in                may also be available over the phone!
  your household under
the age of 12, CalWORKs
 has child care services                                                                               Hours of Operation:
          for you!                                     4C Council (South)                               8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
                                                        379 Tomkins Court
                                                         Gilroy, CA 95020
         IF YOU ARE                                       (408) 758-3301
     CURRENTLY ON AID                                                                                         Bus Route: 68
 How do you receive
 It’s easy; just contact your                                                                       Hours of Operation:
                                                      4C Council (Central)
 CWES worker to sign up for
                                                       1879 Senter Road                           M–TH 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
 this benefit.                                                                                     F 8:30 AM –12:00 PM
 Don’t know the number?                               San Jose, CA 95112
 Call 793-1200 to learn the                             (408) 487-0641
 phone number of your                                   (408) 487-0645
                                                                                                              Bus Route: 73
 CWES worker.

 IF YOU ARE NO LONGER                                                                                 Hours of Operation:
                                                     4C Council (North)                                8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
    As a former CalWORKs                              100 Moffett Blvd.
     participant, off aid and                      Mountain View, CA 94043
   currently working, you are                          (408) 278-2444                                         Bus Route: 40
also eligible to receive free or
low-cost child-care services.
 Please call: (408) 793-1204                                                                        Hours of Operation:
 for information in English or                                                                    M –TH 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
       (408) 793-1209 for                                 4C Council
  information in Spanish and                                                                         F 8:30 – 12:00 PM
                                                     2515 North First Street
                                                      San Jose, CA 95131                                  Bus Route:
                                                        (408) 487-0747                                  66 then Light Rail
                                                                                                       Guadalupe Line 101
                                                                                                           (North First)

                                              For more information on 4C’s

                                         LANGUAGE CAPABILITIES
                                         English, Spanish, Vietnamese and other languages are available through
                                         translation services.

                       Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                              Additional Child Care Resources!

  Community Child                     4C’s promotes the availability and accessibility of quality early care
Care Council of Santa                 and education for all children in Santa Clara County through
 Clara County (4C’s)                  services to child care providers, parents, children and the
                                      community at large.
   2515 North First Street            ELIGIBILITY
    San Jose, CA 95131
                                      This agency may provide former CalWORKs clients, who have
      (408) 487-0747
                                      received cash aid within the last 24 months, with free or low cost
        WEBSITE                       child care services. Non-CalWORKs clients can access services
                                      through the Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) at (877) 235-0095.

Choices For Children                  Choices for Children offers programs that support educate and
       (CFC)                          enhance family and provider services. The programs place families
                                      at the center of a community of support services.
111 No. Market St., Suite 700
    San Jose, CA 95113                ELIGIBILITY
      (408) 297-3295                  This agency may provide former CalWORKs clients, who have
                                      received cash aid within the last 24 months, with free or low cost
       WEBSITE             child care services. Non-CalWORKs clients can access services
                                      through the Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) at (877) 235-0095.

  Association For                     PACEAPP is committed to improving the quality of life for families
Childhood Education                   and children by assisting them with their child care needs and
Alternative Payment
                                      community resources.
Program (PACEAPP)
        CONTACT                       ELIGIBILITY
1671 The Alameda, Suite 306
   San Jose, CA 95126                 This agency may provide former CalWORKs clients, who have
      (408) 278-1214                  received cash aid within the last 24 months, with free or low cost
       WEBSITE                        child care services.

                     Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

             Transitional Subsidized and Direct Placement Opportunities!

                                                       FULL-TIME JOB PLACEMENT!
                                         A Winning Combination of Local Employers and Job Seekers

                                       Employment Services partners with Foothill-De Anza Community
                                       College District’s Occupational Training Institute, (OTI) to deliver
                                       employment opportunities to Welfare-to-Work participants through
                                       the Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE) program. The
  TRANSITIONAL                         program provides a chance to develop work skills and acclimate to
   SUBSIDIZED                          the working environment while local employers can train and
                                       evaluate potential employees before fully committing to a
  EMPLOYMENT                           permanent employment offer.

     (TSE)                             Once placed with a TSE employer, OTI staff continues to work
                                       closely with both the participant and the employer to ensure
                                       successful “transition” from their initial subsidized position into full-
                                       time unsubsidized employment.

                                       One of the reasons for TSE’s success is the focus and
                                       determination of the participants and willingness of TSE employers.

                                       CLIENT ELIGIBILITY
                                       Active Welfare-to-Work CalWORKs clients with a willingness to
  Contact one of the Job
 Developers to learn more
  about participating and
employer benefits from this            Participation in this program is done by referral from the
        program:                       Employment Counselor.

                                       EMPLOYER ELIGIBILITY
        Catherine Chafey               FREE staffing resource for employers. Employers benefit from
         (408) 758-3787
                                       career focused candidates who have the knowledge and abilities to
                                       match the company’s job requirements.
         David Morales                            Submit a job description of the open position to a Job
        (408) 758-3786                     Developer.
                                                  The developer will refer matching candidates to the
          QA Phan                                 employer, including participants’ resume.
       (408) 758-3727

                      Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources



  RESUMES                                                          Hours of Operation:
                            EMPLOYMENT                               Monday – Friday
 COMPUTERS                  CONNECTION                            8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.                 Hours of Operation:
                              CENTERS                                     One-Stop
                                                                                                           Monday – Friday
IMPROVE SKILLS                                                                                          8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                      Campbell Center
                                        2450 S. Bascom Ave.
INTERVIEWING                                                                                                   Connect!
                                                                    Campbell, CA 95008
                            Hours of Operation:                        (408) 369-3606                     Job Seeker Center
 WORKSHOPS                    Monday – Friday                                                            420 S. Pastoria Ave.
                                                                          One-Stop                      Sunnyvale, CA 94086
                           8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                     San Jose Center
   VIDEOS                                                                                                   (408) 774-2365
                                                                    1601 Foxworthy Ave.
                              1879 Senter Road                      San Jose, CA 95118
   CAREER                                                                                                     Evergreen
                             San Jose, CA 95112                        (408) 794-1100                       Valley College
                               (408) 793-1200                                                           Transfer/Career Center
                                 Languages:                       Partner Affiliate Center
JOB POSTINGS                                                                                            3095 Yerba Buena Rd.,
                              English & Spanish                   Center for Training and
                                                                      Careers (CTC)
                                                                                                         San Jose, CA 95135
   TRAINING                                                       1600 Las Plumas Ave.                      (408) 274-7900,
                            420 So. Pastoria Ave.                                                              Ext. 6620
  PROGRAMS                                                         San Jose, CA 95133
                            Sunnyvale, CA 94086
                                                                      (408) 251-3165
                               (408) 491-6730                                                              Gavilan College
 EMPLOYMENT                                                                                                 Career Center
                                 Languages:                               Once-Stop
  SERVICES                                                              Gilroy Center                     5055 Santa Teresa
                              English, Spanish &
                                 Vietnamese                          7800 Arroyo Circle,                 Blvd. Student Center
JOB PLACEMENT                                                              Suite A                          Bldg., Rm. 102
                             379 Tomkins Court,                       Gilroy, CA 95020                     Gilroy, CA 95020
 AND MORE!!                                                            (408) 846-1480                       (408) 848-4818
                              Gilroy, CA 95020
                               (408) 846-3937                            Once-Stop
                                 Languages:                        Youth Training Center                    Career Advisor
                              English & Spanish                      2072 Lucretia Ave.                     Appointments
                                                                    San Jose, CA 95122
                            These centers provide                      (408) 794-1234                   Job Search Workshops
                              job development and                                                          Resume Critique
                             job search assistance                     Free job search;
                             including resume and                     help with resume,                 Access to Job Postings
                             interview preparation,                    computerized job                   Technology for Job
                             placement and career                    matching, placement                       Search
                            counseling services for                  Information and job
                                current and former                    training programs.                   Extensive Career
                               CalWORKs families                      Know your skills,                         Library
                                                                     Develop your Skills                  Recruitment Events
                                                                    and Get the Best Job
                                                                   Possible with your Skills!                 ProMatch

                 Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                      CAREER CENTERS
                             Institute for Career                         NOVA Youth
  JOB FAIRS                     Development                         Employment Office                        Sunnyvale
                             Goodwill Industries                    North Valley Private                Employment Services
                                                                       Industry Council                     Employment
 INTERNSHIPS                 1080 N. Seventh St.                      505 W. Olive Ave.
                             San Jose, CA 95112                             Ste. 630                        Development
  RESUMES                      (408) 998-5774                     Sunnyvale, CA 94086                    Department (EDD)
                                                                        (408) 730-7640                    420 S. Pastoria
                                Free to eligible                                                        Sunnyvale, CA 94086
 COMPUTERS                 candidates, Job training                    Free employment
                                                                  services to Santa Clara                  (408) 774-2365
                           school (postsecondary)
IMPROVE SKILLS             with full counseling, job             Valley youth aged 16-24                Free job search, resume
                             placement services,                            including                           assistance,
                             assessment, and job        ,                      computerized job
INTERVIEWING                                                     an on-line jobs database;
                            search preparation for                                                            matching and
                            people with disabilities               workshops; a summer                   placement. Information
 WORKSHOPS                    and other special                  employment; and training                   on unemployment
                                     needs.                             program, and an
                                                                          education for                  insurance, job training
   VIDEOS                                                                                               programs. Professional,
                                 Mission College                   employment program
                                                                 tailored to youths without                   technical, and
   CAREER                               Career                                                           managerial jobseekers
                                 Transfer Center                   high school diplomas.
 COUNSELING                                                                                             are served by ProMatch.
                            3000 Mission College,                        Project HIRED
                                      Rm. E1-20                      1270 Franklin Mall
JOB POSTINGS               Santa Clara, CA 95054                  Santa Clara, CA 95050                  West Valley College
                                  (408) 855-5115                          Voice/TDD:                       Career Programs
   TRAINING                                                             (408) 557-0880                          Center
                           Includes Job Placement                                                        14000 Fruitvale Ave.,
  PROGRAMS                 Center, job postings, job               Nonprofit organization
                                                                       helps people with                        AAS 35
                           fairs, internships, career                                                     Saratoga, CA 95070
 EMPLOYMENT                    counseling, interest                 disabilities find jobs.
  SERVICES                   testing, workshops on                 Resource and training                    (408) 741-2098
                            resumes, interviewing,                      center. Provides
                                                                    counseling, including               Academic Counseling
JOB PLACEMENT                   job search, career
                                   library, videos,              outreach, job placement,                    available by
                                                                  education of employers,                  appointment for
 AND MORE!!                     EUREKA. Free to                    and advocacy. Free if
                              students and alumni.                           eligible.                   Career Programs at
                                   NOVA Career                                                          West Valley College.
                                                                        San Jose State
                              Connection Center                            University                      A list of Career
                             North Valley Private                        Career Center                    Programs may be
                                Industry Council                       One Washington
                               505 W. Olive Ave.,                                                             viewed at
                                                                        Square, Bldg. F
                                       Ste. 550                     San Jose, CA 95192        
                            Sunnyvale, CA 94086                         (408) 924-6031
                                  (408) 730-7232                                                                YWCA
                                                                  Career Resources Lab                    375 S. Third Street
                           Free career counseling,                with library, videotapes,
                             skills assessment, job                  Internet access, job                San Jose, CA 95112
                               search workshops,                     search information,                    (408) 295-4011
                            classroom and on-the-                 counseling, workshops,                       Ext. 200
                              job training, learning               job postings, job fairs,             Free job search, resume
                              lab, career resource                    internships, alumni                  assistance, career
                            center, referrals. Open                    network. Open to
                                                                 students, alumni from all               counseling and skills,
                               to all Silicon Valley                                                          interviewing.
                               workers. Variety of               CSU campuses. General
                                      programs.                     public may purchase

                 Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                       EDUCATION / TRAINING
         Free or Low-Cost Classes, Get a Certificate, and/or Learn a New Skill!

                                                                                    Community Colleges
Community Colleges
                                                   College                       Contact             Phone Number               E-mail Address
 CalWORKs Liaison                               DeAnza College
                                                                             Stephanie Pham           (408) 864-5841
                                                  Clients A-L
     Services                                   DeAnza College
                                                                             Sabrina Steward          (408) 864-8360
                                                  Clients M-Z
Seven college sites offer free day,             Foothill College                Sofia Abad            (650) 949-7601
evening and weekend classes.
                                                Mission College                Donna Hale             (408) 855-5226
The college goal is to help you                Evergreen College              Alla Markevitch      (408) 274-7900 x6589
transition from gaining an education
                                                Gavilan College              Susan Sweeney            (408) 848-4813
in an in-demand field, to finding and
securing meaningful employment               San Jose City College            Marilyn Brodie       (408) 298-2181 x3684
during the college experience.                West Valley College           Marta Mora-Evans          (408) 741-4007

Through funding from the County of
Santa Clara, students receive; child                                             Adult Education Centers
care, transportation, book, supplies                Adult Ed                     Contact             Phone Number               E-mail Address
and other school related expenses.                  Campbell
                                                                              Valerie Clifford       (408) 626-3402 
                                                Del Mar/Blackford

  Adult Education                               Metro Ed. District
                                               Metropolitan Center
                                                                               Tracy Smith           (408) 723-6568 

 CalWORKs Liaison                               Metro Ed. District
                                               Metropolitan Center
                                                                                Diane Roca
                                                                            Intake for Metro Ed.
                                                                                                     (408) 723-6568 

     Services                                   Metro Ed. District
                                               Metropolitan Center
                                                                            Laura Washington         (408) 723-6568 

Classes are held throughout the                 Metro Ed. District
                                                                              Jennifer Smith         (408) 723-6568 
                                               Metropolitan Center
county at fourteen sites. These
                                                Metro Ed. District
programs are primarily focused on              Metropolitan Center
                                                                              Marie Watson           (408) 723-6568
adult literacy classes, ESL, GED,               STEPS Program
and high school diplomas. Classes                                            Norma Martinez          (408) 758-3788
                                               Metropolitan District
are held throughout the day and              MV/LA Adult Education          Gilberto Seegmiller      (650) 940-6029
evening.                                        Eastside UHSD
                                                 School District                                                   
Through funding from the County of                                             Jean Archie           (408) 928-9363
                                              Independence Adult                                                    
Santa Clara, students receive;                        Center
childcare, transportation, book,                Eastside UHSD
                                                 School District                                                   
supplies and other school related                                             Jennifer Lewis         (408) 928-9362
                                              Independence Adult                                                     
expenses.                                             Center
                                             Eastside UHSD District
                                              Independence Adult               Lee See Loh           (408) 928-9361
                                              East Side Adult Ed.                                                  
                                                                               Minh Nguyen           (408) 254-8125
                 Onsite                       Overfelt Adult Center                                               
                 CalWORKs                     East Side Adult Ed.                                                       
                                                                              Jennifer Lewis         (408) 928-9362
                                                Milpitas Adult Ed.                                                   
                 Representatives             Morgan Hill Community                                   (408) 201-6520
                                                                              Eric Saavedra                     
                 are Available                    Adult School                                          X43501

                 to Help You!                Santa Clara Adult Ed.             Ailene Genoff         (408) 423-3540

                                              Sunnyvale / Cupertino
                                                                               Bobbi Wilson          (408) 522-2738
                                                Adult Education

                            Have computer and internet access? Try for information and resources

                     EDUCATION / TRAINING
        Free or Low-Cost Classes, Get a Certificate, and/or Learn a New Skill!

                                                                                     Community Colleges
                                          DeAnza College                            
                                          Occupational Training Institute (OTI)     
    AND                                   Evergreen Valley College
                                          Foothill College

  TRAINING                                Occupational Training Institute (OTI)
                                          Gavilan College

                                          Mission College                           
                                          San Jose City College                     
                                          West Valley College                       
                                                                                          Adult Education
                                          Independence Adult Center                 
                                          Overfelt Adult Center                     
                                          Metropolitan Education District: Metro Center
                                          & CCOC
                                          Morgan Hill                               
   There are a number of short-
                                          Mountain View / Los Altos                 
term training programs that will          Santa Clara Adult Education               
    prepare you to compete for                                       Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
 positions that pay competitive                        These are nonprofit organizations that provide short-term (4-6 months)
  living wages. In addition, they                         vocational training classes. Most classes are held during the day.
   provide education to prepare           Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
                                          Center for Employment & Training (CET)
   you for high-skill, high-wage          Choices for Children                  
 jobs in Silicon Valley's highest         Center for Training & Careers (CTC)   
        growth occupations.               ICD/Goodwill of Silicon Valley        
There are four categories listed                    These are agencies that have educational programs which can be approved
in the CalWORKs Educational                                                as Self-Initiated Programs (SIPs).
 and Training Matrix directory            NOVA Workforce Board                  
that offer educational courses:           Silicon Valley WIB (One Stop Centers) 
                                          Computer Academy of San Jose          
     Colleges, Adult Ed,
      Community-Based                                    The chart below shows that taking any class or completing basic training
    Organizations (CBOs)                                                may result in a better job and better pay.
          and “Other”
                                                                                  Earnings and unemployment for weekly, full-time
                                                                                  workers age 25 and over, by educational attainment.

 Need additional information on
     ESL classes? Log on to for an
 interactive listing of almost 600
ESL classes provided by Santa
    Clara County Community
    Colleges, Adult Education,
        Community Based
 Organizations, and Libraries at
100 sites. As well as numerous
links to local, state and national
  resources, posting of events,
  announcements and news of
      interest to immigrants.

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