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					                                            Kol Beth Shalom
                                                  The Bulletin of Temple Beth Shalom
                                       February 2007     11 Tevet - 12 Shevat 5767     Volume 58, No. 11

                                                                      RABBI’S REFLECTIONS
                                                                      by Rabbi Geoffrey A. Spector
Inside . . .
President’s Perspective . . .2            I  t always seemed strange to me to celebrate Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish Arbor Day,
                                                during the winter. Here in America, the holiday occurs when the earth is still
                                           dry and cracked from the frigid cold and the trees stand like bare skeletons bent
B’nai Mitzvah . . . . . . . . . .3
 of the Month
                                           over with the weight of icicles hanging from leafless branches. Precisely during
                                           this grey time of year we celebrate the verdant foliage that will soon be evident
Men’s Club News . . . . . . .6             once spring arrives.
PTA Profile . . . . . . . . . . . .6          Tu B’Shevat is a festival whose timing is out of joint in the Diaspora, yet even
                                           in Israel one may witness sights that seem incongruous with time and space. On
The Early Days of                          our recent congregational pilgrimage in December, we saw snow fall in
 Temple Beth Shalom . . . .6
                                           Jerusalem. While I have seen many gorgeous sunsets over Jerusalem, this was
Religious School . . . . . . .7            the first time I saw the tops of the walls of the Old City covered in snow. From
 in Review                                 my hotel balcony, I stared at the magnificent beauty of Jerusalem’s stone turrets
Pre-School News . . . . . . . .8           covered with a dusting of white powder. Just below me, a man was doing laps
                                           in the heated hotel swimming pool. Wisps of steamy smoke rose up from the
This Month . . . . . . . . . . . .9        water with each stroke he took. Arab vendors still sell their hand baked sesame
Kol Nidrei Pledges . . . . .10             bread, the bagele along with amazingly fresh pita from pushcarts in the city cen-
                                           ter while behind them stand the golden arches of a kosher McDonald’s. One
Donations . . . . . . . . . . . .11
                                           day, we davened Mincha on the ruins of an ancient 5th century synagogue in
Keruv Committee Update . .12               Tsippori; the day before we had stood high atop the Azrieli Tower taking in the
                                           breathtaking view from Tel-Aviv’s tallest skyscraper. We passed by trendy marti-
Sisterhood Spotlight . . . .13
                                           ni bars in Haifa and dined on roasted meats in a Bedouin tent in the Negev. We
Adult Education . . . . . . .14            were transported by camels in the desert and by rugged jeeps in the Golan. Israel
                                           is a land of anachronism and paradox; a true embodiment of the Altneuland, the
Introducing Rimon . . . . .18
                                           “old/new land” envisioned by Theodor Herzl. And speaking of Herzl, his story
                                           is now beautifully chronicled in an incredible state of the art museum equipped
                                           with the most modern audio-visual displays imaginable.
                                             The vast chronological spectrum that spans the land and people of Israel was
                                           reflected in microcosm among the participants of our own group. On the very
                                           same festive night in Jerusalem we celebrated the 58th wedding anniversary of
                                           Murray and Harriet Sklar, the 18th birthday of Avi Felberbaum, and the Bnei
                                           Mitzvah of six of our TBS children. During the dinner and the dancing, little
                                           Sammy Shainbrown (at 11 months, the youngest member of our group) was lov-
                                           ingly passed from one set of arms to another. The prophet Joel predicted: “Your
                                           old people shall dream dreams and your young shall see visions” and that
                                           prophecy certainly came true for all of us.
                                               Amidst all the paradoxical scenes, one incongruity to which I had become
                                           accustomed in previous visits to Israel was glaringly absent this time around.
Temple Beth Shalom
                                           On all my previous trips to the Holy Land, the ubiquitous presence of the
 193 East Mount Pleasant Ave.
                                           military was always extremely palpable. On every street and at every turn one
     Livingston, NJ 07039
        (973) 992-3600                     would see a soldier dressed in the green fatigues of the IDF with a rifle slung over
      Fax (973) 992-7087                   his or her shoulder. It was an image that was jarring and comforting all at once.
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                                                                          Geoffrey A. Spector, Rabbi
                                                                          Adam J. Rosenbaum, Assistant Rabbi
                                                                          Sharon A. Knoller, Cantor
             PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE                                      Henry Butensky, Cantor Emeritus
                                                                          Mel Zirkes, Interim Executive Director
              Temple’s Family in Israel                                   Leah Beker, Director of Education
                                                                          Linda Weiss, Pre-School Director
                  December 2006                                           Sharryn Farer, Editor

                                                                          Paul Brownstein and Dee Cohen, Committee
   promised, in my January column, that I would provide
    you with my personal journal of Temple Beth Shalom’s                  OFFICERS
RETURN to Israel. I must begin my telling you, this was “a                President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael M. Silverman
trip of a lifetime.” Eighty-eight people traveled TO Israel               Vice Presidents. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barry Funt
together and came home ONE FAMILY.                                                            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Martin D. Pollack
                                                                                               . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marshall Saunders
                                                                                            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Margie Wolfe
       Livingston, NJ 12/21/2006. It is early and I could                 Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carl Landsman
     not sleep. We are being picked up at 9:00 AM by                      Financial Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mel Zirkes
    the car service to head to Newark Airport, but I                      Recording Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Julie Borker
    am awake at 5:00 AM. I am so excited, yet also                                      Kol Beth Shalom is published monthly except
    nervous - long flight, kids, delays, lost bags, etc. I have                            July and August by Temple Beth Shalom,
    “stressed” over this trip for so long (as Temple President,                       193 E. Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039.
    as a father, as a husband and a son), what is one more                                The synagogue’s website is
    day. Temple Beth Shalom, after 18 years, is RETURNING
                                                                         Rabbi’s Reflections continued from page 1
    to Israel. The journey begins….
       We all met at Newark Airport with excitement and great             The soldiers reminded us that life in Israel is always
    anticipation. The lines were long, but what the heck – we
                                                                         lived in a state of caution, but the soldiers also made us
    are going to Israel. This is not your everyday vacation…
                                                                         feel safe and protected. This time, despite the recent
       We arrived at 6:35 AM Israel time on Friday, December
    22nd. Tired, we gathered our bags and all got on the two             war with Hezbollah and the omnipresent threat of ter-
    TEMPLE BETH SHALOM buses. We left Ben Gurion                         rorist attacks, there were far fewer soldiers peppering
    Airport and headed to Jerusalem and the Western Wall.                the pavement of Ben Yehuda Street. Yes, we were still
    We made our first stop just on the border of Jerusalem.              required to openour bags whenever entering a building,
    Overlooking the entire city, we all got out of the buses,            but the atmosphere was incredibly “normal.” At no time did
    made Kiddush and said a Shehecheyanu. We are really                  we feel unsafe or vulnerable. In Israel, the perennial hope of
    here, I cannot believe it. This was the first time on the trip       peace eclipses the fear of war just as the sunshine of spring
    I cried. I am not sure I have ever held my wife and chil-            invariably dispels the darkness of winter.
    dren so close or so tightly before.                                     I am so thankful to have shared this amazing experience
       We walked through the quarters of the Old City, through           with 84 members of our Temple family and look forward to
    the archeological dig area. Boy, are we hungry! Finally we           sharing future pilgrimages with many of you in the years to
    stopped for some lunch and a chance to rest. What would              come. This Tu B’Shevat, as we eat figs and dates and sym-
    a first meal in Israel be without falafel and shwarma? We            bolically reconnect with the terrain of Eretz Yisrael, may the
    had a wonderful afternoon and now to the hotel to check in           tastes and flavors of that extraordinary land linger in our
    and get ready for Shabbat.                                           hearts and in our minds and warm us even when the snow
                                                                         is falling.
       Shabbat, December 22nd and 23rd (this Shabbat entry
    is being written on Saturday evening at 11:00 PM – I am
    not shomer Shabbat at home, but there is something
    about being in Israel). Friday Evening service as a FAMI-               What an amazing scene – post-Shabbat on Ben Yehuda
    LY with dinner following. What a great feeling, except                  Street in Jerusalem. Nothing I write can adequately
    many were falling asleep, especially many of the kids (on               explain what a joyous feeling that was. It is time for bed
    the dinner table). Shabbat morning started with a rainy                 now, 11:30pm. Until tomorrow....
    walk to shul. Rabbi Spector led a group of 15 to the
    Fuchsberg Center for Shabbat services. What an interest-                   Sunday December 24. On the bus at 8:40 AM - every-
    ing service this was, led by a “be-bopping Hazzan.” How                 one was on time (imagine that, 88 people) and off we go.
    proud we were to be Jewish today - being Jewish in Israel,                  First stop today is the Fuchsberg Center. This is the
    wow, part of the majority!                                              “center” of Conservative Judaism – United Synagogue in
       We went for a walk in the Arab section this afternoon.               Israel. We received a tour lead by Rabbi Jim Lebeau. TBS
    No shopping, Shabbat you know. Dinner was on our own.                   donated boxes of school supplies for children in need.
    My family, all eight of us, had an opportunity to have din-             Rabbi Lebeau will disperse them as he sees fit. This was a
    ner with the Davis and Barber families. I thank them for                wonderful building and complex. I can picture our USYers
    their company and companionship, as that dinner really                  staying here during their USY Pilgrimage. It was far nicer
    was a “FAMILY” dinner. Many of us met on Ben Yehuda                     then I ever could have imagined.
    Street afterwards for walking, shopping and great fun.
                                                                     2                                                                     continued on page 3
President’s Perspective continued from page 2

    Our next stop was the new Herzl Museum and National                             taking and moving. From room to room
    Cemetery. We watched an absolutely perfect multi-media                          we saw and heard the stories of countless
    presentation of Herzl's life and goals. Herzl, for those that                   families and the strife they endured during the atrocities of
    may not know, is the Father of Modern Zionism. The visit                        World War II. The camps, the trains, and the death
    to the National Cemetery was emotional and moving.                              marches were all pictured and videoed. Then into “the
    Here we saw the burial sites of Golda Meir, Leah and                            tent”..... Rabbi Spector led us into the El Malerachamim.
    Yitzchak Rabin, Herzl and others.                                               Then we walked through the children's museum: it was
      Lunch was on our own – and we did some shopping as                            small, but oh so moving, with candles, mirrors, and so
    well (please remember that one of our goals was to assist                       many names, ages and origins. As those who were there
    the Israeli economy). Back onto the bus and off to Yad                          and those who have been there know, it is nearly impos-
    Vashem. The younger children went to a Biblical Zoo as                          sible to capture one’s thoughts in a few sentences, but we
    Yad Vashem is not for all ages.                                                 were all moved in ways that we will never forget.
      Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’                                    Back to the hotel for rest and dinner on our own.
    Remembrance Authority) was established in 1953 by an                            Another great day of sightseeing! We had a great dinner
    act of the Israeli Knesset. The exhibit was both breath-                        at Darna, a Mediterranean restaurant. There is some-
                                                                                    thing about eating authentic food in the region…it just
                                                                                    tastes better there.

                                                                                         December 25, 2006. We began very early with a
                                                                                    5:45 AM wake-up call and breakfast. Off to the Wall and
                                                                                    the Robinson Arch - Conservative Kotel for services and our
                                                                                    B’nai Mitzvah service. What an absolutely amazing feeling
           B’NAI MITZVAH OF THE MONTH                                               of being all together, touching the wall and davening tog e t h-
                                                                                    er. The weather was absolutely perfect: the sky was crystal
                               February                                             clear, the sun was shining and just a small nip was in the air.
                                                                                    I will always be able to close my eyes, think of that moment,
                                                                                    and smell, feel and taste ISRAEL. The B’nai Mitzvah serv-
                                                                                    ice lead by Rabbi Spector and Cantor Knoller was incredible.
                                                                                    Now you must remember I am a father of one of the B’nai
                                                                                    Mitzvah children; therefore, it may have been different for
                                                                                    me, but I was told later that it was moving and emotional for
                                                                                    everyone. There were tears of joy (here we go, me crying
                                                                                    again) from both the families with children becoming a
                                                                                    bar/bat mitzvah as well as all the other members of the con-
                          February 3                                                gregation. I am getting emotional again just writing this.
                                                                                    The most moving part of the service was when Rabbi Spector
                       ROBERT SOKOLOV
                                                                                    stood under the chuppah (a large tallit held by four not so
                                                                                    tall members of our group) and blessed the six B’nai Mitzvah
                  Mazel Tov to Our                                                  children. Ask anyone that was there, there was not a dry eye
             February Bar Mitzvah Child                                             to be found. Mazel Tov to Amanda Kramer, Rebecca
                                                                                    Schwartz, Jessica Davis, Elliot Naphtali, Samantha
        Robert, son of Svetlana and Mikhail Sokolov                                 Silverman and Ethan Cohen.
                                                                                       Back on the bus and off we go. We are now on our way
                                                                                    to Ayalan Institute and the Bullet Factory, where we saw the
                                                                                    site of a bullet manufacturing facility, on a kibbutz, “hidden”
                                                                                    by the “cover” of a bakery and laundry. What an interesting
                                                                                    time this must have been! The hiding of the work and the
        NEXT BULLETIN WILL BE IN MARCH                                              people during this time is unimaginable to any of us.
     Bulletin Deadline is Tuesday, February 2.                                         Then lunch with both buses - pizza and falafel - and now
                                                                                    off to Independence Hall. Most of us had never been to this
      Copy will NOT be accepted after that date
                                                                                    location in Tel Aviv. This was originally the home of the
             to insure timely publication.                                          city’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff, who donated it to the city
Liturgical Publications, Inc., the printer for our Temple Bulletin, will be         in 1930 for use as the first Tel Aviv museum. The museum’s
sending a representative to TBS within the next few weeks. We would like            Hall of Declaration was where David Ben Gurion declared
to thank our present advertisers for renewing their ads, and for those inter-
ested in placing a new ad, this is your opportunity. To reserve a space for         the independence of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.
the new publication year, please contact our office. Keep in mind, our
advertising sponsors make this Bulletin possible.

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President’s Perspective continued from page 3

    We were able to see the original microphones on the long                    from “Rabbi Barry” of Neve Hanna,
    table where the dignitaries sat. Behind the table is a portrait             thanking us for our visit and letting me
    of Theodor Herzl and two long Israeli flags. The theme in                   know that he is available to help us help Neve Hanna.
    this hall is: “Israel is for all of us, not just Israelis, rather for       Watch for more details…
    all Jews all over the world.”                                                  We then spent time at Sdeh Boker - home of David Ben
          We then visited Ethiopian Jews. We learned how                        Gurion in the Negev. We learned about his life and fami-
    MetroWest NJ region has been helping these people and how                   ly. We had an opportunity to walk through his home,
    much more needs to be done. The Ethiopians are being                        where his household items and the way everything was
    taught how to "help themselves."                                            arranged and decorated told us so much about him. His
       We then headed back to the hotel (a one hour drive) and                  wife’s bedroom (they slept in separate rooms) had pictures
    prepared for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah party dinner at which our                  of the children and family. Ben Gurion’s bedroom had one
    entire group ate, drank, danced, laughed and enjoyed a very                 picture – of Gandhi. One can take from that whatever one
    festive party. Each of our B’nai Mitzvah children received                  wishes.
    Torahs presented to them by Rabbi Spector, Cantor Knoller                      The two buses went separately from here. Both were
    and Leah Beker. It was a great evening of FAMILY. (I hope my                headed to have dinner with local synagogues that invited
    theme is coming across – we really are becoming a family).                  us. Our bus went to Omer, where we had dinner at a
       To the hotel at 10:30 PM so we can get up early tomor-                   Masorti synagogue - Congregation Magen Avraham.
    row to start again!                                                         Rabbi Spector was leading services and one of the congre-
                                                                                gants that welcomed us leaned over to me and asked – Do
       The Latrun armed forces base was our first stop this morn-               you know Irwin Ruderfer? Come on folks, you can’t make
    ing. We took lots of pictures on tanks and watched a very                   that stuff up. Believe it or not, we were at a synagogue
    moving film of the Israeli army and how the wars and fight-                 where the past President grew up with Irwin and made
    ing have affected families, including those that have suffered              Aliya 25 years ago. Need I say more about the “small
    losses and injuries. We heard the story of a man who "only                  Jewish world” in which we live? After dinner, we had a
    wishes to see his 15 year-old daughter once.” He is blind                   long bus ride back to the hotel.
    from injuries suffered during the battles.
        The Tower of Tears allowed us to see that the tears flow                   The next day started VERY early. We were up at 5:30
    and the water causes rust which shows us the tears of all.                  AM, and were off to Masada. The weather was terrible,
    The roof, with glass to the sky, showed that there is a light               but off we went. We had been warned that we may not be
    at the end of every "tunnel."         There was something for               able to go up the mountain or swim in the Dead Sea. As
    everyone at this stop. Many pictures were taken on the                      President, I made the decision to go, for two reasons.
    tanks. Kids, families, yes even the adults had a great time                 First, how soon would many of us be able to be back here,
    climbing and posing on the actual machinery.                                and secondly, I was sure the weather WOULD cooperate.
       Our next stop was at “Neve Hanna” – A Children's Home.                      We got to Masada and were forced to take the cable car
    Nothing I write here will do justice to what we saw. The chil-              due to the rain. The snake trail (walking trail) was closed.
    dren that live here are from homes plagued by drugs, pros-                  Once we got to the top of Masada, the weather cleared
    titution, alcohol abuse, etc., and the kids are either brought              (TOLD YOU IT WOULD.) What views we saw and sto-
    to Neve Hanna or sent by the courts. This is what we know                   ries we heard. We walked into one of the “synagogue
    of as an orphanage. These children are amazing. We met                      areas” on the mountain, sang Hatikvah and took, what I
    one 1 year-old, Talia, who is studying for her Bat Mitzvah.                 hope will be, a fabulous group picture. Again, due to the
    Samantha, my daughter, became a Bat Mitzvah the day                         weather we had to take the cable car down, no walking.
    before. All I could think of was who would be there to cry                     After some shopping in the Ahava store we
    tears of joy for this little girl? I had to walk out of the room            traveled to the Bedouin Village, where we had an
    as the emotion was too much for me.                                         authentic lunch and camel rides. What great pictures we
       I hope Temple Beth Shalom will be able to rally around                   took. Everyone who wanted to get up on a camel had an
    the Neve Hanna program. How can we help these chil-                         opportunity to do so. I have to tell you, today I learned
    dren? How do we make Neve Hanna succeed beyond its                          about the “Beth Shalom” G-ds….during the bus rides it
    accomplishments thus far – and it has succeeded, because                    rained…when we arrived anyplace this day – the sky
    this place is absolutely amazing. I would like to find a                    cleared. Someone somewhere was watching over 88
    way for Temple Beth Shalom to “adopt, partner or share”                     members of the Temple Beth Shalom FAMILY (there is that
    with these children, and provide them with as many                          word again).
    advantages as we can give them. This is a wonderful                           Then a major decision was to be made - do we go to the
    opportunity for Temple Beth Shalom, the religious school                    Dead Sea or not? Some said yes and some no. We have
    children, pre-school children as well as the adult commu-                   two busses, so those that did not wish to go went back to
    nity to share in the growth and development of Israeli chil-                Jerusalem and those that did, went to the Dead Sea. OH
    dren. I plan on bringing this to the Board and to the                       MY GOODNESS, it was cold, but we had a great time.
    Temple as a community in the next few months. I have
    already received (yes, while we were on the bus) an email
                                                                            4                                           continued on page 5
President’s Perspective continued from page 4

    Laughing and floating, did I say freeezing? I cannot wait           Kiddush after services - olives, crackers, herring and
    to see the pictures of us laughing, crying (from the cold)          vodka. Not quite bagels, egg salad and tuna fish, but the
    and just being together in the Dead Sea. Then we were               warmth made it truly "home." By the way, our tuna is
    back on the bus and heading back to Jerusalem. It took us           better than their crackers – any day!
    a long time due to traffic, the flooded roads and the SNOW             We then had a walking tour of the Bahai Gardens and
    in Jerusalem. Yes, it snowed in Jerusalem. We had dinner in         the surrounding area. Rain caused us to cut it short, but
    the hotel and then went back to our rooms to pack and sleep.        it was interesting nonetheless.
                                                                           We all met once again for Mincha, Maariv and
       December 28 started with getting the suitcases out for           Havdalah. Rabbi Spector once more taught us through
    storing on the buses. We are leaving Jerusalem for good             stories and the entire group participated in services. The
    today. I took a moment by myself outside the hotel and              children surrounding Cantor Knoller for Havdalah was a
    simply took in a deep breath. Was the smell different than          "Kodak moment."
    NY or NJ? Probably not, but the feeling certainly was.
                                                                           We then had a bit of time to return to our rooms for
       Our first stop today was a quick walk through Old Jaffa.
                                                                        relaxation (not much of that over the past nine days) wash
    Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to look at the
                                                                        up, pack and return downstairs for a bus ride to dinner.
                                                                        We went to an Israeli restaurant filled with locals, where
       Our next stop was Tel Aviv. We went to the top of the
                                                                        we dined on Israeli meat, wine and desserts. We all sang
    Azrieli Center and the observation tower. What great
                                                                        in the restaurant, loudly. As our trip was coming to an
    views of Tel Aviv. Lunch was in the mall before boarding
                                                                        end, picture 88 people in a restaurant that is open to the
    and heading to Caesaria. We saw the ruins and heard a
                                                                        public singing, laughing and taking pictures. This was
    lot of history. Then we were off to the Druze Community
                                                                        not the Ritz Diner.
    where we were hosted and learned of the Druze ideals and
                                                                        Sunday, December 31 - our last day in Israel. We were up
       Friday December 29. Up early AGAIN as we needed to
                                                                        early to pack up and have breakfast at the Dan Carmel in
    get much done before Shabbat. The first stop was Tzefat
                                                                        Haifa, one last time. Our suitcases were stored in the
    - a great opportunity for shopping and viewing the old
                                                                        buses and off we went for the last long day of touring.
    city. Everyone loved the opportunity to find things for
                                                                           We took Jeep rides through the Golan Heights, holding
    family and friends. Candles, yads, b’nai mitzvah gifts,
                                                                        on as the ride was very bumpy. The signs read (very
    dreidels (by the way – very cool – neis, gadol, haya,
                                                                        clearly I might add) DANGER – LANDMINDS. Looking
    POH), jewelry, and silver. We definitely helped the Israeli
                                                                        around you saw the borders of Israel, Lebanon, Jordan
    economy today.
                                                                        and Syria. History was all around us. Unfortunately, it
        Next, it was off to Tzippori. An ancient temple from
                                                                        rained when we stopped at Kinneret Cemetery for some
    2,000 years ago....imagine that and the mosaic tiles were
                                                                        singing and another moving experience at the grave of
    still intact and clearly visible. We davened Mincha togeth-
                                                                        Rachel, the Poetess. Although we did not stay long due to
    er. What a wonderful sound as our kids led Ashrei along
                                                                        the weather (I could not control the weather everyday) it
    with Rabbi Spector. Again an emotional moment. The
                                                                        was moving nonetheless.
    archeological dig really was a site to see. How did these
                                                                            Then off we went to Tiberias for a boat ride on Lake
    people live like this and HOW did we find it? It is truly one
                                                                        Kinneret. Again, the weather was less than crystal clear, but
    of those times (one of the many times) on the trip that
                                                                        we were together. Now our last dinner together in Israel. A
    people’s jaws dropped.
                                                                        crazy, dancing party at Deck’s Steakhouse. We laughed, we
       Then we went back to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat.
                                                                        cried (AGAIN) and were so happy to be in each other’s com-
    We had Kabbalat Shabbat services together as a Temple
    Family in the hotel. Rabbi Spector, again, told us stories
                                                                            After dinner we boarded the busses and headed to Ben
    and how absolutely amazing it was, and we all felt it, to
                                                                        GurionAirport. We really have become an extended family.
    be davening together on Shabbat in Eretz Yisrael. Dinner
                                                                           On a personal note, I must thank everyone that planned
    was in the dinning room. The kids, all of them sitting
                                                                        the trip and everyone that participated in the trip – it was
    together, laughing and eating, were having a wonderful
                                                                        something very special.
    time. Some went to bed and others stayed in the dining
    room for singing and laughing with Rabbi and Karen
                                                                        Watch for details of the NEXT TEMPLE BETH SHALOM
                                                                        JOURNEY TO ISRAEL – August 2008.
      Shabbat morning started like any other, but this time we
                                                                        Shalom – may we all have Peace
    were seven men walking to an orthodox congregation in
                                                                        here and in Israel…
    downtown Haifa. The conservative shul was too far to
                                                                        Michael M. Silverman
    walk – everything in Israel seems to be UP hill – both
    ways. It was very moving as a few of us received aliyot
    and Rabbi Spector WOWED the orthodox congregation
    with his chanting of the Haftorah. We were invited for

MEN’S CLUB NEWS                                                    BERESHIT...
                  Barry Wolfe - President
                                                In the Beginning
       WORLD WIDE (TEFILLIN) WRAP                                  The early days of Temple Beth Shalom
           Sunday, February 4th!
    At morning minyan on Sunday, February 4th, 2007, all           Chapter 9... 1959 - 1960
  TBS members are invited to join with thousands of
  Conservative Jews around the world to celebrate the
  mitzvah of Tefillin in the annual “World Wide Wrap”
  sponsored by the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs. The           Cantor Henry Butensky
  service starts at 9:00am. The mitzvah of wrapping
  Tefillin is one of the most basic Jewish rituals. Yet, for
  many it has been quite a while. No experience is
  required to attend and we will have extra Tefillin for you
                                                                    A     new year and a new

                                                                              Cantor! The Temple
                                                                                 described Cantor
  to use and people to help you.                                    Butensky’s “vast knowledge of
     We will also be joined by hundreds of USY teens at             liturgical music which he
  TBS for their convention. This will be an important event         expresses through a rich warm
  and we hope you will be there with us.                            and melodious baritone voice”
     Please join us at the Wrap followed immediately by a           and that he is “following in the
  free breakfast.
                                                                    footsteps of his father, who is a renowned cantor." Little
                                                                    did we know that he would be our chazan for 39 years!
              MEN’S CLUB SHABBAT                                       The Temple Beth Shalom nursery school was formed.
  On Friday night, March 9th at 7:30 pm and Saturday,               Ruth Barr was appointed director and teacher and Bea
  March 10th, Men’s Club will lead Shabbat services. All            Shrank was her assistant teacher. Bea also directed the
  Men’s Club members are invited to participate as we lead          choir and taught music in the Hebrew and Sunday
  Friday evening and Saturday morning Shabbat services.
                                                                    schools. They both are still members of the synagogue.
  This year, we will kick off the event with a dinner before          Another Men’s Club “first” happened when a “construc-
  services on Friday night. Cost of the dinner is $16, $6
                                                                    tion crew” of the men’s club erected a sukkah on the
  for ages 2-12.
                                                                    Temple grounds. This became a yearly activity from that
       If you are interested in helping lead services,              year on. Many events were held in the sukkah during that
      Hebrew and English parts are available for you!               Sukkot holiday week. Henry Medvin was president of the
      For more information and dinner reservations,                 Men’s Club.
       please contact Phil Crystal at 973-992-4862.                     Rabbi Cohen wrote a moving December Hanukkah
                                                                    column in the Temple Bulletin, comparing Antiochus’
                                                                    attempt to crush the Jews and their religious way of life,
                                                                    with the Russians imposing their Communist way of life
 PTA PROFILE                                                        on the geographical areas it had absorbed.
                                                                       On December 31, we welcomed in a new decade with
    I’d like to individually acknowledge all
                                                                    a New Year’s Eve party. Tony Sales and his Orchestra pro-
  the volunteers who helped with this year’s
                                                                    vided the music, and a complete sit down dinner, hats
  book fair, wh i ch was so successful:
                                                                    and favors were provided, all for $20.00 per couple.
  Allisyn Adelsohn, Sari Dulman, Jo d i
                                                                       Sanford Freedman, the driving force and first president
  Eisner, Sharon Fleishman, Lori Gelman,
                                                                    of the temple, died on January 23. The funeral was held
  Nicole Gould, Ronni Harte, Cindy Jacobowitz, Helen
                                                                    in our Temple Beth Shalom sanctuary with an overflow-
  Manziyenko, Caryn Mittleman, Robin Naphtali, Marla
                                                                    ing congregation. Rabbi Cohen officiated.
  Parnes, Amy Ramer, Sheryl Reba, Shari Rynar, Marci
                                                                      One of the paid ads in the Bulletin was for “West Essex
  Seidman, Stacey Strumeyer, Marisa Tu ck e r, Fatima
                                                                    Auto Sales” on Mt. Pleasant Avenue, where George Foster
  Villone, Michael Villone, and of course co-chairs Marcy
                                                                    sold “Simca” automobiles. George and Shirley Foster
  Enoch, Laurie Fern, and Susan Schaefer. Thank you!
                                                                    remain members of the temple.
                                                                       The United Synagogue Youth (USY) held a barbecue at
  Mark your calendars! Our annual Purim carnival is fast
                                                                    the home of William and Eleanor Weinstein on Bryant
  approaching. The date is Sunday, March 4. We need
                                                                    Drive. This was part of their drive to encourage young
  volunteers (parents, grandparents, teens) to set up and
                                                                    people to become involved in the temple.
  man the booths. Please contact Julie Borker
  ( or 973-992-0280) to volunteer
  for a shift.                                                      Julian Orleans, Historian

  Laura Siegel
  PTA President

    Saturday, February 17 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Winter Recess . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No Classes
    Sunday 25

    Monday 26 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Daled Tzizit Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Classes Resume
                                                                                                                                            Regular Session

    Tuesday 27 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Daled Tzizit Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Regular Session

A SPECIAL SERVICE AND SERMON                                                          es had their culminating Kabalat Shabbat parties. The
    This year, our Aleph Consecration took place on the first                         second graders went through a Friday night service with
night of Chanukah. If you could not attend, you missed a                              blessings, songs, dances, and a story. All students
beautiful evening. After a delicious dinner, that included                            enjoyed challah, grape juice and bow ties. Foods are
latkes and blintzes, the services were held.                                          also an important part of our tradition. Appropriate arts
   The Aleph students sang with Cantor Sharon at a musical                            and crafts projects, such as Kiddush cups and challah
service, performing during the entire start of the services.                          covers were included as part of Shabbat study. The sec-
P rayers and songs included Shalom A l e i chem, Yedid                                ond graders also had a Havdallah Workshop on January
Nefesh, Yismechu and a resounding upbeat Lechah Dodi to                               28th, where they made twisted candles and spice balls.
new tunes. The students sang with enthusiasm and exuber-                              They learned how to use them at home to separate
ance. After Aleynu, the Aleph class students performed                                Shabbat from Yom Chol.
some Chanukah songs. Thank you to Morah Ruthie Cohen,                                   In Second Grade, Morah Saundra Siegel has been tak-
our music director, for putting                                                       ing pictures of our students during their activities. These
together this more comprehensive and successful perform-                              can be seen displayed on a bulletin board outside the
ance. Thank you to their teachers, Morot Sara Manor-Cohen                             classrooms.
and Shoshanna Hadef for their outstanding help and                                       Thank you to Teacher Aide, Amanda Caplan, for her
encouragement.                                                                        help in making the bulletin board.
      Later, Morah Saundra Siegel, the students’ last year’s
Primary Second Grade teacher stated that she was so proud                             LEARNING CENTER HAPPENINGS
of the students’ accomplishment in learning so much this                                The Learning Center is Chai (18) years old this year. In
year.                                                                                 1989 Morah Sarah Ludwig, a Learning Disability
    After Aleynu, Rabbi Spector came down from the bemah                              Specialist, started The Learning Center for children with
and addressed the Aleph class. He discussed the topic of                              special needs. In 1991, Senior Morah Saundra Siegel,
light. He stated that Chanukah is the Holiday of Light, and                           our Primary Second Grade teacher, joined as Team
though it is dark outside, now we have light in this                                  Teacher.
Sanctuary. The light is from the students and their singing                             The Learning Center started with ten students, and is a
and praying. He continued to say that on the first day G-d                            Hebrew reading curriculum class. Its objective is to
created light. However, the sun, moon and stars were not                              motivate students to learn to read Hebrew in a comfort-
made until the fourth day. Rabbi asked, “Where did the                                able, caring, and nurturing environment to achieve con-
light come from”? He answered: “It came from Torah and                                fidence and self-esteem. Teaching is accomplished in
wisdom”. He told the students they can find light wherev-                             small groups or on a one-to-one basis, depending on
er they go and in whatever they do. Light in study of Torah,                          need. Many teaching methods are used to make learning
light in school, light in sports, and even light in camp, if                          interesting, exciting and fun. Recently, enrichment and
they just look for it.                                                                reinforcement through computers and a listening center
    What an extraordinary lesson was given to our students.                           has been added. This year, Morah Naomi Alaluf has
Kol Hakavod, Rabbi. Thank you.                                                        joined the teaching team on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    May we have many more special events with our Aleph                                  The ultimate goal of The Learning Center is to make
students, as they continue to study and learn in our                                  good Siddur readers who, as adults, will feel that they
Religious                                                                             belong and are happy to participate as congregants in
School. Mazel Tov to the students and their families.                                 their own temples on Shabbat and Chagim.
                                                                                         Mazel Tov to Morah Sarah Ludwig, Learning Center
PRIMARY HIGHLIGHTS                                                                    Coordinator, for the successful innovation she has
   The study of Shabbat was the main highlight in January.                            brought to Temple Beth Shalom.and its students. It is a
The students and teachers discussed Shabbat at home and                               credit to our Board of Education for including this impor-
in the temple, concentrating on the blessings over the can-                           tant program in our school. Our Temple has always been
dles, wine and challah, with objects displayed in the class-                          a very outstanding place for education. This pioneer
rooms. Many lovely Shabbat Zimerot were sung. The story                               Learning Center has helped to make it even more so.
of the creation and the importance of the “Day of Rest”
were part of the lessons. On January 28th, the primary class-
                                                                                                                                           continued on page 8
Religious School continued from page 7                                     PRE-SCHOOL NEWS
   “Yasher Koach” to our Learning Center team teachers and
its students.                                                                         Our return from winter break is always such
    The second Ulpan Unit we have been studying is B’vet                             a turning point for our preschoolers. It seems
HaSefer (in the school). The lessons have been concentrat-                           as though everyone has grown an inch or two!
ing on objects Bakitah (in the classroom). The students are                          Our four’s are confident and well on their way
learning vocabulary in Hebrew of items they carry in their                           to independence. Our three’s are curious,
backpacks. They also must read the vocabulary words flu-                             adventurous and eager to learn. Our two’s
ently. The song “BaKitah” was enhanced with additional                               always show the most growth of all! Many are
verses of objects around the room. Teaching through song                    finished with diapers. They have become sociable,
helps the children learn more quickly.                                      outgoing and talkative. They are ready for new chal-
     Mastering reading and prayers on different levels is the
                                                                            lenges. We are in the process of registering for next
goal of our Learning Center, as I believe that we should
have the door to Judaism open to every student in our                       year and many parents have visited my office to ask
community.                                                                  about our different program options. Registration is
                                                                            open for September 2007 and our classes are begin-
HANUKKAH CELEBRATION                                                        ning to fill. Early registration is the best guarantee to
   A new dimension was added to our Hanukkah celebra-                       get your choice of programs.
tion. This one was very old. The Makeylah sang “Oh                             Our return to school after the Winter break was high-
Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah” in Yiddish. Some “senior”                            lighted with balmy, almost spring like weather. We
teachers joined in. We love tradition.                                      talked about snow and animals that live in cold cli-
                                                                            mates. We were able to play outside in our play-
                                                                            grounds-which is very unusual at this time of year!
                                                                            January is the time of year that our three’s and four’s
                                                                            participate in a Havdallah workshop. The three’s and
                                                                            four’s make spice balls. The fours learn how to make
                                                                            twisty Havdallah candles. We make this in prepara-
                                                                            tion for our annual Preschool Shabbat Dinner. We
                                                                            always enjoy getting together as a preschool on a
                                                                            Friday night for a short service followed by dinner.
                                                                            The next week we invite our three’s and four’s and
                                                                            their families to a special learning Havdallah service
                                                                            using our newly made candles and spice balls.
                                                                               Our parent teacher conferences are held in January
                                                                            each year. This is the time when our parents have a
                                                                            formal conference with their child’s teacher. We dis-
                                                                            cuss the progress that the children have made and set
                                                                            goals for the rest of the year. We believe that ongoing
Daled students, left to right, Justin Garrel, Hannah Fisher, Matthew        parent communication is vitally important for our fam-
Radowitz, and Jason Radowitz, relax before Hebrew School. They              ilies. We know that children are growing and chang-
are part of the Daled after-school program of students who come             ing continuously-and so are their needs. A dialogue
to temple straight from Mt. Pleasant school.                                with our parents helps us to reach our goals.
                                                                              Though it is the middle of winter, we know
THANK YOU                                                                   that camp is right around the corner. Our
    To Marla Parnes, President of Sisterhood, and Emmy                      camp director is Sandy Polk. Sandy does a
Atlas, Vice President, Youth, Jodi Eisner, and Abbey Meller                 great job every year assuring that our
for the treats given out at Hanukkah.                                       campers have the best summer. We include lots of
                                                                            water activities, art and crafts, as well as sports in our
                                                                            program. Many of our teachers return to camp as
  As a general rule, whenever Livingston Public Schools are
closed, Religious School will also be closed. Cancellation                  counselors. Our camp is a developmentally appro-
of Religious School classes due to snowstorms developing                    priate program in a familiar setting. Our transition
during midday will be announced, if circumstances permit,                   into camp and back to school in September is easy
through the public schools' P.A. systems. Otherwise, please                 because our children are familiar with our facility.
check with our Temple’s voicemail for any announcement                      Registration for camps is in progress. Please contact
of school closings. A new “One call now” program will                       the preschool office if you have any questions about
also be used to call the home telephone number of parents.                  our camp or school program.
If you are not at home, please listen to your voicemails.
                                                                            Linda Weiss
Leah Beker                                                                  Pre-School Director
Director of Education

                T H I S                                    M ON TH
                                             FEBRUARY EVENTS

Thursday 1   Men’s Club Meeting              7:45pm        Tuesday 13    Sisterhood Board Meeting        9:15am

Friday 2     USY Convention at                             Feb. 14       Senior Adult Group (GGs)       12:00pm
             Temple Beth Shalom                                          Confirmation Class              7:00pm
             Candle Lighting                 4:57pm                      C.H.H.S. Town Hall Meeting      8:15pm
             Services with USY               7:30pm
                                                           Thursday 15   USY Youth Group                 7:30pm
Shabbat 3    Services                         9:15am                     Last Day Religious School
             Torah Portion: Beshalah                                     through Feb. 25
             Tot Shabbat and Primary Shabbat 10:30am       Friday 16     Shabbat Evening Services        7:30pm
             USY leads Junior Congregation   10:00pm                     Candle Lighting                 5:14pm
             USY Dance                        8:00pm
                                                           Shabbat 17    Morning Services                9:15am
Sunday 4     Men’s Club &                                                Torah Portion: Mishpatim
             USY World Wide Wrap              8:55am                      Tot Shabbat and
             No Religious School                                          Primary Shabbat               10:30am
             Minyan will be early            5:00pm                      No Junior Congregation
             Adult Education Film Festival   7:00pm
                                                           Sunday 18     Rosh Hodesh Adar
Monday 5     T.EX.T. Program
             with Cantor Knoller             6:30pm        Monday 19     Rosh Hodesh Adar
             Executive Committee             7:00pm
                                                           Tuesday. 20   Networking Group
Wed. 7       Senior Adult Group (GGs)        12:00pm                     following minyan                8:00pm
             Confirmation Class               7:00pm
             Board of Education               7:30pm       Wednesday 21 Senior Adult Group (GGs)        12:00pm

Thurs. 8     Pre-school Pictures              8:30am       Friday 23     Shabbat Evening Services        7:30pm
                                                                         Candle lighting                 5:23pm
Friday 9     Shabbat Evening Services        7:30pm
             Candle Lighting                 5:06pm        Shabbat 24    Morning Services                9:15am
                                                                         Torah Portion: Terumah
Shabbat 10   Services                      9:15am                         Tot Shabbat and
             Torah Portion: Yitro                                         Primary Shabbat               10:30am
               Tot Shabbat and                                            No Junior Congregation
               Primary Shabbat            10:30pm
             Junior Congregation          10:00am          Tuesday 27    T.EX.T. with Rabbi Rosenbaum    6:30pm
             “Schmooze, Booze and Groovz” 7:00pm
                                                           Wednesday 28 Senior Adult Group (GGs)        12:00pm
Sunday 11    El Al Youth Group Game Night    5:30pm                     Confirmation Class               7:00pm

Monday 12    Board of Trustees               7:45pm

                                  Thank You to Kol Nidrei pledges
        Temple Beth Shalom gratefully acknowledges the following people for their generous Kol Nidrei pledges.
         Did you know that your Kol Nidrei pledge enables Temple Beth Shalom to bring you the services and
        programs that you have come to depend upon? Won’t you consider making a pledge? It is not too late.
                       Updated contributor lists will run in the next several Temple bulletins.
                      Please contact the temple office for more information at (973) 992-3600
                                          or via e-mail

Mr. & Mrs. Harris Alper         Mr. & Mrs. Yakov Glaz                Mr. & Mrs. Fredric Lavinthal     Dr. & Mrs. Howard Rudominer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Attermann     Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Goldberg             Mr. & Mrs. Saul Leff             Mr. & Mrs. Yoni Saposh
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bachner      Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Golden            Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Leff         Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Saunders
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Barr            Mr. & Mrs. Alan Golden               Mr. & Mrs. Igor Levin            Mr. & Mrs. Paul Schaefer
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Bass          Dr. & Mrs. Robert Goldenkranz        Mr. & Mrs. David Levitt          Mr. Norman Schafler
Mrs. Rita Bauman                Mr. & Mrs. David Goldfarb            Mr. & Mrs. Marc Levy             Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Schatzberg
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Beck         Mrs. Joyce Goldfarb                  Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Lichtenstein   Mr. Mitchell Schlossman
Drs. Stephen & Juliet Bergen    Mrs. Helen Golding-Fox               Mr. & Mrs. Victor Lichtmacher    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schofel
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Berger          Mrs. Belle Goldklang                 Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Lieberman     Mr. Barry Schwartz &
Mr. & Mrs. Max Berlin           Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Goldman           Mr. & Mrs. Steven Litner          Ms. Lisa Mayer
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Berman           Mr. & Mrs. Joel Goldstein            Mrs. Lorraine Lowy               Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Bernstein    Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Goodman           Mr. & Mrs. Leo Mayer             Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Z. Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Seth Bettan          Mrs. Rhoda Gordon                    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Mayer          Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Jac Bloomberg        Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gould               Mr. & Mrs. Scott Maynard         Mr. & Mrs. Ian Shainbrown
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Blum         Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Greenberg           Mr. & Mrs. Howard Medow          Mr. & Mrs. Allan Shapiro
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Blumenfield   Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Greif             Mr. Warren Meislin &             Mrs. Frances Silkes
Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Bodner       Mr. & Mrs. Jack Griffel                Ms. Carol Rader-Meislin        Dr. & Mrs. Cary Silverman
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Borker          Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Grossberg        Mr. & Mrs. Michael Melinger      Mr. & Mrs. Leon Sirota
Mrs. Terry Boxer                Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gruber            Mr. & Mrs. Alan Meller           Mr. & Mrs. David Slater
Mrs. Marion Brafman             Mr. & Mrs. Irving Halper             Mrs. Rae Menkes                  Dr. David Smith
Mr. Henry Branch &              Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Harte             Mr. & Mrs. Martin Mermelstein    Miss Lynda Starr
 Ms. Cathy Vick                 Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Hauptman           Ms. Phyllis Miller               Mr. & Mrs. Marc Steinman
Mr. Bernard Brenner             Mrs. Sandra Hertzberg                Dr. & Mrs. Joel Mollin           Mr. & Mrs. Scott Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Bromfeld    Dr. & Mrs. Robert Hutter             Mrs. Muriel Morse                Mr. & Mrs. William Stieber
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brownstein      Mr. Melvin Intner                    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Moskowitz      Mr. & Mrs. Ian Stocks
Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Citron         Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Jacobowitz         Mr. & Mrs. Howard Muser          Dr. & Mrs. Alan Strumeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Clarich          Mr. & Mrs. Jay Jaffe                 Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Nachbar        Dr. & Mrs. Jay Stylman
Mrs. Bernice Cohen              Mr. Richard &                        Mr. & Mrs. Howard Naphtali       Mr. & Mrs. Brian Suchoff
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Cohen          Ms. Mary-Louise Jalonack           Mrs. Rachel Nazarian             Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Thaler
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cohen           Mr. & Mrs. David Jalosky             Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Nemlick        Mr. & Mrs. Michael Topf
Dr. Marc & Ms. Anita Cohen      Mr. & Mrs. Saul Kalender             Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Oksenhorn      Mrs. Elaine Treuhaft
Mr. Ethan Cohen                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kalman             Mr. & Mrs. Alan Orlansky         Dr. & Mrs. Harry Tuber
Mrs. Dee Cohen                  Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Kaphan             Dr. & Mrs. Julian Orleans        Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Tudor
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Cohen        Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kaplan             Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Penn           Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Uffner
Dr. & Mrs. Myron Coopersmith    Mr. Kenneth Kaplan                   Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Perla         Mr. & Mrs. James Wahler
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Mr. Andrew Fawer &              Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kleiman              Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Ramer          Mr. & Mrs. Barry Wolfe
 Mrs. Robin Barth-Fawer         Mrs. Gertrude Kleiner                Mr. Howard & Ms. Sheryl Reba     Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Wolkstein
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Felberbaum    Mr. Richard Knoller                  Dr. & Mrs. Steven Resnick        Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Yefsky
Mrs. Beatrice Ferber            Mr. & Mrs. Howard Kotel              Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Riegel        Mr. & Mrs. Marc Yellin
Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Fleishman    Mr. Mitchell Kramer &                Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Rishty          Mr. & Mrs. Fred Yoskowitz
Mr. & Mrs. George Foster          Dr. Aimee Matlick                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Boris Yudanin
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Mr. & Mrs. Victor Gendelman     Mr. & Mrs. Isadore Lakin                                              Dr. & Mrs. David Zylberger
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Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Gilbert      Mr. & Mrs. Carl Landsman

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  son Zachary Samuel & Noah David by               Nettie Okin by Phyllis Jacobwitz                  Leon Mandelbaum by Ilene & Lance Blake
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Max Fleishman by                                                                                         Evie & Ron Singer
                                                   Richard Cohn by Renee & Gerald Glassman
  Sharon & Sheldon Fleishman                                                                         Judith & Myron Coopersmith on their daughter
Joseph Fried by Monroe Kaphan                                                                          Danielle’s Bat Mitzvah by
                                                   JONATHAN A. KURTZ VIDEO                               Ruth & Bob Hutter
Esther Garfinkel by Stanley Garfinkel
                                                   LIBRARY FUND                                      Joan & Joel Fierstien on the birth of birth of
Dora Glazer by Sylvia Holland
                                                   In Honor Of:                                        their granddaughter Savannah Emily by
Isadore Glazer by Sylvia Holland
                                                   Rita Bauman on the marriage of her                    Nancy & Alan Weill
Murray Glazer by Sylvia Holland
                                                     granddaughter Debbie Holtzberg to Peter         Mr. & Mrs. Alan Halpern on their daughter
Morris Goldman by Standley Goldman
                                                       Buhler by Bea & Norman Kurtz
Irwin Harrison by Shari & Jeff Harrison                                                                Jennifer’s marriage to Steven by
                                                   Norman Kurtz on being elected Men’s Club
Harry Hertzberg by                                                                                       Doris & Robert Ehrlich
                                                     Founders’ Honoree by
  Sandy, Jonathan & Matthew Hertzberg                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Alan Halpern on their daughter
                                                       Sheila & Stuart Farbman
Adele Jacobs by Doug Jacobs                                                                            Shari’s engagement by
                                                       Janet & Peter Jaffe
Flo Lechter by Janice Einsbruch                                                                          Doris & Robert Ehrlich
                                                       Howard Kurtz
Frank Landsman by Carl Landsman                                                                      Jennifer & Jason Hubert on the Bar Mitzvah of
Lillian Landsman by Carl Landsman                                                                      their son Josh by Ethel & Roy Greenfield
                                                   LARRY LICHTERMAN LIBRARY FUND                         The Greif family
Leon Mandelbaum by
                                                   In Honor Of:                                      Larry Laveman on his 50th birthday by
  Robin & Stephen Abrams
                                                   Carole Lichterman on the Bar Mitzvah of her         Karyn, Marc, Jason & Ross Mittleman
  Janice & Alan Einsbruch & family
                                                     grandson Andrew by                                The Rishty family
  Harriet Eisenberg
                                                      Tina & Bernard Rabbino                           Lisa Mayer & Barry Schwartz & family
  Susan & Alan Hammer
                                                   Helen & Jeffrey Lichterman on the Bar Mitzvah
  Jeanne & Samuel Jemal                                                                              Daena & Michael Silverman on the Bat
                                                      of their son Andrew by Carole Lichterman
  Lionel Levey                                                                                         Mitzvah of their daughter Samantha by
  Lionel M. Levey Family Charity Foundation        In Memory Of:                                         Beth & Richard Levine
  The Lloyd family                                 Leon Mandelbaum by                                Judy & Mark Tabak on the engagement of their
  Next Generation Intimates                          Carole Lichterman & family                        daughter Lauren to Jason Fass by
  Amy & Marty Pollack & family                     Rose Schwartz by Sylvia Nachtigall & family           Eileen & Jeffrey Greenbaum
  Elvira & Ben Roth                                                                                  Sherry & Michael Topf on the birth of their
  Nancy & Harry Roth                               NEW BUILDING FUND                                   granddaughter Lauren Brooke by
  Mr. & Mrs. Herb Rozansky                         In Honor Of:                                          Lynnelle, Carl, Adam & Daniel Landsman
  Susan & Charles Scheinerman                      Fran & Howard Muser by Didi Rosen
  Randi & Bill Strauss
  Sheila & George Weinberger                                                                                                  continued on page 12
continued from page 11

TODAH RABAH -                                                          KERUV
We gratefully acknowledge                                  (INTERFAITH OUTREACH)
the following donations
Helaine & Ken Wallach on the engagement of
                                                             COMMITTEE UPDATE
  their daughter Lauren to Jason Hammer by
    Amy & Marty Pollack & family
Linda & Barry Weiss on the engagement of
  their daughter Tara to Dr. Aden Bronstein       Please join us for one or more of the upcoming
  by Evie & Ron Singer
                                                                  discussion sessions:
In Honor Of:
Jennifer & Jason Hubert on the Bar Mitzvah of          Tuesday February 27th at 8:00 pm
  their son Josh by Fran & Ephraim Karpel
Fran & Ephraim Karpel on the Bar Mitzvah of            Communicating with Your Non-Jewish
  their son Dylan by Jennifer & Jason Hubert
Lori & Bob Kaufman on the Bar Mitzvah of               Son/Daughter-in-Law & their Families
  their son Alex by Linda & Hal Mast
Larry Laveman on his 50th birthday by
                                                        This session will be held at the home of
  Jennifer & Jason Hubert                                       Robyn & George Walsh
In Memory Of:                                              20 South Cedar Pkwy, Livingston.
Barbara Fisher by Donald Fisher
Grandson of Dee Cohen by                                   For further information and directions,
  Lori & Robert Gelman & family                            as well as to RSVP, please contact
Leon Mandelbaum by
   Lori & Robert Gelman & family                             the Walsh’s at (973) 992-9206.
   Shelva & William Gelman
Herta Mayer by Jill & Steve Montag
Ludy Schram by Shelva & William Gelman                 Wednesday April 25th at 8:00 pm
Speedy Recovery To:                                         Celebrating Jewish Holidays and
Richard Cohn by Joyce & Seymour Reich
                                                       Life Cycle Events in Interfaith Families
                                                          This session will be held at the home of
                                                                   Ian and Gail Stocks
                                                               11 Tiffany Drive, Livingston
               PLEASE JOIN                         For further information and directions, as well as to
               OUR TEMPLE                         RSVP, please contact the Stocks at (973) 535-9780.
              BETH SHALOM                               Thursday May 31st at 8:00 pm
                 FAMILY                                      Parenting & Grandparenting
                                                               in Interfaith Families
           The Second Night of                            This session will be held at the home of
              Passover for                                           Sylvia Nachtigal
                                                             24 Nance Road, West Orange
A CONGREGATIONAL SEDER                             For further information and directions, as well as to
                                                    RSVP, please contact Sylvia at (973) 731-4795.
           APRIL 3, 2007                                  Also, please save the date for our
                                                                 Passover Workshop
            Details and sign-up information        Thursday March 22nd at 8 pm at TBS
        will be announced in our next bulletin.              To learn more about the work
                                                        of the Keruv Committee, please contact
            If you are interested in helping,
                                                        Chair, Peter Gotlieb, at (973) 992-9792.
               please contact Lisa Mayer

                       SISTERHOOD SPOTLIGHT
PROGRAMMING: We are eagerly anticipating Sisterhood leading our first
 Saturday morning Shabbat service! Our annual Sisterhood Shabbat will take place in
just a few days on February 10th. Thank you in advance to Karen Spector and Alicia Kuschuk who
have done an amazing job assigning parts, keeping us organized and well rehearsed! If you would
like to join us in the Temple kitchen during the week prior to help prepare our festive Kiddush, please
let us know. You can contact either Alicia Kuschuk at 973-992-1360 or Karen Spector at 973-992-
1068. Thank you to Rabbi Spector for your support and encouragement during our months of prepa -
ration. We also extend our sincere thanks to Rabbi Spector for speaking at Sisterhood’s last General
Meeting which took place on January 23rd. Your discussion was, as always, interesting, informative
and inspiring!

FUNDRAISING: We are in the midst of accepting your orders for Mishloach Manot in cel -
ebration of Purim. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully so that you complete your forms
correctly. Remember to include all of your TBS friends, family, staff and faculty! Our order sub -
mission deadline for Mishloach Manot has been extended to February 9th. Please
make sure to submit your orders by that date! Thank you in advance to Sheryl Reba, our Purim
Basket Chairperson and to Nicole Gould, Vice President of Ways and Means, for your hard work
and dedication on this major Sisterhood fundraiser. Many thanks also to Michelle Cohen for all of
your work behind the scenes! Volunteers are always needed for packing and delivery. Please join us
on Tuesday, February 27th at 3PM to help pack the Mishloach Manot and on Sunday,
March 4th for delivery. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Sheryl Reba at sreba@com - or 973-533-7133.
    Donor Clearance will begin on April 15, 2006. You still have time to maximize your donor cred -
it in order to attend our beautiful Donor Dinner without any additional payment. The dinner will
take place on May 7th at the Crystal Plaza. You can earn donor credit from the following purchas -
es: Sisterhood Tribute Cards; Birthday Tributes; Vouchers or scrip for Shop Rite, Kings, Pathmark
and Pleasantdale Kosher; Gift Shop purchases; Purim Mishloach Manot Baskets; Entertainment
Books and Sisterhood Cookbooks.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES: Our Annual Barton’s Passover Candy Sale continues
through February 20th. All proceeds from the candy sale go directly to benefit the Ami Cohen
Scholarship Fund. For your convenience, the candy order form is available in this publication or by
going to Thank you to our Passover Co-chairs Zanna Lantzman, Karin
Kelner and Ronni Harte!
   Please keep in mind that the deadline for Ami Cohen Scholarship applications for summer
programs and fall semester classes is February 28, 2007. Scholarships are available for children
attending Jewish summer camps and other summer programs, including trips to Israel and Europe, as
well as college courses with Judaic content. Any child entering 5th grade through the summer follow -
ing their senior year in high school is eligible to apply for a scholarship. The mother of the applicant
must be a member of the Sisterhood of Temple Beth Shalom for two years prior to the current year of
application. Please see or call Arlene Karetnick in the Religious school office for an application form
and a copy of the eligibility requirements.
                                                                                    continued on page 14

ADULT EDUCATION                                            Sisterhood Spotlight continued
     Jewish Values • Jewish Learning
                                                                     Thank you to Jodi Eisner for co-coordinating
                    Film Festival:                                our Han uk k ah c ele b r atio ns for our nurs -
           Sunday, February 11, 2007                              ery, primary and religious school children. They
                    7:00 pm                                       enjoyed the donuts as well as the Hanukka h
              DR. ALLAN NADLER                                    gelt and dreidels! We also want to thank Iris
      Ethical and Moral Issues in Cinema                          Lewis for getting our school children their
              “Dead Man Walking”                                  Tu B ’S he va t goodies which included choco -
      Starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn                       l a tes, raisins and other treats in celebration of
 A powerful motion picture about Capital Punishment               the holiday.
              Refreshments before Film
          Patrons at no charge Others $5                          M E M B E R S H I P: Join us for the next
         Minyan is at 6:15pm on film nights                       Sisterhood Monthly Board Meeting on
                                                                  Tuesday, February 13th at 9:15AM in the
                Bioethics continued                               Cohen Center. Come listen to what is going
            Sunday, March 11, 2007                                on, share your thoughts and ideas with us and
                   10:30am                                        get more involved with Sisterhood! Meeting
           DR. KENNETH BERKOWITZ                                  agendas are distributed to all Board members
          Health Care Issues and You:                             each month - we hope that you will participate
           An Ethical Point of View                               in as many meetings throughout the year as
         Continental Breakfast will be served                     you are able. We always welcome new mem -
                                                                  bers and it is never too late to pay your
                   Lecture Series                                 Sisterhood dues! With your support we are
          Wednesday, March 14, 2007                               able to provide enhanced holiday celebrations
                  8:00pm                                          to our Synagogue youth, gifts to our B’nai
                                                                  Mitzvot children, as well as special programs,
           PROFESSOR BEN NELSON                                   events and lectures. We hope you will join
      Philip Roth: A Plot Against America                         Sisterhood and be part of the wonderful contri -
                No charge for Patrons                             butions we make to our Temple, to our chil -
                                                                  dren and to our community.
             A Shabbat with our Rabbis
             Friday, March 16, 2007                               B’Shalom,
           RABBI GEOFFREY SPECTOR                                 Marla Parnes
           “How a Bill Becomes Law:                               Sisterhood President
             A Halachic Process in
            Conservative Judaism”
       Dinner at 6:00pm, Services at 7:30pm
              followed by Study Session
                                                           Save the Date
        Dinner for Patrons is $15 0thers $16
    Reservations must be in by Tuesday March 13.                PURIM
      Reminder for your Calendar ...
        PROFESSOR STEPHEN BURKE                                   Sunday, March 4, 2007
            Scholar in Residence                                    PTA is looking for volunteers…
          April 20 and April 21, 2007                                please contact Julie Borker at
                                                       or 973-992-0280

 The Sisterhood of Temple Beth Shalom
                  is pleased to present

 Tuesday Evening • March 20th, 2007
      Temple Beth Shalom, Livingston, NJ
                 7:30 PM: Introduction

                       7:45 PM
        Antique Judaica Slide Show Presentation
           See How the Ritual Objects We Use
             Looked Back In the Old Country

              8:30 PM: Judaica Appraisals
          Bring in Your Family Heirlooms and
      Learn their History and Current Market Value.

           This event is open to the community.
 A contribution of $5, which supports Sisterhood’s various
Educational, Social and Community endeavors, is suggested.

         For additional information please contact:
                      Susan Schaefer or 973-535-1961

     INTRODUCING                                    Rimon
                                                                                      On Sunday, May 20, 2007 1pm-5pm
                                                                                     Rimon: Collaborative Jewish Learning
T     here’s a buzz throughout MetroWest. Something new and
      exciting is in the works. That something is Rimon – a collab-
orative endeavor among the synagogues and Jewish agencies
                                                                                            in MetroWest presents:
                                                                                      The entire Temple Beth Shalom membership is
dedicated to bringing high quality Jewish education to adults at                  invited to attend an Afternoon of Adult Jewish Study
beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of learning.                                   at the JCC,760 Northfield Avenue
    Outreach to synagogues and other agencies began in the                                            West Orange.
spring of 2006. By the end of the year, twenty-eight synagogues                       Get a taste of what Rimon will have to offer on
and five Jewish organizations had signed on as Rimon partners.                     this exciting day of learning. Rimon classes, work-
The synagogues represent the Reform, Conservative, Traditional,                     shops, lectures and other programs will focus on:
and Reconstructionist denominations.
                                                                                          Cherishing our Foundation Stones;
   Temple Beth Shalom is one of the Partners.
                                                                                  Journeying From Where We’ve Been -Jewish history
  Rimon means “pomegranate” in Hebrew. The Rimon founding
                                                                                    Consider What We Think and Feel - philosophy,
committee chose the name to represent the seeds of learning.
                                                                                                  ethics, spirituality
    Rimon is truly a community program. Each Rimon partner is
participating in the Rimon steering committee, as well as the                         Exploring How We Live - rituals, holidays,
Programming or Marketing committees. While Rimon is housed                                        lifecycles, culture
at the JCC, it is an independent program, not affiliated with any                   Celebrating Who We Are - Jewish Community:
single institution.                                                                   Israel: Diaspora Judaism: Denominations:
   Rimon will not create a new curriculum; rather, it will draw on                     Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Mizrahi Jews.
the lectures, classes, and other offerings of the partners. Rimon’s
educational opportunities will be flexible and will be taught by                     For more information about Rimon contact
some of the best Jewish educators around. It is a win-win situa-                 Bernice Sturtz, Elaine Halper, or the Rimon Director,
tion for the synagogue partners because no single institution can                       Rabbi Robin Nafshi at 973-530-3489
offer as many quality programs to as many adult learners as can                     
be accomplished with a collaborative effort.                                                 Or visit the Rimon website at
   Rimon will launch its full program in September 2007.                          

      FEBRUARY 2007                                    Sisterhood Gift Shop Hours
       SUNDAY            MONDAY              TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY            THURSDAY             FRIDAY           SATURDAY
                                                                                                 1                   2                    3
                                                                App’tment            4-4:30pm         9:15-9:45am
                                                                  Only                                                         CLOSED

                    4                   5                  6                  7                   8    9-9:30am 9                         10
                            By                                     By
      10-11 am           App’tment                                                                    Mishloach
                                               4-5pm            App’tment            4-4:30pm                               CLOSED
                           Only                                                                         Manot
                                                                                                      Orders Due
                   11                 12                 13                  14                 15                  16                    17
      10-11 am          7:15-7:45pm            4-5pm            App’tment            4-4:30pm           CLOSED              CLOSED
                   18                 19                 20                  21                 22                  23                    24

      CLOSED              CLOSED             CLOSED              CLOSED              CLOSED             CLOSED              CLOSED

                  25      By Appt.26         4-5pm 27                       28
                                                                   By                  The Gift Shop will be closed for
                        H’mntaschen         Mishloach
      CLOSED                                                    App’tment                    Mid-Winter Break
                         bagging at           Manot               Only                  from Feb 16th thru Feb 25th.
                           9 AM              Packing
   Featuring Judaic Items for the Home & Gifts for All Occasions! Private appointments available by contacting our Gift Shop Chairwomen
   Michelle Cohen @ 597-9212 or Wendy Godel @ 740-2305
                            JVS/MetroWest Synagogue
                                   JOBATHON 11/19
J   ewish Vocational Service (JVS) sponsored and conducted its Fourth Annual JVS/Synagogue JOBATHON on
    Sunday, November 19th from 9:30am-5pm at the UJC’s Aidekman Family Campus in Whippany. Modeled
after a typical phonathon, JOBATHON volunteers call fellow congregants and members of the community not
to ask for money, but to solicit information about job openings and company contacts on behalf of the hundreds
of unemployed members of the MetroWest community who receive job placement assistance from JVS. Fifty
volunteers from 25 MetroWest synagogues, representatives from the UJC’s Young Leadership Division and the
Beyond 9 to 5 * For Jewish Working Women (formerly the Women’s Department Business & Professional
Division), Jewish Vocational Service professional staff and JVS clients made calls throughout the day, resulting
in the most successful JOBATHON ever, with more than 200 job openings and company contacts being received
thus far, with additional leads being called and emailed to JVS every day. Opportunities obtained have been
posted on the JVS/MetroWest Synagogue jobs website,, at NO fee or obligation to employers or job
seekers. Additionally, as a result of the publicity generated by the Jobathon, numerous job seekers, previously
unaware of the many NO FEE JVS Career Placement Center services, have contacted JVS for service and for
access to the jobs website.
    On behalf of JVS, and particularly our community’s middle-class unemployed and underemployed, seeking
opportunities in all fields and at all levels of employment, sincere thanks are extended to the following Jobathon
volunteers: Greg Brudnicki, Dan
Coven, Yaffa Hollander, Nathan
Hollander, Lou Bodian, Alex
Berman, Mona Witman, Randi
Brokman, A my Delman, Yelena
Khusid, Marty Aron, Jeff Heilbrun,
Steve Eisenberg, Mark Shapiro,
Dave Mayo, Marge Mayo, Marian
L owenfish,        Steve   Pasternak,
Hannah Pasternak, Len Brooks,
Allan Heller, Ben Heller, Peter
Ja ck owitz, Leslie Baer Bobella,
Charles Kandel, Fran Larkey, Ben
Larkey, Jerry Siskind, Gerry Gross,
Debbie         Liberman,     Mich a e l              Pictured are some of the afternoon session Volunteers.
Liberman, Stuart Felsen, Marsha
H o ch, Jeffrey Kaufman, Susan
Butross, Arne Salkin, Abby Ruder,
Paul Mazer, Joshua Marcus, Lisa
Haber-Chalom, Barry Goldfarb
Larry Stone, Samuel Fredman, Fred
Weinstein, Curt Renkin, Ruth
Ribar, Jodi Bergen, Craig Nassoth,
and Jerry Popick.
      E m p l oyers and job seekers
should continue to contact Linda
Popick, JVS Community Liaison,
at: (973)674-6330 x285 or via
email at:, for
assistance with their employment

         “It’s Time to Party”
     February 10th at 7 pm

 Spend Time with
  Old Friends and Family
 Make New Friends

                    Food and Drinks will
                    be Pentiful!!!

    Dance the Night Away with a
     Live Band!




   Hope to see you February 10th!!!
Temple Beth Shalom                                                           NON-PROFIT ORG.
193 E. Mt. Pleasant Avenue                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
Livingston, NJ 07039                                                                PAID
                                                                                 LIVINGSTON, NJ
                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 11

Dated Material - Time Value

                      Temple Beth Shalom Men’s Club

                                                                  Men’s Club
                                                                   Invites you
                                                                to our annual

                               (Tefillin) Wrap
             February 4th, 2007 • 9:00 am
                    All TBS Members are invited!
                     Followed by free breakfast!

     Join with thousands around the world as we wrap tefillin!
                         Join with hundreds of us at TBS!
                                    No experience necessary,
                              extra Tefillin available for you to use

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