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                                    FROM THE NEST
        The 0fficial Member Newsletter of California Ducks Unlimited

                                                                       September October/November 2009

Eric Rudgers

                                       As the temperture outside starts to drop, I imagine that your
                                       thoughts, like mine, are turning to hunting.         Our faithful
                                       companions look at us from their kennel or bed (while we work)
                                       awaiting our return. We tell them that soon boy, soon the ducks
                                       will fly. I can’t wait for duck season to start! The 2009- 2010
                                       hunting regulations and shooting times are in this issue for your
                                       reference. Look for them in this newsletter.

                                    In July and August, California had seven chapter dinners, two
                                    volunteer appreciation events, two Greenwing events, one sporting
                                    clay shoot, and two Sponsor events. Very impressive for summer
months which are generally slow months for DU events!

On August 1 volunteers from Northern California came together at the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning
where they were recognized for their outstanding work in raising money for the ducks throughout the past
year. Since DU is and always has been a volunteer-driven organization, this appreciation event
recognized their effort and importance. The event included a free noon meal, raffle, small auction, prizes
and recognition of area DU committees that have achieved state and/or national excellence. Other
features of the day included exclusive DU merchandise, sporting clay shoot, and state raffle. Do you
remember the DU etched wine that was auctioned off throughout the state for a chance at the Yamaha
sportsman’s package? You may have entered the raffle yourself! Well, the drawing took place at this
appreciation event. The winner of the state wide Yamaha sportsman’s package was Paul Boehne.
Congratulations Paul!

A second state raffle drawing also took place at this event – it was for the North State Tanglefree package.
Tanglefree donated items for this hunting package (blinds, decoys, bags, gun cases); the North State
Region added a Benelli shotgun and sold 30 chances at their events throughout the year. The winner of
this drawing was Mike Riggle. Congratulations Mike!

Being your State Chairman means a great deal to me and I know that you share my thoughts when I say
that I am proud to be a DU Member. Most of us understand the value of being a DU member! We believe
in the cause, enjoy the outdoors and know that our dollars are helping restore and maintain wetland
habitat. It’s pretty simple and rewarding. For those of us who want to make a little extra commitment
plus get a DU Sponsor decal and DU Sponsor pin, we give $250 each year. We walk a little taller, hold our
heads a little higher and proclaim we are DU Sponsors. It is pretty cool! There are also some of us who
pride ourselves on being DU Life Sponsors. Insead of paying $25 or $250 every year, we have a deeper
commitment to the resources by having a Lifetime Sponsorship. These Sponsorships can be paid off over
California Ducks Unlimited                                                                           Page 1
time. Now that feels even better to me! What I like most about this is DU makes it easy for us to pay our
Sponsorship in easy installments. Just remember that we become DU Members or DU Sponsors because
you know that Ducks Unlimited is the premier, member driven wetland conservation organization in the
world and we become a DU Sponsor because we have a deeper commitment to the resouces.

In closing, please know that if it were not for the conservation efforts of organizations like Ducks
Unlimited, we would not be able to take our family, children and friends out for an enjoyable day of
comaraderie, hunting and togetherness. Our continued conservation efforts make these moments with
our loved ones possible. If you have any feedback or thoughts to share, please contact me at Thank you again for your membership and all you do for the ducks!


                                           In the heart of Sonoma County wine country DU is working to
                                           help restore the Viansa seasonal wetland. This is a 90-acre
                                           seasonal wetland managed primarily to provide habitat for
                                           migrating and wintering waterfowl with directly adjacent
                                           uplands (the entire property is approximately 175 acres). The
                                           Viansa seasonal wetland was constructed by Sam Sebastiani
                                           and Ducks Unlimited in 1994 at the site of a winery and wine
                                           tasting center. The wetlands have been managed primarily to
                                           provide feeding and resting habitat for migrating and wintering
                                           waterfowl and other waterbirds, and water is retained in some
                                           wetlands through late spring and early summer to provide
                                           feeding and resting habitat and escape cover for waterfowl
                                           broods. Visitors to the winery are treated to spectacular views
of the wetland and an educational display. However, the condition of that habitat has degraded, due to
siltation, limited water and poor vegetation management. The wetland is far below its potential, thus the
need for restoration now. After restoration, the Viansa seasonal wetland will provide exceptional habitat
in the North Bay of the San Francisco Estuary for mallard, canvasback, gadwall, cinnamon teal, and
Canada geese, and tundra swans.

California Ducks Unlimited                                                                         Page 2
                                    The Ducks Unlimited recurring sponsor program is a convenient way
State Chairman                      to make a monthly gift and make a differe4nce towards conserving
Eric Rudgers                        North America’s most threatened wetlands. Every 10 minutes, one
Lake Almanor, CA                    acre of wetlands is lost in the United States. Each year, the United
(530) 259-3945
                                    States alone loses more than 80,000 acres of wetlands. Fortunately,
                                    Ducks Unlimited is committed to stopping this loss. By becoming a
Assistant To The State Chairman     Sponsor, you will save one acre of vital wetland habitat. DU’s vision
Mark Low                            is skies full of waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever. DU cannot do
Susanville, CA                      this alone!
(530) 249-3286 (cell)
                                    How it Works:
State Secretary
Rick McGlone                        You choose a yearly sponsorship level and whether you would like to
Sebastopol, CA                      use a credit card or have your pledge automatically drafted from a                bank account. DU will charge the pledge to your credit card or have
State Treasurer
                                    your pledge automatically drafted from a bank account. Each year DU
Dawan Lee                           will send you an annual giving statement which can be used for tax
San Jose, CA                        purposes. You may choose to automatically renew your sponsorship
(408) 644-4872                      each year, ensuring that you will never miss an issue of Ducks                  Unlimited Magazine.
State Recruitment Chairman
Tony Pinheiro                       Sponsor Levels and Benefits:
Modesto, CA
(209) 551-1930                          Bronze Monthly Sponsor - $20.84 per month
                                        Silver Monthly Sponsor - $41.67 per month
State Ladies Chairman                   Gold Monthly Sponsor - $83.34 per month
Ann Bakey
Cupertino, CA
(408) 737-7410 (home)
                                    As a DU Sponsor, you will receive:
(408) 219-2578 (cell)
                                        DU membership card
State Sponsor Chairman
                                        2 unique DU decals (one duck head and one DU shield)
Rick Saenz
Fairfield, CA                           Sponsor decal and lapel pin
(707) 425-2213 (home)
(707) 631-9242 (cell)
                                        6 bimonthly issues of Ducks Unlimited Magazine, a publication for                    the waterfowl lover, the sportsman and the conservationist
                                        Tax receipt for your donation
State Publicity Chairman
Rich Dengler                            Opportunities to receive updates and to participate in special
Cupertino, CA                           product offers from DU and its partners
(408) 737-7410 (home)
(408) 368-6018 (cell)
                                        Immediate access to the Members Only section of the Ducks              Unlimited Web site.

State Greenwing Chairman
State Membership Chairman
State Major Donors Chairman

California Ducks Unlimited                                                                           Page 3
By Cynthia Claunch and Melissa Ross, Co-Chairs

We had another successful DU Greenwing Picnic on Sunday, September 20, 2009 at the Greenhead Club
in Pine Valley! As always, it was a cooperative effort of participants, parents, volunteers, and sponsors.
We thank everyone for their contribution. We had over 60 children at the event who learned gun safety
and had opportunities to shoot in a safe, controlled environment. Youth activities included trap, skeet, .22,
fishing and casting, and conservation information/activities. Parents shared their children's excitement and
wonder as they discovered a new sport or refined skills. We also offered special instruction for children 8
years and younger, which included air guns, sling-shots, and story time with craft. We enjoyed a family-
style BBQ lunch followed by a silent auction and raffle. We concluded the event with a relaxing afternoon
by the private lake. It truly was a GREAT day!

As chairs of the event, we would like to thank all who helped and supported such a worthy cause. Please
visit our blog for additional information and photos.

A special thanks to the sponsors of this years event: Tom Stoddard (Club Sponsor), Westmoore
Investment, Hamburger Factory, Moody Lunch Services, El Cajon Ford, Animal Crafts, Motoworld of El
Cajon, Lake Cuyamaca, Viejas, El Cajon Gun, So. Cal. Gun, Marksman Products, Turner's Outdoors,
Abbey's Party Rentals, Alabama Street Club, Robert Zickert, Steve Claunch, John Freni, Dave Ross, Gary
Paul, and Jason Banthrum.

California Ducks Unlimited                                                                            Page 4
By Jim Gregory, Regional
Director – CA Central
Coast/ Grasslands

On August 11th the San Jose
chapter hosted their annual
DU Sponsor event at the
Salamida         Estate      in
Campbell, CA. Nick and
Nadine Salamida hosted
105 sponsors from chapters                 Attendees enjoying the event and each others company
throughout the San Jose
Area. This is a unique event
in      Ducks        Unlimited,
designed as an event to
thank those who have
supported Ducks Unlimited
at    a    higher    level   of
commitment.           Sponsors
from the San Jose, De Anza,
South Alameda, Milpitas,
Gilroy,     Hollister, Morgan
Hill and Palo Alto chapters
                                                                           Rick McGlone and Paul Gardner
came together in a social
                                  Chuck Shepardson and Gary Harris
environment.            What’s
unique about this event is
the communal nature of the
people who attend. Most
have been sponsoring for
years, and almost all the
attendees know each other.
This event doesn’t have
games or a silent auction,
it’s a social event. There is
a raffle, and live auction but
even this is more of a social
atmosphere than most DU           Nancy and Ray Malech                      The Grill Sergeant preparing the BBQ
events. The event is no
cost to current DU sponsors,
and is consistently well
attended year after year.
While the event is a
fundraiser for DU, the
attendees are also some of
the larger donors at the
various events across the
South Bay, so the people in
attendance understand the
reasons for DU, and are
huge supporters of the
mission.                                  Attendees having fun                      Sponsor togetherness

California Ducks Unlimited                                                                                 Page 5

                                It is with deep sympathy that we share the passing of Gene Paine. Gene
                                was enormously supportive of Ducks Unlimited for a great many years
                                and will be greatly missed. Gene left this life on September 7, 2009 after
                                a brief illness with his family at his side. Left to cherish his memory are
                                his wife Betty, his children Steve, Maureen, Anne, Leslie, Tony, and
                                Rhonda, his seven grandchildren, and his brother Daryl.

                                Gene was born on August 16, 1935 and grew up in Kennewick, Wash.
                                After serving in the United States Air Force where he was an air traffic
                                controller, he attended college in Sacramento and ultimately earned a
                                Doctorate of Pharmacology from Idaho State University. Gene
                                subsequently went on to earn a degree from McGeorge School of Law and
                                entered private practice. His interest in law ultimately led him to work for
                                the California State Legislature and upon his retirement, he and his
                                beloved wife Betty, started The Auction House in Sacramento. In addition
                                to running The Auction House, Gene and Betty were proud supporters of
                                Duck's Unlimited, where Gene served as auctioneer for fundraisers and
other charities too numerous to mention.

Gene and his wife, Betty, are Life Sponsors and Major Donors in Ducks Unlimited. Gene worked
tirelessly for the ducks. The number of events he auctioned simply cannot be counted. We will miss
Gene’s dedication, sincerity and passion. We will miss his bright, witty personality and genuine love for
life. We will miss his laughter, charm, and sense of humor – a true friend to the ducks and to many of

Now when you honor the memory of a loved one or friend, you can offer more than just flowers and
sympathy. Ducks Unlimited's Memorial Gift allows you to honor the memory of those who have passed on
by helping the future of wetlands throughout North America. Over 900 species benefit from wetlands, a
fitting tribute to any sportsman, sportswoman, or nature lover. The deceased's family will receive a card
letting them know that their loved one's memory has been honored by you. DU does not disclose the
amount of your tax-deductible donation to the family. Click Here to download the DU Memorial Gift card.

California Ducks Unlimited                                                                           Page 6

Participation in waterfowl hunting fuels the passion of many DU members to give something back to the
resources that make their outdoor experiences so enjoyable.

DU was founded by a group of waterfowl hunters more than 70 years ago, and today 90 percent of DU
members are hunters. Through the support of these sportsmen, DU has been able to conserve more
than 12.5 million acres of habitat across North America in the areas that are most important to ducks
and geese.

Every year, DU spends 87 percent of the revenue it raises directly
to our habitat conservation mission. And the community of Ducks
Unlimited supporters has spurred a unique lifestyle that revolves
around a passion for waterfowl hunting and other outdoor activities.
Ducks Unlimited celebrates this lifestyle and explores the role of
hunters in conservation through its flagship magazine, its award-
winning weekly TV show, its daily radio show, its nationally
recognized web site, and other communications vehicles.

DU's operations are governed by a volunteer board of directors,
many of whom are ardent waterfowlers. This board has publicly
acknowledged DU's support of hunting through a formal resolution.

Preserving our sporting traditions is the key to ensuring healthy habitats for wildlife in the future.
Through its Greenwing Program for youth, Ducks Unlimited is educating the conservationists of
tomorrow and offering information about waterfowl identification, hunting traditions and ethics, and the
important role of hunters in conservation.

                                    DU also sponsors hundreds of clay target events every year and
                                    great outdoors festivals. DU's Great Outdoors festivals feature a
                                    wide variety of outdoor activities including shooting and archery
                                    and spread DU's conservation message to hundreds of thousands
                                    of sportsmen. And through its support of other organizations, like
                                    the National Shooting Sports Federation, the Becoming an
                                    Outdoors Woman program, the International Hunter Education
                                    Association, and others, DU is helping preserve our hunting and
                                    shooting traditions for generations to come.

                                    Today there are an estimated 1.5 million waterfowl hunters in the
United States, and approximately 700,000 Ducks Unlimited members. All waterfowl hunters
contribute to conservation when they purchase hunting licenses and ducks stamps, or when they pay
special taxes on outdoor sporting gear. DU invites all hunters to do something extra for North America's
waterfowl by contributing to DU.

California Ducks Unlimited                                                                         Page 7

“Liberal” regulations for the upcoming waterfowl season have been approved by the California Fish and
Game Commission, including a two pintail limit for the first time in 12 years. Other highlights for hunters
include a raised limit on scaup and a reopening on canvasback.

       AREA              SPECIES                 SEASONS                          DAILY BAG & POSSESSION LIMITS
  Northeastern Zone          Ducks             Oct 10 – Jan 22           7/day, no more than 7 mallards, no more than 2 hen
                                                                         mallards, 2 pintail, 1 canvasback, 2 redheads, 3 scaup.
                             Scaup              Oct 10 – Jan 3           Possession limit double the daily bag.
                             Geese             Oct 10 – Jan 17           8/ day, up to 6 white geese, up to 6 dark geese which
                                                                         may include 4 white-fronts, 2 Large Canada geese, 1
                                                                         Small Canada goose. Possession limit double the daily
    Southern San             Ducks             Oct 10 – Nov 1 &          7/day, no more than 7 mallards, no more than 2 hen
 Joaquin Valley Zone                           Nov 14 – Jan 31           mallards, 2 pintail, 1 canvasback, 2 redheads, 3 scaup.
                                                                         Possession limit double the daily bag.
                             Scaup             Nov 14 – Jan 31

                             Geese             Oct 24 – Jan 31           8/ day, up to 6 white geese, up to 6 dark geese which
                                                                         may include 4 white-fronted geese. Possession limit
                                                                         double the daily bag.
 Colorado River Zone         Ducks             Oct 23 – Jan 31           7/day, no more than 7 mallards, no more than 2 hen
                                                                         mallards or Mexican-like ducks, 2 pintail, 1 canvasback, 2
                             Scaup              Nov 7 – Jan 31           redheads, 3 scaup. Possession limit double the daily bag.
                             Geese             Oct 23 – Jan 31           6/ day, up to 6 white geese, up to 3 dark geese.
                                                                         Possession limit double the daily bag.

 Southern California         Ducks             Oct 24 – Jan 31           7/day, no more than 7 mallards, no more than 2 hen
       Zone                                                              mallards, 2 pintail, 1 canvasback, 2 redheads, 3 scaup.
                             Scaup              Nov 7 – Jan 31           Possession limit double the daily bag.
                             Geese             Oct 24 – Jan 31           8/day, up to 6 white geese, up to 3 dark geese.
                                                                         Possession limit double the daily bag.
   Balance of State          Ducks             Oct 24 – Jan 31           7/day, no more than 7 mallards, no more than 2 hen
        Zone                                                             mallards, 2 pintail, 1 canvasback, 2 redheads, 3 scaup.
                             Scaup              Nov 7 – Jan 31           Possession limit double the daily bag.

                             Geese             Oct 24 – Jan 31           8/ day, up to 6 white geese, up to 6 dark geese of which
                                                                         may include 4 white-fronted goose. Possession limit
                                                                         double the daily bag.
   SPECIAL AREA          SPECIES                   SEASON                DAILY BAG & POSSESSION LIMITS
     North Coast         All Canada    Nov 7 – Jan 31 & Feb 20 – Mar 10, 6/day, only 1 may be a Large Canada goose.
                            Geese       except for Large Canada geese    Possession limit double the daily bag.
                                         which is closed during the late
  Sacramento Valley    White-fronted    Open concurrently with general   2/day. Possession limit double the daily bag.
                          geese          goose season through Dec 14
      Morro Bay          All species     Open in designated areas only   Waterfowl season opens concurrently with brant season.

  Martis Creek Lake      All species          Closed until Nov 16
   Northern Brant       Black Brant             Nov 7 – Dec 6            2/day. Possession limit double the daily bag.
   Balance of State     Black Brant            Nov 14 – Dec 13           2/day. Possession limit double the daily bag.

   Imperial County      White Geese            Nov 7 – Jan 31 &          6/day. Possession limit double the daily bag.
                                                 Feb 13 – 28

California Ducks Unlimited                                                                                                  Page 8
Shooting Time Table for Bird Hunting -- Northern California

                                            TULE LAKE/                                SAN
                                             KLAMATH                               FRANCISCO
                             EUREKA           BASIN               COLUSA            BAY AREA         SACRAMENTO         LOS BANOS
                          AM                AM                   AM                AM                   AM                AM
                        (1/2 hr.          (1/2 hr.             (1/2 hr.          (1/2 hr.             (1/2 hr.          (1/2 hr.
                        before     PM     before        PM     before     PM     before        PM     before     PM     before     PM
YEAR    MONTH      DAY sunrise) (sunset) sunrise)    (sunset) sunrise) (sunset) sunrise)    (sunset) sunrise) (sunset) sunrise) (sunset)
2009 October       10   6:52     6:44     6:42       6:32     6:42     6:37     6:43        6:40     6:40     6:35     6:37     6:35
2009 October       17   7:00     6:34     6:50       6:22     6:49     6:27     6:50        6:30     6:47     6:25     6:43     6:25
2009 October       24   7:08     6:24     6:58       6:11     6:57     6:17     6:57        6:21     6:54     6:16     6:49     6:16
2009 October       31   7:16     6:14     7:09       6:02     7:05     6:08     7:04        6:12     7:02     6:07     6:56     6:08
2009 November 1*        6:17     5:12     6:11       5:00     6:06     5:07     6:05        5:11     6:03     5:06     5:58     5:06
2009 November 7         6:24     5:06     6:15       4:53     6:12     5:00     6:11        5:05     6:09     5:00     6:03     5:01
2009 November 14        6:32     5:00     6:23       4:47     6:20     4:54     6:19        4:59     6:17     4:54     6:11     4:56
2009 November 21        6:40     4:54     6:31       4:41     6:28     4:49     6:26        4:55     6:24     4:49     6:18     4:51
2009 November 28        6:48     4:51     6:40       4:37     6:36     4:46     6:33        4:52     6:32     4:46     6:25     4:49
2009 December 5         6:55     4:49     6:47       4:35     6:42     4:45     6:40        4:51     6:38     4:45     6:31     4:47
2009 December 12        7:02     4:49     6:53       4:35     6:48     4:45     6:46        4:51     6:44     4:45     6:37     4:48
2009 December 19        7:06     4:51     6:58       4:37     6:53     4:47     6:50        4:53     6:49     4:47     6:42     4:50
2009 December 26        7:10     4:55     7:02       4:41     6:56     4:51     6:54        4:57     6:52     4:51     6:45     4:54
2010 January       2    7:11     5:01     7:03       4:47     6:58     4:56     6:55        5:02     6:54     4:56     6:47     4:59
2010 January       9    7:11     5:07     7:02       4:53     6:58     5:03     6:55        5:09     6:54     5:03     6:47     5:05
2010 January       16   7:09     5:15     7:00       5:01     6:56     5:10     6:54        5:16     6:52     5:10     6:45     5:12
2010 January       23   7:05     5:23     6:56       5:10     6:52     5:18     6:50        5:23     6:49     5:18     6:42     5:19
2010 January       30   6:59     5:32     6:50       5:19     6:47     5:26     6:46        5:31     6:44     5:26     6:38     5:27
2010 January       31   6:58     5:33     6:49       5:20     6:46     5:27     6:45        5:32     6:43     5:27     6:37     5:28

* Daylight savings time ends

California Ducks Unlimited                                                                                                     Page 9
                       Shooting Time Table for Bird Hunting -- Southern California

                                          KERN CO./    BISHOP/                                                      IMPERIAL
                             PASO ROBLES BAKERSFIELD OWENS VALLEY LOS ANGELES                     SAN DIEGO          VALLEY
                          AM                AM                AM                AM                AM                AM
                        (1/2 hr.          (1/2 hr.          (1/2 hr.          (1/2 hr.          (1/2 hr.          (1/2 hr.
                        before     PM     before     PM     before     PM     before     PM     before     PM     before     PM
YEAR    MONTH      DAY sunrise) (sunset) sunrise) (sunset) sunrise) (sunset) sunrise) (sunset) sunrise) (sunset) sunrise) (sunset)
 2009 October      10        6:35   6:35   6:28    6:28     6:27     6:24     6:24     6:25     6:19     6:22    6:12     6:15
 2009 October      17        6:41   6:26   6:34    6:19     6:33     6:14     6:29     6:17     6:24     6:14    6:17     6:07
 2009 October      24        6:47   6:17   6:40    6:10     6:40     6:05     6:35     6:09     6:30     6:06    6:23     5:59
 2009 October      31        6:53   6:09   6:47    6:02     6:48     5:56     6:43     6:01     6:36     5:58    6:30     5:52
 2009 November 1*            5:54   5:08   5:48    5:01     5:49     4:55     5:43     5:00     5:37     4:57    5:30     4:51
 2009 November 7             6:00   5:03   5:53    4:56     5:54     4:50     5:48     4:55     5:41     4:53    5:35     4:47
 2009 November 14            6:07   4:58   6:00    4:51     6:02     4:44     5:54     4:50     5:48     4:48    5:42     4:42
 2009 November 21            6:14   4:54   6:07    4:47     6:09     4:40     6:01     4:46     5:54     4:45    5:48     4:39
 2009 November 28            6:21   4:51   6:14    4:44     6:16     4:37     6:07     4:44     6:00     4:43    5:54     4:37
 2009 December 5             6:27   4:50   6:20    4:43     6:23     4:36     6:14     4:43     6:06     4:42    6:01     4:36
 2009 December 12            6:33   4:51   6:26    4:44     6:28     4:36     6:19     4:44     6:11     4:43    6:06     4:37
 2009 December 19            6:37   4:53   6:30    4:46     6:33     4:38     6:23     4:47     6:16     4:46    6:10     4:40
 2009 December 26            6:41   4:57   6:34    4:50     6:36     4:42     6:27     4:50     6:19     4:49    6:14     4:43
 2010 January      2         6:43   5:02   6:36    4:55     6:38     4:47     6:29     4:55     6:21     4:54    6:16     4:48
 2010 January      9         6:43   5:08   6:36    5:01     6:38     4:53     6:29     5:01     6:22     5:00    6:16     4:54
 2010 January      16        6:42   5:15   6:35    5:08     6:37     5:00     6:28     5:08     6:21     5:06    6:15     5:00
 2010 January      23        6:39   5:22   6:32    5:15     6:33     5:08     6:26     5:14     6:19     5:13    6:13     5:07
 2010 January      30        6:35   5:29   6:28    5:22     6:29     5:15     6:22     5:21     6:15     5:19    6:09     5:13
 2010 January      31        6:34   5:30   6:27    5:23     6:28     5:17     6:21     5:22     6:14     5:20    6:08     5:14

* Daylight savings time ends

California Ducks Unlimited                                                                                                 Page 10

Educational Walk in the Salt Marsh – Come one, come all! Come walk with us at the Hayward
shoreline where there will be much to learn about the salt marsh. We will meet at the Interpretive Center
and be given an introduction to the ecology of the San Francisco Bay-Estuary. The Interpretive Center
features exhibits, programs and activities designed to inspire a sense of appreciation, respect and
stewardship for the Bay, its inhabitants and the services they provide. Meet at 2:30 PM for an overview of
the park and a short introduction about marsh habitat, and then we will join a naturalist who will take us
on an interpretive tour of the salt marsh from 3 to 5 PM where there is abundant wildlife and much to
learn about ducks and shorebirds. Don’t forget to bring your camera, a jacket, and your family and
friends. For crowd control, please RSVP below!

                                  Saturday, November 14, 2009
                                  2:30 to 5:00 PM
                                  Meet in the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center
                                  4901 Breakwater Avenue, Hayward

                                  Link here to RSVP

By Ann Bakey, DU California State Ladies Chair

Volunteering is a great way to get out, have fun, meet new people, share your talents, learn new skills, all
while raising money for Ducks Unlimited and wetland conservation. As the heart and soul of Ducks
Unlimited, dedicated volunteers across our country manage and coordinate more than 4,000 local fund-
raising events, energize college campuses, raise political awareness, and showcase wildlife art. The
success of Ducks Unlimited is due to the dedication of thousands of volunteers. Their energy and efforts
directly affect the future of our precious wetlands and waterfowl populations. DU needs your experience,
commitment, energy and ideas! The future of our waterfowl depends on you.

In addition to the classic "DU Dinner", DU
volunteers often organize and host special
events. These include golf tournaments,
sporting events (such as clay shoots and
fishing derbies), waterfowl hunter’s parties,
family day events, chili cook-offs, 10K runs,
etc. We're always looking for new
volunteers and innovative fundraising
ideas.   Ladies, please think about your
interests and talents and organize a DU
event in your area. The Ducks need you!

There are ladies in the network who would
love to join in and help you with an event!
For more information about the Women for
Wetlands Network, visit the DU California
website or contact Ann Bakey, DU
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Strawberry Orange Duck Salad

Serving Size: 4 Servings

                                           Orange Vinaigrette:
                                           1/2 Cup Orange Juice
                                           1 Teaspoon Cornstarch
                                           2 Teaspoons Vinegar
                                           1 1/2 Teaspoon Olive Oil
                                           1/8 Teaspoon Grated Orange Zest
                                           1/8 Teaspoon Salt
                                           Dash Black Pepper
                                           Duck Salad:
                                           2 Teaspoons Olive Oil
                                           2 each Duck Breast Filets
                                           8 Cups Mixed Greens
                                           2 Cups Strawberries, halved
                                           2 Cups Orange Sections
                                           16 Walnut Halves, optional


1. Make Orange Vinaigrette: Use a small amount of orange juice to dissolve cornstarch. Add dissolved
  cornstarch to remaining juice; place into saucepan. Bring to simmer over medium low heat to thicken;
  remove from heat. Add remaining vinaigrette ingredients; cool.
2. Cook duck breast according to your favorite receipt. Let duck breast set for 5 minutes before slicing
  across the grain.
3. Toss greens with strawberries and oranges. Add orange vinaigrette; toss. Divide among 4 plates.
4. Top salads with sliced duck breasts. Garnish with walnuts.

Recipe and photo provided by Maple Leaf Farms; published with permission.


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