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									A Dialogue Syeikh Abdul Majid with the French Ambassador During the French ambassador’s visit me he asked me: has life reached its final stage? I said: No He said: Has religion reached perfection? I said: Yes He said: How then can the limited complete religion cope with the requirement of civilization and its ever renewed needs I said: Is the structure of your eye the same as that of the people who were living at the time of Muhammad and the time of Jesus (peace be upon them both) He said: The structure is the same and has never changed. I said: Are the structures of your body organs the same as those of the body organs of the people who lived at the time of the prophet Muhammad and the time of Jesus (peace be upon them both). He said: Yes, the structure of our bodies has not changed. I said: Do you love, hate, fear and hope? He said: Yes. I said: Did those who lived at the time of prophet Muhammad and the time of Jesus use to love, hate, fear, and hope like us. He said: Yes. I said: Then our psychological structure and theirs is unchangeable. He said: Yes, that’s true. I said: Then the psychological and physical structures of those living at present are the same as those of the people who lived at the time of Prophet Muhammad and Jesus (peace be upon them both)? He said: True. I said: If we had a million Mercedes cars of the same model and manufactured according to one engineering design and provided with one manual book, would such manual book be enough to show how any of these million cars can be driven and maintained? He said: Since we have the same model and make, we must have the same manual, which would be suitable for any of these cars. I said: Even if these cars were distributed over the continents of Asia, Europe and America?

He said: Even if they were placed anywhere in the earth, they still working according to the manual unless their structure is changed. I said: If we take out from the stores one hundred cars ten years later, would the same manual still applicable? He said: It would still applicable for them, because they have not changed in their structure. I said: If we take them out one hundred years later, would the manual remain suitable for them? He said: It would remain, unless their structure has been changed. I said: If we take them out 1400 years later, would the manual still usable and suitable to operate them? He said: Yes, it would still suitable for them unless their structure has changed. I said: If the manual that are provided by car factories are suitable to operate the same model of cars irrespective time and place, similar to the syariah or religion came from Allah to deal with the physical and psychological of human nature (fitrah) that has not changed with place and time, is still suitable with the human nature and applicable to all humanity which has same creation and same nature.

                         
Then I said to him: The religion that came down to us from Allah had come in the form of comprehensive guide that can cope with all the new forms of life development. Scholar of ijtihad (ulama) apply the rules (ahkam) on the new situations, like a tailor does when he makes clothes according to the rules and basic of sewing to make them fit to peoples size’s, type of clothes and suite with seasons of the year.

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