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									          Four Ways To Prevent Your Neck From Giving Away Your Age

For all your efforts at maintaining younger looking skin on your face, how much time do
you spend keeping the skin on your neck looking healthy? If you manage to keep your
complexion wrinkle-free, but your neck broadcasts your real age loud and clear, all those
efforts will have been for nothing. However, treating your neck well requires barely any
extra time, and can keep you looking decades younger. In order to keep your neck from
giving away your true age, follow these four steps.

#1: Keep Your Neck Looking Young

The easiest and quickest way to hide your age is to take proper care of the skin on your
neck. Luckily, this doesn’t require any special lotions or anti aging skin creams — just
use the same anti aging skin care products you already use on your face. Every time you
apply your daily anti aging moisturizer, sunscreen or anti wrinkle cream, make sure your
neck gets some coverage. Apply it gently, the same way you would on your face, and
avoid pulling or tugging on the delicate skin, as this can encourage wrinkles.

#2: Dress It Up Appropriately

Hiding behind high collars and constricting jewelry effectively hides your neck, but it
doesn’t always make you feel young and fabulous. What’s the point of looking young if
you still feel old? Instead of covering up with out-of-date items, pick up a few pretty
scarves in patterns and colors that make you happy. Scarves can be worn year-round, if
you choose the right ones — silky scarves and light cotton wraps can be worn during the
summer months, while thick wool and heavier knits can keep you warm in the winter. In
addition, if you feel comfortable in turtlenecks, wear them proudly. You can even layer
your new scarves over them.

#3: Kick Your Bad Habits

You know the drill — don’t smoke, don’t lay out in the sun for hours. Both of these habits
can not only promote early wrinkles, but they dry out your skin. But one habit you may
not realize is messing with your skin: yo-yo dieting. It wreaks its own little havoc on
your neck. Yo-yo dieting is when you regularly start and stop diets (fad or otherwise),
and are continually gaining and losing the same few pounds. These constant weight
fluctuations can cause skin to appear slack, and loose skin sags over time. If you must
diet, choose to do so in sustainable, healthy ways for how to look younger.

#4: Keep Your Head on Straight

Maintain good posture throughout the day. If you work in an office and spend time on a
computer, ensure your monitor is at eye-level and that your chair allows you to
comfortably sit up straight. This allows you to keep your head level while you work,
which prevents permanent wrinkles in your neck. In addition, limit the number of pillows
you sleep on so your neck is as straight as possible when you rest.

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