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					I was surprised last week, when accessing my email account and finding this link I seldom click on
because there are so many incoming messages with that same titled subject line. I'm finding myself to
become an active example of what my online coaches suggests. They all agree that email with the same
subject line is taken as spam for most readers. To change the subjunctive once in a while so that the
message is not overlooked is good practice. This is very difficult to achieve if you wish to have your
company name included in the subject line, but please change the subject.

That's another topic. What I started out to do is express my surprise after going against what my
coaches taught me. I had been ignoring these messages for several weeks, when I get this impulse to go
ahead and open the email anyway. So, that's what I did, and to my surprise the content was interesting.
It include a headline that also was very interesting "Student-Community" another two of my most
passionate interests were included in this headline forcing me to read further.

The headline: "Student-Community “MPrize” Project Hopes To Recognize Those Making Difference For

Youth involvement in the community also another huge passion, heightened my level of interest.
Looking above, with the release were keywords: education, community events, which are both
keywords or keyword phrases I most commonly use myself. Sceptically, my interest level is yet curious,
so I continue to read on.

This paragraph is what made my heart start racing: "The project’s intended scope of involvement will
include churches, local businesses, non-profits, neighborhood associations, The Muskegon Chronicle,
members of the group called ‘Pulling Muskegon Together”, and most notably, student councils of each
Muskegon area school district. Those coordinating the project note they will work to form student
councils in districts where one does not already exist." Ref. (2012) 103.7
TheBeat is a popular local radio station our young people listen to most frequently.

Here it is! I shouted. Finally! I continue to read on, and decided my input was essentially necessary. I
must express my support, so I entered my comment, and looked above my comment, and there was my
own username (aljpromo) at the top of the comment section. What is my username doing on this press
release? was my first response. So out of curiosity, I accidentally hovered my mouse over my username,
and it highlighted as in "active link" so I clicked on it.
To my surprise a page opens in a new window with the ticket sales site for the back-to-school event I've
spent years organizing. What does this imply? One thing for sure, there is more support in my local than
I realized. This may have caught on, and now is the opportunity to address these issues which continue
to plague our public school systems across the country.

To make a story short now is the time. I have included in this press release the link to this event. I need
signatures. As many signatures as we can get, and it does not matter what country you are from. Also on
the ticket sales site for the event is a 10 question survey we would be appreciative if you would take
that survey while you are there. Please complete the survey.

This is a global issue. Even if the school system where you reside is not affected at this time it is a cause
you can support, because statistics show this is a rapidly growing concern that can and will have
drastically negative effect on impacting the global economy as a whole. Because of the Internet, and the
shrinking of the world due to the rapidly growing information machine, we can no longer say what
happens in my country does not affect your country, and vise verse.

Please take the time to sign. After you sign take the time to express your concern, and do not forget to
share. Sharing information is the dawning of this age. Please sign this pledge to due diligence toward
improving our global education systems, and renewal of the global economic shift.

Thank you.


Alvin Johnson

Description: Our mission is to stimulate expanding employment opportunities within our communities through the marketing and promotion of ticket sales.