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										    	     	     2011 High School Winter Camp

                             I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ
                     CHI NTITY
                        LD           :
                     777 OF G
                                                     January 3-6, 2011               Lake Arrowhead, Ca                              Pine Rose Cabins
                     PEA      d St
                         RL        .
          FAT               GAT
               HER                E 77
         JEH                            777
             O VA
                  H         SIB
                          THE    LIN
                               BO                                                                                         Identity |īˈdentitē- the fact
                            CHR DY OF
                                 IST                                                                                        of being who or what a
                                                                                                                                 person or thing
                                                                                                                              is:individuality, self,
Who are you? What makes you                                                                                                  selfhood; personality,
                                                                                                                             character, originality,

different? Are you special?
                                                                                                                           differentness, singularity,
               TOPIC SCHEDULE

Lesson #1: Identity 101-Image Of God
1 John 3:1-3, John 1:12

Lesson #2: Identity 101-Child Of God
1 John 3:1-3, John 1:12

TUESDAY NIGHT                                                   “....You are the light of the world...”
Lesson #3: Identity Crisis: “Keeping Your Identity
During A Time Of Crisis” Philippians 4:6-7,
Romans 8:35-39

Lesson #4: Identity Photocopy:”Be Dependent On God,
Independent of This World”
Romans 12:1-2, 1 John 2:16-17

                                                                “...Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!...”   “...Be holy, for I am holy...”
Identity Personal Challenge
                                                                But as many as received
WEDNESDAY NIGHT                                                Him, to them He gave the
Lesson #5: Sexual Identity                                    right to become children of
                                                              God, to those who believe in
1 Corinthians 6:18-20                                                   His name
                                                                       1 John 1:12
Lesson #6: Identity Guard
Ephesians 6

                                        Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
 I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                                                 PAGE     2

    “ He made once walked according to the course of this world...”                                  “...consider the lilies of the field...”

                                     DAILY SCHEDULE
MONDAY SCHEDULE                                                        WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE
12:00 pm‐ Leave Church For Camp                                        7:00am‐Showers & Personal Devotions
             (Please eat at home)                                      8:00am‐Breakfast                                   My mother said to
3:00 pm‐Arrive at Cabin check in/unpack                                9:00 am‐10:30 am‐Worship & Bible Study             me, "If you become
3:30pm‐5:00pm‐FreeTime                                                 10:30‐11:00 pm‐ Free Time                          a soldier, you'll be a
4:30 pm‐Dinner Prep                                                    11:00 pm‐Identity Personal Challenge Activity         general; if you
5:00pm‐Dinner                                                          12:00pm‐Lunch                                       become a monk,
6:00 pm‐8:30 pm‐Worship & Bible Study                                  12:30 pm‐5:00 pm‐Free Time (Sledding)              you'll end up as the
8:30pm‐10:00pm‐FreeTime                                                4:30 pm‐Dinner Prep                                 Pope." Instead, I
10:00‐Floor Devotions                                                  5:00pm‐Dinner
                                                                                                                           became a painter
11:00‐Lights Out                                                       6:00‐8:30 pm‐Worship & Bible Study
                                                                                                                           and wound up as
TUESDAY SCHEDULE                                                                                                             Picasso. -Pablo
                                                                       10:00‐Floor Devotions
7:00am‐Showers & Personal Devotions                                                                                              Picasso
                                                                       11:00‐Lights Out
9:00 am‐10:30 am‐Worship & Bible Study                                 THURSDAY SCHEDULE                                    Observe all men,
10:30‐11:30 pm‐ Free Time for those staying.                           7:00am‐Showers & Personal Devotions                   thyself most.
(Snowboarders leave)                                                   8:00am‐8:30am‐Breakfast                             Benjamin Franklin
                                                                       9:00 am‐10:30 am‐ Worship & Bible Study
12:30 pm‐5:00 pm‐Free Time (Snowboarding
Cont.)                                                                 10:30-Pack and Head Home
4:30 pm‐Dinner Prep (Snowboarders return)                                                                                  Note: Every youth will be
5:00pm‐Dinner                                                                                                               helping with meal prep.
                                                                                                                          once at some point. You will
6:00‐8:30 pm‐Worship & Bible Study
                                                                                                                            be preparing a 1/2 hour
8:30pm‐10:00pm‐FreeTime                                                                                                         before the meal.
10:00‐Floor Devotions (11:00‐Lights Out)
                                             Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                                  PAGE       3

Lesson #1                                                                                                                Date: January 3rd
                                                                                                                             By Ryan Lynn
                                                                                                              Main Passage: Genesis 1:26-31
Image of God
INTRODUCTION TO IDENTITY                         Notes for I:
Definition of Identity-the fact of being          _____________________________
who or what a person or thing
is:individuality, self, selfhood; personality,
character, originality, distinctiveness,         _____________________________
differentness, singularity, uniqueness.          _____________________________
                                                 References: Genesis 1:27
Is my identity innate or acquired?               M=______________________________
The answer is ______________                     Notes for M:
What parts are innate (given)?                   _____________________________
_____________________________                    _____________________________
_____________________________                    _____________________________
_____________________________                    _____________________________
_____________________________                    A=______________________________
What parts are acquired (chosen)?                Notes for A:
_____________________________                    _____________________________
                                                                        adam and eve
_____________________________                    _____________________________
_____________________________                    _____________________________
_____________________________                    _____________________________
                                                 References: Genesis 1:26b, Genesis 2:19-20b, Revelation
                                                 22:3-5, Ephesians 2:10
    There is overwhelming evidence that          G=______________________________
points to God creating you. What are the         Notes for G:
implications of being created?                   _____________________________
_____________________________                    _____________________________                                  Genesis 1:27-
_____________________________                    _____________________________                                     So God created
_____________________________                    _____________________________                                    man in His own
                                                 References: Genesis 3:8-10, Genesis 5:22, James 2:23, John
_____________________________                    15:15 , John 3:16, John 13:34-35                               image; in the image
What are the implications for believing that     E=______________________________                                of God He created
we are the result of undirected processes        Notes for E:
(naturalism)?                                                                                                      him; male and
_____________________________                    _____________________________
                                                                                                                 female He created
_____________________________                    _____________________________                                         them.
_____________________________                    References: John 3:14-15

_____________________________                    Notes for Blurred Image:
I=______________________________                 _____________________________                                 More Space For Notes On Next Page

                                 Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                            PAGE   4

                           HABAKKUK 2:2


                 Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                                 PAGE       5

Lesson #2
                                                                                                                         Date: January 4th
                                                                                                                             By Ryan Lynn
                                                                                                        Main Passage: John 3 & Ephesians 1
Child of God
REVIEW                                                       Intimacy

    The first thing we learned about our                     _____________________________
Identity is that we were created in the
“Image of God”                                               _____________________________
     The second thing we briefly touched on                   _____________________________
is that the image of God is blurred because                  _____________________________
of sin.                                                      References: Galatians 4:4-7, Romans 8:15
The Fall of Man                                              Secure
_____________________________                                _____________________________
_____________________________                                _____________________________
_____________________________                                _____________________________
_____________________________                                _____________________________
References: Romans 5:18-19                                   References: John 10:28-29, 1 John 4:4

Born Again-John 3                                            Loved
_____________________________                                _____________________________
_____________________________                                _____________________________
                                                                                    father and child

_____________________________                                _____________________________
_____________________________                                _____________________________
References: 1 John 4:10, John 1:12                           References: 1 John 4:15-16

    Definition of                                             Heirs-Ephesians 1:1-14
Propitiation:_____________________                           1.(vs 3)
_____________________________                                ______________________________
                                                             2.(vs 4)
_____________________________                                ______________________________
_____________________________                                3.(vs 5)
Children of God                                              ______________________________
_____________________________                                4.(vs 6b)                                         Galatians 4:7
_____________________________                                ______________________________                    So you are no longer
                                                             5.(vs 7)
_____________________________                                                                                   a slave, but a son;
_____________________________                                6.(vs 9)                                          and since you are a
_____________________________                                ______________________________                    son, God has made
_____________________________                                7.(vs 10)                                           you also an heir.
                                                             8.(vs 11)
_____________________________                                ______________________________
References: 1 John 3:1-2, Psalm 68:5, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
                                                             9.(vs 13b-14)
                                                                                                              More Space For Notes On Next Page

                                          Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                            PAGE   6

                           HABAKKUK 2:2


                 Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                                                      PAGE       7

Lesson #3                                                                                                                                    Date: January 4th
                                                                                                                                                 By Ryan Lynn
                                                                                                                                Main Passage: Philippians 4:6-7,
IDENTITY CRISIS:                                                                                                                               Romans 8:35-39
Keeping Your Identity During A Time Of Crisis
CRISIS 101                                                    SPECIFIC PROMISES FOR 5 MAJOR LIFE CRISIS
      What is a crisis?                                       Financial Crisis
_____________________________                                 _____________________________
_____________________________                                 _____________________________
_____________________________                                 _____________________________
_____________________________                                 References: Haggai 2:8, Psalm 50:10, Matthew
References: 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

WHY IS KEEPING MY IDENTITY IMPORTANT                          Health
DURING A LIFE CRISIS?                                         _____________________________
    There will be nothing more comforting
during a time of crisis then knowing who
your God is and who you are in Him.                           _____________________________
KNOW YOUR GOD.                                                References: Mark 1:40-42, 1 Corinthians 15:54
God has the qualifications to comfort you.

_____________________________                                 Death
                                                                                                              distress signal

_____________________________                                 _____________________________
_____________________________                                 _____________________________
_____________________________                                 _____________________________
_____________________________                                 _____________________________
_____________________________                                 References: Psalm 39:4-5, Psalm 23:4,
_____________________________                                 Philippians 1:21-23

References: Acts 17:24, Psalm 139:2, Hebrews 4:15, Jeremiah   Divorce
29:11, Psalm 34:18, Philippians 4:6-7
KNOW WHO YOU ARE                                              _____________________________                                           Psalm 46:1
Children of God
                                                              _____________________________                                           God is our refuge
_____________________________                                 _____________________________
                                                                                                                                       and strength,
                                                              References: Malachi 2:14-16, Ephesians 4:32, Hebrews 12:15

                                                                                                                                      always ready to
_____________________________                                 Abuse                                                                   help in times of
_____________________________                                 _____________________________                                               trouble.
_____________________________                                 _____________________________
_____________________                                         References: Psalm 46:1, Isaiah 43:18-19, Deuteronomy 22:26,
References: Romans 8:35-39, James 1:2-4                       Deuteronomy 32:35, Deuteronomy 32:35, Joel 2:24-27
                                                                                                                                   More Space For Notes On Next Page

                                            Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                            PAGE   8

                           HABAKKUK 2:2


                 Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                                                     PAGE       9

Lesson #4                                                                                                                                   Date: January 5th
                                                                                                                                                By Ryan Lynn
                                                                                                                                 Main Passage: Romans 12:1-2,
IDENTITY PHOTOCOPY:                                                                                                                             1 John 2:16-17
Dependent On God, Independent of This World
    Do you realize there is a specific work that you can do better than anyone else in the
References: Ephesians 2:10, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, Philippians 3:10, Romans 8:18, 2 Corinthians 11, 1 Peter 4:16


World’s Pattern vs. God Pattern-1 John 2:15-17

       #                    WORLD’S PATTERN                                 GOD’S PATTERN

                                                                                                                 identity bear
 References           Mark 8:36, Galatians 6:7-8-7                           Mark 8:34-35,


 References           James 1:14-16, Jeremiah 17:9                          Romans 6:20-23


 References                    James 4:13-16                            2 Corinthians 12:9-10


 References                   Ecclesiastes 2:11                             Colossians 3:1-4                                          1 John 2:16
                                                                                                                                     For all that is in
                                                                                                                                   the world—the lust
 References                     Romans 12:2                                   Psalm 139:14
                                                                                                                                   of the flesh, the lust
                                                                                                                                   of the eyes, and the
God uses all different types of people with different personalities in the Bible.
                                                                                                                                     pride of life—is
Can you list some?                                                                                                                   not of the Father
_____________________________________________________________                                                                      but is of the world.
                                                                                                                                  More Space For Notes On Next Page

                                          Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                            PAGE   10

                           HABAKKUK 2:2


                 Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                                 PAGE    11

Lesson #5                                                                                                              Date: January 5th
                                                                                                                           By Ryan Lynn
                                                                                                      Main Passage: 1 Corinthians 6:18-20
Sex is not bad, lust is.
God’s Plan For Gender
References: Mark 19:4-6-4

  Topics                Men                        Women           References

  Attraction                                                       Song 4:9, Song 5:2

  Leadership                                                       Eph. 5:22-24, Gen 2:18


  Love                                                             Eph. 5:22, Eph 5:28-29

                                                                                            “...male and female...”
  Sexual Drive

God’s Plan For Sex
Purpose #1_________________________	 Purpose #2_______________________	 __
Purpose #3_________________________

What is lust?                                                                                                           “Lust is a sexual
_____________________________________________________________                                                          desire minus honor
_____________________________________________________________                                                            and holiness.”
References: Matthew 15:19
                                                                                                                        John Piper
Why is lust wrong?
                                                                                                                       “ When we lust, we
References: Ephesians 5:3, 1 Corinthians 6:18-20
                                                                                                                       take this good thing-
                                                                                                                         sexual desire-and
LUST: IS THAT JUST A GUY THING?                                                                                        remove from it honor
_____________________________________________________________                                                         toward fellow humans
_____________________________________________________________                                                         and reverence for God.
References: Ephesians 5:3
_____________________________________________________________                                                    More Space For Notes On Next Page

                                          Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                            PAGE   12

                           HABAKKUK 2:2


                 Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                   PAGE   13

Lesson #6                                                                                           Date: January 5th
                                                                                                       By Ryan Lynn
                                                                                            Main Passage: Ephesians 6
Be Secure, Guard Your Identity

                                                       “...shield of


                                                                                            There are three things
                                                                                           extremely hard: steel, a
                                                                                           diamond, and to know
_____________________________________________________________                                    one's self.
_____________________________________________________________                                  Franklin
_____________________________________________________________                              Always be a first rate
_____________________________________________________________                               version of yourself,
                                                                                           and not a second rate
                                                                                            version of someone
_____________________________________________________________                                    -Judy
_____________________________________________________________                                   Garland
                          Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                       PAGE   14

             Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                TEST # 1:FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES PROFILE
              For more information read the book “The Five Love Languages Singles Edition” by Gary Chapman

      Words of affirmation, quality time,gifts, acts of service and physical touch-which of these is your primary love language? You may
already have an idea, or maybe you have no clue, “The Five Love Languages Profile” will help you know for sure.
      The profile includes thirty pairs of statements. read each pair and choose the one that better reflects your preferences. Then, in the
right column, circle the letter that corresponds with the statement you choose: In some cases, you may wish that you could circle both, but
you should choose only one to ensure the most accurate profile results.
      When reading the profile statements, you’ll see see words like “special person” and “loved ones.” When we think of love and love
languages, our immediate thought may be of a romantic relationship. However, we express love and affection in variety of contexts and
relationships. As you work through the profile, think of a significant person with whom you are close: a boyfriend or girlfriend, a good
friend, a parent, a colleague, etc.
      Take your time and relax, After you’ve made your selections, go back and count the number of times you choose each letter. List the
results in the appropriate spaces at the end of the profile. Then read “Interpreting and Using Your Profile Sore” below.

      I like to receive notes of affirmation.                                                                                          A
      I like to be hugged                                                                                                             E

      I like to spend one-to-one time with a person special to me                                                                    B
      I feel loved when someone gives practical help to me                                                                           D

      I like it when people give me gifts.                                                                                           C
      I like leisurely visits with friends and loved ones                                                                            B

      I feel loved when people do things to help me.                                                                                 D
      I feel loved when through people’s touch                                                                                       E

      I feel loved when someone I love or admire puts his or her arm around me.                                                      E
      I feel loved when I receive a gift from someone I love or admire.                                                              C

      I like to go places with friends and loved ones.                                                                                B
      I like to high-five or hold hands with people who are special to me.                                                             E

      Visible symbols of love (gifts) are very important to me.                                                                      C
      I feel loved when people affirm me.                                                                                             A

      I like to sit close to people whom I enjoy being around.                                                                        E
      I like for people to tell me I am attractive/handsome.                                                                          A

      I like to spend tom with friends and loved ones.                                                                               B
      I like to receive little gifts from friends and loved ones.                                                                    C

      Words of acceptance are important to me.                                                                                        B
      I know someone loves e when he or she helps me.                                                                                 A

                                  Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                    PAGE   15

          Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                            TEST # 1:FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES PROFILE
           For more information read the book “The Five Love Languages Singles Edition” by Gary Chapman

     I like being together and doing things with friends and loved ones.                                         B
     I like it when kind words are spoken to me.                                                                 A

     What someone does affect me more than what he or she says.                                                  D
     Hugs make me feel connected and valued.                                                                     E

     I value praise and try to avoid criticism.                                                                  A
     Several small gifts mean more to me than one large gift.                                                    C

     I feel close to someone when we are talking or doing something together.                                    B
     I feel closer to friends and loved ones when they touch me often.                                           E

     I like for people to compliment my achievements.                                                            A
     I know people love me when they do things for me that they don’t enjoy doing.                               D

     I like to be touched as friends and loved ones walk by.                                                     E
     I like it when people listen to me and show genuine interest in what I am saying.                           B

     I feel loved when friends and loved ones help me with jobs or projects.                                     D
     I really enjoy receiving gifts from friends and loved ones.                                                 C

     I like for people to compliment my appearance.                                                              A
     I feel loved when people take time to understand my feelings.                                               B

     I feel secure when a special person is touching me.                                                         E
     Acts of service makes me feel loved.                                                                        D

     I appreciate the many things that special people do for me.                                                 D
     I like receiving gifts that special people make for me.                                                     C

     I really enjoy the feeling I get when someone gives me undivided attention.                                 B
     I really enjoy the feeling I get when someone does some act of service for me.                              D

     I feel loved when a person celebrates my birthday with a gift.                                              C
     I feel loved when a person celebrates my birthday with meaningful words.                                    A

     I know a person is thinking of me when he or she gives me a gift.                                           C
     I feel loved when a person helps with my chores.                                                            D

     I appreciate it when someone listens patiently and doesn’t interrupt me.                                    B
     I appreciate it when someone remembers special days with a gift.                                            C

                             Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                           PAGE   16

              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                 TEST # 1:FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES PROFILE
              For more information read the book “The Five Love Languages Singles Edition” by Gary Chapman

       i like knowing loved ones are concerned enough to help with my daily tasks.                                                        D
       I enjoy extended trips with someone who is special to me.                                                                          B

       I enjoy being hugged by those I am close with.                                                                                     E
       Receiving gift given for no special reason excites me.                                                                             C

       I like to be told that I am appreciated.                                                                                           A
       I like for a person to look at me when we are talking.                                                                             B

       Gifts from a friend or loved one are always special to me.                                                                         C
       I feel good when a friend or loved one touches me.                                                                                 E

       I feel loved when a person enthusiastically does some task I have requested.                                                       D
       I feel loved when I am told how much I am appreciated.                                                                             A

       I need to be touched every day.                                                                                                    E
       I need words of affirmation daily.                                                                                                  A

     TOTALS: A:_________	               B:_________	 C:_________	 D:_________	 E:_________
     A. Words of Affirmation		      B. Quality Time	     C:Receiving Gifts	 D.Acts of Service	 E.Physical Touch

Interpreting and using your profile score
      Which love language received the highest score? This is your primary love language. If point totals for two love languages are equal,
you are “bilingual” and have two primary love languages. And, if you have a secondary love language, or one that is close in score to your
primary love language, this means that both expressions of love are important to you. The highest possible score for any single love
language is twelve.
      Although you may have scored certain ones of the love languages higher than others, try not to disregard those other languages as
unimportant. Your friends and loved ones may express love in those ways, and it will pay great dividends for you to understand this about
them. In the same way, it will benefit your friends and loved ones to know your love language and express their affection for you in the ways
you interpret as love. Every time you or they speak one anther’s language, you score emotional points with one another. Of course, no one
should be keeping a score sheet. The result of speaking a person’s love language is more a feeling of “this person understands me and cares
for me.” Over time, this feeling multiplies into a stronger sense of connectedness.
      Just identifying and speaking a person’s love language strengthens a relationship, not doing this can leave a friend or loved one feeling
as if you do not love him or her. When people do not convey love in a way that is perceived as love, their efforts, though sincere, are
somewhat wasted. This can be frustrating for both the giver of love and the intended recipient. You may have unknowingly been guilty of
speaking a “foreign” love language in the past to someone you loved. Understanding the concept of love languages can help you know how
to effectively express your feelings so that they are received and interpreted as you mean them to be.
      If they’ve not already done so, encourage the special people in your life to take “The Five Love Languages Profile.” Then discuss your
respective love languages and use this insight to improve your relationship.

                                   Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
  I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                              PAGE   17

              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                TEST # 1:FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES PROFILE
               For more information read the book “The Five Love Languages Singles Edition” by Gary Chapman

Importance of Discovering Your Loved Ones’ Love Language
    The problem is many human relationship is that one person speaks a particular love language and wonders why another
person with a different love language does not understand. That’s like my English to someone who understands only German
and wondering why he doesn’t respond. We tend to speak our primary love language, and we become confused when our
loved one does not understand what we are communicating. If you want to know how to better communicate love to your
loved one, it is crucial to learn their love language. The best way to determine their love language is usually recognizing the
primary language they use to speak love to you. Human relationship are greatly improved when basic language barriers are
removed-and are even more enhanced when we learn to speak each other’s love language.

Summary of The Five Love Languages
Words of Affirmation
     Actions don’t always speak louder than words. If this is your love language, unsolicited compliments mean the world to
you. Hearing the words, “I love you,” are important—hearing the reasons behind that love sends your spirits skyward. Insults
can leave you shattered and are not easily forgotten.

Quality Time
    In the vernacular of Quality Time, nothing says, “I love you,” like full, undivided attention. Being there for this type of
person is critical, but really being there—with the TV off, fork and knife down, and all chores and tasks on standby—makes
your significant other feel truly special and loved. Distractions, postponed dates, or the failure to listen can be especially

Receiving Gifts
     Don’t mistake this love language for materialism; the receiver of gifts thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort
behind the gift. If you speak this language, the perfect gift or gesture shows that you are known, you are cared for, and you are
prized above whatever was sacrificed to bring the gift to you. A missed birthday, anniversary, or a hasty, thoughtless gift would
be disastrous—so would the absence of everyday gestures.

Acts of Service
    Can vacuuming the floors really be an expression of love? Absolutely! Anything you do to ease the burden of
responsibilities weighing on an “Acts of Service” person will speak volumes. The words he or she most want to hear: “Let me
do that for you.” Laziness, broken commitments, and making more work for them tell speakers of this language their feelings
don’t matter.

Physical Touch
     This language isn’t always about sex. A person whose primary language is Physical Touch is, not surprisingly, very touchy.
Hugs, pats on the back, holding hands, and thoughtful touches on the arm, shoulder, or face—they can all be ways to show
excitement, concern, care, and love. Physical presence and accessibility are crucial, while neglect or abuse can be unforgivable
and destructive.

                                 Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
  I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                         PAGE   18

                Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                                TEST # 2:SACRED PATHWAYS
                                                        How do you best relate to God?

     Instructions                                                       3. TRADITIONALIST- ritual and symbolism
     Sacred Pathways- we all have different ways of connecting               ___
 I feel closest to God when I’m participating in a familiar
with God. Answer this question, “I feel closest to God when....”        form of worship that has memories dating back to my childhood.
     Score the following statements on a scale of five to one, with      Rituals and traditions move me more than anything else.
five being very true and one being not true at all. Make sure you             ___	 Individualism within the church is a real danger.
are not answering what you want to be true but rather be honest         Christianity is a corporate faith, and most of our worship should
with your answers.                                                      have a corporate expression.
                                                                             ___	 The words tradition and history are very appealing to
1. NATURALIST- loving God out of doors                                  me.
 I feel closest to God when I’m surrounded by what he              ___	 Participating in a formal liturgy or prayer-book service,
has made- the mountains, the                                            developing symbols that I could place in my car, home, or office,
      forests, or the sea                                               and developing a Christian calendar for our family to follow are
      ___	 I feel cut off if I have to spend too much time indoors,     activities that I would enjoy. ___	 A book titled Symbolism and
just listening to speakers or singing songs. Nothing makes me feel      Liturgy in Personal Worship would be appealing to me.
closer to God than being outside.                                            ___	 I would really enjoy spending time on a night watch,
      ___	 I would prefer to worship God by spending an hour            taking a short vow of silence, simplifying my life.
beside a small brook than by participating in a group service.               ___	 The total of your answers
      ___	 If I could escape to a garden to pray on a cold day, walk
through a meadow on a warm day, and take a trip by myself to            5. ACTIVIST- through confrontation
the mountains on another day, I would be very happy                     
 I feel closest to God when I’m cooperating with Him in
 A book called Nature’s Sanctuaries: A Picture-book           standing up for justice: writing letter to government officials and
would be appealing to me. Seeing God’s beauty in nature is more         newspaper editors, picketing at an abortion clinic, urging people
moving to me than understanding new concepts, participating in          to vote, or becoming familiar with current issues.
a formal religious service, or participating in social causes.               ___	 I get very frustrated if I see apathetic Christians
      ___	 The total of your answers                                    who don’t become active. I want to drop everything else I’m doing
                                                                        and help the church overcome its apathy.
2. SENSATE- loving God with senses                                           ___	 The words courageous confrontation and social activism
 I feel closest to God when I’m in a church that allows       are very appealing to me.
my senses to come alive- when I can see, smell, hear, and almost             ___	 Activities like confronting a social evil, attending a
taste his majesty.                                                      meeting to challenge the new curriculum before the local school
 I enjoy attending a “high church” service with incense       board, and volunteering on a political campaign are important to
and formal communion or Eucharist.                                      me.
 I’d have a difficult time worshiping in a church building          ___	 The book written by Frank Schaeffer, A Time for Anger,
that is plain and lacks a sense of awe or majesty. Beauty is very       would be an important book for me to read.
important to me, and I have a difficult time worshiping through                ___	I would like to awaken the church from its apathy.
second-rate Christian art or music.                                           ___	The total of your answers
      ___	 The words sensuous, colorful, and aromatic are very
appealing to me.                                                        6. CARGIVER- loving others
      ___	 A book called The Beauty of Worship would be                       ___
 I feel closest to God when I see Him in the needy, the
appealing to me.                                                        poor, the sick, and the imprisoned. I feel God’s presence most
      ___	 I would really enjoy using drawing exercises or art to       strongly when I am sitting quietly beside the bed of someone who
improve my prayer life.                                                 is lonely or ill or taking a meal to someone in need. You can count
      ___	 The total of your answers                                    on me to offer a ride or volunteer for helping activities.

                                     Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
  I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                        PAGE    19

                Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                                TEST # 2:SACRED PATHWAYS
                                                       How do you best relate to God?

 I grow weary of Christians who spend their time singing     alone with God, contemplating His love, than participating in a
songs while a sick neighbor goes without a hot meal or a family in     formal liturgy or being distracted by a walk outside.
need doesn’t get help fixing their car.                                       ___
 The most difficult times in my faith are when I can’t feel
      ___	 The words service and compassion are very appealing         God’s presence within me.
to me.                                                                        ___	The words lover, intimacy, and heart are very appealing
 I sense God’s power when I am counseling a friend who       to me.
has lost a job, preparing meals for or fixing the car of a family in          ___
 I really enjoy having thirty minutes of uninterrupted
need, or spending a week at an orphanage in Mexico.                    time a day to sit in a quiet prayer and “hold hands” with god,
      ___	 A book entitled 99 Ways to Help Your Neighbor would         writing love letters to Him and enjoying His presence.
be very appealing to me.                                                     ___	 I would enjoy reading The Transforming Friendship.
      ___	 I would rather nurse someone to health or help                    ___	 When I think of god, I think of love, friendship, and
someone repair their house than teach an adult Sunday School           adoration more than anything else.
class, go on a prayer and fasting retreat, or take a lonely walk in          ___	 The total of your answers
the woods.                                                                   9. INTELLECTUAL- with the mind
      ___	 The total of your answers                                          ___
I feel closest to God when I learn something new about
7. ENTHUSIAST- mystery, celebration- worship,                          Him that I didn’t understand before. My mind needs to be
   excitement                                                          stimulated. It’s very important to me that I know exactly what I
       ___	I feel closest to God when my heart is sent soaring and I   believe.
feel like I want to burst, worship God all day long, and shout out           ___	 I get frustrated when the church focuses too much on
his Name. Celebrating God and His love is my favorite form of          feelings and spiritual experience. Of far more importance is the
worship.                                                               need to understand the Christian faith and have proper doctrine.
 God is an exciting God, and we should be excited about            ___	 The words concepts and truth are very appealing to me.
worshiping Him. I don’t                                                      ___
 I feel close to God when I participate in several hours of
      understand how some Christians can say they love God, and        uninterrupted study time- reading God’s Word or good Christian
then act like they’re going                                            books and then perhaps having an opportunity to teach (or
      to a funeral whenever they walk into church.                     participate in a discussion with) a small group.
      ___	 The words celebration and joy are very appealing to               ___	 A book on church dogmatics would be appealing to me.
me.                                                                          ___	 I spend more money on books than on music tapes.
      ___	 I would enjoy attending a workshop on learning to                 ___	 The total of your answers
worship through dance or attending several worship sessions with
contemporary music. I expect that God is going to move in some         What were your scores for each spiritual
unexpected ways.
      ___	 I would enjoy reading the book The Mystery and
Excitement of Walking with God.                                        ___ Naturalist 	 	 ___ Sensate
      ___	 I spend more money on music and worship tapes than          ___ Traditionalist	 ___ Ascetic
on books. ___	The total of your answers
                                                                       ___ Activist 	 	 	 ___ Caregiver
8. COMTEMPLATIVE- adoration: emotions, presence,                       ___ Enthusiast 	 	 ___ Contemplative
   friendship with God                                                 ___ Intellectual
 I feel closest to God when my emotions are awakened,
when God quietly touches my heart, tells me that He loves me,
and makes me feel like I’m His closest friend. I would rather be

                                     Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
  I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                           PAGE   20

                  Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                        TEST # 2:SACRED PATHWAYS RESULTS
                                                         How do you best relate to God?

NATURALISTS                                                              SENSATES
Loving God Out Of Doors                                                  Loving God With the Senses

DESCRIPTION                                                              DESCRIPTION
      “Where we worship can have a profound impact on the                      “Sensate Christians want to be lost in the awe, beauty, and
quality of our worship. The naturalist seeks to leave the formal         splendor of God. They are drawn particularly to the liturgical, the
architecture and the padded pews to enter an entirely new                majestic, the grand. When these Christians worship, they want to
“cathedral”, a place that God himself has built: the out- of-            be filled with sights, sounds, and smells that overwhelm them.
doors.” (36)                                                             Incense, intricate architecture, classical music, and formal
      “...the Bible is meant to be read outside...The phrase “river of   language send their hearts soaring.” These Christians delight in
life” seems quaint when the words are projected up on a wall; but        sensuous onslaught. “The five senses are God’s most effective
its power is nearly overwhelming when you stand by a swiftly             inroad to their hearts.” (23,24)
flowing river.”                                                                 “Truth must be embodied to be realized. It must be
      “God is made known to us ‘by the creation, preservation, and       incorporated to be understood. No religious movement has ever
government of the universe; which is before our eyes as a most           been forceful or popular without a rich corporeality: an image, a
elegant book, wherein all creatures great and small, are as so           rite, a creed, a feeling, a feast, or vision or a sacrament has always
many characters leading us to see clearly the invisible things of        been used to embody its truth.” (55, quoted from Von Ogden
God.” (40, from the Reformed tradition’s Belgic confession)              Vogt.)
      “...the mending and binding so necessary to heal our stress              “Biblical accounts of the glory of God in the heavens are
filled lives may flow through creation. For the spiritually oppressed      elaborate affairs, and rarely quiet.” (52)
or the socially injured, a pleasing or quiet natural environment               “Because some very helpful activities in the history of the
can help provide a spiritual release. Resting by a clear, free-          church (i.e. walking the stations of the cross, using incense, and
running river or sitting on a sunny slope in blooming desert             other such activities) have occasionally become polluted or
grassland can bring peace and joy into very clouded souls.” (42,         separated from a vibrant faith, some Christians have thrown most
from Susan Power Bratton) “Earth’s crammed with heaven and               of them away. We have cut too far, however, amputation the arm
every common bush afire with God. But only he who sees takes              because we fear an infection in the fingers.” (58, 59)
off his shoes and the rest sit around it and pick blackberries.” (44,          “Using our bodies to glorify God is much better response
from Elizabeth Barrett browning)                                         than denying the role of the body in worship.” ( 67, from Vogt)

SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES                                                     CAUTIONS
     1. Take your Bible outside and read it; meditate while                   A sensate needs to use discernment when listening to
feasting your eyes and spirit on natural beauty 2. Rest 3.Worship        beautiful music, looking at beautiful art, participating in sensually
as the dawn breaks 4.. Go for a walk                                     fulfilling worship. Not all that is beautiful is of God. Don’t deprive
                                                                         yourself of corporate worship just because the building or music
WELL KNOWN NATURALISTS                                                   or form of the service isn’t beautiful to you.
     St. Francis of Assisi, Jonathan Edwards, Bernard of
Clairvaux, Charles Haddon Spurgon, Susan Power Bratton,                  WELL KNOWN SENSATES
Pamela Reeve                                                                Madeleine L’Engle; Mozart; Handel;

SCRIPTURES TO PONDER                                                     SCRIPTURE TO PONDER
    Psa. 29; 23; 84; Isa. 41:17-19; Mark 6:31-32; Jn. 4:35;                   Rev. 8:24; Deut. 6:5; Ezra 1:1-3; 1:26,27; 3:12,13; 43:3; Psa.
                                                                         45:1; Mal. 1:11; Luke 7:36-38; Rev. 1:10, 13-17; Rev. 4.

                                      Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
  I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                            PAGE   21

                  Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                         TEST # 2:SACRED PATHWAYS RESULTS
                                                          How do you best relate to God?

TRADITIONALISTS                                                           ASCETICS
Loving God Through Ritual and Symbol                                      Loving God in Solitude and Simplicity

DESCRIPTION                                                               DESCRIPTION
      “Traditionalists are fed by what are often termed the historic           “Ascetics want nothing more than to be left alone in prayer.
dimensions of faith: rituals, symbols, sacraments, and sacrifice.          Take away the liturgy, the trappings of religion, the noise of the
These Christians tend to have a disciplined life of faith. Some           outside world. Let there be nothing to distract them – no pictures,
may be seen by others as legalists, defining their faith largely by        no loud music – and leave them alone to pray in silence and
matters of conduct....Traditionalists have a need for ritual and          simplicity.
structure.” (24)                                                               Ascetics live a fundamentally internal existence. Even when
      “Many of the religious obligations I had felt ‘delivered from’      they are part of a group of people, they might seem to be isolated
in my own youth, I later discovered as potential avenues of               from the others. ...uncomfortable in an environment that keeps
spiritual growth. Instead of feeling delivered, I felt cheated, as if I   them from ‘listening to the quiet’.” (25)
had been taught to live the Christian life without being given                 “It is in these dark, intense, lonely times that ascetics’ souls
something very helpful to assist me.” (93)                                awaken.” (97)
      “Rituals provide structure for our faith. Once we learn to use           “Ascetics live strict lives of self-denial so that they would be
them, traditionalists can also incorporate the use of symbols,            free to contemplate God.” (102)
which provide meaning.” (81)                                                   “True ascetics are strict with themselves but treat others with
      “Some people react to the word, religion, like a child reacts to    supernatural gentleness.” (103)
the work, bedtime. They rightly fear a form of faith that has no               “...modern ascetics...don’t have time to find a desert to
substance, so they stress Christianity is a relationship, not a           express our faith; inner detachment allows us to find a lonely
religion. However, in the context of a true faith, religious practices    desert in the midst of the busiest city.” (100) “He (St. Francis)
and rituals can be a powerful force for good – a friend, not an           devoured fasting as a man devours food. He plunged after poverty
enemy, of a rich and growing relationship with God.” (70)                 as men have dug madly for gold.” (100)
      “Imbued with a vibrant faith, the repetition of ritual is a
powerful force for good. Without present attention, however, ritual       CAUTIONS
becomes an empty exercise that floods our souls with                           An ascetic will need to be intentional in seeking out other
insincerity.” (91)                                                        Christians with whom to fellowship. We need feedback from our
                                                                          brothers and sisters to be able to see ourselves clearly.
     Do not let the form of your worship become an idol. If any           WELL KNOWN ASCETICS
other way to worship seems “wrong”, you may want to explore                   Michael Card, John the Baptist, Daniel, Jerome, St. Francis
just why this is.                                                         of Assisi

WELL KNOWN TRADITIONALISTS                                                SCRIPTURES TO PONDER
   Kathleen Norris; Walt Wangerin; Clement of Alexandria;                     Num. 6; Isa. 64:6; Dan. 9:3; Joel 1:13-14; 2:12; Zech. 7:1-10;
Bonhoeffer                                                                Mt. 4:1; 6:5-6, 16-17; 14:13, 22-23; Mt. 26:36-39; Mk. 1:35;
                                                                          6:30-32; 14:32-36; Lk. 22:39-46; Jn. 17
      Gen. 12:7,8; Ex. 25:40; 40:12-15; Lev. 10:8-11; Num.
15:37-40; 21:4-9; Josh. 1:8; 2 Kings 18:4; Ezra 8:32, 35; Neh. 8:3;
Jer. 7:4-7; Amos 5:21-24; Mt. 23:27; Lk. 4:16; Acts 3:1; 10; 16:13;
21:26; Rom. 3:25; 8:3; Col. 2; 16-17; I Tim. 4:1-5

                                       Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
  I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                             PAGE    22

                   Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                         TEST # 2:SACRED PATHWAYS RESULTS
                                                          How do you best relate to God?

ACTIVIST                                                                  CAREGIVER
Loving God Through Confrontation                                          Loving God by Loving Others

DESCRIPTION                                                               DESCRIPTION
     “Activists serve a God of justice, ...their favorite Scripture is          ““Caregivers serve God by serving others. They often claim
often the account of Jesus cleansing the temple. They define               to see Christ in the poor and needy, and their faith is built up by
worship as standing against evil and calling sinners to repentance.       interacting with other people. Such Christians may (consider) the
     Activists may adopt either social or evangelistic causes, but        devotional lives of contemplatives and enthusiasts (to be)
they find their home in the rough-and-tumble world of                      selfish. ...caring for others...recharges a caregiver’s batteries.” (27)
confrontation. They are energized more by interaction with                      “Mother Teresa ...looked behind the eyes of the poor, the
others, even in conflict, than by being alone or in small                  sick, and the needy, and said she saw the image of God. She
groups.” (26)                                                             learned to love God by loving others.” (135) “For caregivers,
     “Activists...are spiritually nourished through the battle.” (121)    giving care isn’t a chore but a form of worship. Martyrs need not
“The true activist lives for God and for His love alone.” (124)           apply.”(135)
                                                                                “Some Christians will have a particular gift and calling for
CAUTIONS                                                                  (caregiving). These acts of mercy are a very practical way for
     Activists tend to see the world and its issues in ‘black and         them to show their love for God, but also to grow in their love for
white’ “...There is only one kind of person who can fight the              God. Caregivers may hear God more clearly when they change
Lord’s battles in anywhere near a proper way, and that is the             an adult’s diaper than when they sit quietly in prayer.” (149)
person who by nature is unbelligerant; at least it looks that way.              “Caregiving is not a license to judge others who serve God in
The world must observe that, when we must differ with each other          different ways...all Christians are called to care for others...there
as true Christians, we do it not because we love the smell of the         are different ways this obligation can be fulfilled... it is not for us
bullfight, but because we must for Christ’s sake.” (121)                   to judge the validity of someone else’s worship.” (146)
     “The church has frequently had an uneasy relationship with
activists and prophets. We fondly remember those who have died,           CAUTIONS
but often loathe those who are still living.” (132)                            “Caregiving as a temperament means we express our love to
     The ‘shadow-side’ to this temperament shows itself in acerbic        God be reaching out to others; it’s the picture of a heart
tactlessness, running roughshod over others, not waiting for God          overflowing with love and spilling out onto those around us.
or seeking discernment.                                                   Caregiving as a disease is actually an act of taking; it’s an act of
                                                                          deception, loving others so that they will love or need us in
WELL KNOWN ACTIVISTS                                                      return.” (147)
    Franky Schaeffer, Elizabeth Fry, Lord Shaftesbury, William                 “Activists and caregivers may have more in common that you
Wilberforce, John Wesley, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Charles                 might think... both can work together – one to help solve the
Colson, Elijah, Peter, Habakkuk; Josh McDowell; Rush                      underlying problem, the other to give comfort until the problem is
Limbaugh; James Dobson; Martin Luther King Jr.; Franklin                  addressed.” (147)
                                                                          WELL KNOWN CAREGIVERS
SCRIPTURES TO PONDER                                                         Henri Nouwen, Mother Teresa, Mordecai,
    Psa. 7; 68; 10; Pr. 24:11-12; Ezek. 33:1-20;
                                                                          SCRIPTURES TO PONDER
                                                                               Esther. 2:11; 4:1; 4:13-14; 8:7-8; Ezek. 16:49; Story of the
                                                                          Good Samaritan; I John 3:14,17; Phil. 2:4; Heb. 6:10; Jas. 1:27; I
                                                                          Pet. 4:9-10; Mt. 25:35-36; Jas. 1:27

                                      Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
  I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                           PAGE    23

                   Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                           TEST # 2:SACRED PATHWAYS RESULTS
                                                         How do you best relate to God?

ENTHUSIASTS                                                               CONTEMPLATIVES
Loving God with Mystery and Celebration                                   Loving God Through Adoration

DESCRIPTION                                                               DESCRIPTION
     “Excitement and mystery in worship is the spiritual lifeblood              “Contemplatives refer to God as their lover, and images of a
of enthusiasts. ...enthusiasts are inspired by joyful celebration...      loving Father and Bridegroom predominate their view of
cheerleaders for God and the Christian life. Let them clap their          God. ...The focus is not necessarily on serving God, doing His
hands, shout ‘Amen!’ and dance in their excitement, that’s all they       will, accomplishing great things in His name, or even obeying
ask. ...They don’t want to just know concepts, but to experience          God. Rather, these Christians seek to love God with the purest,
them, to feel them, and to be moved by them.”(28) “Enthusiasts            deepest, and brightest love imaginable.” (28)
enjoy a celebratory form of worship as well as many of the more                 “...holding hands with God. ...we gaze lovingly at our
supernatural forms of faith. to let go and experience God         heavenly Father and have our heart’s delight satisfied. ...
on the precipice of excitement and awe.” (152)                            (Contemplatives) want nothing more than some privacy and quiet
                                                                          to gaze upon the face of their heavenly Lover and give all of
CAUTIONS                                                                  themselves to God.” (181)
      “The necessity of maturity will probably lead virtually every
enthusiast through (the) canyon of unanswered prayer, where               CAUTIONS
expectancy runs dry and the only mystery seems to be where God                  “Healthy contemplatives will understand that rich human
is hiding.” (162) “In the midst of a celebration it’s easy to forget      relationships are a way to enjoy God’s love, just as is solitary and
how fearful and awesome                                                   intimate prayer. ...God can reveal Himself to us just as much in a
      God is. Without reverence, however, celebration degenerates         conversation with a fellow believer as He can when we are on our
into shallow triviality.” (165) “Just because we feel good during a       knees in prayer.” (189)
time of worship doesn’t mean we have offered up our will in an                  “Some forms of contemplation wander form the folds of
appropriate manner...just because we feel down or ‘flat’ doesn’t           orthodox Christianity... we should beware of any meditation that
mean we aren’t effectively worshiping God.” (170) “Enthusiasts by         calls our ego to somehow be absorbed into God rather than
temperament are particularly fed by such experience (and) long to         talking about relating to God.”(189) “Contemplatives must move
preserve the mystery of faith. Accepting the mystery of faith has         beyond mere an alignment of our will and
both its strengths and its dangers, for while there is much mystery       obedience into conformity with Christ.” (190)
and supernatural activity in Scripture, there are also strong
warnings against improper manifestations of what is popularly             WELL KNOWN CONTEMPLATIVES
called ‘spirituality’.” (154)                                                 Mary of Bethany, Dr. James Houston (professor at Regent
                                                                          College, Vancouver, B.C.); St, Teresa of Avila; Thomas Merton;
WELL KNOWN ENTHUSIASTS                                                    Thomas Aquinas; Augustine, Julian of Norwich, King David
     Ann Kiemel Anderson, King David, Graham Kendrick; Zig
Ziglar; Barbara Johnson; James Robertson; Swindoll; hayford;              SCRIPTURES TO PONDER
                                                                              Psa. 63; 116; 73; Song of Songs; Isa. 41; 49; 59; 61; Jer. 2:2;
SCRIPTURES TO PONDER                                                      Mt. 26: 6-13; Luke 10:38-42; John 14-17
     I Chron. 13:8; 15:16; 16; II Chron. 29:26; Luke 19:37-40;
Acts 16:25; Eph. 5:18- 19; Acts 3:7; I Cor. 14:40; Acts 8:9-24;

                                          Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
  I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                               PAGE   24

                  Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                        TEST # 2:SACRED PATHWAYS RESULTS
                                                         How do you best relate to God?

Loving God with the Mind

      “Intellectuals...are likely to be studying...doctrines like
Calvinism, infant baptism, ordination of women, and
predestination. These Christians live in the world of concepts.
      “When intellectuals’ minds are awakened, when they
understand something new about God or His ways with His
children, then their adoration is unleashed. (They) may feel closest
to God when they first understand something new about Him.
(20) intellectual can spend long seasons contemplating a
challenging verse or concept.” (194)
      “Intellectuals remind us of the high calling of loving God
with our mind. ...The Bible is emphatic that our mind is one of
the key elements that we can use to love God.” (194)
      “The Levites were released from other duties so they could
function in the one duty of studying and teaching – loving God
with the mind.” (196)
      “The sermon...does not follow or precede worship – it is
worship.” (196)
      “Scripture tells us our first search, our primary calling, is to
get wisdom and understanding.” (197)
      “There comes a point when we stop teaching and start
arguing. It’s a fine line, but we need to make sure we don’t cross
it.” (209)

    Dr. J. I. Packer; Dr. R. C. Sproul; C. S. Lewis; Dorothy
Sayers, Charles Williams, J.R.R. Tolkein; Elizabeth Elliot; Calvin;
Plantinga; Eugene Peterson; Colson; Gary Thomas; Bonhoeffer.

     Deut. 33:10; I Ki. 4:29-34; Psa. 49; Pr. 1:5-7; 2:3-4; 4:7; Mt.
22:37; I Cor. 13: 2-3; I Tim. 1:3-7; 6;4,5; II Tim. 2:23-25; Titus
3:9-11; Luke 2: 46-47, 52; James 3:1

                                      Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
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              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                                           1 Corinthians 12-14

                                    DISCOVERING YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS
You are just beginning the process of discovering your spiritual gifts. As you reflect on the gifts you have tentatively
identified through the questionnaire, try to discern which ones truly are, or are not, your gifts. To do so, follow this five-
step approach:

    1. EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES: Read through the three key chapters in the scriptures dealing with spiritual gifts (1
        Corinthians 12, Romans 12, Ephesians 4). Learn what the gifts are, what characterizes them, and how they function in the
        Body of Christ, so that you can have something concrete to look for as you move ahead.

    2. EXPERIMENT WITH AS MANY GIFTS AS POSSIBLE: The spiritual gifts analysis which you have just completed has
        helped you experiment with different gifts. Your feelings, reactions, and general outlook on the gifts were measured as you
        worked through the discovery questionnaire. Now you need to experiment further with the gifts you pinpointed in the
        analysis. Unless you try the gifts this analysis has revealed, you will have a hard time knowing whether you really have them
        or not. Get involved in a ministry activity that will let you tryout these gifts.

    3. EXAMINE YOUR FEELINGS: Since God has put the body together, you will feel fulfilled when functioning in the proper
        area. Thus, if you enjoy your attempts to use a particular gift, that is a good sign that you possess it. If, however, you dislike
        the service activities associated with a certain gift, that is a fairly good sign that you do not have it.

    4. EVALUATE YOUR EFFECTIVENESS: Since spiritual gifts are designed to benefit others, you should see positive results
        as you use your gift(s). If you see no results when you experiment with a particular gift, you probably do not have that gift.
        But it could be that you did not give it a fair try, or that it will simply take time for you to learn to use the gift effectively. As
        you evaluate, pray for the courage to be honest with yourself and with your Lord.

    5. EXPECT CONFIRMATION FROM THE BODY: You cannot discover, develop and use a gift all on your own. Gifts are
        given to build up other members of the Body. If you have a gift, other Christians will recognize it and confirm it. If you feel
        that you have a particular gift but no one else agrees with you, then you should take a closer look at yourself and re-

	       If you have been a Christian for a few years, you should use your personal experiences as the basis for your
responses. If you consider yourself to be a new Christian, then your responses should be based on how well each
statement describes the desire of your heart (even if you have not yet done what the statement talks about).
	       Please keep in mind that this test was written by people, not by God, and as such it is certainly imperfect. It
should be used as a starting place to begin to discover your Spiritual Gifts, but not as an absolute indicator. The test may
not always indicate your true Spiritual Gifts. It is just one tool in what should be a life long search for how God has
blessed you so you can be a blessing to others.

       Use the Spiritual Gifts score sheet to score you answer to each question. Select a value 0-4 that the statement
best describes your life. 0 – Not at all 1 – Little 2 – Moderately 3 – Considerable 4 – Strongly. On the spiritual gifts score
sheet there is a cell in the table that corresponds to a statement on the following sheet. Example: You would place you
answer to statement 1. in the top left corner of the table. When you are finished you will total you answers horizontally.
Then see the following pages to see which gifts correspond to which letters. Example: A=Helps.
                                   Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
  I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                              PAGE    26

                  Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                             TEST # 3: SPIRITUAL GIFTS DISCOVERY QUESTIONS
                                                                1 Corinthians 12-14

1.    I enjoy working behind the scenes, taking care of little details.
2.    I usually step forward and assume leadership in a group where none exists.
3.    I enjoy cheerfully providing food and a place to stay for those in need.
4.    I have the ability to recognize a need, and get the job done, no matter how trivial the task.
5.    I have the ability to organize ideas, people and projects to reach a specific goal.
6.    People often say I have good spiritual judgment.
7.    I am very confident of achieving great things for the glory of God.
8.    I am asked to sing or play a musical instrument at church functions.
9.    God has used me to communicate the gospel in a language unknown to me.
10.   Through my prayers God has made the impossible possible.
11.   I have an ability to use my hands in a creative way to design and build things.
12.   I have in the power of Jesus cured people's illnesses.
13.   I enjoy giving money to those in serious financial need.
14.   I enjoy ministering to people in hospitals, prisons, or rest homes to comfort them.
15.   I often have insights that offer practical solutions to difficult problems.
16.   I have understood issues or problems in the church and seen answers when others didn't.
17.   I enjoy encouraging and giving counsel to those who are discouraged.
18.   I have an ability to thoroughly study a passage of scripture, and then share it with others.
19.   I presently have the responsibility for the spiritual growth of one or more young Christians.
20.   Other people respect me as an authority in spiritual matters.
21.   I have an ability to learn foreign languages.
22.   I have ability in the area of communication and public speaking, and people enjoy listening to me.
23.   I enjoy spending time with non-Christians, especially with hopes of telling them about Jesus.
24.   I enjoy praying for long periods of time.
25.   I would like to assist the Pastors or other leaders so they will have more time to accomplish their essential and priority ministries.
26.   I am often chosen as the leader in a group of people.
27.   I enjoy entertaining guests and making them feel "at home" when they visit.
28.   I enjoy serving others, no matter how simple or little the task.
29.   I am a very organized person who sets goals and makes plans to reach them.
30.   I am a good judge of character, and can spot a spiritual phony.
31.   I believe God could cause any church to grow to 10,000 people.
32.   I believe I could sing well in the choir.
33.   Praying in tongues is personally meaningful to me in my prayer life.
34.   God has used me to make things happen which were far beyond human means.
35.   I enjoy doing things like woodworking, crocheting, sewing, metal work, stained glass, etc.
36.   I have seen my prayers heal people.
37.   I joyfully give money to the church well above my tithe.
38.   I feel compassion for people who are hurting and lonely, and like to spend considerable time with them to cheer them up.
39.   God has enabled me to choose correctly between several complex options in an important decision, when no one else knows what to do.
40.   I enjoy studying difficult questions about God's Word, and I am able to find answers easier and quicker than others.
41.   People often tell me their problems, and I encourage them.
42.   When a question arises from a difficult Biblical passage, I am motivated to research the answer.
43.   I take an active role in protecting Christians from worldly influences that would hinder their spiritual growth and weaken their faith.
44.   I would be willing and excited to start a new church.
45.   I can adapt easily to culture, language, and life-style, other than my own, and would like to use my adaptability to minister in foreign countries.
46.   I will always speak up for Christian principles even when what I say isn't popular and people think I'm narrow-minded or hard-headed.
47.   I find it easy to invite a person to accept Jesus as their Savior.
48.   I pray at least one half hour daily for other people, believing God to answer my prayers.
49.   I enjoy relieving others of routine tasks so they can get special projects done.
50.   I don't mind asking others to accomplish an important ministry for the church.
51.   Our home is often used for parties and social activities.
52.   I am very dependable for getting things done on time, and I don't need much praise and thanks.

                                       Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
   I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                          PAGE   27

                Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                           TEST # 3: SPIRITUAL GIFTS DISCOVERY QUESTIONS
                                                              1 Corinthians 12-14

53. I easily delegate significant responsibilities to other people.
54. I am able to distinguish between right and wrong in complex spiritual matters, that other people can't seem to figure out.
55. I often step out and start projects that other people won't attempt, and the projects are usually successful.
56. I believe I could sing in the choir and be an important part of the worship service.
57. I am very comfortable in a worship service where people are speaking and praying in tongues.
58. God has used me to work spectacular miracles in the lives of others.
59. I would like to make posters or decorations for church activities.
60. God has healed people because of my faith.
61. God has blessed me with the ability to make more money than I need, so I cheerfully give much to the church.
62. I want to do whatever I can for the needy people around me, even if I have to give up something.
63. People often seek my advice when they don't know what to do.
64. I have an ability to gather information from several sources to discover the answer to a question, or learn more about a subject.
65. I feel a need to challenge others to better themselves, especially in their spiritual growth, without condemning them.
66. Others listen and enjoy my teaching of scriptures.
67. I like to give of my own free time to meet others needs.
68. Other Christians accept my spiritual advice without questioning me.
69. I would like to present the gospel in a foreign language, in a country whose culture and life-style is different than my own.
70. I feel a need to speak God's message from the Bible so people will know what God expects of them.
71. Every chance I get I try to win my friends to Jesus.
72. I believe prayer is the most important thing a Christian can do.
73. I would like to do things like typing, filing, gardening, painting, etc. for the church, or helping in any way I can.
74. I can guide and manage a group of people toward achieving a specific goal.
75. I would like to use my home to get acquainted with newcomers and visitors to the church.
76. When I see a little job that needs to be accomplished, I jump right in and get it done.
77. I am able to recognize gifts and abilities in others and help them find a ministry where they are effective.
78. People come to me for help in distinguishing between spiritual truth and error.
79. I trust in God's faithfulness for a bright future, even when everything looks bad.
80. I enjoy singing, and people say I have a good voice.
81. The Holy Spirit gives me an accurate interpretation when someone speaks in an unknown language or "tongue".
82. God has blessed my prayers so that supernatural results have come from otherwise impossible situations. 	-
83. I find satisfaction in meeting people's needs by making something for them.
84. I enjoy praying for those who arc physically and emotionally ill, for God to heal them.
85. I wouldn't mind lowering my standard of living to give more to the church, and others in need.
86. When I hear of other people without jobs, who can't pay their bills, I do what I can to help them.
87. God enables me to make appropriate application of Biblical truth to practical situations.
88. I can recognize difficult Biblical truths and principles on my own, and I enjoy this.
89. People will tell me things they won't tell anyone else, and say I am easy to talk to.
90. I am organized in my thinking and systematic in my approach to presenting Bible lessons to a group of people,
91. I enjoy working with people, and desire to help them be the best person they can for the Lord.
92. I am accepted as a spiritual authority in other parts of the country or world.
93. I would like to share the gospel in foreign countries.
94. I find it relatively easy to apply Biblical promises to present day situations.
95. I would like to tell others how to become a Christian, and give them the invitation to receive Jesus in their life,
96. Many of my prayers for others have been answered by the Lord.
97. I enjoy helping others get their work done, and don't need a lot of public recognition.
98. People respect my opinion and follow my direction.
99. I feet that entertaining guests in my home is a real ministry.
100. I enjoy helping people in any type of need, and feel a sense of satisfaction in meeting that need.
101. I am comfortable making important decisions, even under pressure.
102. I can sense when a speaker is empowered by the Holy Spirit or just bringing glory to himself.
103. I often exercise my faith through prayer, and God answers my prayers in exciting ways.
104. I believe the Lord could use me in the choir to deliver a message through song.

                                     Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
   I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                           PAGE   28

                  Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                         TEST # 3: SPIRITUAL GIFTS DEFINITIONS
                                                                   1 Corinthians 12-14

105. I have spoken in a language unknown to me, and a mature Christian interpreted, bringing a blessing to those who heard.
106. God uses me to work miracles for the glory of His kingdom.
107. People say I am gifted with my hands.
108. People often seek me out to pray for their physical healing.
109. When I give money to someone I don't expect anything in return, and often give anonymously.
110. I enjoy working with the "unfortunate" and the "have-nots" who are usually ignored by most people.
111. People usually do what I recommend, and remember advice I have shared with them.
112. People have come under conviction from my insights of scripture and their application to daily life.
113. I enjoy encouraging discouraged people so much that I sometimes neglect other responsibilities because I am spending so much time with
114. I get excited thinking about the opportunity to share broad concepts and details about scripture which are relevant to daily life, in a Sunday
     school class.
115. I help Christians who have wandered away from the Lord find their way back to a growing relationship with Him.
116. I would be excited to share the gospel and form new groups of Christians in areas where there aren't many churches.
117. I have no racial prejudice, and have a sincere appreciation for people very different from myself.
118. I feel God's blessing, power and anointing when speaking publicly His message.
119. I have a strong desire to help non-Christians find salvation through Jesus Christ.
120. Prayer is my favorite ministry in the church, and I spend a great deal of time at it.

                                                                   Gift Definitions
     The following contains suggested definitions of the spiritual gifts. While not meant to be dogmatic or final, these definitions and supporting
                      scriptures do correspond to characteristics of the gifts as expressed in the Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire.
A=Helps - The ability to invest the talents one has in the life and ministry of other members of the body, thus enabling those others to increase the
effectiveness of their own spiritual gifts.
References:1 Corinthians 12:28, Acts 9:36, Mark 15:40-41, Romans 16:1-2
B=Leadership - The ability to set goals in accordance with God's purpose for the future and to communicate those goals to others in such a way
that they voluntarily and harmoniously work together to accomplish those goals for the glory of God.
References: Romans 12:8, 1 Timothy 5:17, Acts 15:7-11, Hebrews 13:17
C=Hospitality - The ability to provide an open house and a warm welcome to those in need of food and lodging.
References: 1 Peter 4:9, Romans 12:9-13, Hebrews 13:1-2, Acts 16:14-15, Romans 16:23
D=Service - The ability to identify the unmet needs involved in a task related to God's work, and to make use of available resources to meet those
needs and help accomplish the desired results.
References: Romans 12:7, Galatians 6:2, Acts 6:1-7, 2 Timothy 1:16-18
E=Administration - The ability to understand clearly the immediate and long-range goals of a particular unit of the body of Christ and to
devise and execute effective plans for the accomplishment of those goals.
References: 1 Corinthians 12:28, Acts 6:1-7
F=Discernment - The ability to know with assurance whether certain behavior purported to be of God is in reality divine, human or satanic.
The purpose of this gift is to prevent confusion and false teaching from infiltrating the church.
References: 1 Corinthians 12:10, Acts 16:16-18, Acts 5:1-11, 1 John 4:1-6
G=Faith - The ability to discern with extraordinary confidence the will and purpose of God, and to propel the body of believers into actively
claiming the promises of the Lord.
References: 1 Corinthians 12:9, Romans 4:18-21, Hebrews 11
H=Music - The special ability to lead others in worship of God through music. Some may consider this a natural talent, but they too are gifts
from God.
References: Psalm 92:1-4, 1 Chronicles 16:4-7

                                         Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
   I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                         PAGE   29

                  Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                         TEST # 3: SPIRITUAL GIFTS DEFINITIONS
                                                                   1 Corinthians 12-14

                                                           Gift Definitions Continued
H=Language/Tongues - The ability to speak a divinely-anointed message in a language one has never learned, but known to the hearers. Its'
purpose being, an evangelistic tool used for the purpose of spreading the gospel.
References: 1 Corinthians 12:10, Mark 16: 17, Acts 10:44-46, 1 Corinthians 14, Acts 2:1-13, Acts 19:1-7
J=Miracles - The ability to serve as human intermediaries through whom it pleases God to perform powerful acts that are perceived by observers
to have altered the ordinary course of nature.
References: 1 Corinthians 12:10, 28, Acts 20:7-12, Acts 9:36-42, Romans 15:18-19
K=Craftsmanship - The special ability to enhance the worship of God and serve the body of Christ through art and craft. Some may consider
this a natural talent, but they too are gifts of God. References: 1 Kings 7:13-51
L=Healing - The ability to serve as human intermediary through whom God's healing power is applied to another person's physical or emotional
need. References: 1 Corinthians 12:9, 28, Acts 5:12-16, Acts 3:1-10, Acts 9:32-35
M=Giving - The ability to contribute material resources to the work of the Lord with liberality and cheerfulness.
References: Romans 12:8, 2 Corinthians 8:1-15, Mark 12:41-44, 2 Corinthians 9:2-8
N=Mercy - The ability to feel genuine empathy and compassion for individuals who suffer distressing physical, mental or emotional problems, and
to translate that compassion into cheerfully-done deeds with Christ's love and alleviate the sufferings. References: Romans 12:8, Luke 10:25-35
O=Wisdom - The ability to apply spiritual truth to a specific issue in an especially relevant fashion, and to make proper choices in difficult
situations, based on sufficient information.
References: 1 Corinthians 12:8, James 3:13-16, Acts 17:16-34, 2 Peter 3:15
P=Knowledge - The ability to discover, accumulate, analyze and clarify information which is pertinent to the growth and well-being of the body.
References: 1 Corinthians 12:8, Acts 5:1-11, Colossians 2:2-3
Q=Exhortation - The ability to minister words of encouragement, consolation, comfort and motivation from God's Word to help others complete
their tasks and be all that God wants them to be. References: Romans 12:8, 1 Timothy 4:13, Acts 14:22, Hebrews 10:24-25
R=Teaching - The ability to employ a logical, systematic approach to biblical study and to communicate information relevant to the health and
ministry of the body and its' members in such a way that others will learn.
References: Romans 12:7, Acts 18:24-28, Ephesians 4:11-14, 1 Corinthians 12:28, Acts 20:20-21
S=Pastor/Shepherd - The ability to assume a long-term personal responsibility for the spiritual welfare of a group of believers.
References: Ephesians 4:11-14, John 10:1-18, 1 Peter 5:1-3, Ezekiel 34, 1 Timothy 3:1-7
T=Apostle - The ability to assume and exercise general leadership over a number of churches, with an extraordinary authority in spiritual matters
which is spontaneously recognized and appreciated by those churches.
References: 1 Corinthians 12:28, 2 Corinthians 12:12, Ephesians 3:1-9, Acts 15:1-2, Galatians 2:7-10, Ephesians 4:11-14
U=Missionary - The ability that God gives to some members of the Body of Christ to minister whatever other spiritual gifts they have in a
second culture. References: Matthew 28:18-20, Ephesians 3:7-12, Acts 1:8, Acts 15:3, 4
V=Prophecy - The ability to proclaim the Word of God with divine anointing, which brings conviction to the hearers so they recognize that it is
truly the Word of God and they must do something about it.
References: 1 Corinthians 12:10, Acts 7:51-54, Acts 2:37-40, 1 Corinthians 14:1, 3, 29
W=Evangelism - The ability to share the gospel with unbelievers in such a way that men and women become Jesus' disciples and responsible
members of the body of Christ. References: Ephesians 4:11-14, Acts 14:21, Acts 8:5-6; 26-40, Acts 21:8
X=Intercession - The ability to pray for extended periods of time on a regular basis and see frequent and specific answers to their prayers, to a
degree much greater than that which is expected of the average Christian
References: Hebrews 11:6, I John 5:14, 15, Romans 8:26

                                         Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                       PAGE   30

       Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                         1 Corinthians 12-14

                0 – Not at all                      3 – Considerable
                1 – Little                          4 – Strongly
                2 – Moderately

 Answers                                                         Total          Row   Gift
 1         25         49            73             97                           A.
 2         26         50            74             98                           B.
 3         27         51            75             99                           C.
 4         28         52            76             100                          D.
 5         29         53            77             101                          E.
 6         30         54            78             102                          F.
 7         31         55            79             103                          G.
 8         32         56            80             104                          H.
 9         33         57            81             105                          I.
 10        34         58            82             106                          J.
 11        35         59            83             107                          K.
 12        36         60            84             108                          L.
 13        37         61            85             109                          M.
 14        38         62            86             110                          N.
 15        39         63            87             111                          O.
 16        40         64            88             112                          P.
 17        41         65            89             113                          Q.
 18        42         66            90             114                          R.
 19        43         67            91             115                          S.
 20        44         68            92             116                          T.
 21        45         69            93             117                          U.
 22        46         70            94             118                          V.
 23        47         71            95             119                          W.
 24        48         72            96             120                          X.

                    Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
  I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                              PAGE   31

                Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                             SUMMARY OF IDENTITY TEST
                                                          What have you learned?

                                                  Five Love Language Summary
What were your top two love languages?

1.________________________________	                                  2.________________________________
What did you learn about yourself from the love language test?

                                                    Sacred Pathways Summary
What were your top two ways you relate to God?

1.________________________________	                                  2.________________________________
Now knowing how you best relate to God, what will change in your life?

                                                      Spiritual Gifts Summary
What we your top three Spiritual Gifts?

1.________________________________	                                  2.________________________________

What we your bottom three Spiritual Gifts?

1.________________________________	                                  2.________________________________

How could you use your gifts today to serve the Body of Christ? Will you?

                                                     Meyers-Briggs Summary
What did you learn about your personality that you didn’t know before?

What part of your personality do you need to better develop to have a complete rounded personality?

                                    Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                                                 PAGE    32

                Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                              This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

                                                      absence of this awareness, the ENTJ will be a                         ENTJs love to interact with people. As
ENTJ Overview:Ryan                                    forceful, intimidating and overbearing                         Extroverts, they're energized and stimulated
      The Executive                                   individual. This may be a real problem for the                 primarily externally. There's nothing more
       As an ENTJ, your primary mode of               ENTJ, who may be deprived of important                         enjoyable and satisfying to the ENTJ than
living is focused externally, where you deal          information and collaboration from others. In                  having a lively, challenging conversation. They
with things rationally and logically. Your            their personal world, it can make some ENTJs                   especially respect people who are able to stand
secondary mode is internal, where you take            overbearing as spouses or parents.                             up to the ENTJ, and argue persuasively for
things in primarily via your intuition.                       The ENTJ has a tremendous amount of                    their point of view. There aren't too many
       ENTJs are natural born leaders. They           personal power and presence which will work                    people who will do so, however, because the
live in a world of possibilities where they see all   for them as a force towards achieving their                    ENTJ is a very forceful and dynamic presence
sorts challenges to be surmounted, and they           goals. However, this personal power is also an                 who has a tremendous amount of self-
want to be the ones responsible for                   agent of alienation and self-aggrandizement,                   confidence and excellent verbal
surmounting them. They have a drive for               which the ENTJ would do well to avoid.                         communication skills. Even the most confident
leadership, which is well-served by their                     ENTJs are very forceful, decisive                      individuals may experience moments of self-
quickness to grasp complexities, their ability to     individuals. They make decisions quickly, and                  doubt when debating a point with an ENTJ.
absorb a large amount of impersonal                   are quick to verbalize their opinions and                             ENTJs want their home to be beautiful,
information, and their quick and decisive             decisions to the rest of the world. The ENTJ                   well-furnished, and efficiently run. They're
judgments. They are "take charge" people.             who has not developed their Intuition will                     likely to place much emphasis on their children
       ENTJs are very career-focused, and fit          m a k e d e c i s i o n s t o o h a s t i l y, w i t h o u t   being well-educated and structured, to desire a
into the corporate world quite naturally. They        understanding all of the issues and possible                   congenial and devoted relationship with their
are constantly scanning their environment for         solutions. On the other hand, an ENTJ who                      spouse. At home, the ENTJ needs to be in
potential problems which they can turn into           has not developed their Thinking side will have                charge as much as he or she does in their
solutions. They generally see things from a           difficulty applying logic to their insights, and                career. The ENTJ is likely best paired with
long-range perspective, and are usually               will often make poor decisions. In that case,                  someone who has a strong self-image, who is
successful at identifying plans to turn problems      they may have brilliant ideas and insight into                 also a Thinking type. Because the ENTJ is
around - especially problems of a corporate           situations, but they may have little skill at                  primarily focused on their careers, some
nature. ENTJs are usually successful in the           d e t e r m i n i n g h ow t o a c t u p o n t h e i r         ENTJs have a problem with being constantly
business world, because they are so driven to         understanding, or their actions may be                         absent from home, physically or mentally.
leadership. They're tireless in their efforts on      inconsistent. An ENTJ who has developed in a                          The ENTJ has many gifts which make it
the job, and driven to visualize where an             generally less than ideal way may become                       possible for them to have a great deal of
organization is headed. For these reasons, they       dictatorial and abrasive - intrusively giving                  personal power, if they don't forget to remain
are natural corporate leaders.                        orders and direction without a sound reason                    balanced in their lives. The are assertive,
       There is not much room for error in the        for doing so, and without consideration for the                innovative, long-range thinkers with an
world of the ENTJ. They dislike to see                people involved.                                               excellent ability to translate theories and
mistakes repeated, and have no patience with                  Although ENTJs are not naturally tuned                 possibilities into solid plans of action. They are
inefficiency. They may become quite harsh              into other people's feelings, these individuals                usually tremendously forceful personalities,
when their patience is tried in these respects,       frequently have very strong sentimental streaks.               and have the tools to accomplish whatever
because they are not naturally tuned in to            Often these sentiments are very powerful to                    goals they set out for.
people's feelings, and more than likely don't         the ENTJ, although they will likely hide it from
believe that they should tailor their judgments       general knowledge, believing the feelings to be
in consideration for people's feelings. ENTJs,        a weakness. Because the world of feelings and
like many types, have difficulty seeing things         values is not where the ENTJ naturally
from outside their own perspective. Unlike            functions, they may sometimes make value
other types, ENTJs naturally have little              judgments and hold onto submerged emotions
patience with people who do not see things the        which are ill-founded and inappropriate, and
same way as the ENTJ. The ENTJ needs to               will cause them problems - sometimes rather
consciously work on recognizing the value of          serious problems.
other people's opinions, as well as the value of
being sensitive towards people's feelings. In the

                                         Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                      PAGE   33

             Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                         This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

ENTJ Overview                                  • Enhance and encourage knowledge              things work out. They take on
                                                 and self-growth in all aspects of life       responsibility and accountability, and
                                               • Able to leave relationships without
Continued:Ryan                                   looking back                                 expect to be in charge. Their relationship
     The Executive                             • Able to turn conflict situations into         will be one based on mutual respect,
                                                 positive lessons                             constant growth and development.
ENTJ Relationships                             • Able to take constructive criticism well
                                               • Extremely high standards and                 Although two well-developed individuals
      ENTJs put a lot of effort and
                                                 expectations (both a strength and a          of any type can enjoy a healthy
enthusiasm into their relationships. Since       weakness)                                    relationship, ENTJ's natural partner is
their major quest in life is to constantly     • Usually have strong affections and
                                                 sentimental streaks                          the INTP, or the ISTP. AN ENTJ's
take in knowledge and turn that into
something useful, the ENTJ will try to         • Able to dole out discipline                  dominant function of Extraverted
                                                                                              Thinking is best-matched with a
turn everything into a learning                ENTJ Weaknesses                                personality type that is dominanted by
experience. Within the context of              • Their enthusiasm for verbal debates
                                                 can make them appear argumentative           Introverted Thinking. The ENTJ/INTP
relationships, that means they will
                                               • Tendency to be challenging and               match is ideal, because it also shares the
constantly seek knowledge and revise the         confrontational                              common Intuitive way of looking at the
rules and definitions of their                  • Tend to get involved in "win-lose"
                                                 conversations                                world, but the ENTJ/ISTP match is also
relationships. They value their
                                               • Tendency to have difficulty listening to      very good
relationships highly, especially those           others
relationships which present them with          • Tendency to be critical of opinions and
new challenges and stimulate their               attitudes which don't match their own        ENTJs generally have the
                                               • Extremely high standards and                 following traits:
learning. Such exchanges promote                 expectations (both a strength and a          •   Driven to turn theories into plans
genuine affection and satisfaction for the       weakness)                                    •   Highly value knowledge
ENTJ. Relationships which do not offer         • Not naturally in tune with people's          •   Future-oriented
                                                 feelings and reactions                       •   Natural leaders
any chances for growth or learning hold        • May have difficulty expressing love and       •   Impatient with inefficiency and
no interest to the ENTJ. As in other areas       affection, sometimes seeming awkward             incompetence
of life, the ENTJ likes to be in charge of       or inappropriate                             •   Want things structured and orderly
                                               • Can be overpowering and intimidating         •   Excellent verbal communication skills
their relationships. In conversation, they       to others                                    •   Dislike routine, detail-oriented tasks
are very direct and confrontational, and       • Tendency to want to always be in             •   Self-confident
can be highly critical and challenging           charge, rather than sharing                  •   Decisive
towards others. People involved in close       • Can be very harsh and intolerant
relationships with the ENTJ need to have         about messiness or inefficiency               Possible Career Paths for the
a good amount of personal strength. For        • Tendency to be controlling                   ENTJ:
                                               • May be slow to give praise or to realize     • Corporate Executive Officer;
those who do, the ENTJ has a                     another's need for praise                      Organization Builder
tremendous amount to offer.                    • If unhappy or underdeveloped, they           • Entrepreneur
                                                 may be very impersonal, dictatorial, or      • Computer Consultant
                                                 abrasive                                     • Lawyer
ENTJ Strengths                                 • Tendency to make hasty decisions             • Judge
                                               • Make explode with terrible tempers           • Business Administrators and Managers
• Genuinely interested in people's ideas         when under extreme stress
  and thoughts                                                                                • University Professors and
• Enthusiastic and energetic                                                                    Administrators
• Take their commitments very seriously        ENTJ as Mates
• Fair-minded and interested in doing                                                         More info at
  the Right Thing                              	     In general, the ENTJ has a lot to
• Very good with money                         offer to their intimate relationships.
• Extremely direct and straightforward         They're dedicated and enthusiastic, and
• Verbally fluent
                                               willing to put forth a lot of effort to make

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                Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                            This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

                                                          With Extraverted Feeling dominating                 All ESFJs have a natural tendency to
ESFJ Overview:Bretnee,                              their personality, ESFJs are focused on reading     want to control their environment. Their
Chris, Natalie                                      other people. They have a strong need to be         dominant function demands structure and
                                                    liked, and to be in control. They are extremely     organization, and seeks closure. ESFJs are
     The Caregiver
                                                    good at reading others, and often change their      most comfortable with structured
                                                    own manner to be more pleasing to whoever           environments. They're not likely to enjoy
       As an ESFJ, your primary mode of living
                                                    they're with at the moment.                         having to do things which involve abstract,
is focused externally, where you deal with
                                                          The ESFJ's value system is defined             theoretical concepts, or impersonal analysis.
things according to how you feel about them,
                                                    externally. They usually have very well-formed      They do enjoy creating order and structure,
or how they fit in with your personal value
                                                    ideas about the way things should be, and are       and are very good at tasks which require these
system. Your secondary mode is internal,
                                                    not shy about expressing these opinions.            kinds of skills. ESFJs should be careful about
where you take things in via your five senses in
                                                    However, they weigh their values and morals         controlling people in their lives who do not
a literal, concrete fashion.
                                                    against the world around them, rather than          wish to be controlled.
       ESFJs are people persons - they love
                                                    against an internal value system. They may                ESFJs respect and believe in the laws and
people. They are warmly interested in others.
                                                    have a strong moral code, but it is defined by       rules of authority, and believe that others
They use their Sensing and Judging
                                                    the community that they live in, rather than by     should do so as well. They're traditional, and
characteristics to gather specific, detailed
                                                    any strongly felt internal values.                  prefer to do things in the established way,
information about others, and turn this
                                                          ESFJs who have had the benefit of being        rather than venturing into unchartered
information into supportive judgments. They
                                                    raised and surrounded by a strong value             territory. Their need for security drives their
want to like people, and have a special skill at
                                                    system that is ethical and centered around          ready acceptance and adherence to the policies
bringing out the best in others. They are
                                                    genuine goodness will most likely be the            of the established system. This tendency may
extremely good at reading others, and
                                                    kindest, most generous souls who will gladly        cause them to sometimes blindly accept rules
understanding their point of view. The ESFJ's
                                                    give you the shirt off of their back without a      without questioning or understanding them.
strong desire to be liked and for everything to
                                                    second thought. For these individuals, the                An ESFJ who has developed in a less
be pleasant makes them highly supportive of
                                                    selfless quality of their personality type is        than ideal way may be prone to being quite
others. People like to be around ESFJs,
                                                    genuine and pure. ESFJs who have not had the        insecure, and focus all of their attention on
because the ESFJ has a special gift of
                                                    advantage of developing their own values by         pleasing others. He or she might also be very
invariably making people feel good about
                                                    weighing them against a good external value         controlling, or overly sensitive, imagining bad
                                                    system may develop very questionable values.        intentions when there weren't any.
       The ESFJ takes their responsibilities very
                                                    In such cases, the ESFJ most often genuinely              ESFJs incorporate many of the traits that
seriously, and is very dependable. They value
                                                    believes in the integrity of their skewed value     are associated with women in our society.
security and stability, and have a strong focus
                                                    system. They have no internal understanding         However, male ESFJs will usually not appear
on the details of life. They see before others do
                                                    of values to set them straight. In weighing         feminine at all. On the contrary, ESFJs are
what needs to be done, and do whatever it
                                                    their values against our society, they find plenty   typically quite conscious about gender roles
takes to make sure that it gets done. They
                                                    of support for whatever moral transgression         and will be most comfortable playing a role
enjoy these types of tasks, and are extremely
                                                    they wish to justify. This type of ESFJ is a        that suits their gender in our society. Male
good at them.
                                                    dangerous person indeed. Extraverted Feeling        ESFJs will be quite masculine (albeit sensitive
       ESFJs are warm and energetic. They
                                                    drives them to control and manipulate, and          when you get to know them), and female
need approval from others to feel good about
                                                    their lack of Intuition prevents them from          ESFJs will be very feminine.
themselves. They are hurt by indifference and
                                                    seeing the big picture. They're usually quite             ESFJs at their best are war m,
don't understand unkindness. They are very
                                                    popular and good with people, and good at           sympathetic, helpful, cooperative, tactful,
giving people, who get a lot of their personal
                                                    manipulating them. Unlike their ENFJ cousin,        down-to-earth, practical, thorough, consistent,
satisfaction from the happiness of others. They
                                                    they don't have Intuition to help them              organized, enthusiastic, and energetic. They
want to be appreciated for who they are, and
                                                    understand the real consequences of their           enjoy tradition and security, and will seek
what they give. They're very sensitive to others,
                                                    actions. They are driven to manipulate other        stable lives that are rich in contact with friends
and freely give practical care. ESFJs are such
                                                    to achieve their own ends, yet they believe that    and family.
caring individuals, that they sometimes have a
                                                    they are following a solid moral code of
hard time seeing or accepting a difficult truth
about someone they care about.

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              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                         This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

ESFJ Overview                                  • Need a lot of positive affirmation to         is shares the common Sensing way of
                                                 feel good about themselves                   perceiving the world, but the ESFJ/INFP
                                               • May be overly status-conscious, and
Continued:Bretnee,                               interested in how others see them            combination is also very good.
                                               • Have very difficult time accepting the
Chris, Natalie                                   end of a relationship, and are likely to
                                                 take the blame for the failure onto their    ESFJs generally have the
     The Caregiver
                                                 own shoulders                                following traits:
ESFJ Relationships                             • Have difficulty accepting negative            • Organized
      ESFJs are warm-hearted individuals         things about people close to them            • Loyal
                                               • Don't pay enough attention to their          • Can be depended on to follow things
who highly value their close personal            own needs, and may be self-sacrificing          through to completion
relationships. They are very service-          • May tend to use guilt manipulation as        • Enjoy creating order, structure and
oriented, and their own happiness is             a way to get what they want                    schedules
                                                                                              • Enjoy interacting with people
closely tied into the happiness and                                                           • Warm-hearted and sympathetic
comfort of those around them. They are         ESFJ as Mates                                  • Tend to put others' needs above their
valued for their genuine warm and caring       ESFJs have a tendency to be very                 own
                                                                                              • Very good at giving practical care
natures, and their special ability to bring    conscious of social status and "what other     • Very cooperative, good team members
out the best in others. They usually do        people think". They should take care not       • Practical and down-to-earth
not handle conflict well, and may tend to       to let this interfere with their close         • Value peaceful living and security
                                                                                              • Enjoy variety, but work well with
be very controlling or manipulative.           relationships.                                   routine tasks
Relationships are central to their lives,      Being highly practical, the ESFJ is            • Need approval from others
and they put forth a great amount of           excellent in matters regarding home            • Receive satisfaction from giving to
energy into developing and maintaining         management. They're likely to be very          • Live in the here and now - dislike
their close interpersonal relationships.       responsible about taking care of day-to-         theorizing about the future
They expect the same from others.              day needs, and to be careful and cautious
                                               about money matters. They are interested       Possible Career Paths for the
ESFJ Strengths                                 in security and peaceful living, and are       ESFJ:
                                               willing and able to do their part towards      •   Home Economics
• Put forth a lot of effort to fulfill their                                                   •   Nursing
  duties and obligations                       acheiving these goals for themselves, their    •   Teaching
• Warm, friendly and affirming by               mates, and their families.                     •   Administrators
  nature                                       Most ESFJs have a strong need to               •   Child Care
• Service-oriented, they want to please                                                       •   Family Practice Physician
  others                                       "belong" - whether it be to institutions or    •   Clergy or other religious work
• Take their commitments very seriously,       traditions, or family units. This need         •   Office Managers
  and seek lifelong relationships              usually causes them to be quite social         •   Counselors / Social Work
• Responsible and practical, they can be                                                      •   Bookkeeping / Accounting
  counted to take care of day-to-day           creatures, who enjoy attending parties, as     •   Administrative Assistants
  necessities                                  well as throwing their own. They're likely
• Generally upbeat and popular, people         to strongly desire that their mates share in   More info at
  are drawn towards them
• Generally very good money managers           their social experiences.            
• Traditionally minded and family-             Although two well-developed individuals
  oriented, they will make family              of any type can enjoy a healthy
  celebrations and traditions special
  events                                       relationship, ESFJ's natural partner is the
                                               ISFP, or the INFP. ESFJ's dominant
ESFJ Weaknesses                                function of Extraverted Feeling is best
• Generally uncomfortable with change,         matched with someone whose dominant
  and moving into new territories
• Extreme dislike of conflict and               function is Introverted Feeling. The
  criticism                                    ESFJ/ISFP combination is ideal because

                                   Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                                     PAGE    36

                Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                            This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

                                                    will usually be quite successful at their              the possibilities of what could be, they may
ENFP Overview:Nancy                                 endeavors. Others may fall into the habit of           become bored with what actually is. The
     The Inspirer                                   dropping a project when they become excited            strong sense of values will keep many ENFPs
       As an ENFP, your primary mode of             about a new possibility, and thus they never           dedicated to their relationships. However,
living is focused externally, where you take        achieve the great accomplishments which they           ENFPs like a little excitement in their lives,
things in primarily via your intuition. Your        are capable of achieving.                              and are best matched with individuals who are
secondary mode is internal, where you deal                 Most ENFPs have great people skills.            comfortable with change and new experiences.
with things according to how you feel about         They are genuinely warm and interested in                     Having an ENFP parent can be a fun-
them, or how they fit in with your personal          people, and place great importance on their            filled experience, but may be stressful at times
value system.                                       inter-personal relationships. ENFPs almost             for children with strong Sensing or Judging
       ENFPs are warm, enthusiastic people,         always have a strong need to be liked.                 tendencies. Such children may see the ENFP
typically very bright and full of potential. They   Sometimes, especially at a younger age, an             parent as inconsistent and difficult to
live in the world of possibilities, and can         ENFP will tend to be "gushy" and insincere,            understand, as the children are pulled along in
become very passionate and excited about            and generally "overdo" in an effort to win             the whirlwind life of the ENFP. Sometimes the
things. Their enthusiasm lends them the ability     acceptance. However, once an ENFP has                  ENFP will want to be their child's best friend,
to inspire and motivate others, more so than        learned to balance their need to be true to            and at other times they will play the parental
we see in other types. They can talk their way      themselves with their need for acceptance, they        authoritarian. But ENFPs are always consistent
in or out of anything. They love life, seeing it    excel at bringing out the best in others, and are      in their value systems, which they will impress
as a special gift, and strive to make the most      typically well-liked. They have an exceptional         on their children above all else, along with a
out of it.                                          ability to intuitively understand a person after       basic joy of living.
       ENFPs have an unusually broad range of       a very short period of time, and use their                    ENFPs are basically happy people. They
skills and talents. They are good at most things    intuition and flexibility to relate to others on        may become unhappy when they are confined
which interest them. Project-oriented, they         their own level.                                       to strict schedules or mundane tasks.
may go through several different careers                   Because ENFPs live in the world of              Consequently, ENFPs work best in situations
during their lifetime. To onlookers, the ENFP       exciting possibilities, the details of everyday life   where they have a lot of flexibility, and where
may seem directionless and without purpose,         are seen as trivial drudgery. They place no            they can work with people and ideas. Many go
but ENFPs are actually quite consistent, in that    importance on detailed, maintenance-type               into business for themselves. They have the
they have a strong sense of values which they       tasks, and will frequently remain oblivous to          ability to be quite productive with little
live with throughout their lives. Everything        these types of concerns. When they do have to          supervision, as long as they are excited about
that they do must be in line with their values.     perform these tasks, they do not enjoy                 what they're doing.
An ENFP needs to feel that they are living          themselves. This is a challenging area of life                Because they are so alert and sensitive,
their lives as their true Self, walking in step     for most ENFPs, and can be frustrating for             constantly scanning their environments,
with what they believe is right. They see           ENFP's family members.                                 ENFPs often suffer from muscle tension. They
meaning in everything, and are on a                        An ENFP who has "gone wrong" may be             have a strong need to be independent, and
continuous quest to adapt their lives and values    quite manipulative - and very good it. The gift        resist being controlled or labelled. They need
to achieve inner peace. They're constantly          of gab which they are blessed with makes it            to maintain control over themselves, but they
aware and somewhat fearful of losing touch          naturally easy for them to get what they want.         do not believe in controlling others. Their
with themselves. Since emotional excitement is      Most ENFPs will not abuse their abilities,             dislike of dependence and suppression extends
usually an important part of the ENFP's life,       because that would not jive with their value           to others as well as to themselves.
and because they are focused on keeping             systems.                                                      ENFPs are charming, ingenuous, risk-
"centered", the ENFP is usually an intense                 ENFPs sometimes make serious errors in          taking, sensitive, people-oriented individuals
individual, with highly evolved values.             judgment. They have an amazing ability to              with capabilities ranging across a broad
       An ENFP needs to focus on following          intuitively perceive the truth about a person or       spectrum. They have many gifts which they
through with their projects. This can be a          situation, but when they apply judgment to             will use to fulfill themselves and those near
problem area for some of these individuals.         their perception, they may jump to the wrong           them, if they are able to remain centered and
Unlike other Extraverted types, ENFPs need          conclusions.                                           master the ability of following through.
time alone to center themselves, and make sure             ENFPs who have not learned to follow
they are moving in a direction which is in sync     through may have a difficult time remaining
with their values. ENFPs who remain centered        happy in marital relationships. Always seeing

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             Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                         This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

ENFP Overview                                  • Constant quest for the perfect               observing the happiness of others, and so
                                                 relationship may make them change            is generally determined to serve their
                                                 relationships frequently
Continued:Nancy                                • May become bored easily                      partners.
     The Inspirer                              • Have difficulty scolding or punishing         ENFPs generally have the
ENFP Relationships                                                                            following traits:
                                                                                              • Project-oriented
      ENFPs take their relationships very      ENFP as Mates                                  • Bright and capable
seriously, but also approach them with a                                                      • Warmly, genuinely interested in
                                               	     ENFPs make warm, considerate,              people; great people skills
childlike enthusiasm and energy. They          passionate partners who are generally          • Extremely intuitive and perceptive
seek and demand authenticity and depth         willing, eager, and able to do whatever it       about people
in their personal relationships, and will                                                     • Able to relate to people on their own
                                               takes to make The Relationship a positive        level
put forth a lot of effort into making          place to be. They are enthusiastic,            • Service-oriented; likely to put the
things work out. They are warm,                idealistic, focused on other people's            needs of others above their own
considerate, affirming, nurturing, and                                                         • Future-oriented
                                               feelings, and very flexible. These              • Dislike performing routine tasks
highly invested in the health of the           attributes combine to make them                • Need approval and appreciation from
relationship. They have excellent              especially interested in positive personal       others
interpersonal skills, and are able to                                                         • Cooperative and friendly
                                               relationships, and also makes them very        • Creative and energetic
inspire and motivate others to be the best     able to promote strong relationships in        • Well-developed verbal and written
that they can be. Energetic and                fun and creative ways. ENFPs take their          communication skills
effervescent, the ENFP is sometimes                                                           • Natural leaders, but do not like to
                                               commitments very seriously, and are              control people
smothering in their enthusiasm, but are        generally deeply loyal and faithful to their   • Resist being controlled by others
generally highly valued for their genuine      partners.                                      • Can work logically and rationally - use
warmth and high ideals.                                                                         their intuition to understand the goal
                                               	     Generally, the ENFP is a warm and          and work backwards towards it
                                               affirming creature who is very interested       • Usually able to grasp difficult concepts
ENFP Strengths                                 and able to have an intense, meaningful,         and theories
• Good communication skills                    close relationship with their mate.
• Very perceptive about people's thought       Although two well-developed individuals        Possible Career Paths for the
  and motives
                                               of any type can enjoy a healthy                ENFP:
• Motivational, inspirational; bring out                                                      • Consultant
  the best in others                           relationship, ENFP's natural partner is        • Psychologist
• Warmly affectionate and affirming             the INTJ, or the INFJ. ENFP's dominant         • Entrepreneur
• Fun to be with - lively sense of humor,      function of Extraverted Intuition is best      • Actor
  dramatic, energetic, optimistic                                                             • Teacher
• Strive for "win-win" situations              matched with a partner whose dominant          • Counselor
• Driven to meet other's needs                 function is Introverted Intuition.             • Politician / Diplomat
• Usually loyal and dedicated                  	     The ENFP needs to be given               • Writer / Journalist
                                                                                              • Television Reporter
ENFP Weaknesses                                positive assurance and affirmation. More        • Computer Programmer, Systems
• Tendency to be smothering                    than one ENFP has been known to "go              Analyst, or Computer Specialist
• Their enthusiasm may lead them to be         fishing" for compliments. They like to          • Scientist
  unrealistic                                                                                 • Engineer
                                               hear from their significant others that
• Uninterested in dealing with
  "mundane" matters such as cleaning,          they are loved and valued, and are willing     More info at
  paying bills, etc.                           and eager to return the favor. They enjoy
• Hold onto bad relationships long after       lavishing love and affection on their
  they've turned bad
• Extreme dislike of conflict                   mates, and are creative and energetic in
• Extreme dislike of criticism                 their efforts to please. The ENFP gets a
• Don't pay attention to their own needs       lot of their personal satisfaction from

                                  Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                                             PAGE    38

                  Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                 This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

                                                            they don't sacrifice themselves in their drive to     very well in situations where they can inspire
ENFJ Overview: Norma                                        help others.                                         and lead others, such as teaching.
Jean, Michael                                                      ENFJ's tend to be more reserved about                ENFJs do not like dealing with
                                                            exposing themselves than other extraverted           impersonal reasoning. They don't understand
      The Giver
                                                            types. Although they may have strongly-felt          or appreciate its merit, and will be unhappy in
                                                            beliefs, they're likely to refrain from expressing   situations where they're forced to deal with
       As an ENFJ, you're primary mode of
                                                            them if doing so would interfere with bringing       logic and facts without any connection to a
living is focused externally, where you deal
                                                            out the best in others. Because their strongest      human element. Living in the world of people
with things according to how you feel about
                                                            interest lies in being a catalyst of change in       possibilities, they enjoy their plans more than
them, or how they fit into your personal value
                                                            other people, they're likely to interact with        their achievements. They get excited about
system. Your secondary mode is internal,
                                                            others on their own level, in a chameleon-like       possibilities for the future, but may become
where you take things in primarily via your
                                                            manner, rather than as individuals.                  easily bored and restless with the present.
                                                                   Which is not to say that the ENFJ does               ENFJs have a special gift with people,
       ENFJs are people-focused individuals.
                                                            not have opinions. ENFJs have definite values         and are basically happy people when they can
They live in the world of people possibilities.
                                                            and opinions which they're able to express           use that gift to help others. They get their best
More so than any other type, they have
                                                            clearly and succinctly. These beliefs will be        satisfaction from serving others. Their genuine
excellent people skills. They understand and
                                                            expressed as long as they're not too personal.       interest in Humankind and their exceptional
care about people, and have a special talent for
                                                            ENFJ is in many ways expressive and open,            intuitive awareness of people makes them able
bringing out the best in others. ENFJ's main
                                                            but is more focused on being responsive and          to draw out even the most reserved individuals.
interest in life is giving love, support, and a
                                                            supportive of others. When faced with a                     ENFJs have a strong need for close,
good time to other people. They are focused
                                                            conflict between a strongly-held value and            intimate relationships, and will put forth a lot
o n u n d e r s t a n d i n g, s u p p o r t i n g, a n d
                                                            serving another person's need, they are highly       of effort in creating and maintaining these
encouraging others. They make things happen
                                                            likely to value the other person's needs.            relationships. They're very loyal and
for people, and get their best personal
                                                                   The ENFJ may feel quite lonely even           trustworthy once involved in a relationship.
satisfaction from this.
                                                            when surrounded by people. This feeling of                  An ENFJ who has not developed their
       Because ENFJ's people skills are so
                                                            aloneness may be exacerbated by the tendency         Feeling side may have difficulty making good
extraordinary, they have the ability to make
                                                            to not reveal their true selves.                     decisions, and may rely heavily on other
people do exactly what they want them to do.
                                                                   People love ENFJs. They are fun to be         people in decision-making processes. If they
They get under people's skins and get the
                                                            with, and truly understand and love people.          have not developed their Intuition, they may
reactions that they are seeking. ENFJ's motives
                                                            They are typically very straight-forward and         not be able to see possibilities, and will judge
are usually unselfish, but ENFJs who have
                                                            honest. Usually ENFJs exude a lot of self-           things too quickly based on established value
developed less than ideally have been known to
                                                            confidence, and have a great amount of ability        systems or social rules, without really
use their power over people to manipulate
                                                            to do many different things. They are generally      understanding the current situation. An ENFJ
                                                            bright, full of potential, energetic and fast-       who has not found their place in the world is
       ENFJ's are so externally focused that it's
                                                            paced. They are usually good at anything             likely to be extremely sensitive to criticism, and
especially important for them to spend time
                                                            which captures their interest.                       to have the tendency to worry excessively and
alone. This can be difficult for some ENFJs,
                                                                   ENFJs like for things to be well-             feel guilty. They are also likely to be very
because they have the tendency to be hard on
                                                            organized, and will work hard at maintaining         manipulative and controlling with others.
themselves and turn to dark thoughts when
                                                            structure and resolving ambiguity. They have a              In general, ENFJs are charming, warm,
alone. Consequently, ENFJs might avoid being
                                                            tendency to be fussy, especially with their          gracious, creative and diverse individuals with
alone, and fill their lives with activities
                                                            home environments.                                   richly developed insights into what makes
involving other people. ENFJs tend to define
                                                                   In the work place, ENFJs do well in           other people tick. This special ability to see
their life's direction and priorities according to
                                                            positions where they deal with people. They          growth potential in others combined with a
other people's needs, and may not be aware of
                                                            are naturals for the social committee. Their         genuine drive to help people makes the ENFJ a
their own needs. It's natural to their
                                                            uncanny ability to understand people and say         truly valued individual. As giving and caring as
personality type that they will tend to place
                                                            just what needs to be said to make them happy        the ENFJ is, they need to remember to value
other people's needs above their own, but they
                                                            makes them naturals for counseling. They             their own needs as well as the needs of others.
need to stay aware of their own needs so that
                                                            enjoy being the center of attention, and do

                                              Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                     PAGE   39

             Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                        This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

                                              ENFJ Weaknesses                                 Although two well-developed individuals
ENFJ Overview
                                              • Tendency to be smothering and over-           of any type can enjoy a healthy
Continued: Norma                                protective
                                              • Tendency to be controlling and/or
                                                                                              relationship, ENFJ's natural partner is the
                                                manipulative                                  INFP, or the ISFP. ENFJ's dominant
Jean, Michael                                 • Don't pay enough attention to their           function of Extraverted Feeling is best
     The Giver                                  own needs                                     matched with a partner whose dominant
                                              • Tend to be critical of opinions and
ENFJ Relationships                              attitudes which don't match their own         function is Introverted Feeling. An ENFJ
      ENFJs put a lot of effort and           • Sometimes unaware of social                   and INFP are ideally matched, because
                                                appropriateness or protocol                   they share the Intuitive way of looking at
enthusiasm into their relationships. To       • Extremely sensitive to conflict, with a
some extent, the ENFJ defines themselves         tendency to sweep things under the rug        the world, but the ENFJ and ISFP are
by the closeness and authenticity of their      as an avoidance tactic                        also a very good match.
                                              • Tendency to blame themselves when
personal relationships, and are therefore       things go wrong, and not give                 ENFJs generally have the
highly invested in the business of              themselves credit when things go right        following traits:
relationships. They have very good            • Their sharply defined value systems            • Genuinely and warmly interested in
                                                make them unbending in some areas               people
people skills, and are affectionate and       • They may be so attuned to what is             • Value people's feelings
considerate. They are warmly affirming           socially accepted or expected that            • Value structure and organization
and nurturing. The excel at bringing out        they're unable to assess whether              • Value harmony, and good at creating it
                                                something is "right" or "wrong" outside       • Exceptionally good people skills
the best in others, and warmly supporting       of what their social circle expects.          • Dislike impersonal logic and analysis
them. They want responding affirmation                                                         • Strong organizational capabilities
from their relationships, although they                                                       • Loyal and honest
                                              ENFJ as Mates                                   • Creative and imaginative
have a problem asking for it. When a                                                          • Enjoy variety and new challenges
                                              	     ENFJs make warm, committed
situation calls for it, the ENFJ will                                                         • Get personal satisfaction from helping
                                              lovers who are willing to go to great             others
become very sharp and critical. After
                                              lengths for the sake of "The                    • Extremely sensitive to criticism and
having made their point, they will return                                                       discord
                                              Relationship". They're totally dedicated
to their natural, warm selves. They may                                                       • Need approval from others to feel good
                                              to the relationship, and to their partner,        about themselves
have a tendency to "smother" their loved
                                              and have a special skill for warmth and
ones, but are generally highly valued for
                                              affirmation which brings out the best in         Possible Career Paths for the
their genuine warmth and caring natures.
                                              their mates. They take their                    ENFJ:
                                              commitments seriously, and are likely to        •   Facilitator
ENFJ Strengths                                put forth a lot of effort into making a         •   Consultant
                                                                                              •   Psychologist
• Good verbal communication skills            relationship work once they have                •   Social Worker / Counselor
• Very perceptive about people's              commited themselves to it. In the event         •   Teacher
  thoughts and motives                                                                        •   Clergy
• Motivational, inspirational; bring out      that a relationship fails, the ENFJ will feel
                                                                                              •   Sales Representative
  the best in others                          a lot of guilt, and take on blame for the       •   Human Resources
• Warmly affectionate and affirming            failure, but they will move on with their       •   Manager
• Fun to be with - lively sense of humor,                                                     •   Events Coordinator
  dramatic, energetic, optimistic             lives with relative ease, without looking
                                                                                              •   Sales Representative
• Good money skills                           backwards.                                      •   Politicians / Diplomats
• Able to "move on" after a love              	     In general, the ENFJ is intensely and     •   Writers
  relationship has failed (although they
  blame themselves)                           enthusiastically involved in their personal
• Loyal and committed - they want             relationships. They bring fun and               More info at
  lifelong relationships                      warmth into the equation, and are willing
• Strive for "win-win" situations
• Driven to meet other's needs                to work hard to make things work.

                                  Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                     PAGE    40

             Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                        This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

ISTP Overview: Brian                          take part in something which violates        anger, or on the other extreme may be
                                              their personal laws. ISTPs are               overwhelmed by emotions and feelings
     The Mechanic
                                              extremely loyal and faithful to their        which they feel compelled to share with
     As an ISTP, your primary mode of
                                              "brothers".                                  people (often inappropriately). An
living is focused internally, where you
                                                   ISTPs like and need to spend time       ISTP who is down on themself will
deal with things rationally and logically.
                                              alone, because this is when they can         foray into the world of value judgments
Your secondary mode is external,
                                              sort things out in their minds most          - a place which is not natural for the
where you take things in via your five
                                              clearly. They absorb large quantities of     ISTP - and judge themself by their
senses in a literal, concrete fashion.
                                              impersonal facts from the external           inability to perform some task. They
     ISTPs have a compelling drive to
                                              world, and sort through those facts,         will then approach the task in a grim
understand the way things work.
                                              making judgments, when they are              emotional state, expecting the worst.
They're good at logical analysis, and
                                              alone.                                             ISTPs are excellent in a crisis
like to use it on practical concerns.
                                                   ISTPs are action-oriented people.       situations. They're usually good
They typically have strong powers of
                                              They like to be up and about, doing          athletes, and have very good hand-eye
reasoning, although they're not
                                              things. They are not people to sit           coordination. They are good at
interested in theories or concepts unless
                                              behind a desk all day and do long-           following through with a project, and
they can see a practical application.
                                              range planning. Adaptable and                tying up loose ends. They usually don't
They like to take things apart and see
                                              spontaneous, they respond to what is         have much trouble with school, because
the way they work.
                                              immediately before them. They usually        they are introverts who can think
     ISTPs have an adventuresome
                                              have strong technical skills, and can be     logically. They are usually patient
spirit. They are attracted to
                                              effective technical leaders. They focus      individuals, although they may be
motorcycles, airplanes, sky diving,
                                              on details and practical things. They        prone to occ as ional emo ti on a l
surfing, etc. They thrive on action, and
                                              have an excellent sense of expediency        outbursts due to their inattention to
are usually fearless. ISTPs are fiercely
                                              and grasp of the details which enables       their own feelings.
independent, needing to have the space
                                              them to make quick, effective decisions.           ISTPs have a lot of natural ability
to make their own decisions about their
                                                   ISTPs avoid making judgments            which makes them good at many
next step. They do not believe in or
                                              based on personal values - they feel that    different kinds of things. However, they
follow rules and regulations, as this
                                              judgments and decisions should be            are happiest when they are centered in
would prohibit their ability to "do their
                                              made impartially, based on the fact.         action-oriented tasks which require
own thing". Their sense of adventure
                                              They are not naturally tuned in to how       detailed logical analysis and technical
and desire for constant action makes
                                              they are affecting others. They do not       skill. They take pride in their ability to
ISTPs prone to becoming bored rather
                                              pay attention to their own feelings, and     take the next correct step.
                                              even distrust them and try to ignore               ISTPs are optimistic, full of good
     ISTPs are loyal to their causes and
                                              them, because they have difficulty            c h e e r, l o y a l t o t h e i r e q u a l s ,
beliefs, and are firm believers that
                                              distinguishing between emotional             uncomplicated in their desires,
people should be treated with equity
                                              reactions and value judgments. This          generous, trusting and receptive people
and fairness. Although they do not
                                              may be a problem area for many               who want no part in confining
respect the rules of the "System", they
                                              ISTPs.                                       commitments.
follow their own rules and guidelines
                                                   An ISTP who is over-stressed may
for behavior faithfully. They will not
                                              exhibit rash emotional outbursts of

                                  Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                      PAGE    41

               Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                           This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

ISTP Overview                                    • Tendency to be overly private and hold      • Do not function well in regimented,
                                                   back part of themselves                       structured environments; they will
                                                 • Need a lot of personal space, which           either feel stifled or become intensely
Continued: Brian                                   they don't like to have invaded               bored
      The Mechanic                               • They thrive on action and excitement,       • Constantly gather facts about their
                                                   and may stir things up to create it           environment and store them away
ISTP Relationships                                                                             • Have an excellent ability to apply logic
                                                                                                 and reason to their immense store of
      ISTPs are generally extremely              ISTP as Mates                                   facts to solve problems or discover how
capable individuals who are good at most         	     ISTPs can be very intense and             things work
things which interest them. They are             exciting individuals. Their strong            • Learn best "hands-on"
usually bright, interesting, and exciting                                                      • Usually able to master theory and
                                                 Thinking preference makes them seem             abstract thinking, but don't particularly
individuals with a lot to offer. They live       rather aloof and "hard to get". Their           like dealing with it unless they see a
almost entirely in the present moment,                                                           practical application
                                                 Sensing and Perceiving preferences make
and usually do not make commitments                                                            • Action-oriented "doers"
                                                 them sensual, earthy individuals. These       • Focused on living in the present, rather
beyond the immediate foreseeable future.         attributes frequently make them attractive      than the future
An ISTP probably coined the phrase               to the opposite sex. ISTPs live entirely in   • Love variety and new experiences
"nothing is unconditional". They strongly                                                      • Highly practical and realistic
                                                 the current moment, which makes them          • Excellent "trouble-shooters", able to
prefer to take things one day at a time,         especially interested in new sensations         quickly find solutions to a wide variety
rather than make long-term                                                                       of practical problems
                                                 and experiences. They strongly dislike
commitments. If a relationship interests                                                       • Results-oriented; they like to see
                                                 routine and strict schedules, and resist        immediate results for their efforts
them and satisfies their needs, the ISTP          being controlled by others. They are          • Usually laid-back and easy-going with
will do their part on a daily basis to keep                                                      people
                                                 fiercely independent and need their own
the relationship strong and healthy. If                                                        • Risk-takers who thrive on action
                                                 space within a relationship. When             • Independent and determined - usually
they lose interest in a relationship, their      involved in relationships which provide         dislike committing themselves
natural tendency will be to move on.             for their basic needs and which present       • Usually quite self-confident
                                                 them with new experiences, the ISTP will
ISTP Strengths                                                                                 Possible Career Paths for the
                                                 be happy to do what's necessary to keep
•   Good listeners                               the relationship alive and well.              • Police and Detective Work
•   Usually self-confident                        	     Although two well-developed             • Forensic Pathologists
•   Generally optimistic and fun to be with                                                    • Computer Programmers, System
    Practical and realistic, they handle         individuals of any type can enjoy a
•                                                                                                Analysts and Computer Specialists
    daily concerns                               healthy relationship, the ISTP's natural      • Engineers
•   Are not threatened by conflict or             partner is the ESTJ, or the ENTJ. ISTP's      • Carpenters
    criticism                                                                                  • Mechanics
    Able to leave a relationship with            dominant function of Introverted
•                                                                                              • Pilots, Drivers, Motorcyclists
    relative ease once it is over                Thinking is best matched with a partner       • Athletes
•   Able to administer punishment,               whose personality is dominated by             • Entrepreneurs
    although they're not interested in doing
    so                                           Extraverted Thinking. The ISTP/ESTJ
    Likely to respect other's needs for space    combination is ideal, because both types      More info at
    and privacy                                  share the Sensing preference for    
                                                 perceiving the world, but ISTP/ENTJ is
ISTP Weaknesses
                                                 also a good combination.
• Living entirely in the present, they
  have difficulty with long-term
  commitments                                    ISTPs generally have the
• Not naturally good at expressing
  feelings and emotions                          following traits:
• Not tuned in to what others are feeling,       • Interested in how and why things work
  they may be insensitive at times

                                     Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                                    PAGE    42

                Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                             This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

                                                     often works long hours, and may be                        The ISTJ is extremely faithful and loyal.
ISTJ Overview: Jordan                                unwittingly taken advantage of.                     Traditional and family-minded, they will put
The Duty Fulfiller                                           The ISTJ will work for long periods of       forth great amounts of effort at making their
       As an ISTJ, your primary mode of living       time and put tremendous amounts of energy           homes and families running smoothly. They
is focused internally, where you take things in      into doing any task which they see as               are responsible parents, taking their parenting
via your five senses in a literal, concrete           important to fulfilling a goal. However, they        roles seriously. They are usually good and
fashion. Your secondary mode is external,            will resist putting energy into things which        generous providers to their families. They care
where you deal with things rationally and            don't make sense to them, or for which they         deeply about those close to them, although
logically.                                           can't see a practical application. They prefer to   they usually are not comfortable with
       ISTJs are quiet and reserved individuals      work alone, but work well in teams when the         expressing their love. The ISTJ is likely to
who are interested in security and peaceful          situation demands it. They like to be               express their affection through actions, rather
living. They have a strongly-felt internal sense     accountable for their actions, and enjoy being      than through words.
of duty, which lends them a serious air and the      in positions of authority. The ISTJ has little            ISTJs have an excellent ability to take
motivation to follow through on tasks.               use for theory or abstract thinking, unless the     any task and define it, organize it, plan it, and
Organized and methodical in their approach,          practical application is clear.                     implement it through to completion. They are
they can generally succeed at any task which                ISTJs have tremendous respect for facts.     very hard workers, who do not allow obstacles
they undertake.                                      They hold a tremendous store of facts within        to get in the way of performing their duties.
       ISTJs are very loyal, faithful, and           themselves, which they have gathered through        They do not usually give themselves enough
dependable. They place great importance on           their Sensing preference. They may have             credit for their achievements, seeing their
honesty and integrity. They are "good citizens"      difficulty understanding a theory or idea which      accomplishments simply as the natural
who can be depended on to do the right thing         is different from their own perspective.            fulfillment of their obligations.
for their families and communities. While they       However, if they are shown the importance or              ISTJs usually have a great sense of space
generally take things very seriously, they also      relevance of the idea to someone who they           and function, and artistic appreciation. Their
usually have an offbeat sense of humor and           respect or care about, the idea becomes a fact,     homes are likely to be tastefully furnished and
can be a lot of fun - especially at family or        which the ISTJ will internalize and support.        immaculately maintained. They are acutely
work-related gatherings.                             Once the ISTJ supports a cause or idea, he or       aware of their senses, and want to be in
       ISTJs tend to believe in laws and             she will stop at no lengths to ensure that they     surroundings which fit their need for structure,
traditions, and expect the same from others.         are doing their duty of giving support where        order, and beauty.
They're not comfortable with breaking laws or        support is needed.                                        Under stress, ISTJs may fall into
going against the rules. If they are able to see a          The ISTJ is not naturally in tune with       "catastrophe mode", where they see nothing
good reason for stepping outside of the              their own feelings and the feelings of others.      but all of the possibilities of what could go
established mode of doing things, the ISTJ will      They may have difficulty picking up on               wrong. They will berate themselves for things
support that effort. However, ISTJs more often       emotional needs immediately, as they are            which they should have done differently, or
tend to believe that things should be done           presented. Being perfectionists themselves, they    duties which they failed to perform. They will
according to procedures and plans. If an ISTJ        have a tendency to take other people's efforts      lose their ability to see things calmly and
has not developed their Intuitive side               for granted, like they take their own efforts for   reasonably, and will depress themselves with
sufficiently, they may become overly obsessed         granted. They need to remember to pat people        their visions of doom.
with structure, and insist on doing everything       on the back once in a while.                              In general, the ISTJ has a tremendous
"by the book".                                              ISTJs are likely to be uncomfortable         amount of potential. Capable, logical,
       The ISTJ is extremely dependable on           expressing affection and emotion to others.         reasonable, and effective individuals with a
following through with things which he or she        However, their strong sense of duty and the         deeply driven desire to promote security and
has promised. For this reason, they sometimes        ability to see what needs to be done in any         peaceful living, the ISTJ has what it takes to be
get more and more work piled on them.                situation usually allows them to overcome their     highly effective at achieving their chosen goals
Because the ISTJ has such a strong sense of          natural reservations, and they are usually quite    - whatever they may be.
duty, they may have a difficult time saying "no"      supporting and caring individuals with the
when they are given more work than they can          people that they love. Once the ISTJ realizes
reasonably handle. For this reason, the ISTJ         the emotional needs of those who are close to
                                                     them, they put forth effort to meet those needs.

                                        Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                       PAGE    43

              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                          This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

ISTJ Overview                                    • Able to tolerate conflict situations           ISTJs generally have the
                                                   without emotional upheaval
                                                 • Able to dole out punishment or
                                                                                                 following traits:
Continued: Jordan                                  criticism when called for                     • Value tradition, security, and peaceful
     The Duty Fulfiller
                                                                                                 • Will work long and hard to fulfill duties
                                                 ISTJ Weaknesses
ISTJ Relationships                               • Tendency to believe that they're always
                                                                                                 • Can be depended on to follow through
                                                                                                   on tasks
      The ISTJ's word is as good as gold,          right                                         • Loyal and faithful
and they honor their commitments                 • Tendency to get involved in "win-lose"        • Stable, practical and down-to-earth
                                                   conversations                                 • Family-minded
faithfully. They believe that to do              • Not naturally in-tune with what others        • Dislike doing things which don't make
otherwise would be nothing less than a             are feeling                                     sense to them
breach of honor and trustworthiness.             • Their value for structure may seem            • Dislike abstract theory, unless they see
                                                   rigid to others                                 the practical application
Consequently, they take their vows very          • Not likely to give enough praise or           • Natural leaders
seriously, and once they have said "I do",         affirmation to their loved ones                • Prefer to work alone, but work well in
that means they are bound to the                                                                   teams when necessary
relationship until "death do us apart" or        ISTJ as Mates                                   • Extremely observant, they take in facts
                                                                                                   via their senses and store them
otherwise. ISTJs are driven to fulfill their      ISTJs are generally very capable and              internally
responsibilities and duties, and will do so      efficient at most things which they              • Vast, rich inner store of facts which
                                                                                                   they rely on to understand problems
with tireless effort. They will do their best    endeavor. Consequently, their mates are           which they encounter in their lives
to meet the obligations presented by the         likely to hold a good amount of respect         • Profound respect for facts and concrete
different relationship roles which they          for them. Daily concerns are likely to be         information
play during their lives, i.e. spouse, parent,    well-provided for by the ISTJ. If other         • Make decisions objectively, applying
                                                                                                   logic and rational thinking
offspring, etc. They may have difficulty          concerns, such as emotional needs, are          • Dislike change, unless they are shown
showing warmth, but they frequently feel         pointed out to the ISTJ as important              it's benefit in a concrete way
it in abundance, and most develop the            issues for their mates, the ISTJ will rise to   • Have strong opinions about the way
                                                                                                   things should be done
ability to show it through sheer effort. If      the occasion and add the task of                • Appreciate structured, orderly
nothing else, the ISTJ holds the gold            addressing these needs to the internal            environments
medal of all the personality types for           "list" of duties. Since the ISTJ is so          • Have very high standards for their own
                                                                                                   behavior and the behavior of others
Effort. They will put forth tremendous           willing to work hard at issues, and so          • Not naturally in-tune with other
amounts of effort to accomplish goals            tireless at performing tasks which they           people's feelings
which are important to them. If healthy          feel should be done, the ISTJ generally         • Able to accomplish almost anything if
                                                                                                   they put their minds to it
relationships are among these goals, you         makes a wonderful, caring mate who is           • Community minded "good citizens"
can bet that the ISTJ will do everything         willing and able to promote a healthy,
that they can to foster and maintain             lasting relationship which is also a            Possible Career Paths for the
healthy relationships.                           partnership.                                    ISTJ:
                                                 Although two well-developed individuals         • Business Executives, Administrators
                                                                                                   and Managers
ISTJ Strengths                                   of any type can enjoy a healthy                 • Accountants and Financial Officers
                                                 relationship, the ISTJ's natural partner is     • Police and Detectives
• Honor their commitments                                                                        • Judges
• Take their relationship roles very             the ESFP, or the ESTP. ISTJ's dominant
  seriously                                                                                      • Lawyers
                                                 function of Introverted Sensing is best         • Medical Doctors / Dentists
• Usually able to communicate what's on          matched with a partner whose                    • Computer Programmers, Systems
  their minds with precision                                                                       Analysts, and Computer Specialists
• Good listeners                                 personality is dominated by Extraverted
                                                                                                 • Military Leaders
• Extremely good (albeit conservative)           Sensing.
  with money
• Able to take constructive criticism well                                                       More info at

                                     Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                  PAGE   44

              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                         This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

ISFP Overview: Aurora,                         sense of well-being and happiness, and       gather specific information about
                                               will put a great deal of effort and          people, and seek to discover what it
                                               energy into tasks which they believe in.     means. They are usually penetratingly
     The Artist                                      ISFPs have a strong affinity for        accurate in their perceptions of others.
                                               aesthetics and beauty. They're likely to           ISFPs are warm and sympathetic.
     As an ISFP, your primary mode of
                                               be animal lovers, and to have a true         They genuinely care about people, and
living is focused internally, where you
                                               appreciation for the beauties of nature.     are strongly service-oriented in their
deal with things according to how you
                                               They're original and independent, and        desire to please. They have an
feel about them, or how they fit into
                                               need to have personal space. They            unusually deep well of caring for those
your value system. Your secondary
                                               value people who take the time to            who are close to them, and are likely to
mode is external, where you take things
                                               understand the ISFP, and who support         show their love through actions, rather
in via your five sense in a literal,
                                               the ISFP in pursuing their goals in their    than words.
concrete fashion.
                                               own, unique way. People who don't                  ISFPs have no desire to lead or
     ISFPs live in the world of
                                               know them well may see their unique          control others, just as they have no
sensation possibilities. They are keenly
                                               way of life as a sign of carefree light-     desire to be led or controlled by others.
in tune with the way things look, taste,
                                               heartedness, but the ISFP actually takes     They need space and time alone to
sound, feel and smell. They have a
                                               life very seriously, constantly gathering    evaluate the circumstances of their life
strong aesthetic appreciation for art,
                                               specific information and shifting it          against their value system, and are
and are likely to be artists in some
                                               through their value systems, in search       likely to respect other people's needs for
form, because they are unusually gifted
                                               for clarification and underlying              the same.
at creating and composing things which
                                               meaning.                                           The ISFP is likely to not give
will strongly affect the senses. They
                                                     ISFPs are action-oriented              themselves enough credit for the things
have a strong set of values, which they
                                               individuals. They are "doers", and are       which they do extremely well. Their
strive to consistently meet in their lives.
                                               usually uncomfortable with theorizing        strong value systems can lead them to
They need to feel as if they're living
                                               concepts and ideas, unless they see a        be intensely perfectionist, and cause
their lives in accordance with what they
                                               practical application. They learn best       them to judge themselves with
feel is right, and will rebel against
                                               in a "hands-on" environment, and             unnecessary harshness.
anything which conflicts with that goal.
                                               consequently may become easily bored               The ISFP has many special gifts
They're likely to choose jobs and
                                               with the traditional teaching methods,       for the world, especially in the areas of
careers which allow them the freedom
                                               which emphasize abstract thinking.           creating artistic sensation, and selflessly
of working towards the realization of
                                               They do not like impersonal analysis,        serving others. Life is not likely to be
their value-oriented personal goals.
                                               and are uncomfortable with the idea of       extremely easy for the ISFP, because
     ISFPs tend to be quiet and
                                               making decisions based strictly on           they take life so seriously, but they have
reserved, and difficult to get to know
                                               logic. Their strong value systems            the tools to make their lives and the
well. They hold back their ideas and
                                               demand that decisions are evaluated          lives of those close to them richly
opinions except from those who they
                                               against their subjective beliefs, rather     rewarding experiences.
are closest to. They are likely to be
                                               than against some objective rules or
kind, gentle and sensitive in their
dealings with others. They are
                                                     ISFPs are extremely perceptive
interested in contributing to people's
                                               and aware of others. They constantly

                                   Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                             PAGE   45

              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                          This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

                                                                                                    the world, but ISFP/ENFJ is also a good
ISFP Overview                                   ISFP Strengths
                                                • Warm, friendly and affirming by
Continued: Aurora, Julianna                       nature
     The Artist                                 • Usually optimistic                                ISFPs generally have the
                                                • Good listeners                                    following traits:
ISFP Relationships                              • Good at dealing with practical day-to-            • Keen awareness of their environment
                                                  day concerns
      ISFPs are warmhearted, gentle                                                                 • Live in the present moment
                                                • Flexible and laid-back, usually willing           • Enjoy a slower pace - they like to take
people who take their commitments                 to defer to their mates                             time to savor the present moment
seriously, and seek lifelong relationships.     • Their love of aesthetic beauty and                • Dislike dealing with theory or abstract
                                                  appreciation for function makes them                thought, unless they see a practical
They are very private people, who keep            likely to have attractive, functional
their true feelings and opinions reserved                                                             application
                                                                                                    • Faithful and loyal to people and ideas
or hidden from others. This may cause           • Take their commitments seriously, and               which are important to them
                                                  seek lifelong relationships
them to constantly defer to their mates in                                                          • Individualistic, having no desire to lead
                                                • Likely to value and respect other's                 or follow
their intimate relationships, which may           personal space
                                                                                                    • Take things seriously, although they
cause problems if their mates are not           • Likely to enjoy showing their affection             frequently appear not to
                                                  through acts and deeds
extremely aware of the ISFP's feelings.                                                             • Special bond with children and
                                                • Sensuous and earthy                                 animals
Some ISFPs who are in the habit of not
                                                                                                    • Quiet and reserved, except with people
expressing their needs and feelings find         ISFP Weaknesses                                       they know extremely well
themselves in situations throughout their       • Not good at long-range financial (or               • Trusting, sensitive, and kind
                                                  other) planning                                   • Service-oriented; they're driven to help
life where they feel overshadowed,              • Extreme dislike of conflict and                      others
overlooked, or even "tread upon" by               criticism                                         • Extremely well-developed appreciation
others. Highly practical and cynical by         • Focused on enjoying the present                     for aesthetic beauty
                                                  moment, they may appear lazy or                   • Likely to be original and
nature, these feelings may cause the ISFP         slow-moving at times                                unconventional
to become bitter, and to either give up on      • Need to have their own space, and                 • Learn best with hands-on training
their relationships, or to start using their      dislike having it invaded                         • Hate being confined to strict schedules
                                                • May be slow to show their affection                 and regimens
relationships for their own personal gain.        with words                                        • Need space and freedom to do things
Although this problem is observed               • Tendency to hold back their thoughts                their own way
sometimes in the ISFP type, it does not           and feelings, unless drawn out                    • Dislike mundane, routine tasks, but will
                                                • May become overly cynical and                       perform them if necessary
seem to be present in those ISFPs who             practical
consistently express their feelings to those
closest to them. These ISFPs have a very
                                                                                                    Possible Career Paths for the
                                                ISFP as Mates                                       ISFP:
positive, warm outlook on life and love,        ISFPs need positive affirmation to be happy              Artist
and are not as likely to find themselves in      and feel good about themselves. They need to        •   Musician / Composer
relationships where they are taken for          be praised, although they are usually               •   Designer
                                                                                                    •   Child Care / Early Childhood
granted or taken advantage of. ISFPs go         uncomfortable with "gushy" praise. The                  Development
to great lengths to please their partners.      greatest gift their partners can give them is the   •   Social Worker / Counselor
They're very loyal and supportive, with a       expression of their affection and admiration.       •   Teacher
                                                Although two well-developed individuals of          •   Psychologist
deep capacity for love. They detest                                                                     Veterinarian
                                                any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, the      •
conflict and discord, and highly value                                                               •   Forest Ranger
                                                ISFP's natural partner is the ESFJ, or the              Pediatrician
being seen and understood for who they                                                              •
                                                ENFJ. ISFP's dominant function of Introverted
are. They need space to live their lives in     Feeling is best matched with a partner whose        More info at
their own unique way, and will respect          dominant function is Extraverted Feeling. The
other's need for space.                         ISFP/ESFJ combination is ideal, because the
                                                types share Sensing as their way of perceiving

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              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                         This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

ISFJ Overview: Linsi,                          in a new way, unless they're shown in a              are feeling. However, they will speak up
                                               concrete way why its better than the                 when they feel another individual really
Angela                                         established method.                                  needs help, and in such cases they can
     The Nurturer                                    ISFJs learn best by doing, rather              truly help others become aware of their
                                               than by reading about something in a                 feelings.
      As an ISFJ, your primary mode of         book, or applying theory. For this reason,                 The ISFJ feels a strong sense of
living is focused internally, where you        they are not likely to be found in fields             responsibility and duty. They take their
takes things in via your five senses in a       which require a lot of conceptual analysis           responsibilities very seriously, and can be
literal, concrete fashion. Your secondary      o r t h e o r y. T h ey va l u e p r a c t i c a l   counted on to follow through. For this
mode is external, where you deal with          application. Traditional methods of                  reason, people naturally tend to rely on
things according to how you feel about         higher education, which require a lot of             them. The ISFJ has a difficult time saying
them, or how they fit into your personal        theorizing and abstraction, are likely to            "no" when asked to do something, and
value system.                                  be a chore for the ISFJ. The ISFJ learns a           may become over-burdened. In such
      ISFJs live in a world that is concrete   task best by being shown its practical               cases, the ISFJ does not usually express
and kind. They are truly warm and kind-        application. Once the task is learned, and           their difficulties to others, because they
hearted, and want to believe the best of       its practical importance is understood,              intensely dislike conflict, and because
people. They value harmony and                 the ISFJ will faithfully and tirelessly carry        they tend to place other people's needs
cooperation, and are likely to be very         through the task to completion. The ISFJ             over their own. The ISFJ needs to learn
sensitive to other people's feelings. People   is extremely dependable.                             to identify, value, and express their own
value the ISFJ for their consideration and           The ISFJ has an extremely well-                needs, if they wish to avoid becoming
awareness, and their ability to bring out      developed sense of space, function, and              over-worked and taken for granted.
the best in others by their firm desire to      aesthetic appeal. For that reason, they're                 ISFJs need positive feedback from
believe the best.                              likely to have beautifully furnished,                others. In the absence of positive
      ISFJs have a rich inner world that is    functional homes. They make extremely                feedback, or in the face of criticism, the
not usually obvious to observers. They         good interior decorators. This special               ISFJ gets discouraged, and may even
constantly take in information about           ability, combined with their sensitivity to          become depressed. When down on
people and situations that is personally       other's feelings and desires, makes them             themselves or under great stress, the ISFJ
important to them, and store it away.          very likely to be great gift-givers - finding         begins to imagine all of the things that
This tremendous store of information is        the right gift which will be truly                   might go critically wrong in their life.
usually startlingly accurate, because the      appreciated by the recipient.                        They have strong feelings of inadequacy,
ISFJ has an exceptional memory about                 More so than other types, ISFJs are            and become convinced that "everything is
things that are important to their value       extremely aware of their own internal                all wrong", or "I can't do anything right".
systems. It would not be uncommon for          feelings, as well as other people's feelings.              The ISFJ is warm, generous, and
the ISFJ to remember a particular facial       They do not usually express their own                dependable. They have many special gifts
expression or conversation in precise          feelings, keeping things inside. If they are         to offer, in their sensitivity to others, and
detail years after the event occured, if the   negative feelings, they may build up                 their strong ability to keep things running
situation made an impression on the ISFJ.      inside the ISFJ until they turn into firm             smoothly. They need to remember to not
      ISFJs have a very clear idea of the      judgments against individuals which are              be overly critical of themselves, and to
way things should be, which they strive to     difficult to unseed, once set. Many ISFJs             give themselves some of the warmth and
attain. They value security and kindness,      learn to express themselves, and find                 love which they freely dispense to others.
and respect traditions and laws. They          outlets for their powerful emotions.
tend to believe that existing systems are            Just as the ISFJ is not likely to
there because they work. Therefore,            express their feelings, they are also not
they're not likely to buy into doing things    likely to let on that they know how others

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              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                         This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

ISFJ Overview                                  • Unlikely to express their needs, which         ISFJs generally have the
                                                 may cause pent-up frustrations to build
                                                 inside                                         following traits:
Continued: Linsi,                              • Have difficulty leaving a bad                   • Large, rich inner store of information
                                                 relationship                                     which they gather about people
Angela                                         • Have difficulty moving on after the end         • Highly observant and aware of
                                                 of a relationship                                people's feelings and reactions
     The Nurturer                                                                               • Excellent memory for details which are
ISFJ Relationships                                                                                important to them
                                               ISFJ as Mates                                    • Very in-tune with their surroundings -
      ISFJs place a great deal of                                                                 excellent sense of space and function
                                               	     ISFJs are committed to their               • Can be depended on to follow things
importance on their personal
                                               relationships. They have very intense              through to completion
relationships. They're generally very                                                           • Will work long and hard to see that
                                               feelings, which is not immediately
giving and loving people, who place the                                                           jobs get done
                                               apparent to others because they tend to          • Stable, practical, down-to-earth - they
needs of others above their own. They
                                               hold things inside themselves without              dislike working with theory and
sometimes have a problem with                                                                     abstract thought
                                               expressing them, unless they have a
becoming overly emotionally needy, and                                                          • Dislike doing things which don't make
                                               strong reason to do so. Their intensity of         sense to them
with keeping their true feelings hidden
                                               feeling makes their intimate relationship        • Value security, tradition, and peaceful
from others. They take their                                                                      living
                                               their first priority in life, with the possible
commitments very seriously, and seek                                                            • Service-oriented: focused on what
                                               exception of God. They seek                        people need and want
lifelong relationships. ISFJs are extremely
                                               monogamous, lifelong commitments, and            • Kind and considerate
dependable, and put forth a lot of energy                                                       • Likely to put others' needs above their
                                               can be depended upon to be faithful and
into keeping things running smoothly.                                                             own
                                               loyal to their mates once they have made         • Learn best with hands-on training
They sometimes have difficulty saying
                                               a commitment.                                    • Enjoy creating structure and order
"no" when asked to do something, and                                                            • Take their responsibilities seriously
                                               	     In general, the ISFJ is usually a
therefore may be taken for granted.                                                             • Extremely uncomfortable with conflict
                                               traditional, family-minded individual who          and confrontatio
                                               places the comfort of their mates and
ISFJ Strengths                                 families as their first priority in life.         Possible Career Paths for the
• Warm, friendly and affirming by               They're great for providing for everyday         ISFJ:
  nature                                       basic needs, and have a depth of caring          •   Interior Decorators
• Service-oriented, wanting to please                                                           •   Designers
  others                                       which is very unusual, and not found in
                                                                                                •   Nurses
• Good listeners                               most types. They highly invested in the          •   Administrators and Managers
• Will put forth lots of effort to fulfill      health of their relationships, and will          •   Administrative Assistants
  their duties and obligations                                                                  •   Child Care / Early Childhood
• Excellent organizational capabilities        work very hard to make things run
• Good at taking care of practical             smoothly. They are dependable and                •   Social Work / Counselors
  matters and daily needs                      affectionate lovers.                             •   Paralegals
• Usually good (albeit conservative) at                                                         •   Clergy / Religious Workers
  handling money                               Although two well-developed individuals
                                                                                                •   Office Managers
• Take their commitments seriously, and        of any type can enjoy a healthy                  •   Shopkeepers
  seek lifelong relationships                  relationship, the ISFJ's natural partner is      •   Bookkeepers
                                               the ESTP, or the ESFP. ISFJ's dominant           •   Home Economics
ISFJ Weaknesses
• Don't pay enough attention to their          function of Introverted Sensing is best
                                                                                                More info at
  own needs                                    matched with a partner whose dominant
• May have difficulty branching out into                                               
  new territory                                function is Extraverted Sensing.
• Extreme dislike of conflict and

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I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                          PAGE    48

              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                         This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

                                               nature, such as getting strong feelings        accomplishments. They have strong value
INFJ Overview:Megan                            about there being a problem with a loved       systems, and need to live their lives in
      The Protector
                                               one, and discovering later that they were      accordance with what they feel is right. In
      As an INFJ, your primary mode of
                                               in a car accident. This is the sort of thing   deference to the Feeling aspect of their
living is focused internally, where you
                                               that other types may scorn and scoff at,       personalities, INFJs are in some ways
take things in primarily via intuition.
                                               and the INFJ themself does not really          gentle and easy going. Conversely, they
Your secondary mode is external, where
                                               understand their intuition at a level which    h ave ve r y h i g h e x p e c t a t i o n s o f
you deal with things according to how
                                               can be verbalized. Consequently, most          themselves, and frequently of their
you feel about them, or how they fit with
                                               INFJs are protective of their inner selves,    f a m i l i e s. T h ey d o n ' t b e l i e ve i n
your personal value system.
                                               sharing only what they choose to share         compromising their ideals.
      INFJs are gentle, caring, complex
                                               when they choose to share it. They are               INFJ is a natural nurturer; patient,
and highly intuitive individuals. Artistic
                                               deep, complex individuals, who are quite       devoted and protective. They make loving
and creative, they live in a world of
                                               private and typically difficult to              parents and usually have strong bonds
hidden meanings and possibilities. Only
                                               understand. INFJs hold back part of            with their offspring. They have high
one percent of the population has an
                                               themselves, and can be secretive.              expectations of their children, and push
INFJ Personality Type, making it the
                                                     But the INFJ is as genuinely warm        them to be the best that they can be. This
most rare of all the types.
                                               as they are complex. INFJs hold a special      can sometimes manifest itself in the INFJ
      INFJs place great importance on
                                               place in the heart of people who they are      being hard-nosed and stubborn. But
havings things orderly and systematic in
                                               close to, who are able to see their special    generally, children of an INFJ get
their outer world. They put a lot of
                                               gifts and depth of caring. INFJs are           devoted and sincere parental guidance,
energy into identifying the best system for
                                               concerned for people's feelings, and try to    combined with deep caring.
getting things done, and constantly define
                                               be gentle to avoid hurting anyone. They              In the workplace, the INFJ usually
and re-define the priorities in their lives.
                                               are very sensitive to conflict, and cannot      shows up in areas where they can be
On the other hand, INFJs operate within
                                               tolerate it very well. Situations which are    creative and somewhat independent.
themselves on an intuitive basis which is
                                               charged with conflict may drive the             They have a natural affinity for art, and
entirely spontaneous. They know things
                                               normally peaceful INFJ into a state of         many excel in the sciences, where they
intuitively, without being able to pinpoint
                                               agitation or charged anger. They may           make use of their intuition. INFJs can
why, and without detailed knowledge of
                                               tend to internalize conflict into their         also be found in service-oriented
the subject at hand. They are usually
                                               bodies, and experience health problems         professions. They are not good at dealing
right, and they usually know it.
                                               when under a lot of stress.                    with minutia or very detailed tasks. The
Consequently, INFJs put a tremendous
                                                     Because the INFJ has such strong         INFJ will either avoid such things, or else
amount of faith into their instincts and
                                               intuitive capabilities, they trust their own   go to the other extreme and become
intuitions. This is something of a conflict
                                               instincts above all else. This may result in   enveloped in the details to the extent that
between the inner and outer worlds, and
                                               an INFJ stubborness and tendency to            they can no longer see the big picture. An
may result in the INFJ not being as
                                               ignore other people's opinions. They           INFJ who has gone the route of
organized as other Judging types tend to
                                               believe that they're right. On the other       becoming meticulous about details may
be. Or we may see some signs of disarray
                                               hand, INFJ is a perfectionist who doubts       be highly critical of other individuals who
in an otherwise orderly tendency, such as
                                               that they are living up to their full          are not.
a consistently messy desk.
                                               potential. INFJs are rarely at complete              The INFJ individual is gifted in ways
      INFJs have uncanny insight into
                                               peace with themselves - there's always         that other types are not. Life is not
people and situations. They get "feelings"
                                               something else they should be doing to         necessarily easy for the INFJ, but they are
about things and intuitively understand
                                               improve themselves and the world around        capable of great depth of feeling and
them. As an extreme example, some
                                               them. They believe in constant growth,         personal achievement.
INFJs report experiences of a psychic
                                               and don't often take time to revel in their

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I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                            PAGE   49

              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                         This test should have already been taken at home. Here are the results of the test.

INFJ Overview                                  INFJ Weaknesses                                        •   Highly principled
                                               • Tendency to hold back part of                        •   Complex and deep
Continued:Megan                                  themselves                                           •   Natural leaders
     The Protector                             • Not good with money or practical day-                •   Sensitive and compassionate
INFJ Relationships                               to-day life necessities                                  towards people
      INFJs are warm and affirming              • Extreme dislike of conflict and                       •   Service-oriented
people who are usually also deep and             criticism                                            •   Future-oriented
complex. They're likely to seek out and        • Have very high expectations for                      •   Va l u e d e e p , a u t h e n t i c
promote relationships that are intense           themselves and others (both a strength                   relationships
and meaningful. They tend to be                  and weakness)                                        •   Reserved about expressing their
                                               • H ave d i f fi c u l t y l e av i n g a b a d
                                                                                                          true selves
perfectionists, and are always striving for
                                                 relationship                                         •   Dislike dealing with details
the Ultimate Relationship. For the most
                                                                                                          unless they enhance or promote
part, this is a positive feature, but
                                                                                                          their vision
sometimes works against the INFJ if they       INFJ as Mates                                          •   Constantly seeking meaning
fall into the habit of moving from             	        INFJs are war m, considerate                      and purpose in everything
relationship to relationship, always in        partners who feel great depth of love for                  Creative and visionary
search of a more perfect partner. In           their partners. They enjoy showing this                    Intense and tightly-wound
general, the INFJ is a deeply warm and         love, and want to receive affirmation back                  Can work logically and
caring person who is highly invested in        from their mates.                                          rationally - use their intuition to
the health of their close relationships, and   	        They are perfectionists, constantly               understand the goal and work
puts forth a lot of effort to make them        s t r i v i n g t o a c h i e v e t h e Pe r f e c t       backwards towards it
positive. They are valued by those close       Relationship. This can sometimes be
to them for these special qualities. They      frustrating to their mates, who may feel               Possible Career Paths for the
seek long-term, lifelong relationships,        put upon by the INFJs demanding                        INFJ:
although they don't always find them.           perfectionism. However, it may also be                 • Clergy / Religious Work
                                               greatly appreciated, because it indicates a            • Teachers
INFJ Strengths                                 sincere commitment to the relationship,                • Medical Doctors / Dentists
• Warm and affirming by nature                  and a depth of caring which is not                     • A l t e r n a t i ve H e a l t h C a r e
• Dedicated to achieving the ultimate          usually present in other types.                          Practitioners, i.e. Chiropractor,
  relationship                                 	        Although two well-developed                     Reflexologist
• Sensitive and concerned for others'          individuals of any type can enjoy a                    • Psychologists
  feelings                                     healthy relationship, INFJ's natural                   • Psychiatrists
                                               partner is the ENTP, or the ENFP. INFJ's               • Counselors and Social Workers
• Usually have good communication
  skills, especially written                   dominant function of Introverted                       • Musicians and Artists
                                               Intuition is best matched with a                       • Photographers
• Take their commitments very seriously,
                                               personality type that is dominated by                  • Child Care / Early Childhood
  and seek lifelong relationships
                                               Extraverted Intuition.
• Have very high expectations for
  themselves and others (both a strength                                                              More info at
  and weakness)                                INFJs generally have the                     
• Good listeners                               following traits:
• A r e a b l e t o m ove o n a f t e r a      • Intuitively understand people
  relationship has ended (once they're           and situations
  sure it's over)                              • Idealistic
                                   Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                  PAGE   50

             Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                  TEST # 5: IDENTIFY YOUR CORE FEAR
                            This test to help you understand your core fears that accelerate conflicts.
                                     Taken from the DNA of Relationships by Gary Smalley
Core Fears
	   The destructive dance that everyone engages in usually stems from fear. Ever person struggles with some core fear. The
two most common core fears are loosing power with others or circumstances (feeling controlled) and the threat of disconnect
with others. Most women have a core fear related to disconnection (separation), which is fear of not being heard, not being
valued, loosing the love of another or being alone. Most men have a core fear of helplessness (losing power), feeling
controlled, fear of failure, or getting stepped on or misused.
    • Most women have a core fear related to DISCONNECTION-they fear not being heard, not being valued, somehow
       losing the love of another.
    • Most men have a core fear of HELPLESSNESS or feeling CONTROLLED-they fear failure or getting stepped on.

The Fear Dance
	    Identifying your core fear is important because fear is the music that starts the relationship dance. When we try to stop
the other person from making us feel our core fear, the other person is simply revealing what our core fear is. In reality they
are giving us an opportunity to choose a better course a better course of action that will allow us to deal with our core fear in
a healthy manner.

The Steps in the Fear Dance
In essence, the cycle begins when your feelings are hurt or you experience that heart, gut emotional pain. Then you want to
stop feeling this emotional and want the other person to stop treating you in such a way that “causes” you to feel the pain.
You fear they won’t change, so you react and try to motivate them to change. In doing so, you start the same process in the
other person. They hurt, want, fear and react. And the dancing begins. Remember, the issues that started the conflict are
rarely the problem at all. The fear dance can start with money, room mate disagreements or anything. The problem is our
core fears that keep the argument going and escalating.

Step 1- “You Fear”
	   You want to connect, be accepted, respected, etc. but you fear the other person will not change and treat you in ways that
reduce your emotional pain. You want control but you fear you are powerless.

Step 2- “You React”

    People fall into patterns of reacting when their buttons are pushed. Most people use unhealthy reactions to deal with fear.
Most of us try different ways to change the other person’s words and actions so that we will feel better. As a result, our
relationships are sabotaged. It’s how you choose to react when your fear button is pushed that determines harmony. (use the
beginning story here to illustrate how they both reacted.)
Breaking the rhythm of the Fear Dance.

    Once you identify your core fear, the solution often suggests itself. In most cases, all it takes is a true understanding of the
real underlying own fears. The best solutions are realizing that your fear is yours and it is solved by turning to
God and working with Him alone. You can use books, counselors and friends, but the solution does not involve changing the
other party who “causes your pain.” No one or nothing “causes” your fears. You have them inside of you and they are yours

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              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                      TEST # 5: IDENTIFY YOUR CORE FEAR CONTINUED...
                             This test to help you understand your core fears that accelerate conflicts.

 IDENTIFY THE CONFLICT: Identify a recent conflict, argument, or negative situation with your spouse, friend, child, neighbor,
coworker, or whomever – something that really “pushed your buttons” or upset you. Think about how you were feeling and how you wished
the person would not say or do the things that upset you. You might have thought something like, If only you would stop saying or doing
_____, I would not be so upset.
2.      IDENTIFY YOUR FEELINGS. How did this conflict or negative situation make you feel? Check all the apply-but “star” the
        most important feelings:

___ Unsure 	 ___ Apathetic 		      ___ Puzzled	 	     ___ Upset 	 	     	   ___ Sad 	 	   	     ___ Hurt 	    ___ Disappointed
___ Wearied	 ___ Tom up 	 	        ___ Shamed	 	     ___ Uncomfortable 	    ___ Confused 		     ___ Worried 	 ___ Disgusted
___ Resentful	 ___ Bitter 	 	      ___ Fed up 	 	    ___ Frustrated		   	                 	
                                                                             ___ Miserable	      ___ Guilty	 ___ Embarrassed
___ Frightened ___ Anxious 	 	     ___ Horrified	 	    ___ Disturbed	    	    ___ Furious	 	     ___ Sullen
 ___ Other: ______________ 	       ___ Other: ______________ 		     ___ Other: ______________

3.     IDENTIFY YOUR FEAR: How did this conflict make you feel about yourself ? What did the conflict “say” about you and your
       feelings? Check all that apply, but “star” the most important feeling.

     X OR *                      “AS A RESULT OF THE CONFLICT, I FELT...”                      WHAT THAT FEELING SOUNDS LIKE

                  Rejected                                                                 The other person doesn’t want me or need
                                                                                           me; I am not necessary in this relationship;
                                                                                           I feel unwanted.

                  Abandoned                                                                The other person will ultimately leave me;
                                                                                           I will be left alone to care for myself; the
                                                                                           other person won’t be committed to me for

                  Disconnected                                                             We will become emotionally detached or
                                                                                           separated; I will feel cut off from the other

                  Like a failure                                                           I am not successful at being a husband/
                                                                                           wife, friend, parent, coworker; I will not
                                                                                           perform correctly

                  Helpless                                                                 I cannot do anything to change the other
                                                                                           person or my situation; I do not possess the
                                                                                           power, resources, capacity, or ability to get
                                                                                           what I want; I will feel controlled by the
                                                                                           other person.

                  Defective                                                                Something is wrong with me; I’m the

                  Inadequate                                                               I am not capable; I am incompetent.

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I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                             PAGE      52

          Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                      This test to help you understand your core fears that accelerate conflicts.

 X OR *                  “AS A RESULT OF THE CONFLICT, I FELT...”                    WHAT THAT FEELING SOUNDS LIKE

           Inferior                                                              Everyone else is better than I am; I am less
                                                                                 valuable or important than others.

           Invalidated                                                           Who I am, what I think, what I do, or how
                                                                                 I feel is not valued.

           Unloved                                                               The other person doesn’t care about me;
                                                                                 my relationship lacks warm attachment,
                                                                                 admiration, enthusiasm, or devotion.

           Dissatisfied                                                           I will not experience satisfaction in the
                                                                                 relationship; I will not feel joy or
                                                                                 excitement about the relationship.

           Cheated                                                               The other person will take advantage of
                                                                                 me or will withhold something I need; I
                                                                                 won’t get what I want.

           Worthless                                                             I am useless; I have no value to the other

           Unaccepted                                                            I am never able to meet the other
                                                                                 person’s expectations; I am not good

           Judged                                                                I am always being unfairly judged; the
                                                                                 other person forms faulty or negative
                                                                                 opinions about me; I am always being
                                                                                 evaluated; the other person does not
                                                                                 approve of me.

           Humiliated                                                            The relationship is extremely
                                                                                 destructive to my self-respect or

           Ignored                                                               The other person will not pay
                                                                                 attention to me; I feel neglected.

           Insignificant                                                          I am irrelevant in the relationship; the
                                                                                 other person does not see me as an
                                                                                 important part of our relationship.

                          Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                         PAGE       53

             Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                       TEST # 5: IDENTIFY YOUR CORE FEAR CONTINUED...
                             This test to help you understand your core fears that accelerate conflicts.

4. IDENTIFY YOUR REACTIONS: What do you do when you feel [insert the most important feeling from question #3]? How do you
react when you feel that way? Identify your common verbal or physical reactions to deal with that feeling. Check all that apply but “star”
the most important reactions:

    X OR *                                        REACTION                                                   EXPLANATION

                   Withdrawal                                                                 You avoid others or alienate yourself
                                                                                              without resolution; you sulk or use the
                                                                                              silent treatment.

                   Escalation                                                                 Your emotions spiral out of control; you
                                                                                              argue, raise your voice, fly into a rage.

                   Try harder                                                                 You try to do more to earn others’ love and

                   Negative beliefs                                                           You believe the other person is far worse
                                                                                              than is really the case; you see the other
                                                                                              person in a negative light or attribute
                                                                                              negative motives to him or her.

                   Blaming                                                                    You place responsibility on others, not
                                                                                              accepting fault; you’re convinced the
                                                                                              problem is the other person’s fault.

                   Exaggeration                                                               You make overstatements or enlarge your
                                                                                              words beyond bounds or the truth.

                   Tantrums                                                                   You have fits of bad temper.

                   Denial                                                                     You refuse to admit the truth or reality.

                   Invalidation                                                               You devalue the other person; you do not
                                                                                              appreciate what he or she feels or thinks or

                   Defensiveness                                                              Instead of listening you defend yourself by
                                                                                              providing an explanation.

                   Clinginess                                                                 You develop a strong emotional attachment
                                                                                              or dependence on the other person.

                   Passive-aggressive                                                         You display negative emotions, resentment,
                                                                                              and aggression in passive ways, such as
                                                                                              procrastination and stubbornness.

                                  Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                             PAGE    54

          Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                     This test to help you understand your core fears that accelerate conflicts.

 X OR *                                REACTION                                                 EXPLANATION

           Caretaking                                                           You become responsible for the other
                                                                                person by giving physical or emotional care
                                                                                and support to the point you are doing
                                                                                everything for the other person, who does
                                                                                nothing to care for himself or herself.

           Acting out                                                           You engage in negative behaviors, such as
                                                                                drug or alcohol abuse, extramarital affairs,
                                                                                excessive shopping or spending, or

           Fix-it mode                                                          You focus almost exclusively on what is
                                                                                needed to solve the problem.

           Complaining                                                          You express unhappiness or make
                                                                                accusations; you criticize, creating a list of
                                                                                the other person’s faults.

           Aggression or abuse                                                  You become verbally or physically
                                                                                aggressive, possibly abusive.

           Manipulation                                                         You control the other person for your own
                                                                                advantage; you try to get him or her to do
                                                                                what you want.

           Anger and rage                                                       You display strong feelings of displeasure
                                                                                or violent and uncontrolled emotions.

           Catastrophize                                                        You use dramatic, exaggerated expressions
                                                                                to depict that the relationship is in danger
                                                                                or that it has failed.

           Numbing out                                                          You become devoid of emotion, or you
                                                                                have no regard for others’ needs or

           Humor                                                                You use humor as a way of not dealing
                                                                                with the issue at hand.

           Sarcasm                                                              You use negative humor, hurtful words,
                                                                                belittling comments, cutting remarks, or
                                                                                demeaning statements.

           Passive-aggressive                                                   You display negative emotions, resentment,
                                                                                and aggression in passive ways, such as
                                                                                procrastination and stubbornness.

                         Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                             PAGE   55

              Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                        TEST # 5: IDENTIFY YOUR CORE FEAR CONTINUED...
                              This test to help you understand your core fears that accelerate conflicts.

    X OR *                                         REACTION                                                     EXPLANATION

                   Minimization                                                                  You assert that the other person is
                                                                                                 overreacting to an issue; you intentionally
                                                                                                 underestimate, downplay, or softpedal the

                   Rationalization                                                               You attempt to make your actions seem
                                                                                                 reasonable; you try to attribute your
                                                                                                 behavior to credible motives; you try to
                                                                                                 provide believable but untrue reasons for
                                                                                                 your conduct.

                   Abdication                                                                    You give away responsibilities.

                   Self-Abandonment                                                              You run yourself down; you neglect

5.Look at the items you starred in response to question 3. List the three or four main feelings. These are your core fears:
Core fear #1 _______________________________________________________
Core fear #2 _______________________________________________________
Core fear #3 _______________________________________________________
Remember that most core fears are related to two main primary fears:
   a.     The fear of being controlled (losing influence or power over others).
   b.     The fear of being disconnected (separation from people and being alone).
	  More men fear losing power or being controlled, and more women fear being disconnected from relationship with others.

6. Look at the items you starred in response to question 4. List your three or four main reactions when someone pushes your core fear
Reaction #1 _______________________________________________________
Reaction #2 _______________________________________________________
Reaction #3 _______________________________________________________

    Your responses to these exercises should help you understand your part of the Fear Dance: your core fear button and your reaction.
Remember that it’ very common for your reactions to push to core fear button of the other person in the conflict. If the other person can
figure out his or her core fears and reactions, you will see clearly the unique Fear Dance the two of you are doing. But even if the other
person isn’t able to be involved in the process of discovering his or her part of the Fear Dance, you can take steps to stop the dance.
Stopping the Dance
1. Identify your core fear or fears.
2. Accept your core fears as your own and stop trying to keep others from pushing your “fear buttons.”
3. Move your blaming finger in towards yourself.
4. Thank God that you see your own fears and seek Him alone to work with you on your fears.
5. Mature or complete love will drive your fears from you (1 John 4:18)

                                   Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca
I.D.ENTITY |ĪˈDENTITĒ#                                                                                                  PAGE    56

             Identity Personal Challenge Activity
                                            TEST # 6: HANDLING ANGER
                                Taken from “the marriage course” Are you a rhino or a hedgehog?

Some people are like rhinos-they attack when provoked and come are like hedgehogs-they withdraw when they are threatened. The
purpose of this is to help you recognize how each of you typically responds when you feel hurt and how you display anger.

Put a number between 0 and 4 in the box by each statement to indicate how true that statement for you. Then add up columns A and B

                                   When I’m hurt, I...                                            A                      B

 ...keep the peace at any price

 ...overreact and go on the attack to admit I am angry/hurt

 ...apologize because I must have caused it

 ...become controlling and bossy

 ...give my loved ones the silent treatment quick to blame others

 ...retaliate by becoming confrontational

 ...withdraw or shut down emotionally

 ...want to run away and hide

 ...lose control/become explosive by shouting/slamming doors, etc.

 ...say things I later regret

 ...try to ignore my feelings

 ...become cold sarcastic

 ...demand immediate discussion of the issue

 ...hurl accusations to take the focus off my responsibility

 ...feel I don’t have a right to be angry

 ...bring up past hurt not related to the issue
                                                        My Total Score
                                               A=rhino behavior ______________
                                              B=hedgehog behavior ______________

                                  Identity Winter Camp, | January 3-6, 2011 | Lake Arrowhead, Ca

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