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                             Friday, January 12, 2~f)7
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                                 10:00 a.m., ACR .-
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                                    AGE N D A             •    N,   ••

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1. Distribution of the Minutes of December 1, 2006 (handout)                         Dr. Huerta

2. 2007-08 Budget Request Process (handouts)                                         Dr. Huerta

3. Exempt & Non Exempt Staff Evaluation Process                     Dr. Huerta & Ms. Gleason

4. The Migration Strategy to Blackboard CE6                                   Ms. Oscar Quintela

Next Meeting Friday, February 2, 2007,10:00 a.m., ACR

Jan 15       Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Jan 16       NMSU Spring Convocation, 9:00 a.m., Music Recital Hall
             Legislative Session Begins (12 noon) (Jan 16 - Mar 17)
Jan 19       Preliminary Budget Meetings (by Admin Unit or Division), 1:30 p.m., ACR
Jan 25       DACC Donor Appreciation Dinner, 6:00 p.m., Commons Area
Feb 2        Submit Completed Budget Requests to the Finance Office (Mr. Burke)
             Administrative Council, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Feb 14       Budget Hearings wlBudget Committee & Executive Team (by Admin Unit or
             Division), All Day, ACR
Feb 15-16    Border Learning Conference, EI Paso Marriott Hotel
Feb 22-23    NM HEAR Conference, Old Town Albuquerque
March 2      Budget Recommendations (feedback) Meeting w/Budget Committee &
             Administrative Council, 9:00 a.m., ACR
                                    ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL MEETING
                                          Friday, January 12,2007
                                              10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Anna Chieffo, Andy Burke, John Walker, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Lydia Bagwell,
David Pearse, Jerry Welch, Sylvia Nickerson, J.B. Carrica, Rosa Lopez, Fred Owensby, Susana Rodriguez, Fred
Lillibridge, John Paulman, Lori Allen, Kelly Brooks, Doris Gleason, Kathy Reddington, Ben Altamirano, Brad
Mazdra, Tim Chappell, Irene Montoya (recorder)
ABSENT: Ike Ledesma, Molly Morris, Bill Glenn, Susan Roberts, Gladys Chairez, Larry Sharp
GUESTS: Oscar Quintela for Molly Morris

    Agenda Item                                      Discussion                                    ActionJDisposition

 Meeting Start         10:06 a.m.
                       Dr. Huerta welcomed everyone. She hopes everyone is looking                Informational
                       forward to a three day weekend. Dr. Huerta thanked everyone for
                       their attendance and participation at Convocation yesterday.

                       Dr. Huerta welcomed Ms. Bagwell to her first day with the group            Informational
                       as Interim Division Dean. We are glad to have her. Mr. Quintela
                       is here for Ms. Morris who will be out the next two weeks.
 1 - Distribution of   Dr. Huerta noted the minutes of December 1, 2006, were distributed         Please let Irene know
 the Minutes of        with the agenda. Please look over and let Irene know changes. Dr.          any changes to Dec. 1
 December 1,2006       Huerta asked Ms. Allen for help in getting the minutes posted on the       2006, minutes.
 -Dr. Huerta           web. It has been Dr. Huerta's commitment to have them posed.
 2 - 2007 - 2008       Dr. Huerta referred to the memo from Mr. Burke on the budget               Please come to
 Budget Request        process. This year, for the first time, there will be a preliminary        preliminary budget
 Process - Dr.         budget meeting. Also attached is the time line given for each unit for     meeting prepared to
 Huerta                the preliminary meeting. The Exec Team would like, at this                 present your staffing
                       preliminary meeting, each unit to give the unit's staffing needs (full     needs including
                       time faculty and staft) for the upcoming budget process. We would          justification.   Also,
                       like to get a sense of the needs. Please come with justification for any   include if this will
                       full time position request. Mr. Burke noted we are going to have to        impact the schedule.
                       bear down. We will really need to focus on Nursing. Mr. Chappell           Draft position
                       asked who would present for Faculty Council. Dr. Huerta noted this         announcements for
                       meeting would be for staffing needs only so Faculty Council will not       new faculty/staff can
                       need to present. Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted if it was the intent to        also be started.
                       move up the search process. Dr. Huerta noted no, but that we could
                       possibly advertise early. Mr. Burke suggested starting early with
                       draft position announcements. Dr. Huerta added that several
                       positions that were not filled will be advertised this month. We want
                       to eliminate late offers. She asked division deans to start developing
                       announcements. Dr. Huerta suggested getting with Ms. Gleason on
                       the common information on the announcements. Mr. Burke noted
                       the requests should follow what was submitted in your operating
                       plans. Dr. Chieffo asked for clarification on who should attend;
                       department chairs, program directors. Mr. Burke noted it was up to

       Administrative Council Minutes
       January 12,2007
       Page 1
  Agenda Item                                    Discussion                                   Action/Disposition

                    each unit. This will not be a decision making meeting. We would like
                    to identify issues sooner.. Dr. Huerta asked that the division dean be
                    the speakers, but that department chairs and program directors can
                    come. Ms. Brooks asked if this would impact schedules. Mr. Burke
                    noted that they are related. Dr. Chieffo asked the division deans to
                    let us know the impact to the schedule.
3 - Exempt and      Dr. Huerta noted the exempt and non exempt evaluations were              Please rethink how
Non Exempt Staff    around the corner. She has asked Ms. Gleason to let us know the          you evaluate your
Evaluation          deadline dates when she knows. Dr. Huerta has been informed that         staff. Also, policy
Process - Dr.       in the past, DACC was not in synch with main campus. Evaluations         will be followed: you
Huerta & Ms.        should be reviewed by the reviewer (and supervisor) before it is given   will review evaluation
Gleason             to the employee. DACC did not do this. We will be complying with         with the reviewer
                    the policy starting this year. Dr. Lillibridge asked if the same forms   prior to reviewing
                    would be used. Ms. Gleason noted yes. Ms. Nickerson asked if the         with employee.
                    non exempt form has been changed or improved. Ms. Gleason noted
                    no. This had been tied to broadbanding and broadbanding is on
                    hold. Mr. Paulman asked if broadbanding had been set. Mr. Burke
                    noted the set time has changed several times. A new date has not
                    been set. Human Resources is working on a contract with the union.
                    Dr. Huerta noted that as we get information on the evaluations from
                    main campus, we will send out. Dr. Huerta also noted a concern
                    from main campus on using all lOs. Please think about what you give
                    your employees. We could possibly provide training or discussions
                    on evaluations if needed. Ms. Gleason noted that if you give all lOs,
                    maybe we need to check the duties. Mr. Paulman noted it was
                    culture and if reset the morale will be affected. Mr. Burke noted this
                    was a preliminary discussion for you to rethink evaluations and is
                    something that needs to be fixed over time. Please discuss with
                    employees when evaluating. Change is coming and nobody is perfect.
                    Dr. Huerta asked everyone to start thinking about this and Ms.
                    Gleason will send information as she gets it. Dr. Chieffo asked if
                    training can be done for supervisors. Dr. Huerta noted that it can be
                    worked on. We do not want to be caught off guard.
4 - The Migration   Dr. Huerta asked Mr. Quintela to give the group an update on the         Dr. Huerta would like
Strategy to         migration to Blackboard CE6 and perhaps, for faculty, more               Mr. Quintela to work
Blackboard CE6 -    extensive training. Mr. Quintela noted the new system is very            with Dr. Chieffo on
Mr. Quintela        different and will require retraining. Because DACC will not be able     scheduling training.
                    to handle all the training, some faculty will need to go to NMSU for
                    training. Mr. Chappell asked if they had thought of training for
                    part-time faculty. Mr. Quintela noted it was being worked on. The
                    new system will be going live summer session II. The old system will
                    be shut down. The course migration has not all been worked out.
                    We will need to make sure and migrate back ups. Mr. Quintela
                    suggested looking at this as an opportunity for DACC to clean up
                    courses. Dr. Huerta added that this was a lot of work and we need
                    to do a better job of doing tagging and identifying these courses. Mr.

     Administrative Council Minutes
     January 12, 2007
     Page 2
  Agenda Item                                  Discussion                                   ActionlDisposition

                  Quintela noted that we would like to hire part-time people to help
                  with migrating. Mr. Chappell asked if this would make things more
                  consistent. Mr. Quintela noted yes we can with the new system. Dr.
                  Huerta asked Ms. Rodriguez if any of their courses were webCT.
                  Ms. Rodriguez noted no, but they would like to. Most students do not
                  have access to computers. They would like to apply for grant to
                  purchase laptops and be able to have students check them out. Dr.
                  Huerta asked Mr. Quintela to get with Dr. Chieffo on scheduling
                  training, etc. Mr. Quintela noted that we needed to come up with a
                  strategy. This is a new staff challenge. Ms. Allen added there would
                  be a new version in fall 2008. Dr. Huerta asked how many courses
                  this impacted. Mr. Quintela noted 100 courses which are fully on line
                  and 300 augmented through webCT enhanced. Ms. Aguilera-
                  Goerner noted she has already began talks with Mr. Quintela on
                  starting with the General Studies Division. Dr. Huerta noted we also
                  needed to train students. Mr. Quintela added we need to inform
                  students of the change. Tutorials will be available for faculty and
                  students. He will visit departments soon. Mr. Chappell asked what
                  the status of my.urnsu e-mail was. Ms. Allen noted it was there but
                  there are still questions. Mr. Burke added it was in place to function
                  but needed academic input. It will be coordinated with Dr. Chieffo's

                  Dr. Huerta asked for any announcements:
                  Mr. Chappell noted he has had a good overall response by full time       Informational
                  and part time faculty on entering grades.

                  Dr. Lillibridge noted there was a significant planning meeting on        Please give important
                  January 26. Please send important ideas to him. Dr. Huerta added         ideas to Dr.
                  that of the five institutional priorities, she needed information on     Lillibridge for the
                  Criterion 1 from Mr. Walker so that we can wrap up. Dr. Lillibridge      Jan. 26 planning
                  noted they are working their way through Banner and AtD is coming        meeting.
                  up. If you need something bad, please have a good reason.

                  Ms. Lopez noted she would be representing the college at Las Cruces      Please give Ms. Lopez
                  Day in Santa Fe and would have a booth set up. Please give her any       program brochures
                  information on programs you would like set up at the booth by            for Las Cruces Day in
                  January 25.                                                              Santa Fe.

                  Ms. Aguilera-Goerner reminded everyone about the Border Learning         Informational
                  Conference. Look at brochure and sign up.

                  Dr. Huerta also reminded everyone of the NM HEAR conference.             Informational

Next Meeting      Friday, February 2, 2007,10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting Ended     11:00 a.m.

     Administrative Council Minutes
     January 12, 2007
     Page 3
                                                                                            •• •
                          Friday, February 2, 2«']

                              10:00 a.m., ACR              :*"
                                                                                .:,. *. •
                                                               *3 ?:'   ....


1. Approval ofthe Minutes of January 12, 2007 (handout)                               Dr. Huerta

2. Performance Management Training                                      Dr. Huerta & Ms. Gleason

3. Freshman Year Experience                                             Dr. Huerta & Mr. Ledesma

4. Facilities Update                                                                  Mr. Burke

5. New Mexico Higher Education Department Task Forces                                 Dr. Chieffo

6. Annoucements / Other

Next Meeting Friday, March 2, 2007, 9:00 a.m., ACR
(Please note: this meeting will start at 9:00 a.m. with the final budget recommendations)

Feb 2       Submit Completed Budget Requests to the Finance Office (Mr. Burke)
            Administrative Council, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Feb 14      Budget Hearings w/Budget Committee & Executive Team (by Admin Unit or
            Division), All Day, ACR
Feb 15-16   Border Learning Conference, EI Paso Marriott Hotel
Feb 22-23   NM HEAR Conference, Old Town Albuquerque
March 2     Budget Recommendations (feedback) Meeting w/Budget Committee &
            Administrative Council, 9:00 a.m., ACR
March 19-23 Spring Break
March 28    DACC Career Fair, 9:00 a.m., ACR
March 29    DACC Academic Scholars Reception, 6:00 p.m., Corbett Center Ballrooms
                                ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL MEETING
                                      Friday, February 2, 2007
                                          10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Anna Chieffo, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, John Walker, Lydia Bagwell,
David Pearse, Sylvia Nickerson, Bill Glenn, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Fred Owensby, Fred
Lillibridge, John Paulman, Lori Allen, Kelly Brooks, Doris Gleason, Kathy Reddington, Ben
Altamirano, Gladys Chairez, Brad Mazdra, Larry Sharp, Tim Chappell, Irene Montoya (recorder)
ABSENT: Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Jerry Welch, Molly Morris, Rosa Lopez, Susana Rodriguez
GUESTS: Bernie Piiia for Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Terry Mount for Jerry Welch, Tammy Welch for
Molly Morris

  A2enda Item                              Discussion                            ActionlDisposition
Meeting Start      10:05 a.m.
                 Dr. Huerta welcomed everyone. Also, a welcome to those          Informational Item
                 who are here for the first time: Ms. Terry Mount for Mr.
                 Welch; Ms. Tammy Welch for Ms. Morris; and Dr. Bernie
                 Piiia for Ms. A2uilera-Goerner.
1 - Approval of  Dr. Huerta asked for a motion to approve the January 12,        The January 12,
the Minutes of   2007, minutes. Mr. Ledesma moved to approve the minutes         2007, minutes were
January 12, 2007 of January 12. Mr. Walker seconded the motion. All were         approved.
- Dr. Huerta     in favor, motion passed.
2 - Performance Dr. Huerta noted there was information to share on               Irene will send out
Management       performance evaluations and training required. Ms.              e-mail to group on
Training - Dr.   Gleason noted she was in contact with main campus and           the performance
Huerta & Ms.     they are moving toward aligning performance management          management and
Gleason          with broad banding. The evaluation forms mayor may not          evaluation training
                 change. Ms. Gleason is working on getting training here at      on March 2, 2007,
                 DACC instead of employees going to Corbett Center. Dr.          9:00 a.m. to 12
                 Huerta noted the training is three hours and she would like     noon. Evaluation
                 the training provided at the March 2 Administration             will be reviewed by
                 Council meeting from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Irene will send      reviewer prior to
                 out an e-mail to the group on the training. Ms. Mount           conference with
                 asked if department chairs and program directors be             employee.
                 invited. Dr. Huerta noted yes, we can invite them. Ms.
                 Nickerson asked if training would be done before
                 evaluations. Ms. Gleason answered yes, this is the plan.
                 Mr. Paulman asked when the evaluations were due. Ms.
                 Gleason noted possibly mid April. Dr. Huerta added the
                 community college would follow procedures where there is
                 no conference with the employee until the evaluation is
                 reviewed by reviewer. We will get out information as soon
                 as possible. Dr. Huerta asked Mr. Altamirano to find us a
                 larger room for the training. Dr. Carrica asked for an
                 explanation of how raises are related to the evaluation. Ms.
                 Gleason noted it had not been shared. Mr. Burke added we
                 were just going with the flow and if we don't like something,
                 we can step in. The notion and idea are good. The training
                 will give us opportunity to find out more and ask questions.

                  Dr. Huerta sU22ested the final bud2et recommendations          Irene will send out
                  meeting originally scheduled for March 2 be held on March      e-mail to group on
                  9. Mr. Burke agreed. Irene will send out e-mail confirming     March 9, 2007,
                  change. Ms. Mount asked if we could ghost classes. Mr.         9:00 a.m. final
                  Burke would prefer we did not ghost classes. Dr. Chieffo,      budget
                  based on past experience, would also prefer no ghosting.       recommendation
3-Freshman        Dr. Huerta noted she and Mr. Ledesma have been talking         Informational Item
Year Experience   about a shift in focus in student services. One focus is for
- Dr. Huerta &    students to declare a major when they are admitted. Mr.
Mr. Ledesma       Ledesma will work on starting a "Freshman Year
                  Experience" where we may want to consider how to
                  coordinate, who to target. Elements we want to incorporate

                  -- Curriculum: developmental, college success, and distance    Informational Item
                  -- Advising: comprehensive orientation, professional
                  advising, peer advising (get more successful students
                  -- Mentoring: faculty, staff, peers
                  -- Academic Support: tutoring, technical support (labs,
                  library), training for faculty (how to provide academic
                  -- Counseling: career, academic, personal
                  -- Seminars: alcohol and drug abuse, cultural, educational
                  psychology (emotional development, base line theory),
                  ethics, life skills
                  -- Case Management: oversight of all activities, personal
                  contact (another connection), feedback (from students
                  about services), referrals (help student with process)
                  -- Research: peer institutions, academic research, training
                  (keep student motivated)
                  -- Evaluation: activities, grades, persistence, graduation

                  Dr. Huerta added the college needed to look at the students Informational Item
                  we are losing, especially first time, full time students. Mr.
                  Ledesma along with Mr. Mazdra and the department chairs
                  and program directors will be involved. Dr. Huerta noted
                  students who declare a major are more likely to complete
                  studies. Ms. Chairez added that many students end up not
                  making academic progress and not meeting the lottery
                  scholarship requirement. Of the 240 students evaluated,
                  only 11 were eligible for the Academic Competitive Grant
                  which is a federal grant. Mr. Pifia noted the initiative
                  would cost money. Mr. Ledesma noted a committee would
                  be formed to look at what we can and can't do. A lot of
                  people will need to be involved. Dr. Huerta noted this go
                  around, the college would not be submitting a Title V grant.
                  Next year, based on strategic plans, we could possibly apply
                  and be funded by Title V. Mr. Owensby noted historically,
                  SBDC has been detached, but they would love to get
                  involved. SBDC would be happy to be guest speakers in
                 classes. Mr. Chappell added that it could be more
                 formalized if it goes to Faculty Council. Ms. Nickerson
                 noted she and Ms. Rodriguez have met with Mr. Ledesma
                 and feel ABE fits perfectly with this idea. Mr. Ledesma
                 noted he would include everyone. Dr. Huerta added
                 reporting impacts us and student success is very important

                 Dr. Huerta noted she met with Dr. Lillibridge on the             Informational Item
                 recommended strategic priorities. Dr. Lillibridge noted the
                 08-12 strategic priorities were: 1) graduate more students
                 (credit and ABE); 2) culture of evidence (for budgets,
                 standardize); 3) communication (internal and external,
                 focus on web, communication with part time faculty); 4)
                 partnerships (all kinds, k-12, four year, industry, business);
                 5) facilities (related to growth); and 6) technology (are we
                 able to keep up).

                 Dr. Chieffo concurred with waiting a year, piloting through
                 AtD, and then the writing of the Title V proposal should
                 begin December 2007 with submission March 2008. This
                 will give us time to research, visit places. Ms. Nickerson
                 asked who she could meet with regarding ideas to transition
                 ABE students to college. Mr. Ledesma noted it would be
                 him and to please submit ideas. Dr. Huerta noted she
                 would form task forces for each strategic priority and have
                 them submit reports. Dr. Lillibridge noted the strategic
                 plan was due in December.
4 - Facilities   Mr. Burke noted progress had been made on the Workforce          Informational Item
Update-Mr.       Center. The bids were opened this week. It's a $4 million
Burke            budget, $3 million construction bid, and it has three
                 alternatives (new, ole, renovation). We were able to get all
                 within budget. Ray Ward & Sons were awarded the bid.
                 They have worked with Rem Alley (architect) before and
                 there is a good connection. The contract will be established
                 in the next few weeks. Pre-construction meetings are
                 scheduled of the end of next month. Ms. Reddington is the
                 point person. We do not anticipate any problems. Ms.
                 Reddington added we need to work on getting everything
                 out of the back area.

                 Mr. Burke noted he was working with Gary Williams on             Informational Item
                 the East Mesa Center design. The bids will be sent out with
                 alternatives. There is the potential that we may not get all
                 we want in the $10.5 million project. The bids will go out
                 this summer.

                 On this location, room 80 and 82 will be worked on for the       Informational Item
                 Dental Hygiene Program. Work will start at the end of the
                 semester. Room 78 will become an operating clinic. The
                 biggest need for the Dental Hygiene Program is classroom
                 space. There will be a temporary disruption. The clinic
                 will be done at the end of the year and be ready for Sprin2

                 Dr. Huerta added there will be plans to meet with folks in     Budget requests
                 Hatch and possibly Chaparral. Mr. Burke noted we were          are due TODAY to
                 looking at BLM land next to the high school in Chaparral.      Mr. Burke through
                 We would utilize the high school for dual credit. Hatch is     appropriate officer.
                 little different. We will either work with private citizens or
                 the school district depending on where we decide. We may
                 end up undersized. We are working on getting architects
                 for Hatch, Chaparral, and Phase II of Gadsden. Mr.
                 Owensby asked that SBDC be given times when classes are
                 not meeting here at the Las Cruces campus. The
                 Workforce Center construction is expected to last nine
                 months and he would like alternative class space to hold
                 classes, training, etc. Mr. Burke noted operations would not
                 be shut down. This will be addressed at the pre-
                 construction meeting. The work will be done in three
                 pieces. Dr. Glenn noted the problem in his area would be
                 front office space and staff being displaced. Dr. Huerta
                 asked everyone to bear with us and that there would be
                 sacrifices and inconveniencies. Dr. Huerta reminded
                 everyone budget requests are due today to Mr. Burke
                 throu2h appropriate officer.
5 - New Mexico   Dr. Chieffo noted work has been going on at the New            Informational Item
Higher           Mexico Higher Education Department. There is a
Education        HEDIPED Alignment Task Force to look at college entrance
Department       exams and high school exit exams. The cut off scores in
Task Forces -    math, English, and reading will need to be the same. DACC
Dr. Chieffo      representatives on behalf of NMACC on this Task Force
                 include: Dr. Bernie Pifia, Mr. Gregg Hammond, Mr. Brad
                 Mazdra, and Dr. Fred Lillibridge or Ms. Mary Beth
                 Worley. Please visit HED's web site for the list of other (7
                 or 8) task forces. The Articulation Task Force is looking at
                 the general education common core courses. Dr. Huerta
                 noted we also were involved in dual credit. Dr. Chieffo
                 added there was a subcommittee of alignment changes to
                 dual credit.
6-               Dr. Huerta noted the Las Cruces Sun News had called            Informational Item
Announcements    yesterday regarding the Nursing Program. Dr. Huerta
/ Other          referred them to Mr. Pearse and Dr. Whitaker. Good
                 things have happened like the monitoring reports have been
                 lifted. We have also been working with NMSU's College of
                 Nursing. One of the students interviewed the last time who
                 gave an unfavorable review, was interviewed again and this
                 time had good things to say about the program.

                 Dr. Huerta reminded everyone to work on the five faculty       Informational Item
                 positions, the ACAO, the Division Dean for Continuing
                 Education, and the TRC Coordinator positions. Those
                 should be posted ASAP. Everyone will be involved with
                 screening committees or strategic plan task forces.
               Mr. Ledesma noted a few events:                             Informational Item
               March 28 - Career Fair
               March 29 - Academic Scholars Reception
               May 11 - Commencement, 7:00 p.m., Pan Am Center
               (volunteers will be needed)

               Mr. Chappell noted there would be another election for      Informational Item
               president-elect. Ms. Kristina Gordon resigned.

               Dr. Huerta reminded everyone to attend:                     Informational Item
               Border Learning Conference (next year here in Las Cruces)
               NM HEAR Conference (Dr. Lillibridge noted close to 400
               had registered)
Next Meeting   Friday, March 2, 2007, 9:00 a.m., Room 96
               Performance Management & Evaluation Training
               Friday, March 9, 2007, 9:00 a.m., ACR
               Final Budget Recommendations Meeting
Meeting End    11:45 a.m.
                                                                 •• n~*• ••
         FINAL BUDGET RECOMMENDA~toNS(2007-2008)
                     Friday, March 9, 20ot"
                        9:00 a.m., ACR :~"

                                                           ." . *

1. Welcome                                                                   Dr. Huerta

2. 2007-2008 Budget Overview                                                 Mr. Burke

3. Budget Committee Recommendations                                          Mr. Seifert

4. Discussion

Next Administrative Council Meeting Friday, April 13, 2007,10:00 a.m., ACR
(April 6 is Spring Holiday)
                                                                       *!! • ",,,~*.
                                                         !!    !"*"*                   **
                      Friday, April 13, 2007 ;~
                         3:00 p.m., ACR      "':.!f
                                                        :*:;,                               ,.
                                  AGENDA                      '" P!,.
                                                                                .,11,* ••

I.     Approval of the Minutes of February 2, 2007 (handout)                                     Mr. Burke

II.    Annual Inventory (handouts)                                                               Mr. Burke

III.   Merit Pay                                                                                 Mr. Burke

IV.    Budget Update                                                                             Mr. Burke

V.     Information Technology Audit Approach (handout)                   Ms. Diana Hidalgo
                                                               NMSU Office of Audit Services

VI.    Announcements/Other

Next Meeting: Friday, May 4, 2007, 10:00 a.m., ACR
PLEASE NOTE: June meeting has been changed from June 1 to JUNE 6
(Wednesday), 10:00 a.m., ACR.

April 13           Opening Night of Selfish Giant, Holy Cross School (Pete Medina)
April 14           NMSU Aggie Day, 1:00 -10:00 p.m., East Side of Corbett Center
April 17           Parent Night at Chaparral High School, 6:00 p.m., Chaparral HS
April 20-24        HLC Annual Meeting, Chicago
April 26           Employee Capital Campaign Kick Off, 3:00 p.m., Commons Area
April 26-27        Dental Hygiene Program Initial Accreditation Site Visit
May 1              GISD Student Recognition Ceremony, 6:00 p.m., Gadsden Center
May 2              LCPS Principals w/DACC Meeting, 3:00 p.m., ACR
May 3              DACC Advisory Board Meeting, 6:00 p.m., ACR
May 10             White Sands Graduation, 10:00 a.m., White Sands Center
                   Outstanding Graduate Luncheon, 12 noon, Corbett Center
                   Stars of Excellence Awards Ceremony, 3:30 p.m., Commons Area
May 11             DACC Commencement, 7:00 p.m., Pan Am Center
May 12             NMSU Commencement, Pan Am Center
May 20-23          NISOD Conference, Austin, TX
May 28             Memorial Day Holiday
                              ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL MEETING
                                      Friday, April 13, 2007
                                         3:00 p.m., ACR

PRESENT: Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, Lydia Bagwell, David Pearse, Jerry Welch, Sylvia Nickerson,
Bill Glenn, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Rosa Lopez, Fred Lillibridge, John Paulman, Lori Allen, Kelly
Brooks, Doris Gleason, Kathy Reddington, Ben Altamirano, Brad Mazdra, Larry Sharp, Ken Tellez,
Tim Chappell, Irene Montoya (recorder)
ABSENT: Margie Huerta, Anna Chieffo, John Walker, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Molly Morris, Fred
Owensby, Susana Rodriguez
GUESTS: Bernie Pilla for Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Oscar Quintela, for Molly Morris, Tony Fierro

  A~enda Item                              Discussion                            ActionlDisposition
Meeting Start      3:02p.m.
                  Mr. Burke welcomed everyone and noted the group was            Informational Item
                  stuck with him. Drs. Huerta, Chieffo, and Mr. Walker are
                  in Albuquerque attendin~ an HED statewide AtD meeting.
1 - Approval of   Mr. Burke asked for a motion to approve the February 2,        The February 2,
the Minutes of    2007, minutes. Dr. Sharp motioned for approval of the          2007, minutes were
February 2, 2007 February 2, 2007, minutes. Mr. Chappell seconded the            approved.
-Dr. Huerta       motion. All were in favor and the motion passed.
2-Annual          Mr. Burke noted this year's inventory was challenging (bar     The college needs
Inventory - Mr. codes for rooms, etc.). Ms. Connie Melendrez did a good          to do a better job
Burke             job and next year will be better organized. The handout        with inventory and
                  shows the 31 items DACC is missing. It's not worse, but        not minimize the
                  close. Dr. Huerta would like inventory to be more              importance. Next
                  successful. All missing items should have documentation -      year will be better
                  police report, cannibalized, disposed, etc. Items should not   organized with
                  be hanging year to year. It reflects poorly on the college.    earlier meetings
                  Please don't minimize the importance. If you have the          and assigning staff
                  documentation now, please get it to Connie. Next year we       to do inventory.
                  will get people together sooner and assign people. Mr.
                  Burke added that there has been new facilities built and
                  items moved and in some cases property is behind scanning.
                  The college will be organized up front for next year. Irene
                  added those items on the list Connie provided may have
                  documentation but until Regents approve, they are still
                  listed on the inventory.
3 - Merit Pay -   Mr. Burke noted documentation from the Provost had come        Mr. Burke asked
Mr. Burke         forward on merit pay. For faculty, main campus is looking      the division deans,
                  at giving 2% across the board automatically and using the      dept. chairs,
                  3% for colleges to fluctuate for merit with the overall        program directors
                  average for the college staying at 5%. This was approved       to get
                  by the Regents today. It will be similar for exempt and non    documentation on
                  exempt staff. Mr. Burke noted salary information had not       evaluations and
                  been sent by main campus HR office. Mr. Chappell noted         make
                  this had been debated by Faculty Council. They would           recommendations
                  prefer it be driven by and not handed down. Mr. Burke          on merit. He asked
                  noted this process was dictated by the ~overnin~ board         Mr. Welch to take
Administrative Council Meeting
April 13, 2007
Page 1 of 5
                   through NMSU. We should expect 40% of raise automatic           this to the other
                   and 60 % fluctuated by merit. Colleges and departments          division deans.
                   are able to develop their own process to distribute merit.
                   DACC has chosen to deviate %% amounts based on
                   evaluations and recommendations. Mr. Burke added the
                   process will require us to submit to the percent. Raises will
                   not be as low as 2 % except in very unsatisfactory
                   performance. Dr. Pifia asked if promotion and tenure was
                   considered. Mr. Burke noted promotion and tenure was
                   given outside of this process and is roughly 6 %. Mr. Burke
                   also noted the college was asking for a faculty equity
                   adjustment and we have asked for a flat, across the board
                   amount for all faculty. Mr. Altamirano asked about the 2%
                   or 3% to ERB. Mr. Burke noted the employer has given
                   .75% more the last two years. The Legislature is providing
                   funding for this and does not impact raises. Mr. Burke
                   asked that the division deans and dept. chair/program
                   directors get documentation on evaluations ready and to
                   make recommendations. Mr. Burke asked Mr. Welch to
                   take back to the division deans.
4 - Budget         Mr. Burke referred to the handout of the 2007-2008 budget.      Informational Item
Update-Mr.         This is basic budget information which will go forward to
Burke              our Advisory Board for approval. This is required before
                   going to the Regents for their approval. Mr. Burke noted
                   the college was taking less of an enrollment increase. The
                   college will increase tuition and fees from $47 to $48 for in
                   district. Tuition for concurrent enrollment will remain the
                   same -- $24. Out of district was also increased by $1.00 --
                   $57 to $58. New faculty and staff positions approved are
                   listed on the last page. The exempt positions funded by
                   restricted funds will not be supported by I&G this year.
                   We are hoping to fund those with a HUD grant. Mr. Burke
                   sent the budget to the Budget Committee for input. There
                   was isolated feedback. This is what the college will be
                   sending forward. The Exec Team focused more on funding
                   streams for faculty positions. This year we will start
                   dialogue on those we did not fund or why decisions were
                   made. Ms. Nickerson asked if these were full time positions.
                   Mr. Burke answered yes. Mr. Chappell asked about pay
                   raises for part time faculty. Mr. Burke noted a request
                   which has not been made yet will ask for a 5 % raise for
                   part time faculty. Mr. Burke noted he was still finalizing
                   the budget and he will soon have the expenditures and
                   revenues done. The budget worksheets will be sent out
                   soon, hopefully by finals week.
6-                 Mr. Burke asked that we move on to announcements while
Announcements      the group waits for Ms. Diana Hidalgo from NMSU.
                  Dr. Lillibridge noted two announcements:
                      1. The accreditation process is close to completin~ the      Informational Item
Administrative Council Meeting
April 13, 2007
Page 2 of 5
                         initial self study. There have been a few gaps
                         identified which were given to the Exec Team. The
                         Team responded. At the end of the month
                         information will be put out to everyone to get input.
                         There has been nothing terribly huge was found.
                         We are one year and two weeks out until our site
                      2. There were six strategic priorities developed and are   Informational Item
                         on the IE web site. Six task forces will be developed
                         to create action plans for each priority. You may be
                         asked to help provide input.

                  Mr. Quintela reminded the group about the Great Book           If you have books
                  Giveaway next week on April 19 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00         to donate, please do
                  p.m. in the Courtyard. If you books to donate, please do so.   so.

                  Mr. Paulman asked Mr. Burke's perspective on the 2%            Informational Item
                  drop in enrollment. Mr. Burke noted these were only
                  projections and were very conservative. Mr. Burke expects
                  enrollment to be down. The college is reaching critical
                  mass, especially in General Studies. We made appropriate
                  decision of the number of students accepted in the Nursing
                  Program. Historically, our growth is equal to the county's
                  growth. Mr. Burke noted for funding purposes this is
                  considered zero.

                  Mr. Pearse noted that the April 17 event at Chaparral High     Informational Item
                  School be changed to Chaparral Middle School in the
                  calendar section of the agenda.

                  Dr. Sharp noted they were looking for volunteers to work       If interested in
                  on Disability Day which will be sometime in October.           volunteering,
                  Please get in touch with Rhonda at ext. 7548 if you are        please call Rhonda
                  interested.                                                    at ext. 7548.

                  Ms. Hidah!O joined the meeting.
5 - Information   Mr. Burke introduced Ms. Diana Hidalgo who is with
Technology        NMSU Audit Services. Mr. Burke asked the group to go
Audit Approach    around and introduce themselves. Each person introduced
-Ms. Diana        themselves.
                  Ms. Hidalgo noted she was the Senior IT Auditor at NMSU        Informationalltem
                  and has been with NMSU for two months. She will be
                  auditing technology on campus including the community
                  colleges. The project will be to gather information and to
                  focus on what people think most of and care about. Ms.
                  Brenda Shannon who is Ms. Hidalgo's boss would like to do
                  an IT risk assessment to see what technologies NMSU has,
                  what sensitive information is gathered, and how
                  information is used. Ms. Hidah~o noted this was not an
Administrative Council Meeting
April 13, 2007
Page 3 of 5
                  audit but a gathering of information which is not specific to

                  Ms. Hidalgo noted they would like a department level              Informational Item
                  summary of what are the key applications used. The form
                  needed will include:
                     l. application name
                     2. primary purpose
                     3. application developed in house or purchased
                     4. application used today supported by who (IT,
                        yourself or 3rd party)
                     For specific purpose of teaching, please give a one line
                     summary. No licenses for now
                     5. identified data categories which is considered
                         sensitive information

                  Mr. Burke noted the community college will come up with a         The college will come
                  coordinated response though Ms. Lori Allen. We will               up w/a coordinated
                  evaluate best way to gather information.

                  Ms. Hidalgo added that sensitive information to them may
                                                                                    Informational Item
                  not fall in the categories listed. Please use the Other
                  category and describe. If we deem it sensitive, please list it.
                  Mr. Burke noted that stand alone databases you develop
                  should be included.

                  Ms. Hidalgo noted page two of the handout was to pick our
                                                                                    Informational Item
                  brains. This will give us a baseline. They are requesting
                  this information be returned to them by the end of May.
                  The June time line will include NMSU consolidating to find
                  common themes and common concerns. The information
                  will be presented back to the NMSU community and then
                  prioritized. Mr. Burke noted we understood what was
                  being asked of us and we will need to make a decision
                  internally on how we will coordinate.

                  Ms. Hidalgo noted she would be happy to come back and
                                                                                    Informational Item
                  meet with others. She is available for us.
                                                                                    A notice, through
                  There was a short discussion by the group on concerns,
                                                                                    Dr. Huerta, on the
                  policies, and support. Dr. Lillibridge noted they really
                                                                                    deadline, etc. will
                  wanted things that we do that have sensitive data. Mr.
                                                                                    be sent out.
                  Burke noted a notice through Dr. Huerta on the deadline,
                  etc. will be sent out.

                  Mr. Burke reminded the group on some of the events on the
                                                                                    Informational Item
                  calendar including:
                  April 17 Parent Night at Chaparral, 6:00 p.m.
                  April 27 Employee Capital Campaign Kick Off, 3:00 p.m.
                  May 10 Stars of Excellence Awards Ceremonv, 3:30 D.m.
Administrative Council Meeting
April 13, 2007
Page 4 of 5
                  May 11 Commencement, 7:00 p.m.

                  Mr. Chappell asked about the eye care insurance. Irene         Informational Item
                  noted Ms. Vicki Haggard had called NMSU Employee
                  Benefits Office to inquire. They told her that they are no
                  longer looking at the state plan and originally they were
                  looking at starting it July 2007. They are now looking at
                  offering the insurance in January 2008. Mr. Burke noted
                  enrollment changes can be made starting next week for
                  health and dental insurance. Do nothing if no change. Ms.
                  Gleason noted this was to change providers only.

                  Mr. Paulman noted the 07-08 catalog was going to be            Any ideas on updating
                  revised. Please think of updates and let him know.             catalog let Mr.
                                                                                 Paulman know.
                  Irene noted the June meeting would be held on Wednesday,
                  June 6. Same time and place. Dr. Huerta and Mr. Burke          Informational Item
                  will be attending architect interviews for East Mesa Phase 5
                  on June 1.
Next Meeting      Friday, May 4, 2007, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting End       4:25p.m.

Administrative Council Meeting
April 13, 2007
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                                                                           JlfAi . . .   iVJIf*.
                                                         'i                                        JIf*

                       Friday, May 4, 2007 .:.
                         9:00 a.m., ACR    ·j~rr,;}

                                  AGENDA                             ..     ~              . *..
I.     Approval of the Minutes of April 13, 2007 (handout)                                                Dr. Huerta

II.    Safety Campaign (handout)                                                                          Dr. Huerta

III.   Protocol on Dissemination of Information                                                           Dr. Huerta

IV.    Strategic Priorities Task Force Updates                                                            Dr. Huerta

       A.    SP#1 -   Improve Graduation Rates                                                      Mr. Ledesma
       B.    SP#2 -   Nurture a Culture of Evidence                                                   Mr. Juarez
       C.    SP#3 -   Enhance Internal/External Communication                                      Dr. Lillibridge
       D.    SP#4 -   Increase/Strengthen Ed, Com, Industry Partnerships                               Mr. Welch
       E.    SP#5 -   Continue to Develop Facilities                                                   Mr. Burke
       F.    SP#6 -   Provide State-of-the-Art Technology                                               Ms. Allen

V.     2007 Medical Switch Enrollment/Dental Open Enrollment (handout)                                    Dr. Huerta

VI.    Announcements/Other

Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 6, 2007,10:00 a.m., ACR
PLEASE NOTE: June meeting has been changed from June 1 to JUNE 6
(Wednesday), 10:00 a.m., ACR.

May 9        Stars of Excellence Awards Ceremony, 3:30 p.m., Commons Area
May 10       White Sands Graduation, 10:00 a.m., White Sands Center
             Outstanding Graduate Luncheon, 12 noon, Corbett Center
May 11       DACC Commencement, 7:00 p.m., Pan Am Center
May 12       NMSU Commencements, Pan Am Center, 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
May 15       Final Grades Due, Last Day of Faculty Contracts (9 month)
May 20-23    NISOD Conference, Austin, TX
May 28       Memorial Day Holiday
                              ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL MEETING
                                      Friday, May 4, 2007
                                        9:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, David Pearse,
Sylvia Nickerson, Bill Glenn, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Rosa Lopez, Susana Rodriguez, Fred
Lillibridge, John Paulman, Lori Allen, Kelly Brooks, Doris Gleason, Ben Altamirano, Brad Mazdra,
Larry Sharp, Ken Tellez, Irene Montoya (recorder)
ABSENT: Anna Chieffo, John Walker, Lydia Bagwell, Jerry Welch, Molly Morris, Fred Owensby,
Kathy Reddington, Gladys Chairez, Becky Ordunez, Tim Chappell
GUESTS: Jon Juarez for Lydia Bagwell, Terry Mount for Jerry Welch, Oscar Quintela for Molly

  Agenda Item                                 Discussion                             ActionJDisposition
Meeting Start        9:03 a.m.
                    Dr. Huerta wished a good Friday to everyone. She thanked         Informational Item
                    the group for adjusting schedules to come in earlier. We
                    have a full agenda. Dr. Huerta reminded everyone we were
                    still working on strategic priorities. Action plans are due
                    end of June. In July, they will be bought back to this group.
                    The Executive Team will finalize and submit to NMSU
                   Board of Regents. Dr. Huerta noted there was still room
                   for input and sub-groups may be a possibility. They were
                    presented to our Advisory Board last night. Also, the
                    budget was approved by our Board. We did get a new
                    board member, Dr. Connie Phillips. Dr. Phillips has a
                   Ph.D. with a math background. Dr. Huerta noted a lot will
                    need to be done in preparation of our accreditation site visit
                    next year.
1 - Approval of    Dr. Huerta asked for a motion to approve the April 13,            The April 13, 2007,
the Minutes of     2007, minutes. Ms. Aguilera-Goerner motioned to approve           minutes were
April 13, 2007 -   the April 13, 2007, minutes. Mr. Ledesma seconded the             approved. Irene
Dr. Huerta         motion. All were in favor, the motion carried. Irene will         will post on the
                   post on the web.                                                  web.
2 - Safety         Dr. Huerta noted there had been a lot of talk on safety on        Dr. Huerta is
Campaign - Dr.     campus. Dr. Huerta and Mr. Burke recently met with                requesting faculty
Huerta             NMSU Police Chief Jaime Chavez and Deputy Chief                   put a statement on
                   Stephen Lopez. The meeting was to discuss security needs          safety in their
                   and who does what. It was prompted by the East Mesa               syllabus.
                   incident where it was contained by the Las Cruces Police
                   Department. In June or July, there will be a meeting of all
                   of our folks with NMSU. In addition, we would like faculty
                   to put a statement on safety in their syllabus. This will be
                   the start of a safety campaign. We will also get student
                   government involved. Dr. Carrica asked to be included in
                   this meeting. Ms. Mount asked about safety in the student
                   handbook. Mr. Ledesma noted only policies were included
                   in the handbook, but would like to add something on safety.
                   Dr. Huerta noted there would be more to come. Please see
Administrative Council Meeting
May 4, 2007
Page 1 of 6
                    the attached handout from Stephen Lopez.
3 - Protocol on     Dr. Huerta would like to establish the CEO Office as the       CEO Office will
Dissemination of    office to disseminate information from NMSU. The               disseminate
Information - Dr.   incident of the recent missing student had Dr. Huerta and      information from
Huerta              Mr. Ledesma meeting with CART (Central Administration          NMSU to DACC.
                    Response Team) on main campus. This group decided how
                    to manage all information sent out after talking to the
                    student's parents. It was agreed that University
                    Communications would send out information and our CEO
                    Office would get out to DACC.
4 - Strategic       Dr. Huerta asked the chairs of the Strategic Priorities Task
Priorities Task     Forces to give a brief overview of their activities.
Force Updates -
Dr. Huerta         Mr. Ike Ledesma, Chair - SP#1 - Improve Graduation              Informational Item
                    Committee: Rosa Lopez, David Twitty, Nina Javaher, John
                    Pallares, Lucy Gurrola, Brad Mazdra, Stacy Cotton, Mary
                    Beth Worley
                   Mr. Ledesma noted the committee had met three times.
                   They were focusing on increasing technology; holding one
                    week orientation for students to include time management,
                   financial aid; and strategies to help the freshman year
                   experience. The committee is getting information from
                   other colleges who have successful freshman year
                    experience programs. Other things being looked at include
                   advising, mentorship, and college success. They would like
                   to engage students at the beginning. Also, they will look at
                   strategies to use WorkKeys and the Associate of General
                   Studies degree. The committee meets every Thursday at
                   noon. The graduation rate for 2006 was 9.7% per Dr.
                   Lillibridge. We want to make it better. The definition of a
                   graduate is first time full-time degree (or certificate)
                   seeking who graduates within three years. Not all programs
                   require same time. The committee will develop strategies to
                   improve graduation rates. Ms. Nickerson asked if GED
                   transition will be part of this plan. Mr. Ledesma noted yes,
                   it would be and that Ms. Cotton has started making good
                   contributions. Mr. Pearse noted there were over 1000 pre-
                   health students which include 600 pre-nursing students.
                   Dr. Huerta noted we should look at offering different levels
                   of certificates. Currently, the requirement range from 20
                   hours to 39 hours. For a point of comparison, Dr. Huerta
                   added that the graduation rate for EI Paso Community
                   College was 4% and Central New Mexico Community
                   College was 7%. Dr. Lillibridge noted this was the first
                   time in five years ours had gone up. Dr. Huerta noted we
                   also needed to look at the CNA certificate. In 04-05 there
                   were 30, in 05-06 there was 1, and in 06-07 there were 5.
                   Ms. Mount added we needed to encourage student to get
                   their certificate and ~o on to ~et an associate. Mr. Ledesma
Administrative Council Meeting
May 4, 2007
Page 2 of 6
                     noted we need an institutional policy to promote from the       Informational Item
                     Informational Item very beginning when students decide to
                     come to DACC. Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted she agreed
                     with the ladder approach. Dr. Huerta noted we don't want
                     to just fluff the numbers. We need to look at what the
                     workforce requires and design by that.

                     Mr. Jon Juarez, Chair - SP#2 - Nurture a Culture of             Informational Item
                     Committee: Terry Mount, David Twitty, Greg Hammond,
                     Kim Seifert
                     Mr. Juarez noted this was about what information is really
                     being used. Using the nurturing concept (quality center) to
                     use information to change method of doing things. Colleges
                     should do things differently every year. We need to identity
                     constituents who need information like the general public
                     and students. Also, identify internal constituents including
                     those who make strategic decisions and managers. We need
                     to find out what information is needed by our internal and
                     external constituents. Mr. Juarez noted that SP#3 will be
                     instrumental in SP#2. The committee will look at what are
                     the processes, what is being developed (information), what
                     is useful and meaningful, and what is the process to
                     evaluate its usefulness. Mr. Juarez noted they will look at
                     changing how we deliver information. They will have a
                     three step action plan, which will be ongoing.

                   Dr. Fred Lillibridge, Chair - SP#3 - Enhance Internal and         Informational Item
                   External Communication
                    Committee: Omar Carrillo, Molly Morris, Becky Orduiiez,
                   John Paulman
                   Dr. Lillibridge commended Ms. Allen for the suggestions as
                    they will impact her area. They committee has spent time
                   finding indicators to measure. This is everybody's plan.
                   Please look over. Suggestions and comments are welcomed.
                   The committee will have a public meeting.
                   Activity 1- Website
                   Activity 2 - Intranet - public site for students, less internal
                   Activity 3 - Part-Time Faculty - huge part of our enterprise
                   and Faculty Council has made good inroads
                   Activity 4 - Unified E-Mail System - we have two e-mail
                   Activity 5 - Communication across Curriculum - how we
                   teach our students to communicate
                   Activity 6 - Improve Communication NMSU & DACC -
                   improve that communication
                   Dr. Huerta has requested Dr. Chieffo to work with Dr.
                   Cynda Clary who is the NMSU HLC Chair on this very
                   critical activity.
                   Activity 7 - Plan in Place to 2et Information out
Administrative Council Meeting
May 4,2007
Page 3 of 6
                    Activity 8 - Unified Phone System
                    Mr. Paulman asked about sensitive communication. Dr.
                    Lillibridge noted we need to control what we put out there.
                    Mr. Burke noted on Activity 7, we are part of the NMSU
                    system and there is a plan. We can always improve, but
                    there is a plan. A small discussion followed on NMSU and
                    disseminating information to DACC. Mr. Burke suggested
                    maybe DACC have a member on the CART team. Mr.
                    Ledesma asked about the marketing, recruitment initiative.
                    Dr. Lillibridge noted they were waiting for input.

                   Ms. Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, Co-Chair - SP#4 - Increase         Informationalltem
                   and Strengthen Educational, Community, and Industry
                   Committee: Jerry Welch (Co-Chair), Rosa Lopez, Sylvia
                   Nickerson, Ken Tellez, Lydia Bagwell, David Pearse, Molly
                   Ms. Aguilera-Goerner noted the committee had their first
                   work session this week. The biggest thing would be the
                   community on our advisory committees. Also, continue to
                   have community forums like the recent business forum and
                   government forum. The committee will also look at
                   economic and workforce partnerships, local independent
                   school districts and dual credit, outreach to highs schools.
                   The committee came up with four goals:
                       1. Develop shared goods and processes to improve
                           communication with educational, community,
                           business, industry, and governmental partners, both
                           internally and externally. This goal has seven
                       2. Develop partnerships that promote economic and
                           workforce development within our community. This
                           goal has three activities.
                       3. Proactively seek representation on local, regional,
                           and state organizations that enhance DACC
                           partnerships. This goal has three activities.
                       4. Promote other related partnerships that support
                           academic excellence, student referrals and support
                           services, professional growth, diversity, scholarship
                           opportunities, and civic engagement.
                   If you have any ideas, please send an e-mail. Ms. Nickerson
                   suggested an assessment be conducted to identify gaps. Mr.
                   Mazdra added the service learning movement is a
                   wonderful way to create partnerships.

                   Mr. Andy Burke, Chair - SP#5 - Continue to Develop              Informational Item
                   Committee: Ben Altamirano, Bill Glenn, Bryan Koller, J.B.
                   Carrica, Jose Retana, Joyce Bradley, Kathy Reddington,
Administrative Council Meeting
May 4, 2007
Page 4 of 6
                   Virginia Durant, Kim Seifert, Pete Medina
                   Mr. Burke noted the committee would meet for the first
                   time this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. He reviewed the 2003
                   master facilities plan. Work is now being done on the
                   master facilities plan which will be for the next four years.
                   The survey done was looked at. The goal and action plan
                   with the most responses from 2003 was looked at. What
                   stuck out includes:
                       1. There is still the perception that we don't plan new
                          space for new programs. As a college, disseminate
                       2. Eighty percent think facilities development is
                          important or very important
                   The college needs to validate:
                      1. rate of taxation -- $1 mill
                      2. update master facilities plan maybe to 2016,
                          document refreshed
                      3. renovation (not specific yet) for HLC document-
                          what we have accomplished
                   Mr. Burke noted this was an on-going strategic process.
                   The college has nice facilities with some climate control

                   Ms. Lori Allen, Chair - SP#6 - Provide State-of-the-Art         Informational Item
                   Committee: David Pearse, Oscar Quintela, Susan Wood,
                   Chip Moore, Tim Chappell
                   Ms. Allen noted technology was rated very important. The
                   committee came up with three major areas to address the
                   need for state-of-the-art technology:
                       1. Information Technology - infrastructure,
                          management & support, distance learning
                       2. Equipment - infrastructure, management & support
                       3. Acquisition - external funding, internal funding
                   Mr. Pearse noted the dental lab was a good example of
                   resources that needed to be a top priority.

                  Dr. Huerta noted Dr. Lillibridge is taking the lead and
                  appreciates everyone's hard work. There is time and space
                  for input.
S - 2007 Medical  Dr. Huerta reminded everyone of the medical and dental           Informational Item
Switch            open enrollment. Ms. Gleason reminded employees that are
EnrollmentlDental currently enrolled as employee and one will need to change
Open Enrollment to employee and child or employee and spouse.
-Dr. Huerta
6-                Dr. Huerta reminded everyone that the June 1 meeting has         Informational Item
Announcements /   been changed to June 6. Other reminders: May 9 - Stars
Other             of Excellence; May 10 - White Sand Graduation; May 11 -
                  DACC Commencement, 7:00 p.m., Pan Am Center.

Administrative Council Meeting
May 4, 2007
Page 5 of 6
                 Dr. Huerta noted our love and thoughts to Ms. Morris. No
                 other announcements were ~iven.
Next Meetin~     Wednesday, June 6, 2007,10:00 a.m., ACR
Meetin~ End Time 10:15 a.m.

Administrative Council Meeting
May 4, 2007
Page 6 of 6

                                                                            *',* *.
I.     Approval of the Minutes of May 4, 2007 (handout)                                Dr. Huerta

II.    DACC Web Page                                                  Ms. Allen & Mr. Carrillo

III.   Status of Faculty Hiring - New and Vacant                                       Dr. Chieffo

IV.    Facilities                                                     Dr. Huerta & Mr. Burke

V.     ITAC (Equipment Requests)                                                       Mr. Burke

VI.    Office Space                                                                    Mr. Burke

VII.   Annual and Sick Leave                                                          Ms. Gleason

VIII. Announcements/Other

Next Meeting: Friday, July 6, 2007, 10:00 a.m., ACR

June 8 Independent Electrical ContractorslDACC Apprenticeship Graduation (Terry Mount)
June 22 Academic Leadership Team Retreat, Time & Place TBA (Dr. Chieffo)
July 4 July 4th Holiday
July 6 Administrative Council Meeting, 10:00 a.m., ACR
July 16 NMSU Board of Regents Retreat
July 17 NMSU Board of Regents Meeting
Aug 3 Administrative Council Meeting, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Aug 16 DACC Convocation
Aug 21 NMSU Convocation
Aug 22 Fall 2007 Begins
                            ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL MEETING
                                  Wednesday, June 6, 2007
                                     10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Anna Chieffo, Andy Burke, Ike Ledesma, John Walker, Carmen Aguilera-
Goerner, Lydia Bagwell, David Pearse, Jerry Welch, Sylvia Nickerson, Molly Morris, J.B. Carrica,
Susan Roberts, Rosa Lopez, Susana Rodriguez, John Paulman, Lori Allen, Kelly Brooks, Doris Gleason,
Kathy Reddington, Ben Altamirano, Gladys Chairez, Brad Mazdra, Becky Ordunez, Larry Sharp, Ken
Tellez, Irene Montoya (recorder)
ABSENT: Bill Glenn, Fred Owensby, Fred Lillibridge, David Twitty
GUESTS: Tim Chappell for David Twitty, Omar Carrillo

    Agenda Item                               Discussion                           Action/Disposition
Meeting Start Time      10:04 a.m.

                        Dr. Huerta noted a good morning to everyone. She           Informational Item
                        thanked everyone for adjusting their schedules to attend
                        this Wednesday meeting. Dr. Huerta and Mr. Burke
                        attended architect interviews for Phase 5 of East Mesa
                        on Friday.
1 - Approval of the     Dr. Huerta asked for a motion to approve the May 4,        Minutes of May 4,
Minutes of May 4,       2007, minutes. Ms. Aguilera-Goerner motioned to            2007, were
2007 - Dr. Huerta       approve the May 4, 2007, minutes. Mr. Walker seconded      approved. Irene
                        the motion. All were in favor, the motion carried. Irene   will post on the
                        will post on the web.                                      web.
                        (After the meeting, Mr. Burke noted an error. Irene will
                        correct before posting on the web.)
3 - Status of Faculty   Due to a glitch in the equipment, Dr. Huerta asked Dr.     Informational Item
Hiring (new and         Chieffo to continue with Item 3 to allow time to switch
vacant) - Dr. Chieffo   out equipment.

                        Dr. Chieffo noted she was asked to give a status report    Informational Item
                        on the faculty hiring. Dr. Chieffo included other
                        positions as well.
                        Round 1:                                                   Informational Item
                        Coordinator, Technology Resource Center - hired Oscar
                        Fill Mr. Quintela's position - committee formed
                        Director, Customized Training - interviews completed
                        Associate Campus Academic Officer - interviews in
                        Division Dean, Continuing Education - committee
                        currently screening applications
                        Building Construction, faculty - interviews completed
                        BOT, faculty - interviews this week
                        Communication, faculty - interviews this week
                        Dental Hygiene, faculty - submitted name to HR for
                        permission to offer
                        Developmental English, faculty - submitted name to HR
                        for permission to offer
Administrative Council Meeting
June 6,2007
Page 1 of 5
                        Nursing - submitted name to HR for permission to offer
                        Radiologic Technology, program director - interviews
                        Water Technology, faculty - interviews scheduled
                        Welding Technology, faculty - committee currently
                        screening applications

                        Round II:                                                   Informational Item
                        There are 9-10 openings for faculty. Review of
                        applications begins Friday, June 8. The division deans
                        are currently working on the committees and they will be
                        finalized today. These are positions that were recently
                        approved in the bud~et.
2 - DACC Web Page- Mr. Carrillo noted he was hired as our web developer             Informational Item
Ms. Allen & Mr.         two months ago. He will make sure our web page
Carrillo                complies with standards, is user centered, and helps our
                        students. With the help of Mr. Paulman and Dr. Sharp,
                        Mr. Carrillo has worked on our web page. He has had a
                        few people look at it and most like it. He is looking for a
                        student to test it on. Mr. Carrillo presented the web
                        page to the group. It's simple, can be seen by any
                        browser, and the graphics are minimum. Mr. Carrillo
                        browsed through some pages including a message from
                        our CEO. He noted the college needed to agree on the
                        main format which will not change. The new web page
                        will allow users to provide their own content. There will
                        be a form you can down load, fill out, and send to
                        computer support to be placed on-line. Mr. Carrillo
                        noted a few rules will need to be enforced in order to stay
                        in compliance. Users can use Front Page or even better
                        Dream Weaver to add or edit. Computer Support, by
                        request, will be available to help develop pages if
                        material is too complex, the person does not know html,
                        or in special cases. Mr. Carrillo noted, in the future, we
                        might me able to have faculty lectures and publications
                        on-line. At the moment, the college is limited on space.
                        Ms. Allen is working hard on getting us more space. Mr.
                        Chappell asked if faculty would be allowed to modify,
                        possibly be given a password. Mr. Carrillo noted a
                        content management system would be working on
                        allowing people to have access. We need to know how to
                        control and ensure safety. Mr. Chappell asked about
                        part-time faculty who we have a lot of. Mr. Carrillo
                        noted this was something they needed to work on. Dr.
                        Huerta noted those were decisions that needed to be
                        made. Mr. Carrillo also noted they were working on
                        intranet which is a web site that works inside and is
                        private within an organization. This is not a priority
                        right now. Students and accreditation come first. Dr.       Please have dept.
                        Huerta noted once the accreditation site team is selected, chairs and pro~.
Administrative Council Meeting
June 6, 2007
Page 2 of 5
                        the team will start looking at the college including the     Directors to sit
                        web. Our web page will need to be functional. Please get     with Mr. Carrillo
                        your department chairs and program directors to sit and      and Ms. Allen.
                        chat with Mr. Carrillo and Ms. Allen. Dr. Huerta noted
                        she would like the group to close on the "the look." Mr.
                        Carrillo noted they would provide full instructions and
                        will schedule training. Mr. Paulman asked Mr. Carrillo
                        to explain the three clicks. Mr. Carrillo noted you can
                        get anywhere in three clicks. A discussion followed on
                        my.nmsu site and other links. Mr. Carrillo noted he was
                        here to help and is available. Mr. Paulman noted Mr.
                        Carrillo has done much work and there was a lot of
                        complexity behind the scenes. Dr. Huerta noted her
                        appreciation to Mr. Carrillo and Ms. Allen.
4 - Facilities - Dr.    Mr. Burke noted he would combine Items 4 and 6. The          Mr. Burke asked
Huerta & Mr. Burke      Executive Team met with Mr. John Petronis. They              the academic team
and                     looked at phase 7 and 8 at East Mesa. The college needs      to start identifying
6 - Office Space - Mr. to look at beyond 2013. We need input for the future.         new program
Burke                   Mr. Burke provided handouts that Mr. Petronis                initiatives to give to
                        provided on the Master Facilities Plan. Mr. Burke noted      facilities planner.
                        the document is being finalized for submission to NM
                        HED. They are asking for a five year plan. We will
                        cycle with bond issue which the next one is scheduled for
                        2009 and again in 2013. Mr. Burke noted on page 3 the
                        projects that are underway: renovation to the
                        Workforce Center and design of the Trades Building.
                        Bids opened yesterday for phase 3 and 4 at East Mesa. It
                        will be a complete facility with a tight construction
                        schedule. We may not meet the Fall 2008 opening.
                        Phase 5 at East Mesa is funded and an architect has been
                        chosen. It will include an auditorium and classrooms.
                        The design architect for phase 2 at Gadsden will be
                        selected this month. The Chaparral site is located
                        adjacent to the high school and is BLM owned. We have
                        an open ended contract with an architect for Hatch. We
                        are also looking at a site adjacent to their high school.
                        Mr. Burke noted enrollment was also being looked at.
                        We had an actual increase of 6% this year and we are
                        planning a growth increase of 3 % in the future. We will
                        see leveling off. The college will be realistic. Mr. Burke
                        noted on page 11 the various location enrollments. Here
                        at LCC it has stabilized at 2,500 FTE and we expect East
                        Mesa to be the same size in the future. On page 13 it
                        shows the projects we are looking at for the 2009-2012
                        bond cycles. The college has a request in to the
                        Legislature for phase 6 at East Mesa. Phase 3 at
                        Sunland Park will be requested in the next cycle. Mr.
                        Burke asked the academic team to start identifying new
                        program initiatives. He would like the academic              Dr. Huerta asked
                        administration to meet next month and start to brain         for everyone's
Administrative Council Meeting
June 6,2007
Page 3 of 5
                         storm (program initiatives, space sensitive, etc.). We      cooperation as we
                         need to give guidance to our facilities planner. Dr.        renovate and build.
                         Huerta asked the group to look at the transitional plan
                         on page 22. She needs everyone's cooperation as we
                         renovate and build. We need to work together.

                        Mr. Burke noted we are out of space. There will be some      Mr. Burke noted it
                        relief with East Mesa phase 3 and 4, but will not help for   would be helpful to
                        fall. We do have some moves planned from here to East        making facilities
                        Mesa. We will have bumps in the road. Ms. Reddington         decisions if he
                        will evaluate space. Mr. Burke noted every program in        knew how soon you
                        technical studies is capped out and East Mesa is pretty      anticipate things
                        full. It is not too soon to worry about where to put         happening: in
                        people. Ms. Nickerson asked if there would be ABE            2009-2013, 2013-
                        space for the short term at East Mesa in the new phases.     1016, or beyond.
                        Mr. Burke noted that would be a new program initiative.      Dr. Huerta would
                        Ms. Nickerson noted she would continue to advocate for       like everyone to
                        a center at East Mesa. Mr. Burke noted it would be           start thinking
                        helpful to making facilities decisions if he knew how soon   about this and
                        you anticipate things happening: in 2009-2013, 2013-         work with Dr.
                        2016, or beyond. Dr. Huerta would like everyone to start     Chieffo.
                        thinkin~ about this and work with Dr. Chieffo.
5 - ITAC (Equipment Dr. Huerta noted Ms. Allen had submitted ITAC's                  Reviews will
Request) - Mr. Burke recommendations to the Executive Team. Mr. Burke                continue and Mr.
                        noted ITAC had reviewed all requests which totaled           Burke will let
                        $500,000. Mr. Burke needs to look at shuffling which         everyone know
                        Perkins complicates. He provided the group a handout         what has been
                        of the high priority list relative to classrooms and         approved by the
                        laboratories. Ms. Allen and Computer Support noted           end of next week.
                        labs assigned to General Studies with older computers
                        did not put a request forward. Ms. Allen noted Dr.
                        Carrica did put in a request for those labs at Gadsden
                        and Sunland Park. Mr. Burke noted the college will try
                        to fund high priority requests. He has given a draft of
                        approvals for academic space to Dr. Chieffo for her to
                        share with the academic team. This was all that was
                        reviewed. Reviews will continue and he will let everyone
                        know what has been approved by the end of next week.
                        Dr. Huerta noted her appreciation to ITAC for their
                        hard work.
6 - Annual and Sick     Ms. Gleason noted she had attended a Human Resources         Ms. Gleason will
Leave - Ms. Gleason     Liaison meeting last month which payroll attended. Ms.       send something out
                        Gleason provided the group a handout of the annual and       on what is to be
                        sick leave reporting process. There has been concern on      submitted by
                        who is responsible for doing what. The process includes      supervisors.
                        employee's responsibility, supervisor's responsibility,
                        payroll's responsibility, and annual leave payoff. Ms.
                        Gleason noted that banner leave balances are not
                        accurate and she would like to conduct a leave balances
                        audit at DACC. We still need checks and balances and
Administrative Council Meeting
June 6, 2007
Page 4 of 5
                       she proposed we do this. Mr. Burke noted prior to
                       banner, this was done by Ms. Gleason's office. Ms.
                       Gleason noted checks and balances for exempt staff.
                       Non-exempt employees need to enter hours (including
                       leave) to get paid. Ms. Nickerson asked about the risk of
                       using sick leave when employee is out of leave. Ms.
                       Gleason noted the leave should not be an approved if
                       there is not enough leave. An employee would need to go
                       on leave without pay and a PAF would need to be done.
                       Ms. Gleason noted June 30 is the cutoff date and
                       employees have until October 1 to use or lose annual
                       leave. Please have leave balances to her area by the end
                       of July. Mr. Burke noted guidance would be provided.
                       He also noted it was the supervisor's responsibility for
                       ensuring employee submits. Ms. Gleason noted
                       something would be sent out. Please call her with any
7-                     Dr. Huerta asked for any announcements.
                       Mr. Walker noted the 07-08 Carl Perkins was submitted        Informational Item
                       to the State yesterday. The HUD Grant was successfully

                       Dr. Huerta asked who of the group would not be here on       Dr. Huerta will
                       July 6. She would like to plan an all day retreat for the    look at calendar
                       group. Several members will not be here. Dr. Huerta          for a date to hold
                       noted she would look at the calendar for a date to meet.     an all day retreat.

                       Ms. Brooks noted the year end deadlines were sent.           Informational Item

                       Dr. Huerta noted the college would be celebrating its 35th   Informational Item
                       Anniversary in August 2008.

                       Ms. Rodriguez noted ABE is expecting program                 Informational Item
                       directors from around the state to be on campus June 7-
                       8 in Rooms 75-77. There will be 60 instructors and 32
Next Meeting           Friday, July 6, 2007, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting End Time       11:28 a.m.

Administrative Council Meeting
June 6, 2007
Page 5 of 5

                                                         ':; il'ff..*"

                            Friday, July 13, 2007 ~;
                              10:00 a.m., ACR A:;;
                                 AGENDA                  •
                                                                                    .yo* ••
1. Thank You to Tony Sanchez                                                         Dr. Huerta

2. Approval of the Minutes of June 6, 2007 (handout)                                 Dr. Huerta

3. Title V RFP - Due August 10, 2007                                                 Dr. Huerta
   Grant Writer - Dr. Marcy Oxford

4. HLC Update                                          Drs. Chieffo & Lillibridge

5. Office Assignments                                                                Dr. Huerta

6. Enrollment Trends                                                                 Dr. Huerta

7. Strategic Priorities                                                              Dr. Huerta

8. Announcements/Other

Next Meeting: Friday, August 3,2007, 10:00 a.m., ACR

July 16 NMSU Board of Regents Retreat
        DACC Bowling Night, 7:00 p.m., Las Cruces Sun Lanes
July 17 NMSU Board of Regents Meeting
Aug 3 Administrative Council Meeting, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Aug 16 DACC Convocation
Aug 21 NMSU Convocation
Aug 22 Fall 2007 Begins
Sept 3 Labor Day Holiday
Oct 12-13 Branch Community College Round Up, NMSU Grants
                              ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL MEETING
                                      Friday, July 13, 2007
                                        10:00 a.m., ACR

PRESENT: Margie Huerta, Anna Chieffo, Ike Ledesma, John Walker, Carmen Aguilera-Goerner,
David Pearse, Jerry Welch, Bill Glenn, J.B. Carrica, Susan Roberts, Rosa Lopez, John Paulman, Kelly
Brooks, Doris Gleason, Kathy Reddington, Ben Altamirano, Brad Mazdra, Becky Orduiiez, Ken Tellez,
David Twitty, Irene Montoya (recorder)
ABSENT: Andy Burke, Lydia Bagwell, Sylvia Nickerson, Molly Morris, Fred Owensby, Susana
Rodriguez, Lori Allen, Gladys Chairez, Larry Sharp
GUESTS: Jon Juarez for Lydia Bagwell, Oscar Quintela for Molly Morris, Tony Sanchez, Marcy

    A~enda Item                                  Discussion                            ActionlDisposition
Meeting Start Time       10:03 a.m.

                         Dr. Huerta noted good morning to the group. She just          Informational Item
                         came from main campus where she attended President's
                         Cabinet. Dr. Huerta noted new to the table Mr. David
                         Twitty. He is the incoming Faculty Council president
                         and will be attending Administrative Council meetings.
                         She also noted Mr. Jon Juarez attending for Ms. Bagwell
                         and Mr. Oscar Quintela attending for Ms. Morris.

                         Dr. Huerta also introduced Dr. Marcy Oxford and will          Informational Item
                         let the ~roup know more as the meetin~ ~oes on.
1- Thank You to          Dr. Huerta invited Mr. Tony Sanchez who is retiring           Informational Item
Tony Sanchez - Dr.       after 34 years of service. Mr. Sanchez did not want
Huerta                   accolades, but Dr. Huerta wanted to thank him for his
                         hard work, service, dedication, and loyalty to the college.
                         The group gave Mr. Sanchez a standin~ ovation.
2 - Approval of the      Dr. Huerta asked for a motion to approve the minutes of       Minutes of June 6,
Minutes of June 6,       June 6,2007. Mr. Walker moved to approve the minutes          2007, were
2007 - Dr. Huerta        of June 6, 2007. Mr. Tellez seconded motion with              approved with
                         changes to page 1 (change director to coordinator under       changes. Irene will
                         Item 3 Oscar Quintela) and page 4 (change 1016 to 2016)       make changes and
                         under Item 6 last paragraph). All were in favor with          poston web.
                         changes, motion carried. Irene will make the changes
                         and post on the web.
3 - Title V RFP - Dr.    Dr. Huerta introduced Dr. Marcy Oxford. Dr. Oxford            Informational Item
Huerta                   will be writing our Title V Grant. She currently works
                         for the Las Cruces Public Schools and has written three
                         grants for them. Dr. Oxford received her doctorate from
                         NMSU in curriculum and instruction. Also from NMSU,
                         she received her Master of Arts Degree in Education and
                         her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

                         The Title V RFP is due on August 10, 2007. We will put        A team will be put
                         together a team to work with Dr. Oxford. Dr. Oxford           together to work
                         noted she was excited to be working with the colle2;e.        with Dr. Oxford. If
     . .
AdIll1ll1stratIve CouncIl Meetmg
July 13,2007
Page 1 of 4
                        She also noted the best grant writing was done at the 11 th   called upon, please
                        hour. When she calls, please call back. Ms. Brooks            respond. Tight
                        noted we need 5-8 days before due date to get it through      deadline.
                        the NMSU system. Dr. Oxford noted August 3 is the
                        drop dead deadline. Dr. Huerta noted the strategic
                        priorities would be folded into the grant. Priority #1
                        graduation rates and priority #6 state-of-the-are
                        technology will be the main focus. Mr. Ledesma will
                        provide Dr. Oxford with strategic priority #1 and Irene
                        will provide her with #6. Dr. Huerta asked that if you
                        are called upon, we do need your help. We will be
                        working fast and furious. Dr. Huerta appreciates
                        everyone's input. NMSU will also be submitting a grant.
                        They will decide which one of two grants will be
                        submitted - College of Engineering or College of
                        Extended Learning. Dr. Lillibridge noted there would
                        be more competition. Dr. Huerta thanked everyone in
4 - HLC Update -        Dr. Chieffo noted all the sub-committees had submitted        Divisions please get
Drs. Chieffo &          their reports. Ms. Susan Wood created five chapters           your assessment
Lillibridge             with these reports and has completed nine chapters to         plans to Ms. Wood
                        date. The site visit is scheduled for April 28-30, 2008. To   ASAP. This is
                        get student input, a questionnaire was given at our           mandatory.
                        various spring flings. We received 500 responses which
                        showed students were happy. Dr. Lillibridge noted his
                        unit has been providing most of the administrative
                        support - staging, collecting things, etc. - and Ms. Wood
                        has it well in hand. We will need fresh eyes early and not
                        later. Your input is really needed. Dr. Huerta noted we
                        plan to set up a link to announce at convocation. Staff
                        can start looking at the progress. Dr. Huerta also noted
                        the assessment plans still needed.
                        Plans due in February and not received:
                        B&I -- BOT, Library Science, Paralegal, and Computer
                        Health -- Fire Science and Law Enforcement
                        Technical-- CMT, DraftinglDesign, Electrical
                        Apprenticeship, Building Construction Trades, HVAC,
                        and Welding
                        General Studies -- all were received
                        Plans due in July and not received:
                        B&I -- BOT, Paralegal, Computer Technology, and
                        Library Science
                        Technical and General Studies: need all.

                        Dr. Huerta asked the Divisions to please get these
                        submitted ASAP. If you need Ms. Wood to attend your
                        division meetings, please let her know. Dr. Lillibridge
                        noted these were critical to our accreditation. We need       If asked for
                        to show. Dr. Huerta added that the response to our PIP        information or
Administrative Council Meeting
July 13, 2007
Page 2 of 4
                          requested we show a comprehensive assessment plan.             documentation,
                          Dr. Chieffo noted Ms. Wood is out summer session II,           please provide.
                          but she is available to help. This is a cycle: plan, report,   Very important.
                          and improve. Dr. Huerta noted this was mandatory, not
                          optional. Dr. Huerta noted what HLC reported on our
                          assessment plan: The assessment program is in its
                         planning and early implementation stages. While the
                         stated learning outcomes are clear, the College will need to
                         progress into full implementation, analysis ofdata and
                         program improvement to meet Criterion 3. There was a
                         discussion on coding courses for distance education,
                         Library, and banner. Dr. Huerta asked Dr. Chieffo, Mr.
                         Ledesma, Dr. Lillibridge, Dr. Walker, and Mr. Quintela
                         to work on this and let Ms. Wood know the correct
                         information. Dr. Huerta noted another concern was our
                         relationship with NMSU. She and Dr. Chieffo met with
                         Dr. Jozi De Leon and Dr. Cynda Clary regarding this
                         issue. Dr. De Leon has agreed to write the first draft to
                         this issue. The college is very much on target. Dr.
                         Lillibridge noted it would be useful if HLC was reflected
                         in the minutes of division and department meetings. Dr.
                         Lillibridge added that when Ms. Wood asks for
                         something, we need it. Dr. Huerta noted this has major
                         implications. Dr. Chieffo added the resource room will
                         reQuire lots of documentation that proves what we do.
5 - Office               Dr. Huerta noted Ms. Reddington has been working with           Informational Item
Assignments - Dr.        Mr. Burke on looking at our office space and assigning
Huerta                   offices to new hires. There is limited space. Dr. Huerta
                         noted as we relocate people, please bear with us.
6 - Enrollment Trends Dr. Lillibridge noted we were down 3.7% for fall 07. We            Informational Item
-Dr. Huerta              were up 9.7% last year at this same time. Mr. Ledesma
                         noted 15 more orientations are scheduled before fall and
                         they are all full. Mr. Paulman suggested a more
                         personal touch by getting high school lists, dividing list,
                         and calling students. Mr. Ledesma noted they call all
                         students who have been disenrolled and those who have
                         been admitted but have not enrolled. Ms. Ordunez noted
                         admission applications are up. Dr. Huerta noted we
                         were looking at doing a media blitz starting next week.
7 - Strategic Priorities Dr. Huerta noted as soon as she gets a final copy of the        Strategic Priority
-Dr. Huerta              strategic priorities from the chairs, she will distribute to    chairs to send final
                         this group for feedback. They will then go to the               copy to Irene. Irene
                         Executive Team. Chairs please send the final to Dr.             will distribute to
                         Lillibridge and Irene. Irene will distribute to this group.     this group for
                         Mr. Welch wanted to thank his group. It was a great             feedback.
                         joint effort.
S - Announcements I      Dr. Huerta asked for any announcements:
                         Ms. Gleason noted salary letters were attached to today's       Informational Item
                         pay checks. If you did not ~et a letter, please see her.
Administrative Council Meeting
July 13,2007
Page 3 of 4
                       Please remind non exempt staff that raises will not be
                       reflected until their July 31 check. There is also
                       mandatory training on the bargaining agreement for
                       supervisors. There will be one here at DACC on July 19
                       from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Ms. Gleason recommends
                       you read the contract before attending the training.

                       Dr. Chieffo noted there is a draft master calendar (Aug       Please send Vicki
                       07 - July 08). Please e-mail Ms. Vicki Haggard anything       Haggard master
                       that is good for all the college you would like included in   calendar items by
                       the calendar by August 1.                                     August 1.

                       Dr. Walker noted they would be piloting student               Informational Item
                       evaluations on-line.

                       Dr. Huerta noted Mr. Walker is now Dr. Walker.                Informational Item
                       Congratulations. The group applauded.
Next Meeting           Friday, August 3, 2007,10:00 a.m., ACR
Meeting End Time       11:04 a.m.

Administrative Council Meeting
July 13, 2007
Page 4 of 4
                                                          <'!' A;~··
                                                                       .<' •• i!!~*


                            Friday, August 3, 2007~:
                               10:00 a.m., ACR )':-4i

                                  AGENDA                 :*•   !J!!.
                                                                     .... . *..

l. Approval of the Minutes of July 13, 2007 (handout)                         Dr. Huerta

2. IT Audit Questionnaire                                                     Diana Hidalgo

3. Radio Ads                                                                  Mr. Paulman

4. Publication Schedules (handouts)                     Dr. Chieffo & Mr. Paulman

5. Strategic Priorities - Feedback (handout)            Drs. Huerta & Lillibridge

6. Announcements / Other

Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 5, 2007,10:00 a.m., ACR
(Dr. Huerta at Regents Meeting at UNM on Friday, September 7, 2007)

Aug 3 Administrative Council Meeting, 10:00 a.m., ACR
Aug 3-4 Recruitment at Mesilla Valley Mall
        (Aug 3 - 12 noon to 3:00 p.m. and Aug 4 - 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)
Aug 16 DACC Convocation, 8:30 a.m., Room 75, 77, 79
Aug 21 NMSU Convocation
Aug 22 Fall 2007 Begins
Sept 3 Labor Day Holiday
Oct 11 DACC's Workforce Summit, 8:30-1:30, Hotel Encanto
Oct 12-13 Branch Community College Round Up, NMSU Grants
                                                                         "•*k~*.   •••
                    Wednesday, September 5, Jf'107
                         10:00 a.m., ACRE:.,,,

                                                                             . *..
1. Approval of the Minutes of August 3,2007 (handout)                      Dr. Huerta

2. Fund Raising Events (handout)                  Dr. Huerta & Ms. Portillo
   Amado Pefia, September 21, 2007, Hotel Encanto
   Golf Tournament, November 9, 2007, Sonoma Ranch Golf Course

3. Gear Up Initiative                                                      Dr. Huerta

4. Signature on Forms (handout)                                            Dr. Huerta

5. Carl Perkins Supplemental Funding                                       Mr. Burke

6. Workforce Summit (handout)                                      Ms. Haines
   Business Needs - Workforce Solutions, October 11, 2007, Hotel Encanto

7. ASDACC Inauguration of Officers                                         Mr. Ledesma
   September 5, 2007, 2:00 p.m., Commons Area

8. Announcements / Other

Next Meeting: Friday, October 5, 2007,10:00 a.m., ACR
Sept 5 ASDACC Inauguration of Officers, 2:00 p.m., Commons Area
Sept 6 DACC Advisory Board Meeting, 6:00 p.m., Room 205 East Mesa
Sept 7 NMSU Board of Regents Meeting, Albuquerque
Sept 8 NMSU Regents & UNM Regents Joint Meeting, Albuquerque
Sept 10-11 NM HED Capital Projects & Budget Hearings, DACC & NMSU
Sept 21 Amado Pefia Fund Raiser, Hotel Encanto
Oct 5 Administrative Council, 10:00 a.m., ACR
         DACC Professional Development Day, No Credit Classes Held
Oct 11 DACC's Workforce Summit, 8:30-1:30, Hotel Encanto
Oct 12-13 Branch Community College Round Up, NMSU Grants

                               MISSION STATEMENT
       DACC is a responsive and accessible learning-centered community college
     that provides educational opportunities to a diverse community of learners in
                   support of workforce and economic development.

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