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									File: /home/g4l/g4l/bootcd/rootfs/latest                                     Page 1 of 6

Latest changes with 0.37 Released
Working with new group of students on Documentation
Rhoann Solangon, Justin Conner and Rogelio Sabangan Jr.
Added a keymap selection process to boot up
and to Utility Menu
Default kernel now
syslinux 4.04 Released (2011/04/19)
busybox 1.18.4 as of 3/13/2011
added check for lzma in makecd scripts
change hdt to 0.5.0 Released
memtest upgraded to 4.20
kernel     2011/04/17
kernel    2011/03/31
kernel     2011/04/21
kernel 2.6.39-rc4   2011/04/19
kernel     2011/02/17
kernel     2011/03/27
kernel    2011/04/22
kernel    2011/04/22
updated ntfs-3g and libslang files plus other updates
upgraded testdisk to 6.12-WIP Mon Jan 31 07:40:40 CET 2011 with strip code
Added agetty to look at adding ability to work with system
with only vt10x terminal
test g4l30o10 script that moves option A,1,2,3 on Local menu to
separate menu to handle the mounting of Local, CIFS, SSHFS or NFS.
Change g4l script to g4l30o10
added v directory under terminfo in /usr/share/terminfo and /lib/terminfo
for vt100
Thanks to Thomas E. Dickey of ncurses and dialog for info.
vt100 problem solved by above.
added all subdirectories of the terminfo directories, in case other
terminals may need the code. It seems to be rather small in total size.
Probable the x subdirectory could be removed, since the is no x running
in the g4l cd.
Added note of using Space Bar to select on 5 error message lines that
didn't have it.
Added link of ftp to ncftp
Added speed and duplex info to nic device listing.
Removed Toggle from compress menu options.
updated sshfs to version 2.2
updated ntpclient to latest version
Modified Progress screen size and T: output to remove tabs
Added klogd -c 6 to elimanate some kernel pop up messages
modified to show Speed and Duplex of connection
added option to utility menu to use ntpclient to set time
added option to utility menu to display dmesg information
added option to utility menu to run startftpd script that
runs ftpd via tcpsvd as anonymous user
tcpsvd -vE 21 ftpd -w -v / 2>/var/log/tcpsvd.log &
Note: if g4l script is exited it unloads ftpd.
added option to utility menu to start telnetd server
added cleandrive8.dialog to utility menu for zero-out process
added call to part_info script in A: option on Local menu
to redetect added or changed usb devices.
Added part_info to S: option to update partition info
after adding or deleting an usb device.
Added some help text to isolinux.cfg and syslinux.cfg
Change some color setting in the g4l30o10 script
Modified Utility Menu with Letter options
Moved US keyboards to front on bkey script.
Added Menu Letter options to Utilities Menu.
Added prompting for Disk to use for parted on Util Menu
Added a failsafe menu with all kernels having failsafe opts
instead of just listing 1 failsafe kernel.
Can return to regular menu from failsafe.
Added 10 second sleep after call to partimage programs.
File: /home/g4l/g4l/bootcd/rootfs/latest                                    Page 2 of 6

Latest changes with 0.36
Removed all kernels before because they
come up with error message that kernel to old?
busybox 1.17.4 2010/11/22
kernel 2.6.38 rc2   2011/01/22
kernel 2.6.37       2011/01/05
kernel     2011/01/07
kernel    2010/12/16
kernel     2011/01/06
kernel    2011/01/07
Added vi and vim links to nano at user request.
Modified cleandrive7 to check for jetcat location.
Added Option P: to Local menu to allow for sub-directories
Changed g4l script to use the new g4l30o9 with P: option
BIG CHANGE - Upgraded build system to Fedora 14 from 10
Updated Programs and Libraries to Fedora 14
upgraded memtest to memtest86+4.10
Trying to add gpm mouse support with gpm?
gpm -m /dev/mouse0 -t ps2
seems to work for a ps2 mouse, don't know it usb mouse would?
Bug in MBRRestore line 346 missing a space between " and ]
Fedora Update on Dec 16th of some files and libraries
added strace
added scp
updated pci.ids and modules.pci files for HDT
added rpcbind and rpcinfo
update partimage and partimaged to 0.6.9
added ability to see lvm partitions by running vgchange -a y
but haven't worked it into the imaging system.
Added display of hdparm -i output after selecting source and
target disk to assist in making sure correct disk is selected.
Modified cleandisk8 program to work with both dialog and xdialog
Progress bar was not displaying with dialog usage.
Have made a test cleandrive8.dialog program that prompts for
partition to clear. Will work with non-fat partitions, but need to
make the program to use the lblank for fat partitions.
Added blkid program to image.
Added blkid info to sysinfo info
Added blkid info in addition to the hdparm info.
Added S: Special option with blkid option to Click'n'Clone Menu
Looking at using LZMA compression for ramdisk reduces size from 12M to 9M
changed partimage to make install-strip; moved to /usr/local/sbin
updated aespipe
added fsarchiver to local menu
required full tune2fs instead of busybox tune2fs plus lzo and lzma libs
Added -f option to ddrescue
Added -o to fsarchiver to overwrite older archives by default
Change script g4l30o9 to add the fsarchiver as default
ncftp upgraded to 3.2.5
Changed default kernel to 2.6.37

Latest changes with 0.35 Released
Added links to applets in busybox that didn't have them.
Create failsafe option with noapic noacpi pnpbios=off acpi=off pci=noacpi
applied 5 patches to the busybox 1.17.3 (Nov 6)
change g4l script to use /bin/bash since with finnix script
failed when using the dash that is mapped to sh. Used checkbasism
on the script, so not sure what the issue is.
Also, added code to filter out
syslinux 4.03 release 2010/10/23 (alpha30)
Changed default kernel to 2.6.36
Added code if F: option file list fails, that it
will default to old prompt for filename manual
Entry Until I can get info on what MS ftp is doing
to cause failure.
Kernel 2.6.36          2010/10/20
Kernel        2010/08/02
File: /home/g4l/g4l/bootcd/rootfs/latest                                                    Page 3 of 6

Kernel        2010/10/29
Kernel         2010/09/13
Kernel         2010/10/29
Kernel        2010/10/29
syslinux 4.02           2010/07/22
busybox 1.17.3          2010/10/10
note: busybox is source from using
busybox config files include in isolinux directory.
Added USB 3 option to 35.2, 34.4 and 32.19
Changed $(< filename) back to $(cat filename) "bashism"
Changed script due to "for" not working on Fedora 12?
    while [ $a -le 12 ]
#   for (a=xxsize2;a<=12;a++) Doesn't work on new bash?
       a=$(($a + 1));

Latest changes with 0.34
Kernel        2010/07/05
Kernel       2010/07/05
Kernel        2010/07/05
Kernel 2.6.35-rc4      2010/07/05
Kernel       2010/07/05
Kernel       2010/07/05
Updated ncftp 3.2.4    2010/04/12
Added TestDisk to Utility Menu
Cleaning g4l30n in g4l30o8 script
Change g4l to use g4l30o8 script
syslinux 4.01 Released 2010/07/02
set cpu_freq on 32.x kernel and above
busybox 1.17.0         2010/07/06

Latest changes with 0.33
Four updated Kernels on 2010/04/01
   Kernel      2010/04/01
   Kernel       2010/04/01
   Kernel      2010/04/01
   Kernel      2010/04/01
Kernel 2.6.34-rc5        2010/04/19
Added SMP support to and above
Added UDF CDROM support to and above
syslinux 3.86 Released   2010/04/02
busybox-1.16.1           2010/03/29
modified testcd to check for sdx CDROMS and srx
Had NFS FS set, but had not set client options under that.
Added NFS option to and 2.6.33 kernels
Added SMP option to and 2.6.33 kernels
Added NFS option to local menu
Updated udp-sender / udp-reciever to 2010-01-30
Changed wording in Local Menu for clarification
From "A: Pick drive" "target/source partition for IMAGE file ($localdrive)" \
To    "A: Pick drive" "Partition for/with IMAGE file ($localdrive)" \
In g4l30n script I use tabs set to two space in Editor, replaced tabs with two spaces
to make it display same without having to set editor. Adds about 20K to script size?
Added -x and -fx to the sfdisk backup option for MBR to included extended partition info.
Fixed error in restoring of EBRs, should have been seek instead of skip option.
Changed g4l script to have ddrescue instead of older dd_rescue
Changed dd_rescue to newer gnu ddrescue 1.12
Modified DDRESCUE menu to display ddrescue help info and allow options to be entered.
added checks to make sure disk or partition selected correctly
added ftpd and tcpsvd to busybox build to allow for ftpd
added startftpd as a sample script to start ftpd via tcpsvd using / directory.
File: /home/g4l/g4l/bootcd/rootfs/latest                                             Page 4 of 6

added Poweroff to the Special options to allow for poweroff in addition to reboot.

Latest changes with 0.32
Kernel         2009/12/04
Kernel         2010/01/18
Upgrade 2.6.30 and above with ext4 support
Kernel          2010/01/25
Kernel 2.6.33 rc5        2010/01/21
busybox-1.15.3           2009/12/12
syslinux 3.84 released   2009/12/18
updated lblank6 to lblank7 to clear free space on partitions.
hdt (Hardware Test) 0.36 released
added testdisk
udpcast 20091230
added reboot.c32 for hdt
Split Syslinux menu into two part Default and Oldkern
Added reboot option to Syslinux menu
modified cleandrive5 to check for dialog and Xdialog

Latest changes with 0.31
Added FTP check status to F: Option
Kernel          2009/09/15
Kernel 2.6.31            2009/09/09
Busybox-1.15.1 plus patches as of 9/23/2009
lzop support added to busybox
syslinux 3.83 pre11 with hdt (Hardware Test) 0.34
Updated Click-n-Clone option to just show disks
Upgrade ncftp to 3.2.3
updated some libraries and support programs
Added some debug support for USB and other changes to kernel
Updated file list option to show date and size
Updated udp-sender and udp-receiver to 2009/09/20 version

Latest changes with 0.30
Converted from Fedora 8 to Fedora 10 libraries and programs
syslinux 3.80 (Bug Fixes) added syslinux hdt (Hardware Test) 0.33
Frank submitted updated g4l script that adds
udpcast options and make some menu functions.
Recompiled kernels bz25 - bz29.3 to include cifs
Adding CIFS (SAMBA) option to local menu
Added basic MBR backup to Network and Local Menu
Added MBR and EBR backup option.
Have started working with 3 students on a special project with
the main ideal of updating documentation to the current level
and develope a g4l-lite that includes only default kernel and
ramdisk.gz and tools to add g4l via grub4dos, grub, or syslinux.
Devin Madrangchar * Wenifred Fasong * Julie Fenom

Latest changes with 0.29
Release syslinux 3.73
Kernels and above rebuilt
reduced size by about 1/2MB but usb keyboards stopped working.
Have started working with 3 students on a special project with
the main ideal of updating documentation to the current level
and develope a g4l-lite that includes only default kernel and
ramdisk.gz and tools to add g4l via grub4dos, grub, or syslinux.
Devin Madrangchar * Wenifred Fasong * Julie Fenom

Latest changes with 0.28
busybox-1.13.2 - cleaned up applets
syslinux 3.73 pre 7
File: /home/g4l/g4l/bootcd/rootfs/latest                                    Page 5 of 6

updated updcast
kernels up to
kernel 2.6.28
added chkldd to check libraries
moved programs to match with location on Fedora 8
changed back to use Fedora dd and gzip because of speed issues
Using grub4dos to run g4l from NTFS partitions.
Above link is a test file that contains the files necessary.
updated udpcast programs to 12/13/2008
added option to use run="command" from grub (added to g4lmenu)

Latest changes with 0.27
Updated to latest programs from Fedora 8 for non-busybox program
and the latest necessary library files placed in exactly same locations
as they appear on Fedora 8 installation. Few unnecessary libraries found.
Changed script to to use dialog instead of echo
for messages and added delay to give process time on slower machines.
Working on adding aespipe encryption option for encrypting ftp images
with gpg file and passphrase. (Network Menu)
Adding option to use sshfs to mount remote directory and save image via
ssh connection (Local menu).
busybox-1.11.2 - script to assist in getting key and passphrase from USB.
syslinux 3.72pre6

Latest changes with 0.26
added mdev as hotplug program
updated ntfs-3g
kernel 25.9
busybox 1.11.0 with patches to 7/02/2008
g4l30 script that shows partition size and type
added sfdisk and fsck programs.
added ifcheck script by to recognize
  multiple eth devices and activate the first that gets a
  link for systems where eth0 is not the default.
Updated syslinux from 3.55 to 3.63
kernel 25.10 (added last minute untested)

Latest changes with 0.25
Moved development system from Fedora 5 to 8
Updated busybox to 1.10.1 (with patches to May 2)
Added telnetd program
Newer kernels
fixed missing lib for name resolution
moved dd, gzip and gunzip to busybox becuase of problem with
gunzip restore with the gunzip from Fedora 8 version.
compiled jetcat-mod with latest new system.
add bs=1M to dd commands in local menu (fix over 100% problem)
added autostart telnetd if kernel parameter telnetd=yes
added timeout 30 option to startup messages
added g4lmenu to show options
cleaned /dev directory to just console and raid subdirectories
use busybox mdev to dynamically create /dev entries
Added File list to Option B: on local Copy like F: on Network
Added ntpclient for time (ntpclient -h ntphost -s )

Latest changes with 0.24.
Updated busybox
Newer kernels to support new hardware
Newer syslinux
Updated other system programs, and trimed lib directory
to only include latest libraries needed by programs.
Minor script modifications.
File: /home/g4l/g4l/bootcd/rootfs/latest                                      Page 6 of 6

Latest changes with 0.23.
Added ethtool to be able to set full duplex if auto gives half.
Updated busybox
Newer kernels
Newer syslinux
Added ntfs-3g with latest kernels that allows for write support
to the ntfs partitions for the local backup. Also added ntfsclone
options to the local backup option.

Latest changes that might change operations.
Big changes in 0.22 version. Latest 2.6.20 and 2.6.20git4 kernels
that seem to support the SATA controllers. Updates on support programs
and fix to bzip problem with splitting. Added resize2fs to cd. Added all
of the ntfsutil programs. Added new front end scripts to allow for
different filenames and using userid and passwords.

All scripts will prompt for ipaddress if left blank, but only the
zxg4l and zexg4l will prompt for userid and password. Leaving it
blank defaults to anonymous

xg4l and exg4l adds options
## ./xg4l ipaddress device filename useridpass
## ./xg4l eth0 front '-u user -p password'
## ./xg4l eth0 front user:password

## ./exg4l ipaddress device filename useridpass
## ./exg4l eth0 front.bic '-u user -p password'
## ./exg4l eth0 front.bic user:password

zxg4land zexg4l adds options also prompts for userid password

## ./zxg4l ipaddress device filename useridpass
## ./zxg4l eth0 front.bic '-u user -p password'
## ./zxg4l eth0 front.bic user:password

## ./zexg4l ipaddress device filename useridpass
## ./zexg4l eth0 front.bic '-u user -p password'
## ./zexg4l eth0 front.bic user:password

Redid the jetcat-mod program to just do what is needed for g4l.
Updated a lot of the support programs.

Added the creation dummy file in image directory, since one user
reported a failure if the directory is empty.

Big changes in 0.21 version. Have found that the 2.6.16 kernels are
not working as well as the previous version. My AMD64 machine with
them does not see the SATA drive, but 2.6.15 works fine, so that is
the default kernel, but the latest is ther for testing.
Also, added options N and O that use NTFSCLONE to copy NTFS partitions.
I have only tested it using lzop compression, but it should work with
other compression. Make sure you understand what NTFSCLONE does and doesn't
do. Finally, changed default compression to lzop.

Newest kernels have a sis ide controller patch for the 5513 chipset.
Latest version adds necessary /lib files to add name resolution
New kernels and busybox-1.1.3. Also, user has found the nosmp option
makes e1000 card work. bzImage? nosmp
Thank You.

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