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									D3R1U1 Wind Turbines <FD-21>
       chaired: Y Hasegawa Nagoya Univ.
                Y Kamada Mie Univ.
FD-ABS-116: Keynote
Numerical Analysis on Wind Turbine Characteristics Based on Steady QCM
  Y Hasegawa, K Kikuyama, K Karikomi Nagoya Univ.
Study of Evaluating Method on Wind Turbine Characteristics Based on Steady QCM
   M Murakami Hitachi Zosen Corp.
   K Seki Tokai Univ.
Wind Turbines: An Environmental Technology
  L Surugiu, I Paraschivoiu Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal,
Wind/Diesel Hybrid System in Vietnam
  Y Shimizu, T Maeda, Y Kamada Mie Univ.
  N Duc Loc Hanoi Inst. of Tech.,,

D3R1U2 Unsteady Flows and Experiment <FD-23>
          chaired: H Hoenen Aachen Univ. of Tech.
                   D Wisler GE Aircraft Engines
Effects of Loading and Clearance Variation on Tip Vortex and Endwall Blockage
   D C Wisler, H-W Shin, B F Beacher GE Aircraft Engines
The Pre-stall Behaviour of a 4-Stage Transonic Compressor and Stall Monitoring Based on
Artificial Neural Networks
   F-O Methling, H Stoff Ruhr Univ.
   F Gauer MTU
Experimental Investigation of the Periodic Unsteady Transonic Flow Field Around a
Compressor Blade by Means of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
  A Lehr, A Bölcs EPFL
Internal Flow of High Specific-speed Diagonal Flow Fan (Rotor Outlet Flow Fields with
Rotating Stall)
   N Shiomi, W-X Cai, A Muraoka, K Kaneko, T Setogychi Saga Univ.
Rotating Stall in Centrifugal Compressor Vaneless Diffuser: Experimental Analysis and
Phenomenon Characterization
   G Ferrara, L Ferrari, C P Mengoni, M De Lucia Univ. of Florence
   L Baldassarre GE-Nuovo Pignone

D3R1U3 PIV Measurements I <FD-05>
         chaired: A J Acosta Caltech.
                  H E Siekmann Berlin Univ. of Tech.
Stereo-PIV in Aerated Wastewater Pond and Side Channel Blower
   A Schimpf, H E Siekmann, A Steinmann Tech. Univ. of Berlin
Steady Fluid Flow Investigation Using L2F and PIV in a Multi-pass Coolant Channel
   M Elfert, M P Jarius Inst. of Propulsion Tech.,
Investigations of the Flow in Cross-flow-fans Using CFD and Particle-image-velocimetry (PIV)
   M Gabi, S Dornstetter Univ. of Karlsruhe
Particle Image Velocimetry as CFD-validation Tool for Flow Field Investigations in Centrifugal
   C M Heilmann, H E Siekmann Tech. Univ. of Berlin
A New Spatio-temporal Matching Algorithm for 3D-particle Tracking Velocimetry
  J Willneff, A Gruen Swill Federal Inst. of Tech.

D3R1U4 PIV Measurements II <FD-04>
         chaired: A J Acosta Caltech.
                    J Katz Johns Hopkins Univ.
PIV Investigation of Rotor Generated Blade Row Unsteady Aerodynamics
   S Fleeter, A J Sanders, J Papalia Purdue Univ.
An Investigation of Axial Turbomachinery Flows Using PIV in an Optically-unobstructed
   Y-C Chow, O Uzol, J Katz, C Meneveau Johns Hopkins Univ.
DPIV Study of the Flow in a Mikro-axial Blood Pump
  Ch Brücker, W Schrüder RWTH
  J Apel, H Reul Helmboltz Inst. for Biomedical Eng.
  Th Siess Impella Cardiotechnik AG
Analysis of Rotor Stator Interactions in a Vaned Diffuser of a Radial Flow Pump Using PIV
Measurement Technique
  G Wuibaut, G Bois ENSAM
  P Dupont Ecole Centrale de Lille
  G Caignaert ENSAM
Laser 2 Focus Measurements and Flow Visualisation Within the Rotating Rotor and the Side
Channel of a Side Channel Compressor
   A Krake, K Fiedlerv Univ. of the Federal Armed Forces
FD-ABS-104 (not attend)
Turbulent Flow Pattern in Narrow Rib-roughened Channel with PIV Visualization
  K Haga, M Kaminaga, R Hino Japan Atomic Energy Res. Inst.
  M Monde Saga Univ.

D3R2U1 Impeller Forces <FD-10>
        chaired: D Flack Univ. of Virginia
                  S M Miner US Naval Academy
Operational Stresses on a Mixed-flow Pump Impeller Manufactured by Welding
  A Ido, H Satoh, M Ikezawa DMW Corp.,,
An Experimental Study on the Fluid Forces Induced by Rotor-stator Interaction in a
Centrifugal Pump
  S Guo, H Okamoto Ebara Research Co. Ltd.
Computational and Experimental Investigation of the Velocities, Pressures, and Forces in a
Single Volute Centrifugal Pump
   S M Miner US Naval Academy
   R D Flack Univ. of Virginia
Effect of Volute Design and Number of Impeller Blades on Lateral Impeller Forces and
Hydraulic Performance
   D O Baun Concepts NREC
   R D Flack Univ. of Virginia,

D3R2U2 Radial Flow Turbomachinery <FD-22>
        chaired: H Hayami Kyushu Univ.
                 S-H Kang Seoul National Univ.
Experimental Study on Performance of Centrifugal Pumps at Low Reynolds Number
  K Tanaka Kyushu Inst. of Tech.
   H Ohashi Kogakuin Univ.
   H Yoda Hitachi Ltd.
Pressure Fluctuation in Vaned Diffuser Downstream of Centrifugal Pump Impeller
   A Furukawa, T Nakagawa, H Takahara, Y Ono Kyushu Univ.
Numerical Calculation of the Three-dimensional Swirling Flow Inside the Centrifugal Pump
   E C Nursen, E Ayder Istanbul Tech. Univ.,
Investigation of “Inlet Cone Vortex” Pressure Pulsation Characteristics and Mechanisms
   H Higashimori Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Comparison of Two Diffusers in a Transonic Centrifugal Compressor
  K Nakagawa Hakodate National Coll. of Tech.
  H Hayami Kyushu Univ.
  Y Keimi Hitachi Industries Co.,. Ltd.

D3R2U3 Liquefied Gas Turbomachinery I <FD-13>
         chaired: H E Kimmel Ebara International Corp.
The Influence of Flow, Head and Speed on Vibration of a Cryogenic Hydraulic Turbine
  A J Smalley, J R Hollingsworth Southwest Res. Inst.,
Enhanced Rotordynamics for High Power Cryogenic Turbine Generators
  J V Madison Ebara International Corp.
Transient Characteristics of Radial Outflow Turbine Generators
   D R Smith UCSD
Verification of Axial Rotor Oscillations in Cryogenic Turbine Generators
  C A Evrensel Univ. of Nevada, Reno
  C D Finley Ebara International Corp.
Observation of Jump Phenomena in Non-linear Axial Rotor Oscillations
  C D Finley Ebara International Corp.
  C A Evrensel Univ. of Nevada, Reno

D3R2U4 Liquefied Gas Turbomachinery II <FD-13>
       chaired: H E Kimmel Ebara International Corp.
The Kimmel Equation for Hydraulically Damped Axial Rotor Oscillations
  P R LeGoy ESB International Ltd.
  S Fuelling Univ. of Nevada, Reno
FD-ABS-152 Keynote
Non-linear Effect of Axial Rotor Oscillations on Rotordynamic Stability
  H E Kimmel Ebara International Corp.

D3R3U1 Rotordynamics IV <DD-03>
          chaired: K-H Becker MTU
State-of-the-art Rotor Dynamic Analyses Program
   K Ramesh Olean Operations
On-off Control of Rotor Vibration by a Disk-type
  C-H Zhu Zhejiang Univ.
  D A Robb, D J Ewins Imperial Coll of Sci., Tech. and Med.
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of a Radial Turbine
  B Irwanto, J Gierm H-J Beer, D Pawandenat, H-J Hardtke Dresden Univ. of Tech.

D3R3U2 Hydraulic Machinery <DD-11>
         chaired: S-C Li Univ. of Warwick
                  T Kanemoto Kyushu Inst. of Tech.
DD-ABS-110: Keynote
Anti Erosion Turbine: Cavitation & Silt Synergetic Erosion
  S-C Li, P W Carpenter Univ. of Warwick
Development of the Floating Centrifugal Pump by Use of Non-contact Magnetic-drive and its
   M Uno, T Masuzoe Kyushu Kyoritsu Univ.
   I Aotani, S Oba M. E. Engineering Laboratories Co. Ltd.
   T Kanemoto Kyushu Inst. of Tech.
Optimization of Meridional Flow Channel Design of Pump Impeller
  S Miyauchi, H Horiguchi, J Fukutomi Univ. of Tokushima
  A Takahashi Kubota Corp.,,,
Damage Detection in Wicket Gates of Hydraulic Powerplants
  E Egusquiza, X Escaler Tech. Univ. of Catalonia
Cavitation Detection and Erosion Prediction in Hydro Turbines
  X Escaler, E Egusquiza, T Mebarki Tech. Univ. of Catalonia
  F Avellan, N Farhat EPFL

D3R3U3 Non-contact Seals <DD-01>
         chaired: H Kanki Kobe Univ.
                  D L Rhode Texas A&M Univ.
Computational and Experimental Investigations of Leakage Flow Through Radial Labyrinth
   V Sethu Manavalan Gas Turbine Research Establishment
   B V S S S Prasad, O Hanuma Kumar I. I. T. Madras
   N Najunda Rao Gas Turbine Research Establishment
Refined Turbulence Modeling for Swirl Velocityin Turbomachinery Seals
   N-H Kim Weatherford International, Inc.
   D L Rhode Texas A&M Univ.
Research on Performances of Spiral-groove Gas Seal
   W X Cai, N Shiomi, K Kaneko, T Setoguchi Saga Univ.
Application of Objective Function Method in Seal Analysis
  L Y Zhao CONMEC, Inc.
  P E Allaire Univ. of Virginia

D3R3U4 Rotor-stator Interaction <DD-12>
         chaired: R Markert Darmstadt Univ. of Tech.
                   H Ulbrich Univ. of Essen
Rotor-to-stationary Part Full Annular Contact Modeling
  A Muszynska A. M. Consulting
Modeling of Normal Contact Forces During the Interaction Between Blade and Casing
  J Jiang, J Ahrens, H Ulbrich Univ. of Essen
Numerical Simulation of a Multi-angular Retainer Bearing with Regard to Contact Forces
  P Novak, R Liebich, R Gasch Dinamix Ingenieurgesellschaft bR
Stability of Synchronous Forward Whirl at Rotor-stator-contact
   U Ehehalt, R Markert Darmstadt Univ. of Tech.
   G Wegener Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH

IL-5 Recent Studies in Turbine Blade Cooling
   J-C Han Texas A&M Univ.
         chaired: J Kim EPRI/Gyeong Sang National Univ.

D3R4U1 Effect of Rotation on Cooling <HT-06>
          chaired: D K Hennecke Darmstadt Univ. of Tech.
                   F Martinelli Univ. of Florence
Effect of Reynolds Number on Heat Transfer in a Rotating Smooth Square Duct with Radially
Outward Flow
   V Krishnamoorthy National Aerospace Lab.
   C V Kiran Kumar Regional Eng. Coll.
Large Eddy Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Periodic Rib-Roughened Rotating
Square Duct
   A K Saha, S Acharya Louisiana State Univ.
Effects of Rib Configurations on Heat/Mass Transfer in a Two-pass Rotating Duct
   H-H Cho, S-Y Lee, D-H Rhee, W-G Joo, J-H Lee Yonsei Univ.
Detailed Experimental and Numerical Heat/Mass Transfer Investigations in a Rotating Two-
pass Coolant Channel with Staggered 45 Ribs
   L Rathjen, D K Hennecke Darmstadt Univ. of Tech.
   C Sivade, K Semmler MTU Aero Engines GmbH,

D3R4U2 Heat Transfer Around Rotating Disk and Near Tip Region <HT-07/08>
         chaired: D Bohn Aachen Univ. of Tech.
                  M-K K Chyu Univ. of Pittsburgh
                  C-Y Soong Chung Cheng Inst. of Tech.
A Two Orifice Model to Predict the Temperature Reduction of the Cooling Air in a Pre-swirl
   M Dittmann, T Geis, V Schramm, S Kim, S Wittig Univ. of Karlsruhe
Transient Convective Heat Transfer from a Rotating MCM Disk with a Confined Air Jet
   W-S Su, L-K Liu, Y-H Hung National Tsing Hua Univ.
Heat Tranfer and Flow Characteristics in Co-rotating Disks with Ventilation Hub
  H-H Cho, C-H Won, D-H Rhee Yonsei Univ.
Flow Structure Between Co-rotating Disks in a Cylindrical Enclosure
   S-C Wu National Defense Univ.
   Y-M Chen National Taiwan Univ.,
Numerical and Experimental Investigations of the Air Flow and Heat Transfer in Rotating
  D E Bohn, F Bouzidi Aachen Univ. of Tech.
  E E Kitanina, V V Ris, E N Smirnov St. Petersburg State Tech. Univ.
  C Burkhardt MTU Aero Engines
  M W Wolff AGEMA
Analysis of Electrokinetic Flow in a Micro-scale Rotor-stator Disk System
  C-Y Soong, S-H Wang Feng Chia Univ.
Local Mass/Heat Tranfer on a Turbine Blade Tip
  P Jin, R J Goldstein Univ. of Minnesota

IL-6 Small Gas Turbine Technology for the Next Millenium
   H Moustapha Pratt & Whitney Canada
        chaired: J Kim EPRI /Gyeongsang National Univ.

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