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Army seeks residents for add-soyboard
Staff reDorts                      tions and people can apply for     Arsenal cleanup what the
                                   both, but they can only serve on   Community Advisory Group
  The U,S. Army Corps of           one.                               ICAG) is to the Touljelot prop-
Engineers is looking for volun-       Members of the board win        erty.
teers to serve on the former       meet regularly to reviaw and         Bruce Handel, new Arsenal
Benicia Arsenal Restoration        evaluate documents and com-        project manager, is looking for
Advisory Board (RA3). part
                        It's       ment on cleanup issues and pri-    about a dozen local people to
of the Army's comrnu~lityout-      orities, Their comments will be    serve. He will GO-managethe
reach efforts to involve local     reviewed by the government         group with a community eo-
residents in the cleanup           decision makers. Regular pub-      leader,
process.                           lic RAB meetings will also be        Like the CAG, the Corps of
  The Army is also looking for     the place to exchange informa-     Engineers hopes a cross-sectio~r
community members who              tion with the Corps, govern-       of the community will partici-
would Iike to help chose the       ment regulators and the corn-      pate. They will be looking for
RAB memberi Applications           munity.
are now available for both posi-     The board will be k~the                       Army, see page 2
                                      The deadline for RAB selec-
                                    tion committee applications is
                                    Monday, Dec. 20. Applications
From page 1                         for the board must be received
                                    by Monday, Jan. 17. The first
people from a variety of groups,    meeting is expected to be held
including local residents; civic,   in March.
environmental and other com-          Applications are available at
munity groupa; hameowners           the Benicia City Hall, Benicia
aaaociations;       businesses;     Public Library or the Benicia
schoole; and h a 1 govemlment.      Chamber of Commerce. For
Officials from the Regional         more information, call Handel
Water Quality Control Board,        at 916-557-7906, or Community
and the state Department of         Relations Specialist James
'hxic Substances Control            Diven at 916-569-5565, or leave
(M'SC) will also serve.             a measage at 800-277-0951.
-hose who were there in 1964
lave bittersweet memories of
listoric facility's closure

ly Richard Toronto

    Frank F~ore'sphotogaph of the Benicia
4rsenal front gate d~dn'tshow the row of
time clocks where he dubfully punched m
and out each day for 15 years as a U.S. Army
employee -but he shll remembers them.
     Fiore also ICI~~C:!IB~I.S ~312,
                              the       rainy ?ay
the arsenal closed on March 3 1, 1964. By
then, most of the arsenal's civilian employees
had either accepted the Army's offer of trans-
fer to Utah or they chose to tough it out in
Benicia, finding work as best they could.
     The Benicia Arsenal was the west's oldest,
founded in 1849. It's soldiers and supplies
held the westem territories together by pro-
viding military support for everything from
early Lndian conflicts to the Korean War.
     The Arsenal left a rich hstory and some
bittersweet memories for those who worked
 there. Like many soldiers in 1946, Fiore was
returning home in the aftermath of World War
 II, He needed a job, and then he heard about
 work in Renicia.
     "I'd come here from Boston for an Arsenal
job at a $1 an hour," Fiore said. "A year later,
 1 went back and married my high school
     But rumors of the arsenal's closure were
 circulating even then, and Fiore heard them
  like everyone else.
      "The rumors were there in '48 and '49," he      Frank Fiore of Benicia received the flag as tile Benicia Arsenal closed on March 31, 1964.
  sdid. "But the Kcrean conflict saved us. Thel~,
  in ' 5 1 and '52, the Nike missiles and ra,& era    involved in the missiles. We were in the pio-       out.
  came into the picture and that saved us, too.       neer days of electronics, and converted over            "That closure was very tsaumack for a lot
  The government sent half a dozen men from           to maintenance and repais of the Nike Ajax          of people.," Milbum said. "A lot of tears were
  every Army installation in the country to get       and Hercules missiles."                             shed. We thought we were there pzrrnaIxnt.
                                                          Those were boom years for the Benicia           Jim Graham, over in sheet metal, got repom
                                                      Arsenal. The working populatio~i   skyrocket-       about closures but we got those all the time."
                                                      ed to nearly 10,000, including ro~~ghly   700           Milburn had no special favors corning to
                                                      Benicians. The rest came from nearby cox-           him when the closure was announced. He
                                                      munities like OaklanQ Napa, Vallejo and             didn't have veteran status but was offerered a
                                                       Riclimond.                                         chance to pick up arid move his family to
                                                          "By the time they closed it in 1964 there       Texarkana's Red River Arsenal. That &d:~'t
                                                       were about 3,200 people left," Fiore said.         set too well with Mlbum.
                                                       He was one of the lucky ones. He found ajob            "I srill have a copy of the offer they gave
                                                       before the closure. He went to work for the        me," Milbum said. "It was a dollar an hour
                                                       San Francisco Procurement District's Oak-          cut in pay. This was in '63, and they told LS
                                                       land office, working in contract adminisb-a-        when we got there to either turn left at the
                                                       tion.                                               black housing or tun1 right into white hous-
                                                          Benician Jim Milburn couldn't wait               ing."
                                                       either. He'd been working at the Arsenal               That made up Milburn's mind right thxt:;
                                                       even longer than Fiore and, when the ham-
                                                       mer came down, he made his plans to bail                                 See Arsenal, page A ;2

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A12      WEDNESDAY, MAR. 29,2000                                                                          BENlClA HERALD

                                                                                                                     Army we stayed in Benicia."
Arsenal                                                                                                                 Others rhsplaced by the closure
                                                                                                                     eventually found their way back to
                                                                                                                     Benicia -I h Col. Giles Cordon.
         Continued from page A 1                                                                                     He was t r a n s f e d east in '61.
                                                                                                                        "Iended up at the Detroit Arse-
no way would he go.                                                                                                  nal in Michigan," Gordon said.
    " Here I am, a guy who's been                                                                                     "But we &ed Benicia while we
raised with everyone, and all of a                                                                                   were here. We moved back in
sudden, you're told to take your                                                                                      1983, after I got out of the Army."
family and move to a place like                                                                                         It was around 1983that someof
that? I had 21 years experience and                                                                                  the remaining Benicia Arsenal
got a job at Travis as a water and                                                                                   crew began to gather every two
waste plant operator."                                                                                               years for a reunion. Fiore chaired
   That was in 1963. Many of his                                                                                     the reunion committee. Now, even
friends and co-workers went to                                                                                       that's been phased out.
Mare Island, Port Chcago, to the                                                                                        "We canceled it, phased it out in
Vetaans Administration Hospital                                                                                      1999," Fiore said. "Allthe people
m Martinez or, like Fiore, to Oak-    Thousands of workers and service personnel passed the Arsenal's guardhouses   are dying off or in rest homes and
land.                                 between 1849 and i964. This was the last guardhouse.                          all that."
   Benicia resident Leonard Auger                                                                                       Fiore still has his photos and a
was an Army Lt. Colonel stationed     vehicles. We didn't have any          down roots in Benicia, the Augers       stack of unused flyers for Arsenal
at the Arsenal at the same time       ammunition theq it was trans-         were faced with leaving their           Reunions of 1992 and 1995. And
Fiore and Milbum worked there.        ferred to Utah. They stopped hiring   home.                                   he remembers the ceremony that          The Sixth Army Corps color guard ret~red last flag to fly over the Benicia
   Auger lived for a time in the      anyone, and phased out the rest.         "We'd lived in the duplex for        took place in front of the Arsenal      Arsenal durmg a rainy ceremony on March 31, 1964.                            $.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         % %.

                                                                            five years, and were there when                                                                                                                              *
Commandant's home and later m            "(The workers) didn't know                                                 Administration Building on that                                                                                             r

one of the officers' duplexes         where they were going to go. The      they closed it," said Auger's wife      cold, rainy day of March 3 1,1964.      that sticks with h m to h s day.          you have a whole warehouse full
behmd the Commandant's home.          civilians were pretty down, and we    Peggy. "Our girls were in high              "I have a picture of me in my          "Jim Graham said they can't            of orders; when Congress puts the
   "We got the word in 1960 that it   finally had only nine officers        school and at Solano College. We        American Legion uniform," Fiore         close this place - 'we have stacks        money up, we're m, when they
was closing," Auger said. "We         there."                               stayed there as long as we could,       said. "They presented the flag to       of back orders,"' Mlbum sad. "I           don't, we're out. It's not like th$.
shipped everythmg out, including         But like all the rest who'd set    and when Len retlred from the           me."                                    told hm, 'when you see that big           old days. Notlung is pepmanex&
                                                                                                                        Milburn said he learned an          padlock on the front gate, maybe          anymore."'
                                                                                                                    important lesson from that closure      you'll belleve it then. I don't care if
 Gomment sought on Tourtelot landfill excavation
- ----               -
                                          test trenches into the landfill to property. Discovery of UXO dur-
By Nathan Salant                                                                                                                  State regu[uton twk over gov-
ASSISTANT EDITOR                         determine the nature and extent of ing [he installation ofinfrasmcare ernment oversight of BE Tourtelot
--                    --                 the buried waste. Meml has beell off             34cAlliste.rDrive, at the eastern clwnup last year from !he U.S.
    M e m k r s of h public Iuve
                     e                   detected kneah d e -mund and md of Rme Drive, lbrced a halt to Army Caps of Enginem and Qry
 k e n invited to comnmt on plans        testing is required to determine consmlclion activities o i ihc site in ol Benicia, panly out of concern
 to begirl e?tcavatingan old milimy      w k h r milimy e~plosivesw e E 1996.                                                  about financial amngements
 landfill in the n c d valley of the     placed in chi: landfill.                        The property was leased honi betwcxn the agencies md Granite,
Tourtelot property, 200 acres of             DTSC request~dseven       pages of private ownen by the U.S. Army the parent company of Pacific Bay
 land used for the destmction of           visions in its dnft review of h e for ordnance desrmction from Homes which plans to build more
explosives during the last two           RAW, which was sent to Gmnite . 1944 to 1960.Ihe BeniciaHrsenal, than                           homes on the property.
decades of the Benicia Arsenal.          and the U.S. Army Corps of Engi- the west coast's first ordnance                         The cleanup agreenlents, which
    ?he proposal Removal Action
                                         nee= on bfmh 22,                             facility, supplied nnnaments and providcld for Granite to underwrite
Workplan, submitted by consul-               Acml qiggisg ofthe a i ~ c i i eiss soldiers to all of h e nation's con- the con of boch the clwnup Jncl
                                         not expsred to begin before May fliers from the Civil %'x iG the government regulation, were
kmts for p p m j j owner GLmit
Management Cop., and a draft             10.                                          Korean War.                             believed ro be the first time the mil-
revie+ of-thehork phn' by 'state        . ,;,Black c k a a e r i z f d   .,qyi; .?.:, J?p,qeyal q l p ~ qk,l %l~           .. italy h a d w e r approy6d i o m M - :
                                        sions us "fairlym a l " md Oi3n'-'.' IS now tiit? home of-Beniciaindus: - tion of hbr& onprb'pe7~ o ~ m ~ :        c
regulntcxi, "i's' nzw available for

review in the dccument repasibry
                                        ite spokesman Dwight Holing hial Park.                                                hated with ordnance.
in the Benicia Public Library,          called them "minor."                            Holing said wmk on tbe landfi11
DTSCs review also can k dawn-                "Themain thing we're requiring was not considwd major because
IwM From the agency's website           are points of clarification, ccfarifica- Granite dces net believe any UXO
                                        tion of detaifs on how to pmeed was left in Tournlor's north valley,
                                        and recommtndations o guidance
                                                                     r                   "We see tke RAW as lmlly a
    Comments can be submined to         to make sure that all relevant agen- minor documenr bemuse the work
rhe state Lkpartmenr of Toxic Sub-
                                        c i a are advised of what's happen- that's called f is minor in nat~~re:'
stances Control, which is oversee-
                                        ing," Black said. "This is just one Holing said. "All w're talking
ing cleanup of Tourtelot, until April   small part of a larger invesriga- a b u t is cutting a couple of trench-
10. R a p n s e s should be sent to
                                        tion."                                       cs in a rhird of fin a m . It's our
Project Manager Stewart Black at
DTSC's Ofice of Military Facifi-            Unexploded howitzer shells, belief chat dlat metal will probably
ties, 400 P St., Sammento, Calif.
                                        fuses and other similar ~naterial, lxjust that, metal. It's unlikely h a t
                                        known in militruy parlance as it will be unexploded ordnance
  The plan calk for the digging of      unexploded ordnancz OJXO), has because we've. never found UXO
                                        bee111 cijscovercrl on dre TOUII~IOI the vn!ley."
                                        -                 .   . .
Gram takes cleanu~
                 mian                                                                       3        rn
                                                                                     Councilmember Jan Cox-Golovich.

                                                                                                                                  The current city council has largely
COMPACT wants phased Tourtelot policy                                                   The policy paper follows on the        resisted COMPACT suggestions, with
      By DOROTHY VRIEND                   policy paper crafted by Bardet's           heels of the November election, and       some members claiming its intentiin
       Times-Herald staff writer          group, the Conunittee for Public           comes just weeks M o r e the new City     was to derail development proposals
                  0                       Advisory Consensus on Tourtelot -          Council is to be sworn in on Dec. 7. It   for Tourtelot.

B      ENIClA - A grass-roots
       watchdog group has gone door
       to door to convince homeown-
ers and the new City Council that there
                                          or COMPACI'- at 250 doors.
                                             Bardet has been one of the most
                                          persistent voices advocating a more
                                          cautious cleaqup of the 'Iburtelot prop-
                                                                                     also comes"before a cleanup plan
                                                                                     required by 'the State Department of
                                                                                     Toxic Substances Control has been'
                                                                                     conlpleted by Granite Management
                                                                                                                                  COMPACT members are proposing
                                                                                                                               a four-tiered plan that will separate
                                                                                                                               cleanup from development concerns;
                                                                                                                               The first two tiers would bring tbe'
are better ways to clean out old ammu-    erty, leased by the Army from 1949-        consultants.            l
                                                                                                                               Tourtelot property safe for open-space
nition and other U.S. Army discards       64. Among those backing Bardet's              "What better time," Planning           uses such as hiking. The final two tiers
from thc Tourtelot Ranch property.        efforts are fellow COMPACT mem-            Commissioner Elizabeth Patterson          would produce environmental docu-
   Last week, community activist          bers Planning Commissioners Brad           said of COMPACT'S policy statement.       ments for development and raise the
Marilyn Bardet and a friend walked        MacClane and Elizabeth Patterson,             "We have a new council and a new       safety level to residenth standards. .
neighborhoods closest to the Tourtelot    recently retilcd cornrnissioner Gregg      mayor and possibly an opportunity
property. 'I'l~eycirculated a four-page   Renfrow       md      retiring      City   that they will listen."                   (See TOURTELOT, A2)
--   A2 ~ u e k l aNovember 16, 1 999
                   ~,                                                                           From the front
                                                                                                                        paid $3 million to the Benicia
     Tourtelot: Watchdog group pushes own plan                                                                          Unified School District and will
     (From A l )                                                                                                        spend $5 million to $8 million for
                                                                                                                        the proposed cleanup, all monies
      COMPACT's       suggestion does     -           --   -   -      --                                    -
                                                                                                                        the city would forego without the
    nbt sit well with Granite                        hey think the average Benicia                                      development of Tourtelot.
   ,&nagement            spokesperson'                                                                                      "Their (COMPACT's) plan is
   dwight Holing. He called the                      citizen is such a dupe as to be                                    fiscally irresponsible and socially
    J'ourtelot development the "last                                                                                    reckless," Holing said.
    piece of the Benicia pie" before                 able to be bribed with these lit-                                      Patterson doesn't think so.
    the city reaches its maximum
    bliild out potential under the new
                                          tle things when the big question is the                                           Single-family housing won't
                                                                                                                        pay its own way in property taxes '
    general plan.                         insurance of public safety and good plan-                                     over the long haul, she said. As
     . "There's a plan, a program in
  :place," Holing said Monday.            ning.'                                                                        for affordable housing and a golf
  :':There is a legitimate plan that              - Planning Commissioner Elizabeth Patterson                           course, Patterson believes those
  ,bas (state) DTSC oversight that is
    moving down the track now."
  I - Granite is working to complete
                                          signs posting the area as off limits      A frustrated Holing said with-
                                                                                                                        require better planning.
                                                                                                                            Benicia may be giving up
                                                                                                                        future debt, a poorly planned golf
                                          to the public. But it is also          out the Tourtelot development the      course, poorly located affordable
  'an environmental study for the         designed to protect the natural        city could lose a lot of hard-won
   'cleanup and potential develop-                                               community benefits. He also            housing and a church on a "chal.
                                          environment from the further dis-
    &nt ~f the T~~_rt&t     site. Plans   iupiioii d l ihe decision to go        pointed oii: :ha: c!eani;p of          lenged site," Patterson said.
    announced this spring included        ahead with development has been        Tourtelot for residential develop-         "They think the average I
    cutting down. the ridge between
    the north and south valleys and
    piacing at least 10 feet of fill in
                                          made. City officials have always
                                          said homes will be built only if
                                          and when the area has been
                                                                                 ment would ensure the highest
                                                                                 possible safety standard.
                                                                                    In a year of negotiations with ii
                                                                                                                        Benicia citizen is such a dupe as
                                                                                                                        to be able to be bribed with these  ,
                                                                                                                        little things when the big question I
    the north valley, where the com-      deemed safe.                           City Council subcommittee in           is the insurance of public safety
    pany plans to build approximately        COMPACT claims Granite              1998, Granite agreed to build a 9-     and good planning," Patterson
    500 homes.                            pushed to guarantee residential        hole golf course, to build 50 units    said.
        Some recently developed alter-    development at Tourtelot through       of affordable housing at the bot-          Ron Baker, the state DTSC
 , natives for preserving a wetland       linking cleanup and developnlent       tom of Rose Drive and to offer up '    spokesperson, said COMPACT's '
 : aiea in the south valley include
 ;possible creation of a pond
                                          methods. Leveling out the ridge
                                          and filling in the north valley -
                                                                                 Blake Court for a religious facili-
                                                                                 ty. It would also clean up toxic I
                                                                                                                        comments will be given the same     1
                                                                                                                        weight as that of the newly
 .:extending from the McAllister          known in the construction indus-       material left over from the closed
                                                                                                                        formed citizen's advisory group
 jland bridge toward homes on             try as cut and fill - was integrat-    Braito dump and left-over mili-
                                                                                 tary ammunition and other mate-        and of any other Benicia citizen
 j Panorama and Casey Court.              ed into Granite's cleanup plan.
  j COMPACT'S four-step plan is              "We are trying to build in an       rials on the old Tourtelot ranch.      that offers comment.
  )designed to satisfy neighborhood       opportunity for the public at large       Holing said Granite is paying           Before implementing a cleanup
    concerns about safety and about       to decide if housing is the right      $420,000 per year into an assess-      plan, the state will go to the pub-
 ,:Property values that could plum-       end use of the property in the         ment district in anticipation of       lic with several alternatives, he
  !met with the stigma caused by          north valley," Bardet said.            subdivision development, has           said.
                                                                                       ID:707 745 3 6 7 5   PAGE   2
Xp,(-13-00            F
             0 9 ~ 2 8 R0M:PACIFIC                   BAY HOMES

                         Conlment sought ;
                         on Tourtelot plans
                        - - landfill
                        investigate   - - P
                                                                 landfill m&ks the h t time that:
                                                                 fomd,I,,I, , ,h
                                                                 anything other t b n testing for:
                        By Nathiln S l t
                                                                 explosive marerid on the acreage, .
                        ASSISTANT EDITOR                         known locally as the Tourtelot -
                                                                 propeny, since DTSC took over'
                           State envimnmental regulators         the project l s r year. I addition to
                        overseeing the resting and cleanup       howitzer shells and othern  explosive
                        of a former military explosives
                                                                 material, known in military par-
                        destruction r a n g in nonheastem
                                                                 lance as "I~rdnance," property
                        Benicia hav& asked for public            also is believed to be contaminated
                        comment on plans to investigate a        with hazardous chemicals.
                        b~ltied lsndhll in the north valley of      "What we plan to do our there is
                        the 220-am propmy.
                                                                 dig two trenches. W g m apart
                           Preliminary plans for digging
                        up the Iandfi11 and a drift environ-
                                                                 -   we're looking to sce what con-
                                                                 tents iut in the landfill and what is
                        mental docum~ntrequired by the           under he landfill,"Bier saiaid "All
                        Califoomia Environnkenml Quality         the information we have so far is
                        Act were released yesterday,             that there are maintenance-w.
                        according to Ron Baker of the            things in there. Once we: dig the
                        Depattn~entof Toxic Substances           arenches, we should find out for
                        Control.                                 A,.-

                           DTSC officials have scheduled         Electronic scans of the buried
                        a public meeting on Match 22 at 7     landfill have revealed the presence
                        p.m. in che IDoni Benicia Room of     of metal but were unable to deter-
                        the Benicia R~blic    Library to dis- mine wlzethcr the meul uns ord-
                        cuss its plans to dig inro and @st the
                         1..   ,?,I                           nance, Baker said.
                                                                 "Although we don't know
                     public comment will be           in there, we
                         nccmEd                       mail at unlikely &g its W O ( u n q i o &
                         DTSC, Attn: S~cwart    Black. 10151
                                                                  adnure) hause ulcn,s no
                         Cmydon WBY , Sacramento CA
                         95g27 or b y ' e-mail ar.                                          -4

                                                                         See'Cleanup, P a p A 10
 Cleanup                                   eny for hbuction of old or excess
                                           exp!osiws. The arsenal, the first
                                           milimy facility on the West C a s t
                                                                                       and whether it has had an effect on ry as has been requested by Chnjte
                                                                                       any other acreage."                    Management, the City of Benicia
                                                                                          'Baker said DrSC was ctlnvcn- and various community members."
                      from page A I        when it opened in 1849, uccupjed            ing 3 public mecling to update the        Actual digging at the landfill
evidence was bXO was ever used            as many as 2,700 acres of south-            community on Tourtelot activities site is not expected to begin until
in the North Valley," said Dwight         arm Benicia during its 115-year              and to encourage midmts to sub- June. According to a scMuIe last
Holing, n spokesman .for property         history.                                    mit wri ttet~comments.                  month to a local citizens panel
owner Granite .Management Corp.               The arsenal was decommis-                    "The purpose of that notice is to reviewing prdgress at Tom1ot,
    Suk- officials ' assumed over-                      x
                                          sioned in 11 and c l d in 1964.             allow the pitbiic to co~n~nent," Granik has pqmsed to have all
skhi at~thorityfor the cleanup after      I[ is now t l ~ ehome of Benicia            Baker said. "Wc view d ~ast 2 very cleanup activities completed by
tlre process already was started by       industrial Park.                            important step.''                      June of next year
the City of Benicia and rhe U.S.
                                             The lanclfill in the north valley is          In DTSC's public rwjw. the           Granire has pressed far speedy
Army Corps of Engineers on                in .tire proximity of wick sb-ips of        state agency ackoowledpes tliai ir approval of its building pfans t    o
behalf of Granite,. the parent com-      barrer~   land, believed ro be contam-       has notco~sipleted  reviewingGran- rake advantage of high Bay Area
pany of Pacific Bay Hmes.                inated with TNT,and die city's               ite's proposed Removal Action real estate prices caused by a sh~rt-
   Granite seeks to remove all           police firing range.                        Workpian but is proceeding with age of new housing in the region.
explosive material and clean up              "It's pan of that site a n d we need    public comment during its review. The city is expected to meive as
cf~emicalcontamination on h e            to know whelher or not. there are           to speed up h e process, as requesc- much as $0!lIm in &v'e!opmenc
Twrtclot property ro get gwem-           any additional c m s r i ~ ~ eim &at
                                                                           :         e by Cranie md the city.
                                                                                      G                                      fees If homes are perminad to be
rnent approval to h i l d more h a i l   laitdfill," Baker said. "It's an                 " M S C will be reviewi!~gthe bud[ ac Toutfebt.
400 homes.                               i m p l a n t aspect, not only of our       Removal Acrio~~   Wodpla~i   concur-       But DTSC and the Corps have
  The US. Army leased ~ o u k l o t      cleanup and remediation of the sire         ~ ~ n t with the p~blic."the norice apparenrly river approved cm-
during h e last nvo decades of the       but, considering rhe proposed               says. "DTSC lras pnnirled this srmcrion of homes on formerly
Bentcia Arsenal and used the prop        future land use, we m d to know             review pmxss to fia-rkr expedite used milimy p r o p 9 conwinat-
                                         rhe vertical and tmitude of the s i        ~ cleanup ofrhe Tourtelirt h o p - - ed \&rh adnance.
                                                                                     the                                                                   t
                                                                                      PAGE   2/3

MAR-08-00     12.38 F R 0 M : P A C I F I C BAY H O M E S


    Panel to review
    Rose Drive plans
    By Nathan SaIant                            Graniie Management Corp., the
                D                            deveiopmcnt company that inher-
                                             ited rhe Ijabilities of rhe builder of
       S t e n v i m m n u l ree..ulitrors
        ae                                   Rose X>rive homes and is responsi-
    have agreed to establish a commu-        ble for any leftover dumpsite
    nity panel to review the longpend-       wastes, objected to fontration of
    E g clanup of lefrover dumpsite
      n                                      the Rose Drive CAG as unneces-
    waste along westemmost Rose              say and a possible iinpedimnt to
    WL.v2                                    the cIe;tnup,
        The Department of Toxic S u b           "We don't see a need f r a Rose
    stances CO~UQI      announced the        Drive CAG since che pro-jert is
    decision in a letter sent March 3 to     almost actoss the goal l i ~ e    and
    Benicia resident Marilyn Badet,          since the state has already detsr-
    the local activist who submitted         m'ined there is no healtfi risk and
    peritions from Benicia residents         since we've publicly committed t     o
    last year requesting a citizens panel:   removing the black material and
    to review plans and documents for        adjusting the Blake C m landfifl,"
    themRose   Drive and Tourrefaprop        Holing said.
    erty cleanups                               Westemmosr ]Rose Drive was
        MSC is the stare's                   the site of the o d Solano Councy
    oversight agency for toxic waste         Sanitary LandfilI,known locally as
    cleanups.                                the Braito dump, and was sup
       Announcements about che new           posed to have been cleaned up
    Community Advisory Group and             before he s m of residential con-
    applications for membership are          smction i the 19'70s. But a home-
    expected t be distributed i Beni-
              o                n             owner on Rose Drive near Blake.,
    cia Iater this month. Another CAG,       Court discovered oily, black mate-
    the first in the state under I W9 leg-   rial in his backyard in f981,
    islation reauthorizing . DTSC,           launching a controversy,that has
    already is in place overseeing the       embroiled the commvniy and h e
                                             cicy and srate governments for
    cleanup of Toumlor, a formermil-
    imry explosives desmctEon nnge.
                                                         See Braito, Page A6
                                                                                                                          PAGE           3/3
                                                                              I D : 7 0 7 745 3 6 7 5
MAR-08-00   12:41 F R 0 M : P A C I F I C BAY HOMES

             Braito                                   encied i~lconclusiveiyafter a bitter
                                                            Sratc ofil evenmlly deter-
                                                                                                   Benicia residtnt Billie Middle-
                                                                                                ton, o Iader of a community group
                                                                                                fightirlg the gdf couw propod,
                         Continued from page A 7      mine#, howeva: that the remaining
                                                      waste pdses no threat to the envi-        said the Rwe Drive CAG could
             ym.                                      ronment ot to westcm Sotd-nmpCon                        s
                                                                                                fslp f ~ ucon~muaity     atmtion on
                 Gnnite signed a consent decree                                                 what could be Benicia's biggest
             in 1995 to clean up the black mate-      mhts.
                                                            Planning and envimnmental           problem - the curnulafive impact
             rial but has not yet begun the w d .                                               o exposure to toxic materids From
             Meanwhile, mteonleredinvesiga-           documents for the Rose Drive.               f
                                                      cleanup a* still pendtng                  a11 sources.
             tiorls costing miIIions of d d l $till
                                                ~           DrSC spokesman Ron Baker                 "Asa community, we d l y need
             continue in the "fooqxint" of the old                                              to come together and I d at all d
             dump, more than 20 Rose Drive
                                                       sad the new CAG was tern, creat-

                                                      ed t . x last year's community
                                                             xz w                               these environmental issues compre-
             midents moved after sdling t e  hh                                                 taen~ivcly,"she s i "It's dl hap-
                                                      petition met the stiltutay quire-                             ad
             houses back to the company atid                                                                     gn &way
                                                                                                pening in a h t m d but it
             dozens o f ' c m t and f m area
                                                       rnents laid out in SB 47.
             homeowners filed Iawsuits that
                                                          . "We have recognized Ms.             needs m be Iooked at in t m s of
                                                       Bardets e f l m as one t a can b
                                                                                 ht        e                             'm
                                                                                                comnltmity str\ndar&. I not anti-
                                                       designated as a CAG for the Rose         &velqment but we should all be
                                                       five site," Baker a d . "What's           concernedabout king safe."
                                                       impamnt is that her effm has been             But Holing said &mite objected
                                                       r c g i e and we are gotng to
                                                         eonzd                                             ~
                                                                                                 to r i CAG when its qneiatatives
                                                       work with her to get a CAG in there.      wae infromed of the decision last
                                                        Shc's cumat i the pe~ilions,she's
                                                                        n                        week,m\dhave continuad to appose
                                                       mthe Iegistatively mandated pro-          its formation. He said instituting a
                                                        cedure to put the C4G in there and       CAG would r m p n d d mtmver-
                                                        that's what we're going tcl do."         sies and serve no purpose &a than
                                                             Baker said DTSC also was            complicating what would ahwise
                                                        required t continue parallel public
                                                                    o                            be a simple process of submitring   :
                                                        participation activities, .including     cleanup plms and waiting f         m
                                                        public metirigs and Imrings, fot          DTSC approval.
                                                        both the Rose W v e and T o d o t             "'The CAG has the potentiat of
                                                                   cleanups.                      slowing down the cleanup ntha
                                                             Betircia Mayor Sfeve Messina,        than speeding it up," Holing said. i
                                                        who attended meetings w t DTSC
                                                                                   ih             "We he;lr in the camrnunity that
                                                        olt'ciak on Monday, said DTSC             people wmt to put Rase Drive
                                                        agteed t set up the Rase Drive
                                                                   o                              behind rhem Things have healed
                                                        CAG after agency attorneys m m   o -      then?, p p % y values arc back-
                                                        mended i t                                they're content that the final phase
                                                             "D'fSC had given it to tkrr Iegd     of the cIeanup wilt @ when
                                                        depmment and t e legal
                                                                           hir                     the process is complad"
                                                         m t confirmed that everything was            Holing also 'said DTSC tumed
                                                         appropriate and that a CAC; should        down &mite's request ts be part of
                                                         be formed for Rose Drivc," Messi-         the selection commitW h t choos-
                                                         na wd. "Anytimeanybody wan&to              s
                                                                                                  e mcmhrs of the CAG and urgsd
                                                         have a CAG. it's a g o d idea-"           DTSC to appoint current Rose
                                                             Messlna discounted Granite's          Drive residents t the panel.
                                                         recent assedons that money to pay             M&na siid the city had no
                                                         f removal of the landfill under
                                                           a                                       plans cumntIy to consider a resolu-
                                                         Biake Court and fm o k r amenities,       to calling for a CAG to bcreated :
                                                         Iike a prop& golf come on the             a it did for the TmIot cleanup
                                                         E a t &yon of the Bnito landfill          kcause DTSC assmd him, Coun-
                                                         and a religious assembly on Blake         cilmcmber Bill W i y and City
                                                         COW was depdent on stare and              Armney Heather McLaughIin this
                                                         city approval of Tourdot develop          week h t the City of Benicia was
                                                         plans. Granite has pro to build
                                                                               m                   automatically consideredpart of the
                                                         426 homes on the fmmdetonauon             CAG-formationpmess.
-MA&&^-00 7,2000
           09 : 23 F R O M : P A C IF I C B A Y H O M E S

Tws*, itlarch
                                                                                                            PAGE   2/3

8usi7css       Pa~e
Q e
 mi&           Paseas

                        State to create list
                        of standards for
                                                             t in pvmirnent and idusby by
                        Tourtelot and Fort Ord               the acronym UXO-
                                                                "Oneof the reasons why we're
                        development plans                    Iooking at hcilitatiag dixwioas'
                                                             on time st;\indar& is, the anticipa-
                                                             tion of two sites Fort Ord (n     i
                                                             Monterey Cbmty) and TourteIot
                                                             - where pw have the pm      ro
                                                             future land ,usebe somi f- of
                           Pending plans t build more
                                            o                commercial.or residential develop-
                        than 400 homes in Benicin on         men<" Baker said. 'There's going           '
                        pqxQ contaminated with rnili-        to be a concern expressed by citi-
                        my explosives helped prompt last     zens of rhos: communities., it also
                        we' announcement by state
                         eks                                  gives us an opportuniy t discuss
                        offrcialsthat public workshops to     with the publlic what new technole
                        draft cleanup stivrdatds for such     gies are out there and h w they can
                        projects would begin next month      be utilized.''
                        in Sacramento.                           Tn an announcement r e l d
                           Ron Baker o the California
                                         f                   ' I 2 h d y , ICflSC said the fm't of at
                        Ikpulmat of Toxic Subsrance-s          w
                                                             I c three pubIic sessions would
                        ConrroI confirmed Ftiday that        be held on April 6 from 9 a.m. to 5
                        plans t clean up leftover milimy
                               o                             p.m. in the :Firstfiooa. auditorium of
                        explosives, known in military pat-   the Public Employee Retirement
                        lance as "ordnance," construct
                                             and             Syskm building ar 400 P St. in
                        houses on the Tourtelot property     Sacmmentc~.
                        w35 one o major motivating fac-
                                   f                              ~plosives    experts from DTSC,
                        tom behind the workshops.            the US. Dcparrment of kfm,
                           The state ha$ never formulated    private industry and environmental
                        standards for the clanup of unex-    , u p will a d h the sessions,
                        ploded ordnance,which is referred
                                                                        $ee Cleanup, Page A3
FEE-23-00 14:59 FR0M:PACIFIC BAY HOMES                       ID.707 745 3675   PAGE   2/3

                                          ,    -
                                              -.   .-

                      of homes
                         State officials are not commit-
                      ted to &owing homes to l built
                      on a f m e r military expIosives
                      dctonauott range in northeasam
                      Benicia, a spokesman f a the ( X i -
                      fomia D e m e n t of Toxic Sub-
                      srances Control said yestday.
                         DTSC's Ron Baker said $t,ate
                      environmental regulators were
                      committed only to a thorough
                      cleanup of explosives and chemi-
                      cal contamination on the 220-acre
                      Toulrtelot propwty and would not
                      be making land use decisions until
                       it was completed.
                           "At this point we h o w what
                       the proposed fiiture Iand use is;
                       howeva. ni we c o m ~ I e ~
                                    rI               the

                      apptov~dm y \and use," Bakcr
                      said. "We haven't compIeted our
                      process yet and, at the end of that
                      process, we will detmine
                      whether k's safe to buiId mi&-
                      tial smccures."
                          Baker's statements,came in
                      reaction t last week's comments
                      by a spokesman for Gaie Man-
                      agement Corp-, owner of the
                      Tourtelot property, claiming feder-
                      al, state and city officials were
                      firmly behind plans to budd homes
                      on the site- &mite, the corporate
                      parent of Pacific Bay Homes,
                      k&n& to build mare than 400
                                    See Land, Page A6
F E B - 2 3 - 0 0 14.59 FR0M:PACIFIC B A Y H O M E S   PAGE   3/3
F E -16-00 0 9 ~ 5 3 R O M - P A C I F I C BAY H O M E S

                                               Benicia Herald
                                                                         ID.707 745 3675                            PAGE         2/3


                                                     Readv for homes by 200-

                                                     State applauds
                                                     new Tourtelot
                                                     cleanup schedule                                                                 1

                                                     By Nathan Saknt                         them with ugdates and dtg, are           .
                                                     ASSISTANT EDITCIR                       coning to agreements is a good
                                                                                     -       thing-"
                                                                                                 The d.raft, submitted to the 15-
                                                           California top environmental
                                                     agency Monday appIauded a               member cornrnunity panel Iast
                                                     recently released t h f t schedule      week, calls for the cornpIetion of a
                                                     calling for contaminated former         series d mandatory envimmentai
                                                     nilitaty pmpesty in northern Beni-      and planning dccurnents by June,
                                                     cia to be cleaned up' and ready for     for state approvat of h e doc urn en^
                                                      home msiructionly July of next         by August a d f r clmup activi-
                                                                                                             n o
                                                                                              ties to k corlcluded by May of
                                                      Year.                                   next year.
                                                          Ron Baker of the state Depart-
                                                       ment of Toxic Substances Control           IT1 related cevelopmem, Baker
                                                       said the dnft schedule, p~~            admitted this we& has DTSC had
                                                       to the City Hall-dominated Corn-       quietly replaced a project manager
                                                       munity Advisory Cfloup o v m -         who had heacled up the Tomelot
                                                       ing plans for the 22Chcx;reTouneIot    cleanup since dte state took over
                                                       property, was "a gotxi thing."
                                                                                              tasr year and acknowledged chat
                                                     ,    "Representing the ,city, the       his agency was considering
                                                       developer, the community and the                          ny
                                                                                                                a r
                                                                                             rescinding its m w cleanup
                                                                                             Mdetin favor (sf voluntary agree-
                                                       aepluanmt, it's g a d hat we ctin
                                                       dl sit down and agnm upan what a      m n with Gmite Management
                                                       good schedule is a d in some
                                                                             n               Cop., the p q x m j owner.
                                                       m e r , the future :landuse of the       Granite, tIK c ~ t p ~ r aparent o
                                                                                                                          fe      f
                                                       TourteIoc ptoperty," Baker said.      Pacific Bay Hmm, plans to build
                                                        'The project was and is somewhat     more than 400 h o w on acreage
                                                       conuoversid -that we axe not at       used as an explosives &huction
                                                       a point where we are providing        ange by h?U .S- Army from 1944
                                                                                                       See Tourtelot, Page A3
         Canrimed from page A7

 to 1960. Gmite, rhc succes~wto
 First Nationwidc       was rhe
 parentofPIC Soutzlmpton Co.,
 dcvclo~r b 1 c forbuilding
 . ,.
  st;lrc 780:,;
               qr w e -,of;. ey-
                      , ..
 . . .'
          ..: .,.....

 t ~ p ~ s iknown i n / & l i ~ & .

 cmaacts t acceisatc the c b m p
 0 f T ~ l Cand rhc c&m       of
Slnce 1875 Q ValleJo 0 Benlcla       Amerlcan Canyon                      Friday,February 11, 2000                wwrv.limal~er:~ldo~lliac.cotu cents+taa
                                                                 - . ..                      .

         Times-Herald                 Local news
        : Tourtlet construction rnav resume in 2001
                                                         Council~nember   Carey ~ o r b d k y think the said Mayor Stese Mcssinn, who called the
        ..-      By RICHARD FREEDMAN                     ~neetirgwent rcatly well. Fkdly, we have a results of (Ire n~cglirig'3ust great. I kllew it
                    Tiines.Herald s(aff writer                                                                         e
                                                         scl~cdulc.~6~et'uIly, now start getting was caning. W achieved a sctlednle we can
                                 a                       some work done."                                1
                                                                                                        4 work with to make it happen."

         B ENICIA - A cleari.up scherfale of the
           Tour~elotproperty in Benicia
    : ficd Wednesday night, pavingwas veri-
                                        the way
     for more thao 400 homes to bc built by the
                                                            c'iba!cj Fixised

                                                                                   the fact[oiis ~i~voiv&  Under tho new scheduie, Tourieioi shouid
                                                         in the clean-up, from Gmnite to the state be cltan by spring or summer 2001, Corbky
                                                         Department of Toxic Substance Control said, adding that the public review
                                                                                                        Environincntal Inpact Report should be out in
         Granite Corporation.                               The few-page sclredulo docmoo; includes a few ~nonltlsand the Relnedial Action Pian
            "It was the tnost progressive meering to     ordnance removal from Aug. I to Decetnber slio~ltdbe released by August.
    -    date." said Sherry Barrow, one of 13 ntembers   and non-ordtlance dean-up by November. The        "1'n1 trying ro be as posiiive as I cat),"
       of the Citizens' Advisory Group at 11xQenicia     clean-tp jncludcs 14 feet of ground bedrock Corbaley said. "% now have a schectule, I m     '
       Public Library gnd~ering,'flwewas a lot of        and top soil on the tainted area.              the most l~opefulI've bee11ill a long time.?'
    .-*progress made,"                                      "When the schedulc is co~aplete,"we can        Dwight Holhg of Granite was unavailable -
    . . "1 ' nl cautiously optimistic," added            give tl~cmthe green light to build houses," for coaunent.

               Advisory board.forming
               to aid Tourtelot cleanup
                   By DOROTHY VRlEND                                                                        bur
                                                         Most of the wwk so far has Co~nnlirtce, was also asking for
                    Times-Herald staff writer         ic~volved w h i n g through histori- co~n~nu~liry
                                                                  s                                           vohlnteers lo join a
                                 0                    cal documents to identify the build- .~eleclio~i    cwninitke to ct~oosc:those

               F      olIo\vii~g 011 a request by
                      Bcaicja citizens, the US.
                      A m y Corps of Engineers is
               working lo s W a citizen's advisory
                                                      hgs and Ulek uses lor the past 150 12 rnembers.
                                                         field work in M r h uncove1rd R a d k ~who worked wid1 the U.S.
                                                                                                   Suufhsnpton resident Betsy

                                                       15 pieces of live ordnance mund Fish and Wildlife Senriccs for h e
               board to help guide Qe jnvcstigarion   the cane! barn museum. Hisroricd past 15 years, was one of the first lo
               and cleanup of the old menid           seawhes slmwed an ordnance say she would iikc to voiunleer.
                        in                            hunker hxI bbun~orl,   possibly scatter-     "I plm on Iiviiy ill Dcnjcia for ir
                  A state-assisted adwlisory group    ing g~tnades    tl~mughout arm
                                                                                  !be          wl~ilc,I'm interesled ill doing a
               has mmtly been forn~erlfor the            Field iiwestjgato~s w e clecided good job of cleaning up 1 1 o p ~
                                                                               l                                                ~
               Tourtclot clcamp, which could          to s k i t their cleanup in the lowcr spnce and wclland areas," Radkc
               begin as early RSnext y e a            arscnal arm wheyc unexploded mil- said,
                  The largcr fedeml jnwstigario~r     ihry nnitnullitjo~i 1101a p t & t~
                                                                           is                       Both applicationsam awilable a[
               and cleanup of the entire, arsenal     bc fou~~.I. invesrjgators are resl- the Bcnicia Public Libmy, [he
               ginunds\is expcckd to lake up lo       ing that area for other Chatnber of Co~niuerreotr first
               scvcn years. 1 1 e fcde~al govcin-     ~naterials.                                                           Sclectio~l
                                                                                               Strect and o d w 1m:;l;rtions.
               melit has budgeted $2.7 million this      Ihndcl said he would like to see conin~ittcc      applicurionsarc due DCC.
               ycar For the arxital                   at lcasi 12 peoplc OII h e Bcnicia 20 and RAB ;rppljea~ions:ur due
               poject Inariagci.
                                                      Arscri a i Rcsiomiioa~ i i d ~ k u i ' ~. . . 1 I7.
                                                                                               Jilll I
cla teachers h ~ tthe side-
LLride Benlcla scliools yes-      Benicia Artist Exhi
for an mltial round of p~ck- in Oakland Museum
eant to tnt'orn~ p~iblic
                  the       of                                                     Feb. 7                            The Panthers believed
Isition In the failing conQdct                                                        '1'CiiL girls soccer        they were going to the
tions with the school d ~ s -                                                      playoff'scancelcd again        league playoffs aftu- ~ U I P
                               "Boy Toy" in the museuin's "What                       The Benicia High            ning their record to 7- 1-4
                               is Art For?" show.                                 Panthers knew Friday's          with two games left to
                                                                                  girls saxer game against
                                                                                  Miramonte High waq              play.
:hers union calls for work      Mar. 17                                                                    ---
wn                                ReFnak accused of dioxin                        important. ~ h e y   didn't     Feb. 17
)n leaders yesterday asked      reiesl$gs                                        find out just how impor-            9 St. Pat's w ~ s t l ( e ~ s
I teachers to begin a de            A Bay Area environmentalist                  tant until after the ganle.      advance to subSectjiorn
~ o r kslowdown by only         organization demanded local gov-                     For the second consec-          St. Patrick-St. Vincent
g the 7'.25per day as man-      emments to enact zero tolerance                  utive season, the Tri-           High is sending nine
y their - expired contract.
,                               policies on the high levels of diox-             County Athletic League           wrestlers to the Sac-
we came as Superintendent       ins being released from local                    playoffs have been can-         Joaquin        sub-Section
:O'Conner declared that a        industrial plants, including                    celed. Last year. heavy         championships.
 ediator had been named to       Benicia's Exxon refinery and the               rains washed out the play-          Four of the Bruins to
 ith the district's stalemate    Shell refinery in Martinez. The                offs. This year, they have       advance beat all the corn-
 lchers' union contract nego-    refineries disputed the group's                been canceled due to a           petition in their weight
                                 findings.                                      scheduling conflict with         classes at the Superior
                                                                                the North Coast Section          California        Athletic
1                               Mar. 23                                         playoffs.
ied High School Campus               enicia Old Town Theatre
n Goes to School Board          Group T b r s 35
mcia resident whose home          At 35 years, the Benicia Old
lted ?L& Ren~cta H ~ g h        Town Theatre Group is Solano
, presented a petltion of 303   Cou.nty's oldest continuously                                                        A proposal to build a nine acre
tes that denlanded the cam-     operated community theater conl-          ment company that plans to turn a
 closed at lunchtime due to     pany. It celebrated with a masked         fomler munitiol~s              deto-
                                                                                              testing ai~d         botanical garden near Lake
                                ball.                                     nation area into a residential how-      Herman goes before the Park,
 I~ttenng students who loitel
 hbonng streets surroundmg                                                ing development in southeastern          Recreation      and    Cemetery
                              April 1                                     Benicia pledgecl to make the site        Commission again after months.of
                                 Army Gaps holds TPbuFtelot               far cleaner than1 even the depart-       meetings between garden propo-
                              briefmg                                     ment of defenslz requires, and to        nents and parks staff.
                                 A group of citizens is concerned         take other measures to guard
                              the public might not be recewing             against accidents.                       April 15
                              enough information about U.S.
                              Aimy Corps of Engineers' work to            April 14
                              clean the Benicia Arsenal, espe-              Plan for botanical garden1                 Museum volunteers are work
                              cially since a recently published           before parks pailel                                          See page C2
                              advertisementfor a public meeting
                              carried the wrong date.

                                  April 4
                                     I[,&  of work ahead for his-
                                  toric preservation panel
                                     Members of the Historic
                                  Preservation Advisory Committee
                                  learned that much preservation
                                  work needs to be done to 11 city-
                                  owned historic properties, but little
                                  money is available to make the
                                  needed repairs.

                                  April 11
                                    Granite I t f a n m e n t Corp.
    4 boiled over last year       promises thorough Tourtelot
                                                                           Exxon Benicia employees met at the Clock Tower after
    military weapons.             *WP
                                    A spokesman for a develop-                   f
                                                                           news o the pending refinery sale broke.
 Benicians                                                   st speak with one.voice on re                                                                                                                             J

 By Dana Dean                           cem for our future.                        Assistant Attorney General, Tom          Lockyer told a reporter from                safety. The refinery is full of dedi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                            ment in place. As such, we do not
                                        First, in a radio interview last week,     Greene, indicated that they              KQED radio that we in Benicia               cated employees with years of       have some of the simple environ-
   The sale of the Benicia refinery     Bill Lockyer made the fantastic            assumed that a refinng operation         would simply have to trust the              experience that cam& safely be      mental protections, afforded those
imposed on our town by the Feder-       statement that "There is 100% con-        couldn't produce gas efficiently          attorney genera! "to do the job they        replaced by imported workers who    other towns. Community protec-
al Trade Commission will affect         gruence between increasing com-            unless all environmental regula-
                                                                                                              a             elected him to do."                         might work for less wages, thus     tions such as an air monitoring pro-
every member of ths community           petition in California and having a        tions are being upheld and that              The state and federal bureau-           promoting the bureaucrats goal of   gram and an early warning system
for years, if not generations, to       strong new market participant that         safety standards are being met.          crats have done nothing but exhib-          "competition."                     serve those communities as a
come. And it is happening now.          will want those jobs, will want to        For their part, the FTC was even          it a "Don't worry your pretty little           The current employees' institu- defenise agamst the hazards of liv-
There is no time for posturing,         run a good operation, and be a pil-        less supportive of community con-        head about it" attitude that Benicia        tional memory alone is worth fight-.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           ing in the shadow of a refinery.
positioning or infighting. The City     lar in the community." Apparently,        cerns. In an effort to appease the        cannot allow to stand unchal-               ing for. However, the real issue   Additionatly, any potential buyer
of Benicia, the employees of the        unlike those of us who live and           crowd, an FTC representative stat-        lenged. We must speak in one                here is the current culture that pro-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           of the refinery must present with
Exxon refinery, and all Benicia res-    work in a refinery town, Mr. Lock-        ed that if a suitor had a record of       clear, strdng voice. We must say,          motes excellence and worker safe-   the resources to maintain at least
idents concerned about the health       yer has not paid attention to the          "blowing things up", they would          "We will not be ignored. We do             ty above all else. This is our com- the same level of commitment to
and safety of their families must       results of the Tosco refinery inves-      not be considered a viable candi-         count. Our lives matter. Our safety        munity's first line defense against using state of the art equipment that
                                        t"&   n
                                        u5ur10u.                                  &I& for ~rn~ning &ir.r.ient o v a -       and security must not be sacrificed        the threat of lethal accidents and  we have come to expect from
now stand together and fight to
                                             Tosco, the largest independent       tion. His cavalier attitude made it       fw some bureaucrats pipe dream of          long-term environmental hazards.    Exxon.
                                         refinery operator (much larger than      clear that the FTC considers safety-      cheaper gasoline."                         Benicia cannot afford a Tosco-like      The events of recent weeks and
                                         our three suitors) was found to          related incidents as nothmg more             To that end, the Good Neighbor          culture. It is a threat to our health,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           the statements of state and federal
                                         have a pervasive company culture         than numbers on a spreadsheet.                                                       our safety, and our property values.officials have made it easy to
                                         that promoted cost cutting mea-          That man had no concept of what it                                                   Fighting to protect the employees  become pessimistic about the future
                                         sures above all else, including          meant to workers and residents to                                                    must be our highest priority. A     of our little town. However, if we
                                         worker and community safety.             live unc'er the threat of just such an   ^l?Z&Eas~~%of fieif so called exit
                                                                                                                                    _j_        . _ -
                                                                                                                                          - _ _ -
                                                                                                                                           .      .           -        GNA can do this. It can serve as   Benicians stand together and speak
                                         Independent operators survive by         incident.                                 p E E g e or, in the GTtemative, with      their safety net by incorporating  in one clear voice, we can use the
                                        just such means. It is counter-intu-
                                         itive to expect a small time opera-
                                                                                      Further, one of h s associates
                                                                                  indicated his vision of the best can-
                                                                                                                           "&??new owner, as part of their per-
                                                                                                                            mitting process. ~ e n i c i is the only
                                                                                                                                                                       standards thaQr~&gttFeir
                                                                                                                                                                            //    - '-                -
                                                                                                                                                                                             --., -.=a,
                                                                                                                                                                                                          sale of the refinery to enhance our
                                                                                                                                                                                                          environmental protections, secure
                                         tor will be able to run the refinery     didate was one who couId "hope-           Ilay Area community impacted by            ~ , J ~ E N E R APLAN PROTEC~ greater fiscal aid community con-
                                         more efficiently and more compet-        fully expand the operation. He            a refinery that does not have a good                                          Gbutions, and protect the skurity
                                         itively than one of the largest com-     then noted that Exxon owned               neighbor agreement in place.                                                  of Exxon employees. Please come
                                        panies in the world. Mr. Lockyer          "unused buffer zone property. It             A GNA could serve as a strate-                                             to the City Council meeting on
                                         apparently does not know that the        was clear from their statements, the      gic insurance policy against the                                              Tuesday January 18th. Join the
mately determine which of these
                                        Benicia refinery is staffed by a ded-    FTC representatives had no real           potential harms a less than ade-                                              members of the Good Neighbor
three suitors, if any, can purchase
                                        icated, professional and long-term       interest in our concerns and that         quate successor might inflict on our                                           Steering Committee in a s h g the
the refinery.
   Unfortunately, both the AG and       crew that already runs the opera-        they were present only to "quiet the      community. We have presented                                                  council to support a Good Neigh-
                                        tion in a hghly efficient manner.        natives." They failed miserably in        the city with a list of nine items that                                       bor Agreement that will serve to
the FTC have expressed views that
                                        Secondly, at recent meetings with        their task.                               might be included in such an agree-                                           protect the interests of all Beni-
make it clear that Benicia's con-
                                        Exxon employees and concerned                 The City of Benicia, the             ment. Some essential issues are                                               cians. Let us speak in one voice for
cerns are a very small (and, in their
minds, insignificant) consideration     citizens, Mr. Lcckyer's representa-      employees of Exxon andathe Good                                                                                         the future of our community.
                                        tives indcated their only true goal      Neighbor Steering Committee               4. PROTECTlON OF EMPLOY-                                                           - Dana Dean is a resident of
in determining who will be the next
owner of the Benicia facility. Both     for this sale is to increase competi-    have all asked to be included at the      EES' JOB SECURITY, HEALTH,                                                 . Southampton. She is member of the
are primarily concerned with            tion in the market place and thus, in    negotiating table during the              AND SAFETY                                                                    Good Neighbor Steering Commit-
increasing competition in an            theory, lower gas prices in the state.   approval process. The AG's office            Those of us concerned with the                               ENVIRON- tee established to ~ ~ r ecumrzu-   s s
attempt to affect prices at the gas     When pressed for details of how          and the FTC have denied those             environmental impact of this sale           MENTAL PROTECTION                 nity concerns related to the sde of
                                        protecting employees' rights, the        requests, stating it was not within       understand the importance of                   As noted before Benicia is the the Ejcxon re$nery. Ms. Dem can
pump. Both parties have made
                                        local environment, and the local         their power to do so. In fact, when       maintaining the refinery's high             only Bay Area "refinery town" be reached at the-aeon@pac-
several frightening statements          wnnornv fit in with this ~ l a n .       asked about these requesl, Mi.            standards for worker health and             without a good neighbor agree-
Museum directors plan s u m
3y Richard Toronto

    After weathering a financial-
y rough year, the Camel Barn
ilistorical Museum is about to
:mbark on a 10-year plan that
mard members hope will trans-
Form the local landmark into a
:ommunity centerpiece.
     At a museum board meeting
Wednesday night, Pacific Bay
Hbrnes unveiled a plan f thea
first phase of landswirig that
will help protect the museum's
aging sandstone buildings and
beautify the grounds.
    Last year's discovery that
museum finances had been
embezzled, and the Camel
Barn's former executive direc-
tor was the suspect. Then, a
burglary wiped out office com-
puters and other equipment.
    These events left museum
staff treadmg water for the bet-
ter part of the year. But, as
finances stabilized, the board
started to draw up a plan for the
faltering museum's future.
     " ~ e ? efiscally solvent and
                                      Landscaping for the museum's plain exterior is just one of many improvements planned by boardmembers of the Camel
   vine vew                to start   - Museum.
p i a n k g this             plan,"
 said board president Jackie                                                                                                   PHOTO BY CARL NELSON
 Hebson. "This is our first big
 project, and the board is all for                                after three more meetings work- structure issues Hebson said.
                                      about ( h s project) so our senior
 it -we all agree on this, which                                  ing closely with Pacific Bay and
                                      vice president, Scott Goldie, went                                    "We need all the parking we
 is great."                                                       Ripley, hammered out the final can get," she said. "We figured in
                                      over and we worked out a plan,"
     Pacific Bay Homes helped                                     plan Wednesday.
                                      Hassett said. "We've been build-                                   115 parking places but we're
 jumpstart the project after hear-    mg homes for some time in       Hebson said there was still a lot being careful not to do anything to
 ing that board members,                                          of creative fund-raising to do take away from the buildings.
                                      Southampton but Scott has had an
 including mayor Steve Messi-                                     before the project was fmished but There will be no plantings near
                                      interest in the historic aspect of
 na, were looking for help.           town for some time."        now, at least, they had a map and the buildings."
 Pacific Bay was no stranger to          Pacific Bay Homes' contacts
                                                                  a plan. Finished designs call for         Another concern, she said, was
  the museum, having replaced                                     75 new trees to be planted the problem of water runoff from
                                      with landscapers and designers
  the stolen computers, said          facilitated the hire of Ripley
                                                                  throughout the grounds, along surroundmg property.
  Pacific Bay spokesman Devin                                     with installation of a patio and
                                      Design Group to draw up initial                                       "The water from the hills and
  Hassett.                            plans for landscaping. Board garden.                               from the other buildings goes
     "We heard through the            members gave designers a walk-  "WhA we're planning to do is through our lot and hits the corner
  grapevine they were talking         through of museum grounds and,
                                                                  put a small patio in front of the of one of our buildings and is
                                                                   museum downstairs, so that when causing some damage," Hebson
                                                                   we're having classes we'll have a said. "We want to drain the water
 'We're fiscally solvent and trying very                           seating area out          ~ e b s o n off to the back. A lot of the
                                                                   said. "We also want to upgrade improvementsare going to be cor-
 carefully to start planning this I 0-year                         with a garden on the other side of rective."
                                                                   the building, and have a small           With final plans in hand, Heb-
 plan. This is our first big project and the                       wedding area and, when we have son said the board's next step is to
                                                                   a summer CC)IIC~~?. would allow have city planners approve them.
 board a// for it.'
          is                                                       guests to sit outside."                   "I don't know how long the
                                                                      The board's maior concerns in process with the city will take at
                                                                   making the finaf design were
     - Camel Barn Historical Museum Board President Jackie Hebson about ,-jarking. sDace and infra-               See Muesum, Page A12

                                                             All work done
                                                             on premises                                                  SIWVALLE

                                                             Same day .
                                                                                            IN SOUD                       F I N A N C I A L        IN
                                                              sewe                          USTINGS
                                                             Alteration experl              1996,1997,1998                 The ONLY First-Time
                                                             Best facilities
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                                                              in town!                         Specialist
                                               W' Since 1977
                                                                                 Snook Real Estate                              We know your vision.
                                        BENICIA CLEANERS                         707-746-4868                                    Check out our site.
                                        75 Solano Square 7451353                 707-747-6755 F a
                                              (Next to Pi-     Pirate)           e-marl ]rmsnook@aol
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Wednesday,Jan. 19,2000                                                               If a Valentine's Day zoo lour isn't                                     Showers possible this mom-
                                                                                     your idea of fun, there's lots more                                     ing tapering off with highs in
                                   Page A9
                                   PageA7                                       3Ci
                                                                                    PS r. &;$o
                                                                                             ..-vu ..;.t.
                                                                                      iO@ngfi,ii./_. gt       I Icj
                                                                                                                         -                                   the 50s. Partly cloudy skies
                                                                                                                                                             expected tornonow.
                                                                                k!/j Ff-ani.ic

                                                                                           . - ? I.!
                                                                                                    J - .


               te sues developer for $765,000 in clean                                                                              T mrtfill
                                                                                                                              i t ~ -I.+IAII_,
                                                                                                                                     n ~                 .,  -
                                                                                                                                                 xxrhirh wac c~innncorl
                                                                                                                                                             UUyyVUVU       m e r bci!t d~p, hiuh lp\n=lc
                                                                                                                                                                                           t~ '"b" ^"'"'"   gf                                  -   ...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     C+-~nitp,c n n l r ~ c m a n ntuight
Granite Management                                                                   Amonrlment -nrl Rom~thnt-irrntinn        I-J                ..lillvI1                                                                      "y-fi--zxs-.a
                                                                                      UAIY''CUxIVIzC     lU
                                                                                                        Ul     . U YVI U UI
                                                                                                              IV U I IU U I

                                      ' h
                                      L                    e Jan.
                                              h ~ ~ e filed~
                                            The lawsuit,m&'p.' 14in U.S.            Act of 1984.                              to have been clkqed up before the             methane from a buried landfill.       Holing said h s company had not
                                                                                       The suit surprised a Granite            m
                                                                                                                              s of consmction.But pockets of                   The black material has never       yet been served with the lawsuit
target      state AGfs                 District Court for the Easkrn Ds-
                                        trict of California in Sacramento,          spokesman, who said the fm had            waste wye apparently left behind.             been excavated.                       and could not comment on its con-
C O H ~ C ~lawsuit                      alleges that Granite has refused to
                                       pay $765,443 plus interest for
                                                                                    not yet been served.
                                                                                       Granite is the corporate succes-
                                                                                                                                 A Rose Drive homeowner &s-
                                                                                                                              covered hazardous waste in his
                                                                                                                                                                               "Our first commitment is to pro-
                                                                                                                                                                            tect public health - that is why
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  tents. However, Holing said, Gran-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ite was "surprised by the lawsuit
                                        oversight costs incurred at the site        sor +&3 the Southampton Co., the          backyard in 1991 and extensive                DTSC has continued its work at        because corporate officials had met
By Nathan Sdant                                                                                                                                                             this site," said DTSC I>lrector Ed    with state regulators about the
                                        of the old Braito landfrll since Oct.       development company responsible           testihg and monitoring has been
ASSISTANT EDITOR                                                                                                                                                                                                  unpaid invoices early this month
                                        1, 1997 by the state Department of          for the construction of thousands of      going on continuously since then.             Lowry in a prepared statement
                                       Toxic Substances Control.                    Benicia homes north of Interstate         DTSC ordered the removal of oily,             issued yesterday. "Both state            "We haven't seen the,complaint
   State environmental regulators
                                            The lawsuit seeks payment               780. A Granite subsidiary, Pacific        black material from the backyards             cleanup law and fairness mandate      yet so we can't respond fully to it,"
overseeing testing of suspected
                                       under the Comprehensive Environ-             Bay Homes, has continued to build         of four Rose Drive homes in 1995.             that responsible parbes pay for       Holing said. "We're somewhat sur-
areas of contamination left over
                                       mental Xaponse, Compensation                 homes in northern Benicia.                Scientists found remaining waste              DTSC oversight costs. DTSC has        prised by the timing of it because
from an landfill in westernmost       -
                                       and Liability Act of 1972, the fed-             Homes        in     westemmost         posed no significanthealth threat to          committed significant time and        we've been engaged in discussions
Southampton filed suit last week in
                                       eral Superfund law, which was                Southampton were constructed in           residents, even though homes                  resources to h s project and must     with representatives of DTSC to,
                                                                                                                                                                            be reimbursed for our costs."
              interest more than
$750,000 plus seeking from Ckan-       amended by *'the Superfund                   the area of the Solano County San-        planned for Blake Court were
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                See Braito. Paae A6

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                SPKOO5 177
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Classroom satetv:
                                          to keep maritime history afloat
      Page L of 2

     State--agrees continued testing at Tourtelot '
            .    ,to- -.. _ _                                                              -. -                      -.+ .
     Developer wants to                   O U , ~ Y Granite Managment Ccnp.
                                                    I~                            Testing was scheduled to begin. becn found &I the pmperty $nm           cinns from Earth Tech, the
                                          confirmed h d a y hat me enui-      Monday but ot7icials of B e atate Granife began &doping a por-              C o l t o n - w company hat ha
     build 400 homes on                   ro~neolalrepbtors had finally       Department of Toxic Subsuixes .tionof [tin 19%. .                .          k e n mtncted 10 conduct h        e
                                          given Ihc go-ahearl br taring       Control,whichtook ~ o n l r oof h
                                                                                                           l e         Grani~e propmd' lo build
                                                                                                                                has                       testing, to enter the six barren
     former Army property                 designed (o gel m dclaikd           cleanup project wi$ a sweeping 426 homes on 'lburtelot and has              strips w !he 3 !" % ii OF
                                                                                                                                                                           bt k p&
                                         in~omralion h t kc conlm~ina-
                                                     a                        d r 3% J u x , x q r ~ dw i s ~ o n s eniisted h c suppofl of the City o
                                                                                                       i                                              f   Tounelot near Lake Herman.
                                        tion l design oi a clcanup p h
                                             o                                to testingplam lo pm[ectthe d e - Benicia and he U . S . h y Corps ,            "TIlis activity i s tnking placc
                                        eptabk @dan;mrenb.                    l of e1r4ronmenlalkxhicians. of Ejlgineets. The project. is
                                                                               y                                                                          near and a b u t the he ss(rip
                                           "Webegan OeM sampling an -           .'lThe Twitefot praperty was bzlieued to be the fiat time in the          a e , said Ron Baker, DTSC's
         Haatdous chcmical Icams the propfly today," Dwight >id-                       by Ihe US. Army from ndm's history chat a private                  public infomatian dimtor. "We
     Fi'riday began the larcsl round of ing o i h n e r Singy:& h i -          1944 to 1969, during the las[ hvo party wasmLhorixd rocleanupa             arditipared h a t thal area wouM
     fating r o ~ extent of contad- aces oFSm Franci
                 Lhe                                          said Friday.    decades of the Benicia Arsenal, former military site cunlaminated           bz c~nLurrjnared.~.        -
.,   matian on the Tourtelol pmp6rty, a   *&f      conkdm  3      W g @.
     220-acre farnrcr miliwy explo- sediment, surface water a n t l
                                                                    n         and used for detonation and with cxplmivcs TwUlcplrpose;of
                                                                              destruction of explosive &vices building homes,
                                                                                                                                                             At leas1 o w soit samptes from
                                                                                                                                                          the nonhern portion a con-  m
     s i m demnationarea where a res- groundwaler samples to help             rnanufmrcd at he West Coast's            DTSC did not agree to allow        tajned dangerously high lewls of
     kknrial d e v e l o p l ~ n tis planned. gather more &a to hdp compete   oldestordnance dw AI least six additional m lhg until Friday
                                                                                                e                                                         the explasivc
        A spokesman for piopr~y h c rcmedial action pai'        lr.           uhcxplodcd hwitzer shclls haw but ~ ~rehlsmft~   l l     permil Lechni-        Lance McMahan, DTSC's
Page 2 of 2

              BENIClA HERALD                                                                    SUNDAY, DEC. 5, 1999      A3

                   Tourtelot                            required to use difTerent lypes of
                                                        lools-   plastic tools-    and be
                                                        sure they're misting it because
                                                                                          cia fi-om 1849 to 1964 and
                                                                                          shippect soldiers and weaponry to
                                                                                           all o f the nation's w m from the
                           Continued from page A I      the concentrations may be higher.           a
                                                                                          -CivilWr to the K o m War.
                                                        The DTSC asked Granite and its        The a n a l grew ns large as
                   Safely Plm) provides m under-        consultants to change the .sm- 2,700 acres during he Korean
                   stamling of h e unique concerns      pling plan to indicate they would War but w s decommissioned a
                   associaled with sampling e x p b     use those types of tools."         surplus in 1961 and closed @  IW
                   sives in soils. This includes h e       The BeniciaArsenal occupied years toter, it is now the site of
                   omission - of lion-sparking tools,   dre sourheastem portion of Beni: Benicia Industrial Park.
                   m d sampling &at does n taked
                   ~IYIOconsjdera~ion Ihe helerogcnc-
                   ity of explosive wastes in soils."
                      But Holing s a i d DTSC-
                   imposed restrictions were "triv-
                   ial" and expressed satisfaction
                   that sampling was proceeding.
                       "They're sampling wherever
                   the sampling plm calls for it w t
                   some very small excepdons,"he
                   said. "If you !mk n! h e T      W
                   strips, in the a m w h e ~  here's
                   vegetation, the smpling ccig pro-
                   ceed because that m a s the Ievel
                   o TNT in the soil i low enough
                    f                   s
                   not to be explosive. At h e very
                   top of the bare soil, they are
C)               r *g
        ~ l ~ l is y    pL&cjeL&cje~l 90 who &             general
        60ca 80 sites acms rhe.       health brtL am fqelCuC b r
o       Unilcd Stares n t d Crmds,. fietr        'CTrcy must have a
        nnd hddg promise for medi- pwtuer who is Eomilimwillt
-        i
        cd intclvculbn against the themnnd can accompany
        developmnl oTACzRdmk~'s them ta their dWe vhib
        diseaa The study wit!      Vm sudy will run €or Wee
        inveatieffl~ I n a l W l S years. Chic visits ocntr

        Arsenal cleanup panel may review Tourtelot work


                                     k m w VS a my, h lbtf mdi-
                                                                      1   E-mail us.   1
        . .
                . _ .
                 .           .   .
                                          '.. .
                                                .. .. _
                                                _ i'.
                                                                     .                         .         ...;
                                                                                                          .   ,
                                                                                                                              .   .

                                                                                                                   . . .-. . .: . .$,
                                                      . ..
                                                        %    ,                                                           ;
                                                                                                   : <
                                                                         .             .                 .    .                    -
B           .
      .- . -. . ..
                     .           .   .   .- .
                                                 . .... .   .-                             .
                                                                                                                     . .
n n
N          . -           ,                I.     ,'
                                                                             . .
                                                                              .    .           .   .
                                                                                                             . .    .-

               Advisory boardforming
               to aid Tourtelot cleanup
                               Co~nmiltee, bras also askjng for
                               comnunity vol~~nleers join a
                               ,releclio~i          to
                                         co~ninitlce ct~oosc  dlosc
                                12 members,
                                  Sou~harnpton residalr Bersy
                               Radkc, w l w o ~ d w i l l the U.S.
                                             ~ h
                               Fish and Wildlife Services for tla
                               past 15 pars, was one of the first s
                               say she would 6ke to voiulr~eer.
                                   "I phn on Iivhg in Benicia for a
                               white. l'm intercs[ed in Qhg s
                               good job of cleaning up the open
                               spice and wciland arcs," Radke
                                  Both applicatials age nvidtble ai
                               tlic Balicia   Public Library, the
                               Clmmber of' Conunelte on First
                               Sure{ %MI Iocario~~s.
                                          oiher           Selection
                                                       alc Dm,
                               coiainirtcc appl~catiaa d~re
                               20 and RAB al>l~lic;~rions h e
                               Jaii I:,
%zYte x 1 9 9 9
                              ,   .-. .wm=-venn
                                                                  Coinpukr h b Donatiom
                                                                  Computers ;uld prhers come lo
                                                                  MiUs Ebnmtiy School.

Sears (2E, Aid, USA Weekend
         Rile                                                                      See Pagc A2


State threatens mandatory Braito dump.-cleanup
                                             order                                                     "It's mt a h%,"      Rufh,said.     ojl  at
                                                                                                                                               w s e found under four Rose
By Nathan S a h t                                                                                   "We're interested In moving the        Drivc homes Blake Court was a
ASSISTANT EDITOR                                                                                    p j w t forward dwe,bclieve the        pLanncd ad-de-sac o t T R d Drive
                              --                                                                    city is fully capable of movbig Ilre   where 11ww-s were wier h i l l
  Slarc e~rvirojvndrtdregulators                                                                    projwt forwartl."                      because of high melhane IcveL
have tlicenre~d odcr an uirlirne.                                                                      Wcsrerntnost Souhzm(#on war         emanating froan buried lturdfi!'
diare cleanup of dunrpsilc waste                                                                    4112sitc of tlie
                                                                                                                 dd Solano Counly          waste.
still butied in . westcrnerost                                                                      Sanitary Landfill from 1954 b             llTSC has k n waiting f r a~
~            ~if    ory    ~afBalic[fi   ~        ,       ~   ~          i         ~            ~   1917. Dumpsite w k was sup-            envirmen@dimpst ~ptt thr  on
tails lo dcvelop pkatirls to cmpletc                                                                p d to have b c n mrrovedkiore         d e m ~ p officials, sim Augus
                                                                                                                                           wtrerl city the city working i t
Bic cl~~wup   carly next year, h e                                                                  the srart of resihlial consmtion
nalich C f t d h a s lcamcd.                                                                        , the l980s, but some wasrc
                                                                                                    j                                      conjiinchm w h Granirc unkr I
   In a I>cc. 8 lcrrcr LO i m r                                                                     appnrcntly was leR khi~rd.             concrovetsial l@montlr-old
Cou~lcilwo~natrr Cox-Ciolovicl~
                Ja                                                                                     O p t spawdiroctlyeast OIRW         men(, promised IIE fin1 drat
1hn1was fo~wardcd oficials of
                      lo                                                                            Drlvc was formerly anotllcr por-       woutd be subrni~lerl
Urc City OF Scnicin rvrd G~anik                                                                     lion of Ilie dump, known (hc Easr
Maragcn~cn! Corp., lhe state                                                                        b p o r ) , wldch was scded and ii                 See Brailo, Page A:
                                                                                  -   Y   0--

                                                                       See Street, page A4
/'                      1114~1
                  Developer targ
                  cleanup activists m
          1       By Nathan Salant                        and build 426 homes an 220 acres
                  ASSISTANT EDITOR                        of land known locadly as the
                                                          Tourtelot property, \which was
                      A flyer mailed to th~usandsof       leased by the U.S. Army for
                  homes in Benicia this weekend,          destruction of explosive material
                  attacking a new alternative cleanup     during the last two decades of the
                  plan for former military property in    Benicia Arsenal.
                  northeastern Benicia, was part of           The Arsenal, whlch occupied
                  the property owner's program of         more than 2,700 y e s i southeast-
                  keeping the community updated, a        em 'Benick at iits height during the
                  spokesman said yesterday.               Korean War, was decommissioned
                      The information sheet, entitled     in 1961 and closed in 1964.It is now
                  "Thought You Would Like To              the site of Benicia Industrial Park.
                  Know" labeled plans for a phased            Granite's development proposal,
                  cleanup, proposed by the cornrnuni-     which has the cooperation of the
                  ty group ConPACT, as '%fiscally         City of Benicia and the U.S. Army
                  irresponsible and socially-reckless."    Corps of Engineers, is 'believed to
                       "[The flyer] is just in keeping    be the first time that formerly used
                   with our commitment to keeoine          military property contaminated with
                   the community informed abo;     thue    explosives has been approved for
                   legitimate cleanup process that's       cleanup by a private party for the
                   going on at Tourtelot," said Dwight     purpose of constructing housing.
                   Holing, the Granite Management             But California environmental
                   Corp. spokesman. "That cleanup          officials, who have overseen
                   process has been going on for a         cleanup activities since June, fear
                   long time."                             live explosives may have been
                        ComPACT - Committee for            thrown hundreds of feet from deto-
                   Public Advisory Consensus on            nation areas to where residential
                   Tourtelot - released a proposal         development already has been com-
                   Nov. 8 for a four-phase cleanup         pleted. Open space behind homes
                    that would make land south of the      on Panorama Drive recently was
                    former military property safe for      fenced and warning signs posted.
                    recreational activities before the         Granite's flyer to Benicia home-
                    city decides whether homes should      owners claims CornPAlTs pro-
                    be built there.
                        Granite has proposed to cleanup                 See Mailer, page A4
                          ~ d / ~ ~ the? golf course was supposed to
                                     / ~                                             !
Mailer          from Page A1
                                         come out Aug. 1," Cox-Golovich
                                         said. "Nobody has seen hide nor
                                         hair of it, Now they're saying in
                                         their letter that all of their comrnu-       -
posal                          and                                    i
                                         nity developmen@ are t4 to the
                for year* costing the    Tomelot development. It doesn't              .
city millions in development fees

                                         We a brain surgean to see that the
and forcing cancellation of several      cleanup of Rose hive is dLectly
           projects,             con-    Mnnected to whether or not they
struction of a golf course on top of     canbuild on Tourtelot.u
the East Canyon of the old Braito            Holing said it was obvious
landfill and a religious assembly             promised c o m ~ v ameruties
On top of landfill wastes
under Blake Court.
                                         were dependent on the develop-               a
                                          ment of 'Tourtelot but said the Rose        fj
     'IMake no miStake7"the 'yer         Drive clkanup was separate and
said. "ComPACT's P ~ ' *                                                              4
                                          would be completed regardless of
       Paper for the 'leanup of the       the fate of its proposal for Tourtelot.     $
Tourtelot Property is a fiscally;            "It's no secret that benefits to
 irresponsible and socially-reckless                                                  cg
                                          the community flow from the
plan a serves
        d                to       and     development of Tourtelot," Holing
 undermine the cooperative efforts        said.            ken saying that all            cr
 of the City of Benicia the US.                        a
                                          dong. ~t w s part of our negotia-               to
 Army Corps of Engineers, and             tions with thecity.,
 Granite Management Corp."                   But cleanup of the black mater-              ab
      But                          lan     id is not dependent on the city's
 CoxColovich~a member of                   approval of homes on the Tourtelot
 PACT, accused Granite of                  property, Holing said.
  "bundling" the development of               .lWe,re ce*ainly going to                   dl
 Tourtelot with the            of          address that black material issue,"
  ardous material from the Braito          Holing said. une black material is
  landfill discovered under homes                                                         hI
  on Rose Drive in 1991.
                                           a separate issue for us. Make no               a
                                           mistake - there have been no                        A

      An                       Impact      health risks associated with Blake             ,d
           for the 'leanup     the so-     Court or the black                             of
  called "black material" on Rose             ~ ~ a nisi the corporate succes-
  Drive wasexpected last                   sor to First Nationwide Bank,
  but                                                                                     01,
                                           which purchased' f i e Solano
\k:   4                        BR          county sanitary andf fill, known
 that includes black material, Blake                    &
                                                    as > ; B F ~ ~ A i&egit
 Court the religious assembly and          closed in 1977.                       ,
State regulators say
cleanup of old dump is
separate from cleanup
at Tourtelot property
By Nathan Salant

   California environmental
officials expressed concern this
week that Granite Management
Corp. has linked the long-
awaited cleanup of leftover
 dumpsite waste i &estemmost
 Southampton with a controver-
 sial proposal to build homes on
 contaminated former military
 property in the city's northeast.
    Paul Ruffin and Ron Baker
 of the Department of Toxic
 Substances Control in Sacra-
 mento said they were surprised
 to read a flyer sent to Benicia
 homeowners last Saturday            The Tourtelot Ranch property remains fenced and guarded as plans for cleanup and development continue. The area,
 warning that removal of a           parts of which were once used to destroy military weapons, is proposed for homes.
 capped landfill under Blake                                                                                                 PHOTO BY CARL NELSON
 Court was dependent on
 approval of construction plans      that owns the liabilities of the      lance as "ordnance."                   June 1.
for the Tourtelot property.          Southampton Co., which built             Granite's proposal, which              But DTSC also has been in
    "The idea that the two pro-      thousands of homes in the             already has been accepted by the       control of cleanup efforts for
jects are linked in the minds of     Southampton &on of Benicia            City of Benicia and the U S .          years on Rose Drive, where a
Granite has just come to our         in the 1970s and 1980s, has pro-      Army Corps of Engineers, is            homeowner's discovery of oily,
attention very, very recently,"      posed a 426-home development          believed to represent the f ~ stime
                                                                                                           t      black dumpsite residue in his
said Ruffin, project manager for     on 220 acres of formerly leased       in the country's history that a for-   backyard in 1991 caused a long-
the investigation and cleanup of     property used for explosivesdeto-     merly used defense site contami-       running but never resolved dis-
waste discovered under homes         nation during the last two decades    nated with ordnance has been           pute between area residents, regu-
on Rose Drive in 1991.               of the Benicia Arsenal.               approved for cleanup by a private      lators and the developer. DTSC
    "They're not linked in our          The property is known to be        party for the purpose of building      has required Granite to spend mil-
minds," Ruffin said.                 contaminated with TNT and with        homes.                                 lions of dollars tracking down and
    Granite, the San Francisco-      discarded US. Army expIosive             DTSC took control of cleanup
based development company            devices, known in military par-       efforts with a sweeping order on              See Cleanup , Page A 11
                                                                                                              BENlClA HERALD

                                                                                                                          Baker said the city's Environ-
    deanupContinued from Page A 1
                                           removed before the start of resi-
                                           dentid consiruciiori ui the :97os.
                                              Granite is the corporate succes-
                                           sor to First Nationwide Bank,
                                                                                      C O F ~ ~ ~ U c~mmittfx O Y ~
                                                                                                                       mental h p a c t Report on the
                                                                                 Public Advisory Cornensus on cleanup of black material, which
                                                                                 Tourtelot-proposed a four-phase was expected to be completed by
                                           which purchased the old landfill      cleanup that would make land Aug. 1, was still in progress and
: analyzing leftover waste but decid-      and commissioned the Soutbamp-        south of the former military prop- would apparently not be ready
: ed last year that there was no health    ton Co. to build'homes there.         erty safe for recreational activities before early next year. But Baker
4 risk as long as the ' material              The Granite flyer was mailed to    before making any decisions about said DTSC would issue a Remedi-
  remained buried.                         homeowners to object to an alter-     building homes here.                  al Action Plan for the Rose Drive
: Granite has repeatedly pledged           nate plan proposed by local               "We have never linked the cleanup shortly after the EIR was
  to clean up .the so-called "black        activists, who want a slower,         remedial work and investigation in submitted.
' materid" at a cost expected to           phased approach to the cleanup        Southampton with Tourtelot," said        City     Attorney      Heather
' exceed $2 million,                       and proposed d,evelopment.            Baker, the head of DTX's public McLaughlin, Benicia's project
   . The residue apparently is left-          "The infomation sheet, entitled    information office. "We don't link manager for the Tourtelot project,
: ever material from the old S o h o       "Thought You Would Like To            the two sites togetha. Our concern was on vacation and could not be


  County Sanitary Landfill, known
  locally as the Braito dump, -which
  was supposed to have been
                                          the community   -*
                                           Know" labeled plans proposed by
                                          ,as "fiscally-irresponsible and
                                                                                 is that it's very clear to community reached for comment.
                                                                                 residents that we have not com-
                                                                                 bked these two sites."

                                          We set aside money and everything teachers bring their studentsby."
                                                                                   -*             - -
                                                                                                                     Silence; Listen,
                                                                                                  BENlClA HERALD                                                                              THURSDAY, OCT 21,1999          A3

                                                                                                             at a later date when the attomey        late open meeting laws.                  nist hunt of the 1950s led by Sen.
                                                                                                                                                        Councilmember Carey Corba-           Joseph McCarthy and aided by the
                                                                                                                                                     ley. who with Hayes comprises the       Federal Bureau of Investigations
                                     the city on an on                                                                                               two-member Rose DnvelArsenal            under former director J. Edgar        ,
        Continued from Page A I      would be a stand                                                                                                Committee, slyly referred to ques-      Hoover.
                                     and must meet publicly.            and has met in closed sessio                                                 tions about the committee's legality        Only Vice Mayor Stave Messi-
    To be exempt from having to
                                                                                                                                                     as a witch-hunt, saying "I can't help   na offered slight encouragement to
post agendas and allow the public
                                                                                                                                                     but be reminded of Arthur Miller's      Cox-Golovich, saying she should
to watch meetings, such a comrnit-   report in six months on downtown                                                                                "Crucible." That's all I have to say    do as she feels is right.
tee must meet a Brown Act litmus     trafPic congestion may meet secret-   City ManagerPolice Chief Otto     down to the interpretation "of the about that."                                     The council he said must be
test in §54952(b) of the law.        ly. "It is not a standing committee Giuliani told the council that a    elected official involved."                "The Crucible" is a dark play set    "above reproach" and follow but
   According the Attorney Gener-     because it is charged with accom- final, written report from attorney        Councilmember Steve Gizzi in Puritan times wherein allega-                 the letter and spirit of the Brown
al's guide, an advisory panel com-   plishing a specific task in a short Paul Anderson would be delivered    said City Attorney Heather tions made by children set off                       Act.
                                                                                                             ..- - .--.
                                                                                                             McT .au~hlinis "alwavs ready to witchcraft prosecutions and the                     Messina also praised the city

                                                                                                                                                     persecution of e r s
                                                                                                             rap our wi\ts" 11. ~ ~ o ~ ~ ~ ~ c i l ~ i ~ c ~ i ~ t ~the innocent.           attorney for seehng outside

        Brown Act tmssarre:                                                                                  htr~yinto h t night \,lo-        The play reflected the Cornrnu-      advice.
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                                                                                                            A % -
                                                                                 Parker Deslgn Att:Pai ie;
                                                                                 350 Townsznd S t . S t e . 240
                                                                                 San Francisco , CA 94107-


State agrees to continued-testin t Tourt
                                    owner ~ranite a n a ~ e m e n t
                                                   ~                         Testing was scheduled to begin       been found on the property since       cians from Earth Tech, the             project manager, advised Earth
Developer wants to                  confmed Friday that state envi-      Monday but officials of the state        Granite g g a n developing a por-      Colton-based company that has          Tech in a Friday memorandum
                                                                                                                  tion of it in 1996.                    been contracted to conduct the         that1technicians could do Sam-
build 400 homes on                  ronmental regulators had finally
                                    given the go-ahead for testing
                                                                         Department of Toxic Substances
                                                                         Control, which took control of the          Granite has proposed to build       testing, to enter the six barren       pling but would have to be wear-
former Army property                designed to get more detailed        cleanup project with a sweeping
                                                                         order in June, required revisions
                                                                                                                  426 homes on Tourtelot and has
                                                                                                                  enlisted the support of the City of
                                                                                                                                                         strips on the northern portion of
                                                                                                                                                         Tourtelot near Lake Herman.
                                                                                                                                                                                                ing respirators and white contam-
                                                                                                                                                                                                ination suits.
                                    information about the contamina-
By Nathan Salant                    tion to design of a cleanup plan     to testing plans to protect the safe-    Benicia and the U.S. Anny Corps            "This activity is taking place        "The Department icmains con-
ASSISTANT EDITOR                    acceptable to Sacramento.            ty of environmentd technicians.          of Engineers. The project is           near and about the TNT strip           cerned that the sampling methods
                                       "We began field sampling on          The Tourtelot property was            believed to be the first time in the   area," said Ron Baker, DTSC's          proposed for the TNT Bum Strips
   Hazardous chemical teams the property today," Dwight Hol-             leased by the U.S. Army from             nation's history that a private        public information director. "We       do not reflect the latest health and
Friday began the latest round of ing of Kamer Singer & Associ-           1944 to 1960, during the last two        party was authorized to clean up a     anticipated that that area would       safety considerations," McMahan
testing for the extent of contarni- ates of San Francisco said Friday.   decades of the Benicia Arsenal,          former military site contaminated      be contaminated."    '                 told contractors in Friday's memo-
nation on the Tourtelot property, a "Our contractors are W n g soil,     and used for detonation and              with explosives for the purpose of        At least one soil samples from      randum. "Neither the RI WP
220-acre former military explo- sediment, surface water and              destruction of explosive devices         building homes.                        the northern portion area con-         (Remedial Investigation Work
sives detonation area where a res- groundwater samples to help           manufactured at the West Coast's            DTSC did not agree to allow         tained dangerously high levels of      Plan) nor the HASP (Health md
idential development is planned. gather more data to help compete        oldest ordnance depot. At least six      additional sampling until Friday       the explosive TNT.
 ' A spokesman for property         the remedial action plan. "          unexploded howitzer shells have          but still refused to permit techni-       Lance McMahan, DTSC's                         See Tburtelot, page A3
                                          required to use different types of   cia from 1849 to 1964 and
                                          tools - plastic tools - and be       shipped soldiers and weaponry to
!                                         sure they're misting it because      all of the nation's wars from the
i            Continued from page A 1      the concentrations may be higher.    Civil War to the K o m Wz.
                                          The DTSC asked Granite and its          The arsenal grew as Iqge as
     Safety Plan) provides an under-      consultants to change the Sam-       2,700 acres during the Korean
     standing of the un~que    concerns   piing pian to ind~catethey would     War but was decommissioned as
     associated with sampling explo-      use those types of tools."           surplus in 196 1 and closed three
     sives in soils. This includes the       The Benicia Arsenal occupied      years later. It is now the site of
     omission of non-sparking tools,      the southeastern portion of Beni-    Benicia Industrial Park,
     and sampling that does not take
     into consideration the heterogene-
     ity of explosive wastes in soils."
        But Holing said DTSC-
    imposed restrictions were "triv-
    ial" and expressed satisfaction
    that sampling was proceeding.
        "They're sampling wherever
    the sampling plan calls for it with
    some very small exceptions," he
    said. "If you look at the TNT
    strips, in the area where there's
    vegetation, the sampling can pro-
    ceed because that means the level
    of ?WT in the soil is low enough
    not to be explosive. At the very
    top of the bare soil, they are
                                                                                                                                          --.        --   .-   .,   -   -

  2 3 4
 1 / / 9
                                                                                           n                                y review                                               urtelot wor
By Nathan Satant                             Representatives of the Corps,           All ~enicia    community mem-          cia and the Corps has been the sub-         that way," Taylor said. Yt should be membership was announced
ASYSTANT EDITOR                           which is responsible for cmduct-        bers are eligible to participate in the   ject of much speculation because it         up to the c o m ~ n i t yhow thjs because many CAG members had
-                                         ing the investigation and cleanup       RAl3, accordmg to Corps regula-           represents fhe first time a privafe         RAB and this deanuptakesplace." undisclased ties to Granite.
                                          of ~ontamimtionat the old Arse-         tions released yesterday.                 party has been gmnted permission               Taylor indicated the Corps              "ResponsiMe parties should be
    A citizens panel being set up to
etnriu~tc   ,
            -p   -           --
        yuu11~ a t u ~ r p a u t ~WIG ~
                             r ~~
                                          nal, have scheduled a p r e l i a r y      RABs were the models for a             to build homes on a former ord-             wanted to avoid the kind of public-     on the RAB,"Taylor said. "They're
                                                                                                                                                                        ity that marred CAG sejection ear- a landowner. Esomebudy is gvhg
                                                                                                                                                                        lier this year. Critics :aid comrnu- m be on who has a specific con- .
                                                                                                                                                                                                  defibeka'tely nection to ' a stakeholder, pe+1eb
                                                                                                                                                                                                  R@&k%&have the right to know that. f don't
                                                                                                                                                                        s& o%cia€iB16vt& the property know &'&is boint how we're going
U.S.Amy Corps of Engineers said
                                                                                           TourteIut property is the        cluded.                                     owner to exert undue influence to deal with that."
y-ci-ay.                                  many as 2,?OQ acres in soutke;ast-      I d name for 220 acres of proper-            "1think the people in the com-           over member selection.                     For more information about the
     C@ps spokesman Jim Taylor
                                          em BeI-ricia, The facility w& pur-      ty leased by the military from 1944       m&ty afe the oned who should                   The lone original community RAB, call James Diven of 1-916-
said a Restoration Advisory Board,
w k h - b s been in the works for         chased by t e city in 1965 and is
                                                        h                         ta 1960for destruction and detona-        decide what happens in the com-             member ta join the CAG, Marilyn 556-5565 or Bruce Handel at 916-
          20r the past six                now thehome of Benicia Industri-        tion of explosives and other              munity and the Corps looks at it            Bardet, quit the gmup shortly after 557-1796.
bad the power to include any part             P& includi;lg Emon Be&ia                          -
of the old arsenal in its review.         oil refinery, which was built on 400       Granite Management Corp.,
     ''me RAB can discuss                 acres of the former arsenal.            successor to the Southampton Co.
                                             Miit-ay explosives and chemi-        plans to build 426 homes on h e
that         any part of the
- whether it affects Tourtelot or         cai contamination is known to exist     property.     e      arrangement
anything else," Taylor said.                     oldArs                           between Granite, the City of Beni-

                                                                          -                         .   -       -   -   -

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