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					Conference Schedule                                                   2:00-3:40      4B: Oxides: Substrates and Films - III
                                                                      3:40-5:20      4B: Microgravity Growth
                                                                      2:00-3:40      4C: Crystal Growth Fundamentals - III
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                                                                      Wednesday, August 16
Sunday, August 13
                                                                      7:00-8:00     Continental Breakfast
4:00-6:00pm Registration                                              7:00-12:00    Conference Registration
6:00-8:00pm Reception                                                 7:00-12:00    Industrial Exhibit (Exhibit Ends)

Monday, August 14                                                                   Parallel Sessions:
                                                                      8:00-12:20    5A: Industrial Crystallization - I, II
7:00-8:00   Continental Breakfast                                     8:00-12:00    5B: Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy /
7:00-5:00pm Conference Registration                                                       PV&TPV - I, II
7:00-5:30pm Industrial Exhibit                                        8:00-11:40    5C: Phase Field Modeling - I, II

             Plenary Session                                          Wednesday afternoon is free.
8:00-9:30    Welcoming Remarks
             Plenary Speaker
             AACG Award Speaker                                       Thursday, August 17

9:30-10:00   Break                                                    7:00-8:00   Continental Breakfast
                                                                      7:00-5:00pm Conference Registration
            Parallel Sessions:
10:00-12:20 1A: Novel Materials                                                   Parallel Sessions:
10:00-11:40 1B: Detector Materials - I                                8:00-11:20 6A: Silicon Photovoltaics – I, II
            1C: MBE-Interface Formation Issues                        11:20-12:00 6A: Bulk Growth of Semiconductors - I
                                                                      8:00-12:00 6B: Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy - III, IV
12:20-2:00   Lunch                                                                6C: NLO, Photorefractive, and Laser
                                                                                        Crystals - I, II
             Parallel Sessions:
2:00-5:00    2A: NASA Microgravity Workshop                           12:00-2:00    Lunch
             2B: Detector Materials - II, III
             2C: Evolution of Thin Films - I, II                                    Parallel Sessions:
                                                                      2:00-5:20     7A: Bulk Growth of Semiconductors - II, III
5:30-7:00    Reception                                                2:00-5:20     7B: Modeling - I, II
             Industrial Exhibit                                       2:00-5:40     7C: NLO, Photorefractive, and Laser
                                                                                        Crystals - III, IV
Tuesday, August 15
                                                                      7:00-9:30     Conference Banquet
7:00-8:00   Continental Breakfast                                                   AACG Awards Presentations
7:00-5:00pm Conference Registration
7:00-5:00pm Industrial Exhibit                                        Friday, August 18

             Parallel Sessions:                                       7:00-8:00     Continental Breakfast
8:00-11:40   3A: SiC Bulk Crystal and Epitaxial Growth - I, II        7:00-12:00    Conference Registration
8:00-12:00   3B: Oxides: Substrates and Films - I, II
             3C: Crystal Growth Fundamentals - I, II                                Parallel Sessions:
                                                                      8:00-10:20    8A: Bulk Growth of Semiconductors - IV
12:00-2:00   Lunch                                                    10:20-12:00   8A: Epitaxial Growth
                                                                      8:00-10:00    8B: Modeling - III
             Parallel Sessions:                                       10:20-12:00   8B: NLO, Photorefractive, and Laser Crystals - V
2:00-5:00    4A: In-Situ Diagnostics - I, II
8:00-12:00   8C: Wide Bandgap Materials: Nitrides - I, II

12:00        Conference Ends

Monday AM, August 14, 2000
Plenary Session
Grand Ballroom

 8:00 Welcoming Remarks – Tom Kuech : AACG President (University of Wisconsin)
 8:10 Plenary Speaker: Robert A. Brown
      Engineering Analysis of Microdefect Formation During Silicon Crystal Growth
      Robert A. Brown*, Zhihong Wang, and Tatsuo Mori
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 8:50 AACG Award Speaker: C. David Brandle
      Czochralski Growth of MgScAlO4
      A. J. Ven Graitis, C. D. Brandle*, G. W. Berkstresser, H.M. O’Bryan and A. J. Valentino, Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs
 9:30 Break

Monday AM, August 14, 2000
        Session 1A: Novel Materials             Session 1B: Detector                       Session 1C: MBE: Interface
                                                       Materials - I                              Formation Issues
10:00 Invited                                   Invited                                    Invited
      High Temperature Solution Growth of       The Growth and Characterization of         Interface Formation in Arsenide/
      Intermetallic Single Crystals and         Lanthanide-Phosphate-Based                 Antimonide Heterostructures
      Single Grain Quasicrystals                Scintillators for Radiation Detection      Brian R. Bennett*, Allan S. Bracker, and
      Paul C. Canfield* and Ian R. Fisher,      Applications                               Brett Z. Nosho, Naval Research
      Ames Laboratory                           L. A. Boatner, Oak Ridge National          Laboratory
10:40 Invited                                   Double-Crucible Czochralski Growth         As-Soak Control of Interfaces in
      Materials for Organic Electronics         of High-Temperature Oxide Single           Type-II InAs/GaSb Multilayers
      Christian Kloc*, Jan Hendrik Schon,       Crystals                                   R. Kaspi*, C. Moeller, A. Ongstad, Air
      Theo Siegrist, and Bertram Batlogg,       K. J. McClellan*, B. L. Bennett,           Force Research Laboratory/DELS;
      Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies    D. W. Cooke, J. M. Roper, and              G. Dente, GCD Associates; M.L. Tilton,
                                                M. T. Whittaker, Los Alamos National       Boeing Defense and Space Group;
                                                Laboratory                                 and P. Gopaladasu, University of New
11:00                                           Light Output of Lutetium Based             Invited
                                                Oxyorthosilicate Scintillators as a        STM Studies of a Model Si/SiO
                                                Function of Cerium Content                 Interface
                                                M. T. Whittaker*, B. L. Bennett, D. W.     K. S. Schneider, Z. Zhang, M. M.
                                                Cooke, K. J. McClellan, J. M. Roper,       Banaszak Holl, B. G. Orr*, and U. C.
                                                Los Alamos National Laboratory;            Pernisz, University of Michigan
                                                and D. H. Matthiesen, Case Western
                                                Reserve University
11:20 Invited                                   ZnO Schottky Ultraviolet
      Controlling Kinetics and Mechanisms       Photodetectors
      in Solid State Reactions Using            Z. Huo*, H. Sheng, Y. Liu, S. Liang, and
      Modulated Elemental Reactants:            Y. Lu, Rutgers University
      New Compounds with Designed
      Composition and Structure
      David C. Johnson, University of Oregon
12:00 PMNT Relaxor Ferroelectric Crystals
      Grown by High Pressure Bridgman
      I. Nicoara, D. Nicoara, C. Marin, A. G.
      Ostrogorsky, University of Alabama in
      Huntsville; and A. Burger*, Fisk
12:20 Lunch                                     Lunch                                      Lunch

*Presenting Author

Monday PM, August 14, 2000
        Session 2A: NASA Microgravity Session 2B: Detector Materials -                       Session 2C: Evolution of Thin
               Workshop                      II : CdZnTe                                            Films - I
 2:00 New Directions for NASA’s                Invited                                       Invited
      Microgravity Electronic Materials        CdZnTe Detectors: Comparison of               Quantitative Real Time Studies of
      Program                                  Crystals Grown from the Melt Versus           Epitaxial Growth Using Glancing-Angle
                                               the Vapor Phase                               Ions
        Introduction and Goals:
                                               Michael Fiederle*, T. Feltgen, A. Fauler,     Scott Barnett*, Paul DeLuca, and Kurt
        Mike Wargo, NASA
                                               J. Meinhardt, and K.W. Benz, Albert-          Ruthe, Northwestern University
        Invited Discussion Leaders:            Ludwigs-Universität, Germany
        Tim Anderson (University of Florida)
        Pat Morris (Dupont Central R &D)
        Ken Jackson (University of Arizona)
        Gina Kritchevsky (Nanophase
                      Technologies Corp.)

 2:40                                          Engineering of Defects to Control             Invited
                                               Compensation and Carrier Trapping in          In Situ Studies of Stress and
                                               Cadmium Zinc Telluride Crystals               Morphology During Strained Layer
                                               R. B. James*(a), W. Yao(a), G.                Hetero-Epitaxy
                                               Wright(a,b), E.Y. Lee(a), R.H. Olsen(a),      Eric Chason*, L. B. Freund and
                                               L. Li(c), F. Lu(c), V. Komar(d), D.           R. Beresford, Brown University; J. A.
                                               Nalivaiko(d), A. Burger(b), M. Greaves        Floro and M. B. Sinclair, Sandia National
                                               (e), T. E. Schlesinger(e), and J. Burtulia    Laboratory
                                               (f), (a) Sandia National Laboratories, (b)
                                               Fisk University, (c) Yinnel Tech, Inc., (d)
                                               Institute for Single Crystals, Kharkov, (e)
                                               Carnegie Mellon University, (f) Thermo
 3:00                                          Comparison of Cadmium Zinc
                                               Telluride Crystals Grown by
                                               Horizontal and Vertical Bridgman and
                                               from the Vapor Phase
                                               M. Schieber*(a,b), R. B. James(a), H.
                                               Hermon(b,d), M. Goorsky(c), T. Lam(c),
                                               E. Meerson(d), H. W. Yao(a,e), J.
                                               Erickson(a,e), E. Cross(a), A. Burger(f),
                                               J.O. Ndap(f), G. Wright(a,f), and M.
                                               Fiederle(g), (a) Sandia National
                                               Laboratories, (b) The Hebrew University
                                               of Jerusalem, (c) UCLA, (d) Real Time
                                               Radiography Readout, (e) University of
                                               Nebraska, (f) Fisk University, (g)
                                               University of Freiburg
 3:20 Break                                    Break                                         Break

Monday PM, August 14, 2000
        Session 2A: NASA Microgravity Session 2B: Detector                               Session 2C: Evolution of Thin
               Workshop                      Materials - III                                    Films - II
 3:40 New Directions for NASA’s              Semiconductor Crystal Optimization of Invited
      Microgravity Electronic Materials      Gamma Detection                       Low Energy Electron Microscopy
      Program                                Uri Lachish, Guma Science, Israel     Studies of Thin Film Growth
                                                                                   R. M. Tromp, IBM T. J. Watson Research

 4:00                                        Thick Films of X-Ray Polycrystalline
                                             Mercuric Iodide Detectors
                                             M. Schieber*(a,b), H. Hermon (c), A.
                                             Zuck (a), A. Vilensky (c), L. Melekhov
                                             (a), R. Shatunovsky (c), E. Meerson (c),
                                             Y. Saado (a,c), E. Pinhasy (c) and R.A.
                                             Street (d), (a) Hebrew University of
                                             Jerusalem, (b) Sandia National
                                             Laboratories, (c) Real Time Radiography
                                             Readout, (d) Xerox Palo Alto Research
 4:20                                        Performance of TAS Crystals for             Invited
                                             AOTF Imaging                                In Situ Optical Characterization of
                                             N. B. Singh, D. Suhre, Neelam Gupta (a),    III-V Semiconductor Growth
                                             M. Gottlieb, S. R. Murrill (a), and J. D.   K. A. Bertness, National Institute of
                                             Adam, Northrop Grumman Corporation,         Standards and Technology
                                             (a) U. S. Army Research Laboratory

 4:40                                        Study on New Modified TGS Crystals
                                             Fang Chang Shui*, Sun Xun, Shi Wei, Gu
                                             Qing Tian, Pan Qi Wei, and Wu Xiang
                                             Wen, Shandong University, P. R. China

 5:30 Reception       – Industrial Exhibit

Tuesday AM, August 15, 2000
        Session 3A: SiC Bulk Crystal Session 3B: Oxides: Substrates and                      Session 3C: Crystal Growth
               and Epitaxial Growth - I     Films - I                                               Fundamentals - I
 8:00 Invited                             Talk moved to 12:00, session 3B                    Invited
      Growth of Large Area Crystals for                                                      Monte Carlo Simulations of Thin
      SiC-Based Devices                                                                      Film Deposition
      Cengiz M. Balkas*, Greg T. Dunne,                                                      G. H. Gilmer*, F. H. Baumann,
      Andrei A. Maltsev, Matthew D. Roth,                                                    J. Dalla Torre, and P. O'Sullivan,
      Larry B. Rowland, Andrew G.                                                            Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
      Timmerman, Shaoping Wang, and
      Nikolay K. Yushin, Sterling
 8:20                                     Surface Engineering Along the Close-
                                          Packed Direction of Perovskite Oxides
                                          Trong-Duc Doan, Arati Bagal, and Paul A.
                                          Salvador*, Carnegie Mellon University
 8:40 Invited                                 Invited                                        Effect of Pulling Rates on the Quality
      SiC Crystal Growth Developments         Wet-Etching Methods for Perovskite             of YIG Single Crystal Fibers
      by HTCVD and Epitaxy Highlight          Substrates                                     Chao-Chang Hu*, Jyh-Chen Chen, and
      in Hot-Wall CVD                         Dave H. A. Blank, University of Twente,        Chen-Hung Huang, National Central
      A. Ellison*, C. Hemmingsson, B.         Netherlands                                    University, Taiwan
      Magnusson, A. Henry, N. Son, P.
      Bergman and E. Janzén, Linköping
      University, Sweden

 9:00                                                                                        Directional Growth of a Nb-Al-Ni
                                                                                             Ternary Eutectic Alloy
                                                                                             C. T. Rios, S. Milenkovic and R.
                                                                                             Caram*, State University of Campinas,
 9:20 Modeling of Transport Processes         Invited                                        Segregation During Glass
      and Kinetics of Silicon Carbide         Radiation Heated Floating Zone Crystal         Crystallization
      Bulk Growth                             Growth of High Quality SrTiO3 and              M. V. Minke* and Kenneth A. Jackson,
      Q.-S. Chen*, H. Zhang, R.-M. Ma,        Related Materials                              University of Arizona
      V. Prasad, State University of New      A. M. Balbashov*, P.I. Nabokin, D.A. Suptel,
      York at Stony Brook; C.M. Balkas and    Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia
      N.K. Yushin, Sterling Semiconductor
 9:40 Virtual Reactor as a New Tool for                                                      Correlation Between Structural
      Modeling and Optimization of SiC                                                       Parameters of Colquiriite Structures
      Bulk Crystal Growth                                                                    Dorota A. Pawlak(a)*, Krzysztof
      M. V. Bogdanov, A. O. Galyukov, S.                                                     Wozniak(b), Kiyoshi Shimamura(a)
      Yu. Karpov, A. V. Kulik, S. K.                                                         and Tsuguo Fukuda(a), (a) Tohoku
      Kochuguev, D. Kh. Ofengeim, A. V.                                                      University, Japan (b) University of
      Tsiryulnikov; Soft-Impact Ltd.; M. S.                                                  Warsaw, Poland
      Ramm, A. I. Zhmakin, A .F. Ioffe
      Institute, Russia; Yu. N. Makarov*,
      University of Erlangen-Nuernberg,
10:00 Break                                   Break                                          Break

Tuesday AM, August 15, 2000
        Session 3A: SiC Bulk Crystal and Session 3B: Oxides: Substrates                     Session 3C: Crystal Growth
               Epitaxial Growth - II            and Films - II                                     Fundamentals - II
10:20 Impact of Source Material on Silicon        Invited                                   Invited
      Carbide Vapor Transport Growth              Intensive In Situ Monitoring Approach     Current-Induced Step Dynamics and
      Process                                     To Oxide-MBE Film Growth                  Pattern Formation on Crystal Surfaces
      P. J. Wellmann*, D. Hofmann,                V. Matijasevic* and I. Bozovic,           John D. Weeks, University of Maryland
      L. Kadinski, M. Selder, T. L. Straubinger   Oxxel GmbH, Germany
      and A. Winnacker, University of
      Erlangen, Germany
10:40 Rearrangement of Dislocations and
      Formation of Micropipes in Silicon
      Carbide Crystals Due to the Movement
      of Hexagonal Voids
      T. A. Kuhr, M. Skowronski, Carnegie
      Mellon University; W. M. Vetter and M.
      Dudley, State University of New York,
      Stony Brook
11:00 Growth Related Secondary Phase              MBE Growth of Highly Correlated           Numerical Simulation of Transport
      Inclusions in a Diffusion Controlled        Model Oxide Systems Using a High-         Phenomena During Czochralski
      6H-Sublimation System                       Flux Atomic Oxygen Source                 Growth of Large Diameter Oxide
      H.-J. Rost *, J. Dolle, J. Doerschel, D.    N. J. C. Ingle*, R. H. Hammond, and       Crystals, Hermann M. Wilke,
      Siche, D. Schulz, and J. Wollweber          M. R. Beasley, Stanford University        Institute of Crystal Growth, Germany
      Institute of Crystal Growth, Germany
11:20 Experimental Assessment of Metal            Invited                                   A Fundamental Study of Rotational
      Solvents for Low-Temperature                Thermodynamic Stability and Kinetics      Effects on Solidification in a Simulated
      (< 1000 C) Liquid-Phase Epitaxy of          of YBCO Film Growth at High Rates         Czochralski System
      Silicon Carbide                             in Atomic and Molecular Oxygen            M. Ferland, D. Mishra and V. Prasad,
      Michael G. Mauk*, Bryan W. Feyock;          R. H. Hammond*, Weizhi Wang, Luke         State University of New York at Stony
      AstroPower, Inc.; Archana Sharma,           S.-J. Peng, Wm. Jo, A. F. Marshall, M.    Brook
      Robert G. Hunsperger, University of         R. Beasley, Stanford University; and E.
      Delaware                                    Peterson, Los Alamos National
11:40                                                                                       Modeling and Simulation Experiments
                                                                                            on Hydrothermal Crystal Growth
                                                                                            A. Pal, D. Mishra, M. Ferland,
                                                                                            N. Nemick, A. Saha, V. Prasad*, and
                                                                                            H. Zhang, State University of New York
                                                                                            at Stony Brook

12:00 Lunch                                       Preparation of (001)-Oriented PZT      Lunch
                                                  Thin Film on Silicon Wafer by Pulsed
                                                  Laser Deposition
                                                  Jing Zhao*, Li Lu, Carl V. Thompson,
                                                  and Wen Dong Song, National University
                                                  of Singapore
12:20                                             Lunch

Tuesday PM, August 15, 2000
        Session 4A: In-Situ                     Session 4B: Oxides: Substrates            Session 4C: Crystal Growth
               Diagnostics - I                         and Films - III                           Fundamentals - III
 2:00 Invited                                   Chemomechanical Polishing of Single       Invited
      Sensor-Based Epitaxial Growth: From       Crystal ZnO for Epitaxy                   On the Role and Use of Thermal Noise
      In Situ Real-Time Monitoring and          David B. Eason*, Gene Cantwell, Eagle-    in Crystal Growth
      Control to Intelligent Systems            Picher Technologies, L.L.C.; Jim          Alain Karma, Northeastern University
      Henry P. Lee, University of California,   Thomas, Pittsburg State University; and
      Irvine                                    Don Lucca, Oklahoma State University
 2:20                                           Substrate Preparations in Epitaxial
                                                ZnO Film Growth
                                                Shen Zhu*, C-H Su, S. L. Lehoczky,
                                                NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center;
                                                M. T. Harris, M. J. Callahan, Sensors
                                                Directorate, Hanscom AFB; and
                                                M. A. George, University of Alabama
 2:40 Real-Time Optical Characterization of     Invited                                   Oscillatory Growth of Directionally
      Surface-Reaction Kinetics During          ZnO Thin Films for Piezoelectric          Solidified Ammonium Chloride
      Heteroepitaxial GaxIn1-xP Growth by       Applications                              Dendrites
      p-Polarized Reflectance                   Glen R. Kowach*, Bell Laboratories,       Katherine A. Gudgel* and
      N. Dietz, S. Beeler, H. Tran, and V.      Lucent Technologies                       Kenneth A. Jackson, University of
      Woods, North Carolina State University                                              Arizona
 3:00 Monolayer-Period Oscillations in the                                                Kinetics of Multi-Stage Growth of
      Reactivity of Sb2 During Molecular                                                  Stoichiometric Crystals
      Beam Epitaxial Growth of (001) AlSb                                                 A. S. Abyzov, L. N. Davydov* and L. N.
      R. Kaspi* and J. P. Loehr, Air Force                                                Tanatarov, NSC "KIPT", Kharkov,
      Research Laboratory, Kirtland AFB and                                               Ukraine
      Wright-Patterson AFB
 3:20 In Situ Optical Metrology for Real-       ZnO Crystal Growth and Wafer              Transport Phenomena in Sublimation
      Time Control of Molecular Beam            Fabrication Crystal Growth                Crystal Growth
      Epitaxy Growth of Pseudomorphic           Jeff Nause*, Cermet, Inc.; Dave Look,     A. S. Segal, Institute for Fine Mechanics
      InGaAs Thin Films on GaAs                 Wright State University; and Hadis        and Optics; S. Yu. Karpov, Soft-Impact
      Donald A. Gajewski*, Jonathan E.          Morkoç, Virginia Commonwealth             Ltd.; M. S. Ramm, A. I. Zhmakin,
      Guyer, NIST; Jeff Hale, J. A. Woollam     University                                A. F. Ioffe Physical Technical Institute,
      Co., Inc.; Paul Amirtharaj, U. S. Army                                              Russia; Yu. N. Makarov, University of
      Research Laboratory; Deane Chandler-                                                Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany
      Horowitz and Joseph G. Pellegrino, NIST
                                                                                          TSAG – Science at the Edge
3:40 Break                                      Session 4B: Microgravity Growth (next
                                                                                          D.A. Pawlaka*, G. Lerondela, I.
                                                                                          Dmytrukc, Y. Kagamitania, S. Durbina, T.
                                                                                          Fukudaa, aInstitute for Materials
                                                                                          Research, Tohoku University, Sendai,
                                                                                          Japan; bCenter for Interdisciplinary
                                                                                          Research, Sendai, Japan

Tuesday PM, August 15, 2000
       Session 4A: In-Situ                     Session 4B: Microgravity Growth Session 4C: Crystal Growth
              Diagnostics - II                                                    Fundamentals - III
                                                                                          TSAG – Science at the Edge
3:40 Break                                     Thermal Conductivity Measurement in
                                               Lead Bromide                               D.A. Pawlaka*, G. Lerondela, I.
                                               N. B. Singh*(a), S. R. Coriell(b), W. M.   Dmytrukc, Y. Kagamitania, S. Durbina, T.
                                               B. Duval(c), S. S. Mani(a), J. D.          Fukudaa, aInstitute for Materials
                                               Adam(a), and M. E. Glicksman(d);           Research, Tohoku University, Sendai,
                                               (a) Northrop Grumman STC, (b) NIST,        Japan; bCenter for Interdisciplinary
                                               (c) NASA John Glenn Research Center,       Research, Sendai, Japan
                                               (d) R. P. I.
4:00 Invited                                   Effect of Void Location on Segregation Break
     Substrate Temperature Sensing and         Patterns in Microgravity Solidification
                                                                                       End of session
     Feedback Control in Molecular Beam        M. Kassemi, NASA John Glenn Research
     Epitaxy                                   Center
     J. A. Roth, Hughes Research
4:20                                           Gravity-Related Transport Process in
                                               Off-axis Sputtering Deposition
                                               Shen Zhu*, Ching-Hua Su, and
                                               S. Lehozeky, NASA/Marshall Space
                                               Flight Center
4:40 Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy and      The Source of Voids in Al-In Alloys
     Reflection High Energy Electron           Processed During the LMS Mission
     Diffraction to Measure GaAs (001)         J. B. Andrews*, L. J. Hayes, and D.
     Surface Reconstructions During            Downs, University of Alabama at
     Molecular Beam Epitaxy as Functions       Birmingham
     of Substrate Temperature and V:III
     J. E. Guyer*, D. A. Gajewski, and J. G.
     Pellegrino, NIST
5:00                                           Numerical Study on Melt Growth of
                                               Compound Semiconductors Under
                                               Microgravity and on the Earth
                                               Satoshi Adachi*, Ishikawajima-Harima
                                               Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.; Minoru
                                               Kaneko, Ishikawajima Jet Service Co.,
                                               Ltd.; Kyoichi Kinoshita, NTT Basic
                                               Research Laboratories; Kato Hirokazu,
                                               Shinichi Yoda, National Space
                                               Development Agency of Japan; Keisuke
                                               Kawachi, and Kazuo Uematsu,
                                               Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries
                                               Co., Ltd., Japan

5:30   Poster Session and Late News

Tuesday, August 15 - 5:30 – 7:00 PM                Poster Session and Late News

Bulk Growth of Semiconductors
Zone Melting As Universal Technology for II-VI Compound             The Preparation Conditions of Chromium Doped ZnSe and
Crystal Growth, Nikolai N. Kolesnikov* and Nadejda S.               Their Effect on the Infrared Luminescence Properties,
Berzigiarova, Russian Academy of Science                            A. Burger*, K. Chattopadhyay, J.-O. Ndap, X. Ma, S. H.
                                                                    Morgan, Fisk University; C. I. Rablau, West Virginia University;
                                                                    G. J. Wagner, T. J. Carrig, Coherent Technologies, Inc.; S. Feth
                                                                    and C.-H. Su, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
Growth of High Quality ZnSe Single Crystals, Gu Qing Tian,          Growth and Characterisation of Ga(x)In(1-x)Sb Thin Films,
Wei Jing Qian, Pan Qi Wei, Shi Wei,Wang Ji Yang, Fang Chang         N.P. Singh*, P.B. Barman, and B. Krishan, Sant Longowal
Shui*, Shandong University, P. R. China; and G. Landwehr,           Institute of Engineering & Technology, India
Physikalisches Institut der Universitat Wurzburg, Germany
Preparation and Thermophysical Properties of AgGaTe2
Crystals, A. Burger*, S. Morgan, J. -O. Ndap, K.
Chattopadhyay, X. Ma, K. Faris, Y. Cui, Fisk University; and J.
T. Goldstein, Air Force Research Lab

Crystal Growth Fundamentals
The Peculiarities of Crystal Growth in the Y1-xZrxNi2B2C            Experimental Setup for Studies of Step Pattern Evolution
Borocarbide System, P. V. Molchan*, A. S. Shestak, Zh. M.           During Growth of Crystals from Solution, N. A. Booth*(a,b),
Tomilo, V. M. Finskaya, and N. A. Prytkova, Institute of Solid      P. G. Vekilov(a) and A. A. Chernov(b), (a)University of
State and Semiconductor Physics, NAS, Belarus                       Alabama in Huntsville, (b) NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
Analysis of the Wetting Behavior and Interaction of Bismuth
Silicate Melt (Bi12SiO20) with the Confinement Materials
Platinum and Platinum-5% Gold, Michaela E.K. Wiegel* and
August F. Witt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Detector Materials
Growth and Characterization of CZT Crystals Obtained by             Characterization of Thallium Bromide Crystals for
High-Pressure Bridgman Method in Single- and Multi-Zone             Radiation Detector Applications, K. Hitomi*, O. Muroi, M.
Furnaces, V. Komar*, D. Nalivaiko, A. Gerasimenko, and P.           Matsumoto, T. Shoji, and Y. Hiratate, Tohoku Institute of
Mateychenko, STC "Institute for Single Crystals", Ukraine           Technology, Japan
Crystal Growth of Trans-Stilbene by Modified Bridgman               Optical, Mechanical and Scintillating Time Resolution
Technique: A Potential Scintillator Material, A.                    Studies of Trans- Stilbene Crystal, A.. Arulchakkaravarthi*, P.
Arulchakkaravarthi*, P. Santhanaraghavan, and P. Ramasamy,          Santhanaraghavan, and P. Ramasamy, Anna University, India
Anna University, India
Semi-insulating CdZnTe for Radiation Detector                       Characterization Studies on CZ Grown BGO (Bi4Ge3O12)
Applications: Crystal Growth Challenges, Csaba Szeles*, eV          Single Crystal, V. Vaithianathan, A. Claude, P.
PRODUCTS, A Division of II-VI Inc.                                  Santhanaraghavan, L. Righi (a), G. Bocelli (a) and P.
                                                                    Ramasamy*, Anna University, India; (a) CSSD, CNR, Italy
Growth and Characterisation of L-Serine Doped TGS and
TGSP Single Crystals, R. Mohan Kumar*, R. Muralidharan , R.
Jayavel and P. Ramasamy, Anna University, India

Epitaxial Growth
GaAs-on-Silicon Conformal Vapor Phase Epitaxy Using                 Epitaxially Grown Fe/Ag Thin Films and Their Application
Reversible Transport and Selective Etching Reactions with           in Microwave Notch Filter Devices, Wei Wu*(a), C. S.
Water Vapor, Michael G. Mauk* and Bryan W. Feyock,                  Tsai(a,b), C. C. Lee(a), H. Hopster(a), and H. J. Yoo(a),
AstroPower, Inc.                                                    (a) University of California, Irvine, (b) Academia Sinica, Taiwan
CANCELLED: Electrical and Luminescent Properties of                 Effect of H2 Addition on the Characteristics of TiN Deposited
CdSe Epitaxial Layers, Alexandru Focsha*, Petru Gashin,             by APCVD, Hong-Hsin Huang* and Min-Hsiung Hon, National
Valentina Nicorich, and Tamara Potlog, State University of          Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Parallel Computational and Experimental Studies of the             Parallel Computational and Experimental Studies of the
Effect of Solvent on the Morphology of Copper (II) Sulfate         Morphological Modification of Calcium Carbonate, A. L.
Pentahydrate, A. L. Braybrook*, B. R. Heywood and R. A.            Braybrook*, B. R. Heywood, R. A. Jackson and K. Pitt, Keele
Jackson, Keele University, UK                                      University, UK
Wave Method At Crystal Growth Technology, A. A.                    Theory for Growth of Small Oxide Particles, R. J. Braun*,
Abgarian, Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography, Russia           University of Delaware, and P. A. Morris, DuPont Central R&D

MBE – Interface Formation Issues
A Model for Predicting the AlAsxSb1-x Alloy Composition            Multiple Quantum Wells and Laser Structures Containing
During Molecular Beam Epitaxy Obtained by Response                 InAs Quantum Dots Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy,
Surface Methodology, P. Gopaladasu*(a), J. Cecchi(a), K.J.         Chin-An Chang*, Cheng-Zu Wu, Pai-Yong Wang, Yi-Tsuo Wu,
Malloy(a), and R. Kaspi(b), (a) Univ. of New Mexico, (b) Air       Ferng-Jye Lay, Chiu-Yueh Liang, Fei-Chang Hwang, Hsin-
Force Research Laboratory, AFRL/DELS, Kirtland AFB                 Chien Kuo, Li-Wei Sung (a), and Hao-Hsiung Lin (a), Industrial
                                                                   Technology Research Institute, (a) National Taiwan University,
                                                                   Taiwan, Republic of China

NLO, Photorefractive, and Laser Crystals
Phase Formation and Crystallization of RETa 7O19 in Borate         Crystal Growth and Phase Transitions in (Nd,Gd)Al 3(BO3)4
and Molybdate Based Systems, N. I. Leonyuk*, L. I. Leonyuk,        Solid Solutions, N. I. Leonyuk*, L. I. Leonyuk, E. V.
Moscow State University, Russia; and E. Cavalli, Universita di     Koporulina, Moscow State University, Russia; G. Bocelli, and L.
Parma - Viale delle Scienze, Italy                                 Righi, Viale delle Scienze, Italy
Effect of Metal Ion Impurities on the Habit of Ammonium            Effect of Trivalent Cationic Impurities on the Habit of
Dihydrogen Phosphate (NH4H2PO4) Single Crystals,                   Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate (KC8H504) Single Crystals,
K. Srinivasan*(a), G. Uma(a), and P. Ramasamy(b),                  K. Srinivasan*(a), A. Elakkina Kumaran(a), T.P. Srinivasan(a),
(a) Alagappa University, (b) Anna University, India                and P. Ramasamy(b); (a) Alagappa University, (b) Anna
                                                                   University, India
Solubility Coefficient and Metastability Limit for the Growth      X-Ray Structural Studies on the Novel Nonlinear Optical
of NMBA Single Crystals from Different Organic Solvents,           Crystal 4-Nitro-4'-Methyl Benzylidene Aniline (NMBA),
K. Srinivasan*(a), R. Birava Ganesh(b), R. Gandhimathi(a),         K. Srinivasan*(a), K. Sankaranarayanan(a), S. Thangavelu(b),
K. Sankaranarayanan(a), S. Thangavelu(c) and P. Ramasamy(d);       K. Santhanaraghavan(d), G. Bocelli(c) and P. Ramasamy(d);
(a) Alagappa University, (b) Madura College, (c) Central           (a) Alagappa University, (b) Central Electro-Chemical Research
Electro-Chemical Research Institute, (d) Anna University, India    Institute, India, (c) Viate Delle Scienze, Italy, (d) Anna
                                                                   University, India
Growth of 4-Nitro-4'-Methyl Benzylidene Aniline (NMBA)             Blue SHG Characteristics and Homogeneity of the TSSG
Single Crystals from Toluene and Their Characterization,           Grown Potassium Lithium Niobate (KLN) Crystal With High
K. Srinivasan*(a), R. Birava Ganesh(b), R. Gandhimathi(a),         Li2O Content, Tow-Chong Chong*, Xuewu Xu, Guangyu
K. Sankaranarayanan(a), S. Thangavelu(c) and P. Ramasamy (d);      Zhang, Data Storage Institute, Singapore; Hirohiko Kumagai,
(a) Alagappa University, (b) Madura College, (c) Central           and Masahiro Hirano, Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., Japan
Electro-Chemical Research Institute, (d) Anna University, India
Increasing Optical Homogeneity of KDP Crystals                     Cracking Mechanism of the Potassium Lithium Niobate
V. I. Salo*, I. M. Pritula, M. I. Kolybayeva, and A. V. Semenov,   Crystal Related To Its Internal Structure, Guangyu Zhang*,
ST Concern "Institute for Single Crystals", Ukraine                Tow-Chong Chong, Xuewu Xu, Data Storage Institute,
                                                                   Singapore; Hirohiko Kumagai and Masahiro Hirano, Asahi Glass
                                                                   Co. Ltd., Japan
Crystal Growth and Properties of the New Infrared                  Bridgman Growth of Ca4ReO(BO3)3(Re: Y and Gd) Crystals,
Nonlinear Optical Crystal CsGeCl3, Changshui Fang*,                Shiji Fan*, Jun Luo, Zhenwu Zhong, Guoxing Qian, Renying
Qingtian Gu, Wei Shi, Qiwei Pan, and Xiangwen Wu, Shandong         Sun, and Yafang Lin, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, P. R.
University, P. R. China                                            China

NLO, Photorefractive, and Laser Crystals (cont.)
Growth and Characterization of Barium Calcium Titanate               Growth of Core-Free High-Quality Bi12SiO20 and Bi12GeO20
Single Crystals, Varatharajan Rengarajan* (a), S. Madeswaran         Crystals, S. Kumaragurubaran*, S. Moorthy Babu, C.
(b) and R. Jayavel (b); (a) University of Florida; (b) Anna          Subramanian and P. Ramasamy, Anna University, India
University, India
Growth of RbTiOPO4 Single Crystals by Self Nucleation                Growth and Characterisation of Tris Thiourea Cadmium
Technique and its Characterization, C.V. Kannan*, S.                 Sulphate (TTCS): A Semi- Organic Non-linear Optical
Ganesamoorthy, V. Kannan, C. Subramanian and P. Ramasamy,            Crystal, R. Rajasekaran*, P.M. Ushasree, R. Jayavel and P.
Anna University, India                                               Ramasamy, Anna University, India
CZ Growth and Characterization of Pure and Chromium                  Increasing Optical Homogeneity of KDP Crystals
Doped Bismuth Tellurium Oxide Crystals, S.                           V. I. Salo*, I. M. Pritula, M. I. Kolybayeva, and A. V. Semenov,
Kumaragurubaran*, C. Subramanian and P. Ramasamy, Anna               ST Concern "Institute for Single Crystals", Ukraine
University, India

Novel Materials
Growth of Single Crystals (Ca,Sr)10Cu17O29 by "Melted                Synthesis Technique for Crystal Growth Starting Materials,
Band" Method from Bi-Containing Fluxes and Formation of              David Burlage*, Cleveland Crystals, Inc.
Subsidiary Phases, V. Maltsev*, L. Leonyuk, Moscow State
University, Russia; G.J. Babonas, A. Reza, and L. Dapkus,
Semiconductor Physics Institute, Lithuania
Solidification Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Ni-Si           New Crystals in the Systems RE2O3-B2O3-SiO2-M2Mo3O10-
Eutectic Alloys, S. Milenkovic* and R. Caram, State University       MF (RE=La, Nd, Gd, Dy, Ho; M=K, Li), E. P. Shvanskii*, N.
of Campinas, Brazil                                                  I. Leonyuk; Moscow State University, Russia; G. Bocelli, and L.
                                                                     Righi, Viale delle Scienze, Italy
Growth Morphology and Impurity Distribution by Zones in              Preparation and Properties of Manganite Single Crystals
Ruby, Alexandrite and Emerald Under Homoepitaxy from                 Doped by Ca and Ba, D. Shulyatev*, S. Karabashev, A.
Flux, S. N. Barilo*, S. V. Shiryaev, V. V. Fedotova, G. L.           Arsenov, Ya. Mukovskii, Moscow State Steel and Alloys
Bychkov, L. A. Kurnevich, Institute of Solid State &                 Institute; and S. Zverkov, Institute of Solid State Physics, Russia
Semiconductor Physics, Belarus; N. I. Leonyuk, Moscow State
University, Russia; and T. A. Poluyanovich, Institute of Powder
Metallurgy, Belarus

Organometallic Chemical Vapor Deposition
The Effect of Diffusion on Formation of Self-Assembled CdSe
Quantum Dots, Yi Yang*, D. Z. Shen, J. Y. Zhang, X. W. Fan,
Z. H. Zhen, X. W. Zhao, and D. X. Zhao, Chinese Academy of
Science, P. R. China

Crystal Growth and Photoluminescence of Cu-In-Se Crystals            Selectively-Grown InGaP/GaAs on Silicon Heterostructures
K. Yoshino*, M. Nishimoto, M. Yoneta, H. Yokoyama, K.                for Application to Photovoltaic-Photoelectrolysis Cells,
Maeda and T. Ikari, Miyazaki University, Japan                       Michael G. Mauk* and Anthony Tata, AstroPower, Inc.

On the Electrical Characteristics of Pd/n-GaN Schottky               Thermal Expansion of LiGaO2 and Resulting Epitaxial
Barriers, M. Senthil Kumar*, P. Ramasamy and J. Kumar, Anna          Misfits with GaN, C.J. Rawn, Oak Ridge National Laboratory;
University, India                                                    and J. Chaudhuri, Wichita State University

Oxides: Substrates and Films
High Quality Hydrothermal Growth and Surface                          Surface Morphology and Physical Properties of Bi3.25 La0.75
Preparation of Zinc Oxide Crystals for Use As III-Nitride             Ti3O12 Thin Films by Chemical Solution Decomposition,
Substrates, M. Suscavage(a), D. Bliss(a), G. Bryant(a), M.            Shuxia Shang*, Yun Hou, Shaowei Wang, Xiaohong Xu, Yin
Callahan(a), P. Yip(a), S.-Q. Wang(a), D. Schwall(a), L.              Zhang, Hong Wang, and Min Wang, Shandong University, P. R.
Bouthillette(a), J. Bailey(b), M. Harris(b), D. C. Look(c), D. C.     China
Reynolds(c), R. L. Jones(d), C. W. Litton(d), Hadis Morkoc(e),
and Michael Reshchikov(e); (a) Air Force Research Laboratory,
Sensors Directorate, (b) Solid State Scientific Corporation, (c)
Wright State University, (d) Air Force Research Laboratory,
Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, (e) Virginia
Commonwealth University
Control of Morphology and Orientation of ZnO Thin Films               Defect Structure of C-Axis Oriented YBa2Cu3O7-x Film
Grown on SiO2/Si Substrates, S. Muthukumar*, N. W.                    Grown by LPE on (001) NdGaO3 Substrate, S. N. Barilo, V.
Emanetoglu, C. R. Gorla, S. Liang, and Y. Lu, Rutgers                 V. Fedotova, A. I. Ignatenko, L. A. Kurochkin, N. S. Orlova, V.
University                                                            M. Finskaya, G. L. Bychkov, and V. M. Pan, Institute of Solid
                                                                      State & Semiconductor Physics, Belarus; and H. W. Zandbergen,
                                                                      Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Structural Approach Towards Alternative Substrates for                Hydrothermal Synthesis of Piezoquartz Y-Bars Doped With
Epitaxial Growth of AlN-GaN Thin Films, E. A. Volkova and             Aluminium, I. B. Evseeva*, V. E. Khadzhy, P. P. Chvanski,
N.I. Leonyuk, Moscow State University, Russia                         Russian Research Institute for Synthesis of Minerals; and N. I.
                                                                      Leonyuk, Moscow State University, Russia
Morphology of Quartz-Like Crystals: Ga- and Al-                       Dielectric Properties of a New Insulating Gate Material-
Orthophosphates, A. I. Motchany*, P. P. Chvanski, Russian             Bi2Ti2O7 Films Grown by MOCVD, Hong Wang*, S. X.
Research Institute for Synthesis of Minerals; and N. I. Leonyuk,      Shang, and M. Wang, Shandong University, P. R. China
Moscow State University, Russia
Hydrothermal Growth of In3+ Doped CaCO3 Crystals on                   Study of Defects and Interfaces in Epitaxial ZnO Films on
Pinacoidal Seeds, I. V. Nefyodova*, Russian Research Inst. for        (11-20) Al2O3 Grown by Electron Cyclotron Resonance -
Synthesis of Minerals; and N. I. Leonyuk, Moscow State                Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy, S. -H. Lim, D. Shindo, H. -
University, Russia                                                    B. Kang, and K. Nakamura, Tohoku University, Japan
Structural Characterization of Epitaxial ZnO Films Grown              Epitaxial Growth of SrBi2Ta2O9 Thin Films by Chemical
on (0001) Al2O3 by Electron Cyclotron Resonance-Assisted              Solution Deposition Method, J.H. Kim, Chonnam National
Molecular Beam Epitaxy, S. -H. Lim, D. Shindo, H. -B. Kang,           University; F.F. Lange, University of California at Santa
and K. Nakamura, Tohoku University, Japan                             Barbara; and C.I. Cheon*, Hoseo University, Korea

Convection Induced by Traveling Magnetic Fields in
Semiconductor Melts, K. Mazuruk, NASA, Marshall Space
Flight Center

Late News
Growth Of Rare Earth Manganite And Cobaltite Crystals
From Flux Under Electrochemical Conditions, S.N. Barilo*,
S.V. Shiryaev, G.L. Bychkov, D.D. Khalyavin, A.G. Soldatov,
and L.A. Kurochkin, Institute of Solid State & Semiconductor
Physics, Belarus

Wednesday AM, August 16, 2000
        Session 5A: Industrial               Session 5B: OMVPE / PV &                     Session 5C: Phase Field
               Crystallization - I                  TPV - I                                      Modeling - I
 8:00 Invited                                Invited                                      Invited
      Growth of the World's Largest          Challenges and Opportunities in              Convective Effects on Dendritic
      Sapphire Crystals                      Large-Area MOVPE of Multijunction            Growth
      C. P. Khattak* and F. Schmid,          Solar Cells                                  Gustav Amberg, KTH, Sweden
      Crystal Systems, Inc.                  N. H. Karam*, J. H. Ermer, M. Haddad,
                                             R. R. King, B. T. Cavicchi, K. S.
                                             Boutros, R. Sudharsanan, and D. E.
                                             Joslin, Hughes Spectrolab, Inc.


 8:40 Invited                                MOVPE-Fabricated GaInP/Ge                    Phase Field Models of Multicomponent
      Advances in Crystal Optics for DUV     Junctions for GaInP/GaAs/Ge Three-           Alloy Solidification
      Microlithography                       Junction Solar Cells                         Robert F. Sekerka* and Zhiqiang Bi,
      M. Mendicino* and J. Fillot, BICRON,   D. J. Friedman* and J. M. Olson,             Carnegie Mellon University
      div Saint-Gobain Industrial Ceramics   National Renewable Energy Laboratory
 9:00                                        Epitaxial Growth of BGaAs and                Numerical Computation of Cellular
                                             BGaInAs by OMVPE                             Solidification in a Binary Alloy Using
                                             J. F. Geisz*, D. J. Friedman, S. R. Kurtz,   the Phase Field Model
                                             J. M. Olson, R.C. Reedy and                  Zhiqiang Bi* and Robert F. Sekerka,
                                             A. G. Norman, National Renewable             Carnegie Mellon University
                                             Energy Laboratory
 9:20 Invited                                MOCVD Growth of InGaAsN for High Break
      Industrial Growth of Ce-Doped LSO      Efficiency Solar Cells
      Crystals for Medical Imaging           A. A. Allerman, S. R. Kurtz, E. D. Jones,
      B. Chai*, Y. Y. Ji, R. Becker and      R. M. Sieg, D. J. Aiken, and
      M. Stowell, Crystal Photonics, Inc.    N. A. Modine, Sandia National
 9:40                                        FTIR Studies of Impurities in
                                             Sarah Kurtz*, J. Webb, L. Gedvilas,
                                             D. Friedman, J. M. Olson, R. King(a),
                                             and N. Karam(a), National Renewable
                                             Energy Laboratory, (a) Hughes
10:00 Break                                  Break

Wednesday AM, August 16, 2000
        Session 5A: Industrial                   Session 5B: OMVPE / PV &                  Session 5C: Phase Field
               Crystallization - II                     TPV -II                                   Modeling - II
10:20                                            Invited                                   Invited
        Invited WITHDRAWN
                                                 Photonic Heat Engines: Crystal            Phase-Field Model of Grain Dynamics
                                                 Growth Considerations for                 Alexander E. Lobkovsky* and
        Manufacture of KTP, KTA and RTA
                                                 Thermophotovoltaics                       James A. Warren, NIST
        Crystals for Non-Linear Optical
                                                 G. Charache*, Lockheed Martin, Inc.
        G. M. Loiacono, D.N. Loiacono and
        P. Czechowicz, Crystal Associates Inc.

11:00 Invited                                    MOVPE Grown p-GaSb/n-GaAs                 Phase Boundaries Using Multiple
      Commercialization of the Growth of         Diodes for TPV and Solar Cells            Order Parameters
      Cr-Doped LiSrAlF6 Crystals for Diode       N. J. Mason*, University of Oxford; L.    G. B. Tanoglu, R. J. Braun*, University
      Pumped Solid State Laser Applications      Zheng and S. K. Haywood, University of    of Delaware; J. W. Cahn, G. B.
      G. J. Quarles, VLOC Inc.                   Hull, UK                                  McFadden, NIST; and A. A. Wheeler,
                                                                                           University of Southampton, UK
11:20                                            Evolution of Surface Structure During     Phase Field Under Stress
                                                 Epitaxial Growth of Metastable            Klaus Kassner*, Chaouqi Misbah, Judith
                                                 GaInAsSb                                  Mueller, Jens Kappey, and Peter Kohlert,
                                                 C. A. Wang*, D. R. Calawa, and C. J.      Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet
                                                 Vineis, MIT Lincoln Laboratory            Magdeburg, Germany
11:40 Invited                                    The Growth and Characterization of
      Manufacture of Large Aperture KDP          InGaAsSb and AlGaAsSb on GaSb by
      for the NIF Program                        Metal Organic Chemical Vapor
      J. Luken, L. Latanich, T. Frenk,           Deposition
      G. Kennedy, M. LaFluer, C. Durham,         R. M. Biefeld, S. R. Kurtz, J. G.
      D. Chase, and G. Catella, Cleveland        Cederberg, Sandia National
      Crystals                                   Laboratories; and R. J. Wehrer, Becthel
                                                 Bettis Inc.
12:00                                            Lunch
12:20 Lunch

                               There are no technical sessions on Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday AM, August 17, 2000
      Session 6A: Silicon                           Session 6B: OMVPE - III                   Session 6C: NLO,Photorefractive
             Photovoltaics - I                                                                       and Laser Crystals – I
 8:00 Multiple Batch Recharging for                 Invited                                   Invited
      Industrial CZ Silicon Growth                  Where is Epi Going?                       Rapid Growth of Large KDP and
      B. Fickett* and G. Mihalik,                   R.L. Moon, Agilent Laboratories           DKDP Crystals
      Siemens Solar Industries                                                                N. Zaitseva, Lawrence Livermore
                                                                                              National Laboratory
 8:20 Characteristics of CZ-Grown
      Recharge Ingots
      G. Mihalik* and B. Fickett,
      Siemens Solar Industries
 8:40 Enhanced Bulk Polysilicon Production          Invited                                   Optical Absorption and Electron
      Using Silicon Tubes                           Enabling Terabit Systems through          Paramagnetic Resonance of Fe Ions in
      I. Jafri (a), M. Chandra (a)*, H. Zhang       OMVPE                                     KDP Crystals
      (b), V. Prasad (b), C. Reddy (c), C.          K. T. Campbell*, C. H. Joyner(a), C. W.   N. Y. Garces*, K. T. Stevens, and L. E.
      Amato-Wierda (c), M. Landry (d) and T.        Ebert, A. Robertson, J. L. Zilko, and     Halliburton, West Virginia University; M.
      Ciszek (d); (a) GT Equipment                  D. P. Wilt, Lucent Technologies,          Yan, N. P. Zaitseva, and J. J. DeYoreo,
      Technologies, Inc., (b) State University of   Optoelectronics Center, (a) Lucent        Lawrence Livermore National
      New York at Stony Brook, (c) University       Technologies, Bell Laboratories           Laboratory
      of New Hampshire, (d) National
      Renewable Energy Laboratory
 9:00 Modeling and Experiment for 50 cm                                                       Gray Tracks and Electrochromic
      Diameter Silicon Tube Growth                                                            Damage in KTP Crystals
      A. Roy *(a), B. Mackintosh (b), H.                                                      K. T. Stevens*, L. E. Halliburton
      Zhang (a), V. Prasad (a), J. P. Kalejs (b),                                             West Virginia University; and
      and M. Ouellette(b), (a) State University                                               M. P. Scripsick, Nova Phase
      of New York at Stony Brook, (b) ASE
      Americas, Inc.
 9:20 Potential and Limitations of High-            Invited                                   Defect Segregation in CdGeAs2
      Rate, Low-Temperature Epitaxy of              MOCVD of Heterojunction Bipolar           P. G. Schunemann*, S. D. Setzler, and T.
      Silicon-Films                                 Transistors                               M. Pollak, Sanders, A Lockheed Martin
      R. B. Bergmann* and L. Oberbeck,              N. Pan, R. E. Welser, C. R. Lutz,         Company
      Universität Stuttgart, Germany                P. DeLuca, Byung Han, J. Elliot, and
                                                    M. Chaplin, Kopin Corporation
 9:40 Directly Deposited Polycrystalline-                                                     Improved Material Properties in Near-
      Silicon Layers for Solar Cells                                                          Stoichiometric LiTaO3 for Nonlinear
      T. H. Wang*, T. F. Ciszek, M. Page, and                                                 Optical Applications
      R. Bauer, National Renewable Energy                                                     Y. Furukawa, K. Kitamura, and S.
      Laboratory                                                                              Takekawa, National Institute for
                                                                                              Research in Inorganic Materials, Japan
10:00 Break                                         Break                                     Break

Thursday AM, August 17, 2000
      Session 6A: Silicon                       Session 6B: OMVPE - IV                      Session 6C: NLO, Photorefractive
             Photovoltaics - II                                                                    and Laser Crystals - II
10:20 Crystalline Silicon Thin Film Solar       Structure of Compound                       Invited
      Cells (CSITFSC) on SSP and on             Semiconductor Surfaces in the               Growth and Characterization of
      Ceramic Substrates                        MOVPE Environment                           Fluoride Single Crystals for Optical
      Achim Eyer, Fridolin Haas, Thomas         R. F. Hicks*, Q. Fu, M. Begarney, C. Li,    Applications
      Kieliba, Daniela Oßwald, Stefan Reber,    and D. Law, University of California, Los   K. Shimamura, N. Sarukura(a) and T.
      and Walter Zimmermann, Fraunhofer         Angeles                                     Fukuda, Tohoku University, (a) Institute
      Institute for Solar Energy Systems,                                                   for Molecular Science, Japan
10:40 Electro-Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth      A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
      of Silicon from Liquid-Metal Solutions    Study of As/Ge(mnn) and P/Ge(mnn)
      M. G. Mauk* and J. P. Curran,             Surfaces
      AstroPower, Inc                           W.E. McMahon* and J.M. Olson,
                                                National Renewable Energy Laboratory
11:00 Sulphur-Terminated Silicon Surfaces       MOVPE Growth of Highly-Strained             Material and Laser Characterization
      for the Epitaxial Growth of               Piezoelectric InGaAs/GaAs Quantum           of Intermediate Compositions of
      Chalcopyrite Semiconductors               Wells on [111]A Oriented Substrates         Ce:LiSrXCa1-XAlF6
      H. Metzner* and Th. Hahn, Friedrich-      J. Kim*, S. Cho, A. Sanz-Hervás, A.         Vida K. Castillo* and Gregory J. Quarles,
      Schiller-Universität Jena Institut für    Majerfeld, University of Colorado;          VLOC; and Robert S. F. Chang,
      Festkörperphysik, Germany                 and B. W. Kim, Electronics and              University of South Florida
                                                Telecommunications Research Institute,

      Session 6A: Bulk Growth of
11:20 Shaped Crystal Growth of 50 cm            In Situ Reflectance Monitoring of           Progress in the Growth of Yb:S-FAP
      Diameter Silicon Thin-Walled              GaSb Oxide Desorption                       Laser Crystals
      Cylinders by Edge-Defined Film-Fed        C. J. Vineis*, C. A. Wang, and K. F.        Kathleen Schaffers*, John Tassano,
      Growth (EFG)                              Jensen, Lincoln Laboratory, MIT             Phillip Waide, Stephen Payne, Lawrence
      D. Garcia, M. Oullette, B. Mackintosh,                                                Livermore National Laboratory; and
      and J. P. Kalejs*, ASE Americas                                                       Robert Morris, Consultant
11:40 Dependence of Temperature Gradient        MOVPE OF GaSb, (AlGa)Sb and                 Melt Composition and Growth of
      on Growth Rate in CZ Silicon              (AlGa)(AsSb) in a Multi-Wafer               Terbium Aluminum Garnet Micro
      N. Inoue(a), K. Tanahashi(a) and          Planetary Reactor                           Crystals
      A. Mori(b); (a) RIAST, Osaka Prefecture   C. Agert*, P. Lanyi, and A. W. Bett,        S. Ganschow*, D. Klimm,
      University; (b) Tokushima University,     Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy       B. M. Epelbaum, A. Yoshikawa, and
      Japan                                     Systems, Germany                            T. Fukuda, Institute of Crystal Growth,
12:00 Lunch                                     Lunch                                       Lunch

Thursday PM, August 17, 2000
     Session 7A: Bulk Growth of                Session 7B: Modeling - I                  Session 7C: NLO, Photorefractive
            Semiconductors - II                                                                 and Laser Crystals - III
2:00 Invited                                   Invited                                   Invited
     Effects of Radial Thermal Asymmetry       Modeling, Design and Virtual              NLO Materials for Deep UV
     on Crystal Growth and Segregation in      Prototyping of Crystal Growth             Generation
     Czochralski and Bridgman Geometries       Processes                                 Douglas A. Keszler, Oregon State
     A. F. Witt, Massachusetts Institute of    V. Prasad, State University of New York   University
     Technology                                at Stony Brook
2:40 VCZ Development at the IKZ in Berlin      Modeling of Czochralski Si Crystal        Hydrothermal Growth of Lanthanide
     - Summary and Outlook                     Growth                                    Orthoborate Crystals for Deep UV
     M. Neubert and P. Rudolph,                I. Yu. Evstratov, V. V. Kalaev, V. N.     Laser Applications
     Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ),      Nabokov, Soft-Impact Ltd.; A. I.          Joseph W. Kolis*, Henry Giesber, John
     Germany                                   Zhmakin, A. F. Ioffe Physical Technical   M. Ballato, and William T. Pennington,
                                               Institute, Russia; Yu. N. Makarov*,       Clemson University
                                               University of Erlangen-Nuernberg,
                                               Germany; A. G. Abramov, N. G. Ivanov,
                                               E. A. Rudinsky, E .M. Smirnov, State
                                               Technical University, Russia; S. A.
                                               Lowry, CFD Research Corporation; E.
                                               Dornberger, J. Virbulis, E. Tomzig, and
                                               W. V. Ammon, Wacker Siltronic,
3:00 200 mm GaAs Crystal Growth by the         Effect of Crown Shape on Growth           Influence of K/Li and Li/Nb Ratios in
     Temperature Gradient Controlled           Process in a Large Diameter Silicon       Melts on the TSSG Growth and SHG
     LEC Method                                Growth                                    Characteristics of Potassium Lithium
     A. Seidl*, S. Eichler, T. Flade,          A. K. Saha*, H. Zhang, and V. Prasad,     Niobate Crystals
     M. Jurisch, A. Koehler, U. Kretzer, and   State University of New York at Stony     Xuewu Xu*, Tow-Chong Chong,
     B. Weinert, Freiberger Compound           Brook                                     Guangyu Zhang, Data Storage Institute,
     Materials GmbH, Am Junger Loewe                                                     Singapore; Hirohiko Kumagai and
     Schacht, Germany                                                                    Masahiro Hirano, Asahi Glass Co.Ltd.,
3:20 Break                                     Break                                     Break

Thursday PM, August 17, 2000
       Session 7A: Bulk Growth of               Session 7B: Modeling - II                Session 7C: NLO, Photorefractive
              Semiconductors - III                                                              and Laser Crystals - IV
3:40 Invited                                    Effects of Microgravity, Magnetic        Bulk Growth of High Quality
     LEC Growth of Ternary III-V Single         Fields, and Crucible Rotation on         Nonlinear Optical Crystals:
     Crystals                                   Convection in Bridgman Crystal           L-Arginine Tetrafluoroborate (L-AFB)
     W. A. Bonner, Crystallod Inc.              Growth                                   C. Owens*, K. Bhat, W.S. Wang, A. Tan,
                                                A. Yeckel* and J. J. Derby, Army HPC     M. D. Aggarwal, Alabama A&M
                                                Research Center and University of        University; Benjamin G. Penn and
                                                Minnesota                                Donald O. Frazier, NASA/Marshall Space
                                                                                         Flight Center
4:00                                            Computing Radiative Heat Transport       Growth of Vanillin Crystals for SHG
                                                During the Growth of Sapphire Domes      Applications in Near-IR Wavelength
                                                A. Meir, S. Brandon*, Technion; S.       Region
                                                Biderman, D. Gazit and A. Horowitz,      O. P. Singh*, Y. P. Singh, Namwar Singh
                                                NRCN, Israel                             and N. B. Singh (a), K. N. Post Graduate
                                                                                         College, India, (a) STC-ESSS, Northrop
                                                                                         Grumman Corporation
4:20 Segregation of Dopants Having              A Volume Radiation Heat Transfer         Crystal Growth and Hydration in
     Equilibrium Segregation Coefficient        Model for Czochralski Crystal Growth     Morpholinium 4-hydroxybenzoate
     k > 1 in InSb Single Crystals              Processes                                (M4)
     N. Pottier, C. Marín and A. G.             Edmundo M. Nunes, Columbia               Gurmit Singh Bahra*(a), Lucy M. Dutta
     Ostrogorsky, University of Alabama,        University; Mohammad H.N. Naraghi*,      (b), Penny A. Chaloner(b), W. Healy(a),
     Huntsville                                 Manhattan College; Hui Zhang and         and P. B. Hitchcock, (a) Defence
                                                Vishwanath Prasad, State University of   Evaluation Research Agency, (b)
                                                New York at Stony Brook                  University of Sussex, UK
4:40 LEC Growth of In-Doped GaAs with           Numerical Computation of Sapphire        Growth and Characterization of L-
     Bottom Solid Feeding                       Crystal Growth Using Heat Exchanger      Arginine Fluoride (LAF) Single
     J. He and S. Kou*, University of           Method                                   Crystals
     Wisconsin                                  Chung-Wei Lu* and Jyh-Chen Chen,         A. S. Haja Hameed(a), G. Ravi*(a),
                                                National Central University, Taiwan      A. Nixon Azariah(a), R. Ilangovan(a) and
                                                                                         P. Ramasamy(b), (a) Alagappa
                                                                                         University (b) Anna University, India
5:00 Improved Phosphorus Injection              Simulation of Epitaxial Growth of GaN    Crystal Growth and Characterization
     Synthesis for Bulk Indium Phosphide        in a Rotating Planetary Reactor, A.      Studies of the NLO Material : 4-Nitro-
     W. M. Higgins*(a), G. W. Iseler(b), D.     Worlikar and S. Motakef, Cape            4'-Methoxy Benzylidene Aniline
     Bliss(b), G. Bryant(b), V. Tassev(b), I.   Simulations, Inc.                        (NMOBA)
     Jafri(c), R. M. Ware(a), and D. J.                                                  A. Nixon Azariah(a), G. Ravi*(a), A. S.
     Carlson(a), (a) M/A-COM, Inc., (b) U.S.                                             Haja Hameed(a), S. Thangavelu(b), P.
     Air Force Research Laboratory, Sensors                                              Ramasamy(c), (a) Alagappa University,
     Directorate, Hanscom AFB, (c) GT                                                    (b) Central Electrochemical Research
     Equipment Technologies, Inc.                                                        Institute, (c) Anna University, India
5:20                                                                                     Increasing Optical Homogeneity of
                                                                                         KDP Crystals
                                                                                         V. I. Salo*, I. M. Pritula, M. I.
                                                                                                MOVED TO
                                                                                         Kolybayeva, and A. V. Semenov, ST
                                                                                                POSTER Single Crystals",
                                                                                         Concern "Institute forSESSION

7:00   Reception and Conference Banquet

Friday AM, August 18, 2000
      Session 8A: Bulk Growth of                    Session 8B: Modeling - III               Session 8C: Wide Bandgap
             Semiconductors - IV                                                                    Materials: Nitrides - I
 8:00 Melt Growth and Characterization of        Invited                                     Invited
      Quaternary Alloys                          Strain Relaxation and Interfacial           Pendeo-Epitaxial Growth of GaN and
      C. Marín, A.G. Ostrogorsky*, University    Stability in III-V Semiconductor            Related Materials on 6H-SiC(0001)
      of Alabama in Huntsville; X. Ma, K.        Strained-Layer Heteroepitaxy:               and Si(111) Substrates and Their
      Chattopadhyay and A. Burger, Fisk Univ.    Modeling and Experiment                     Characterization
                                                 D. Maroudas*, L. A. Zepeda-Ruiz, R. I.      Robert F. Davis*, T. Gehrke, Kevin J.
 8:20 The Effect of Post-Growth Cool-Down Pelzel, B. Z. Nosho, and W. Henry                  Linthicum, P. Rajagopal, E. A. Preble,
      Rate on Defects in Cadmium Telluride Weinberg, University of California,               C.A. Zorman(a), and M. Mehregany(a),
      Crystals Grown by "Contactless" PVT Santa Barbara                                      North Carolina State University, (a) Case
      W. Palosz* (a), K. Grasza (b), K. Durose                                               Western Reserve University
      (c), D. Halliday (c), N. M. Boyall (c), M.
      Dudley (d), B. Raghothamachar (d), and
      L. Cai (d), (a) USRA/NASA-MSFC, (b) IF
      PAS, Poland; (c) University of Durham,
      UK; (d) SUNY at Stony Brook
 8:40 Comparison of Characterization                Numerical Simulation of Dislocation      Nanoheteroepitaxial Growth of GaN
      Techniques Using LEC Grown Doped              Density Evolution in High Pressure       on Nanostructured Compliant <111>
      Germanium                                     Czochralski InP Growth                   SOI by Organometallic Vapor Phase
      L.A. Keefer and D.H. Matthiesen, Case         S. Pendurti*, H. Zhang, and V. Prasad,   Epitaxy
      Western Reserve University                    State University of New York at Stony    D. Zubia*, S. H. Zaidi, S. R. J. Brueck
                                                    Brook                                    and S. Hersee, University of New Mexico
 9:00 Solution Growth of Thick InAsSb and           Morphology Instability Due To Double     Chemical Vapor Reaction Process for
      InGaSb Layers for Virtual Substrates          Diffusive Flows During Directional       III-Nitride Growth
      M. G. Mauk and A. Tata, AstroPower,           Solidification in An Ampoule: Pit        D. F. Bliss*, J. Bailey, M. J. Callahan,
      Inc.                                          Formation                                M. T. Harris, M. J. Suscavage, V. Tassev,
                                                    C. W. Lan* and J. Y. Tu*, National       and M. N. Alexander, U. S. Air Force
                                                    Taiwan University                        Research Laboratory, Hanscom AFB
 9:20 Growth of Metal-Free Phthalocyanine           Modeling Segregation During the          MOVPE of Group-III-Nitrides Grown
      Doped Anthracene Crystal Using a              Growth of Non-Dilute Ternary Alloys      on 5x3 Inch Sapphire Substrates on
      Three Zone Furnace by Vacuum                  A. Pandy*, A. Yeckel, and J. J. Derby,   Planetary Reactors
      Sublimation Method                            Army HPC Research Center, and            H. Protzmann, M. Luenenbuerger, M.
      S. L. Selvaraj*, F. P. Xavier and A.          University of Minnesota                  Bremser(a), M. Heuken and H.
      Ramanand, Loyola College, India                                                        Juergensen, AIXTRON AG, Germany, (a)
                                                                                             AIXTRON Inc.
 9:40 Hydrogen Neutralization Effect in             Interface Control Mechanisms in          Break
      Bulk N-Type LEC InP Materials                 Horizontal Zone-Melting With Slow
      N. Sun (a)*, X. Wu (b), X. Wu (c), Y.         Rotation
      Zhao (a), L. Cao (a), Q. Zhao (d), W.         C. W. Lan*, C. H. Chian, and T. Y.
      Guo (b), J. Zhang (a), K. Bi (c), and T.      Wang, National Taiwan University
      Sun(a), (a) Hebei Semiconductor
      Research Inst.; (b) Tianjin University; (c)
      Chinese Academy of Electronics; (d)
      Electronic Material. Research Institute,
      P.R. China
10:00 Point Defect Behavior by the Stress           Break                                    (See next page)
      Due To Impurity Doping in Growing
      K. Tanahashi, M. Kikuchi and N. Inoue,
      RIAST, Osaka University, Japan

Friday AM, August 18, 2000
        Session 8A: Epitaxial Growth              Session 8B: NLO, Photorefractive Session 8C: Wide Bandgap
                                                         and Laser Crystals - V           Materials: Nitrides - II
10:00                                             Break                            Invited
                                                                                   Nitride Epitaxy on GaN Bulk Crystals
10:20 LPE of HgCdTe Multilayer Avalanche Growth and Spectral Characterization M. Leszczynski*, P. Prystawko,
      Photodiode Structures                 of Ce and Eu Doped SBN Crystals        R. Czernecki, T. Suski, P. Perlin,
      M. H. Kalisher* and M. Jack, Raytheon M. Li*, T-C. Chong, X. Xu, Data        G. Teisseyre, Cz. Skierbiszewski,
      InfraRed Center of Excellence         Storage Institute, Singapore;          W. Knap, I. Grzegory, and S. Porowski,
                                            H. Kumagai, and M. Hirano, Asahi Glass High Pressure Research Center
                                            Co. Ltd., Japan                        UNIPRESS, Poland
10:40 Break                                       BaSrTiNbO3: Crystal Growth and               Ammonothermal Growth of GaN and
                                                  Ferroelectric Properties                     AlN Crystals
                                                  R. Varatharajan* (a), S. Madeswaran (b),     M. Alexander, D. Bliss, G. Bryant, M.
                                                  and R. Jayavel (b), (a) University of        Callahan, V. Tassev, G. Iseler, J. Bailey,
                                                  Florida, Gainesville, (b) Anna University,   M. Harris, A. Purdy(a), and J. Kolis(b),
                                                  India                                        Air Force Research Laboratory, Sensors
                                                                                               Directorate, (a) Naval Research
                                                                                               Laboratory, (b) Clemson University
11:00 Phase Diagram Calculation for               Growth and Characterization of Flux          Thermodynamic and Nucleation
      Epitaxial Growth of GaInAs on InP           Grown PbZrxTi1-xO3 Single Crystals           Kinetics of AlGaN/GaN/InGaN
      Considering the Surface, Interface and      R. Ilangovan, S. I. Srikrishna Ramya and     Heterostructures
      Strain Energies                             P. Ramasamy(a), Alagappa University,         E. Varadarajan*, R. Dhanasekaran and P.
      K. Nakajima*, T. Ujihara, S. Miyashita,     (a) Anna University, India                   Ramasamy, Anna University, India
      and G. Sazaki, Tohoku University, Japan
11:20 Quasi-Thermodynamic Model of Si-Ge          Growth and Characterisation of               Effect of Diluted Ammonia Flow Rate
      Epitaxial Growth                            Potassium Tantalate Niobate Single           on Undoped GaN Epitaxial Films
      A .S. Segal, Institute for Fine Mechanics   Crystals by Step Cooling Technique           Grown by Metal Organic Chemical
      and Optics; S. Yu. Karpov, Soft-Impact      R. Ilangovan(a), C. Subramanian(b) and       Vapor Deposition
      Ltd., Russia; and Y. N. Makarov*,           P. Ramasamy(b), (a) Alagappa                 Fuh-Shyang Juang*, National Huwei
      University of Erlangen-Nurnberg,            University, (b) Anna University, India       Institute of Technology, Yan-Kuin Su,
      Germany                                                                                  Shoou-Jinn Chang, and Dar-Gun Chwu,
                                                                                               National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
11:40 LPE Process for Industrial Production Modification of Ferroelectric and                  Growth of High Quality GaN Layers
      of Power GaAs Rectifiers              Photorefractive Properties of SBN:Ce               With AlN Buffer on Si(111) Substrates
      Victor Voitovich, Tartu, Estonia      Crystals by La Ions Doping                         P. Chen, R. Zhang, R. L. Jiang, Z. M.
                                            L. I. Ivleva, N. M. Polozkov, P. A.                Zhao, D. J. Xi, B. Shen, Z. Z. Chen, Y.
                                            Lykov, E. V. Zharikov, and T. R. Volk,             G. Zhou, S. Y. Xie, Y. D. Zheng*, and
                                            Russian Academy of Sciences                        W. F. Lu, Nanjing University, P. R..

12:00 Conference Ends

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