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What are three of your core values?




If you could use your money to change (up to) three things in the world--
or to solve three problems facing the Jewish people, America, or
humanity--what would they be?




      If you’d like some ideas, look at the sheet of values and issues on the
                           following page. . .A   List of Values
     acceptance                                    daat/knowledge
     achrayut/responsibility                       democracy
     ahavah/love                                   dignity
     ahavat yisrael/love of all Jewish people      diversity
     areyvut/mutual responsibility                 emunah/faith
     bal taschit/not destroying the environment    equality
     beauty                                        hachnasat orchim/welcoming people into
     cherut/freedom                                         your home and community
     chesed/loyalty-kindness                       hakarat hatov/recognizing the good in others
     chochmah/wisdom                               hiddur pnai zaken/respect for elders
     communication                                 honesty
     courage                                       integrity
     creativity                                    kehillah/community
   kibbud av va’em/respect for parents         simcha/joy
   mishpacha/family                            simplicity
   opportunity                                 shalom/peace
   rachamim/compassion                         tikkun olam/repairing the world
   refuah/healing                              tzedek/justice
   respect                                     tzelem elohim/all people are created in
   service                                              God’s image

                                     A List of Issues
   AIDS                                        homelessness/affordable housing
   animals                                     human rights
   antisemitism                                immigrants’ rights and services
   antiracism                                  inner cities
   arts                                        Israel
   boys                                        Jewish education
   civil rights                                Jews in other countries
   corporate responsibility                    libraries
   developing nations                          media
   disabled people                             Native American rights
   disaster relief                             peace/conflict resolution
   domestic violence                           poverty
   economic justice                            prison reform
   education                                   race relations
   employment--jobs and training               reproductive rights
   environment                                 senior citizens
   electoral reform                            spiritual development
   gay/lesbian/bisexual rights                 substance abuse
   girls                                       synagogue
   gun control                                 women’s rights
   health care/medicine                        youth/teens

Adapted from Tracy Gary and Melissa Kohner, Inspired PhilanthropyPick one or two of the
values that you wrote down, and talk with a partner about these questions:

 How did that value come to be important to you? Are there family members, friends,
  teachers, books, classes, heroes, movies, music, events in history that have influenced
  you or implanted that value in you?

 How does that value show up in your life already--in the way you act in your family,
  toward friends, or in the wider world?

 What connections are there between an issue you care about and that value?
                                                       Examples of Mission Statements

Harold Grinspoon Foundation
To enhance the vibrancy of Jewish life in Western Massachusetts and beyond.
Through education and experiences, we impart the knowledge and values of our
heritage and the joys of being Jewish.

      Jewish Fund for Justice
      The Jewish Fund for Justice is the only national Jewish organization solely committed to fighting the
      injustice of poverty in America. By assisting grassroots organizations of low-income people from all
      backgrounds and faiths struggling for decent housing, schools, health care and jobs, and by educating
      Jews about poverty and the importance of developing community-based social justice partnerships, the
      Jewish Fund for Justice brings to life the core Jewish values of tikkun olam and tzedakah.
 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is dedicated to
 improving people’s lives by sharing advances in health and
 education with the global community:
 1) to reduce the disparity in health between the
    developed and developing world
 2) by placing successful educational models in our school
    systems so all children can achieve at high levels
 3) by providing computers and Internet access in libraries
    so that they may act as gateways to the digital world,
    especially for users in low-income regions of the
    country and the world
 4) through a broad range of projects that support
    vulnerable children and families in transition in
    microsoft’s home region, the pacific northwest

            Third Wave Foundation
Young women have always been at the forefront of social justice movements. Yet the work of
 young women activists has often been ignored by society. The Third Wave Foundation helps
       support the leadership of young women ages 15 to 30 by providing resources, public
                               education, and relationship-building opportunities.Your name

            My Personal Tzedakah Mission Statement
                   You can touch on any of the following:
* issues I care about most * beliefs about my role in affecting the world
       *how being a giver shapes me/my identity as Jew or person
          *texts or ideas that have helped me define my mission
     *how I set priorities among communities, issues, or organizations
                           *first steps I intend to take
Organizations I am interested in        Things I should get more
                                   information about or would like to
                                            think more about

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