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                                                                                                   PO Box 368
    Hawaiian Acres                         FALL/WINTER                                      Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760
  Community Association
                                               2007                                           Ph/Fax 808-966-9892
                                                                                              email: info@hawaiianacres.org

                                             PRESIDENT’S REPORT
                                                       BY DIANA MILLER
      Aloha members of HACA,
      I cannot believe that it is already time for me to write another President's Report. Time sure is flying by.
        First, I would like to thank all of you who supported me in my candidacy for HACA president in the recent elec-
tion. This is my second term and I look forward to serving the community and property owners in my capacity as presi-
dent of the HACA board.
      Next, I would like to thank those who participated in our July annual membership meeting, either through atten-
dance or by returning ballots and/or proxies for the elections and votes on the proposed Bylaw and Charter amendments.
It was a good meeting, a little long, but we got a lot of things done. Since we had a quorum (30 or more members present
or by proxy) for the membership meeting, we were able to vote on the proposed Bylaw and Charter amendments and they
all passed. Unfortunately, there was some confusion over how to fill out the proxy used for the proposed Bylaw and
Charter amendments. Several proxies were returned without signature or designation of a HACA member and were not
counted in the totals. The bottom of the proxy form did state, "If the proxy is not designated and signed, it will not be
valid." I think that some people must have confused the Charter/Bylaw proxy form with a ballot. We will try to amend
forms that we use to avoid future confusion.
      Those of us who live in Hawaii are probably well aware of this, but non-resident members may not be tracking the
recent activities of Mother Nature. We have a hurricane season, but most of the time the hurricanes pass well south of
the island and we might get some rain, but not much in the way of winds. This past August, Hurricane Flossie looked
                                                                                                       (Continued on page 3)
              VICE-PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                      SECRETARY/EDITOR'S PIECE
                         BY TARAEL THORPE                                                    YOU GOTTA LOVE 'EM
      Aloha Kakou,                                                                                    BY JOHN LEHNERT
         Most of the trees are still here, although bulldozing con-               New wonder: Astrophysicists now say they can measure
tinues. The volcano is still flowing. Some would spout, “poised            and tell us exactly how much nothing the universe contains. Label-
to come right at us.” Only Pele knows for sure, and the weather            ing it ''Dark matter'' and ''Dark energy'' or ''Parallel universe'', they
patterns remain partly cloudy with windward showers over the               can mathematically plot the unknown in the great void. Computer
slopes, except for the occasional storm that blows and rains like          simulations have demonstrated it to explain why the ''known'' does-
crazy and fills up the water tanks. We did have a bit of a drought         n't compute. And ''Hubble can see almost to the edge of the uni-
that lasted long enough to worry those who regularly use too               verse''. I imagine there must be a brick wall or something defining
much water. That seems to be over now – for Puna at least.                 the ''edge'' so we can know when we're ''almost'' there. As I read it
Other parts of the island are still very, very dry.                        in a newspaper, maybe it was journalistic poetry, but it wasn't on
         If you live here you are likely aware of much of the              an editorial page. When $billions and lifetimes have been spent on
“news.” Some of the other articles in the newsletter will offer            research to grasp infinity, and we find only that we ''know'' less
other details. And here you may find a few more of interest: The           than we imagined, there's a strong temptation to blur the line be-
HACA community center has some recently finished table tops.               tween discovery and invention.
The last ones got pretty beat up from a loaning out situation. The                   Older wonder: Apparently psychiatrists have developed
new ones are shiny and more heavy duty, constructed by John                a legal dictatorship of reality, based loosely upon which chemicals
Lehnert and me in the firehouse. The epoxy finish was a bit dif-           a patient (never the doctor) may or may not have ingested, or may
ficult to work with but they should stand up to quite a few years          or may not be coerced or induced to ingest, and which behaviors a
of use and abuse.                                                          patient may have performed or avoided performing. Under duress,
         Some of you may have noticed that the street signs that           opinion can be obliged to become fact.
were purchased by HACA and installed some years ago have                             Ancient wonder: For millennia philosophers and gurus
disappeared, one by one. While there are still a few standing, it          have secured a firm toehold on wisdom and enlightenment, while
seems that the design that attached them to the poles was inade-           theologians and shamans have cornered the ''God's Word'' market,
quate to withstand the vandals living in this rural setting. Quite a       regardless of fluctuations. Everyone's TRUTH has always been
few of them have been found in the bushes near the poles where             more true than everyone else's.
they used to stand. A number of us are working to come up with                       Critics of this newsletter opine it ''should feature an edito-
a simple design that will be much more difficult to take down              rial page'' to separate facts from opinions, as if the readers want
and not too difficult to rework each one of them. You may see              help deciding which is which. From more Lone Rangers than Ton-
some of them reappearing before long.                                      tos I should derive a consensus, possibly by voting, scientific
         You will find quite a few other interesting things, some          measuring of political wind, or reference to scripture, as to whether
worrisome, some laughable, in this newsletter. After Laurie and            each writer's statements, implicit or explicit, are fact or opinion.
John spend hours and days compiling it all, other of us will fold          They should try herding cats. As I happily claim no monopoly on
and stamp it and off it will go into the US Mail.                          infinity, reality, truth, wisdom, or God, that (herding cats) is my
         Remember to love your family and yourself. Aloha aina.            opinion, in fact; and in my perception my information is always
And smile, it's easier on the facial muscles.                              True and Factual, while yours is merely opinion.
                                                                                    Thank you for re-electing me as HACA secretary. I'm still
                                                                           enjoying it. Minutes of HACA meetings may be seen online at
 THE PEAR (PUNA EMERGENCY ACCESS ROAD)                                     www.hawaiianacres.org.
                                                                                              REWARD FOR DOG KILLER
                          BY JOHN LEHNERT
                                                                                A beautiful family dog was intentionally murdered on 5 Road
       In the Fall of 2004 an easement agreement between Ha-
                                                                           between F and G. The criminal entered the “No Trespassing”
waiian Acres and the County was drawn up and signed by a few
                                                                           property on May 10, 2007. The police believe the criminal used a
Hawaiian Acres residents, allowing the County public access to
                                                                           club-type of instrument with a nail attached. The criminal used this
the Puna Emergency Access Road for the purpose of mainte-
                                                                           club to bash the dog in the head!
nance and improvements to Moho Rd. (8 Rd.).
                                                                                This beautiful Dalmatian dog was tied up on the porch and was
      Although much work has been done by the County, includ-
                                                                           totally DEFENSELESS. The dog was NOT a barker. This dog was
ing paint striping, traffic signage, and roadside vegetation con-
                                                                           fixed. This crime was totally uncalled for and needs to be punished
trol, we still do not know if the agreement has become a legal
                                                                           to the full extent of the law. Anyone who would commit this crime
document by recordation, nor whether the Land Court will accept
                                                                           needs to be taken out of our community. There is a reward offered
the terms and signatories to the agreement.
                                                                           to anyone who brings forward information that leads to the arrest
         In the Fall of 2006, HACA signed an agreement with the
                                                                           and conviction of this CRIMINAL. When this criminal is found,
County to install a culvert under 8 Rd. at the intersection of C
                                                                           we will be prosecuting for Trespassing and the new Cruelty to Ani-
Rd., and a drainage ditch through the front yard of the Commu-
                                                                           mal law. The Cruelty to Animal law gives a five-year mandatory
nity Center, for flood control. This work was planned for April
                                                                           jail sentence to anyone convicted of abusing animals.
of 2007 but to this date has not begun. We do not know why the
                                                                                Please do the right thing. If you know information regarding
                                                                           this crime, please come forward. Call Danielle or Bruce with any
                                                                           information at 808-989-3686.
   AREA 1 REPORT : GETTING TO KNOW YOU                                                    AREA 2 REPORT/PLANNING
                            BY JANET JUDY                                                     COMMITTEE
       Philip Tait was born in London, England. We know him as                                    BY JULIE JACOBSON
Treasurer of HACA and the fella who sets up our computer pro-                     Aloha!
grams and web sites. He is a genuine person with a neat sense of                  The HACA Planning Committee continues to focus on
humor. He is diligent and hard working and has added much to                Hawaiian Acres projects and needs. Some examples of
our HACA board in the two years he has been serving as Treas-               projects in the works include a small storage facility for
urer. He is married and has two children, a son on the mainland             outdoor recreation equipment and plans for an outdoor play
and a daughter attending University of Hawaii.                              area for games such as badminton and croquet. The 2006
       Philip’s mother still resides in Suffolk, England and he gets        successful HACA survey continues to be analyzed and used
to see her fairly often. Philip was an only child and growing up            for guidance in planning efforts.
saw a lot of The British Isles because he lived in Leigh-on-sea,                  For those interested, the PCDP (Puna Community
Essex; Southampton, Hampshire; Grange Park, London; Fern-                   Development Plan) draft plan is to be released in November
down, Dorset; and Weathampstead, Hertfordshire. Also Scotts-                2007. I suggest viewing information on the PCDP at http://
dale and Paradise Valley, Arizona, and last but not least, here in          www.hawaiiislandplan.com/ website. There are examples
Hawaii for the past 2 ½ years.                                              of the ideas people are working on throughout the County.
       Philip chose as his career to become a computer engineer             HACA has contributed input to the PCDP based on ideas
and still pursues that profession as he works for Subaru Tele-              with a broad base of support by the board and HACA mem-
scope for which he does some occasional traveling.                          bers.
       Philip has several hobbies to keep him busy in his “spare”                 The 5.4 earthquake that occurred during our last
time. He enjoys sailing and usually just sails near the island              HACA meeting showed that our humble HACA Commu-
strictly for recreation.                                                    nity Center is, like a lot of us, middle-aged, sturdy, here for
       He enjoys home improvement projects and says what most               the long haul to contribute to our well being and willing to
of us say about our homes, “It seems to never end.” Philip and his          rock and roll to liven things up from time to time.
family began to scuba in French Polynesia and loved it but they
don’t get a chance to go very often. He enjoys hiking whenever
the opportunity presents itself.
       Should you choose to visit our HACA office and Philip               (Continued from page 1) President’s Report
were there shake his hand and tell him what a ‘jolly good job” he          like it might be heading for us, but ended up just skirting the
does as your Treasurer.                                                    island to the south. The same day that Flossie was churning
                                                                           past the Big Island, we had a 5.4 earthquake (which inciden-
                                                                           tally happened during our August HACA meeting). Prior to
                      AREA 3 REPORT
                                                                           that, around July 19-21, there was a lot of activity at the erup-
                      BY MARK VAN DOREN
                                                                           tion site of Pu'u O'o. Lava is now erupting from the lower
        The world is a dangerous place. Ninety-nine percent of the         end of a fissure located at the base of the Kupaianaha shield,
time Hawaiian Acres is not. We are lucky to live in a place                which was active between 1986 and 1992. What that means
largely untouched by the woes of the world. I say this to remind           to us, is that depending on where you live in Hawaiian Acres,
you where you live and to remember to be thankful for the won-             you might see an orange glow in the sky at night, from the
der, beauty and friendliness that surrounds you.                           volcanic activity and burning forest. Currently, no residences
         The other morning my car broke down at 4:30 AM on the             in Puna are threatened, but the lava is moving to the north-
way to the Maku’u Farmer’s Market. While I awaited a spare                 east, so, at some point in the future, that may change. Rather
battery from my thoughtful sister, no less than 6 cars passed me           than listen to the rumors, I check the US Geological Service
and EVERY single one asked if I was OK! Some were fisherman                (USGS) website for updates on the volcanic activity. You
and surfers headed out for a day of enjoying this island’s natural         can also get info on earthquakes at this site. Please see Ken
bounty while others looked like night-time partiers headed home            Cutting’s Lava Flow Update article on page 11.
for a good night’s sleep. But never was I worried about being                     Finally, I want to thank all of our HACA members for
robbed or accosted.                                                        being HACA members. Your dues provide the money that
        Every neighborhood in our nation has a drug fiend or two           allows us to continue our services and support to the mem-
but we are lucky to be surrounded, for the most part, with good            bership and community. If you live in the area of Hawaiian
people and certainly natural beauty. I wish to remind all of you to        Acres and would like to get more involved with the HACA
appreciate how good is each day above ground and to love those             organization, we currently have several openings on our
around you and forgive small faults.                                       HACA board. We meet once a month for about 2 hours or
        There are wars and hunger and homelessness out there in            so. No experience is required. If you are unsure, please stop
the big world. But here we are in one of the most beautiful set-           in and sit in on one of our meetings. We all have a common
tings on Earth with fresh water to drink and good food to eat.             goal in doing what is best for the resident and non-resident
Add a touch of love from one another and this is nothing short of          property owners.
        In the immortal words of Carole King: “These are the
good ol’ days”.
                          BY TOM CLARKE                                                         BY DIANA MILLER
         From time to time I take a morning to phone various
people who live in Area 4 in Hawaiian Acres, my neighbor-                        The County of Hawai'i General Plan, approved in 2005,
hood. Most of the folks I call are old friends or previous cli-         established the Community Development Plan (CDP) Program.
ents from my realtor days. And because there are always new             CDPs are intended to translate broad General Plan Goals, Poli-
folks moving onto their land out here in the mid-jungle, I often        cies, and Standards into Implementation Actions as they apply
meet new folks who I quickly rope into answering a few ques-            to specific geographical regions around the Island. CDPs are
tions. I guess I’m conducting my own unofficial neighborhood            also intended to serve as a forum for community input into land-
survey. Mostly I ask what they think of what’s going on in              use, delivery of government services and any other matters relat-
‘their’ Hawaiian Acres. Some folks think that we really need a          ing to the planning area. The CDP process invites communities
lost dog hot-line, others want better roads, and some even want         to provide input into the creation of policies as well as to iden-
worse and/or slower roads.                                              tify implementation actions designed for their specific region of
      Most folks are real happy to be in Hawaiian Acres, and            the County.
some just simply love it. Some, not so much. One thing is cer-                   The Puna CDP has been ongoing since Feb ‘06. The
tain though, when we are asked, we can all manage to come up            kick-off meetings were held throughout the district on Feb 22
with something to say about ‘our’ Hawaiian Acres. The big-              through Mar 3. From Apr through Jun ‘06, small group meet-
gest concern seems to be all those junk cars along the roads.           ings were help to incorporate broad-based citizen input to the
Fortunately, we now have a number to call. Try this: First call         Puna CDP process. Working Groups were formed to address
the Police Station at 935-3311 and leave an abandoned car               specific topics such as agriculture, alternative energy, land use
report. You should have the VIN number if possible, and the             and transportation, to name a few. There have also been other
location of the car. Be sure to ask dispatch for a call back with       public meetings and workshops held to present information on
the police Report Number. If, after 2 weeks, the car has not            topics related to the CDP. Throughout the process, a Steering
been moved, call James Isa @ 961-8552 and leave a message.              Committee, made up of representatives of the community, meets
Please let me know how it works out for you.                            to review and advise on plan products. Currently, the Steering
      The second biggest concern among my neighbors is simi-            Committee meets monthly at the Keaau Community Center.
lar to the first one. Trash along the roads. Frankly, I think we        (The public is welcome to attend these meetings. I've been to a
will always have the trash, as well as the car problem. There           few myself.)
are always a few people who find it difficult to go to the dump.                 The County has established a website that has just about
And lets not forget the ones that keep people away by spread-           everything you have ever wanted to know about the Puna CDP
ing cars and trash along their roads, because they would rather         on it. Past meetings, community input, working group reports,
have junk on their roads than new neighbors.                            future meetings and agendas are all posted at
       What to do? Why, I’m glad you asked.                                    http://www.bigislandplan.com/puna.asp and also on the
      As chairman of the Membership Recruitment Committee,              Hawaii County Resource Center at
I know that you are a contributing member of HACA. You                         http://www.hcrc.info/hawai-i-island-plan
voluntarily sent in your $25, and that’s great. Thank you.                       The Puna CDP document is still being developed and
That’s why you got this newsletter. Non-members don’t get all           after the draft is done, it will be available for public comment. It
the newsletters that the members do. “What more can I do for            is critical that the public get involved in this process. The Gen-
the community?” you may be asking yourself... or not. Well,             eral Plan now requires that a CDP shall be adopted by the
you can become a member of the HACA Board.                              County Council as an "ordinance," giving the CDP the force of
      We need more board members. Sure, we have enough                  law. What is being developed now will affect the future of our
members to conduct the business of the Association, but                 district. Please get involved. The more public input into the
barely. “Shouldn’t that be enough?” you may ask. No, it’s not           process, the more it will reflect the desires of the residents of
enough, and let me explain why. There are times when deci-              Puna. Mahalo!
sions/votes are determined by as few as two or three members,
as some members are absent, and one or two voted differently
than the three. With more people on the board we would have
a chance at a more representative group of community mem-
bers. So come on down to a meeting and see what’s going on.
You may want to help us be more responsive to our commu-
nity. And who knows? You may just have a plausible solution
to the junk car and road trash problem.             Aloha
                  BY PATRICE MACDONALD
       Many robberies have been reported and some major
invaders have been arrested, be prepared. We still recom-
mend surveillance cameras, natural disaster preparation
and have extended radio communications to the people
who need them the most. In our area, we network fre-
quently, and report all suspicious activity to landowners.     major problem. Park your bulldozers on your own lot, not
      I have continued to work as EMERGENCY MEDI-              across the road where it damages others’ pins and property.
CAL response and have incorporated my training in inter-       The roads have not been surveyed since the 1950’s. Please
national disaster relief to network and respond. Many          have surveying done by a local professional.
women are involved with radio contact and medical inter-              Please pay your $25.00 HACA fee and give the old
vention.                                                       timers the courtesy and wisdom to educate the people.
        Personally, one of my major goals is attracting pri-   VOICE your concerns. I encourage you to email, call, show
mary physicians to this area. New physicians are de-           up. Feel free to continue contacting me with your questions
tracted from practice by the old medical facility that al-     and needs to function in this rural community. ONLY a few
lows very FEW NEW doctors hospital privileges. My              members left on the HACA board have lived here more than
planning goals have been to bring in affordable medical        a few years. Instead of feeling angst about the many
care to the community and attract more specialists. We         changes, please contact your Reps and communicate the
are a community of over 2,500 people who are living here       issues. This year, as of September, there are 160 lots for
and have retired here, yet only those who can afford to do     sale. Last year there were 212 lots for sale. The constituents
so fly to an outer island to receive treatment in some         are constantly changing, and as always the people will come
cases.                                                         and go as they face the reality of living out here. Most peo-
        COQUI: The coqui eradication is a hot, time con-       ple do not want to be a mainland-style subdivision. The lo-
suming, thankless job BUT successful. Over 20 acres are        cal people have much to offer and do not want their way of
being maintained and treated. Our nine acres and sur-          life and their aina destroyed.
rounding lots are coqui free. The pu’eo (native owl) is               We constantly ask for a planning meeting to help the
being killed and driven out of the forest because they can-    newcomers with our old issues. Many landowners expect
not hear through the cacophony of coqui to hunt at night.      perfect roads and build their houses too close to their
To preserve the last ancient kipuka of ohi’a and hapu’u,       neighbors instead of staggering them for the privacy of all.
we will continue to sacrifice our time and money to save       It is illegal to widen the road or cut ohi’a trees and hapu’u
the indigenous species. Mahalo to Ohia and Michelle for        from others’ property. If you cut trees or fern or widen the
continuing the coqui eradication at the HACA building          road of a CONSERVATION lot then all the native fern is
lot.                                                           just replaced with invasive species. Common sense would
        Another function this year is the continual driving    be that if you want a commercial subdivision there are 139
of all 75 miles of roads. Many county and HACA signs           to choose from. If you want a paved road, go there. Having
have been found and returned. Any signs found may be           worked and lived in the islands for over thirty-five years,
returned to the HACA office with anonymity and am-             I’ve listened to people from other areas too. Many support-
nesty. The derelict and abandoned car committee requires       ers of the Puna development plan have discussed using the
a lot of driving, but gives us a great opportunity to travel   Stainback Highway at the end of North Kulani as an alterna-
and observe the changes in HA. Call the HACA office at         tive route. It condemns no land. It is not in the flood zone. It
966-9892 and leave detailed directions and a description       connects about 40 other subdivisions access from Hilo to
of the abandoned and derelict vehicles. Calls must be          Volcano without ruining anyone’s subdivision. Remember
made to the police at 935-3311.                                that everyone’s vote is equal. Anyone may write to the
        On one journey we removed the barbed wire from         PDCP and relate their plans and ideas.
B Road and had a large part of the junk yard towed away.              Another project I have worked on is hiking, horseback
I have also been working with the poor souls who pur-          riding, and biking the Old Volcano Trail. The results of this
chased property on 2 Rd and B, where the river continues       and other research projects in progress will be forthcoming.
to wash away the road and property. This is not new;           A second goal is to have some of the horseback riders meet
other people find they have bought lava tubes, or built        and have an annual ride through the Acres. Many new small
houses on wrong lots. Problems we have worked with is          horse facilities are being built. Aloha! to the growing horse
teaching people to find their lots and old survey pins. Re-    community.
moving pins and cutting into other peoples’ property is a               One vote can change the world.
              BYLAWS AND CHARTER                                        VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORT
          AMENDMENTS…..WHY DO THEM??                                                  BY CHIEF SHELDON LEHMAN
                     HACA PRESIDENT                                        Our 1972 International Fire Truck has finally died. It just
      I attended the HACA Annual meeting this past July and          couldn’t take our sub-standard roads any longer. When re-
there was quite a discussion as to the need for revising the HACA    sponding to fires we of course pushed her to the limits and she
Bylaws and/or the HACA Charter of Incorporation.                     just can’t take it anymore. The county is looking for a replace-
      The HACA Bylaws may be amended at the Annual Meeting           ment truck for us and in the interim we have a loaner truck
                                                                     from Co. 5 Charlie. It is only a 280 Gal. capacity truck so we
with a 2/3 vote after being previously published. A little history
                                                                     hope to get a newer truck real soon. In the meantime we can
on past revisions: The HACA Bylaws have been amended several
                                                                     make do with the brush truck we have on loan.
times. Some changes affected the size of the HACA council, re-               We have had several calls since the last newsletter, the
sponsibilities of officers, creation of At-Large Council persons,    worst of which was a structure (house) fire reported by a tour
but many changes were for clarity and to express the views of an     helicopter. The fire was said to be in the back of Hawaiian
ever-changing council. Because the vote needed for these             Acres. After searching for half-an-hour to no avail, the house
changes is 2/3, members have the opportunity to express their        was located in Eden Rock, two subdivisions away, burnt to the
views. It always appears that a few people are making significant    ground. Oops. The GPS coordinates were given to dispatch
changes for the majority, but if you do not vote or send in your     by the tour chopper but unfortunately we don’t carry a GPS on
signed, designated proxy then you are allowing a few people to       the fire truck. Perhaps that’s something we should consider in
make your decisions!                                                 the future. If anyone has one they would like to donate please
      HACA’s Charter of Incorporation document amendments            let us know.
are much more significant and should be done with caution. The               We have several new members in the Hawaiian Acres
Charter of Incorporation is a legal document recognized by the       VFD, please welcome them aboard. Our members are Russ
State of Hawaii. All Charter amendments require a 2/3 vote with      Brauher (Assistant Chief), Joe Good (Captain), Roy Bath
copies of the meeting minutes when the vote occurred and vote        (Captain), Lynne Brauher (Captain), Jim Rietveld, Rick
counts recorded in minutes to be submitted. These documents go       Worley, Ken Cutting, Rod Ackerman, Tony Lehman, Martin
to the State of Hawaii for acceptance and recordation.               Gross, Bill Phalen, Patrick Merrit, Dave Partlow, Joel Kelley,
      At the July 2007 meeting, an amendment was passed to have      Diana Kelley, and Joe Aguiar.
HACA elections every other year so that officers would serve a 2           As always, keep a fire extinguisher in your home and one
                                                                     in your car. If used properly, it can save what could turn out to
year term rather than one. The effective date for this change has
                                                                     be a catastrophe. Have a safe and fire-free year.
been discussed with legal council and the opinion of legal council
was to hold an election in 2008 and those elected would serve for
2 years. This would provide clarity and there would be no per-
sonal agenda or selfish intent implied if done in 2008. The next        HAWAIIAN ACRES EMERGENCY RESPONSE
election after 2008 would be 2010.                                                   TEAM
      Why make these changes? HACA is 47 years old now and                                   BY KEN CUTTING
many of the original Bylaws are outdated or do not suit the needs
of our present landowners.                                                   Nature has been putting us to the test lately, and it
      The demographics in Hawaiian Acres are changing even           really drives home the need to be prepared for any emergency,
though there are people here who either do not acknowledge this      anytime.
fact or refuse to accept it. HACA has to serve its constituents.             For example, Hurricane Flossie was heading our way
Making the process easier, and providing clarity for members will    and people were standing in long lines at the stores to buy sup-
make the HACA Board more effective so they may better serve          plies. I was called on to open an American Red Cross shelter
the people of Hawaiian Acres.                                        at Mountain View School. While setting up the shelter we had
                                                                     a 5.4 earthquake. After the hurricane passed us by, we were
                                                                     put on a tsunami alert. Coming home from the shelter, I had a
                                                                     far too excellent view of the red glow from the lava flow that
                                                                     is advancing behind our subdivision. Add to that the fact that
                                                                     someone is setting brushfires over on the Kona side. I was just
                                                                     waiting for a freak ice storm or a big rock to fall out of the sky.
                                                                             We must all be prepared all the time! Not just when we
                                                                     know something is coming our way, but always. We have
                                                                     been lucky so far. How long will our luck hold out? Only
                                                                     God and Mother Nature knows.
                                        NEWSLETTER FALL 2007

 Notice: Separate from HACA is HARC - Hawaiian Acres Road Corporation. If you aren’t already a member helping to maintain
                             your roads, you can send $60.00 per year (January—December) to:
                                     HARC         PO Box 1261, Kurtistown, HI                96760

                PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                TREASURER’S & G RD REPORT
                     BY RANDY KAULFERS                                                   KAILA'S KORNER
      Some Good News to report!
      HARC has recovered $1100.00 in damages from a home-                       It's been a good year so far, no flash floods, no major
owner, who had hired a bulldozer operator / contractor who was            damage to the roads, things are looking good. Although I ex-
not following rules about trailering in tracked vehicles. This par-       pect some rains at the end of the year. I'm budgeting my funds
ticular bulldozer operator not only damaged the Hawaiian Acres            carefully so that I will have some for then. Mahalo to all who
roadway, but also took out supports for a HELCO pole.                     pay their dues, and to members who don't contribute- "What's
    HARC is protecting the dues-paying members’ interests by              up with that?" We all drive on the roads, we should all con-
pursuing any incidents where road damage has been caused by               tribute to keeping them passable and safe.
bulldozers and other heavy equipment. Please be sure to use a                   From the donations, "G" road gets little more than
licensed contractor who has insurance and understands our rules.          $5000.00 for the maintenance of "G" road. That’s about 15
      Our Annual meeting is Sunday, December 9, 2007, at 2:00             loads of gravel and that’s for the whole year. If more lot own-
pm and all current road corporation members as well as commu-             ers would donate funds just imagine what the roads would
nity members are invited.                                                 look like then! I encourage anyone who lives on and around
      Please cast your ballot for the 2008 election which is in-          "G" road to help us by paying their road maintenance dues.
cluded in this newsletter.                                                      Reminder: WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS ON THE
      If you are interested in serving your community, we wel-            HARC BOARD...So join us to make a difference in your
come new candidates for the HARC board.                                   community. Step up to the plate and stop grumbling.

                                                                              C RD & PAVEMENT CHAIR MESSAGE
             IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES                                                     BY SUSANN TITA
                CALL CIVIL DEFENSE                                                 Pavement: Significant work was done on the paved
                                                                          portion of Road 1. The shoulder was filled with rock material
                                                                          from the beginning of Rd 1, to past Rd D, just short of Rd E.
     IF YOU ARE TRAPPED BY FLOODING, OR                                   Cost for materials was approximately $6500.00 and labor was
      OTHER EMERGENY ROAD CONDITIONS                                      $1800.00. The project took several days. The sides of the road
        CALL CIVIL DEFENSE AT: 935-0031                                   were cut and trimmed back, cost of this project was ($1,000).
                                                                          It also took several days to complete. These efforts were made,
                                                                          and this money was spent, to ensure the drivers of Rd 1 a safer
                                                                          ride to and from their property. I ask that people using Rd 1
                                                                          please drive slower. Yield to other drivers when needed to
                      B RD REPORT
                                                                          ensure safe passage for all. The future plan is to work toward
                      BY NICKY RAPOZA                                     paving all the way down Rd 1 as money becomes available.
                                                                          Help the project.
       Boxscraping has been done from roads 3-11. There has                        Rd C: Significant money has been spent on rock mate-
been gravel put down in certain areas of the road. More gravel is         rial from Rd 1 to Rd 11. As money comes in, I will keep put-
scheduled to be delivered. Low spots have been punched out so             ting rock material on the road. As of September 24, 2007,
that water can drain. Of the 659 lots in the B Rd area, 205 have          about $6,700.00 has been spent in boxscraping, pulling mate-
paid their 2007 membership dues. Thank you all for your sup-              rial back onto the road and filling holes. This is an endless
port.                                                                     project that will be continually worked on to keep the road
                                                                          passable. I am asking everyone to please drive at a reasonable
                                                                          speed on the road to keep materials in place (suggested speed
                   NOTICE:                                                is 15 MPH). Excessive speeds ruin the road and only cause
    This is the HARC Election issue. Only paid                            more damage, costing more money. REMINDER: All tracked
     HARC members have received the Ballot                                vehicles must be trailed to and from any property.
                                       NEWSLETTER FALL 2007
                                                                                            D RD REPORT
           NEIGHBORHOOD 5 ROAD                                                               BY PAUL SHRIFT
             Between F and G Roads                                          Greetings all Hawaiian Acres D Rd users!

      Project Manager: Jim with the Dump Truck                               I would like to thank all who have contributed this year
      Phone Number: 808.938.1649 Cell (Mon–Fri Daytime                 to the D Rd fund for your support of the regular maintenance
Hrs) -                                                                 program run by an all-volunteer group. D Rd is in better
             or -808.968.6482 Answering machine/night avail-           shape this year so far due to volunteers and, so far, much less
ability                                                                wild weather. Granted, we have had our fair share of gully
        Goal Number One: To have the bushes cut back on both           washers that have stripped the road of the gravel surface but
sides of the road with a Rubber Tired, County Style, Flayling          for the most part, at least, it has been a rather mellow year. In
Trimmer Machine. This would be done on 5 Road between F&G.             my perspective, the wild weather usually arrives from Sept.
        The roads are legally supposed to be 40 feet wide with the     17th through Dec. 23rd of any given year.
telephone poles. As we all can tell, the jungle has grown in and             One on-going problem is people dumping used tires, old
needs to be cut back. This will help alleviate the jungle scratching   junk cars and other rubbish along the sides of D Rd. In one
our cars when we are driving.                                          recent incident, the perps were caught red-handed and two
        The Trimmer machine was available on short notice. We          police reports were initiated to go after the perpetrators who
have already had him trim back half of the road, from F Road up        are dumping junk cars on the side of our roads.
to our property (about half way down 5 Road toward G). We paid               We also still have bulldozer operators walking their doz-
this up front out of our own pocket. If we want him to come back       ers on our roads, and we encourage all folks to trailer in to
and cut back the rest of the road all the way to G, he is available    their lots if they can, as we are now going after those who tear
to do so.                                                              up our roads with tracked equipment. The H.A.C.A. /
        Goal Number Two: To have the holes and bad areas re-           H.A.R.C. office staff has a list of the good dozer operators
paired on Road 5 with gravel between F & G. Jim with the Dump          who faithfully trailer their tracked equipment directly to your
Truck has looked at the project. Jim has determined that to do a       lot should you like to inquire.
good job repairing the road, approximately 7 loads of gravel will            Please remember that the unofficial speed limit on the
be needed. Please be aware, this will not make the road perfect. It    gravel roads is 15 MPH, especially through the blind intersec-
is to make passing on one lane of the road acceptable for our cars.    tions.
        As most of you know, matching funds are available for
one load of gravel through the Road Corporation. This means if               HARC Road Dues = $5.00 x 12 months = $60.00
someone puts up the money for one load for a project, HARC                         Or less than 17 cents per day!!
will match the money (if approved). This is available one time,
per year, per project. One of our neighbors has already been good
enough to put up this money. So, as of this letter, we have $680             Please spread the word to all of our neighbors. We ap-
toward the donations needed for this project.                          preciate everyone’s help with this project. If we had 20 people
        Between this generous donation and Jim donating his            who donated $100, we would have enough to finish the pro-
time, truck and fuel, we are off to a great start. We would like to    ject. But really, if you can afford, $50, $30 or $20, your dona-
ask all of us who own land on 5 Road between F & G or use 5            tion would really be of help. Thank you for your considera-
Road to commute, to please make a donation. We could really            tion.
use everyone’s help to make this a successful project. Whatever                If you have any questions, please call Jim with the
you can donate would really be appreciated. Every little bit helps!    Dump Truck. Phone numbers are listed above.
                                                                             Send or deliver donations for the 5 Road project to:
     Following is our project costs:                                         Laurie at the HACA Center (Please make sure she
     $1,000 for the Trimmer Machine                                    knows the money is for 5 road between F & G.)
     $1,500 for Gravel for the road                                          Or
     $ 00 for Jim’s time, truck and fuel (donation)                          Send to:
     $2,500 Total approximate Cost of the Project                            Jim Rietveld
     $340 Less-Matching Funds from HARC (Road Association)                   P.O. Box 832
     $340 Less-Funds from a Generous Neighbor                                Mountain View, HI 96771

     $1,820 in Donations Needed for Road Project                             Thank you again for everyone’s assistance in making
                                                                       this a huge success.

                                      NEWSLETTER FALL 2007
                    E ROAD REPORT
                    BY RANDY KAULFERS                                                MATCHING FUNDS
     E Rd maintenance has included 18 loads of gravel,
                                                                             What are matching funds? This is a question
grading, box scraping, and cutting of the overhanging
guava and waiwe between 5 and 6 Roads. I have also au-                    on the minds of many Hawaiian Acres residents
thorized equipment to punch out the shoulders to increase                 and property owners. Here is your answer!!
better water flow and prevent “ponding”. Ponding tends to                    The HARC Matching Funds Program is a pro-
cause the gravel to get washed out.                                       gram in which one-half of desired road work
     All of E Road had gravel applied this year. As we                    costs are paid for by HARC, and the other half
approach the end of the year, funds are running low, so we                paid for by persons requesting the road work.
will maintain the roads as well as possible with the limited              There are certain rules and regulations regarding
funds. The rest of the budget will be used on E Rd to apply               the procedure in which matching funds are ob-
more gravel and box scrape if necessary before the end of                 tained and dispensed. The following are general
the year. Hopefully, we will not have a very rainy Novem-                 guidelines:
                                                                          1. At least one person of the group requesting
     At least one request for matching funds has been
granted and other proposals are being considered.                         matching funds must be a paid member of the
     One outstanding project is the pavement project which                Road Corporation.
was approved last December. This project will be done in                  2. Before work commences, the person or per-
2008.                                                                     sons requesting matching funds must come to a
                                                                          monthly Board meeting to pay for half of the
                                                                          project, or have contacted their Road Rep. and
                    ROAD F REPORT                                         delivered their $$ to the office.
                      BY DEVRA REEVES
                                                                          3. The proposed work must be approved by the
        The work that was PO’d first thing this year is finally           HARC Board.
done. The “tide pools” below the 6 Road intersection are no               4. There must be matching funds available for
more and that section seems to be holding up really well. The             the area in which the work is to be done. The
work from 8–7 is gaining potholes again but at least they’re not          amount available to members is now $340.00. So
as deep as before. I think if 1 more load of gravel is applied it
                                                                          the total project can be up to $680.00.
may just hold up.
        At this point there is enough money left for 3 loads of           5. This program is generally for the numbered
gravel – my intentions to are to put 1 load between 7-8, 1 load           roads, not the main ingress & egress roads.
stretched between 6-4, and 1 load between 3-1. There will also
be a small amount of cold patch work done between 4-2 where
the old reclaim sections are breaking up badly. If any more mon-
ies come in more can be done but that’s about it at this point.
        I asked Laurie, (our wonderful office manager) for infor-
                                                                                     TREE THEFTS!
mation regarding numbers of lot owners and paid HARC mem-                     Two men were spotted stealing ohi’a
bers. Exactly 1/3 of the lot owners in the F Road area pay road          trees and hapu’u fern trees here in the Acres
dues. There are a total of 648 possible lots/ members with 216
actual paid. It’s pretty disappointing that so few are fixing the
                                                                         on E Road, September 9, 2007. The men
road for everyone. Although this newsletter mainly goes to only          were driving a Mazda pick-up truck that was
paid members, for any of you receiving this that have yet to con-        aquamarine colored. The license plate is
tribute – please do so now.
       Mahalo to all the folks paying dues and helping to maintain            HWS 706.
our road and especially to Herman Hopper for the wonderful vol-               The police were called, although the
unteer upkeep he’s done from the bottom of 4 Road all the way to
the pavement. Everyone say “Thanks” when you see him.
                                                                         thieves fled before the police arrived. Please
       Not much else to report so will keep this short and to the        alert police immediately if YOU see anyone
point. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please give me a call       illegally cutting vegetation.
at 968-8403.

                                           NEWSLETTER FALL 2007

             CANDIDATE STATEMENT                                              CANDIDATE STATEMENT

      Aloha everyone. I am running for re-election to the               I will be running again as D Rd chair for another
HARC Board for 2008 because I enjoy helping the commu-             year of volunteer community safety and maintenance
nity. When I see a job that needs to be done, I do it! After       for all who traverse D Rd. It is a rather involved posi-
all, the HARC board members are all volunteers, and it             tion and can be quite a bit of work to coordinate con-
really is a thankless job but someone needs to do it.              tractors and deal with people on a one-on-one basis as
                                                                   every one has a strong opinion on how things should
      I would like to continue the work I started on E Road        be accomplished. I am up for the task once again as
this year and make our roads better . I ask for your vote to       your D Road volunteer (unpaid) board member.
continue serving on the HARC Board for 2008
                                                                        Mahalo, Paul Shrift
     Mahalo,    Randy Kaulfers

       Current HARC Board of Directors 2007
                      (till December 9, 2007)

   President & E Rd Chair
                 Randy Kaulfers                 808-966-7002                  If you are developing a lot along
   Vice-Pres, Treasurer, & G Rd Chair                                     the Puna Emergency Access Road
                 Kaila (Gail) Dehmer            808-966-4276           (PEAR), which runs from 8 Rd, jogs on F
   B Rd Chair Nicky Rapoza                      808-966-7738            Rd to 9 Rd and then out the County lot
   C Rd & Pavement Chair                                               to the Ainaloa subdivision, you must get
                 Susann Tita                    808-982-9036
                                                                          a permit for your driveway from the
   D Rd Chair Paul Shrift                       808-968-7593
   F Rd Chair Devra Reeves                      808-968-8403           County. Check with the County Planning
                                                                         Dept. for more info: 808-961-8288.
          HARC Monthly Meetings are held at the
           Community Center on the 4th Thursday
          of each month 5:00 PM (note new time)
             (except for November & December)

                                                  ATTENTION ALL LOT OWNERS
If you are planning on bulldozing and/or grading your property, please remember that it is illegal to change the course of
                      water flowing at the entry to your property and/or at the exit of your property.
                                 You may make water flow changes only on your property.
                       Also, you may or may not need a grubbing or grading permit. Check with the
                                      County of Hawaii Planning Dept. (808-961-8288).
The Soil & Water Conservation District (808-933-8350) can help you if you join as a contributor. They will help you with a
                                   plan for your property at no cost and no permit needed.
               If you choose this, but do not go by the plan they help develop, you may need to deal with the
                                               County of Hawaii in the future.

   PRESERVE NATIVE FORESTS IN HAWAIIAN                                                   MY EXPERIENCE SO FAR
       ACRES AND LOWER YOUR TAXES                                                         IN HAWAIIAN ACRES
                        BY DIANA MILLER                                                              BY JOE WILDER
                                                                                    I moved here about 4 months ago from Los Angeles.
       Any property three acres or larger within agricultural-             I had been coming here on vacation nearly every year for the
zoned districts (like Hawaiian Acres) which is covered with at             past five years. I bought a house here about 7 years ago. It’s
least 2.75 intact and contiguous acres of native forest is eligible        been rented out all this time. I live in a small cabin which I
for dedication as native forest. "Native forests" means lands              rent across from the Community Center. I’m use to having a
which have 60 percent or greater native species forest cover.              little more interior space but nowhere near as much exterior
Native species means those species indigenous to the Hawaiian              space. I was a little concerned at first that I wouldn’t be able
island, having become established or evolved in Hawaii without             to tolerate the cloudy days. But after a number of trips into
the aid of human beings. In Hawaiian Acres, the most common                Hilo and places like Kalapana and Kapoho where there’s
native species are the Ohi'a Lehua, Hapu'u and Uluhe ferns.                more sunshine, I far more appreciate the cooler climate up
        The Hawaii County Tax Code Section 19-59 describes                 here.
the process for Native Forest Dedications. Any property owner                     The tree frogs took some thought before I came to an
can petition to dedicate their land for native forest preserva-            accommodation. I traveled quite a bit for my work in LA
tion. The minimum period of dedication is 20 years. The peti-              and found ear plugs to be a big help when living in hotel
tion must be filed with the Director of Finance by 1 Sept and              rooms, so that was my natural solution to coqui noise. Ear
shall be approved or disapproved by 15 Dec. You will also need             plugs perfectly screen out the type of noise the frogs make.
to submit a written affidavit with your petition by a recognized           They don’t work well at all for low bass sounds. For in-
professional in the field of natural resources or a finding by a           stance, there was a party at the Community Center recently.
County, State or Federal agency or department with relevant                There were bass drums. The ear plugs did nothing for that.
expertise in the field of natural resources stating that your land         The party goers were well-behaved and ended early. They
qualifies as native forest.                                                appear to have cleaned up after themselves the next day as
        So why go through all this trouble? There are two good             well. Long and short: I’m sleeping like a rock.
reasons. First, you preserve the native forest. (If your lot has                  I realize I’ve been blessed my first months here with
invasive species on it, like Guava, Albizia, Melastome, Ti-                better weather than usual. That’s been good as I haven’t
bouchina, and so on, you may need to do some work before you               been working. I came with plans on what to do to provide
consider your lot for dedication.) Second, you'll be assessed a            for myself. Well, you know… There have been some
lowered tax rate for a native forest lot. (The minimum rate per            changes in my thinking. I know the deal here though. I
lot is 100 dollars, but that is a lot lower than the 300-500 dollars       don’t think I have illusions as to what’s possible.
for the non-dedicated property.)                                                  I’m reading Henry David Thoreau’s Walden right now.
        I have successfully dedicated two of my vacant three-              It’s helping me get a different perspective. He disdains
acre lots to native forest. It takes some effort to do the paper-          money quite frequently in the book. But it’s hard to put
work and it also takes work on the lots to keep the invasives out.         down the old American “grab all you can get” spirit. I’m
But, I think it is worth the effort. You can get more information          unclenching my fists little by little. Actually, I need to work
about this program by contacting the Real Property Tax Office              on myself in quite a few areas.
or by going online at http://www.hawaiipropertytax.com or go-                     If you’re interested in the ear plugs, they have a huge
ing to the County website at http://www.hawaii-county.com. Or,             container of them at Wal-Mart for about $10. It’s probably a
you can contact me at diana@hawaiianacres.org or 982-7722.                 lifetime supply. You’ll see them, they’re purple. They’re
                                                                           the best I’ve ever found.

                                               MEET YOUR NEW NEIGHBORS!
                                                  BY LEO BARNETT AND ANNA MUTH
    We have two kids, home schooled, Sasha 10 yrs. (boy), into computer game, Shuna 6 yrs. (girl), likes animals and swimming,
looking for playmates.
    We also have 1 dog, Spot, and 2 cats, Max & Laupa.
    Anna is from St. Petersburg, Russia. She worked in a realty office and at a local pre-school.
    Leo is from Anacortes, Wa. He practiced massage therapy, body work of all kinds, worked at a health food store, computer &
electronics repair, and was involved in Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. spiritual communities including The Essenes, S.H.E.S, U.L.C.,
3HO Kundalini yoga, Tantra groups, and is into animal rights, conscious eating and vegan activism.
    We have flowers, avocados, grapefruit, figs, tangelo, limes, lemons, longan, lychee & guava. We would like to barter / trade for
bananas, coconuts, mango, mac nuts, any greens or tomatoes. Anna & I can come to you & pick the fruit / veg to share. We are start-
ing up Aloha Aina lawn service, a donation / barter based service to members of the community.
    We would like to start up a DVD exchange in the community, if anyone is interested.
    We live on lot 28 between “C” & “B” on Road #3 (Hopue).
    Call (808) 217-2925 to talk story anytime.
                                                  SIGN COMMITTEE REPORT
                                                 BY SANDY STOKES, COMMITTEE CHAIR

      On Saturday, August 31, 2007, stone sculptor Bill McKnight enlisted the assistance of Ben Alonzo, of BJ’s 76 Service, to replace
the Hawaiian Acres entrance sign at the corner of South Kulani and the Old Volcano Trial. “The previous sign was aging and, in my
opinion, just did not reflect the family values we have come to see as the cornerstone of our Hawaiian Acres community,” said Mr.
McKnight. The new stone sculpture appeared to have been in the location for a long time. One resident even questioned if we had found
the sculpture in place after we weed whacked the area, indicating it appeared to belong there! If you look closely, you will see petro-
glyphs of “the bird catcher”. You may even see a family unit petroglyph if you scrutinize the left side of the stone. (Hawaiian Acres was
a bird sanctuary during the times of the Hawaiian Monarchy.)
      Those of us who worked on the placement of the stone noticed a new feeling of peace and comfort surrounding the area at the com-
pletion of our efforts. We were all hesitant to move away or even leave the spot, there was such a feeling of peacefulness. The place-
ment of this second entrance stone had been planned for over a year. Many Fern Acres and Hawaiian Acres residents have reacted with
enthusiasm and support toward the new sign.
      During May of 2005, the first entrance stone was placed at the end of Kuauli Street, at the entrance to both Roads 8 and 9 in Hawai-
ian Acres. Bill McKnight was also the artist who sculpted the first sign/sculpture.
      I am very happy to have completed this project so quickly and so smoothly. If the board is willing, we will begin work on a sign
for the Ainaloa/Road 9 entrance to Hawaiian Acres. That will complete the entire 3-phase project which began during the presidency of
Russ Brauher and will be completed during the presidency of Diana Miller.
      New informational signs have been installed at the beginning of Road One. This includes a new “white board” with the Hawaiian
Acres logo, which will be used to announce meetings and community events.
      Please contact me, Sandy Stokes (982-8518) sandnrock@hialoha.net, if you have any suggestions for our sign committee to ad-
dress. Mahalo for all your support! A very special “thank you” to the volunteers who helped with the project: John Lehnert, Shirley
Davis, John Gomes, Vince Dayanon, Ben Alonzo Sr, and Ellen Meader ! The community salutes you and thanks you, sincerely, for all
of your efforts!!!
    Also, a special Mahalo! goes out to Russ Brauher, Tom Clarke, and John Lehnert for the Saturdays and Sundays they gave up to help
the Sign Committee with their mana'o! Thanks alot! Your help was invaluable!!!!"

     Editor’s Note: The 3rd proposed stone entrance sign for the Ainaloa/9 Rd entrance has been deferred by the Board at this time.

                                                                                                   Pictured here from the left
                                                                                                   forward and around are:
                                                                                                   John Gomes,
                                                                                                   Sculptor Bill McKnight,
                                                                                                   Vince Dayanon,
                                                                                                   Sign Committee Chair,
                                                                                                   Sandy Stokes
                                 LAVA FLOW UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 3, 2007
                                                          BY KEN CUTTING

      On July 21, 2007, an a’a lava flow from a fissure on the side of Kupaianaha Crater began advancing north of the east rift zone.
       At this time, the lava does not pose any immediate threat to any communities.
       The flow is moving through dense forest and brush. There is a concern of forest fires sparked by the lava, although recent
heavy rainfall has confined all fires to the edges of the flow. Conditions are being monitored daily.
       Members of the public are advised to increase their general awareness of these hazards and stay up-to-date on current condi-
       For a recorded message on flow activity, call the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park at 1-808-967-8862.
       The Hawai’i County Civil Defense Agency has a website with links to the USGS and HVO websites. Do a search for “lava
info” or go to http://lavainfo.us/

          The rental application and agreement for renting the Center has been
 revised. The last revision was March 2003. Basically, the revision provides for
 a better coverage of actual costs to HACA for electric and building wear-n-tear
 while still providing a “deal” to members.
          The fee has been changed from $5.00 per use and a $25.00 deposit to
 $2.00 per hour (up to $15.00 per day) and a $50.00 deposit. Members can still
 get their first rental for free.
          Other changes are to language more fully describing HACA’s responsi-
 bilities and the renters’ responsibilities.
          If you are interested in renting the Center, please call the office (808-
 966-9892) or stop in during our new office hours:
               Mondays,tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays
                                  9:00am to 2:00pm
                                                                                      (removal from roads only)
      On Monday, August 27, I had the opportunity to attend                              as of March 22, 2006
the dedication ceremony for Wao Kele o Puna (Puna Rainfor-
est). This 25,000 acre tract, which borders Hawaiian Acres on             Call police dispatch at 935-3311. Give location, descrip-
the “G” road end lots, was turned over to the Office of Hawai-      tion (year, make, model, color, condition). Request that
ian Affairs (OHA), which will manage it. This major purchase        “tagging” officer call you back with a police report number
was funded by both federal and OHA funds. Approximately             for follow-up. If vehicle has not been removed within 2
200 people were present, including Senator Dan Inouye, Con-         weeks, call James Isa at 961-8552. He is rarely in the office so
gressman Neil Abercrombie, Governor Linda Lingle, Interim           leave a message with the police report number and request
Director of the Department of Land and Natural Resources            assistance.
Laura Thielen, Mayor Harry Kim, District 5 Council Member
Emily Naeole, Palikapu Dedman (Pele Defense Fund), former
Puna Council Members Julie Jacobson and Keiko Bonk, and
many other people involved in this important conservation ef-      Pa‘auilo. The original 5-Stream program required separation of plas-
fort. For those who don’t know, this was the site of the largest   tics, paper, aluminum, corrugated cardboard, and glass. The new 2-
non-violent demonstration and mass arrests in the history of       Stream program allows all of the aforementioned recyclable materi-
Hawai‘i. Senator Inouye apologized to activists for his role in    als, with the exception of non-Hi5 glass, to be disposed of in one
designating this as a geothermal sub-zone and hoped that this      receptacle. Non-Hi5 glass materials still need to be deposited into a
dedication would be accepted as an offer of healing to the Ha-     separate bin; the Hi5 program remains the same. I encourage you to
waiian community and others affiliated with these past events.     take full advantage of this opportunity. I plan to introduce a resolu-
Palikapu Dedman was honored with a standing ovation for his        tion similar to that of Kaua‘i County’s “Max 3 R” Resolution, the
success in preserving this vital resource for all of us. What is   three R’s referring to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The more we recy-
particularly unique about this settlement is that it allows all    cle, the less tax money is spent and the closer we get to our vision of
residents in the area to have access to the site. While at the     being a zero waste community. Please contact the Hawai‘i County
event I spoke with elected and appointed officials about the       recycling info line at 961-5044 for further information.
importance of purchasing all of Punalu‘u for preservation and
conservation purposes and appealed to them to help secure
funding for this purpose.

     The Department of Environmental Management’s Solid
Waste Division is making recycling in Hawai‘i County more
convenient. A new 2-Stream recycling program is currently in
place at all transfer stations except those in Miloli‘i and
                     BOB JACOBSON                                                          SHELDON LEHMAN

                     ARDENA PAGAN                                                         CYNTHIA HARRISON

                  VERSHELL ROGERS                                                      CALLING ALL ARTISTS
                                                                                              BY CYNTHIA LINET
                                                                              I would like to do a Hawaiian Acres studio walk the be-
                                                                      ginning of December so that all local artists can open their doors
                                                                      to the public and display their art and crafts for sale for Christ-
                                                                              For those of you who do not wish to have the public in
                                                                      their homes, I would be willing to allow my home to be used for
                                                                      that purpose. As long as there are at least a dozen artists willing
                                                                      to open their doors, the studio walk would be feasible.
                                                                              Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreci-
                                                                      ated. Call me at 982-6969.

                       GOT PHOTOS?
                         BY ERICA JENSEN                                                        TED STUBBS
        Do you have shoeboxes of photos lurking in your closet?
Discs full of pictures you intend to “do something with some-
day”? A bunch of photos of that trip, wedding, or new baby that
are collecting dust? Come to the Hawaiian Acres Scrapbook
Club and liberate those pictures!
        We are a group who meets monthly at the HACA Commu-
nity Center to work on our own projects. Everyone brings their
own materials: photos, scissors, adhesives, etc. It’s an informal,
workshop atmosphere and a great opportunity to enjoy the crea-
tive energy of others in a space free from the distractions of our
own households.
        Everyone is welcome, from beginners to experienced
scrappers. We usually meet on the second Saturday of each month
from 1:00-4:00pm. For the rest of this year, we are scheduled to           ing room rentals. Please feel free to contact Erica if you have
meet on October 13, November 10, and December 8. You are                   any questions about the scrapbook club. Hope to see you there!
welcome to come check out your first meeting at no cost. After                   Erica’s phone: 982-8177 e-mail: mrsjensen@hotmail.com
that, a donation of $10.00/year is asked to cover the cost of meet-
                                                                                        Tree fern

                 address label

                                                                           “America United”

 Permit No. 0002
Kurtistown, Hawaii                (Blue Pages)                 Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760
     PAID                         included, too!!                      PO Box 368
  U.S. Postage                    Road Corp news               Hawaiian Acres News


   HACA COUNCIL MEETING - Second Monday of                  HAWAII GROTTO (Caver’s) 3rd Thursday at 6:30;
   the months of November ‘07, December ‘07, February       call HACA first 808-966-9892
   ‘08, March ‘08, May ‘08, June ’08 at 6:30 pm, or after   EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (HAERT) -
   the Quarterly and Annual meetings.                       call the office for the latest: 808-966-9892
   QUARTERLY AND ANNUAL HACA                                PLANNING COMMITTEE - - call the office for
   MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS - Qtrly’s will be                    the latest: 808-966-9892
   October 14, 2007, January 13, 2008, & April 13,
                                                            VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT TRAINING: First
   2008. The next Annual General Membership Mtg is
                                                            Tuesday of the month at 4:00 PM
   Sunday, July 20, 2008 at 2:00 pm with Regular
   Council meeting to follow and Potluck before the mtg     ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS the JungleBunch -
   @ 1:00.                                                  Every Wednesday at 5:00 PM
   4th Thursday of every month except November at           11:00am to 2:00pm, Fridays
   5:00 PM. (note new time)                                 SCRAPBBOOKING: 2nd Saturday of each month 1-
   COMMUNITY WATCH (HACWP) - call the office                4 PM.
   for the latest: 808-966-9892

                               LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO??
                          We always welcome volunteer help from our community!!
                               call (808) 966-9892 to see how you can help!

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