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									     Jan Suvidha Kendra (JSK)

- A small step towards Good Governance through e-governance

               JSK Welcomes
                   You !

                  Impact Study
   Rs.410.57 is the average expenditure borne
    by an applicant/ aggrieved person just to
    reach the office of the District Magistrate and
    to present his case in person.

   Whether he is satisfied after putting in so
    much of time, effort, labour and money ?
    “NO” because his application is lost
    somewhere in the ocean of papers &
What has changed significantly in last
10 years

●   Mobile phone penetration (Urban & Rural) (67%
    coverage as per TRAI report)
●   Internet penetration (through PC & mobile phones)
●   Integration of Internet, Voice call/ IVRS and SMS
●   Continuously decreasing tariff charges for voice call,
    SMS & Internet
●   Public awareness has increased many folds
●   Special Acts and Provisions empowering common
    man like RTI, Lokayukt, Citizen Charter etc.
●   Empowered media (Print & Electronic)
What has not changed significantly in
last 10 years

●   Officers behavior when it comes to dealing with
    common man and their grievances
●   Outdated and Out of use systems of grievance
●   Decreasing manpower
●   Inefficient human resource management systems
●   Non yielding System of Punishment & Rewards
    (No Work – No Risk – No Punishment)

    What is JSK ?

   JSK is a Telephone (mobile/landline) based
    e-governance initiative which intends to
    provide Quick, Easily Accessible, Cost-
    Time-Labour Effective, Corruption free
    and a Reliable platform for redressing Public
    Grievances, which is available 24 x 7.

    Why Telephone based ?
   The Most Potent, Readily Available, Easy to use,
    Cost-Time-Labor Effective mode of
    communication available today is Telephone (Land
    Line & Mobile).
               JSK ensures best possible synergetic use
    of available telecom features, like
         - Call based services
         - SMS based services
         - Caller Identification services
         - Mobile e-mail & Internet services services
         - Call Recording Services
         - Call Conference Services etc               6
Organizational details…
   JSK is a society registered under Societies
    Registration Act.
   DM is the ex-officio Chairman.
   SSP & CDO Vice-Chairman
   City Magistrate is member Secretary and
    DIO,NIC as member Technical
   All District Level Officers are Members
   Linked to Lokvani society for common cause.
Establishment Details of JSK
   3 Computer Systems - (of latest configuration)
   2 Telephone lines (with caller-ID)
   1 Fax machine
   Voice Recording System (Automatic Voice
   1 Television
   Complaints Monitoring S/W developed by NIC,
    Jhansi in technical consultation with M/s Think
    Computers, Lucknow
   Establishment & Expenditure          Details

Officers/Staff deputed in JSK
 Three Shifts (8 hours each) are maintained
 Each shift is managed by
  1 - District Level Officer
  1 – Manager (outsourced)
  2 – Clerks
  2 - Computer Operators (outsourced)
  2 - Class IV employee (outsourced)
Note : All Officers & staff are on temporary
  deputation from other Departments.
                Jan Suvidha Kendra (JSK) Data Flow Diagram
Grievances can be lodged 24X7
through Landline/Mobile on (Disaster                   2
related complaints) & 254666, 254777        Grievances are recorded
and also through FAX and e-mail             automatically in a Computer                                http://www.jskpilibhit.com
                                            System as an individual audio
               1                            file with date, telephone no.
                                       3   Grievances are categorised (A/B/C)                                     Daily status SMS to
                                           & entered online on S/W developed                                        Administrators
                                           by NIC, Jhansi and marked to
                                           concerned officer according to
                                           importance/severity of grievance                   5
                                                                                                                            Daily Deptt.
                                                                                           Concerned Officers are           Status SMS
                                       4   As soon as the grievance is registered an       intimated telephonically           to HODs
                                           unique grievance no. is given/sent      to      by JSK immediately
                                           aggrieved person through phone call/ SMS
                                                                                                    Various tailor made Reports are
                                                                                            10      generated online by the website for
                                SMS to                                                              monitoring in weekly meeting &
                              complainant                                                    11     quality of disposal is also randomly
                                                                                                    confirmed telephonically by D.M.
                                SMS to                                      8
                               concerned                                        Disposal details are                         12
                                 officer                                        received           from     Different kinds of reports
                                                                            7                               are automatically generated
                                                  6                             concerned officer (after
                                                                                due enquiry and cross       online and are available on
                                 Marked grievance details are printed           verification of quality     website
                                 along with scanned signature of D.M.           with the aggrieved            http://www.jskpilibhit.com
                                 concerned and sent by FAX /email               person) are entered
                                 /special messenger to the concerned            online in the S/W
              A B C              officer immediately
                                                                                                            obtain    the
      9                                                                                    SMS to           disposal by calling JSK
 Concerned person is intimated telephonically regarding                                                                             11   13
 Disposal by concerned HOD/Officer/Staff                         SMS to
                                                                                           SMS to                        SMS to
                                                                                            Off.                         officer
Recent Value Additions to JSK kitty
     Colour coding of printout based on category
      (Since 3rd week of Dec’2009)                A      B    C
     Online data entry & real time updation of data
       (Since Jan’2010)                         Register     Online
     100 % cross verification of disposal details received at JSK for
      ensuring quality         Satisfied       Partially     Dissatisfied
       (Since Feb’2010)                        satisfied
     Convergence of JSK with existing public grievance redressal
      systems like Tehsil Divas and LOKVANI                               CC
                                                        TD       LOK
       (Since Mar-April’2010)
     All the grievances are forwarded electronically through email
      to the concerned officers.
     Inter departmental coordination efforts for grievances
      involving two or more departments in presence of D.M., SSP,
      CDO for speedy and qualitative approvals of the disposal
       (Since June’2010)             IDC        Video
     Registering grievances of common man through e-mail
      (jjsk4u@gmail.com / dmjha@nic.in / dmjal@nic.in / dmpil@nic.in ) also
       (Since 4th Week of July’2010)                                        12

Visible Improvements in Public
Delivery System

   Municipal Corporation
   Primary Education
   Health
   Social welfare department
   Public Distribution System
   Development Department (MNREGA etc)
   Jal Nigam & Jal sansthan
   Electricity Department & others
JSK has proved its worth in providing
additional important services
    Election Control Room
     o Complaints / Model Code of Conduct
     o Communication Plan
     o Additional Data resource centre
    Control Room & Call Centre for handling natural calamities
    Child care Help line
    Help line for prevention of ragging as per Hon’ble Supreme Court
    Nodal single point control room for effective convergence of Tehsil
     Divas, LOKVANI with JSK
    General Platform for communication related to important meetings
     and to pass on important messages to all concerned
    Nodal centre for cross checking the progress and quality of different
     development works and flagship projects of Government
    Board/ University Examinations Call Centre & Control Room
    Control Room & Call Centre for Wheat/ Paddy purchase

                Audio 1         Audio 2            Gen. SMS           15
      Benefits of Jan Suvidha Kendra (JSK)
                                            Any Person,
        Good              Available          Any Time
                                          From Anywhere
      Governance           24 x 7

                                           Simple & user friendly
  Delivery of
Public Services
   Satisfaction                                    Transparent
  To dissatisfied

            Complaints                Effective
Steps taken for wide publicity of JSK

   Hoardings and wall paintings (a) at School premises,
    (b) at important public places, (c) Block Hq's, (d) Tehsil
    Hq's, (e) Hospitals and (f) District Level Offices. Photos
   Broadcasting of JJSK Documentary and flash message
    regarding JSK at local TV channels, FM and Akashwani
    (AIR), Jhansi and by slides show at cinema halls.
   Broadcasting SMS to all mobile user through their service
    providers (SMS to be sent - draft prepared)
   Regular coverage of events, meetings, action taken
    through local print and electronic media.

Successful Replication of Jan Suvidha
Kendra (JSK) in …
   U.P. Housing & Development Board, Lucknow U.P.
   Jhansi Cantonment Board, Jhansi
   U.P. Power Corporation Ltd., Lucknow
   The U.P. Government has ordered to roll Jhansi model of Jan
    Suvidha Kendra in the rest 71 districts of U.P.
   Election Commission of India, New Delhi (ECI has replicated
    Jhansi model for all 5 states which went for poll in March’11 –
    Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Kerala & Puducherry). CEC Shri
    Qureshi inaugrated the Election call Centre based on JJSK
    concept at CEO Office Lucknow on 20thJuly’11.            Photos
   Board of Revenue, Lucknow U.P.
Replication of JSK project in progress …
  Office of the Chief Information commissioner, U.P.
 U.P. Samaj Kalyan Deptt., Lucknow

 JDA – Jhansi, DRM –NE Rly Jhansi & BHEL – Jhansi

 Govt. of Assam have shown keen interest in JSK and has implemented JSK in
distt.New Bongai Gaon on 6th March’12 & will be replicated in all other districts   18

     Awards & Honours to JJSK
     NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2010
    Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra, Jhansi has been awarded
    ‘NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2010’
    from NASSCOM foundation under “ICT led innovation in
    e-Governance” category in recognition of passion and
    commitment for e-governance and for aiming for the highest
    standard of excellence to help bring the government closer to
    the citizen. It also recognizes the JJSK as completely new
    approach in the arena of public grievance redressal where
    citizen can register grievance through mobile or landline
    phones. The award was given on 09th of Feb.2010 by
    Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Chairman
    NASSCOM foundation
Monitoring Mechanism proposed
at Govt. Level for Good Results

   Secretary, Grievance Redressal to be
    designated at C.M. Office, U.P.
   Every Principal Secretary/ Secretary to monitor
    and supervise the progress & quality of
    grivances registered & redressed on daily basis
    (Online/ Email summary/ SMS)
   Supervision & dedicated Monitoring mechanism
    and setup at HOD & Divisional HQs
   50 – 50 policy for Punishment & Appreciation for
    effective results
JSK Integration with other modes of
grievance receiving & redressal systems
for bringing in uniformity & synergy

   Present modes of grievance registration
    Telephone/ Personal visit/ Post/ Fax/ Email/ Online registration/ 100
    No.-Police Control Room/ Special Days for Public Grievance/
    Media(Electronic & Print) are to be integrated into one system
    of PGRS
●   All the grievances received through above modes are to be
    categorized into Grievances with Contact No. and
    Grievances without Contact No.
●   All the Grievances with contact nos. to follow present model
    of JSK and all the Grievances without contact no. to follow
    the slightly modified model(proposed) of JSK
JSK can be implemented Effectively &
Successfully in important Offices like…

●   Office of Hon’ble C.M.(C.M. Secretariat)
●   Chief Secretary Office
●   All the departments dealing with flagship projects/
    schemes/ programs of U.P. Govt. & Govt. of India
●   All the departments directly dealing with public at large
    like Social Welfare, Rural Development, Education, FCS,
    Urban Local Bodies, Health, Agriculture and allied
    departments etc.
●   Business Intelligence Solution (BIS) – the data gathered
    from the registered, disposed, pending and defaulted can
    be analyzed scientifically for providing tailor made
    solutions for bringing in Good Governance                 22
JSK’s Attitude to Grievances

       “Grievances are
      to be treasured”

 Ultimate Objective of JSK

To strengthen the concept of Good
Governance by Restoring Public Faith
& Reliability in the Administrative
Setup through Effective use of
Commonly Available ICT tools.

Our Sincere thanks & gratitude to,
 ●   Govt. of U.P. (Chief Secretary Office, Pr.Secy.(IT)
     Office, Secy.(RD) Office & N.I.C., U.P.
 ●   Shri Chandra prakash, Pr.Secy.(IT & Elec.),
 ●   Shri Shankar Agarwal, Add.Secy.(IT),
     Govt. of India
 ●   Shri Manoj Kumar Singh, Secy.(Tourism & Culture),
     U.P. Govt.
 ●   Shri Amod Kumar, IAS (U.P. Cadre) &
     Founder of Lokvani
 ●   Shri S.B.Singh, Dy.Director General & S.I.O.,
     NIC, U.P.
 ●   M/s Think Computers, Lucknow                          25
    We welcome suggestions and queries if
    any for further betterment of the system.
    You can contact us at…

   website: www.jjskjhansi.com,

   E-mail: shekhar2004up@gmail.com

   Telephone: 09506000000 (personal)
JSK team extends personal thanks to
          All concerned for
Recognizing, Supporting & Encouraging
            Our initiative.

       Thank you
   http://www.jskpilibhit.com           27

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