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					  ODLAA Conference 2005

                                  ‘Tools of the Trade’

                            Learning technologies
                                distance learners

                                      Paula Williams
                          Open Training & Education Network (OTEN)
                                         TAFE NSW

Converging Technologies
      ODLAA Conference 2005

Contextual information

•   OTEN is the major DE provider in TAFE NSW
•   38,000 distance education students
•   50% located in Sydney metropolitan area
•   50% in regional NSW, Australia and OS
•   predominantly in the 24-40 age group
•   mostly studying part-time
•   3,000 students studying online (7.8%)
      ODLAA Conference 2005

OTEN Learning Support (0LS) site used the opportunity of the
Internet to support all DE students not just those studying online.

       • 24 x 7 online support & services to all students
       • Communication tools
           – Email (broadcast)
           – Forums
           – Announcements
       • Provision of personalised information
       • Support for off-site teachers
       • Managed using a devolved model
     ODLAA Conference 2005

OLS Site Statistics 2005

     • Module logons YTD – 209, 214
     • Course logons YTD – 30633
     • Emailed assignments YTD – 10,009
     • Students with email and/or mobile phone - approx 23,000
     ODLAA Conference 2005

OLS continues to grows…
                 OLS Module Logons


                                              Year    Logons
                                              2002    23,662

100000                                        2003    100,875

                                              2004    175,055

    0                                         (Oct)   209,214
          2002       2003       2004   2005
      ODLAA Conference 2005

Where to Now?
The OLS is a core part of OTEN’s support strategy. As it continues
to develop, it is important that we ensure a robust and sustainable

This will include implementation of strategies and technologies that
provide personalised learning.

Researching, trialing and evaluating appropriate technologies for
future integration on the OLS is critical to success.
          ODLAA Conference 2005

Sydney Morning Herald (SMH)10 October 2005
                                               Today’s students have been
                                               described as having an
                                               ‘information age’ mindset, being
                                               Millennials or members of the
                                               Net Generation. While this
                                               portrayal of generational learning
                                               styles can be oversimplified, the
                                               technology and media used by
                                               children during their formative
                                               years do have an influence on
                                               how they learn, as do the media
                                               used by adults.
                                               However, technology is no more
                                               static than people. The internet is
                                               a constantly evolving
                                               infrastructure that now supports
                                               many media,
                                               (Dede, 2005)

                           Converging Technologies
      ODLAA Conference 2005

What our students want
•   Easy access to administrative information
    For example:

          –   to update their contact details
          –   dispatch information.

•   Easy access to teachers and support staff

•   Tools to communicate with other students

•   Prompt processing of their assignments
    ODLAA Conference 2005

What staff need
• Awareness of available technologies
• More tools and time to provide
  educational support
• Less time on administrative tasks
• More effective tools for communicating
  with students and off-site teachers
ODLAA Conference 2005

Sydney Morning Herald   -   1st October 2005

                               OTEN students are predominantly
ODLAA Conference 2005

           OTEN distance education tools
            •   Hard copy (paper-based resources/notes)
            •   CD ROM

            •   Personal Computers with access to Internet
                 1. Email - broadcast Email
                 2. Online delivery via LMS (Janison)
                 3. OTEN Learning Support (OLS) Site
                     •   my assignments
                     •   my forums
                     •   my dispatch
                     •   my progress
                     •   my planner
ODLAA Conference 2005

          OTEN Options for Converging Technologies
                •MP3s (iPods, nanopods)
                •Mobile Phones
                •Social Software
                        •Blogs, wikkis
                •Personal Digital Assistants MMS,Video
                •Like technology (Photostory 3)

                •Experiential (Virtual Classrooms)
ODLAA Conference 2005

         OTEN’s Commercial Partnerships

OTEN is also working with commercial organisations such as Telstra
and Optus, and with others like Hewlett-Packard, Palm Os and Red
Oxygen to assist with the numerous mLearning trials.

Commercial Organisation

Optus                              OTEN’ s SMS Trials (April –
                                   Sept 2005)
Hewlett Packard (IPAQ600           PDAs for evidence based
series) x10                        assessment at ICVET
                                   conference (Sept 2005)
Palm Os with GPS x 6               PDAs for Youth
                                   Ambassadors S-E Asia
Red Oxygen P/L                     SMS Trials (2004)
      ODLAA Conference 2005

 Products Evaluated
Currently OTEN is evaluating the following learning technologies
for potential application and convergence on the OLS site:

        Virtual Community Tools   Interwise, Elluminate, Didasko, Captivate,
                                  Moodle, Audacity, Centra

        Digital Presentation      PhotoStory 3, Moviemaker
        Online Assessment         Questionmark, KnowledgePresenter,
        Tools:                    Vetassess, LXR Test
        Collaborative Tools       Janison Forum, Chit Chat
        Social Software Tools     Wikis, Blogging, Moblogging, plone,
        eNote Taking Tools        ejournals, OneNote, Clipmark, Viewlet

        Audio Tools:              Podcasting, Mp3, Player, Audio Navigator
        Mobile Devices            iPAQ600 HP PDA’s, Smart Phones
        SMS/MMS Trials :
   ODLAA Conference 2005

Evaluation criteria

OTEN                                 Students
 Scalability                        •Bandwidth
 Cost effectiveness                 Cost for Students
 Accessibility                      Any special software
 Synchronous/asynchronous or both   CD options
 Interoperability with OLS          Accessibility
         ODLAA Conference 2005

   The Big S’s

   Sustainable                                       Must cover:
                           Must be able to:
Must:                                                1. activity design
                           • grow in size            2. infrastructure
• not rely on a few                                     design
                           • Be replicate able
  practitioners to work                              3. user interface
                           • handle varying use
• be kept going
• integrate with offline
   process                 OTEN processes approximately 180,000
• be devolved                 Learning Activities (LA) per year.
                             If 100% completion =1 million LAs
  ODLAA Conference 2005

OTEN must continue to adopt innovative approaches to
make education relevant and accessible to all learners
nationally and internationally. One of OTEN’s students said
in support of SMS trials:

“I was thrilled to get an SMS from OTEN to ask
how I was going with my studies and to offer
more help with my learning… OTEN is really on
the ball.”
    ODLAA Conference 2005

 Already, new socio-economic trends have arisen
 along with new and emerging technologies. This
 will require change to educational curricula,
 workforce skills, new teaching and learning
 models, and as consequence business strategy

 ‘…So what are your thoughts about anywhere,
  anytime and m-Learning?’
   ODLAA Conference 2005

                OTEN SMS Trial 2005

Hi K… Ru f3 2 c my
nu car 2day or L8r on
2moro ?
ODLAA Conference 2005

                               due in

The SMS trial will give OTEN the opportunity to
provide greater feedback and communication to
enhance student support for personalised learning
        ODLAA Conference 2005

Audiopeg and Video Messaging…
  ODLAA Conference 2005

 Future Outcome of Trial

                                        Message            MMS
                                       Data Base
   Administration                                                             Mp3
   & Management                     SMS/Email/Post

                    Students will have the choice via OLS to have                 Video
                    messages communicated to them either by

                                     Broadcast SMS
                                     From Teachers                  Motivation

ODLAA Conference 2005
ODLAA Conference 2005
   ODLAA Conference 2005

My Planner
ODLAA Conference 2005

                                   It’s NO use his
                                     mobile isn’t
                                    switched on!

              “….Mmmm Learning …anywhere, anytime!”
            ODLAA Conference 2005

             Virtual Classrooms - Interwise

Virtual Classroom – reach students around the
world for small group work, skills training

Meetings- launch quickly & easily for situations
where you can’t be there in person

Voice Conferencing-Fully integrated using
VOIP, traditional or a cell phone all in the same

Web Broadcasts- Large group presentations

Web Seminars- Reach large numbers very

Record & Reuse- Capture live events for those
unable to attend, pre record subject from experts
      ODLAA Conference 2005

Age of Transitions

                                                   Biology        Nano -Science
                    The Future


                                 The Computer
 2nd Industrial                  Communication
  Revolution                       Revolution

      1865             The S Curves of Technological Change
        ODLAA Conference 2005

             OTEN’s Transition Stages
2010-2015                                                       x
2007                                                                   Mid-2005
2005                                                  X

                   Presence   Integration Transformation Convergence

The S-curve for OTEN is just at the point of entering the ‘Convergence Stage’

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