Manic Depression

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					Manic Depression
Bi-Polar disorder is another moniker for manic depression. When an individuals mood swings are very irregular with sudden changes from good to bad this is commonly associated with being Bi-Polar. This is a type of depression. Manic depression isn't just having negative feelings over a negative event. Manic depression is more serious than that. Bi-polar is just another stage of the general disease depression. Manic depression is diagnosed in millions of cases each year in America. Depression of some form touches 17 million Americans annually.

Unfortunately only about1/3 of those will be diagnosed and receive help. When the sufferer refuses aid, there can be no cure. A lot of people refuse to deal with any disease called a mental illness. They do not want to be stereotyped as one who must be out of their mind. Diseases that affect the brain have always been very complicated. When diagnosed there is a stigma that isn't easy to handle. However, as with any form of depression, the affliction does not make you less a person. You're not crazy. You have a condition like any other medical condition. It can be treated. First it has to be identified.

Medicine is still looking for all the causes of depression. Depression is caused by a wide range of issues. It is known that biological, genetic, and environmental factors have to be taken into consideration. It's well known that a chemical imbalance can contribute. We also know that stress can play a major role in the advent of depression. Every day we confront events in life that cause us stress. It can be problems at work, in our relationships with those we love or facing the reality of trying to survive week to week. Depression knows no bounds. It's a disease for rich people and for poor people. Race isn't an issue. No color or nationality is free from this illness.

All the types of depression have similar symptoms. These include mood swings from happy to sad and serious personality switches. Insomnia is another symptom for depression. If you have no hope, feel helpless or desperate, that could be depression. Depression is real when it interferes with your ability to live your life. But the depression afflicted have hope. You can find help. Prescription medications as well as natural herbs can cure it. There are also medical professionals that can help your illness through 'talk therapy'―. Support groups can also be helpful for those with manic depression. The first step in the cure is seeking the assistance.

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