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Batavi e-Commerce solutions


Asahi Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions in the New York Metro Area.

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Batavi E-Commerce solutions

 Batavi is an Open Source e-Commerce solution focused on supply chain management and
released under the GNU Genera Public License.

Launched in the year 2007, Batavi took its inspiration from OS commerce 3.0 version, an
unfinished version by the OS commerce team.

This becomes a great advantage since most online retailers don’t use their e-Commerce
site as a standalone shop.

Batavi is developed on the free and open source LAMP (Linux- Apache-MySQL-PHP)
solution stack

Batavi features a fully flexible template system that includes pages, boxes, groups and
layout and page access limitation.
Batavi E-Commerce Development features
At Asahi Technologies, we strive to render
you innovative solutions to leverage the
competitive market. Looking for Concrete5
services in New York, you don’t have a better
choice than Asahi Technologies. At Asahi
Technologies, we understand your business
requirements and the importance of a CMS for
your online business
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