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									Gibb Legacy Valued at €93 million

Celebrity estate news is always interesting to take a look at, and aside from the curiosity factor you can also learn something
useful in many instances.

With the above in mind the singer Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees passed away in May. Many people are not aware of the fact
that he was a songwriter as well as a singer, and he did indeed leave behind quite a body of work. Indeed, music lovers will
be able to draw from his musical legacy for generations to come.

Robin Gibb will certainly be missed, and he passed away long before his time. This prolific musical force was just 62 years
of age when he succumbed in London to liver and colon cancer.

The press in Great Britain has been circulating information about the Gibb estate. When it comes to songwriters and others
who are entitled to royalty rights revenue will continue to come in as long as people are buying the music. However, at the
time of his passing the value of the Robin Gibb estate was placed at approximately €93 million according to the Daily Mail.

His surviving family is certainly going to be able to get by financially. However, according to reports it may take a while for
them to receive their inheritances.

Because of the myriad tasks that must be handled before the estate can be closed people close to the situation are saying that
it could take as long as five years for the singer's wife and children to actually assume ownership of what has been left to

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