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carnival breeze


                  2012 Summer Issue

carnival breeze
GerrY’s messaGe
                                                  one of the best overall areas on the entire      program is to define our culture of service,
                                                  ship - the outdoor deck spaces, including        how we believe we should act toward each
                                                  WaterWorks, SportSquare, and the main            other and our guests, and reinforce the
                                                  pool area flanked by RedFrog Rum Bar,            importance of creating a fun, welcoming
                                                  BlueIguana Tequila Bar and BlueIguana            environment on board. Team members are
                                                  Cantina, as well as Guy's Burger Joint.          being given tools to better understand the
                                                  Combined, all of these features create           keys to personal and professional success.
                                                  an outdoor atmosphere that is                    Additionally, the program is designed to
                                                  truly exceptional.                               help team members gain an understanding
                                                                                                   of the impact you can have on our guests
                                                  Of course I would be remiss not to mention       by making them feel as if they are being
                                                  the ship's overall look and feel with Carnival   welcomed into your homes.
                                                  Breeze being our first vessel to feature
                                                  interiors created by Germany-based Partner       More information on the Carnival Service
                                                  Ship Design. The ship has a decidedly light      Values program can be found on page 2
The recent introduction of the Carnival           and airy feel which has been well received       in this edition of Seaview. Initial feedback
Breeze was truly a defining moment for            by our guests.                                   on the program has been outstanding and
our company. Countless time, effort                                                                the results were evident during my time on
and teamwork went into the design and             A tremendous amount of hard work has             Carnival Breeze where the officers, staff
construction of our newest ship and it is the     gone into the creation of Carnival Breeze        and crew have done an exceptional job of
best reflection yet of the future direction of    and the many different teams involved            launching our newest ship and making our
the Carnival brand.                               in bringing the ship to life are to be           guests feel truly welcome on board.
                                                  congratulated on their exceptional work.
I am truly excited about the many new                                                              Congratulations to everyone both shipboard
design features and innovative spaces             Speaking of teamwork, as I have said             and shoreside who has contributed to
on board. Although I can’t highlight all of       many times in the past, what truly makes         the successful introduction of our newest
them in this column, among the many               a vacation outstanding for our guests is         ship. We can all be very proud of this latest
stand-outs is the new Lido Marketplace            the service they receive on board. I never       addition to our fleet and the new direction is
with its inviting layout and striking decor;      receive correspondence from guests               represents for our brand.
the excellent blend of indoor and outdoor         who want to talk to me about the ship's
space on Promenade Deck 5 at venues               hardware. Whether the feedback is positive
such as Ocean Plaza, RedFrog Pub and              or negative, it is consistently focused on
Liquid Nightclub; popular new dining              the service and guest interactions with
choices including Bonsai Sushi and Fat            the crew. Understanding just how critically
Jimmy's C-Side BBQ; The Library Bar,              important guest service is to the overall
which is definitely my kind of place - a quiet,   perception of our brand, we recently
comfortable spot for a before or after dinner     launched a major new initiative called
drink; the exhilarating Thrill Theater; and       Carnival Service Values. The aim of the
                                                                         in THis issUe



12                               16

 Carnival Cruise Lines

 Seaview Magazine

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 Carnival Cruise Lines
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 and Team Carnival.                    2   Carnival Service Values       18   Fun News

 2012 Summer Edition:

 Volume 22 Issue 2
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 Rick Diaz

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                                                                                                seaview   1
                                         EDITOR’S NOTE: This marks the first installment of a regular series on the new Carnival Service Values, a journey
                                         that kicked off earlier this year on the Carnival Breeze. Watch this space for further updates on this exciting project!
carnival service valUes: a waY oF liFe

                                              Carnival has earned its title of World’s Most Popular Cruise Line by
                                              providing fun, quality vacations at a great value but the real secret behind
                                              the company’s success has been the friendly service provided by our
                                              dedicated team members who set the standard in hospitality within the
                                              cruise industry. But how do we continually evolve our service standards to
                                              remain on top?

                                              Understanding that creating an emotional connection not only leads to
                                              quality guest service but also fosters more meaningful relationships with
                                              our fellow team members, the company has launched Carnival Service
                                              Values, which defines our culture of service, reinforces the importance of
                                              creating a fun, welcoming environment on board, and emphasizes the need for
                                              respecting each other, our ships and the places we visit.

                                              Carnival Service Values is way more than just a training program – it represents a
                                              new way of thinking that truly gets to the heart of what our brand is all about by
                                              challenging members of the Carnival family to get the most out of their shipboard
                                              experience and reminds them to savor the lasting relationships that they’re
                                              making along the way.

                                              Developed following on a comprehensive Internet survey sent to 35,000 team
                                              members by the respected Gallup organization and focus groups in Miami and
                                              throughout the fleet, Carnival Service Values
                                              takes team members on a voyage of self
                                              discovery, encouraging them to look within
                                              themselves to examine what it takes to be
                                              successful – both on and off the job – while
                                              helping them to embody the program’s
                                              motto of “I Am Carnival.”

                                              Each four-hour “voyage” of Carnival Services
                                              Values is limited to 35 people and combines
                                              engaging activities and breakout sessions
                                              that stress the importance of treating our guests as if they
                                              were entering our home, celebrate team members’ role
                                              within Carnival, and reinforce practices that lead to greater
                                              respect, camaraderie and teamwork.

                                              Carnival Service Values has been introduced on Carnival
                                              Breeze, Carnival Destiny and Carnival Freedom, with the
                                              fleet being rolled out over the next several months. The initial
                                              feedback on Carnival Service Values has been nothing short
                                              of sensational so be sure to stay tuned to both Seaview
                                              and eSeaview for additional updates on this exciting and
                                              groundbreaking project!

          2                        seaview
                                                                     wHo’s in THe sPoTliGHT

                                           hat has been your career path since joining          Waking up in a different European port just about every day is
                                           Carnival? Following graduation with honors           quite a luxury, especially when the ship is docked downtown in
                                           from the Institute of Tourism Studies in Malta,      the heart of the city.
                                           I held senior management positions in hotels
                                                                                                What’s your favorite public room on Carnival Breeze?
                                           throughout the world, including Malta, England,
                                                                                                Lido Marketplace is superb. Our new architects, Partner
                                           Ireland, Libya, Italy and China. After two years
                                                                                                Ship Design, managed to bring the outdoor feeling into this
                                           at Festival Cruises and Hilton Resorts at Sea, I
                                                                                                restaurant. I love the colorful awnings, yellow umbrellas,
                          joined Carnival in 2004 as hotel director aboard Carnival Miracle
                                                                                                patterned shades, trees with hanging lanterns, the high wooden
                          and have served on Carnival Dream and now Carnival Breeze.
                                                                                                stools and, last but not least, the brick effect on the walls.
                          As the head of the largest department on the ship, what
                          is your leadership philosophy? As hotel director, my job is           If you could create your own signature burger for Guy’s
                                                                                                Burger Joint, what would it have on it? Guy’s Plain Jane
Pierre Camilleri          to warmly welcome our guests and crew to our ship, making
                                                                                                burger patty topped with melted Gorgonzola cheese, sautéed
Hotel Director -          them feel like they are part of the Carnival family while creating
                          a fun, safe and enjoyable environment on board. I like to             red onions and mushrooms with flakes of Italian pepperoncino.
Carnival Breeze
                          share a positive attitude each and every day and include fun in
                                                                                                What’s more your style — the thrill of the DrainPipe waterslide
                          everything I do.
                                                                                                or the chill of the Serenity area? Chill of the Serenity area on a
                          What are the challenges of bringing out a new ship? The               hammock, reading a book and enjoying a cold beverage.
                          biggest challenge was working with the yard in getting the ship
                          ready in time and I’m happy to say that we accomplished our           What’s your favorite port of call and why? In Europe, it would
                          goal! Other challenges included the logistics of making sure          have to be Messina since it is close to my home on the island
                          every piece of equipment was delivered on time and bringing           of Malta – the local food is the best I have ever eaten. In the
                          nearly 1,400 crew members to a small city like Monfalcone,            Caribbean, I would say Half Moon Cay. Its pristine waters offer
                          Italy, aboard a ship that was still under construction. Cleaning      the swim of a lifetime.
                          and polishing this lightly colored ship was also a huge task for      If you had to trade positions with anyone on board for
                          our housekeeping team!                                                a day, what position would you choose and why? The
                          What does an average day look like for you? I like to include         RedFrog Pub soloist. Aside from working five hours a day and
                          fun in everything I do, so my day is filled with laughter and a lot   having one day off per cruise, I am allowed to be barefoot
                          of hard yet rewarding work. However, I do wish I could spend          when working, wear casual clothes and have guests pay for my
                          less time in my office and more time interacting with guests          ThirstyFrog beer. Wow, that is a good life and a breezy one too!
                          and crew.

                                     ou’ve recently been promoted to VP – digital.              What memento would you buy from the Carnival shop on
                                     What are your duties in your new role? I oversee           board and why? Has to be the cupcakes at Cherry On Top -- it
                                     Carnival Cruise Lines’ digital team, a dynamic group       would be a short but sweet memory.
                                     of experts whose talents range from the creative arts
                                     to business strategy, from copywriting to programing.      You are so entrenched in social media and on-line marketing,
                                     Together, we are responsible for Carnival’s websites,      do you go home at night and disconnect or do you get right
                          online marketing, eCommerce, and social media programs.               on your computer? I definitely try to disconnect but have been
                                                                                                accused of obsessively checking email. I’m working on it…
                          What’s the biggest challenge you face in your job? One of
                          Carnival’s strengths is that we offer a product which appeals to      How many visitors does the Carnival website average per
                          many different types of people. This same strength is a marketing     month? Every two weeks hosts as many visitors
                          challenge as we sort out getting the right messages to the            as our fleet does in a year.
Jordan Corredera          right customer.
Vice President, Digital                                                                         If Guy Fieri invited you to create a signature burger for Guy’s
                          Are you mayor of anything on Foursquare? I hold no political          Burger Joint, what would be on it? That’s a tough one. I’ve
                          office on Foursquare.                                                 never met a thin slice of truffles that I didn’t like. A fried egg is a
                                                                                                nice addition too… just maybe not at the same time.
                          Do you have a social media guru that inspires you? I’m
                          inspired by the social media gurus on our team. Stephanie Leavitt     What is the next big trend in social media? I think mobile
                          and Eric Schechter have kept Carnival at the forefront of social      technology is going to have the biggest impact on our lives since
                          media before social media was a thing. I’m really proud of the        the internet itself. I find it awe inspiring that it’s possible to have a
                          work we’ve done there.                                                worlds worth of information in a device that can fit in your pocket.
                                                                                                I’m still waiting for the flying car I was promised – but it’s definitely
                          If you went to work on board, what position would you hold?           beginning to feel like we’re in the “future.”
                          I’m passionate about people and developing teams, so maybe
                          shipboard HR.

                                                                                                                                                         seaview     3
awarDs & evenTs

                  a TrUe
                  Carnival Cruise Lines bid farewell
                  to Captain Domenico Tringale, who
                  retired after a distinguished maritime
                  career that spanned nearly five
                  decades. To mark the achievements
                  of this esteemed mariner, a
                  reception was held at the Miami
                  headquarters attended by dozens of
                  his friends and co-workers, as well
                  as many port professionals he has
                  worked with over the years.

                  The event was a wonderful
                  opportunity to pay tribute to Captain
                  Tringale – affectionately called
                  “Mimmo” by his friends and family –
                  and thank him for his many years of
                  service to the company.

                  Captain Tringale joined Carnival
                  Cruise Lines in 2000 after a
                  celebrated career that included
                  posts at Costa, Princess, and
                  Sitmar cruise lines. In addition to his
                  many port operations responsibilities
                  at Carnival, Captain Tringale was
                  instrumental in the company’s
                  hurricane planning, as his years of
                  experience made him very adept at
                  moving ships and tracking storms
                  and keeping our guests, crew and
                  vessels out of harm’s way.

                  Best of luck in your retirement,
                  Captain Tringale. You will certainly
                  be missed!

4   seaview
                                                                                    awarDs & evenTs

   recoGnizeD For servinG oTHers
   Murielle Saint-Jean, a 16-year veteran of the guest care department,
   was named Carnival’s Volunteer of the Year for her tireless dedication
   to helping others. In addition to presenting Murielle with an etched
   acrylic clock, the company made a $1,000 donation to the charity
   of her choice. Murielle (center) is pictured here with her department
   head, Vice President of Guest Services and Support Vicky Rey (left),
   and Linda Coll, director of the Carnival Foundation.

                                                                             35 YEARS OF FUN!
                                                                             In a truly amazing and notable achievement, Maitre d’ Oger
                                                                             Bermudez Rochez celebrated his 35-year anniversary
                                                                             aboard the Carnival Imagination with a reception during
                                                                             which he received his anniversary award and pin.
                                                                             Way to go, Oger, and here’s to many more!

TRUE ‘LEGENDS’                                                              CELEBRATING 25 YEARS OF SERVICE
On the Carnival Legend, Captain Guiseppe Donato and Chief                   Congratulations to Carnival Conquest Team Headwaiter
Engineer Vito Antonelli each celebrated a quarter century of service.       Conrado Ranay for 25 years of dedicated service to Carnival.
Hotel Director Alina Chefneux is shown here presenting awards to            He is shown here with Captain Francesco La Fauci and Hotel
these two distinguished gentlemen. Congrats!                                Director Peter Frendo receiving his award.

                                                                                                                                seaview    5
awarDs & evenTs

WE’LL TOAST TO THAT!                         A NOTEWORTHY                                  HERE’S TO 25 YEARS!
Hats off to George Burns, IT applications    ACHIEVEMENT                                   Senior Sales Director Ann Sedgwick’s
developer and an active member of            Javier Gonzalez Fernandez, a team             25th anniversary was marked with a
Carnival’s Voice of Champions Toastmasters   headwaiter on the Carnival Fascination, is    special celebration at the company’s field
public speaking club, for earning his        pictured here receiving his 25-year service   sales force meeting. Ann is pictured here
Distinguished Toastmaster designation,       award from Captain Carmelo Marino during      receiving her 25th anniversary award from
the organization’s highest honor. George     a shipboard celebration. Congratulations,     Managing Director of Sales Mike Julius.
is pictured here with Toastmaster District   Javier, on a quarter century of fun!          Kudos, Ann!
Governor Pamela Rolle receiving his award
at the recent Toastmasters convention.

 A DISTINGUISHED HONOR                       25 YEARS OF FUN!                              WAY TO GO!
 Cecil Dunkley, a stateroom steward on       The 25-year anniversary of 1st Bosun          The 35-year anniversary of Hotel Director
 the Carnival Fascination, is shown here     Marvin Rosales Villanueva was marked          Mark Hoffman -- who joined Carnival in
 receiving his 25-year award from Captain    with a reception aboard the Carnival          1977 and has worked on just about every
 Carmelo Marino during a shipboard           Conquest. Marvin is pictured here with        “Fun Ship” in the fleet – was marked
 celebration. Way to go, Cecil!              Hotel Director Peter Frendo and Captain       with a special celebration on the Carnival
                                             Francesco La Fauci along with a special       Fantasy. Mark is shown here with the
                                             guest, Captain La Fauci’s daughter            ship’s management team during the
                                             Isabella. Congrats!                           festivities where he was presented with
                                                                                           his anniversary award acknowledging his
                                                                                           years of service.
6 seaview
                                            awarDs & evenTs

awarDs                                               Carnival Conquest
Carnival Conquest,
Carnival Miracle,
Carnival Valor receive
Crystal Eagle Awards
It’s that time of year again…time to
unveil the Crystal Eagle awards for
guest service, crew service and safety.
After months of tabulating comment
card ratings, the Carnival Valor team
was presented with the Guest Crystal
Eagle Award recognizing the ship for
having the highest guest comment
card rankings in the fleet.

The results for the Crew Crystal Eagle
award were just as close, but the                     Carnival Miracle
Carnival Miracle team was deemed
the winner for their efforts at providing
the most hospitable and friendliest
environment for crew.

Last but certainly not least, the
Carnival Conquest was recognized
with the Safety Crystal Eagle award                     Carnival Valor
presented to the shipboard team that
demonstrates a superior commitment
to safety in the fleet.

Congratulations to the teams from
these three ships and thank you
for your continued effort in
Carnival’s success!

                                                             seaview     7
aroUnD THe FleeT

                                                                                         service wiTH
                                                                                         a smile
                                                                                         Carnival Ecstasy served as the
                                                                                         venue for the most recent guest
                                                                                         services college which instructed
                                                                                         participants in the finer points of
                                                                                         hospitality management. The
                                                                                         graduates posed for this striking
                                                                                         photo following the successful
                                                                                         completion of the program.

THE MORE YOU KNOW                                           STAR TREATMENT
Carnival Victory recently had 22 shipboard managers         Corporate trainers from around the fleet gathered at the STAR
participate in a two-month long Carnival College of         Center in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., as part of the company’s
Management program facilitated by Natalia Kowalewska, the   ongoing training initiatives. Pictured here are (from left): Johnel
ship’s human resources manager.                             Nazareth, Darija Reic, Lucille Van Der Walt, Lizelle Honiball,
                                                            Shivash Samaroo, Manoharan Chembaka Villa, and STAR Center
                                                            instructor Ileana Gutierrez.

8   seaview
                                                                               aroUnD THe FleeT

     601 acciDenT-
     Free DaYs
     Team members from different
     Carnival Triumph departments
     are pictured here with a sign
     celebrating their 601 accident-
     free days. Congratulations to the
     Carnival Triumph and hats off to all
     team members fleetwide for their
     ongoing commitment to safety.
     Keep up the good work!

Like all Carnival ships, the Carnival Fantasy held its required      A hospitality skills training course on the Carnival Imagination
Survival Crew Craftsman training course that instructs crew          provided participants an opportunity to learn more about the
members in a wide variety of safety and lifesaving procedures and    company’s hospitality standards and practices. The graduates of
techniques. Following successful completion of the program, the      the program are pictured here, diplomas in hand, in the ship’s crew
graduates were given certificates of completion and invited to the   training center.
bridge by Captain Roberto Costi for a customary group shot.

                                                                                                                            seaview   9
aroUnD THe FleeT

                                                                    DisTinGUisHeD visiTors
                                                                    Carnival Fantasy welcomed a group of business students
                                                                    and professors from Coastal Carolina University who were
                                                                    on board to learn more about the cruise industry. The
                                                                    ship’s senior management took the students on a behind-
                                                                    the-scenes tour and then held an informative question and
                                                                    answer session about Carnival and its operations.

                                                                    SERIOUS BUSINESS
                                                                    As part of their required maritime training, Carnival Fantasy team
                                                                    members held a water safety class that not only included classroom
                                                                    instruction but also a practical exercise in the ship’s pool.

TRIUMPHANT!                                                         EVERYONE IN THE POOL!
Members of the Carnival Triumph team are all smiles following       The Carnival Legend’s basic safety class included a variety of
a successful fire-fighting drill. Many thanks to Carnival Triumph   training exercises, including a water safety drill held in the ship’s
team members – and all employees throughout the fleet – for their   main Lido pool. The participants donned their life jackets and
efforts in keeping our ships safe!                                  learned the importance of water safety.

10 seaview
                                                                                  aroUnD THe FleeT

    meeTinG oF THe minDs
    Staff captains and chief security officers from across
    the fleet met in Miami for their annual conference. In
    addition to classroom instruction at the corporate
    offices, attendees had an opportunity to attend
    intensive training sessions with local law enforcement
    agencies. Everyone agreed it was a terrific conference
    and attendees came away from the sessions with an
    even greater understanding of their responsibilities on
    board. Thanks to everyone who helped organize such a
    productive and informative conference.

                                                                          READY TO ROLL
                                                                          After successful deployments on the Carnival Conquest and
                                                                          Carnival Breeze, the new Carnival Team Payroll Card program,
                                                                          developed in partnership with JP Morgan Chase Bank, is
                                                                          now being rolled out across the fleet with a “go live” date of
                                                                          September 9. Team member feedback to the new payroll card
                                                                          has been very positive and we look forward to the final transition
                                                                          to the new system later this year!

WAY TO GO!                                                                AN ACCIDENT-FREE YEAR
Yet another successful hospitality skills course was held aboard the      Underscoring Carnival’s ongoing commitment to safety, members
Carnival Paradise. The intensive course provides team members             of the Carnival Legend’s team got together in the marshalling area
with a variety of helpful information to enhance the service levels for   to mark an accident-free year with this creative photo. Thanks for
Carnival’s guests. The ship’s graduates are pictured here. Congrats!      your continued efforts and keep up the good work!

                                                                                                                               seaview   11
               carnival’s newesT
               sHiP is a breeze!
               Carnival Breeze was officially delivered to Carnival Cruise Lines during a memorable handover
               ceremony that included speeches by executives from Carnival and Italian shipbuilder
               Fincantieri followed by the first-ever live performance of “Divas,” one of the four new Playlist
               Production revues.

                         The preview of “Divas” was highlighted by a now-legendary cameo by none other than
                         Carnival President and CEO Gerry Cahill, who donned a wig, pink faux fur cape and
                         cane and strutted his stuff to raucous applause by the standing room only crowd. The
                         pictures only tell half the story!

                        Prior to delivery, every Carnival Breeze crew member underwent the new Carnival
                        Service Values training which underscores the importance of demonstrating hospitality
                        to our guests and each other. Additional information on the Carnival Service Values
                        program is featured in Gerry Cahill's column and on page 2. Crew members were also
                        trained on the new Marine Evacuation System, an innovative chute-like system that
               has been employed to safely evacuate people in a more expedient manner during an emergency.

               Thanks to everyone, both shipboard and shoreside, who helped launch our newest “Fun Ship.”

12   seaview
PresiDenT’s messaGe
Carnival Breeze is my fourth ship
introduction since becoming president
in 2007 and I have to say each one
keeps getting better and better!

Carnival Breeze is unmistakably
Carnival, with spectacular top-deck
amenities such as WaterWorks and
SportSquare, fabulous entertainment
with Playlist Productions and Hasbro,
The Game Show, and delicious dining
options, including the new Bonsai
Sushi and Fat Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ.

But what really makes this ship stand
out is our dedicated and energetic
team members, who create the fun
and inviting atmosphere that makes
our guests feel at home.

Carnival Breeze represents the
culmination of years of hard work
and planning involving the efforts of
hundreds of shipboard and shoreside
employees. I would like to take this
opportunity to thank everyone who
worked so hard to make the Carnival
Breeze a success!


                            seaview     13
               While Carnival Breeze is earning raves for its spectacular
               on-board features, the ship’s spirited and energetic crew is what
               makes this new ship sparkle and shine.

               The following photo montage highlights a few of the nearly
               1,400 Carnival Breeze team members who helped introduce this
               magnificent new ship during its inaugural season in Europe:

14   seaview
caPTain’s messaGe
It is indeed a privilege to serve as
the first captain of the beautiful
Carnival Breeze and I am very
honored to be among the nearly
1,400 team members who work
together to provide our guests with
wonderful vacation experiences.

From a memorable handover
ceremony and the inaugural
voyage from Venice, to the debut
of a new Mediterranean schedule
from Barcelona, the introduction of
the Carnival Breeze was amazing
and reflects a true team effort in
every sense of the word. The hard
work and dedication of our team
demonstrated during the ship’s
delivery and inaugural season is
something that I am extremely
proud of.

Introducing a new ship can be
both exciting and challenging and
I would like to take this opportunity
to thank everyone who served on
the Carnival Breeze for a job well
done. Congratulations!

captain vincenzo alcaras

                                seaview   15
                                                                                                                Hasbro The Game Show

                                                   Playlist Productions

anD new
The new Carnival Breeze offers a variety of                               Playlist Productions

innovations never before offered on any other
“Fun Ship,” along with popular on-board
features that have become signature elements
                                                                                                 Bonsai Sushi
of our brand.

From high-tech entertainment choices such as
the Playlist Productions, the Thrill Theater and   Hasbro The Game Show
family-style fun with Hasbro, The Game Show
to mouth-watering dining options like Bonsai
Sushi and Fat Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ and tropical
interiors designed by Partner Ship Design,                                                                      Fat Jimmy's C-Side BBQ
Carnival Breeze provides even more fun
and memorable experiences for our guests
to enjoy.

Here’s a look at some of these dazzling
new features available only on the Carnival

                                                                                                                       Thrill Theatre

16    seaview
                                                                DeParTmenT sPoTliGHT

                                                                                                                              CARNIVAL UK
MARKETING                                       assembling a talented team of nine                  The efforts of Adolfo’s team will
                                                sales and marketing professionals who          be taken to another level next year
‘FUN SHIP’ CRUISING                             complement the efforts of the eight            when the Carnival Legend embarks
                                                reservations agents in the UK. Adolfo          on the company’s first extended series
‘ACROSS THE POND’                               and his team also receive guidance and         of voyages from Dover, near London,
    Already the number one cruise operator      expertise from UK-based creative agency        visiting beautiful and breathtaking ports
in North America, Carnival Cruise Lines         Karmarama, media buying agency MPG,            in Norway, Western Europe, the Baltic
has set its sights on becoming the top          and PR agency M&C Saatchi. “We are             and the British Isles. These voyages,
seagoing holiday “across the pond.” Over        very aware that simply putting a British       of course, will be in addition to the
the past year or so, Carnival has intensified   voice-over on our U.S. commercials             Mediterranean departures aboard the
its marketing efforts in the UK and Ireland,    wouldn’t work here so we are making            Carnival Sunshine, which is expected
establishing a London-based sales office        bespoke TV commercials specifically for        to attract a diverse mix of international
and developing integrated marketing and         the UK market. I can’t reveal our creative     passengers, as well. “Travel agents from
public relations campaigns to attract more      ideas just yet, but I can assure you it’s      around the UK have told us on numerous
travelers from the region.                      different from anything we’ve done as a        occasions that they are so excited about
    Heading up these efforts is Adolfo          brand in the past and will be aimed at both    our increased presence in Europe. They
Perez, Carnival’s former vice president of      experienced cruisers and cruise rookies,”      love our product and are looking forward
contact center sales, who relocated from        Adolfo explained.                              to selling much more of Carnival in 2013!”
his native South Florida to jolly old England        Carnival’s increased emphasis on          Adolfo said.
to begin his new adventure as managing          enticing more British travelers to set sail         So, as you can see, there is definitely a
director – UK and Ireland. “I never thought     certainly paid dividends during the Carnival   lot going in the UK and Ireland with Adolfo
I’d actually live in another state, let alone   Breeze’s inaugural season in Europe,           and his team hard at work developing
a foreign country but it’s been a great         with thousands of British cruisers, not to     new and exciting ways to market “Fun
experience thus far and we’re making            mention dozens of UK travel agents and         Ship” cruising in these markets. We’ll be
some great progress on getting the word         journalists, experiencing the vessel’s many    sure to keep you posted on their ongoing
out about Carnival in the UK,” Adolfo said.     exciting innovations.                          efforts in the pages of Seaview!
    One of Adolfo’s first moves was

                                                                                                                             seaview   17
FUn news

                                                                             leT’s Go HeaT
                                                                             During the Miami HEAT’s spectacular championship
                                                                             run, Carnival employees took the team’s “White
                                                                             Hot” theme to heart, donning their all-white duds to
                                                                             cheer the squad on to victory. Here, members of the
                                                                             finance team pose next to the funnel at the Miami
                                                                             headquarters in an impromptu celebration.

     3…2…1… blasToFF!
     Carnival Sensation team members had an amazing
     opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center in nearby
     Cape Canaveral. Carnival Sensation’s monthly trips to visit
     the facility are always popular and enjoyable. Here is a fun
     picture of a group who went along for the tour.

A DIFFERENT KIND OF FUN SHIP                                        A WELL-DESERVED BREAK
The Carnival Paradise team enjoyed some fun in the sun when they    Members of the Carnival Ecstasy’s guest services team enjoyed
embarked on a catamaran adventure in Cozumel. Underneath            a well-deserved break when they visited Blue Lagoon Island in
a gorgeous Caribbean sky, the group relaxed and enjoyed the         Nassau. The group took full advantage of the opportunity, relaxing
beautiful sights while working on their tans. Good times, indeed!   on the beach and enjoying a delicious lunch before heading back
                                                                    to the ship rested, reenergized and reinvigorated.

18    seaview
                                                                                                           FUn news

      biG wow
      Guests sailing on Carnival Breeze recently awoke
      to find a special treat – a towel animal “farm” with
      dozens of different creatures positioned throughout
      the main Lido deck pool. The guests were truly
      wowed by the sight and spent the better part of the
      morning taking photos. Many thanks to members
      of the housekeeping team who got up extra early to
      make these terrycloth masterpieces!

                                                                                 Carnival Legend team members enjoyed a fun
                                                                                 and relaxing day during a port call at the beautiful
                                                                                 Mahogany Bay Cruise Center in Roatan. In addition
                                                                                 to a tantalizing variety of food and drink, the group
                                                                                 enjoyed a full schedule of activities, including a fun
                                                                                 limbo contest pictured here.

WE’RE MAKING PIZZA!                                                   HONING THEIR SKILLS
The kids at the Camp Carnival child development center at the         Carnival Splendor Housekeeping Manager Nemanja Skakavac (left)
Miami headquarters enjoyed a real treat – a tour of the company’s     and F&B Manager Goran Kliskic are shown here participating in
cafeteria that culminated in a fun pizza-making session. The junior   an exercise during the recent USPH Conference in Seattle. The
chefs were truly impressed with the tour and delighted when they      conference brought together leading experts to discuss enhanced
devoured their handmade culinary creations!                           public health and sanitation procedures which are a critical aspect of
                                                                      our operations.

                                                                                                                              seaview     19
FUn news

                                                                                             TasTe oF THe naTions
                                                                                             The Carnival Elation held a Taste of the
                                                                                             Nations-themed crew party with Chef
                                                                                             de Cuisine Govind Bahal and his team
                                                                                             preparing dishes from all over the world
                                                                                             for the team members to enjoy. What a
                                                                                             delicious idea!

                                                                   FUN IN THE SUN
                                                                   Carnival Imagination’s Cruise Director James Dunn treated his
BARBECUE —SOUTH AFRICAN STYLE!                                     entertainment team to a day at Passion Island in Cozumel for some fun
Carnival Valor team members gathered for a traditional “Braai”     in the sun. The hard-working group got to relax on the beach and even
(barbecue) in Tortola at a local watering hole. Everyone           held an impromptu volleyball tournament.
indulged in tasty South African treats. It was an enjoyable time
for everyone!

Inspired by the Carnival Miracle’s Mad Hatter lounge, the
ship’s team members decided to host their own “mad hatters”        GOOD TIMES
party where participants were invited to don their favorite hat,   The Carnival Ecstasy had its own Carnival Night in the marshalling area,
be it a cap, fedora, derby, or chapeau. Looks like fun!            with a host of games, food and prizes. Many thanks to the corporate
                                                                   training, spa and photo departments for organizing this fun soiree!

20    seaview
                                                                                                      FUn news

   Carnival Conquest team members were
   treated to “Dumpling Night” featuring a
   wide variety of Asian-inspired dishes.
   Based on the photo, it looks like everyone
   enjoyed the delicacies!

Bar guest services team members from Thailand cooked traditional dishes
from their native land for co-workers on board Carnival Paradise. Lots of
delicious, authentic Thai cuisine for everyone!

                                                                            CRUNCHING NUMBERS
                                                                            The Miami offices were the site for the first-ever chief
                                                                            accountants conference which included three full
                                                                            days of workshops, seminars and break-out sessions.
                                                                            Before heading back to their respective ships the chief
KICKING BACK                                                                accountants got together for a group shot in front of the
In a fun meet-up in Nassau, corporate trainers from the Carnival
                                                                            funnel that greets visitors at the Miami headquarters.
Fascination and Carnival Imagination got together to swap stories and
share a few laughs. Before heading back to their ships, the trainers had
the requisite Seaview photo taken. Thanks, guys!
                                                                                                                         seaview   21
FUn news

                                                                   PUTTinG THeir besT FooT ForwarD
                                                                   Dozens of Carnival team members participated in the Corporate
                                                                   Run, the annual race that attracts employees from different South
                                                                   Florida-based companies who run through the streets of downtown
                                                                   Miami. And, once again, Team Carnival took home a first-place
                                                                   award, winning the co-ed hospitality division with a team comprised
                                                                   of Carlos Torres de Navarra, Angela Ahmet, Derek Jacobs and
                                                                   Vernisha Williams. Way to go!

HOLY PARTY, BATMAN!                                                       WE’RE ON A BOAT
Carnival Victory team members took a break from their usual routine       During a port call in Nassau, several team members from the
to put on their masks and let loose at a Batman-themed party in the       Carnival Fascination had a chance to kick back, relax and enjoy
crew lounge. Everyone came out for the festivities, including Robin,      a sunset catamaran tour. The group is pictured here enjoying
Cat Woman and The Joker!                                                  what was truly a “fun day at sea.”

22    seaview
no KiDDinG!
Before heading off to Half Moon Cay on the Carnival
Destiny with 2,500 of his most rabid fans, Kid Rock took
time out for a group shot with several members of the
Carnival team, including Cruise Director Noonan, Dance
Captain Jemma Noonan, Shore Excursion Manager
Andrea Ascarate and Director of Charter Sales Tom
Dougher. Rock on!

                                       HeY, iT’s GeorGe loPez!
                                       Several Carnival employees, including
                                       BDM Jennifer Buenrostro, volunteered
                                       their time and talent at the George
                                       Lopez annual celebrity golf tournament
                                       in California, sponsored by the popular
                                       comedian and TV star, who serves as
                                       Carnival’s curator of comedy for our
                                       Punchliner Comedy Clubs.

                                                                                 nFl sUPersTar insPires
                                                                                 High school students participating in Carnival’s
                                       a sTar on boarD                           Scholarship & Mentoring program recently had a
                                       Carnival Miracle was truly “star          special visitor – NFL All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis.
                                       struck” when TV personality Star          who is shown here with Linda Coll of the Carnival
                                       Jones joined the vessel for an eight-     Foundation and Gale Nelson of Big Brothers Big
                                       day Caribbean cruise from New York.       Sisters. The NFL superstar captivated the students
                                       Jones, along with her father James        with his life story about overcoming obstacles on
                                       and nephew Tyson, were the guests         the road to success.
                                       of honor during a tour of the bridge
                                       by Captain Rocco Lubrano.

                                                                           Haven’T i seen YoU on Tv?
                                                                           David Pogue, popular columnist and Emmy-winning
                                                                           technology correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning,
        rocKin’ THe crew bar                                               participated in the “Behind the Fun Tour” on the Carnival
        Marc Broussard, lead singer of the band 311, rocked Carnival       Paradise (which he loved, of course). Johnel Nazareth
        Elation’s crew lounge during the group’s charter cruise. The       and Gaelle Adekunle of corporate training and Johnathan
        husky voiced Louisiana native entertained team members with        Ubaldo of restaurant services took the opportunity to snap
        some of his hottest chart-topping songs!                           a photo with the esteemed newsman.

                                                                                                                      seaview   23
HelPinG HanDs

                           (1) carnival’s FUn Team, along with their
                           friends and family members, did their part to
                           keep our beaches in pristine condition when
                           they participated in a beautification project
                           at Miami’s South Pointe Park. (2) Continuing

1                          its efforts at supporting local charities in our
                           Charleston homeport, the Carnival Fantasy
                   2       team donated dozens of mattresses which
                           are being used to furnish homes as part of
                           the HabiTaT For HUmaniTY homebuilding
                           initiative. (3) Students participating in
                           carnival’s scHolarsHiP anD menTorinG
                           ProGram had a fun day at the American
                           Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat.
               3           The students and their mentors toured the
                       4   facility, had their photo taken with the team’s
5                          2006 championship trophy and even got a
                           chance to shoot a few hoops on the court!
                           (4) carnival ParaDise Team members did
                           their part to help the kids from St. Jude
                           Children’s Research Hospital, hosting a
                           fun auction of various items with their co-
                           workers and raising $1,200 for pediatric
                           cancer research and treatment.
                           (5) Jodi Kinmon and Beth Sikora of
                           consumer sales participated in an hour-long
                           circuit fitness as part of a fundraiser for the
                           leUKemia anD lYmPHoma socieTY (6) For
                           the sixth straight year, Carnival BDM Lynne
                           St. Jean has collected used bicycles from her
                           travel agent partners for the cYclo norD-sUD,
                           an organization that sends the bikes to
                           developing nations. (7) Looking for a creative
                           way to raise money for sT. JUDe cHilDren’s
                           researcH HosPiTal, shoreside employees
                           held a teddy bear sale similar to those held
                           aboard ship, raising more than $2,300 for

 7                         the organization.

24   seaview
                                                            inTo sPorTs

(1) The carnival conqUesT held a ping           2
pong tournament in the crew recreation

center and after many close matches, I

Dewa Gede Hamparawa of housekeeping

took first place. (2) Teams from the Carnival

Miracle and Carnival Glory met in Grand

Turk for a competitive soccer maTcH

which was played underneath a beautiful
Caribbean sky. In the end, it was the

Carnival Miracle coming out on top, winning

by a score of 5-1. (3) Team members

from the Carnival Victory’s casino sailed

on a “Fun Ship” of another kind when they

participated in a reGaTTa comPeTiTion
in sT. maarTen. Good times! (4) On the
carnival ParaDise, the sporting life also
extends to more leisurely -- but no less        3
competitive – pursuits such as chess and

other board games. (5) Table tennis is one

of the more popular shipboard activities and

the Carnival Sensation capitalized on this

trend with a PinG PonG ToUrnamenT with

Assistant Stateroom Steward Ida Bagus

Suyasa taking first and Dwitama Sandjaya            5   6

a well-deserved runner up. (6) Looking for

a fun way to get some exercise and get an

up close and personal view of Curacao,
carnival miracle team members hopped
on rented bikes to explore the picturesque

island. (7) Underneath a backdrop

of beautiful blue skies, the carnival
imaGinaTion team enjoyed a relaxing
catamaran ride off the coast of Cozumel.

                                                                  seaview   25
                                                                                                 TECH CORNER
                                                                                                   In this issue of Tech
                                                                                                    Corner, Social Media
                                                                                                    Manager Eric Schechter
                                                                                                   shares his favorite iPhone
                                                                                                  apps with his fellow
                                                                                                 Carnival employees:

                                                                                       This app is a one-stop shop that
                                                                                       curates content from all across
                                                                                       the web, as well as your social
                                                                                       networks, and turns them into
                                                                                       beautifully designed magazine-like
                                                                                       digital pages. It’s one of the first
                                                                                       apps I look at when drinking my
                                                                                       morning coffee.

aTTenTion                                                                              clearTUne
                                                                                       As a guitarist, it's always important
                                                                                       to have your axe perfectly tuned at

                                                                                       all times. I've tried many different
                                                                                       tuning apps in the past and they all
                                                                                       continued to let me down one after
                                                                                       the other. Cleartune finally did it right,
                                                                                       and while it's not free, it is definitely
Entries are currently being accepted for                                               well worth the money.

Seaview Magazine’s 14th annual photo contest,
which promises to be bigger and better than ever!                                      YelP
                                                                                        I'm a BIG foodie and this app
All Carnival team members, both shipboard and shoreside, are eligible. All you         continues to be my go-to whenever
need to do is submit photos you have taken by November 1 to Seaview Magazine.          I'm in a new city and looking for a
High-res digital photos can be emailed to the Seaview inbox in Outlook while print     great restaurant to try out. You'd be
photos and CDs can be sent to mail stop code MSPR530S.                                 surprised at how many hole in the
                                                                                       wall places I've found, that looked a
Participants can submit entries in four categories – “people,” “things/places,”        bit sketchy on the outside, but were
and “I Love Carnival.” Carnival’s professional photographers also have their           simply AMAZING. Simply put: Yelp
own category.                                                                          users have yet to let me down

A brief caption, including information on when and where the photo was taken,
which category the photo should be judged within, and employee information including
                                                                                        This is by far my favorite sports app
department and crew ID#, must be included. One photo per category, please.
                                                                                       and the only one I use. From real-
                                                                                       time scoring, news, schedules and
A variety of prizes, including a choice of a Flip video camera, iPod Nano, or
                                                                                       stats to push notification alerts, this
Kindle book reader, will be available.
                                                                                       app has EVERYTHING. What's even
                                                                                       better - it's totally FREE. :-)
So don’t delay -- submit your photo today!

26   seaview
sUDoKU me crazY
3 1
                   7 8
                                                                                      biTs Pieces                     &                   lanGUaGe
  2            1     5

                                                                    We’ve learned some common phrases, but what about the initial greeting?
  6              2 4   3                                            When encountering a friend, guest or new acquaintance, it’s nice to be able to
                                                                    say “good morning” in their native language.
4                                         9
  8            9 5                  6                               Spanish: Buenos días
      7                  3          9                               French: Bonjour
      6 4                           8 5                             German: Guten Morgen
    9   6
                                                                    Finnish: Hyvää huomenta.

                                                                    For more help with conversational skills, visit

 FUn FacTs:                                                                                                     Put your heart, mind,
 It would take 11 EmpirE StatE BuildingS, stacked one                                                          and soul into even your
 on top of the other, to measure the Gulf of Mexico at its
                    deepest point.                                                                                  smallest acts.
                          A chamElEon’S tongue is twice                                                          This is the secret of
                          the length of its body.
                           No one knows who built the taj mahal. The names of the                                            — Swami Sivananda
                         architects, masons, and designers that have been passed down over
                      the years have all proved to be latter-day inventions, and there is no
                  evidence to indicate who the real creators were.

                 The olympic flag'S colors are always red, black, blue, green and yellow rings
                on a field of white. This is because at least one of those colors appears on the
              flag of every nation on the planet.

              Eighty-five percent of plant life is found in the ocEan.
                                                                                                                                  worD FinD
                                                                                   FM    N VC    G   PU    B   S   TD RH     A H AB Y X    alcHemY bar
            The largESt Box of chocolatES contained 90,090                         V A   U LU    P   UD    O   H   RM Q F    L B J C DS
          Frango mint chocolates and weighed 3,326 lbs! It was                     L S   S JE    Q   NY    N   S   X J X F   CRGL T U      blUeiGUana
      made by Marshall Field's of Chicago on November 14, 2002.                    F B   P AE    O   CG    S   J   T X DQ    HUMB EM
                                                                                   NJ    O HA    U   HR    A   B   BX BG     E YNV L R
                                                                                                                                           bonsai sUsHi
 Q is the only letter in the alphaBEt that does not appear in the                  S K   R DS    B   L I   I   R   UX AD     MTWJ B L
 name of any of the United States.                                                                                                         cUcina Del caPiTano
                                                                                   J J   T OP    N   I D   S   H   Y R GU    Y P FD L K
                                                                                   GH    S TO    R   NF    U   N   QK GG     BDF J UA      DJ irie
 Sir iSaac nEwton was only 23 years old when he discovered the                     NB    S YR    E   E R   S   F   WW T E    AS X J E K
 law of gravity.                                                                   QD    QXT     D   RG    H   K   DD QA     R PWB I Y     easPorTs bar
                                                                                   K K   U I S   F   CD    I   X   CB V P    L J GV GN     GeorGe loPez
 The country that consumes the most chocolate in the world is                      PH    A SB    R   OT    H   E   GA ME     S H OW U V
 Switzerland. The average Swiss resident eats                                      L B   R HA    O   ML    S   U   J R F A   DXQ I A J     GUYs bUrGer JoinT
 25 poundS of chocolatE each year.                                                 L G   E OR    G   E L   O   P   E Z OG    WM T G N D
                                                                                   CU    C IN    A   DE    L   C   AP I T    ANOB A T      Hasbro THe Game sHow
 tarantulaS can survive up to two and                                              CT    QOL     J   Y S   R   I   EN XD     A S V Q OM
 a half years without food.                                                                                                                PUncHliner comeDY clUb
                                                                                   J A   E E I   O   CM    U   S   UW J Y    L KCT BD
                                                                                   P P   HR I    Y   L L   A   B   VD KA     CMY D W I     reDFroG
 ShakESpEarE invented the words                                                    RK    I MD    N   U L   U   F   DS OJ     GDAK I R
 'assassination' and 'bump.'                                                       F E   Q TD    X   BW    I   C   MJ T Y    P V Y R MU    sPorTsqUare
                                                                                                   HealTH wise
                                               Only high caliber doctors and nurses are selected to serve as members of the
                                               elite corps of Carnival’s fleet medical officers.

                                               To ensure high standards, Carnival’s department of medical services strictly
                                               adheres to medical officer qualification standards established by the cruise
                                               ship medicine section of the American College of Emergency Physicians.
                                               The guidelines call for ship’s doctors and nurses to be competent in a wide
                                               range of health care disciplines such as emergency medicine, intensive care,
                                               traumatology and general medicine. Certification in Advanced Cardiac Life
                                               Support (ACLS) is also required.

          Dr. John Bradberry                   Background checks are conducted with both local police departments and

                      Medical Director
                                               medical licensing boards. Each applicant undergoes an in depth interview to
                                               ensure not only clinical competence, but excellent interpersonal skills, as well.
                                               Just as Carnival’s crew members represent a wide variety of nationalities, so do
                                               Carnival’s doctors and nurses. They are recruited from a multitude of approved
                                               countries such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, European Union
      Know your                                members, Colombia, the United States and South Africa.

        Medical                                Carnival’s department of medical services is wholeheartedly committed to

           TeaM                                enhancing crew members’ health and well-being. The elite group of Carnival’s
                                               doctors and nurses stand ready to serve you in expert and friendly fashion.
                                               Please do not hesitate to seek their help whenever you have health-related
                                               questions or concerns.

       carnival’s meDical sTaFF:
       beYonD THe ‘FUn sHiPs’
       The extensive backgrounds of Carnival’s medical staff makes
       them ideal candidates for serving in a broad range of medical
       fields when they’re not aboard ship. A perfect example is
       Dr. Louise Berry who volunteered her time at the
       2012 Olympic Games in London this summer.

       Louise is one of 2,400 medical personnel who were hand-selected from a pool of more than 70,000 applicants to oversee the
       medical operations for both Olypmic athletes and attendees. The volunteers ran the gamut of all medical positions, including
       doctors, nurses, first responders, pharmacists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

       Louis worked as a crowd doctor in the Olympic stadium and in the Olympic Village in Stratford during the games, as well as
       the closing ceremony and at the shooting competition at the Royal Artillery barracks in Greenwich.

       Thanks for all you do, Louise!

28   seaview
TanTalizinG creaTions                                                                                EA SPORTS BAR
From The ‘Fun Ship’ Fleet                                                                            micHelaDa
                                                                                                     Garnish: Salt on the rim
With so many exciting bar and lounge concepts being rolled out these                                 Ingredients:
                                                                                                     1 oz. Fresh lime juice
days – from Cucina del Capitano Italian restaurant to the new Bonsai
                                                                                                     1      Dash Of Worsteshire Sauce
Sushi – we thought Seaview readers would be interested in finding out                                1      Dash Of Tabasco
how to create these venues’ signature items at home.                                                 Dos Equis
                                                                                                     Step By Step: Pour the fresh lime juice,
                                                                                                     worsteshire sauce and Tabasco into a glass.
                                                                                                     Add ice. Fill up with draft beer. Tomato juice
                                                                                                     is optional.

                                                                                                     REDFROG RUM BAR
                                                                                                     FroG’s islanD iceD Tea

                                                                                                     Garnish: Lime & cherry
     From Cucino de Capitano                                                                         ½ oz. Beefeater Gin
                                                                                                     ½ oz. Malibu Rum
     Makes 10 servings
                                                                                                     ½ oz. Skyy Vodka
                                                                                                     ½ oz. Blue Curacao
     meaTballs                                                                                       1 oz. pineapple juice
     1 lb. striplion steak                                                                           ½ oz lemonade
     1 lb. prime beef trimmings                                                                      Squeeze lemon and top with Sprite
     2 lb. ground beef                                                                               Step By Step: Pour all the ingredients except
     1 lb. yellow onion                                                                              for the Sprite into a mixing glass, add ice, shake
     ½ oz. thyme fresh (chopped)                                                                     it for at least five seconds, pour into
     1 oz. garlic (chopped)                                                                          a pub glass, top with Sprite.
     ½ oz. parsley (chopped)
     4 oz. brioche bread (soaked in milk)
     3      eggs                                                                                     BLUEIGUANA TEQUILA BAR
     1 oz. olive oil                                                                                 Green iGUana
     1 tsp. fennel seeds roasted and crushed                                                         Garnish: Cherry & pineapple
     Salt and Cracked black pepper to taste                                                          Ingredients:
                                                                                                     1½ oz. 1800 Tequila
     Finely chop striplion and prime beef trimmings, dice the onion, finely slice one-half of        1 oz. Midori
     the whole mozzarella and set aside. In a hot sauce pan, sauté garlic and onions for five        1 oz. Pina Colada mix
     minutes in olive oil and leave aside to allow mixture to cool. Mix other ingredients with the   1 oz. pineapple juice
     sauté onions and season to taste. Make one-ounce meatballs, place in the sauce and              1¼ oz. lemonade
     cook on a very slow heat. (Note: do not overcook meat balls, they need to be very soft.)        Top with soda
                                                                                                     Step By Step: Add all ingredients, except
     saUce                                                                                           for soda in a shaker filled with ice. Shake
     16 oz. can cherry tomato sauce           Salt to taste                                          vigorously. Pour everything into a glass.
     10 cloves garlic (sliced)                Pepper to taste                                        Top with soda.
     8 oz. olive oil                          Pinch of sugar
     ¼ oz. fresh basil                                                                               ALCHEMY BAR
     In a hot sauce pan, saute garlic, crushed red pepper, and cherry tomato sauce, stirring         PerFecT sTorm
     continuously. Cook for 30 minutes and finish with salt, pepper, olive oil and a little sugar,   Garnish: Touch of grated
     if desired.                                                                                     cinnamon & sprig of rosemary
     GarnisH                                                                                         1 oz. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
     1 lb. mozzarella whole (thinly sliced)                                                          1 oz. Cruzan White Rum
     Fresh sweet basil for garnish                                                                   1 oz. Monin strawberry syrup
     Crushed red pepper for garnish                                                                  1 stem of broken rosemary sprig
     Fresh sage (fried) for garnish                                                                  ¾ oz. fresh lime juice
                                                                                                     Step By Step: Pour everything in a pub glass.
     Place the sauce in the dish, lay the meatball on the top of the sauce (very little sauce),      Add ice. Shake it very well for at least five
     place a slice of whole mozzarella on the top of the meatball and broil in the oven.             seconds. Double strain into a chilled martini
     Garnish with fresh basil, fried sage and crushed red pepper.                                    glass (strain into the glass through the fine
                                                                                                     strainer after passing through regular strainer).
                                                                                                     Grate the cinnamon stick on top of the drink.
                                                                                                     Place small rosemary sprig on top of the drink.
THanKs To oUr F&b Team For ProviDinG THese reciPes. enJoY!
                                                                                                                                        seaview       29
riGHT aroUnD THe corner…
           Following a highly successful season in Europe, Carnival Breeze

           will sail on a 15-day trans-Atlantic crossing then reposition to

           Miami for year-round six- and eight-day Caribbean departures

           beginning in November. Carnival Breeze will be the largest

           “Fun Ship” ever to operate from South Florida.

           Carnival Breeze is a spectacular addition to the “Fun Ship” fleet

           and many thanks to the dedicated team members, both aboard

           ship and ashore, for their incredible efforts during the ship’s start-

           up period and its inaugural European schedule. We can’t wait

           until Carnival Breeze arrives in Miami!

           Until then…

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