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					W : hi good morning adi
A : hi good morning
W : tomorrow do you have free time
A : if tomorrow I work
W : when do you have free time
A : there is need what
W : I want to take you to JEC on 1 December
A : ok, tomorrow you come to my home
W : ok
A : What will you do in JEC
W : I want to buy the OS Windows 8, you know the price
A : approximately seven hundred thousand, if windows 8 I have this software
W : ok, if so I ask this software and please install
A : ok, so we do not go to JEC
W : no, I also want to request your games
A : do you want to request what games
W : what are football games a recent
A : PES 2013 seem the most recent
W : this games seem nice
A : you can install PES or not
W : can not, I am afraid wrong
A : ok, tomorrow I will install windows and PES to you
W : ok, thank you
A : how date two we go to JEC
W : what will you do in JEC
A : I want to know the extent to which technological developments in Indonesia
W : ok I also want to know, I want to ask
A : want to ask what
W : what is the difference between intel and amd processor
A : difference very much, one performance
W : what's up with the performance of intel and amd
A : according the research intel processor more powerful in any case
W : so intel processor better be compared amd processor
A : true, but all have advantages and disadvantages
W : ok, if so we go to JEC on two december, I will pick you in your home

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