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How to make Virtual training more interesting?


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									                 How to make Virtual training more interesting?

It is a fact that several people are turning for online courses due to various reasons. These
reasons include lack of time in attending regular courses, people who are juggling between
work and studies, flexibility, updated courses; need to stay abreast of the latest
developments and so on. For all such people, virtual training will provide them an
opportunity to learn from the comfort of their home. This will save them a lot of time and
money. In-addition, you can get rid from the traveling hassles.

However, not all the people who have enrolled for online training classes are so interested.
In-addition, as the faculty doesn’t has any control on the learner, often these students
spend most of their time in checking mails, writing reports, listening to music and so on. To
retain the attention of the trainee in the online courses, the instructors have to follow few

Start the session with a positive and encouraging note. Design a program such that the
students are forced to engage in it. You can also ask the participants to have a web cam so
that you can see the participants and can observe their movements.

Make the training program an interesting one. You can do this by teaching with slide shows
rather than going through tons of boring text. You can make best use of multi-media and
prepare highly effective and interesting power point presentations. These presentations will
make the program not only interesting but also informative too.

Another thing is that instructors should do home work on their voice modulation. Teaching
with same tone all over the class timing will make the trainees disinterested and sleepy. As
such, you should train yourself to give excellent presentations and change your voice

There will be some people who pretend to participate in the virtual class rooms but in reality
they are doing something else. Just like the last bench students, there will be always few
people who are least interested in anything. For such people, you can make them involve in
the discussions by asking poll questions and feedback etc.

Virtual training can be made more interactive by including slides. You should ensure that
you’re changing them regularly, so that the trainees don’t feel bored. You can also ask them
to raise their hands to answer to your questions. You can seek answers from them and also
ask why they think that their answer is correct.

As there are ‘n’ numbers of students in the online training rooms, it’s your job to see that
they are putting sincere efforts in participating in the discussions and chat sessions, so that
they gain knowledge. To achieve this, you have to be skillful and tactful in making the
classes interesting by including various activities apart from imparting knowledge.
Advantages of virtual training are as below:


Virtual training can be accessible to all those people without any constraints of geographic
locations and time schedules. In-fact, it has become the most sought after way of learning
in emerging nations as well as many third-world nations. It has opened up its doors to
people staying in far flung areas. You can avail the teaching services of best faculty even
while staying at remote areas. Virtual training has given them an option to be available to
all those who want to learn. Social aspect such as gender, race, appearance and class have
become irrelevant and thus building confidence in this people..


This is the most important plus point of virtual training. You can learn at your own time
schedules or convenience. Although synchronous training needs greater coordination,
asynchronous training is more flexible, wherein the students can adjust their course
schedules, according to their priorities.

Live training

Despite being in virtual training, you can be still able to interact with your friends and learn
together. Virtual training will give regular feedback and therefore, you can know your
performance and change accordingly.


Virtual training classrooms are highly dedicated to impart the knowledge and therefore you
will not have any distractions as like you have in the traditional classrooms. These training
classes are effective and offer the latest syllabus.

Low cost

They provide high quality and customized training to you without any traveling hassles. You
will also get rid of bearing traveling expenses. You can sit from the comfort of your home
and learn all the nuances.

Live instruction

This virtual training class comes with an expert instructor who will be teaching the subject.
You can see them on your screen; interact with them and clarify your doubts.

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