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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ARAB TIMES, SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2012


                                                                                                        Bacteria carried by tiny, winged insect

Tree disease threatens $2b Calif citrus industry
LOS ANGELES, April 21, (RTRS):                     “This is the tip of the iceberg for                                                                                                                                                               “The disease could be devastating to
California orange and lemon growers are         California,” said Ted Batkin, a former                                           Officials demand health, safety upgrades                                                                         our entire industry, economy, and our
bracing for a deadly bacterial disease          citrus grower and now president of the                                                                                                                                                            very identity,” said Leslie Leavens-
that could ravage the state’s $2 billion        Citrus Research Board, which was                                                                                                                                                                  Crowe, a partner at Leavens Ranches in
citrus industry after the first infected tree
in the state was identified in a suburban
Los Angeles yard.
                                                responsible for detecting the diseased
                                                tree near Los Angeles.
                                                   “Never in our history have we dealt
                                                                                                 SF restaurant known for ‘rudest waiter’ closing                                                                                                  Santa Paula, California, a fourth-genera-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  tion commercial grower of lemons and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  avocados. “We’ve complained about
   The        tree     ailment,       called    with a disease that is this persistent, and      SAN FRANCISCO, April 21, (AP): A                 ton soup.                                      rant’s house rules maintained his gruff          other pests, but this disease actually kills
Huanglongbing, citrus greening or yel-          we have searched the world for 50 years          100-year-old Chinese restaurant in                  “I know change is good, but some-           demeanor. Among its warnings: “No                trees and there is no known cure.”
                                                                                                 San Francisco once known for having              times you want to hold onto the happy          Jive, No Coffee, Milk, Soft Drinks,
low dragon disease, is usually spread by        and have not been able to find resistance        “the world’s rudest waiter” is slinging its      memories,” said customer Darlene               Fortune Cookies.”                                   The March 30 detection has sent
the Asian citrus psyllid, a tiny, aphid-like    to this bacteria,” Batkin said.                  last insults and barbequed meat noodle           Lee, 71, who had been coming to the               Sam Begler, a caterer who had been            growers racing to set up bug traps, hop-
winged insect that feeds on the leaves of          The diseased tree in Hacienda Heights         rolls.                                           restaurant for 60 years and said its           dining at Sam Wo since 1976, recalled            ing to stave off the advance of a deadly
citrus trees.                                   was removed, and officials are keeping a            Sam Wo, a Chinatown hole-in-the-              inexpensive fare was comfort food that         how Fung would refuse to serve people            pathogen that already has cost billions of
   The first appearance of the disease in       close watch on 400 to 500 other trees            wall that typified the kind of ethnic            reminded her of going home.                    he didn’t like the looks of and chastise         dollars in damage to citrus crops in
California was confirmed on March 30            they suspect may have been infected,             eateries for which the city’s culinary              For those who did not grow up dining        customers who dared to complain                  Florida since 2005.
when a lemon-pomelo hybrid tree in              Batkin said.                                     scene was lauded before it became a              at Sam Wo, it became a cultural main-          when they were brought the wrong                    The pest and the disease have also
Hacienda Heights, east of Los Angeles,             State agricultural officials have set up      trendy haven for foodies, planned to             stay in the 1970s through reports by           dishes. It was never quite clear                 turned up in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia
                                                                                                 serve its last customers early Saturday.         the late San Francisco Chronicle               whether his crustiness was genuine or
tested positive. Experts believe it was         a quarantine area of some 20,700 square             David Ho, a descendent of one of the          columnist Herb Caen and the “Tales of          an act, but it was always an experi-             and     South      Carolina.      Arizona,
transmitted by an infected bud shoot            miles (53,600 square km) to prevent              restaurant’s original owners, decided to         the City” novels of Armistead Maupin.          ence, especially for locals who wan-             Mississippi and Alabama have detected
grafted onto the tree by a friendly neigh-      potentially infected fruit from leaving a        shut down after officials demanded                  Both men immortalized the restau-           dered in to take advantage of the                the pest, but not the disease.
bor and amateur horticulturist.                 region that spans six California coun-           extensive health and safety upgrades.            rant by writing about the antics of Edsel      restaurant’s 3 a.m. closing time.                   The Citrus Research Board estimates
   The disease poses no health risk to          ties.                                               Heartbroken customers lined up                Ford Fung, the waiter who was known               “The Soup Nazi is the Dalai Lama              that psyllids have invaded the Los
humans or animals, but its effect on cit-          Growers are worried that if the dis-          down the block Friday to get a seat at           for verbally abusing patrons and slam-         compared to Edsel Ford Fung,” Begler             Angeles basin by the millions since the
rus trees is lethal and without a known         ease spreads north it could wreak havoc          one of the eight lunch tables and to             ming dishes on tables.                         said as he tucked into chicken rolls and         bugs first arrived in the state in 2008,
cure. The bacteria has previously devas-        on the prized orchards in California’s           mourn the loss of another San                       Fung died in 1984 at age 57, but for        chow mein. “He is the Don Rickles of             though not one has been found carrying
                                                                                                 Francisco institution over bowls of won          a long time a sign listing the restau-         restaurants.”
tated crops in China, Brazil and Florida.       Central Valley, the heart of the state’s $2                                                                                                                                                       the Huanglongbing bacteria.
                 Infection                      billion citrus industry, causing signifi-                                                                                                                                                            The state and the industry have spent
                                                cant losses in revenue and jobs.                 fresh-market oranges, according to the              The Central Valley, a vast, fertile         crop.                                            millions of dollars to curtail a potential
   The infection attacks the vascular sys-         California produces approximately 80          Citrus Research Board. The state also            region stretching 500 miles (800 km)              Also troubling is the potential toll the      outbreak of the disease, according to the
tem of the trees, causing a yellowing of        percent of the nation’s fresh citrus fruit       supplies 87 percent of the nation’s              from Bakersfield to Redding, accounts          disease could take on the image of a             California Department of Food and
leaves and death within a few years.            and is the country’s main source of              lemons.                                          for the bulk of the state’s overall citrus     region synonymous with sun and citrus.           Agriculture.

                                                                          Other Lives

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  April 23
ICAI Seminar: The Kuwait Chapter of
the Institute of India is pleased to
announce its next CPE Seminar on
Monday, April 23, 2012.
   Venue: Holiday Inn downtown, Kuwait.
   Topic: Foreign Exchange Management
Act (FDI Scheme for Investment,
Portfolio Scheme for Investment,
Investment in Properties, Repatriation of
Capital and Income, Proposed Tax on
Indirect Shares Transfer and Anti Money
Laundering Act).
   Presenter: Dhinal Shah, Central
Council Member, ICAI.
   Registration time 6 pm, Seminar will
start sharp 6:30 pm. Members of the chap-
ter interested are requested to register
their names on-line.
             ❑        ❑        ❑                      In this March 22, 2012 photo, Kim Lee (center), wife of ‘Crazy English’ founder Li Yang, is surrounded by local journalists as she walks into a court for her divorce trial in Beijing, China. (AP)
Palestinian Cultural Expo:
Palestinian Cultural Exhibition will take
place at the Kuwaiti Women’s Cultural
                                                                                                                     1 in 4 women in China victim of domestic violence
and Social Society in Khaldiya from April
23 through April 26.
   Rounding out the exhibition is a food
sale of traditional Palestinian delicacies,
with freshly-prepared baked goods and
other dishes available on Thursday; beau-
                                                US woman becomes hero for battered wives
                                                BEIJING, April 21, (AP): Her head was            sites, along with protests and talk show            They married in a Las Vegas chapel in       cally ruled the family, with authority over      was a shy child afraid to answer the phone
tiful and popular hand-made ceramics            ringing from the blows. Once, twice, three       debates. It is especially explosive because      2005, a few years after their first daughter   women and girls. Women were supposed             or leave the house. In 2004, his father Li
from Hebron; and a well-stocked book            times, her husband slammed her face into         she is a foreigner, at a time when China is      Lily was born. But with Li away at work-       to obey their fathers when young, their          Tiande told a Beijing newspaper he raised
section with English and Arabic titles,         the living room floor.                           particularly sensitive about how it is           shops much of the time, the relationship       husbands when married and their sons             his son with a firm hand, and recounted an
including the just-published “Atlas of                                                           understood and treated by the world.                                                            when widowed, according to advice
Palestine” by Dr Salman Abu Sitta. He              Kim Lee tried to twist her tall but skin-                                                      grew strained.                                                                                  incident when a colleague told him Li had
will be signing his book on Monday from         ny frame out from under his 91-kilogram             “A lot of people said, ‘Oh, is it because        One day, during an argument over            attributed to the ancient sage Confucius.        been up to mischief.
6:30 to 8:30 pm. On Thursday at 6:30 pm         (200-pound) body, scraping her elbows            Kim is an American and so she’s too              money, he slapped her hard, she says. She      Those who broke family laws could be                “At that time, I felt like I had lost face,”
the traditional Palestinian “dabkah” dance      and knees on the carpet. He kept on              strong-willed, or her personality is too         blamed herself. “Just drop it, just don’t      beaten, with no questions asked.                 the elder Li said. “So I gave Li Yang a
will be performed.                              pounding. Eight, nine, 10 times — she            strong?’… Some others have asked                 make him angry,” she thought. Another             Communism brought new laws that               beating when I returned home.”
    The exhibition timings are from 10 am       thought she might black out.                     whether she is making a big fuss over a          time, arguing about work, he pushed her        gave women the right to work alongside              After the scandal with his wife erupted
to 1:30 pm and from 4:30 to 8:30 pm                Then, close to the floor, she glimpsed        small issue,” says Feng Yuan, founder and        in front of their colleagues.                  men, and decades of economic growth              last year, Li acknowledged in an interview
from Monday, April 23 through Thursday,         the neon pink-painted toenails of her 3-         chair of the Anti-Domestic Violence                 In February 2006, while Lee was seven       have created dramatic shifts in Chinese          with Chinese state broadcaster CCTV that
April 26. The venue is the Kuwait               year-old daughter, Lydia. “Stop!” the            Network in Beijing. “This shows that in          months’ pregnant with their second child,      society. But inequities persist, particularly    his relationship with his parents was bereft
Women’s Cultural and Social Society in          child cried. “What are you doing? Stop,          terms of the public perception of domestic       her husband promised to accompany her          in rural areas.                                  of emotional or physical intimacy. He said
Khaldiya, Block 2, Al Ourouba Street,           Daddy, stop!” She jumped on her father           violence, we still have a long way to go.”       to the hospital for a test. He did not show       There is no official data on domestic         he still suffers from mild depression.
telephone 99376608 or 24843397.                 and scratched his arm.                              The story of Li Yang and Kim Lee is           up.                                            violence in China today, and underreport-           “Just holding my father’s hand or giv-
                                                   “Damn it!” he yelled. He loosened his         documented in photographs, letters, text            Lee went home and deleted four chap-        ing is common. However, a recent nation-         ing him a hug, I would get goose bumps,”
  April 24                                                                                       messages, police documents and hospital                                                         wide survey by the All-China Women’s
                                                grip on his wife, and she crawled away.                                                           ters of a textbook she had written for him.                                                     Li said. “Something was broken in the
KTAA meeting: The Kuwait Textile                   It wasn’t the first time in their relation-   records seen by The Associated Press, as         When he called, she told him, “I want you      Federation found that 25 percent of              middle. ... I grew up in an environment
Arts Association under the auspices of Al       ship that Li Yang, a Chinese celebrity           well as extensive interviews with her in         to understand what it feels like when you      women reported domestic violence from            that was lacking. You will find that my
Sadhu House will hold the presentation:         entrepreneur, had struck her — but for his       Beijing. Li refused repeated requests for        count on someone to do something and           their spouses, almost the same as in the         ability to love is poor. It is a problem.”
“The Turkmen Yurt and Its Furnishings”          American wife, it was going to be the last.      interviews, but in past interviews on TV         they don’t.”                                   United States. Smaller-scale studies report
by James Bishop.                                   She scooped up her wailing child,             and on his microblog, he has confessed to           He hung up.                                 a rate in Chinese rural areas of up to 65           By 2009, Lee was plotting her escape.
   Inhabiting the steppes of Central Asia,      grabbed their passports and a wad of cash,       beating his wife.                                   The next day, while she was baking          percent.                                         But how? She worked for her husband’s
the diminishing nomadic people of                                                                   They met on the first day of her first trip                                                     “What it shows is the tip of the ice-
Turkmenistan weave some of the most             and walked out of their Beijing apartment.                                                        cupcakes with their daughter, he flew into                                                      company, with no independent income
                                                And in doing so, she opened the door to a        to China in 1999, in what Lee has come to        the kitchen and knocked a hot pan out of       berg,” says Feng, the advocate against           and no bank account. She lived in an
iconic rugs. The weavings of each tribe                                                          see as “yuanfen,” or fate.                                                                      domestic violence. “How big the iceberg
are distinctive with characteristic octagons    torrent of anguish about domestic vio-                                                            her hand. He grabbed her by the hair,                                                           apartment under her sister-in-law’s name,
                                                lence in her adopted country, inadvertent-          Then a teacher in Miami, she was visit-       threw her on the floor and choked her. She     really is, we actually don’t know.”              and relied on cash Li brought home in
or guls. Being nomadic, they live in                                                             ing a Chinese school to learn about bilin-                                                         Wei Tingting is one of about 10
mobile homes, known as yurts.                   ly becoming a folk hero for Chinese bat-                                                          reached up and pushed a clothes rack at                                                         envelopes every month. And she was
                                                tered women.                                     gual education. He was there to speak            him.                                           activists who staged a protest over Lee’s        afraid that without money, she would lose
   This evening you will learn about some                                                        about his popular program, “Crazy                                                               plight on Valentine’s Day on a busy pedes-
of the major tribes, the primary design            Domestic violence everywhere lives in                                                             He managed to land a few kicks on her                                                        custody of their three children.
features of their various guls, their bags      the shadows, and in China it thrives in a        English,” a radical approach to learning         stomach, but she turned on her side to pro-    trian shopping street in Beijing. She and           Lee started to push back. She told her
(chuvals, torbas, jollars, etc.), tent bands,   secrecy instilled by tradition that holds        the language that involved hand gestures         tect the unborn child. Despite bruises on      two other women wore bridal gowns                husband she wanted a home under her
animal trappings, and chirpies.                 family conflicts to be private. It is also       and slogans such as “Conquer English to          her legs and body, a sonogram showed the       splashed with fake blood and makeup that         name, a monthly deposit in her account
   James Bishop is a marine biologist with      hard to go public in a country where many        Make China Stronger!” Li sold more than          baby was all right. Li said later he “could    looked like bruises on their faces.              and a life insurance policy for him.
the Kuwait Institute for Scientific                                                              English lessons — he sold a life philoso-                                                                          Fault
                                                still consider women subservient to their        phy of shedding inhibitions, with a patri-       not tolerate” threats to his work.                                                                 “You control everything in my life,”
Research (KISR). His research interests         husbands, and there is no specific national                                                          Lee did not tell her family or friends                                                       she complained.
cover renewable marine resources, biodi-                                                         otism that resonated with many in today’s                                                          Wei, who grew up in the Chinese coun-
                                                law against domestic violence.                   China.                                           about the beating. She thought it was her      tryside in southern Guangxi province,               “Shut up,” he warned.
versity and conservation issues. He has a
comprehensive collection of traditional            At least one in four women in China is                                                         fault for provoking him, and he seemed         often saw her father beating her mother.            “I will not shut up,” she responded.
                                                estimated to have been a victim of domes-                         Inspired                        sorry.                                         Her grandfather hit her grandmother too.            He stood up. “I said, ‘shut up.’”
          Continued on Page 26                  tic violence at some point in her life, sur-        Li persuaded her to move to China to             She mentioned it to her sister-in-law,         “The neighbors around us were doing              She got to her feet also. “I will NOT
                                                veys show, with the rate in rural areas as       work for him. Inspired by a Chinese folk-        who dismissed her concerns, saying: “It’s      the same, everyone took it to be a very          shut up,” she said.
                                                high as two out of every three women.            tale called Journey to the West, he called       nothing. All men are like that.”               normal thing. You beat a woman because              Then came the beating that finally
                                                The violence takes many forms, from              himself the “Hopeless Master” and Kim                                                           the woman is at fault,” says the 23-year-        drove her out. When he let go, she
                                                physical and sexual assault to emotional         his “Monkey Queen,” to the delight of             The expectation that all men are violent      old. “Some women even think that it is           grabbed Lydia and walked to the police
                                                abuse or economic deprivation.                   colleagues. In private, he wrote to her that     — or at least have the right to be violent     their fault, that’s why they are beaten.”        station. She hesitated at the door, then
                                                   Lee’s case has spawned tens of thou-          “a hopeless master can’t survive without         — is common in parts of China.                    Li Yang grew up in a city in the remote       thought of her daughter, took a deep
                                                sands of postings on Chinese Twitter-like        his monkey queen.”                                As with many countries, men histori-          western Xinjiang region, where he says he        breath and walked in.

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