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					                            LIST OF BIOGRAPHIES
class of 1935                 class of 1946                  class of 1955
Billing, Chuck                Hendrickson, Darwin            Hersh, William
                              Sims, Verl                     Hosburg, Greg
class of 1937                                                Melsha, Joseph
Peterson, Clem                class of 1947                  Nygaard, John
                              Elder, George                  Paulson, Gregg
class of 1938                 Spangler, Craig                Ringold, Steve
Peterson, Clarke                                             Sorenson, Jon
Wielde, John                  class of 1948
                                                             Vatthauer, Don
                              Boerem, Robert                 Winters, Pete
class of 1939                 Fletcher, Frank
Fry, Robert                   Nall, Lloyd                    class of 1956
Hendrix, Tom                                                 Anderson, Sam
Jones, Lee                    class of 1949
                                                             Huggett, Dave
                              Vadnais, Jacque                Jones, Darrel
class of 1941
Ratner, Barney                class of 1950
                                                             Large, Henry
Rowley, Don                   Martyn, Ron                    Pederson, Lawrence
Torgerson, Allan              Swale, Michael                 Stensby, Gary

                                                             class of 1957
class of 1942                 class of 1951
Conroy, Pete                  Spangler, Craig                Allyn,John

                                                             class of 1958
class of 1943                 class of 1952
Hoffman, Roger                Conant, Charles                Hall, Jay
Rypka, Eugene                 Downing, Larry                 Lee, Rey
Sawyer, Cliff                 Iverson, Paul                  Madsen, Dick
                              Kent, Harold
class of 1944                 Swale, Tom
Hong, Walter
VanderLinden, Warren          class of 1954
                              Anderson, Westen
class of 1945                 Eychaner, John
Councilman Jr., Henry         Huntoon, Howard

The photograph of the Pillsbury Hall on the cover is from an original postcard collection
dated1913 obtained from an antique store in Owatonna by Rey Lee.

class of 1935
Charles (Chuck) & Sherry Billing
   289 Trail of the Flowers
   Georgetown, TX 78628

   Graduating after 4 years at Pillsbury, Chuck was accepted by the Univ. of Minn. studying
   Business Admin. Somewhere between the Univ. of Minn. and the Univ. of Houston focusing
   on Marketing, Chuck became an Aviation Cadet. He was still in training at end of WWII on
   V Day. Chuck and Sherry have been married 58 years and have 3 children (1 living) 3
   granddaughters, 3 great grandkids. He spent 45 years in the advertising business. He was
   an Account Executive for both consumer and industrial agencies, covering 45 years,
   including his own for 12 years, retiring in 1988.

   Memories: Graduation day with Bill Thorpe, Jack Hamilton, Charles Van Duzee. Studies
   with Major Jones, Cap Paape, Mr. Judd and Delmar Sisson. I remember the basketball trips
   to Medford, football trip to Breck in St. Paul, baseball trip to Blooming Prairie and the Crack
   Squad trip to the St. Paul Coliseum.

class of 1937
Clemens (Clem) E. & Betty Peterson
   Submitted by Clem’s widow Betty
   4800 Valley View Road
   Edina, MN 55424

   Clem roomed 3 years with Harry Prestegard
   who was Clem’s best man and best friend.
   Two years after graduating from Pillsbury, he
   married Betty Thorpe of Minneapolis, and they
   had       4   sons,   8    grandchildren,     2
   granddaughters. He and his brother Clark
   owned and operated the 20th Century
   Manufacturing Co. in Bloomington where
   Clem, the older brother, was the President,
   retiring in 1973. Clem earned his private
   pilot’s license. He owned a LAKE aircraft, and
   he loved working with his hands, especially in his workshop and at his cabin on O’Brien Lake
   in Crow Wing County. He also loved to fish, whether it be sailfish in Mexico or pike in
   Canada. Clem was a great husband, father, granddad, and friend. He died in October,
   2003, and he is missed by the PA gang.

   Notice: Betty and Bettye McClain, Clark’s widow are joining us at the reunion

2004 REUNION                                                                                     1
class of 1938
Clark Peterson
    Submitted by Clark’s widow Bettye McClain
    5601 Dewey Hill Road
    Edina MN 55439

    In 1965, Clark and three of his four children were killed in a car accident while on vacation
    in Pennsylvania. Clark attended Pillsbury for 4 years and went on to Macalester College in
    St. Paul for 2 years and finished at the Univ. Of Minn. with a BBA degree. He was a Lt. in
    the USA Air Force flying C-47s with the 102 Airborne, dropping paratroopers on D-Day and
    in Italy. After the war, Clark and his brother Clemens (Pillsbury grad, class of 1937) formed
    a company to manufacture arc welders and battery chargers as the 20th Century
    Manufacturing Company.

    Notice: Bettye McClain and Betty Peterson, Clem’s widow are joining us at the reunion.

class of 1938
John & Leona Wielde
    1401 Ivy Avenue East
    St. Paul, MN 55106

    Following 4 years at Pillsbury, John attended
    the University of Minnesota (IT) from 1938
    to1941. After graduating from the University,
    John served in the US Army until 1945 in the
    Army’s A.G.D. as part of the 8th Service
    Command and the Mediterranean Theater.
    Sometime during that time he married Leona
    and they have 3 children, 5 grandchildren,
    2-1/2 great grandchildren, and we know what
    that means. John was employed by American
    Hoist & Derrick Co. until 1982 and served as
    Corporate Secretary from 1969.

2                                                    PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1939
Robert C. & Helen Fry
  7500 York Avenue South #524
  Edina MN 55435-4736
  13208 West Hyacinth Drive
  Sun City West AZ 85375

  Bob and Helen were married for 56 years and have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 3 great
  grandchildren. Bob enjoys the winters in Arizona and the summers in Minneapolis. Bob
  and Helen LeBlonde met while they were attending the Univ. of Minn., and married in 1942.
  He was employed by Glen L. Martin Company of Omaha until 1946. They moved back to
  Minneapolis where Bob worked in the grain business, as Director of Operations for Burdick
  Grain Company, merging later with ConAgra. Bob retired in 1982. Bob has been a friend
  of Bill W. for over 46 years.

  Memories: Just before graduation, my role as Color Sergeant ended after I was caught
  making a beer run. I certainly remember the dormitory catching fire. A few of us then had to
  bunk in the area over the dining hall, where I was a waiter. I made life long friends at Pillsbury.

class of 1939
Tom & June Hendrix
  5055 Bassett Creek Drive
  Golden Valley MN 55422

  Tom’s post academy education included studies at St. Olaf College and the Univ. of Minn.
  majoring in Architecture. He served his military duties in the US Marine Corps in the South
  Pacific and Palau Islands. Tom and June have been happily married for 51 years and have
  2 sons and 3 grandchildren. Tom has been a practicing architect for over 50 years.

  Memories: The great Kelly Hall fire. One year of great football, basketball and baseball. We
  beat Owatonna in both football and basketball and Shattuck in baseball. I made great
  friends and long time rewarding relationships.

class of 1939
Lee & Patricia (Pat) Jones
  5501 Dewey Hill road
  Edina, MN 55439

  Lee was at Pillsbury for two years. He and
  Pat have one daughter and two
  grandchildren. Lee was employed by the
  Minneapolis Star and Tribune newspaper for
  36 years and has been retired for 22 years.

  Memory: I sure remember the 1939 Kelly Hall Fire.

2004 REUNION                                                                                       3
class of 1941
Barney & Pauline Ratner
    711 N. Drillane Road
    Hopkins, MN 55305

    Barney attended Pillsbury for two years
    and would have graduated in the class of
    1944. He went on to the Univ. of Minn. and
    UCLA earning in BBA & ALA degrees.
    Prior to his continued education, Barney
    was in the US Army; the 36th Infantry Div,
    Combat Infantry with 105 days on the front
    line!! This encompassed two years active
    duty and 9 years reserve duty with a discharged rank of Captain. He and Pauline have 4
    children, 2 girls and 2 boys, and 17 grandchildren (9 girls, 8 boys). Barney was the working
    owner of B. Ratner Steel Company.

    Memory: I survived the 1940 blizzard and learned to play the bugle.

Class of 1941
Donald A. & Janet Rowley
    5310 University Avenue
    Chicago IL 60615

    Two years at the Academy led Don right back to Chicago and 4 years at the Univ. of
    Chicago earning a BS. Off to the US Army in the Philippines for a one year tour. In 1950,
    Don earned both his MS and MD from the Univ. of Chicago. He was Sr. Assist. Surgeon
    form 1950 - 1954 at US Public Health System. He is an experimental immunologist
    practicing at the National Institute of Health, Oxford, and at the Univ. of Chicago. He is
    currently Professor, Department of Pathology and has served as Director of Research
    LaRabida-University of Chicago Institute receiving the USPHS Merit Award. Don carries the
    baggage for Janet, whose research on chromosomes and cancer has and is being
    rewarded with many honors in the USA and around the world.

    Memories: Special memories in addition to those of outstanding teachers and classes: 1)
    answering roll call for Torgerson and Kelly who had gone duck hunting on the day of one of
    the worst blizzards of the century. Torg and Jim were rescued 2 days later from cabin on
    Lake Frances. I think the administrators were so grateful for their survival that the matter of
    roll call was not pursued. 2) Peter Conroy jumping in ecstasy during his first experience
    watching snow fall (Peter grew up in Tahiti). 3.) Playing hockey for free at the Warsinski
    skating rink (because Pillsbury donated the boards to the rink in the mid-1930s).

4                                                     PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1941
Allan C. “Torg” Torgerson
Roberta Josten
   P Box 3079
   Wickenburg AZ 85358 - October thru April
   705 Penny Drive
   Stevensville MN 21666 - May thru September
   AZ - 928-684-2178 MD - 410-643-5785

   Torg attended Macalester College and
   graduated from US Military Academy in 1946.
   He served in the Army Infantry and Ordnance
   as X2 and X3 in Korea, Japan, Germany and
   Belgium, as well as several stateside
   assignments, including the Pentagon. Torg
   spent 19 years with the Armed Forces Special
   (Nuclear) Project, which included weapons
   design, manufacture, stockpile, maintenance, logistics and targeting. Torg and Roberta
   have 5 children, all born in military hospitals worldwide; and 8 grandchildren, at last count.

   Memories: Hanging out with classmates and all classes - both socially and on athletic
   teams. I probably held the school record for the most crossings over Major Jones’ office
   threshold in one year, counting crossing back out to shine shoes and straighten my tie.

   P God Bless America

class of 1942
J.B. (Pete) Conroy
   21 North Willowgreen Court
   Mason City IA 50401

   After Pillsbury, Pete enlisted in the US Navy
   where he served 3 years during WWII.
   Returning to Minnesota, he graduated from the
   University and moved the family to the family
   farm near Mason City in 1951. Pete taught 4th
   and 5th grades for 3 years before entering the
   real estate business. He stayed in real estate
   until 1974 when he was asked to be
   administrative assistant to a newly elected Iowa
   Congressman. Pete continued in this post and with House and Senate committee staff
   directorships as well as Executive Director of Federal Council on Aging in HHS during the
   Reagan administration. Pete retired from the Washington posts in 1989 and he currently
   serves on Hospital, State and Area Agency Boards of Directors.

2004 REUNION                                                                                    5
Class of 1943
Roger Hoffman
    1730 Marengo Drive
    Holiday FL 34690

    A four year graduate of Pillsbury, Roger went into the US Navy, the V12 Program for one year.
    Living in Rochester New York and working at Eastman Kodak Co, Roger was in a continuous
    education program, receiving an AAS Degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology. That
    was followed later with a BS at the some school. Roger worked for Kodak for over 37 years
    holding 10 different job titles from apprentice electrician to senior electrical engineer. He is
    quoted as saying, “I couldn’t hold on to any of them, so I retired in 1985”.

    Memories: I can still spout Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott and what’s on Shakespeare’s
    grave stone: “Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare to dig the dust enclosed heare. Bless be
    ye man who spares these stones and curst be he who move my bones”. I may be a bit off
    on the archaic spelling.

class of 1943
Eugene W. & Rosemary Rypka
    P O box 1637
    Cedar Crest, NM 87008

    Two years at Pillsbury developed the skills for
    Eugene to join the USNR, PhM2/x, attached to
    USMC Amphibious Corps with combat in the
    Mariannas, Iwo Jima, and during occupation
    at Sasebo, Kyushu, Japan. After the military
    service Eugene went to Carleton College for 2
    years and graduated from Stanford Univ. in
    1950 with a BA in Biology, going on to Grad
    School at Stanford School of Medicine Dept
    of Microbiology from 1950 to 1957 earning his PhD. His career has been long and
    interesting. Teaching and Research: Biology, UNM School of Hygiene. Scientist: Lovelace
    Medical Foundation. Clinical: Chief Section Microbiology, Lovelace Health Systems.
    Systems & Cybernetics: Pilot error and approach landing crashes of aircraft (NASA) plus
    pilot fatigue. Publications: book chapters, journals and abstracts.

    Memories: What I remember are Pillsbury classmates, athletics, drill, memorizing poetry
    and the beautiful buildings and campus.

6                                                      PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1943
Cliff Sawyer (wife Phyllis deceased)
   16471 Honeysuckle Lane
   Park Rapids, MN 56470

   Two years at Pillsbury allowed me to be
   admitted to the Univ. of Minn. Electrical
   Engineering School, graduating in 1947.
   Cliff and Phyllis had 2 sons with 5
   granddaughters and 1 grandson. Cliff
   was employed two years in Sales
   Engineering, and decided to change careers and spent 40 years in retail lumber business
   in Minneapolis. He retired in 1990 and lives happily in Northern Minn. ignoring deadlines.

   Memories: I remember Major Jones as the English instructor; and I still remember lines from
   Shakespeare. Mr. Judd use to charge down the halls to break up a little discussion between
   friends. Also the ground floor room I had in Pillsbury Hall with a fire escape and the cadets
   that used it for late night entries through the window and across my room.

class of 1944
Walter & Susan Lu Hong
   3442 East Acridge Drive
   West Covina CA 91791

   Walter, with the tutoring help of Mr. Judd and
   Major Jones, completed 4 years of school in 2
   years. Unable to go to West Point, he enlisted
   in the US Army and was sent to Military
   Intelligence School and served 3 years in the
   US Army OSS including School of Foreign
   Service for the State Department. He later
   graduated from the Univ. of Minn., receiving a
   BS in Engineering. Moving to Calif. Walter
   studied architecture at the Univ. of Southern
   Calif. while working for the Army Corps of
   Engrs. and in the aerospace industry. In 1966 he went to Thailand as an engineer advisor
   for 4 years helping them rebuild their infrastructure. Walter is registered by the State of
   California as a civil engineer, architect, general contractor, engineer contractor and real
   estate broker. Walter met Susan Lu in Shanghai, while he was with the OSS. That was 58
   years ago, and they have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. An extraordinary career.

   Memories: Most impressive was Mr. Strayer’s sermons in our daily chapel services, and
   Mrs. Strayer’s Sunday school classes. Both of whom lead me to our Lord Jesus Christ.

2004 REUNION                                                                                  7
class of 1944
Warren & Carol VanderLinden
    623 West Fir Avenue
    Fergus Falls, MN 56537

    After two years at Pillsbury, Warren used his
    skills in the US Army Air Force 1944-45. He
    attended the Univ. of Minn. for 3 years.
    Warren and Carol have 3 children, and 7
    grandchildren. Warren worked in his father’s
    gas station at age of 12 and stayed on ever
    since. He spent 19 years with the Buick
    Division of GM in field sales and service;
    another 11 years as new vehicle manager and
    13 years as used vehicle manager with Chev, Buick, Cadillac in Fergus Falls, MN. They
    retired September 1996. Both he and Carol enjoy travel and grandkids.

    Memories: I enjoyed working with Art Johnson on musical stuff and watching and listening
    to him play the piano parts to recordings of classical music at one of the houses. I really
    enjoyed waiting tables for Mrs. Finke and rushing through meals to make class on time. I
    remember getting swats (once was enough) from Maj. Jones and playing football and
    basketball for Hank Antos.

class of 1945
Henry J. & Martha E. Councilman Jr.
    10 Village Drive #102
    Proctor, MN 55810

    And Winter season:
    1449 W. Duranta 138
    Alamo, TX 78516

    After attending Pillsbury for two years, Henry joined the US Navy for split years: 1945-47 &
    1951-52 and remained in the USNR-USN for 7 years. During that time, he attended the Univ.
    of Minn. in Duluth. Over the years of 1949 to 1984, a 34 year span, Henry was an Agent-
    Telegrapher for Northern Pacific, and its predecessor, Burlington Northern Railroad.

    Memories: I enjoyed my time there and it helped me make a change in my life.

8                                                    PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
Class of 1946
Dar (Shorty) & Joy Hendrickson
  242 Alberta Drive
  Woodbine GA 31569

  Shorty spent 6 years at the Academy and some time later joined the US Air Force as a
  Special Agent/OSI. In 1955 he went on to a Big Ten Power School, Michigan State where
  he continued his military career in Police Administration. Shorty was in law enforcement for
  50 years in all positions from beat cop to chief at all levels of government. He enforced the
  law in such area as Lansing MI., Chicago, Atlanta, Green County GA., and Camden County
  GA. He retired in 2000 to accept appointment as magistrate judge.

  Memories: Far too many to record and some not worthy of being remembered or recorded.

class of 1946
Verl N. & Andra Sims
  1149 Maplenol Drive
  West Des Moines, IA 50266

  Verl spent 2 years at Pillsbury. His life occupation
  was fighting fires. In the US Army, he was a
  firefighter at La Chapelle Orleans, France. After 45
  years, he retired as the Captain of the Des Moines
  Iowa Fire Department. He had one son, deceased
  in 1998, one daughter and 4 grandchildren. While
  with the Des Moines Fire Department, Verl owned a
  TV repair business for 50 years, which he closed
  this past January. He now spends his time as a
  security guard to stay busy and to stay young.

  Memories: The sports I played and the nights out until 10PM. My favorite teacher was Major

2004 REUNION                                                                                 9
class of 1947
George H. & Charlotte Elder
     827 N. Stratford Road
     Arlington Heights, IL 60004

     Soon after graduation George went to the Kogenei
     Country Club in Japan, courtesy of the US Army.
     Later, he graduated from Carlton College in Northfield
     MN with a degree in Sociology. Even later, in 1956, he
     married Charlotte Aronson and they have 4 children:
     2 sons and 2 daughters and 8 grandchildren.
     George worked most of his life in paper products with
     the Marathon Packaging Corp; Kimberly Clark Corp;
     Gibson Greeting Cards; Vital Record Bank; and finally
     owned their own company in 1976, the Micro
     Management, Inc. Charlotte continues to run the
     company after he retired in 1997. His hobbies are
     reading, travel, church, skiing, consulting and
     cooking for Charlotte.

     Memories: Most are good. Pillsbury instilled in me some discipline, forced me to study and
     I left with fond feelings for school. Looking forward to seeing classmates for the first time in
     56 years. Thanks to those who planned this reunion.

class of 1947
Craig & Lynette (Lyn) Spangler
     168 N. Wylie Dr.
     Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026

     Craig would have graduated in 1951 had he stayed at
     Pillsbury. He attended Pillsbury in 1946 and 1947 for
     7th and 8th grades, where he received a letter in
     boxing, and finished high school in Boise, ID. He was
     in the US Navy for three years and went to radar
     school & CIC (Combat Information Center) receiving
     one Battle Star in Korea Service. Craig received a BA
     in English at San Francisco State, as MA in English,
     Univ. of Arkansas and worked on his PhD. After
     determining that teaching English and academic life
     was not for him, he went to work for the Southern
     Pacific RR in San Francisco. With RR experience, he
     went on to the State of California Dept. of Transportation retiring in 1995 as the
     Environmental Planning Branch Chief.

     Memories: Some memories were Varsity “P” Club and the dining hall with fresh baked
     bread. Strongest memory is the powerful smells of springtime in Owatonna area and my
     burning and aching feet during and after the two 20-mile hikes.

10                                                      PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1948
Robert G. & Laurie Boerem
  2135 Midlothian Rd.
  Roseville, MN 55113

  Robert was one of the cadets who spent 4 years at
  Pillsbury. That was followed by 2 years at the Univ. of
  Minn. He was in the US Army for 3 years serving 15
  months in Korea. Robert and Laurie have one son,
  two daughters and only 14 grandchildren and one
  great grandchild.

  Memories: I remember the girls climbing up the back
  fire escape, and the walks through Central Park and
  going to the movies. I made life long friends with
  people in Owatonna, and the Owatonna people were
  very nice to the cadets and instructors at the Academy.

class of 1948
Frank L. (Bullmoose) & Peggy Fletcher
  758 South Clover Ave
  San Jose, CA 95128

  After 3 years at Pillsbury, Frank went on to college at the Univ. of
  Idaho, earning a degree in Pol. Sci 1953 and went on to the Univ.
  of Arizona with a MBA Bus Admin in 1959. In between colleges,
  Frank was in the USAF in 1954 thru 1957. He went back in the
  Air Force for 7 years ending in 1969. He was employed for 25
  years as a real estate broker, and for 5 years as a fitness
  instructor/coordinator for the YMCA. The last 4 years he was in
  Employee Services - EERT Director for the city of San Jose.
  Frank is now a volunteer host at San Jose Int’l Airport.

  Memories: My interest and love for Shakespeare, I give thanks to Major Jones. My interest
  and love for classical music, thanks to Artie Johnson, and the tours of underground tunnels
  from the maintenance crew on Thanksgiving breaks.

2004 REUNION                                                                               11
class of 1948
Lloyd “Bud” & Shirley Nall
     1720 Elizabeth Street, #13
     Baraboo, WI 53913

     Starting Pillsbury in the 8th grade, he
     graduated with honors in 1948 where he
     soon enlisted in the US Army. Lloyd
     departed for Japan in May 1949, and left
     behind Shirley, whom he met just 2 nights
     before. He served with the 8th Infantry,
     and the 1st Cav in both Japan and Korea.
     While playing football in the Army, he was
     selected to attend a coaching clinic
     conducted by Vince Lombardi, an
     assistant coach at West Point. Lloyd and
     Shirley have been married for almost 53
     years and have four children, and 5 grandchildren. Lloyd worked 36 plus years in the
     wholesale bakery business, the last 20 years as branch manager, retiring in 1992.

     Memories: Major Jones spring 18 mile walk out to Rice Lake and back. Going to his office
     and asking for SWATS. Having part ownership in Anderson Root Beer Stand. Being part of
     the football champs of 1946 who won the state private school championship. These are but
     a few!

Class of 1949
Jacque & Martha Vadnais
     2789 Nye Drive NV 89423

     Jacque went to Pillsbury for 4 years and continued his education at the Univ. of Minn. in
     engineering. He spent another 4 years in the US Air Force as a Security Policeman. Jacque
     and Martha have been married for 12 years. He has 3 children: 2 sons still living and 2
     grandchildren. Over the years he has been in law enforcement, construction, a heavy
     equipment operator and a professional truck driver for over 40 years. Jacque retired in 1991.

12                                                    PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1950
Ronald K. & Kathlene Martyn
  9 Faen Lane
  Corte Madera CA 94925

  Following in his father’s footsteps, Ron tried
  out for the Pillsbury football team, for which
  his father played in 1912. “Martin,” his
  nickname at school was only at Pillsbury 2
  years but it was enough to get him to continue
  his education at Arizona State with BS in
  Architecture. He also served in the US Army and made Sgt. in the 2 years. Ronald or Martin
  continued his career in architecture in Phoenix with his own practice before moving to San
  Francisco to become a partner in a large firm. In 1974 he started his own practice again
  specializing in educational and governmental projects. He sold his company in 1999 and
  retired. Ron and Kathlene have 2 sons and 4 grandsons.

  Memories: I think the most important 2 years of my life were those 2 years at Pillsbury. The
  close bond that we felt for one another, the friendships made. The faculty; Mr. Judd aka
  Hawkeye, Dr. Strayer, Mr. Pappe and who could ever forget Col Maier. A special memory was
  cutting the deck with one of the faculty to determine whether I would get an A or B for the
  semester. I won the cut and got an A.

class of 1950
Michael & Patricia Swale
  5129 North 3rd Street
  Arlington VA 22203

  After 3 years at Pillsbury, Michael continued his
  education at 3 different colleges. Iowa State followed
  by Luther College in Iowa and finally graduating from
  Golden state College in San Francisco with his BS in
  Business Admin. Patricia graduated from Vassar in
  1954 and they have been married for 48 years. They
  have 3 children and 7 granddaughters... no boys.
  Michael has been in Sales most of his career. Pet
  supply for 16 years; 22 years selling lumber and
  building material, a trade in which he is currently
  employed. Michael has been involved with Camp Fire
  Girls - Fund Raising; Boy Scouts Leader and now
  active as Girl Scout Co-Leader with daughter Marcie.
  In his limited free time, Michael sails and plays golf
  and it appears, fishes too!!

  Memory: Our Crack Squad performance at the Univ. of Minn. during half time at a benefit
  game with the “Rolling Golfers” in 1949.

2004 REUNION                                                                                13
Class of 1952
Charles (Chuck) & Barb Conant
     1424 North 10th Street
     St. Joseph MO 64501

     Chuck did a lot of things after graduation.
     A year of Jr. College, three years in
     photography, followed by five years with
     Nestle Candy and seven more with Frito
     Lay Co. He finished up with 32 years in the
     electronics industry. He and Barbara have
     seven children, only 20 grandchildren and
     13 great grandchildren.

     Memories: I got caught smoking in the basement of the First Baptist Church before the last
     basketball game. (You don’t want to know what happened).

class of 1952
Larry and J.Ann Downing
     7258 West Anton Way
     New Palestine IN 46163

     Larry was married to Ione Klug of Owatonna,
     who died of a brain tumor in 1988 after 32
     years of marriage. Larry is now married to J.
     Ann Kimberlin. He has 4 daughters and 9
     grandchildren. It appears that Larry enlisted
     in the USAF after 4 years of strong military
     training at Pillsbury. He was a radio relay
     repairman and spent some time in the
     Philippines and Hawaii. This training put him
     in a good position at Indiana Bell working on telephones, mobile radio, television and
     microwave. After 40 years with Bell, he retired in 1991 as a minicomputer system admin.
     During his time at Bell, he received his degree in Business Admin. from the Univ. of
     Indianapolis. Since retirement, Larry works for both the Lutheran Church and United
     Methodist Church with the Labor for Christ and various clean-up and building projects

     Memories: I remember sneaking out of Pillsbury Hall to buy beer at the Friendly Inn. Also
     the many friends I made while at school.

14                                                   PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1952
Paul & Sharon Iverson
  11085 East Houghton Lake Drive
  Houghton MI 48629

  After three years and graduation, Paul had
  a variety of jobs until 1966 when he
  started with Michigan Bell. He stayed
  there until 1994 when he retired. He was
  with the Communications Workers of
  America (CWA) and the Telephone Pioneers of America. He and Sharon have 3 children, 7
  grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

  Memories: I enjoyed meeting guys from all around the country. I was also one of Besse’s
  boys; 3 squares a day at 35 cents.

class of 1952
Harold B. & Daphie Kent
  8701 South Kolb Road 1-247
  Tucson, AZ 85701

  After Pillsbury, Harold continued his education at Tulsa
  University in Geology. He enlisted in the USAF for 4
  years. Following his career path and education, Harold
  was employed with Citgo Oil Company for 32 years.
  During that time he worked in lab for 10 years, then
  operations for 22 years, retiring in 1989. Harold and
  Daphie have 5 children and 4 grandchildren

  Memories: Friends I made and Sunday school class
  called Friendly Forum, and the teachers. Especially
  Col. Maier, the math teacher, Mr. Hahn the music
  teacher, and Mr. Horton the history teacher. Also going
  out to the park northeast of town on weekends. I had
  six good years at PA with no regrets.

2004 REUNION                                                                           15
class of 1952
Tom & Ellie Swale
     1962 Northwest 80th Place
     Clive IA 50325

     Tom went to Pillsbury for 5 years graduating with high
     honors. He went on to DePaul Univ. for a couple years
     and then enlisted in the US Army. After his tour was up,
     he went back to college at the Upper Iowa Univ. Tom
     and Ellie have been married for 46 years and have 3
     children and 6 grandchildren. His career of 36 years
     was in sales for General Mills. Tom was President of
     Iowa Food Association and Grocery Manufactures
     Assoc. as well as President of the Lions Club, receiving
     the Colman Honorary Award.

     Memories: Taking all the good trips with the Crack
     Squad and the sports teams.

class of 1954
Westen H. Anderson
     3023 Long Meadow Circle
     Bloomington MN 55425

     Wes graduated from Gustavus Adolphus in 1958 with
     a BS in Mortuary Science. After college Wes
     immediately went to work in the family business
     started by his father in 1931. Since then Westen
     added a second Mortuary in Apple Valley, Minnesota.
     He met Carol at college, married and had three
     children. She passed away three years ago. His two
     sons run the business with some help from Wes and
     his daughter. Wes has 6 grandchildren. He spends
     his leisure time in Northern Minnesota on Lake
     Superior and some of the winter in Florida.

     Memories: Taking lessons from Stan Hahn and playing the organ so loud that cadets
     screamed from the study hall for quiet. They wouldn’t let me play for chapel services. Taking
     the train from Minneapolis to Owatonna when Ike stopped on a campaign tour.

16                                                    PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1954
John & Barbara Eychaner
  7 Means Court
  Banner WY 82832

  John and Barbara married 46 1/2 years
  ago, soon after graduation. John joined
  the US Army and continued his service in
  the National Guard.       They have 3
  daughters, 3 granddaughters and finally
  a grandson. John spent 19 years in
  ranching followed by over 10 years operating the huge equipment at an open pit coalmine.
  Currently, John is employed part time as an equipment operator with a small construction

  Memories: I remember the little Scottish minister from the Associated Church who came for
  vespers services occasionally. We would have oyster stew! I did not like oysters and I could
  hardly eat them.

class of 1954
Howard M. Huntoon
  5103 North Dittmer Street
  Davenport, IA 52806

  Howard wanted to quit Pillsbury after his junior year
  and join the US Army and go to Korea. His father
  convinced him to stay one more year and he did; and
  then joined the Army. While in basic training he even
  met up with a fellow PA graduate. The Army sent him
  to cooks and bakers school, and on to France.
  Completing his tour, Howard enrolled for two years at Buena Vista College in Iowa. He
  married and went back into the Army as a cannon cocker (artillery battery), and they sent
  him back to France. In France he really learned his trade at baking. Howard spent the next
  10 years in a commercial bakery in Iowa. In 1971 he put his farming and baking experience
  together and joined the US Dept of Agriculture as Food Inspector. He retired in 1993 due to
  an accident. Howard was married for 43 years and has one son.

  Memories: Afraid many of the guys have passed on, but I enjoyed the cadets, made many
  friends, and enjoyed sports.

2004 REUNION                                                                                17
class of 1955
William & Mary Claire Hersh
     5000 N. Marine Drive
     Chicago, IL 60640

     After 3 years at Pillsbury, Bill went right on
     to college at the Illinois Institute of
     Technology earning a BS in Business and
     Economics. After graduation, he served
     in the US Army Reserves with 14 months
     active duty. Bill met and married Mary
     Claire in 1969 and back to school for an MBA at the Univ. of Chicago. Bill retired from IBM
     after 30 years as a system engineer in computer science. After retiring, he spent several
     years in community service activities including: President of the Uptown Chicago
     Commission; President of Margate Park Advisory Council; Vice President and Treasurer of
     Scrap Mettle SOUL community performance ensemble; Business manager of Pegusas
     Players community theatre; and creating and running a free income tax service for senior
     citizens and low income neighbors.

     Memories: Playing football, selling ads for the Sabre Year Book, boxing with Keith
     Jorgensen who was 30 pounds heavier than I was, (I was knocked out and never knew what
     hit me.), and beating out Slim Novecheck for Pillsbury Cadet of the year in my senior year
     (I never could tell my left food from my right.).

class of 1955
Greg & Patti Hosburg
     1067 Marsala Avenue (temporary)
     Chehalis WA 98532

     Greg was the Cadet Major for the battalion
     in 1955. He was a natural leader. Not
     finding what he wanted in Montana, he
     went to school in California, UCLA and
     took his examination for his CPA and of
     course is now a CPA. His life included
     some time in the US Army Reserve and
     working in industry. One company in Southern Calif., he met Patti. She worked in
     accounting and thought, “this guy spends a lot of money on trips, he must be a big wheel”
     and she married him. The two of them had a motorcycle shop in Oregon for a while, but
     industry called him back to accounting in Palm Desert. Greg did taxes and tired of taxes,
     they moved to Washington to build a new house. Greg and Patti have 2 children and 10

     Memories: It had to be living in Kelly Hall as a junior and being promoted to Major.
     Too unreal.

18                                                   PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1955
Joseph A. & Carol Melsha
  45 San Sebastian Dr.
  Hot Springs Village, AR 71909

  Joe went to Pillsbury Academy for 5 years.
  He did not return for his senior year but is
  remembered by the class. He was in the
  US Navy for 4 years. Joe studied at the
  Univ. of Iowa in Advanced Life Insurance
  Studies and was employed by John
  Hancock Life for 30 years. He and Carol have been married for 35 years and Joe has two
  sons, 2 stepsons, and 4 grandchildren.

  Memories: I will always remember Col. Maier, waiting tables, the cold classrooms, bug
  juice, a special girl, corps mates here and gone, the order and unity of it all.

class of 1955
John R. Nygaard
Gloria Frederick
  766 Marie Avenue
  Mendota Heights MN 55118
  651 688-2616

  John and Gloria have been married for
  only 11 years but have been a couple for
  29 years. John has 3 children with first
  wife, Deloris Vogt of Owatonna, and 2
  grandsons. The entire family lives within 5
  mile radius of each other, in the Twin Cities. After graduation, John attended the Univ.of
  Minn. in chemical engineering and interrupted his schooling by enlisting in the USAF After
  completing his tour in the Air Force, he returned to the university and completed his studies
  for a BS in Business/Marketing. His military duties were limited to Biloxi Miss teaching
  electronics, that gave him entry to Remington Rand Univac as an instructor in digital
  computers. John spent most of his employment with Univac, (and its predecessors, Sperry,
  Unisys and Loral), in marketing and sales to the Dept. of Defense, retiring in 1996.

  Memories: Living for four years with a bunch of good guys and great friends, finding out I
  wasn’t so dumb after all; those initiation hazings and of course, remembering all the
  Owatonna girls.

2004 REUNION                                                                                19
class of 1955
Gregory & Nancy Paulson
     3029 Manatee Road
     Tavares FL 32788 (In the winter)

     Timberline Campground
     Sturgeon Lake MN (In the summer)

     Gregg always transitioned between
     Northern Minnesota and Florida and
     ended up working for US Steel in Duluth
     for 15 years, then 5 years in Ohio as a
     supervisor. He retired from US Steel in
     1985 and started a new career with the
     Dept. of Energy as a supervisor at the
     Fernald Uranium Enrichment Plant in Cincinnati. Gregg retired in 1996. Even with all the
     moving around, Gregg and Nancy have 5 daughters and 12 grandchildren. Greg obtained
     his pilot’s license in 1978.

     Memories: I miss hearing taps. Who was that guy who was so good on the bugle? Did I
     really stash beer in the toilet tank in Kelly Hall? I miss the smoking room gang!

class of 1955
Steve & Betty Ringold
     2325 Vineyard Street
     Burlington IA 52601

     After 3 years of Pillsbury military training, Steve went
     right into the US Army but his tour was shortened
     due to a medical discharge. Steve and Betty
     married in 1963. They have 3 children and 3 grand
     children, 1 girl and 2 boys, just like the
     grandparents. Steve worked his whole career in the
     construction industry as member of IUOE Local 150,
     Chicago for 42 years until he retired in 1999.

     Memory: My best memory was the Crack Squad
     performing on TV in Mason City in 1955.

20                                                       PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1955
Jon C. Sorenson
  106 3rd Street
  Dane WI 53529

  Jon followed the family to Pillsbury. His father
  graduated in the 1940’s, his uncle Ted was in the class
  of 1952 and his younger brother Eric was in the class
  of 1956. It is a family affair. Jon went out West after
  his 3 years at the Academy to study business at
  Casper Wyoming Junior College. He came back to
  Wisconsin for more school at Mid State Technical
  College, again in business and marketing. Jon also
  spent 8 years in the US Navy. He has 3 daughters and
  11 grandchildren. Jon spent 25 years in the
  construction business where he learned how to run
  his own company. Currently he is doing home
  remodeling, replacement windows, doors and exterior,
  including decks.

  Memories: The best part about Pillsbury was meeting a great group of guys. Also, the
  many times I had to cover up, literally, for Calvin after taps.

class of 1955
Don & Patti Vatthauer
  4440 East Boston Avenue
  Las Vegas NV 89104

  Don was only at Pillsbury for one year, and
  it was a good year for him.           After
  graduation, Don sold ladies shoes at a
  department store in Minneapolis. He
  ended up taking charge of the
  department. Don enlisted in the US Air Force, and talked John Nygaard into joining with
  him. They parted ways at basic training when Don went to North Africa. Most of Don’s life
  has been in sales; stage equipment in Minneapolis (after the shoe dept.), draperies and
  hospital curtains in Southern California and finally big expensive awnings in Las Vegas. He
  recently sold his awning company, but is staying on as the manager, still working 50+ hours
  a week. Don has suffered a couple setbacks with some health problems, but they have not
  slowed him down.

  Memories: I think I got into some kind of trouble, but nothing serious, and pretty much had
  a good time. The drafting class I took probably helped me get started in business more
  than anything else.

2004 REUNION                                                                               21
class of 1955
Pete Winters, BGen USAF (retired)
     Married to Kay Todd in 1965,
     2 children and 3 grandchildren
     7000 Beach
     Myrtle Beach SC 29572
     843 497-2864

     After graduating from Pillsbury as the class
     valedictorian, Pete was admitted to the first class at
     the USAF Academy - Graduated in 1959 with a BS
     degree and 2nd Lt. Further studies included a MS in
     Aero/Mech Engr., and various management courses. Pete was a fighter and test pilot with
     over 4700 hours in 40 aircraft types and over 29 years of USAF service. Military awards
     include: Distinguished Service Medal; Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster; Distinguished
     Flying Cross; Meritorious Service Medal with Two Oak Clusters; Air Medal with Fourteen Oak
     Leaf Clusters: RVN Cross of Gallantry; Command Pilot, Navigator Wings and Parachutist
     Badge. After retirement from USAF he took consulting and management positions with
     various aerospace companies and was director of the airport in Myrtle Beach and President
     of Chamber of Commerce. Pete is currently President of JT3, a joint venture company
     responsible for a multibillion dollar DoD program. He is currently residing in Las Vegas and
     Kay commutes between Myrtle Beach and Las Vegas.

     Memories: While everyone else was rollerskating, Col. Maier had me studying binary
     arithmetic, and living in Kelly Hall as a junior was a hoot.

class of 1956
Sam & Barbara Anderson
     897 Hopewell Lane
     Apple Valley MN 44124

     Sam is another 4 year Pillsbury graduate. Following
     graduation, he was admitted to the Univ. Of Minn. in
     History and Speech. “Go Gophers”!! Sam’s career
     started out as an Optician. He was in this occupation
     for 7 years before he was employed by AAA of
     Minnesota. He sold for them for 16 years. The
     insurance business took him to MSI Insurance where
     he was very successful for the last 20 years retiring
     in January 2003. Sam and Barb have 2 sons and 2 granddaughters. They play golf
     together quite frequently in Minnesota or in Arizona during the winter months.

     Memories: I enjoyed my 4 years at Pillsbury. I liked sports and the military life as well as
     the direction it played in my life. I have never forgotten the experience.

22                                                    PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1956
David & Sharon Huggett
  844 Plum Tree Lane
  Somerset WI 54025

  Dave was only at the Academy 2 years but it was enough military to get him to join the US
  Army for 6 years and ending up as an E7. During the 30 years Dave worked for the Ford
  Motor Company, he married (now 36 years), had 3 sons and 7 grandchildren. Being close
  to the river, they do some tubing down the river.

  Memories: My special memory of Pillsbury is the good schooling, as well as having fun on
  the wrestling team, and playing pool and billiards.

class of 1956
Darrel C. Jones
Deloris Schubert of Owatonna
  Address: on the move

  Darrel and Delores Schubert of Owatonna were married in August of 1956 and have 3
  children, 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Darrel served two years in the US Army
  after their marriage. Following the Army, Darrel and Delores moved to South Dakota where
  he was in the wholesale dairy products business. He was instrumental in starting the first
  wrestling team at Miller High School. After purchasing a farm, he continued to referee high
  school wrestling matches and tournaments. During the twelve years he owned and
  operated a diversified cattle ranch, he became personally involved with the National
  Farmers Organization. In 1972, Darrel was employed full time by the NFO, sold the farm and
  moved to Washington, where he served as a marketing representative covering Washington,
  Idaho and Oregon. In 1973 they purchased a KOA Kampground in Spokane and added
  another campground. Darrel holds a Real Estate Broker License and operated an Auto
  Transport Co. Recently retired, he and Delores now travel around the country in their 5th
  wheel RV.

2004 REUNION                                                                              23
class of 1956
Henry Large
Wilma Hendrickson
     4083 Vista Grande Drive
     San Diego CA 92115
     GOOOPA@AOL.COM (Please don’t call him)

     After graduating from Pillsbury with honors, Henry spent two
     years just hanging around with Wilma, married her in 1959,
     and then joined the US Army where he was stationed in
     Korea as part of the General Staff for 3 years. Henry went
     on to college, graduating from the Univ. of Washington with
     a BA in English Literature. He worked his way through
     college after his father found out he was dancing in a ballet company at the University. He
     managed to use his GI Bill to study radio electronics, while Wilma was completing her
     degree at the Univ. of Washington. During this time he was a spy for the FBI, trying to talk
     students into spying on members of their family. He finally lost his self esteem and quit the
     FBI and was classified “rehireable.” That status kept him off jury duty and when he and
     Wilma traveled the Orient for 3 years, the “status” helped when they were arrested in Korea.
     They returned in 1972 and Henry became a successful general contractor for the next 16
     years. After recovering from serious illness, he used his skills developed at Pillsbury and
     was employed as a consultant with a billiards company. Currently Henry is a successful real
     estate agent in San Diego County.

     Memories: I have very fond memories of Pillsbury, even those including Nygaard and his

Class of 1956
Lawrence (Pete) Pederson
     Box 354
     North Branch MN 55056

     Pete, as he was affectionately called by
     all, spent four years at Pillsbury and
     continued his education at the Univ. of
     Minn. before enlisting in the US Army.
     Since the Pederson family was in the
     construction business, Pete naturally went into the Corps of Engineers. After the Army, Pete
     worked in the family business eventually became the owner with his brother. Pete sold the
     company a few years ago. His wife passed away just last year and he has three children
     and two grandsons.

     Memories: Good sports memories like baseball and basketball, making Quartermaster
     Officer in my senior year, and the friends I made which have lasted these almost 50 years.
     I enjoyed military life at the school.

24                                                    PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1956
Gary E. & Merijean Stensby
  5521 Chantrey Road
  Edina MN 55436

  Gary insists he went to the “School of
  Hard Knocks.” While in the US Army
  Reserves for the 6 years, he married and
  had 2 children with 1 grandson. Gary was
  a self-employed painting contractor all his
  life and purchased the painting business
  from his father in 1969. When he retired in
  2002, he sold the business to his son, and
  the family business continues. Both Gary
  and Marijean spend their summer time on the St. Croix River in their houseboat. Gary was
  Commodore of the St. Croix Yacht Club in 1973. He is experienced on snow as well as
  water, racing snowmobiles professionally. On the ground, he plays golf and hunts.

  Memories: I gained confidence and learned that I was capable of doing more things than
  I had previously thought.

Class of 1957
John & Janet Allyn
  3839 Xenium Court
  Plymouth MN 55441

  John was in the last class to graduate from
  Pillsbury after attending for 4 years. After
  graduating, John like many of the graduates
  joined the US Army. Completing his tour John
  married Janet and proceeded to have 4 children
  and 5 grandchildren. He spent most of his career
  in metal. Working for 4 different companies that
  produced metal parts, plastic parts, overhead
  cranes, industrial heat processing equipment, and
  electronic test equipment. He has been a screw
  machine operator to VP of Operations. The last 10years he has run a small metals
  distribution company and one of his major accomplishments has been, in this industry, is to
  just stay in business the last few years. They have a home in West Palm Beach and plan to
  retire next year and spend most of the winter there

  Memories: My association with some of the greatest people any one could hope to know.
  I believe that with the possible exception of some meeting with Cmdr. Schulte, most of my
  memories of PA are very favorable.

2004 REUNION                                                                              25
class of 1958
Jay Hall
     1114 Sutter Street
     San Francisco CA 94101

     Jay belongs to that class of cadets who wished they could
     have graduated from Pillsbury, but alas, the school closed
     at the end of the class of 1957. Following his high school
     graduation, Jay served in the Military Police with the US
     Army. While in the Army, he attended the Univ. of Maryland
     for 2 years, and schools in Germany. After service, he
     returned to Minneapolis for a few years before San
     Francisco called him. For the next 5 years he held various
     positions in the financial and insurance sector while
     attending San Francisco City College in the American
     Institute of Banking Branch. For the past 27 years he has
     been driving his own cab on the “Streets of San Francisco.”
     Jay was married and has no children. During his free time,
     Jay loves to play golf. Honors: San Francisco Humanitarian
     of the Year - Award for Heroism; Red Cross Award for
     Earthquake Relief.

Class of 1958
Reynold (Rey) & Cindy Lee
     5229 3rd Avenue S.
     Minneapolis, MN 55419
     (612) 824-1128

     Rey spent 3 years at Pillsbury but was not
     allowed to graduate before they closed this
     wonderful institution down after his junior year
     (he had to give up his bugle). This forced him
     to graduate from a Minneapolis high school.
     He spent some unproductive time at the Univ.
     of Minn. and Mankato State College before
     joining the US Army for three years. He
     served with the US Army Security Agency as an analyst in Okinawa for eighteen months, but
     he can’t talk about it. Rey returned to the family business in 1962 after his father’s death,
     which he now owns with a partner. Rey married the girl of his dreams and they will celebrate
     their fortieth anniversary this year. They have four children and five wonderful grandchildren.
     Activities include: Cataract Lodge No. 2, Scottish Rite, Zuhrah Shrine Temple, American
     Legion #550, Airborne Law Enforcement Assn. and the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Air Patrol.

     Memories: Learning to grow up and stand tall. The Crack Squad, Company ‘C’ cadence
     squad, P Club and being one of Bessie’s Boys waiting tables. In addition, the many
     wonderful cadets that I have met and will meet while working with the Pillsbury Military
     Academy Alumni Association.

26                                                     PILLSBURY MILITARY ACADEMY
class of 1958
Richard E. (Dick) Madsen CWO W2
USA (Retired)
  Married 27 years to Lila Faye Blackburn
  57 Woodbridge Drive
  Cabot Arkansas 72023
  501 843-0535

  Immediately following four years of military
  life at Pillsbury, Dick enlisted in the US
  Army and stayed for 20 years. Twelve of
  the 20 years in the Army were overseas:
  Germany, 2 tours in Vietnam, Alaska,
  Turkey and Canal Zone. In addition to
  being a soldier, his Army career was managing NCO and Officer Clubs, Club Systems and
  Hotels. Medals awarded include: Bronze Star, Army Commendation (2), Good Conduct (3),
  National Defense, Vietnam Service (6 Campaigns) RVN Campaign (60 Dev), RVN Gallantry
  Cross Unit Citation wPalm, RVN Civil Actions Medal,1st Class with Oak Leaf Cluster, and the
  Presidential Unit Citation (4th Infantry Division). After retirement from the Army, Dick served
  23 years in the Pine Bluff Police Dept. and 2 years in the County Sheriff’s Dept. Somehow,
  Dick and Lila managed to have 5 children and 8 grandchildren.

  Memories: Special memories are sneaking out after taps and Rey Lee’s lousy horn.

2004 REUNION                                                                                  27

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