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									                                                          1.877.GETS.UTA •                                 Volume 13 • Issue 8 • August 2011

Used Truck Association
                                                           2011 Convention Offers
       Chartered May 16, 1988
                                                           Something for Everyone
  Published by the Used Truck Association                  “Go All In” is the 2011 Convention theme, and with the Talking
       325 Country Club Drive, Suite A                     Stick Resort and Casino in Scottsdale, AZ hosting the event, you
          Stockbridge, GA 30281                            could consider the phrase “Go All In” as being nothing more than a
                                                           common poker expression meaning “bet everything you have.”
                                                           However, all of us working in the used-truck industry understand
Table of Contents                                          that this simple phrase means so much more.
                                                           Every day, the excellent men and women of this industry “Go All In”
Board News & Views .......................... 2            by putting it all on the line, and giving it everything they have to
New Members .................................... 3         provide critical industry products, and run successful businesses.
                                                           In honor of this hard-working spirit, the UTA Board thought it
Face to Face with Robert Yost ............. 4              appropriate to theme this year’s Convention “Go All In,” as we
Angelique and Lawrence Get Engaged ... 6                   also find deeper meaning in the phrase.
The Brooks Group                                           All of the UTA Board committees have been working hard this year,
  Sales Tip of the Month ...................... 7          giving it all we have to provide you with an abundant variety of
                                                           events, speakers, and activities.
Tire Thief on the Loose ........................ 7
                                                           Here’s a look at what’s ahead!
Industry Events Calendar ..................... 7
Bryan’s Spotlight ................................... 8    Wednesday, November 2nd
Unofficial Fisherman’s Club.................. 9            ■   Vendor customer appreciation event
Current Convention Sponsors .............. 9               ■   Meet & Greet at the Fountain Courtyard with live band,
                                                               Outside the Line
Continued Undersupply of
 Used Trucks Creates Volatility ... 10-11                  Thursday, November 3rd
UTA Standouts to be Recognized ...... 11                   ■   Spouse Breakfast and special guest speaker – Ellen Schwartz
Industry News Briefs ....................12-14             ■   UTA Dealer Group Presentation (NEW) – morning session
                                                           ■   Tours, tours and more tours
Polk Data Used Truck Sales .............. 14
                                                                ♦	Golf – Talking Stick Golf Club
Meet Convention Speaker Tom Flick ... 15                        ♦	Desert Off-Road Jeep Tour
                                                                ♦	River Float
From Where We Sit .......................... 17
                                                                ♦	Taliesin West Insight Tour
             The UTA…                                      ■   Vendor Expo & Silent Auction (NEW)
     Members Supporting Members!
                                                           Friday, November 4th
                                                           ■   Three Hot Topic Workshops - presented three times!
                                                                ♦	Truck Inventories, presented by ACT – Steve Tam
                                                                ♦	Owner Operator Trends, presented by ATBS – Todd Amen
SHARE YOUR NEWS                                                 ♦	Vocational Truck Market, presented by NTEA – Steve
with the UTA Industry Watch.                               ■   Keynote Speaker – Tom Flick
Send submissions, ideas and                                ■   Used Truck Laboratory (formerly Roundtable)
comments to:                                               ■   Awards Dinner featuring
UTA Industry Watch Editors                                      ♦	UTA Dealer Group Awards (NEW)
Brad and Deb Schepp, Lara Haag                                       ● Dealer of the Year – 3 regions (OEM and Independent)

c/o Grace Management                                                 ● Vendor of the Year – 3 regions

325 Country Club Drive, Suite A                                 ♦	Lifetime Achievement Award
Stockbridge, GA 30281                                           ♦	2012 Board Member Announcements
Phone: 877-GETS-UTA (877-438-7882)
Fax: 770-454-0029                                             Continued on page 5.
   Board of Directors                               Board News and Views
                                                    As a member of the UTA Board, I have the
                                                    pleasure of providing you with the Board
                                                    News and Views comments for the month of
                                                    August. I was sitting in Cancun, Mexico on
                                                    vacation trying to think of what I was going
                                                    to write about and it hit me—the
Front, L to R: Sheri Aaberg, Randy Pennington,      website! I know I’m the committee chairman
Marty Crawford, Tim Ronan, Mike Thurston.           but it was the first thing I thought about.
Back, L to R: Tim Ormsby, Bryan Haupt, Ken Kosic,   With all of the changes on the website I
Bobby Williams, Rick Clark, Tom Pfeiler,            thought it might be good to point out some
Bryan Boyd, Lara Haag, John Cosgrove,               new additions, and what will be coming
George Barnett.                                     around the corner.

                  Rick Clark                        LAUNCHED AND WORKING
                                                    Facebook Webpage: I have heard from several members on how to improve the UTA Facebook
               Vice President                       webpage, and will address ideas for both Affiliates and Members at our next monthly meeting.
               Bobby Williams
                                                    LinkedIn Webpage: LinkedIn is a great tool to “Network” and send out questions, and I have
                  Treasurer                         started to even see equipment listed in the past few weeks.
                 Tom Pfeiler
                                                    Affiliates: We have always had affiliates on the website but now they are rotating on the home
                 Secretary                          page with links to their websites.
                Sheri Aaberg                        Online Sales Training: Now you can squeeze in a little training whenever you want from any
            President Emeritus                      computer. Enroll in a session through UTA/Brooks and do training without traveling anywhere.
              Marty Crawford                        TMI Product Training: The more you know the more you sell! UTA/TMI has teamed up for
                                                    two courses devoted to Medium Duty and one course for Heavy Duty Trucks and Tractors.
     Affiliates & Benefits Committee                Enroll today!
                 Bryan Boyd                         UTA Online Appraisal: No matter where you are, access the UTA “Online Appraisal” from a
                                                    web-accessible phone, do an appraisal on a Truck or Tractor, and send it to your contact with photos!
    Convention Committee Chairman
      Sheri Aaberg & Tim Ormsby                     UTA Promotional Items: You can order logo merchandise with the click of a button. Order
                                                    shirts, hats, pens and so much more with your company’s logo and/or the UTA’s logo. Click on
 UTA Jerome Nerman Family Foundation                Promotional Items on the UTA website and order today!
   Scholarship Committee Chairman
              Tim Ronan                             COMING SOON
     Elections Committee Chairman                   We are currently working on the items below and hope to have them launched before the UTA
             George Barnett                         Convention this November.
     Marketing Committee Chairman                   UTA Dealer Group Request Board: We will have a location on the website named
               Lara Haag                            the UTA Dealer Group request board. Here, with just one click, you can email other UTA
                                                    members your wants and needs list, or sell equipment that you don’t want. Launching by
   Membership Committee Chairman                    September 1st if not sooner!
   Randy Pennington & John Cosgrove
                                                    UTA Truck Group Tire Program: Our affiliate committee is gathering information and
      Training Committee Chairman                   looking at a program as I write this. Once the committee gathers more information and brings it
                Ken Kosic                           to the board, the board will discuss this and decide if it will work for our members.
UTA Dealer Group Committee Chairman
            Mike Thurston                           If you have not been to the website lately I think you will find it more user friendly and loaded
                                                                          with more information to help you be more successful in our industry. As Website Committee Chairman                                       your Vice President and website committee chair, I would like to have
           Bobby Williams                                                 your input on how we can make the UTA site easier or better for you.
                                                                          Please email me at with any questions or suggestions you Website Committee                                        may have.
              Bryan Haupt                                                 Thank you for your time,
                                                                          Bobby Williams

   2 August 2011                                                                                                                
It’s always a treat to welcome new members to
the Used Truck Association. Each month we
                                                      New Members
profile our new members in this newsletter. New
members have the opportunity to complete a            Shawn Fussell, Owner                                   This is all well and good, but what made Pike
bio and send a photo so our current members                                                                  sound like fun was his response to our question:
                                                      Fussell Truck Sales, Inc.
can learn more about you. We hope to learn not                                                               ‘If you weren’t in the truck business is there
                                                      1850 High Prairie Rd., Ste 440
just how to reach you, but what you like/don’t                                                               another business you’d like to be in?’ His
                                                      Grand Prairie, TX 75050                                response: “If I weren’t in a trucking-related
like about the work you do, why you joined the
                                                                          business, I would be retired! At age 66 it is
UTA, and what gets your gears going as a person.
So please return your questionnaire so your           (469) 586-4871 (w)                                     almost time to smell the roses!”
fellow UTA members can get to know you!               (469) 236-3959 (c)
                                                                                                             Now there’s a straight shooter for you!
If you’d like a copy of the new member brochure
                                                      In just a few short years, Shawn Fussell has gone
that we handed out at the convention, please
                                                      from selling trucks for Arrow Truck Sales in Dallas,
contact David Grace at                                                                Chet Lawrence, Owner
                                                      to being the owner of his own business—Fussell
or 770-389-6528 ext. 404.
                                                      Truck Sales.                                           Pro Equipment Sales
                                                      Maybe his people person skills are the secret of       722 McCarty Space B
Cameron Chandler, National Manager,                   his success. Shawn tells us he really likes the        Houston, TX 77029
Navistar Dealerships                                  part of his job where he builds relationships          (713) 678-7876 (w)
Rush Enterprises                                      with individual owner operators and companies.         (281) 513-9286 (c)
964 So 3800 West                                                                                   
                                                      If not for trucks, you might find Shawn in some
Salt Lake City, UT 84104                              sort of financial loan business. “I was in that                              business for years and really enjoyed getting
(801) 972-5320 (w)                                    people money when they needed it,” he said.            Rick Moore, Used Truck Manager
(801) 514-1846 (c)                                    Something you may not have known about                 The Larson Group/TLG Truck Center                         Shawn? He’s always wanted to own an El Camino!         3801 N Skiles Ave
                                                      “If anyone needs me to do something for them           Kansas City, MO 64161
Cam got his start as a trainee back in 1992. He
sounds like he’d be a great boss as he finds          just call and ask. I will do everything I can to       (816) 453-1700
“developing staff and working strategically to        help,” Shawn added.                          
grow the business” the best part of his job.                                                                 Like just about all of
He’s hoping his membership in UTA will help him                                                              us, Rick’s joined the
stay current with the news of our industry, as well   Andy Glass, Vice President-Operations                  UTA hoping to “make
as build important relationships.                     TruckMovers                                            good contacts and
                                                      3901 Blue Ridge Cut Off                                relationships in the
Cam’s also into Scuba and owns a therapy dog.                                                                used truck world.” For
                                                      Kansas City, MO 64133
But in a world without trucks where might you         (816) 861-5444                                         him, ours is a great
find Cam? “Owner of a beach shop—selling                                                                     business, as “there’s
anything to anyone in a bikini,” he said. Ah, it                                                             never a dull moment.”
must be summer!                                                                                              That doesn’t mean he
                                                      LaRoy “Pike” Helleksen, Managing                       doesn’t sometimes
                                                                                                             dream of following other passions. Where
John Culbertson, President                            Member
                                                                                                             would you find Rick if he wasn’t in the truck
John Culbertson Sales                                 West Bay Leasing Services, LLC                         biz? How about underwater? He dreams of one
P.O. Box 270668                                       461 Commerce St.                                       day being a Scuba instructor, as “every day
Oklahoma City, OK 73137                               Lake Crystal, MN 56055                                 would be an adventure.” (Maybe Rick and Cam
(405) 834-8838                                                               should get together for a Scuba outing                     (507) 726-2004 (w)                                     sometime.)
                                                      (507) 381-8158 (c)                                     Rick also enjoys volunteer work and the
                                                                               satisfaction that comes from helping others out.
Stephen Eenigenburg, Buyer                            LaRoy “Pike” Helleksen is definitely someone
Don Van Orden Equipment Locators, Inc.                you should seek out at the next Convention,
19209 Hwy 105 W                                       as he sounds like a lot of fun. We’ll tell you
                                                      why in a second.
                                                                                                             Gregory Nerman, Salesman
Montgomery, TX 77356
                                                                                                             Truck Center of America, LLC
(832) 922-8141                                        Pike’s been a truck industry member since 1986,
                                                                                                             13430 Briar                                     when he gained some exposure to the medium-
                                                                                                             Leawood, KS 66209
                                                      duty part of the business working as a sales rep
                                                      for Blue Bird, the school bus distributor.
                                                                                                             (913) 696-1300 (w)
Mark Farnario, Sales Manager                          But Pike’s also a devoted family man and               (913) 515-2197 (c)
HH Truck & Equipment Sales, LLC                       hunter. “In my younger years I was an avid   
9694 Golf Club Rd.                                    hunter. Then came marriage and the kids. No
Aumsville, OR 97325                                   more hunting. Last year, I decided it was time                              to go for it again. This fall I will be making my
(503) 769-2221m (w)                                   second trip to Montana for Mule Deer and Elk.”
(503) 329-7675 (c)                                                                                    New Members continued on page 5.                                                                                                                             August 2011 3
                                                        Robert Yost
 R        obert has been a UTA member since
          the association got its start. He was
 working for Arrow Truck at the time, and Jerry
                                                        retail stores for them in St. Louis, MO,
                                                        Newark, NJ, and Atlanta, GA. My career in
                                                        the industry has taken my family and me all
                                                                                                               very expensive,” Robert explained. “The new
                                                                                                               SCR trucks being sold today will not be on
                                                                                                               the used truck scene for a couple of years yet.
 Nerman enrolled all of his branch managers             over the United States. I have been fortunate          By then, we will be seeing even more enhance-
 in the fledgling organization. Robert came to          to get to know so many great people—custom-            ments and innovative things on trucks.”
 the UTA with many years of experience in the           ers, fellow truck dealers and salesmen,                His advice to younger salespeople is as old as
 used truck industry having begun his career in         vendors, and personal friends in the                   humankind. “My advice to them would be to
 1984 when he was hired as a new truck salesman         process.” Along the way, he’s also sold a great        respect the proven, experienced figures in their
 for a Peterbilt dealership in Charlotte, NC.           many trucks. In looking back over the years,           lives, and learn as much as possible about their
 “My main focus was to learn to sell new trucks,        Robert says he still loves the sale. “I still get as   successes and failures, then harness today’s
 but the dealership had a very active used truck        excited closing a one truck deal as I do about         technology to help raise the success bar even
 department, and I loved selling used trucks            closing a large one,” he told us. “Sure, the           higher,” he told us. From where he sits today,
 from the very beginning,” Robert told us.              large ones are usually more profitable, but I          Robert has a pretty good view of a successful
 Today, Robert is the Vice President-Truck Sales        love the excitement of knowing that we were            career. “I think that character traits and integrity
 for Gateway Volvo/UD. “I have responsibility           successful in getting the order,” he added.            are critical to be successful in the long run,”
 for all truck sales activities for our two locations   Robert also has a passion for helping young            he said. “Our business is a customer service,
 in the greater St. Louis market,” he explained.        salespeople get a solid start in the industry he       relationship business. Customers need to be
 But of course, the journey from Charlotte to           loves. “New salesmen are the life blood of our         convinced that they are doing business with
 St. Louis wasn’t an express trip, and Robert           business,” he said. “When I attend seminars,           reputable, honest people. Your coworkers, sales
 shared with us some of the details of his long         meetings, and conventions and I see the amazingly      team, and vendors need to know that they are
 and successful career.                                 sharp young people in our industry, it makes           a part of an ethical, reputable organization. I
 “In 1990, I accepted a position with Arrow             me know how important it is for all of the             feel that combination has been critical to my
 Truck Sales to open and manage what was to             longer tenured people to make sure they excel.         long-term success, in multiple major market
 be their 5th national retail branch,” Robert           These young men and women are sharp, very              areas.” This combination seems to us to spell
 explained. “I spent 14 years with the Arrow            computer savvy and confident.” He finds                success in a great many of life’s endeavors.
 organization. I was privileged to manage                             helping younger salespeople              His career in this industry has allowed Robert
                                                                       shape these skills and traits into      and his wife of 31 years Joni to enjoy a happy
                                                                       successful sales careers to be          and fulfilling family life. The college sweethearts
                                                                        exciting.                              have come a long way since those days at the
                                                                       Having young and technology-            University of South Carolina. Their two sons,
                                                                       savvy staff is something Robert         Ryan and Russell, are well on their way to
                                                                        considers to be an asset,              successful careers of their own. Ryan is currently
                                                                        especially in view of the rapidly      living in London, having completed both his
                                                                         changing nature of techno-            undergraduate degree, and also a Masters
                                                                         logical advancement within            degree in International Marketing. Russell is
                                                                          the trucking industry. “I think      a senior at a college in Chicago studying fashion
                                                                           that technical training about       design. Although today the family is a little
                                                                           new truck components is             scattered, the family unit stays close, Robert
                                                                            critical,” he advised. He told     told us. “We have relocated so many times
                                                                            us that with the many new          that we came to realize how important the
                                                                             and mandated computerized         family unit can be,” he said. When he’s not
                                                                             parts on trucks, it’s vital to    at work, Robert and Joni enjoy the beach
                                                                              understand how replacing         (any beach!) and visiting the many friends
                                                                              some of these potentially        they’ve made along their travels. Robert also
                                                                               expensive items can alter       loves golf and pheasant hunting. Learning
                                                                               the resale value of a used      more about him, we were happy to see that
                                                        truck. “Replacing some of those items can be           such a good man has built such a good life. ■

4 August 2011                                                                                                                           
Convention continued from page 1.                  New Members continued from page 3.

The UTA Board and Convention Committee             Doug Phillips, General Sales Manager               John Whitnell, VP, Operations
are excited to bring you two new features          West Texas Peterbilt                               Idealease
along with a fresh presentation of an old          P O Box 3578                                       430 N. Rand Road
friend. The new UTA Dealer Group will be a         Lubbock, TX 79452                                  North Barrington, IL 60010
highlight near the beginning of the Conven-        (806) 787-7914                           
tion, as the group shares valuable used-truck                      (630) 847-3171
intelligence with all attendees. The Silent        “When you’re not practicing,             
Auction at the Vendor Expo should be great         someone somewhere is, and                          With such far-flung interests
fun, and a new way to visit all the vendors. It    when they meet you they                            as music, guitar, and
will also allow all attendees to participate in    will win,” says truck industry                     landscaping John is clearly a
the worthy cause of raising funds for the          veteran Doug Phillips. While                       man with more than trucks
UTA Scholarship Fund. The Roundtable               Doug admits he didn’t coin                         on his mind. This is not to
discussions have been renamed the “Used            that phrase, he must live by                       suggest he’s anything but
Truck Laboratory,” and the intelligence gath-      those words given all the                          100-percent committed to
ered during this session will be published on      success the truck business                         the industry. Far from it.
                                                   has brought him. as a resource available to                                                                John joined the UTA hoping
members only.                                      It was back in ’78, when bell bottoms and shag     to broaden his base of network contacts, keep
                                                   carpets still ruled, that Doug got his start at    up to date on industry conditions, receive legal
I hope to see you all in November as we can all    American Equipment Truck and Trailer, in           updates on used truck issues, and for the
“Go All In,” and have a great time learning,       Lubbock, TX. He found a home in truck              fellowship opportunities.
                         sharing, and networking   equipment sales. Although he’s been a part of      Although he’s been in the industry now since
                         at the 2011 Used Truck    the industry for more than 30 years now, Doug      he started with Idealease as a Controller in
                         Association Convention!   sees the value in joining UTA as a way to          1983, he still enjoys the talented people he
                                                   “maintain industry connections, build new          encounters, the challenging assignments, the
                                                   relationships, and make a difference for the       trucks themselves, and the fact that there’s
                       Sheri Aaberg                industry that has served my family and I well      some travel as part of his job.
                       Convention Committee        for over 30 years.”
                                                                                                      Asked to speculate what else he might do for a
                       Chairman                    Trucks are in Doug’s blood, for sure, but like     living, John said “I would be involved in the
                            many other Texas boys, so are cattle. “I grew      truck industry in some capacity. I have had
                                                   up in cattle-related businesses,” Doug said.       the opportunity to do other things and passed
                                                   “Sometimes I really miss the lifestyle. Besides,   on them. I have recently gone from working
                                                   they quit making singing cowboy movies.”           for a truck OEM to the leasing side of this
                                                                                                      business—but still in trucking.” ■

                                                   Todd Tracy, General Sales Manager
                                                   Cross Country Truck Sales
                                                   955 NW North Frontage Road
                                                   Troutdale, OR 97060
                                                   (503) 595-6290 (w)
                                                   (503) 757-1239 (c)

                                                       “ Quips & Quotes”
                                                                        When you’re not practicing, someone somewhere
                                                                        is, and when they meet you they will win.
                                                                                                                          ~ Doug Phillips                                                                                                                      August 2011 5
 Angelique and Lawrence Get Engaged
 A     ngelique M. J. Deas is a member of the
       management team of Daimler Trucks
 Remarketing (DTR). As the Manager of
                                                 able to see anything, but with the stars and
                                                 the moon shining so brightly, it was a
                                                 beautifully romantic night to walk along the
                                                                                                   to my seat, the singer called my name over
                                                                                                   the microphone and began serenading me
                                                                                                   with a song called “Sweet Angel Eyes” which
 Marketing and Pricing, she oversees the         rim of the Canyon.                                Law dedicated to me. What woman wouldn’t
 execution of DTR’s support of its Selec-                                                          love that? So, of course I was smiling
                                                 “Since it was so late, we thought it would be
 Trucks retail distribution network via corpo-                                                     ear-to-ear and gave Law a big hug when the
                                                 best to stay a night at one of the lodges along
 rate advertising campaigns, marketing                                                             song came to an end.
                                                 the rim. We learned that there was live music
 programs, sales promotions and inventory        playing in the Bright Angel Lodge. (Get it…       “To my utter surprise, a few moments later,
 pricing. She also supervises DTR’s auction      Bright Angel Lodge…. Angelique??? Nice            one of the waiters came and knelt down by
 activity on, the         touch Law.) So Law simply said, ‘That sounds      me. He said, ‘I have something that the
 online source for used trucks utilized by       good. Let’s go listen to the music.’ Again,       gentleman wants me to give to you.’
 many UTA members. Her job keeps her             everything just seemed so spontaneous that        Suddenly, he revealed the little black box.
 more than just a little busy at the corporate   I didn’t think too much of it.                    The waiter opened the lid, and I saw the
 location in Fort Mill, SC.                                                                        most beautiful and radiant engagement ring
                                                    “In the lounge of the Bright Angel Lodge,
 Angelique grew up in Philadelphia, PA and                                                         I have ever seen! I just dropped my face into
                                                 there was a gentleman strumming a guitar,
 earned first her BA from Penn State                                                               my hands and gasped, ‘Oh my God!’ I was
                                                 singing songs, and taking requests. We sat
 University, and then multiple graduate                                                            speechless and the tears began to fall
                                                 down at a table and ordered some drinks.
 degrees from Loyola University in Chicago.      About fifteen minutes later, I went to the        immediately. I was in such shock that
 Clearly she is successful, ambitious, and                                                         apparently I took so long to take the ring
                                                 front desk to make sure our room reserva-
 dedicated to her career. But, responsibility                                                      from the waiter that he finally placed the
                                                 tion was secured. While I was away, Law
 and hard work aside, Angelique recently had                                                       ring box on the table and left us to finish our
                                                 secretly worked his magic to get everything
 an experience so romantic that it will bring                                                      moment without him. Then Law got out of
                                                 set up for the big moment. When I returned
 her joy all through the rest of her life.                                                         his seat and got on one knee and sweetly
                                                                                                                 said, ‘Baby, you know how
 It all started in mid May when
                                                                                                                 much I love you and how
 Angelique and “the love of her
                                                                                                                 special you are to me. I want to
 life” Lawrence Pierce (Big Law
                                                                                                                 spend the rest of my life with
 to his friends) traveled to
                                                                                                                 you. Will you marry me… will
 Phoenix, AZ, where the couple
                                                                                                                 you be my wife?’ he asked. I
 planned to celebrate with
                                                                                                                 couldn’t wait to say YES!
 Lawrence’s daughter as she
 graduated. A couple of weeks                                                                                    “Lawrence took the ring out of
 before the two made the trip,                                                                                   the box and gently placed it on
 Lawrence innocently asked                                                                                       my finger. I couldn’t stop
 Angelique if she’d ever been to                                                                                 staring at it! I looked at him,
 the Grand Canyon. When she                                                                                      looked at the ring, and then
 said that she hadn’t, Lawrence                                                                                  again at him as tears of joy
 said he’d take her there after                                                                                  streamed down my face. He
 the celebration. Angelique said                                                                                 gave me a big, long hug and he
 it was all so nonchalant and                                                                                    whispered, ‘I love you.’ Our
 casual, that she never suspect-                                                                                 engagement day will go down
 ed what Lawrence had                                                                                            in my mental history as one of
 planned. Here’s the story in                                                                                    the most amazing and special
 Angelique’s own words.                                                                                          times in my life.”
 “The graduation and dinner                                                                                      Angelique and Law are
 lasted later into the evening                                                                                   planning their wedding for
 than planned, so when we                                                                                        June 2012. Clearly, everyone in
 started our 1.5 hour drive to                                                                                   the UTA shares their great
 the Grand Canyon, the sun                                                                                       happiness. Here’s to many long
 was already starting to set.                                                                                    years of good health, joyful
 When we arrived at the Grand                                                                                    memories, and a very happy
 Canyon and began walking                                                                                        marriage. ■
 along the rim, we were joined
 by many other couples who
 were also there to catch a
 glimpse of its magnitude and
 beauty. I thought I wouldn’t be

6 August 2011                                                                                                            
     Sales Tip of the Month
  You need to have a very
  clear objective for every                           24-26 • Commercial Vehicle
                                                      Outlook Conference
  call or interaction with                            Dallas, TX
  a prospect/customer.                                Dallas Convention Center
  ■ To qualify a prospect/                            25-27 • Great American
                                                      Trucking Show, Dallas, TX
     customer                                         Dallas Convention Center
  ■		Demo a truck                           

  ■		Question plans for equipment in 2011
                                                      25 • Truckin’ for Kids Truck Drags & Show & Shine
                                                      Irwindale, CA
                                                      Toyota Speedway

        Tire Thief on the Loose                       OCTOBER
        Beware: there is a tire thief on the loose.
                                                      5-7 • National Trailer Dealers Association
        Someone entered our Grand Rapids,             Palm Beach, FL
        MI property the night of June 6th, and        The Breakers •
        removed 22 drive tires from brand-new
        trucks sitting on our front row. They took
        the outers only. They did this by cutting     7-8 • Charlotte Diesel Super Show, Concord, NC
        the valve stems with dykes, lubricating       Charlotte Motor Speedway,
                                                      Z-Max Dragway
        the tires with diesel fuel, and using a pry
        bar to pop them off. The replacement
        value is $8,918.20.
        I have heard reports of this happening        NOVEMBER
        to a dealer in Wisconsin where they took
        around 100 tires. If you’re approached by     2-5 • 12th Annual UTA
        someone trying to sell you cheap brand-       Convention, Scottsdale, AZ
        new tires in volume be very cautious.         Talking Stick Resort
        Just a heads up.

        Ryan Harrington,
        Used Truck Manager                            FEBRUARY 2012
        Western Michigan International Trucks, LLC                     20-23 • 12th TMC Annual Conference &
                                                      Transportation Technology Exhibition, Tampa, FL
                                                      Tampa Convention Center
                                                      asp?ID=1745                                                                                 August 2011 7
                                                                                               U TA A f f i l i a t e s
 by Bryan Boyd, Affiliates and Benefits Committee •                            4 State Trucks Inc
                                                                                          Chrome Shop Mafia
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 when its late editor Marvin F. Gordon had an idea for an association                     Premium 2000+ Medium and Heavy Duty Warranty
 dedicated solely to benefitting and promoting the used truck industry.                   Programs
 The first organizational meetings were held in Chicago with the sitting                  R.L. POLK
 Blue Book Advisory Council. Then, on May 16, 1988, the Used Truck
 Sales Network (USTN) was charted. In 1993, the association’s name                        Ramsey MediaWorks LLC
 was changed to National Used Truck Association (NUTA), and then                          Revolution Payment Systems
 in 1994 it adopted the current name, Used Truck Association (UTA).
                                                                                 (Interstate Online Software)
 For its part, The Truck Blue Book® has been continuously published
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 Truck Blue Book, as part of Price Digests valuation guides, adds to the
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 insurance, financial, government, and tax professionals. Price Digests           monthly on its website, print products are updated quarterly. They
 claims to offer the most comprehensive coverage of valuations and                also offer XML calls and ASCII data files that end users can use to
 specifications in the marketplace – tools that it says are invaluable for        create a custom database tool.
 professionals in the business of buying, selling, lending, or appraising.        The Commercial Trailer Blue Book® claims to be the industry’s
 As they like to say, “If it rolls, floats, or flies we identify and value it.”   market-leading valuation database, and it’s still growing. In its 25
 As for Truck Blue Book it has been identifying and valuing trucks                years the data has expanded to featuring the thirteen most common
 more than 60 years longer than anyone else. Its active database covers           trailer types, along with popular options. The Commercial Trailer
 model years 1992 to 2012, through a variety of products that it says             Blue Book online currently has model years 1998 to 2011, with model
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                                                                                  The little cousin to the Blue Book commercial lineup is the Truck
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                                                                                  from a cargo van to a 6,000 gallon milk tank. Like the Truck Blue
                                                                                  Book, the Body Blue Book actively covers 21 years of values, and for
                                                                                  identification purposes goes back to 1981.
                                                                                  Blue Book continues to value its relationship with the UTA and its
                                                                                  members. It offers several discounts for UTA members:
                                                                                  ■   $20 off The Truck Blue Book Online (use code TBOXUTA)
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                                                                                  ■   $10 off print Commercial Trailer Blue Book (use code CP4UTA)
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8 August 2011                                                                                                                    
Unofficial Fisherman’s Club
T      he UNofficial o-fish-al UTA Fisherman’s
       Club met once again this year at the Truck
Blue Book Conference in May. This group of
poor to non-golfers decided once again to fish
the waters of the United States rather than
struggle at golfing. At every convention or
conference they gather together, rise early in
the morning and display their skills at fishing.
This year it was in the backwaters of New
Orleans. This group is led by Mike McColgan
an avid fisherman with years of skills and
talent. The new member of the group was Joe
Boyle who happened to get off to a difficult
start. After a couple of hours of Mike’s intensive
training he was up to par with the group. The
fishing tour was hosted by Papa Joe’s Fishing
based out of New Orleans. The unofficial group
has already made reservations for the Used
Truck Association 2012 New Orleans
                                                     L to R: Mike McColgan, Rick Clark, Joe Boyle, Marty Crawford, Bryan Haupt
Convention with Papa Joe. ■

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  Continued Undersupply of Used Trucks Creates Volatility
  by Chris Visser, Senior Analyst and Product Manager, Commercial Trucks

  W         ith the 3rd Quarter underway, the story is increasing
            volatility. The shortage of used trucks combined with
  trends in the wholesale markets is creating larger swings in
                                                                         (1)                     Average Number of Sales Per Reporting Dealership (Trend)

  our averages than we saw earlier. (see graph 1)                                        Retail

  Dealer sales volume is the first measure to show fluctuation.                          Wholesale
  After hitting a 2011 high in April, sales dropped way off for May,
  only to recover about half of that lost ground for June. The primary
  reason for these swings is simply a lack of used trucks to sell.
  Mildly decreased demand for higher-mileage trucks may be a
  secondary factor. With fleets increasingly selling their iron
  directly to customers, as well as increased wholesale activity due
  to higher auction prices, the number of used trucks available to
  the dealer retail channel is limited. Sales volume is therefore
  dependent simply on how many trucks are returning to the
  market in a given month.
  Speaking of auctions, look how the age of trucks sold through
                                                                           Jan -09
                                                                           Jan -10
                                                                           Jan -11
  that channel has come down in the last year and a half. At this
  point, we are in a historically-unusual situation wherein the
  average age of trucks sold wholesale is identical to that of trucks
  sold retail (see graph 2). The reason for this? Higher auction         (2)    Retail vs. Wholesale Age of all Sleeper Tractors Under 1M Miles (Months)
  prices are encouraging owners to unload inventory through              120

  that channel, bypassing the trade-in process (see graph 3).
  The other piece of this puzzle is mileage. Compare the average         100

  mileage of a truck sold wholesale vs. one sold retail (see
  graph 4). There’s currently about a 150K split. Since age is the        80
  same, this suggests that mileage is the key factor determining
  whether a truck will be sold retail or wholesale. If a truck is
  close to 500K, it’s a retail truck. If it’s closer to 650K, it’s a
  wholesale truck.
  On the retail side, the sleeper market overall was up about                                                                                                       Wholesale Age
  $500 over May, despite an 8000 increase in average mileage                                                                                                        Retail Age
  (see graph 5). The volatility becomes apparent when we focus            20
                                                                                                                                                                    Reflects sales reported to NADA
  on the four-year-old market. Here we see a surprise drop of
  $3000 for May, followed by an $800 correction for June (see              0
  graph 6). Although we adjust this measure for mileage, it must
                                                                               Jan -10












                                                                                                                                                                Jan -11





  be noted that June’s data reflects a massive increase in average
  mileage of nearly 20K. So the $800 increase is more impressive
  than it might seem.
  Why the swing here? First, shoppers of late-model, low-mileage
                                                                         (3)                            Average Wholesale Price and Mileage –
                                                                                                          All Sleeper Tractor Under 1M Miles
  iron may increasingly consider the jump to a new truck to              750000                                                                                                                   $40,000

  make sense. There are essentially no extremely-low mileage
  trucks available, and if you want a truck with mileage in the                                                                                                                                   $35,000
  low 400’s, it will cost you around $65,000. Second, keeping in         650000
  mind we’re looking at the 2008 model year, there may be an                                                                                                                                      $30,000
  influence from west coast emissions incentives. Sales activity
  in that region may be partially dependent on timing of incen-          550000                                                                                                                   $25,000
  tive payments from government authorities.
  Looking ahead, expect these trends to continue. In a market
  dictated by supply constraints, expect sales volume to fluctuate       450000
  based on number of trucks returning to market. In addition,                                                                                                                                     $15,000
  expect a leveling-out of sorts on later-model trucks as the                                                                                            2 per. Mov. Avg. (Mileage)

  average mileage on those units stays at high levels. Also, look        350000                                                                          2 per. Mov. Avg. (Price)                 $10,000

  for continued high prices in the auction lanes. ■                                                                                                      Reflects sales reported to NADA
                                                                         300000                                                                                                                   $5,000
                                                                                    Jan -08
                                                                                    Jan -09
                                                                                    Jan -10
                                                                                    Jan -11

  Reprinted with permission from the
  ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide®
10 August 2011                                                                                                                                                        
(4) Retail vs. Wholesale Mileage of all Sleepter Tractors Under 1M Miles

                                                                                                                     UTA Standouts to

                                                                                                                     be Recognized

                                                                                                                              ver the past few years one of the recommenda-
550000          2 per. Mov. Avg. (Retail Mileage)
                                                                                                                              tions I have heard over and over from our
                2 per. Mov. Avg. (Wholesale Mileage)
                Reflects sales reported to NADA
                                                                                                                     members is the need for more recognition for UTA
500000                                                                                                               individuals who stand out. I am pleased to announce
                                                                                                                     that starting this November at the UTA convention, the
450000                                                                                                               UTA Dealer Group will begin formally recognizing
                                                                                                                     such individuals. 
400000                                                                                                               Specifically, we will present
          Jan -08
          Jan -09
          Jan -10
          Jan -11
                                                                                                                     awards recognizing people
                                                                                                                     in our organization who
                                                                                                                     stand out and define the

                 Average Retail Selling Price, all Sleepers Under 1M Miles
                                                                                                                     UTA Code of Ethics. There
                                                                                                                     will be six dealer member
                                                                                                                     awards given to individuals
                                                                                                                                                        Member of the Year
                                                                                   Reflects sales reported to NADA
                                                                                                                     who work for a dealership
                                                                                                        2008         and are current UTA
                                                                                                        2010         members. They will be
                                                                                                        2011         comprised of three OEM
                                                                                                                     dealer member awards, and
$42,000                                                                                                              three non-OEM dealer
                                                                                                                     awards presented in three

                                                                                                                     regions: East, Central, and
                                                                                                                     West. There will also be
                                                                                                                                                        Member of the Year
                                                                                                                     one vendor member award. 

                                                                                                                     The awards will become a part of each UTA convention.
                                                                                                                     Any UTA member can nominate any other UTA member
$32,000                                                                                                              in any region. It is now up to you to get involved. Give
                                                                                                                     some thought to who deserves recognition. Who stands
          Jan       Feb         Mar          Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep       Oct       Nov        Dec        out as a special member of the UTA and our community? 
                                                                                                                     The nomination process is easy and the application can
(6)                      Average Selling Price, 4 Year Old Sleeper Tractors
                                                                                                                     be found online at Nominations are due
                                                                                                                     September 1st, so time is short. Fill out the nominations
                                                                                 Reflects sales reported to NADA     and email them to myself or any UTA board member.
$70,000                                                                                                2008
                                                                                                                     Keep in mind that UTA board members do not qualify,
                                                                                                       2009          but any other UTA member does qualify, even if he or
$65,000                                                                                                2010          she works with a board member at their company. 
$60,000                                                                                                              We have some amazing members and stories to be
                                                                                                                     shared. I look forward to sharing these stories in
                                                                                                                     November. Below I have listed the criteria for the
                                                                                                                     awards, but we are also looking for unique qualities or
                                                                                                                     stories.  Remember to include a brief statement on the
$45,000                                                                                                              application telling us about your amazing nominee.
$40,000                                                                                                              The main criteria for the award are based on the
                                                                                                                     Code of Ethics: Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism,
$35,000                                                                                                              Value, Excellence, Keeping Promises, Complete
                                                                                                                     Satisfaction, and Relationships. 
          Jan        Feb         Mar         Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep       Oct        Nov        Dec
                                                                                                                                           Mike Thurston
                                                                                                                                           UTA Dealer Group Committee

                                                                                                                                                               August 2011 11
  Industry News Briefs
  Most Carriers Report Boost in                                                   Motor Carriers Split on Adequacy of ROR to
  Average Rate: TCP Survey                                                        Reinvest in Equipment
  Survey Also Shows Highest Q2Q                                                   Carriers split almost 50/50 when asked if they are getting an adequate
  Jump Ever                                                                       rate of return on their investment to justify reinvesting in equipment
                                                                                  in the recent Second Quarter Business Expectation Survey by Transport
  The highest carrier share (83 percent)
                                                                                  Capital Partners (TCP). Only 53 percent of the carriers responded that
  reported average rate increases in the recent
                                                                                  they are getting an adequate rate of return, while 47 percent say they are
  Second Quarter Business Expectations
                                                                                  not. Only 45 percent of smaller carriers (under $25 million in revenues)
  Survey by Transport Capital Partners, LLC
                                                                                  believed they are receiving adequate returns compared to 57 percent
  (TCP). This compares to the first quarter’s results where only 50
                                                                                  of their larger counterparts.
  percent reported average rates rising over the prior three months.
                                                                                  Richard Mikes, TCP partner said, “Clearly there exists a hesitancy to
  “The responses were also notable for the most reporting average rate
                                                                                  purchase new equipment, and new orders are clearly oriented toward
  increases over 15 percent, the most between 10 and 15 percent reflecting
                                                                                  replacement needs, as the desire to add capacity has remained the same
  both breadth and magnitude in a quarter noted for high contract bid
                                                                                  for the last four quarters of the survey.” Another TCP Partner, Lana
  activity,” said Richard Mikes, TCP Partner. “This lays the ground work
                                                                                  Batts pointed out that “even though 86 percent of the carriers in this
  early for more strength in the last half, and is likely the reason behind
                                                                                  quarter’s survey said they have access to reasonable credit, the concern
  the high rate expectations for the year ahead reported in the same
                                                                                  over inadequate returns on capital is a choke point in adding capacity,
  survey,” remarked Lana Batts, TCP Partner.
                                                                                  and unless rates adjust to cover rising costs capacity will be restrained.”
  A higher share of larger carriers (over $25 million in revenue) reported
                                                                                  The survey asked further what “operating ratio” is necessary to get a
  rate increase up to five percent, compared to smaller carriers. However
                                                                                  reasonable return on investment (ROI) and 82 percent of carriers said
  31 percent of smaller carriers reported average rate increases over ten
                                                                                  87 to 94 percent. Operating ratio is defined as operating costs (which
  percent compared, to 21 percent of larger carriers. Mikes commented,
                                                                                  excludes interest and income taxes) divided by freight revenue. For
  “These tie into the upbeat expectations for industry volumes and rates
                                                                                  example, an operating ratio of 94 percent would mean a carrier has six
  in the coming year. by carriers responding in the survey and in
                                                                                  percent available to cover interest and taxes, and earn a profit on its
  conversations with TCP partners.”
                                                                                  investment. Mikes observed that publicly held carriers traditionally
  Batts and Mikes said this level of average rate increases over the past three   target an “OR under 90” and stated “the last few years has witnessed a
  months in the survey correlate with conditions forecast in an earlier TCP       significant drop in new equipment purchases and the recent large
  white paper (            increases in Class 8 orders is truly pent-up demand for replacements
  pdf), and are generally still on target favoring carriers. Read more on         to mitigate maintenance costs and potential down time.” TCP’s Steven
  the TCP website ( ■                                    Dutro said, “TCP has noticed more interest in reviewing trade cycles,
                                                                                  new equipment economics and strategically addressing alternative
                                                                                  financing structures and leverage issues.” ■

  NTSB Reveals New “Most Wanted” List
  Top 10 critical changes needed to reduce transportation accidents and save lives
  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced its new               website, with a landing page dedicated to the Most Wanted List issues,
  list of the most critical transportation issues that must be addressed to       provides pertinent, easy-to-find information along with videos and
  improve safety and save lives. The new “Most Wanted List” highlights            NTSB recommendations that support all of the issues on the list,”
  10 safety issues that impact transportation nationwide.                         Hersman said.
  “The NTSB’s ability to influence transportation safety depends on our           The issue areas on the new Most Wanted List are:
  ability to communicate and advocate for changes,” said NTSB Chairman            ■ Promote pilot and air traffic controller professionalism
                        Deborah A.P. Hersman. “The Most Wanted List               ■ Address human fatigue
                            is the most powerful tool we have to highlight        ■ Promote teen driving safety
                               our priorities.”                                   ■ Improve general aviation safety
                                                                                  ■ Improve motorcycle safety
                                  NTSB began issuing an annual Most
                                                                                  ■ Require safety management systems
                                  Wanted List in 1990. This year’s list
                                                                                  ■ Improve runway safety
                                  features 10 broad issue areas that the
                                                                                  ■ Address alcohol-impaired driving
                                  NTSB will highlight in its advocacy
                                                                                  ■ Improve bus occupant safety
                                  efforts during the next year.
                                                                                  ■ Require image and onboard data recorders
                                The new Most Wanted List can be found
                                                                                  More information about the Most Wanted List issue areas can be
                              on the NTSB’s remodeled website. “Our new
                                                                                  found at ■

12 August 2011                                                                                                                      
Volvo Trucks Adds Factory-Installed Natural Gas
Option for VNM Daycab
Volvo Trucks says it’s expanding its commitment to environmental                 Powering the VNM
care and energy security by introducing a natural gas-powered Volvo              daycab is a 9-liter, 320
VNM daycab.                                                                      hp, 1,000 lb.-ft. torque
                                                                                 Cummins Westport ISL G engine
The natural gas option, the company says, is ideal for port drayage,
                                                                                 that uses cost-effective, clean-burning
pickup and delivery applications, grocery and beverage haulers, or any
                                                                                 compressed or liquefied natural gas. The heavy-duty engine features
private fleet concerned about CO2 emissions.
                                                                                 maintenance free aftertreatment, requiring only a three-way catalyst
“Localized or closed-loop operations present a great opportunity for             to meet EPA 2010 emissions standards.
companies to utilize our nation’s abundant domestic supply of natural
                                                                                 Volvo recently delivered its first 10 natural gas-powered VNM daycabs
gas,” said Ron Huibers, senior vice president – sales and marketing.
                                                                                 to Talon Logistics, Inc., the transportation division of Giant Eagle,
“Volvo is already delivering the cleanest trucks in the world in terms
                                                                                 Inc., a multi-format food and fuel retailer with stores in Pennsylvania,
of regulated emissions, and now we’re offering an alternative fuel
                                                                                 Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland. Talon also received Volvo’s first
option to move our nation’s goods while emitting less CO2.”
                                                                                 delivery of EPA 2010-certified trucks in November 2009. ■

Trimble to Acquire PeopleNet
Technology solutions provider Trimble announced it has signed an                 “The PeopleNet management team is enthusiastic about joining Trimble,”
agreement to acquire PeopleNet, a well-known provider of integrated              said Ron Konezny, founder and chief executive officer of PeopleNet.
onboard computing and mobile communications systems for fleet                    “Trimble provides PeopleNet with significant additional scope that
management. PeopleNet’s software and hardware solutions help fleets              will allow us to build on our tradition of customer-driven innovation,
manage regulatory compliance, fuel costs, driver safety, and customer            and expand delivery of products and services by improving the perfor-
visibility. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2011.   mance and functionality of our existing and future offerings. The
                                                                                 combination of PeopleNet’s product portfolio with Trimble’s broad
“PeopleNet is a key step in Trimble’s strategy for addressing the complex
                                                                                 technology base will allow us to create unique solutions that will
regulatory and operational demands of enterprise companies in the
                                                                                 enable our customers to manage their most important assets. We are
transportation and logistics (T&L) market,” said Steven W. Berglund,
                                                                                 confident the acquisition is a great fit, and with the continuity of our
Trimble’s president and chief executive officer. “In combination with
                                                                                 people, culture, and commitment to customer focus, we will continue
other recent initiatives, including the acquisitions of Punch Telematix
                                                                                 to deliver best-of-class products and services.”
and Tata Automotive Mobility Technologies, Trimble now offers a
portfolio of proven solutions to a growing international customer base.          For more information visit: ■
These new initiatives are expected to contribute strong operating
margins and high customer retention. PeopleNet’s management and
employees will be the core of our Americas T&L business and we expect
to provide seamless continuity to existing PeopleNet customers.”                 Industry News Briefs continued on page 14.                                                                                                                         August 2011 13
                               Industry News Briefs continued from page 13.

                                                            Cummins Chairman/CEO to Retire
                                                            Cummins recently announced the retirement of Tim Solso, 64, who
                                                            served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since 2000. Solso
        Polk Data                                           will be succeeded by Tom Linebarger, Cummins President and
     Used Truck Sales                                       Chief Operating Officer. Linebarger, 48, has been with Cummins 17
                                                            years, and was formerly President of Cummins Power Generation. He
                                                            will assume his new role on January 1, 2012.

       Quarter 2, 2011                                       Cummins noted that during Solso’s tenure, the company’s market
                                                             capitalization grew tenfold and the company has been “recognized
         GVW     Used Trucks   for its leadership in emissions reduction technologies and related environmental activities,
          3        38,810      financial performance and corporate responsibility, as well as diversity and human rights issues.”
                               Solso “will continue in his role through December 31 to ensure a smooth transition between the
          4        11,619      two leaders,” the company announced.
          5         6,515
                               Solso has had a 40-year career with Cummins
          6        12,664      Solso joined Cummins in 1971 after receiving a master’s degree
                               in Business Administration from Harvard University and a
          7        14,725
                               bachelor’s degree in psychology from DePauw University in
          8        68,725      1969. He began as assistant to the Vice President of Personnel
                               and later moved into the operations side of the business. During
                               his career, he has worked in various global locations, including
       Quarter 1, 2011         Huddersfield, England; and Sao Paolo, Brazil. After 29 years in
                               the business, he was named Chairman and CEO in 2000.
         GVW     Used Trucks
                               Solso was named a top five finalist to Marketwatch’s CEO of
          3        51,246      the Decade in 2010 and to Barron’s list of the 30 Most Respect-
          4        16,713      ed CEOs for 2010 and 2011. In 2007, he was selected as the
                               national Six Sigma CEO of the year and received the Anti-Defa-
          5         8,644
                               mation League’s Man of Achievement Award. That same year               Tim Solso
          6        16,096      he was named the International Executive of the Year by the
                               Academy of International Business, and received the American
          7        13,571
                               Business Award for Best Chairman.
          8        67,181
                               In announcing his retirement, Solso said: “I am proud to have
                               been part of the leadership team of this great Company as we grew
                               sales, established technology leadership, expanded our global
       Quarter 4, 2010         reach and restructured our businesses even as we dealt with the
         GVW     Used Trucks   impact of two major recessions. Cummins’ future is very
                               promising and no one is better qualified to lead the Company
          3        36,514      during the exciting times ahead than Tom Linebarger. He has the
          4        10,843      energy, experience and business know-how Cummins needs to
                               compete in our markets around the world.
          5         6,379
                               “With Tom as CEO, Cummins will remain committed to the
          6        12,963      strategic principles, business objectives and core values that
          7        11,992      have been the hallmark of our business success,” Solso added.   Tom Linebarger
                               “The Company’s focus will be on profitable growth, providing
          8        68,727
                               better products and services for customers and maintaining a
                               strong commitment to the environment and the communities where we do business.”
       Quarter 3, 2010         Linebarger has been a leader in operational, finance and strategy roles
                               Linebarger joined Cummins in 1994 and served in various roles, including Managing Director
        GVW      Used Trucks
                               of Cummins Turbo Technologies and Vice President of the Engine Business’ Supply Chain
          3        39,982      Management before being named Chief Financial Officer in 2000. Linebarger moved to the
                               position of President of Power Generation in 2003 and “helped return that business to profitabil-
          4        11,586
                               ity. Today, Power Generation is at record levels in sales growth and profitability and is expanding
          5         6,699      its businesses globally,” Cummins said in a release.
          6        13,475      Linebarger will be only the sixth executive to lead the Company since it was founded in 1919. ■
          7        23,505
          8        74,802

14 August 2011                                                                                            
Meet Convention Speaker Tom Flick
T     he dog days of August are upon us, but
      before we know it, November will be
here and the UTA membership will gather in
Scottsdale, AZ for our annual conference.
Our guest speaker this year is NFL Super
Bowl quarterback Tom Flick. We spent some
time talking to Tom so we’d be able to share
with you just a few of the reasons you should
be eagerly looking forward to your trip to
Tom grew up in Maryland and was drafted
by the Washington Redskins in 1981. In his
seven seasons with the NFL he also played
for the New England Patriots, the Cleveland
Browns, the San Diego Chargers, and the
New York Jets. Today, Tom is a successful
motivation speaker, with more than 3,000
presentations to his name. His clients include
NASA, Microsoft, Starbucks, Hallmark
Cards, and the U.S. Army Rangers, among
many others. His presentations focus on
developing leadership and teamwork as well          As anyone who has achieved a place in               Now with all of the success Tom has enjoyed
as personal growth and change. He sprinkles         professional sports will tell you, that is a life   in the past and continues to enjoy today, you
his message with stories that both entertain        lived in the care of a great many coaches and       might think a humble aspect and humility
and touch his audiences.                            mentors. From these varied individuals Tom          would not be the first traits you’ll notice
                                                    has taken many bits of wisdom and advice.           about him. But, you would be wrong. Tom
“There is no greater feeling than knowing
                                                    His philosophy today is that winning is             simply loves connecting with people and
that you’ve given people tools to take back to
                                                    fantastic, but not nearly as fantastic as also      inspiring them. “I think it will be an enjoyable
their offices that they can actually use right
                                                    helping others to win. When we asked him            time,” he said simply when we talked about
away,” Tom told us. To be able to provide the
                                                    to recall the most important piece of advice        the upcoming conference. If you’d like a
tools each particular audience requires, Tom
                                                    he received, Tom didn’t hesitate. “The greatest     little sneak peek, you’ll find videos on Tom’s
and his team at Tom Flick Communications
                                                    advice that I try to live is to walk humbly.        website to give you a taste of what’s ahead.
and The Legacy Coaches, Inc. prepare
                                                    Have a contrite heart,” he said. “Do not think
extensively. They carefully research the                                                                We couldn’t agree with Tom more. It will be
                                                    of yourself as better than anyone else. The
organization Tom will address. “Preparation                                                             an enjoyable time, and we’re hoping you’re
                                                    desire to learn from each other is in humility.”
is key,” he explained. “If you were prepared                                                            looking forward to it now more than ever. ■
you could go out and enjoy the game, but if
you are not prepared it can be a very bad
place to be.” Many of the lessons Tom shares
can be traced back to his roots as a successful
professional athlete. But, no matter what the
inspiration for Tom’s message might have
been, he delivers that message in the form of
stories to both inspire you and touch your heart.
“People will remember a story long after they
forget what I say,” Tom said. “They can take
that message back better and share it with
others. I’m a collector of stories. If something
strikes my heart I capture it and keep it.”
Because it’s pretty hard to find a human who
doesn’t enjoy a good story, Tom’s presentations
captivate audiences from start to finish. This
is clearly demonstrated by the scores of                                                                  SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA
wonderful reviews and comments you’ll find
on Tom’s website,                                                                       November 2-5, 2011                                                                                                                        August 2011 15
    The 11th Annual UTA Convention

       See You in Warm, Sunny SCOTTSDALE!
From Where We Sit
As we write this column the eastern
part of the United States is
experiencing treacherously high
temperatures and miserable
humidity. The thermometer reads
104 degrees with a heat index of
115. Not only that, but there’s a
storm coming over the western
mountain threatening 60-mile-per-
hour winds and quarter-sized hail.
The trees are beginning to sway,
and we have no reason to doubt the
National Weather Service this time
with the severe thunderstorm
warnings they’ve issued. The air is tingling with the ozone that precedes a big storm, and we’re
starting to think about where we last had that flashlight. Although I may have to shut down the
computer and move away from the window before we’re done here, I’m not in a hurry to miss
the display.
As a child, my mother lived in fear of thunderstorms. Her own mother was terrified of them, so
whenever one approached, she’d gather her eight children and make them all stay on her bed
with her until the storm passed. My mother, being
among the oldest, took this as a very bad sign and
decided if her mother was this frightened, then there
must be a real reason for panic. Once she reached
adulthood and learned the real dynamics of a
thunderstorm she felt a little cheated. She vowed that
none of her children would grow up fearing a natural
phenomenon that, while certainly potentially
dangerous, was also, with proper preparation, a
spectacular show. At the first sign of a storm, she’d
load us all into the back of her huge Buick and drive
us a few blocks away to watch the storm on the ocean.
My brothers and I have many happy memories of
lightning flashing into the sea and waves crashing in
tune to the thunder. With the surf wild and the sky
spewing fury, we felt at the heart of the universe. So,
sure, don’t stand under a tree, go out on the golf
course, or continue to swim, when you see that storm
is rising. Gain shelter to ensure your safety. But, at the
same time, don’t allow fear to spoil the joy of
experiencing the power and majesty that come from
safely watching the storm rise, roll, and remove itself
in its own sweet time. We can’t so easily get to the
ocean to watch it anymore, but we still treasure the
                          memories of those times spent
                          safely sharing the spectacle,
                          safe, warm, and happy. Plus,
                          we all still enjoy the storm
                          from exactly where we happen
                          to sit. Thanks, Mom.

                         Deb and Brad Schepp
                                                                                                       August 2011 17

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