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									Mini Implants Cost: An Alternative Dental
Implant Hardware That Saves Money
       This article talks about mini dental implants, why they’re less expensive than
          traditional dental implant hardware and their benefits and advantages.

Since their approval by the Food and Drug Administration in April of 1999, mini dental
implants have become a very popular option for edentulous (toothless) and near-edentulous
patients requiring oral rehabilitation. Why is this? “Mini implants cost is approximately a
third of that required for traditional dental implants,” explain low cost dentists. “Mini
implants are also constructed to be able to withstand immediate loading, which means that
patients can use them right away for eating.” As such, low cost dentists often recommend
mini implants for procedures involving the placement of fixed and non-removable dentures
and bridges.

Lower Mini Implants Costs Explained

“Mini implants costs (image on right) can be as much as 70% lower than the cost of
traditional dental implant hardware (image on left) and
there are a number of reasons for this,” explain low cost

   •    Mini implants costs: The procedure required for
        the surgical placement of mini implants is much
        simpler than for conventional implants, thus
        making it more cost-effective.

   •    Mini implants costs: “Because it is less complex,
        the surgery required to place mini implants is very
        quick and can be completed in as little as an hour,”
        say low cost dentists. “This takes less of the
        surgeon’s time, which lowers mini implants costs.”

   •    Mini implants costs: In order to minimize their cost, mini implants are fabricated
        from less expensive materials than conventional implants.

“The simplicity of the surgery, the lesser time required for placement and the lower cost
materials from which they’re made all contribute to lower mini implants costs,” explain low
cost dentists. “This has made them an ideal choice for the many patients who require oral
rehabilitation but may have limited funds.”

Low Cost Dentist: Mini Implants Cost and Their Advantages

In spite of their lesser cost, mini implants boast a whole suite of benefits over traditional
dental implant procedures:
   •   Mini implants cost benefits: They require fewer surgeries for oral rehabilitation
       and, at approximately half the diameter of traditional
       implants, cause far less trauma to the gums during
       placement. Without the need for incisions and sutures,
       recovery is far more comfortable.

   •   Mini implants cost benefits: “Mini implants can be
       immediately loaded,” explain low cost dentists. “This
       essentially means that once the procedure has been
       done, patients leave the clinic with a full set of functional
       teeth. This leaves just one question: what’s for dinner?”

   •   Mini implants cost benefits: “The surgery required
       for the placement of mini implants is far less invasive in
       nature,” say low cost dentists. “This reduces the risk of
       any complications during or after the procedure. It also
       minimizes post-operative discomfort and speeds up
       patient recovery.”

   •   Mini implants cost benefits: “One of the greatest benefits of mini implants is that
       they very rarely require bone grafting prior to placement. Owing to their much smaller
       size, they can be neatly inserted into regions of the jaw that have lost a lot of bone
       volume as a result of denture wearing and periodontal (gum) disease,” explain low cost
       dentists. “Bone grafting is expensive, invasive and painful and requires several months
       of healing before the jaw bone is ready to support implants. So this is seen as a massive
       advantage,” explain low cost dentists.

   •   Mini implants cost benefits: Last, but not least, with savings of up to 70% on the
       cost of conventional implants, mini implants are the way to go for a great number of

A Final Note from Low Cost Dentists on Mini Implants Costs

Mini implants are the ideal choice for the patients who have already had a non-removable
denture fitted and want a more stable tooth replacement option. “The procedure is quick and
inexpensive and allows patients to return home with a set of non-removable teeth that are far
better, functionally and in comfort and feel, than removable dentures,” say low cost dentists.

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