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   Conference Focus
   Themes                   Power and Politics in Organization Development: A Review
   Scope & Concerns
   Board & Supporters     By: Hari Sreekumar
                          Organization development has been criticized in the past for not taking into account the complexities of
                          organizational power and politics while designing and implementing development and change programs.
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                          This criticism was essentially valid in the past but does not hold good today. In recent years, considerable
   Program                research has been done in the areas of power and politics with regard to organizations. This research has
   Main Speakers          been applied to the field of organization development by other researchers, and OD practitioners have tried
   Streams                to derive understanding and implications from these studies. Practitioners and researchers in organization development have taken divergent
   Session Descriptions   and often conflicting views on how power and politics relate to the practice of OD programs. This paper elucidates the significant research
   Talking Circles        that has been done in this area, presents the divergent views on power and politics in OD, and critically reviews them.

   Call for Papers        Keywords: Power, Politics, Organization Development, OD Interventions
                          Stream: Organisational Culture, Organisational Change, Business Ethics
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                          Paper: Power, Politics and Organization Development

   Register                 Hari Sreekumar
   Options & Fees            Doctoral Student, Marketing Group, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
   Accommodation             Kolkata, West Bengal, India
   Activities & Extras
                          I graduated in Science from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, and post three and a half years of work experience, joined
                          the doctoral programme in marketing at IIM Calcutta. My major area of specialization is marketing, with Behavioral Science as my minor area.
                          Within organization studies, I am interested in social embeddedness in organizations and organization development and change.
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