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    Winter 2012
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                            GMC Student                          from the Library
                          Visits West Point!                         Page 18
                      Mark Gaither, SGA
                      President, writes about his
                      experience as a student at
                      Georgia Military College.
                      Read his story on page 12 & 13.

                      Statue of Dwight D. Eisenhower on the
                      grounds of West Point Military Academy.

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GMC Students Participate in Greater Valdosta Community Christmas Parade!
                          More Photos on page 8.
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From the Assistant Director          p 4
                                                 Looking for students to join!!
SW Students Volunteer!               p 4                                  Advisors
Financial Aid Information            p 5                Mrs. Mary Anderson, Enrollment Officer/Recruiter
GMC Softball                         p 5

Moody Corner                         p 7                               Mrs. Kerri Routsong
From the Bookstore                   p 7              Education and Humanities Chair, Professor of English
Christmas Parade                     p 8

The Adventure Club                   p 9                     Mr. Todd Thomas, Professor of English
Faculty & Staff Spotlight           p 10

The Film Club                        p 10

Talent Club                          p 11

One Student’s Experience          p 12, 13

Student Ambassador                   p 14

Ethics Essay Contest                 p 15

Ethics Bowl Team Competes            p 16

Student Service League               p 17

What’s New in the Library?           p 18

GMC Honor Code                       p 18

Student Government Association       p 19

Phi Theta Kappa                      p 20

GMC Partnering Business Event        p 21
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Get Involved!
Student Clubs and Organizations      p 21
                                             Do you have an interest in Graphic Design, Photography, or
GMC Partners with Businesses         p 22    Writing? Maybe you have always wanted to write your own
                                             column on a subject that interests you or create a comic strip.
Family Works                         p 23
Ethics Bowl                          p 23                  Join the Staff of the Bulldog News
Student ID                           p 23
Investment Club                      p 23
                                                          Contact Mrs. Anderson in Admissions
Academic Calendar                    p 24                      manderson@gmc.cc.ga.us

From the Director
                                                                  organization on campus. Together, you will
                                                                  find humor in the world around you.

                                                               2. Today, I will help someone else. Helping
                                                                  someone else can be as easy as smiling as you
                                                                  pass them in the hallway or holding the door
                         Ms. Leslie Hafer,                        for them. Speaking kind words and
                         Director                                 demonstrating patience and tolerance will
                         GMC Valdosta                             helps others to learn those same honorable

Welcome back students, faculty and staff. As we                3. Today, I will help myself. Helping yourself is
embark into a new calendar year, many of you may                  often the most difficult task to accomplish.
have succumbed to the timeless tradition of setting               We all have many opportunities to do this on
and breaking New Year’s resolutions. I am guilty of               campus. You can help yourself by being
pledging to exercise more and eat less only to find               prepared for class with a pen and paper,
myself weeks later back to my old habits. It has now              making a plan to complete assignments on
been several weeks since the New Year past, and I                 time, meeting with your advisor to develop a
wonder how many of you are still holding true to your             graduation plan, or going to tutoring before the
resolutions.                                                      day of the test.

I started the year with the same resolution I have         Regardless of what resolutions you adopt for 2012 or
every year: to go to the gym three times a week and to     how long you are able to stay true to them, the process
be healthier. I failed at that resolution in the first     of planning for something good is important.
week. Normally, I would say, “maybe next year.”            Remember, always plan for success. If you don’t
But this year I decided to do something different.         succeed at first, then reevaluate, restructure, and
Since it was only the second week of January, I could      restart. It is never too late to make a difference in
make a new resolution and still count it as my 2012        your life and in the lives of those around you. Since
resolution. I thought of it as my mulligan for 2012. I     adopting these new resolutions, I have found it easier
have had much greater success with these resolutions,      to achieve my original resolutions. I wish you all a
and I feel very confident I can continue it throughout     very happy and successful 2012.
the year.

If you have had a setback with your New Year’s
resolutions, then I encourage you to rededicate
yourself and realize that every day is an opportunity to
better yourself. Perhaps you would like to adopt my
resolutions this year, and we can move through 2012
together. My resolutions are listed below along with a
few ways you can accomplish these resolutions right
here on campus:

   1. Today, I will laugh. I love to laugh, and
      many studies have shown that people who
      laugh everyday are happier. Talk to your
      classmates and get involved in a club or

From the Dean of Students
                                                           feel that I cannot say it enough times, to enough
                                                           people to ensure I have reached all of the people who
                                                           have touched our lives these past months. So I would
                                                           like to say thank you again, for the many cards, gifts,
                       Ms. Billie Washburn,                prayers and well wishes. Thank you for the concern
                       Assistant Director &                and consideration, for the thoughtfulness and
                       Dean of Students                    kindness expressed in so many ways to my family
                       GMC-Valdosta                        and me. Once again, please accept our heartfelt

A Thank You! For those who may be unaware, my
sister was diagnosed with brain cancer in September
2011. Since that time my family and I have received
an outpouring of support from my GMC family. I
have been saying, “thank you” to many months, yet I

                                     Peace, Love and Cure

You may have recently noticed faculty and staff on campus wearing the Peace, Love and the Cure for Brain Cancer
t-shirts. The shirts are being worn to show our support and our hopes for a cure for brain cancer.

                         Social Work Students Volunteer
Social Work Students Volunteer during National
Adoption Awareness Month
Social work students had an opportunity in the fall to
participate in a candlelight vigil celebrating National
Adoption Awareness month. It was the 10th annual
celebration. The community gathered at the old
courthouse for this occasion, where adoptees and
adoptive parents were acknowledged. Student social
workers assisted as volunteers to help during the

Pictured are: Elizabeth Whitfield, Lareatha
Clark, Tiona Newman, Mrs. Pat Willis and her
daughter, Kathryn.
Not pictured: Cathy Burks & Joanna Phelps

Social Work students take part in Fall Night Special to advertise and promote the new degree program at GMC-
Valdosta. This is the first class that will complete all 3 social work classes after the Winter Quarter 2012.

Pictured: Shantell Lambert, Meagan Lane, and Joanna            Pictured: Leetah Newsome and Elizabeth Whitfield

                                                              For More Information on the Associate
                                                              Degree in Social Work Contact:
                                                              Mrs. Pat Willis, Building B, Room 2701

                                                      Pictured: Meagan Lane, Carolyn Brown,
                                                      Cathy Burks, & Lareatha Clark

                                 Financial Aid Information

                                                             Stafford Loans
                                                             In addition to completing the FAFSA application,
                                                             students that desire a student loan must complete a loan
                                                             request form (available in the Financial Aid office) each
                                                             school year. All students must also accomplish Loan
Mr. Chad Daugherty                                           Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note
Financial Aid Supervisor                                     (MPN) online @ www.studentloans.gov. Prior Entrance
                                                             Counseling or Master Promissory Notes that were
FAFSA                                                        completed at another school are not valid.
All students are encouraged to complete a FAFSA
application, even if they believe they may not qualify for   VA Students
the PELL grant. The FAFSA must be completed online @         Any veteran (or veteran dependent) who would like to
www.fafsa.ed.gov. Please ensure that the Georgia             apply for VA education benefits must turn in a copy of
Military College school code (001571) is included on the     the VA benefit application or letter of eligibility, along
application . All students are also required to renew the    with a copy of their DD214 (if applicable) to the
FAFSA application every single year. This is typically       Financial Aid office.
done once taxes are completed in the Spring. If
assistance is needed, the Financial Aid Office normally      VA students who are approved for education benefits and
conducts financial aid workshops during the months of        enrolled in classes are also required to fill out a VA
April and May. If interested in attending a workshop,        Registration Checklist. This checklist authorizes GMC to
please visit the Financial Aid Office to sign up.            submit your enrollment information to the VA.
HOPE Scholarship                                             Summer Financial Aid
There have been major changes to the HOPE Scholarship        Quite often, students are caught off guard when they
program. In the past, any student that (1) met residency     discover that they don’t have any remaining financial aid
requirements, (2) reached 45 credit hours, and (3) had an    for the summer. Please be aware that any student that
overall GPA of 3.0 – may have been eligible for the          attended Fall 1 (2011), Fall 2(2011), Winter(2012), and
Second Chance HOPE Scholarship. Now, the Georgia             Spring (2012) terms will likely not have financial aid for
Student Finance Commission states that students that are     the Summer. This includes PELL and Student Loan
more than 7 years out of High School are no longer           funds. Please refer to your Financial Aid Award Letter or
eligible to receive these HOPE Scholarship funds. The        come by the Financial Aid Office, if you have any
only exception to this rule are students that had already    questions regarding your Summer Eligibility.
began receiving the HOPE Scholarship prior to Summer
2011. Again, this is a major change and will likely
impact thousands of students across the state of Georgia.

 If you are interested in playing, please see Mr. Jason Roberts in the Bookstore.
                        We have Men's and Women's teams.
        Please come out and support them even if you don't want to play!
                                    The Moody Corner
                                                         past. The office at Moody AFB can assist you with
                                                         registration, advising, Tuition Assistance
                                                         processing, address and name changes. Come on in
                                                         and let us help get you started. Since our last
                                                         posting all Army Reserve and Guard personnel are
                  Mr. Ed Rains                           now registering for their classes through the
                  Georgia Military College               GoArmy Ed portal. You must be set up in GoArmy
                  Moody AFB Program Coordinator          Ed and working with Mr. Rains at the Moody office
                                                         to receive your Tuition Assistance benefits. To get
 WOW! The Moody AFB GMC Office, during                   setup and started in the Go Army site, please contact
                                                         Mr. Rains at 244-7323 for information.
 the winter term, experienced the largest group of
 Military students attending GMC in at least the last
                                                         Finally, if you have an interest in setting up a club
 three years. As our student population grows we
                                                         or organization that is geared towards military
 continue to add more classes to the Moody Schedule
                                                         active duty personnel please feel free to contact the
 enabling the military members more opportunities to
                                                         Moody office for more information.
 take classes without ever having to leave the base.
 All Moody GMC Classes are offered in a Web-
 enhanced format meeting one night per week or for
 shorter class times during lunch Monday through
 Thursday, making scheduling issues a thing of the

                         From the Bookstore
As the cost of books continues to increase, the Bookstore will be adjusting some of the Book Replacement
Fees accordingly. Please be aware of notices at the Bookstore and notices given to you when you check out
your textbooks. Always remember these are Replacement Fees, which are completely avoidable. When the
class is over, turn in your book! If you happen to forget to turn your book in by the deadline, make sure you
return it before the following term begins.

A few other reminders:
 You must have your Student ID and an official copy of your schedule to pick up your books.
 The last day to return your books is listed on the Class Schedule for this quarter, and it will be posted at
   the Bookstore and around campus.

You are always welcome to stop by the Bookstore if you have any questions. I also encourage you to stop by
the Bookstore and check out our gifts and clothing for sale. We even have Umbrellas for when you get
caught at school in the rain!

                                           Stop by the Bookstore at any time, and have a good term!
                                              Mr. Jason Roberts—jbroberts@gmc.cc.ga.us
                                                     GMC Bookstore Phone: 229-269-4828

Greater Valdosta Community Christmas Parade


    If life is a journey, then make yours an adventure!
Whether your idea of adventure is hiking a mountain, eating exotic food, or
taking a weekend road-trip to a place you’ve never been, the Adventure Club is
open to all GMC students who have a thirst for adventure. Email Mr. Chris King
at cking@gmc.cc.ga.us for details on our next meeting and
up-coming events!

                                        New On Campus
                         Ms, Wendy Boyer
                         Assistant Professor History
                         I spent my childhood between the southern states of Alabama, Georgia and South
                         Carolina. I graduated from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, with a Bachelors
                         of Art in History. I achieved a Masters in History from Colorado State University.
                         Since graduation, I have worked and lived in Charlotte, North Carolina; Manhattan,
                         New York; and Phoenix, AZ. For the last six years, I have been employed by
                         Georgia Military College in Augusta, GA and have now transferred to Georgia
                         Military College in Valdosta. I have a wonderful Labradoodle named Rosie (See
Rosie in the Christmas Parade Photos).

                     Mrs. April King, Registrar
                     I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. I moved to Valdosta after high school to start
                     college at Valdosta State University. I was a member of the VSU Marching Band’s color
                     guard and was very involved with the Exercise club. I graduated with a B.S. in Exercise
                     Physiology. I spent a year and half working as an Exercise Physiologist for the US Air
                     Force at Moody AFB. In my spare time I volunteer as the Nursery coordinator at a local
                     church in Valdosta and enjoy spending time with my husband and two dogs.

                    Dr. Jessica Crow, Assistant Professor Biology
                    I'm native to Valdosta. I am married and have a six year old daughter. I went to VSU for
                    my BS in Biology, Georgia State University for my MS in Microbiology and Capella
                    University for a PhD in Post-secondary and adult education. I've been teaching Biology
                    for 13 years now (I came from the South Georgia College Entry Program at VSU).

                                               Film Club
                    The Film Club is the most easygoing club at GMC-Valdosta. There are no officers, no
                    projects, and no mandatory meetings. The only requirement for this club is to be a fan of
                    movies! What we do is get together, go see movies, discuss (sometimes argue and debate)
                    them, and generally just enjoy motion pictures! We also sometimes show movies here on
                    campus both in relation with other campus activities as well as on our own. Some of the
                    movies we have gone to see are No Country for Old Men, Toy Story 3, The Dark Knight,
                    and The Hangover. We have also partnered with the History Club on several movies
                    shown here at school.

The Club is open to all students, former students, faculty, staff, and administration. If you want to join, all you
need to do is send an email to Mr. Todd Thomas at tthomas@gmc.cc.ga.us telling him you would like to join
the film club. We hope you join!

                       Come Join US for the next
                      TALENT CLUB MEETING!
        If you are interested, stop by and see Mrs. Reaves in room 2301 or email treaves@gmc.cc.ga.us

                              The TALENT CLUB
                           “CHRISTMAS with a lot of JOY”

T    was a few days before Christmas, December the 15th to be exact, when Talent Club members met at the
     Heritage Nursing home and sang Christmas Carols, passed out Christmas cards, and gave out beautiful
ornaments. While we sang the Christmas carols, some of the elderly sang along with us, which was a joy for
everyone. We even took request from the patients, which they loved! Some of the elderly wanted their
pictures taken with us. We were blessed to make others happy by doing something so small.

T   hen we celebrated with a Christmas luncheon at Cheddar’s.
    As we stuffed our faces full of yummy food, we discussed
some of the activities we wanted to do for the next year. We
couldn’t end the day without a group picture (see above). The day
was a fun day. We were all able to brighten people’s days by doing
something nice. In the process, we were able to enjoy each other’s
company and eat yummy food. The Talent Club is an awesome
club to be in….endless opportunities and tons of fun!

Written by: Lauren Pearce, Talent club Secretary
                                      One Student’s Experience
                               My name is Mark Gaither, and I want to tell you a little bit about my
                               experiences here at Georgia Military College and about some of the great
                               things this school has to offer. As a 35 year old nontraditional student with
                               limited knowledge of computers, I had to have courage to even come to
                               college. During the first quarter, I enrolled in computer class to increase my
                               knowledge and to equip myself better for other classes. On the first night, I
                               could not even get the computer to come on and was so intimidated that I
                               contemplated leaving class to save myself the embarrassment. I decided not to
                               leave, and with a lot of hard work, I ended up getting an “A” in the class. The
                               confidence and determination that I gained in this class has helped me in other
                               classes as well as in other academic and social pursuits. Since that time, I have
                               pursued some personal interests in various campus organizations. Being
 interested in government, I ran for Student Government President and was elected. Through my hard work in
 the classroom, I am now a member and treasurer of Phi Theta Kappa and was even invited to be a member of
 the Academic Honor Council. Since I have been involved in these student organizations, GMC has paid for
 me and other students to take a trip for a conference at the main campus in Milledgeville. In addition, GMC
 provided an all-expense paid trip to West Point Military Academy in New York. Both trips were enjoyable,
 but the West Point trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity for which I am grateful. While at West Point, I
 was literally walking where some of the great men of our nation have walked, and I saw some of the finest
 architecture I have ever seen in my life! These trips and activities are wonderful opportunities that are made
 available to GMC students. Do not miss out on getting involved in some of the amazing privileges being
 offered to you. Anyone can participate, especially if they take the first step to become involved and then
 have the determination to pursue their interests and higher goals.

The large mural at one end of the dinning hall depicts the world’s historical battles.
Top Left: Mark and Arthur
Blank, owner of the Atlanta
Falcons. Arthur Blank was the
keynote speaker at the event.

Top Right: West Point Honor
Council Hearing Room.

Center Right: West Point Drill
Team exhibition.

Bottom Right: Mark with some
new friends.

Bottom Left: Grounds of West

                Valdosta Campus Student Ambassadors

                           Leroy Trower                                           Barbara Ponder
                           Business Administration                                General Studies

                          Jennifer Taylor                                          Dolores Bell
                          General Studies                                          Business Administration

The Student Ambassador's role is to help new students feel welcome at our campus. They assist with new
student orientation and promote all campus activities. For a complete description of the Student Ambassador
position, or to apply online, go to www.gmc.cc.ga.us and click on the jobs link at the top of the page.

           Do you have what it takes
    to become a GMC Student Ambassador?
                                         Do you have...
          A desire to share your enthusiasm for and pride in the GMC!
                         Dedication to serving the college!
              Flexibility in working with a wide range of audiences!
                         An engaging and positive attitude!
       A working knowledge of GMC Student policies and GMC Experience!
                   Contact Ms. Wendy Boyer: wboyer@gmc.cc.ga.us ~ Room 2704

                                        Ethics Essay Contest
The Ethics Essay contest is ongoing and occurs every quarter. All students in English 101 (or who have taken
English 101) are encouraged to submit (you don’t have to rely on your professors to submit an essay). Essays
should demonstrate excellent understanding of the fundamental characteristics of good writing as well as
significant critical analysis related to an ethical consideration. The contest features cash prizes for first ($300),
second ($150), and third place ($50).
           Fall I 2011 Winners!                                            Fall 2011 Winners!

   Ms. Leslie Hafer, Director,                                     Mrs. Mary Anderson, congratulates
   congratulates first place winner                                first place winner Tonya Kennedy .
   Brailein Wright.

                                                                     Congratulations to the second
                                                                      place winner Irish Roberts!
                                                                               No photo available.

    Mr. Todd Thomas, English Professor,
    presents a check to Ronald Abercrombie,
    second place winner.

      Mr. Todd Thomas, English Professor,                            Mr. Todd Thomas, English Professor, presents
      presents a check to Henry Cisneros, third                      a check to Jerome Lucas , third place winner.
      place winner.
                              Ethics Bowl Team Competes
CONGRATULATIONS to Georgia Military College-                 This year, team members also participated in an
Valdosta again for their outstanding achievement at          intercollegiate bowl with the six other GMC
the Southeast Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl           campuses in Columbus. The top two teams win a bid
(IEB) at St. Petersburg                                                            to compete in the regional
College, St. Petersburg,                                                           competition in St.
Florida.      Twenty-four                                                          Petersburg. GMC-Valdosta
teams from across the                                                              has won this bid for the past
southeast competed in the                                                          two years. Congratulations
event, which consisted of                                                          Valdosta!
three rounds. Again we
were the only Community                                                                On a personal note, I am
College competing against                                                              always proud to take GMC-
four year institutions.                                                                Valdosta teams to
GMC-Valdosta competed                                                                  competitions. Coaches from
against University of North                                                            other teams always ask me
Florida and won! In the                                                                how I find such fine team
final round, we lost to the                                                            members, year after year.
host school, University of South Florida, St.                The answer is you. I believe the discipline and ethics
Petersburg.                                                  rooted in this institution creates excellence. I would
                                                             like to thank the faculty and students for making this
In the Ethics Bowl, a moderator poses questions to           a great experience for me and for the team members.
teams of three to five students. Questions may
concern ethical problems on wide ranging topics,             The Valdosta campus will host a Spring
such as the classroom (e.g. cheating or plagiarism),         intercollegiate competition on April 27. We would
personal relationships (e.g. dating or friendship),          like to invite everyone to come and support our team!
professional ethics (e.g. engineering, law, medicine),       We appreciate your support and look forward to
or social and political ethics (e.g. free speech, gun        seeing you there.
control, etc.) Each team receives a set of ethical
issues in advance of the competition, and questions          GMC-Valdosta’s Ethics Team members are: Stephen
posed to teams at the competition are taken from that        Donaldson, Brandi Harvey, and Kevin Neary
set. A panel of judges evaluates answers; rating
criteria are intelligibility, focus on ethically relevant    For more information, please contact Christy James.
considerations, avoidance of ethical irrelevance, and        cjames@gmc.cc.ga.us or 229-269-4821.
deliberative thoughtfulness.

                                  Student Service League
Do you want to get involved and make a difference in        economy has taken a downward turn.
your community? This is the opportunity that the
Student Service League gives you. There are many            In February, SSL will hold a blood drive to assist the
things that SSL does throughout the year, and each          American Red Cross. This organization is in dire
quarter, SSL takes on a different project. The decision     need to blood to help those who need it. The most
of which projects to get                                                   requested type is O Positive and O
involved in is in the hands of                                             Negative, but all types are needed.
the students.                                                              With one pint of blood, three livescan
                                                                           be saved so please help us to help
We do have set projects such as                                            others.
the school supply drive in Fall I.
GMC is a CPIE (Community                                                   The Student Service League had a
Partners in Education) to two                                              very successful food during the Fall II
schools. One is Southeast                                                  terms. As usual, GMC student’s came
Elementary, which is a city                                                through with flying colors and we
school, and Dewar Elementary,                                              were able to really stock the pantry
a county school. The supplies                                              for LAMP (Lowndes Association of
collected and delivered to the                                             Ministry to People) just before the
schools enable them to meet the                                            holiday season arrived. This
students’ needs throughout the                                             organization was then able to assist
                                      Making a Difference in               many needed families in our
                                        Our Community.                     community.
We hold two blood drives for
the American Red Cross each                                                 The Student Service League meets the
year. This is an excellent way to give back to your         fourth Friday of every month, so if you would like to
community. The entire drive is organized by SSL,            join us, we would love to have you. Just complete an
and students keep the flow of donors going. Whether
                                                            application from the bulletin board outside the Dean’s
you are able to donate, and we highly encourage all
students, staff, and faculty to do so, your assistance is   office or see Mrs. Brzezienski (room #207).
needed, and the students do an excellent job.
In Fall II of each year, SSL holds a food drive to
benefit LAMP (Lowndes Association of Ministry to
People). The students chose this time of year because
it is right before the holidays. There are many in our
community who are less fortunate and really need our
help. This has become more important as our

           SSL GIVES YOU THE
                YOU SO MUCH!

                               What’s New in the Library
                     More Available Apps
                      EBSCOhost, a premium online information resource, offers a mobile app to support
                      research and learning on-the-go. Now, users of EBSCO resources can conveniently search
                      EBSCO’s leading research databases anytime and anywhere using their iPhone, iPad, iPod
                      touch, Blackberry, and Android Smartphones. With the free app, GMC students, faculty,
                      and staff are able to:
                              Select all or individual EBSCO databases to search
                              Limit results to full-text or peer-reviewed articles
                              Sort results by relevance or date
Ms. Ebonye Bennett
Library Associate             Retrieve full-text results in HTML and/or PDF formats
                              Save search results for offline access at a later date
                              Email search results to self or others
To download the EBSCOhost app:
    1. From the GMC Online Library homepage, select the EBSCOhost link located under Databases A-Z and
        select any EBSCOhost database (Academic Search Complete, MEDLINE, Sociological Collection, etc.)
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, click the link “New: EBSCOhost iPhone and Android
        Applications” and enter your email address.
    3. EBSCOhost will send you an email that contains direct links to download the free EBSCOhost app from
        the iTunes App store or Android Market.
    4. From your mobile device, access the email and click the link found in the email to authenticate the
        application. You have 24 hours to access the key from your mobile device to authenticate the app.
For more information, please visit or contact the E-Library Associate.
Ebonye Bennett ebennett@gmc.cc.ga.us (229)269-4802

                      GMC Honor Code: Personal Honor
T     he Honor Code represents students’ commitment
      to themselves to maintain their personal honor, to
insist that all in the community honor the code, and to
                                                            C     odes and promises cannot change who we are,
                                                                  but adherence to them can help us ensure that
                                                            every decision we make is one that upholds our
act in response to violations of the Code. The first        values. We recognize that every decision we make is
dimension of that commitment is:                            one that upholds our values. We recognize that
                                                            conscience and character are shaped and maintained
Personal Honor                                              by decisions and actions. We, therefore, believe that
                                                            clear commitments regularly reaffirmed keep the need

W        e learn early in life that honorable people tell
         the truth and keep promises and that to cheat
or steal is dishonorable. We know, however, that
                                                            for honor present in our minds. We further believe
                                                            that honesty, integrity, and truth are not just values but
                                                            that they are decision that we make and must continue
everyone can be tempted and that the fear of failure        to make despite temptation and the lure of the “easy
and the prospect of comfort or future success can lead      way out.”
us to betray principles of truth, honesty and integrity.
We also know that social pressures, pleasures, or                  Next Dimension: Social Responsibility
personal problems can compromise our values. In
short, thoughtless acts can cost us our integrity.
                      Student Government Association
We are happy to kick off another year with the GMC      To get involved please contact:
Student Government Association. On behalf of SGA,       Mrs. Tindall, SGA Advisor
I would like to inform everyone about upcoming          btindall@gmc.cc.ga.us
                                                        Mark Gaither, SGA president
February ...... Financial Aid Workshop                  mgaither1013@student.gmc.cc.ga.us
March ........... Health Fair
April ............. Collegiate Games
                    Womanless Beauty Pageant
                    Advisement Workshop
More information about events will be posted around
campus closer to the date of each event. Remember if
you are a student at GMC, you are already a member
of SGA. Meetings are held on the third Friday of each
month in room 213.

If you have any ideas or events for this year at GMC,
see the SGA president or advisor. Have any
comments or concerns? Complete a form that is
located on the SGA bulletin board in each building
and submit to Ms. Tindall in room 303.

In November the Student Government
Association held a Raffle to benefit the
Reading Program for the Rotary Club.
SGA held their business meeting which
was followed by the Difference Maker
Speaker, Ms. Kara Ramos.

                                                                    Difference Makers Speakers Series
                                                                Sponsored by SGA and the Newsletter Club.

                                                                Ms. Kara Ramos, GMC Faculty Member and
                                                                Writer for the Valdosta Daily Times, shares her
                                                                experiences as a writer and how she came to this
                                                                particular occupation. Look for upcoming
                                                                Difference Makers Speakers. Events will be
                                                                posted on the Newsletter Club bulletin board.

                                         Phi Theta Kappa
Relay for Life
Relay for life will be held April 27 at Valdosta Middle
School. Please join team Georgia Military College’s         To find out more about Phi Theta Kappa contact:
                              relay team. A sign-up
                              sheet is located outside               Mrs. Routsong in Room 304
                              Mrs. Routsong’s office                  kroutsong@gmc.cc.ga.us
                              door (room 304). You
                              can also register for                     Mr. Harris in Room 404
                              GMC’s team by going to                    wharris@gmc.cc.ga.us
                              www.relayforlife.org and
                              entering our zip code to
                              find our team. If you are
                              unable to participate, you
may make a donation online or in the college’s
business office. For further information, please contact
Mrs. Routsong.

Membership Drive
GMC-Valdosta’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa will be
holding a membership drive this Winter. Students must
have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and have
completed at least 12 college credit hours. Prospective
members will receive emails inviting them to become
part of Phi Theta Kappa. The benefits to joining Phi
Theta Kappa include transfer scholarships to over 700
institutions, access to college and career resources, and
special honor society regalia at graduation. If you
receive an invitation, please consider joining Phi Theta      2011 Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony
Kappa, a prestigious group of international scholars.

Spring Formal Induction
If you have become or will become a member of Phi
Theta Kappa this 2011 – 2012 school year, you will be
invited to take part in our formal induction ceremony.
The ceremony offers new members and their family
and friends an opportunity to meet the officers, fellow
members, and faculty. It is held in honor of the new
members; however, attendance is not a requirement for
membership. The ceremony is held in May, but the
final date, time and location will be provided soon.
Congratulations to all new members!

           GMC Partnering Business event – Fall 2011
                  HUGE SUCCESS!                               Go to page 20 to view a list of Businesses &
The GMC Partnering Business event on Oct. 27 was              Community Outreach Programs offering Discounts &
a huge success. There were 25+ businesses that came           Exclusive Services to GMC Students, Faculty, & Staff
out and set up booths to support the event. The GMC
students rocked in participation too! We had over 200
students that stopped by and talked with the business
owners about the exclusive offers for GMC students.
The day was filled with a lot of surprises, giveaways,
and oh yes, many door prizes for the GMC students!
We appreciate our GMC Partnering Businesses!
Don’t forget to check out the GMC Partnering
Business board in building B! Make sure you watch
for new partnering businesses, coupons, “specials”,

                 THANK YOU!
A big thank you to Nails by Chris and Chick fil A,
Inner Perimeter for hosting the breakfast and lunch
for the Partnering Businesses!

                                            Get Involved!
  Georgia Military College-Valdosta      Film Society                           Stock Club
  offers many co-curricular and          Mr. Thomas                             Mr. Daugherty
  extra-curricular activities for        tthomas@gmc.cc.ga.us                   cdaugherty@gmc.cc.ga.us
  students to take advantage of and
                                         Walking & Running Club                 Team Sports and Softball League
  enhance their experience at GMC.
                                         Ms. Washburn                           Mr. Roberts
  Below are a few of Clubs at GMC-       bwashbur@gmc.cc.ga.us                  jbroberts@gmc.cc.ga.us
  Valdosta :
                                         History Club                           Guitar Club
  ΦΘΚ (Phi Theta Kappa) International    Ms. Boyer                              Mr. Thompson
  Honor Society.                         wboyer@gmc.cc.ga.us                    fthompso@gmc.cc.ga.us
  (Mr. Harris and Ms. Routsong)
                                         Adventure Club                         Social Work Club
  SGA—Student Government                 Mr. King                               Ms. Willis
  Association.                           cking@gmc.cc.ga.us                     pwillis@gmc.cc.ga.us
  Ms. Tindall,
  btindall@gmc.cc.ga.us                  Student Newsletter                     Talent Club
                                         Ms. Anderson, Ms. Routsong & Mr.       Ms. Reaves
  SSL—Student Service League             Thomas                                 treaves@gmc.cc.ga.us
  Ms. Brzezienski dbrzezi@gmc.cc.ga.us   Email addresses on Pg. 1

       GMC Partners with Businesses in the Community
             Do you like discounts? Do you like specials? Do you like the word “free”?
 Check out GMC’s community partners who offer various specials for GMC students!
                                            Partnering with the Community
     Businesses & Community Outreach Programs offering Discounts & Exclusive Services to GMC Students, Faculty, & Staff
          Vendor Name                                      Discount                           Location and/or Contact Info
   All God's Children Childcare Center                        5% off                           4434 N . Forrest St.,Ext. Valdosta
         Anthony's Spa & Salon            $5 off any service (w/ participating stylist)            420 Murray Rd. in Valdosta
             Anytime Fitness              50% off enrollment fee, $5 off monthly fee           3143-C N. Ashley Street in Valdosta
                  Arby's                                    10% off                             2916 N. Ashley Street in Valdosta
          Arrow Screenprinting                              10% off                              2003 W. Gordon St in Valdosta
         Atlanta Bread Company                  Sandwich, Chips & Drink $5.99                  Corner of Baytree Rd. & Norman Dr.
    Bouncin' Balloons & Costumes                            10% off                          4545 Chappell Drive, Valdosta
             California Sun                                10 % off                          4644 C. Bemiss Road, Valdosta
             Cartridge World                                10% off                             2181 N. Ashley Street in Valdosta
                                          Mondays - Buy one combo get second combo of same
               Chick-Fil-A                          value or less - FREE w/ GMC ID                 Inner Perimeter, Valdosta
             Daylight Donuts                                15 % off                          3175 Inner Perimeter Road, Valdosta
               El Cazador                                   10% off                               1600 N. Ashley St., Valdosta
            Elliano's Coffee                                10 % off                                  All Valdosta Locations
         Envisage Photography                       10% off 2 Hour Session                           229-251-4469 in Hahira
     Funtime Bounce Houses, LLC                             10% off                            www.funtimebouncehouses.com
              Holly's Cakes                                 15% off                                 229-244-2511 in Valdosta
                Insta-Lube                                 $3.00 off                                  All Valdosta Locations
                Jac's Lanes               Tues. Night, $2 off Rent A Lane, 9pm-11pm               406 Connell Rd. in Valdosta
         Las Banderas Car Wash                              15% off                               907 Baytree Rd. in Valdosta
        Las Banderas Restaurant                             15% off                               904 Baytree Rd. in Valdosta
          Moe's Southwest Grill                             15% off                                   All Valdosta Locations
               Pizza Hut                   $8.00 large 1topping -any day w/ GMC ID                  N. Ashley Street, Valdosta
     Pleats & Creases Dry Cleaning                           5% off                             All Locations in Valdosta & Adel
        Potter's House & Parable                            15% off                              3119 N. Oak St. Ext., Valdosta
Premier Designs Jewelry                                     10% off                           sfutrill@gmail.com or (229) 392-6936
      Rodeo Mexican Restaurant                              10% off                                 Valdosta and Lake Park
            Salon Park Avenue                      10% off (excludes wax & foils)               900 East Park Avenue, Valdosta
              Simply Silver                                 15% off                              361 Northside Dr. in Valdosta
         The Mix - Frozen Yogurt                            10% off                            1803 Jerry Jones Drive, Valdosta
           Tropical Smoothie                                15% off                          1525 Baytree Rd., Suite M in Valdosta
      Upper Cervical Chiropractic                           30% off                               2418 Bemiss Rd. in Valdosta
       Wayne Washington Salon                    10% off any chemical service                     422 E. Park Ave. in Valdosta
            White Tiger Karate                      Membership fee waived                     1900 Gornto Rd Suite H in Valdosta
           Wilson Eye Center                      20% off glasses w/ coupon!                   2108 N. Patterson St in Valdosta
                                                     Approved Sponsors:
  Ameris Bank Bank of America First State Bank & Trust Regions Bank Southeastern Federal Credit Union Suntrust Bank
 Fivepoint Apartments    Go Waiter - Valdosta        Morningside Baptist Church - College & Career Dept.        Sam's Club
           Texas Roadhouse      The Gathering       Weight Watchers         Wild Adventures        Zant's Florist
The list of community partners is constantly growing so keep a look out for
                    additional participants and deals!
    FamilyWorks Counseling Center                     Georgia Military College

Who benefits from counseling or therapy?
Anyone can benefit from counseling or therapy!
Counseling and therapy has been found to be
helpful to people with many different kinds of
                                                        ETHICS BOWL
    School/Work Balance                               Do you like to debate?
    Test Anxiety                                      Do you enjoy debating ethical issues concerning
                                                        present day issues in this country?
    Roommate Conflict
                                                       Do you like being a part of a winning team, a team
    Depression                                         that placed 7 out of 24 teams in this year’s regional
    Grief and Loss                                     competition AND was the only Community
    Relationship Problems                              College competing!!??
    Divorce and Separation                            If you answered yes to these questions, then you
    Anxiety                                            may want to become a member of GMC Ethics
    Parenting Problems                                 Bowl.
    For appointments call Lynze Durham at              Contact Christy James at 229-269-4821 or
         FamilyWorks Therapy Center                    cjames@gmc.cc.ga.us for more information

      Don’t Have Your
        Student ID?
                                                         STOCK CLUB
                                                       Come and Play the Stock
                                                          Game with Us!
                                                             JOIN THE CLUB!
                                                               Meetings Held on the
                                                            Last Thursday of Each Month
Student IDs are made Mondays and
 Thursdays in the Business Office                       For more information contact
 located across from the Bookstore.                    Chad Daugherty in Financial Aid.
                        Student Academic Planner 2011/2012
                                    Dates subject to change without notice
                           Winter 2012     Spring 2012      Summer 2012                          Fall 1 2012             Fall 2012
 STUDENT PLANNER           (12WNVAL)       (12SPVAL)         (12SUVAL)                           (12F1DLC)             (12FADLC)
    Pre-Registration                                                                            March 26, 2012

  Payment deadline –
                                                                                                  May 20, 2012

Financial Aid Priority* November 14, 2011         February 24, 2012        May 4, 2012           June 22, 2012         August 31, 2012

Academic Advisement
                          October 20, 2011         January 12, 2012       March 22, 2012          June 7, 2012          August 9, 2012
  Registration begins
                          October 24, 2011         January 16, 2012       March 26, 2012         June 11, 2012         August 13, 2012
  Registration begins
                          October 26, 2011         January 18, 2012       March 28, 2012         June 13, 2012         August 15, 2012

  Registration Ends       December 9, 2011          March 4, 2012          May 20, 2012           July 22, 2012      September 30, 2012

  Payment deadline –      December 9, 2011          March 5, 2012          May 21, 2012           July 23, 2012        October 01, 2012
     Registration           @ 12:00pm                @ 5:00pm               @ 5:00pm               @ 5:00pm               @ 5:00pm
                                                                                               July 23 - August 3,     October 01 - 12,
   Late Registration     January 03 - 06, 2012    March 5 - 16, 2012   May 21 - June 1, 2012
                                                                                                      2012                  2012
  Payment deadline-       January 6, 2012 by      March 16, 2012 by       June 1, 2012 by      August 3, 2012 by October 12, 2012 by
  Late Registration           12:00pm                 12:00pm                12:00pm              12:00pm             12:00pm

    Classes Begin          January 9, 2012         March 19, 2012          June 4, 2012          August 6, 2012        October 15, 2012
                                                                                                                       October 15 - 16,
 Drop / Add Dates**      January 9-10, 2012** March 19-20, 2012**        June 4-5, 2012**      August 6-7, 2012**
   Last day to use a
                           January 11, 2012        March 21, 2012          June 6, 2012          August 8, 2012        October 17, 2012
    book voucher
      Mid-Term             February 6, 2012         April 23, 2012        June 28, 2012        September 4, 2012 November 12, 2012

Classes & Exams End         March 3, 2012           May 19, 2012           July 21, 2012       September 30, 2012     December 9, 2012

Holiday make-up class
                           M/W - Jan. 27th              N/A              M/W - July 13th              N/A                    TBA
  for Night classes

                            January 2, 2012                                                                           November 12, 2012 -
                        January 16, 2012 Feb.                                                  September 3, 2012         Veteran's Day
       Holidays                                    April 2-7, 2012         July 4, 2012                              November 21 -24, 2012
                        20, 2012 - (Day Classes                                                 (Day Classes Only)
                                Only)                                                                                - Thanksgiving Holiday

*Priority processing deadline. All required verification documents should be submitted by this deadline. It is
recommended you complete your FAFSA at least two weeks prior to the deadline to allow time for notification and
submission of required verification documents. Your FAFSA can be completed and verification documents
submitted after this date but you may not have funds in place by the start of the term.

**Registration charges resulting in a balance are due and payable at the time of processing each day.


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