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									                                     Development of Cloud Computing In India

In this modern day technological era, no computing device’s future can be guaranteed. With cloud computing
providing unmatched convenience and mobility to end users, the same can be said about the future of desktops
and personal computers. Cloud computing indicates that people have the access to the software and digital files
whilst on the go, with a greater access to them than the elementary input and output equipments and the internet

Service providers in India are coming up with advanced products such as Cloud Players and Cloud Drive that will
enable end users to tap into cloud computing and save all their video and music files on a single network of a
remote storage facility. These high-end products assure simplicity and affordability for the end users, and they also
are going to give rise to a future where not only the ones in London and New Your but also for the average
individual from India to Africa, can leverage the scopes offered by computers.

The average individuals are going to be the greatest beneficiaries of cloud computing in India as it reduces the cost
barriers for accessing the digital age. End users can opt in to make use of the basic hardware leading to little more
service than that of a screen and keyboard. The requirement for huge and costly hard-drives and processors for
operating computing devices are declining gradually. However, this will not result in loss of efficiency and
productivity as people making use of basic devices will be able to avail vast amounts of data remotely stored and
then process the same with software that is offered and paid for by someone else.

All these are carefully premised on internet connectivity. Here again, the average individual can leverage from the
technological advancements. Gradually as more and more people are empowered with computers and they move
to areas without internet or inconsistent internet connection, it is in the best interest of the solution providers to
broaden and improve networks to cater their consumers better. Therefore, cloud computing not only helps in
closing the digital divide, customers also benefit by having access to huge markets.

Today cloud computing providers in India with their online provisioning and management flexible computing are
offering the real power of cloud computing within your reach. These companies are expert in their own fields and
have innovatively positioned themselves in the department of cloud infrastructure management services as well.
They have the technical know-how, competency, managed service assistance and capacity to provide end users
with a comprehensive IT architecture in the cloud. Furthermore, they also specialize in turnkey IT Operation
Services that simplifies the present IT architecture for various enterprises.

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