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					                   4 NOV 2011

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   An     Xperience      fit for
   the ultimate driving machine                                                                                   X-CLUSIVE

                                                                                                                  In Focus:
                                                                       Countdown to NH7 Weekender 2011 begins p 42
                            Market Pulse:                               Panasonic India seeks the ‘Face of Beauty’ p 46
            Branding with Waterfalls                                          Percept gets artsy with Percept Art p 50
                        -Stephen Pevnick,
                   Graphical Waterfall p 34
                                                                                                             Also Featured:
NOET’s ParaForest Forces Programme
                       -By Avishkar Tendle       How is your brand connecting with music festivals this year? p 24
             Managing Trustee, NOET p 41               Shedding light on the new Entrepreneurs on the block p 26
                                                                   4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 05

                                                      It’s all happening here
KARISHMA HUNDALANI +91 98212 80003                Now that India has gone down in history as an official stop on the
KARAN IYER                                            F1 map, there is yet another reason for us to be proud. While not +91 80977 68788                   focusing on certain other ‘rocking events’ planned around F1 that
                                                      didn’t go quite as planned, one must acknowledge JPSI and its +91 98197 77983
SHWETA RAMSAY                                         associates for pulling off a world-class event with international +91 98923 59703                  standards.
SHACHI TAPIAWALA +91 98336 21173
DESIGN TEAM:                                          While maintaining focus on all that was good in the month gone
VINAYAK ALLE                                          by, the BMW Xperience could not miss our attention. If only for its
PRASAD KARAMBAT                                       exceptional concept of creating an experience in a most unexpected
VISHAL NAGDEV                                         venue, this activity deserves credit. +91 98212 24987
ARNOB BANERJEE                                        Innovation is what is truly thrilling about the experiential marketing +91 98195 40004
                                                      industry. And what’s encouraging is the potential to innovate +91 92245 72293                   is endless. It is perhaps the knowledge of this that inspires new
SHABNAM CHARANIYA                                     entrants to the world of experience creation. The one’s that survive +91 80077 96990
                                                      and now flourish, are the one’s that pay innovation its due respect.
CAROL SANIL +91 98203 63042
CIRCULATION:                                          At ExM, we take inspiration from the industry and ourselves
RAMESH PATIL                                          endeavor to constantly innovate through all our initiatives. As a
ACCOUNTS & ADMIN:                                     platform for the industry, we seek out varied ways of including more
PURVESH BHATT                                         of our kind through newer initiatives. The first ever E Nights was kick                                started this month, a joint initiative of The Event and Entertainment
                                                      Management Association (EEMA) and EVENTFAQS.

                                                      There are only two rules at E Nights. One, everyone’s invited. And
                                                      two, there’s no agenda! So don’t worry if you missed the first one,
                                                      the next of this monthly event is scheduled for November 23 at Fat
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This issue contains 72 pages including covers
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CONTENTS                                                      4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 06

      Event Briefs                                             Industry Watch
      Promo Power | MICE | Live                                Developments - Guest Column by Roshan Abbas
      Sports Rush | Media Active                      08-12    Destination | Venues | Events              14-17

      Cover Story

                                                                                  An Xperience          fit for 19
                                                                                  the ultimate driving machine

      Also Featured                                            In Focus

      How is your brand connecting                       24
      with music festivals this year?                                               Countdown to NH7           42
                                                                                    Weekender 2011 begins

                                                                                    Panasonic India seeks the 46
                                                                                    ‘Face of Beauty’

                                                                                    Percept gets artsy with    50
                                                                                    Percept Art

                                                                                    MAA GLOBES felicitates     51
                                                                                    the best of the best in
                                                                                    promotion marketing

      Market Pulse
                      Branding with Waterfalls                                NOET’s ParaForest Forces         41
                      -Stephen Pevnick                  34
                      Graphical Waterfall                                     -By Avishkar Tendle
                                                                              Managing Trustee, NOET


                                                                                            66                       68

                  62                             63                                         67                       69
Promo Power                                                           4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 08

     Zee News calls to India’s youth to                               Bajaj Allianz organises ‘Drive Safely’
     propel the nation’s prosperity                                   campaign with Nico Rosberg
                            The last 60 years have seen India                                         Bajaj         Allianz
                            becoming a trillion-dollar economy.                                       organised           a
                            Zee News believes that the ability to     campaign titled ‘Drive Safely’, in association with
                            transition to becoming a superpower       Mercedes GP Petronas F1 driver Nico Rosberg. The
                            rests with the Indian people. Thus, Zee   month-long campaign began on Sept. 27 in Hyderabad
                            News introduced an initiative, ‘Hum       and traveled to Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Bengaluru,
                            Bharat Ke Log; Kartavya Nibhayein,        Pune and Ahmedabad, culminating on Oct. 30 in New
                            Rashtra Banayein’ on Oct. 2, which        Delhi. Grand Brand executed the campaign on-ground.

                                                                                                                                          For latest updates on events and on-ground promotions from across India, log on to
     will engender the spirit of performing one’s duties to build
     a better nation. It will reach out to 50 million of the youth.   Rituraj Bhattacharya, Head Market Management, Bajaj
                                                                      Allianz said: “F1 is considered one of the most dangerous
     Rohit Kumar, Marketing Head, Zee News said: “This will           sports when in reality, it is the safest, considering the use of
     inspire in the Indian youth the belief that the knowledge of     safety technology. Thus, we felt this was an apt time to initiate
     their duties and respective rights will help them become         a campaign to ‘Drive Safely’. This platform increased the
     responsible citizens, while increasing their participation in    awareness of road safety topics since F1 is not just about fast
     the functioning of Indian democracy and growth.”                 cars, but also serves as a testimony for safety development.”

     Encompass manages Reliance YES                                   AXN India’s ‘Minute To Win It’ season
     campaign                                                         2 engages mall goers
                                      Reliance            Energy                                        Pentagon           Activation
                                      organised Reliance Young                                          managed a series of mall
                                      Energy Savers (YES), an                                           activations for AXN India’s
                                      annual initiative to create     Minute To Win It season 2, a reality game show which gives
                                      awareness in schools on         participants an opportunity to win Rs. 1 crore if they perform
     energy conservation. This year’s campaign was initiated in       a task within a minute. This activation was held on Oct. 7
     September and will culminate on Dec. 11 with a marathon          and 8 across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. This
     titled ‘Run to Save’. The program plans to reach out to over     activity engaged over one lakh people.
     21,000 students. Encompass has conceptualised the event
     and is executing the campaign on-ground.                         Rohit Bhandari, VP, AXN Networks India said: “By taking
                                                                      these games to the malls, we wanted the common man
     Rashee Parganiha, Assistant Manager Branding, Reliance           to experience the excitement of playing the games that
     Energy said: “Being one of the largest utility companies, we     contestants play on air, while giving their friends and family
     feel it is our responsibility to educate consumers and create    a memorable ‘fun to watch’ experience. Pentagon was
     awareness on smart energy conservation behaviour.”               appointed based on their performance during the show’s
                                                                      boot-camp on AXN, which was also handled by them.”
     Pentagon Activation executes mall
     activity for Colors show Bigg Boss                               Lifebuoy targets schools in Mumbai
                                                                      for Global Hand Washing Day
                                        Colors TV, on Oct.
                                        1 and 2, organised                                     Lifebuoy launched an oath
                                        mall activations for                                   taking drive on Oct. 14 in 60
     reality show Bigg Boss season 5 at Nirmal Lifestyle and                                   special schools in Mumbai on
     Infinity Mall, Mumbai; MGF mall, Delhi; Phoenix Mall,                                     the eve of Global Hand Washing
     Lucknow; and C21, Indore. The activations were executed                                   Day. The initiative was launched
     by Pentagon Activation. The objective was to promote the         by Nitin Paranjpe, CEO and MD, HUL, who administered
     show and create viewership and excitement for the same.          the oath to children at Mumbai Mobile Crèches. Around
     The number of people touched through this activity was an        4,500 children were engaged.
     average of 50,000 people per mall.
                                                                      Paranjpe said: “We are keen to spread awareness on the
     Riyaz Sayed, Director, Pentagon Activation said: “Bigg Boss      habit of washing hands with soap. It has become even
     has a huge fan following and with season 5, we wanted            more important to make the vulnerable sections of our
     to make sure that the experience was nothing less than           population, a large part of who are children, aware of the
     the best. The activation was amplified through radio, which      importance of hand washing. This is a simple and cost
     became an integral part of the on-ground experience.”            effective way of saving millions of lives.”
MICE                                                                  4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 09

  HDFC Life organises third edition of                                ICE   appointed    as    conference
  Mission in-genius                                                   organiser and DMC for Winfocus 2011
                                  HDFC Life hosted the final                                    Integrated  Conference      and
                                  round of their HR initiative                                  Event Management has been
                                  ‘Mission In-genius 2011’ at                                   appointed   the    professional
                                  the ITC Grand Central in                                      conference    organiser     and
                                  Mumbai. Mission In-genius                                     destination       management
                                  is a pan-India quiz property                                  company for Winfocus World
                                  first organized in 2006 for         2011, to be held in Delhi from Nov. 22 to 27 at the AIIMS
  employees to provide them with a platform to display their          and J.P.N. Apex Trauma Center. The theme is ‘From FAST

                                                                                                                                         For latest updates on events and on-ground promotions from across India, log on to
  insurance knowledge. There were around 7,300 employees              to FAST-ABCDE: Toward a new multi-focused ultrasound
  in the first round and about 2,300 of these in the second.          paradigm for trauma care’.

  Rajendra Ghag, EVP - HR, HDFC Life said: “Mission In-               Naveen Rizvi, VP -India & Business Head, ICE said: “We
  genius is an initiative that invites involvement through a          took part in a bidding process during which there was a
  spirit of competition and fun. It also brings in cross functional   reference check. The organizers received a great response
  synergies, thereby making it an engagement initiative too.”         about our services. 600 delegates are expected to attend.”

  KWAN executes dealer felicitation                                   Canon India takes Wings of Glory to
  meetings for Total Elf Oil                                          the United States
                                   KWAN        Entertainment                                            ‘Wings of Glory’ is the most
                                   and Marketing Solutions                                             premier partner incentive
                                   managed the meet and                                                trip planned by Canon
                                   greet sessions for Total                                            each year, to felicitate
                                   Elf Oil at Hyatt Regency                                            the company’s gold and
  in Mumbai and Pune. The events aimed at creating                                                     platinum partners and top
  awareness about Total Elf Oil and bringing all dealers and                                           performers. Continuing with
  distributors in Mumbai and Pune together, as they had met           the tradition this year, Canon India took around 50 of its top
  the necessary sales targets. The event engaged around               performers, along with their spouses, to the United States
  100 to 150 dealers and distributors.                                from Oct. 7 to Oct. 10. CS Direkt Events and Exhibitions
                                                                      was roped in to manage Wings of Glory.
  Sameer Bhaddapurkar, Assistant Manager - Corporate
  Communications, Total Oil India said: “This is our second           Sanjeev Pasricha, MD and CEO, CS Direkt Group said:
  event with KWAN. This was a pitch deal and they were                “We have been working with Canon for a long time now.
  selected based on their concept and execution capabilities.”        The Wings of Glory is a special event as it caters to the
                                                                      distinguished league of performers. We left no stone
                                                                      unturned to make this a grand success.”
 MATRADE strengthens ties with India
 through Showcase Malaysia
                                  To        strengthen      the
                                                                      Dforce manages the CREDAI
                                  relationship         between        Property Show Indore
                                  the two countries, the                                                The Indore chapter of
                                  Malaysia External Trade                                               Confederation of Real
                                  Development Corporation                                               Estate     Developers’
                                  (MATRADE) is launching a                                              Association of India
  series of initiatives. One of the initiatives was Showcase                                            (CREDAI)     organised
  Malaysia, a trade fair held in Mumbai from Oct. 12 to 14            the first edition of the CREDAI Property Show at Labh
  at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Goregaon.             Bagh Convention Centre, Indore from Oct. 7 to 9. Dforce
  Showcase Malaysia was a forum where Indian organisations            Communications managed the entire show. The event was
  had access to the best that Malaysia can offer.                     attended by over 1, 20,000 people.

  Abu Bakar, Director of Trade & Services Promotion Division,         Naveen Mehta, Chief Convenor, CREDAI Property Show
  MATRADE said: “Through Showcase Malaysia, we look                   said: “The main objective was to bring all our Indore
  forward to numerous mutually beneficial and long-term               members/builders under one roof and connect them
  relationships being forged between Indian businesses and            directly to the customers. This was our first show in Indore
  their Malaysian counterparts.”                                      and we plan to turn this into a bi-annual property in the city.”
LIVE                                                              4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 10

 Jack   Daniel’s    India                    celebrates           Hair O Max sponsors 12th edition of
 founder’s birthday                                               Miss Kerala
                                As the time of Virgo waned,                                       Impresario        Event
                                Jack Daniel’s India joined                                        Management organised
                                the annual global soiree                                          and managed the grand
                                to celebrate founder Jack                                         finale of the 12th Miss
                                Daniel’s 160th birthday                                           Kerala on Oct. 8 at Le
                                with a Virgo’s ball hosted        Meridien International Convention Centre, Cochin. The
                                by Amrit Kiran Singh, VP          finale was attended by 1,500 people. Miss Kerala is an
 and Area Director, Brown Forman, at the Leela Palace,            annual property owned by Impresario Event Management.
 New Delhi. The celebration was a culmination of a month-

                                                                                                                                   For latest updates on events and on-ground promotions from across India, log on to
 long celebration spread across the Indian sub-continent.         Harish Babu, MD, Impresario Event Management said:
                                                                  “The pageant provides a platform for young Malayalee girls
 For the celebration, Jack Daniel’s flagged off a lucky draw      from all over the world to showcase their talent, leading to a
 for prizes including a Harley Davidson bike. Singh said:         career in the entertainment, fashion and glamour industry.
 “Equally iconic in the lifestyle zone, we found a great brand    The auditions were held in Dubai, Cochin, Ahmedabad,
 fit between Harley Davidson and Jack Daniel’s, a whiskey         Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. Around 400 entries were
 that the Indian youth have learnt to relish responsibly.”        received. We also got six new sponsors for the event.”

 Baaya Design and CSA collaborate to                              High Street Phoenix                          organises
 celebrate Joy of Giving week                                     Dazzling Diwali
                               As part of celebrating the Joy                                            Mumbai’s        High
                               of Giving week, Baaya Design,                                             Street       Phoenix
                               a folk art and decor store,                                               organised Dazzling
                               collaborated with Catalysts                                               Diwali, a week-long
                               for Social Action to present                                              shopping festival.
                               a folk art painting auction to     Under the festival name, a plethora of activities were used
                               showcase the natural beauty        to engage consumers from Oct. 18 to 26.
                               and workmanship of Indian
 folk art on Oct. 7 at Waterstones Club, Mumbai. The              Rajendra Kalkar, Sr. Centre Director, High Street Phoenix
 objective was to raise funds for CSA, which works towards        said: “High Street Phoenix aimed to enhance our patrons’
 the rehabilitation of orphans, by auctioning off 12 paintings.   experience by arranging a shopping festival to sustain the
                                                                  enthusiasm and zeal with which consumers celebrate this
 Shibani Jain, Founder and Managing Partner, Baaya                festival. The courtyard was buzzing with handicraft, food
 Design said: “This association is one of our CSR initiatives,    and NGO stalls which displayed festive gifting items.”
 which also helps create awareness about our brand. This
 event engaged around 100 people.”                                E18 Launches MTV Independence
                                                                  Rock XXVI with MTS Red Energy
  Wizcraft to conduct Kabbadi World
                                                                                                    On Oct. 20, E18
  Cup’s opening and closing ceremonies                                                              launched its flagship
                                Wizcraft       International                                        event,      Independence
                                will conduct the opening                                            Rock, at Hard Rock
                                ceremony of the Kabbadi                                             Café in Mumbai. This
                                World Cup at New Sports                                             year,       Independence
                                Stadium     in      Bhatinda,                                       Rock       has    teamed
  Punjab, on Nov. 1 and the closing ceremony in Ludhiana,         up with MTV India and is being presented by MTS Red
  Punjab, on Nov. 20. The theme of the events will be centred     Energy. For the first time, IRock will go live on MTV and
  on Punjabi culture, and will be telecast live to Punjabi        VH1 simultaneously from Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore,
  diaspora around the world. More than 50,000 people are          Kolkata and Pune on Nov. 27.
  expected to witness each event.
                                                                  Eight bands will be chosen as qualifiers in each city.
  The event is planned to be the largest sports opening           These bands will compete over two days. The five regional
  and closing ceremony since the Commonwealth Games               winners will be brought to Mumbai to compete at the All
  last year, and will see a number of artists performing. The     India National Final on Nov. 26 at Chitrakoot Grounds,
  entertainment willl include performances by Shah Rukh           Andheri. The winner of the All-India Competition will go on
  Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kapoor and Bipasha Basu.          to headline the LIVE concert in Mumbai the following day.
Sports Rush                                                          4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 11

 Motor Match debuts alongside Indian                                 White Copper Entertainment manages
 Grand Prix                                                          Asian Women’s Rugby 7’s
                    Motor Match debuted alongside the                                                 The Asian     Women’s
                    Indian Grand Prix. Motor Match was                                                Rugby 7’s Championship
                    held at the Greater Noida Expo Center                                             was organised by the
                    in Delhi from Oct. 28 to Nov.1. Motor                                             Indian Rugby - Football
                    Match was organised by the MAC                                                    Union (IRFU) in Pune
                    Group, Fiera Milano and Exhibitions                                               at the Balewadi Sports
                    India Group. Karun Chandhok was                                                   Centre from Oct. 1 to 2.
 roped in to endorse the global launch, which saw close to           White Copper Entertainment was roped in as the official

                                                                                                                                      For latest updates on events and on-ground promotions from across India, log on to
 2,50,000 visitors.                                                  event executing agency for the championship, which was
                                                                     the first-ever international rugby tournament hosted in
 Mehul Lanvers-Shah, MD, Fiera Milano India said: “India             India.
 is currently at the centre of the motoring world, providing
 Motor Match with an excellent platform for a global launch.         Aga Hussain, VP, IRFU said: “We are very happy and
 Karun is the perfect person to draw the spotlight to India          thankful to the Asian Rugby Football Union for awarding
 and on Motor Match as a world class event.”                         us with this tournament and we hope to retain the property
                                                                     for many years. The tournament saw 12 rugby teams from
 Mahindra announces second edition of                                across Asia competing with each other.”
 Mahindra Youth Football Challenge                                   Procam and Coca-Cola initiate inter-
                                 Mahindra        Group,      in      school cricket tournament
                                 association with Procam
                                 International, has launched                                        Procam           International
                                 the second edition of the                                          partnered with Coca-Cola
                                 Mahindra Youth Football                                            India to initiate the Coca-
                                 Challenge. MYFC involves                                           Cola U-16 Inter-School
 the participation of 32 schools across six cities. The second                                      Cricket     Tournament      in
 year will see 25 boys being selected for the coaching clinic.                                      Vadodara, Gujarat. The
 There will be growing involvement from Celtic FC, with the          tournament, which commenced on Oct. 18, will see
 players benefiting in the form of kit and equipment.                participation from over 11,000 cricketers from 700 schools.

 Ajit R, VP Innovation and Sales, Procam International said:         Anupama Ahluwalia, VP-Marketing, Coca-Cola India and
 “MYFC aims to develop talent from the grass root level.             South-West Asia said: “Our purpose of getting into a grass
 The initiative is being promoted on social networking sites.        root sports tournament is twofold. On one hand, it helps
 Big FM is promoting it on air and will organise an interview        identify and promote young talent and helps us get young
 section with the coaches of the Celtic Football Club.”              children into sports arenas and grounds. On the other hand,
                                                                     sports promotes social cohesiveness and well-being.”
  YAI reaches out to schools in Andaman
  to promote sailing                                                 Jaipur Marathon to see participation
                                                                     from over 15 countries
                              To promote sailing amongst
                              the people in the Andaman                                                     A press conference
                              and Nicobar Islands, Yachting                                                 was organised on
                              Association of India associated                                               Oct. 15 at Albert Hall
                              with Andaman and Nicobar                                                      Café in Rajasthan
                              Island Industrial Development          to announce the launch of the Jaipur Marathon, which
  Corporation to launch a sailing development programme,             is promoted by Sanskriti Yuva Sanstha and World Trade
  Taking Sailing to Schools. The YAI invited 20 children each        Park. The third edition of the event is scheduled for Jan. 22,
  from 22 schools to sail at the Naval Sailing Club from Oct.        2012. This edition will mark participation from more than 15
  3 to 30.                                                           countries including the UK, Ethopia, Kenya, and Poland.

  Ajay Narang, Joint Secretary General, YAI said: “The               Saurabh Sharma, COO, Jaipur Marathon said: “This
  objective of the programme was two-fold. One was to                year, we aim to promote Rajasthan not only as a tourist
  promote sailing as a sport amongst the youth. The other was        destination but also as a sports destination on a global
  to put pressure on the government to provide infrastructure        platform. We plan to engage around 50,000 young people
  and amenities for the sport, as it has a great future in India.”   as compared to last year, where the figure was 35,000.”
Media Active                                                          4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 12

     MY FM initiates second edition of CJ                              Radio Mantra is back with RJ Giri
     943 with Rannvijay Singh                                          season 2
                               CJ 943 is an initiative by 94.3 MY                                          Radio Mantra organised
                               FM to hunt for the smartest and                                             the second edition of
                               most talented campus jockey in                                              RJ Giri, an initiative for
                               each city. This second season                                               budding radio jockeys
                               of this initiative was carried out                                          in    Varanasi,      Uttar
                               across Bhopal, Indore, Raipur,                                              Pradesh. The hunt was
                               Jaipur,    Nagpur,     Chandigarh,      held from Oct. 5 to 15 and in the final phase, the top three
                               Ahmedabad and Jalandhar, and            contestants competed on-ground at Hotel Meradel Grand

                                                                                                                                           For latest updates on events and on-ground promotions from across India, log on to
                               concluded in early October.             in Varanasi on Oct. 31. The winner of RJ Giri will get a
                                                                       contract to work with Radio Mantra.
     Harrish M. Bhatia, CEO, 94.3 MY FM said: “The core
     objective of this activity was to create a buzz in the youth      Kanwar Sameer, National Programming Head, Radio
     community for our brand. This encourages the youngsters           Mantra said: “After the success of RJ Giri season 1, we
     of today to display their talent. Through this activity, MY FM    decided to make a comeback in Varanasi, where we
     reached out to thousands of college students in each city.”       continue our search for a great voice full of life and attitude.”

     Fifth edition of Radio One College                                IBN7 launches first ever Zindagi Live
     Champions visits seven cities                                     Awards
                            Radio One organised the fifth                                                 In a salute to the
                            edition of Radio One College                                                  indomitable spirit of
                            Champions across seven cities,                                                life, IBN7 will host the
                            wherein the auditions for the hunt         first Zindagi Live Awards, which has derived its inspiration
                            were held in 10 colleges in each           from the award winning talk show, Zindagi Live. The award
                            city. The shortlisted candidates           ceremony, which will be held on Nov. 10 in New Delhi, will
                            were provided with special training        bring together luminaries of society who will felicitate the
                            by industry professionals and one          courage, determination and perseverance of the award
     winner from each city had a chance to host their own show         winners.
     on Radio One. The winners were announced mid-October.
                                                                       Ashutosh, Managing Editor, IBN7 said: “The Zindagi Live
     Shyju Varkey, National Head - Marketing, Radio One said:          awards salute those courageous people who have risen
     “The objective of initiating the property was not just to find    above their circumstances and excelled. We are positive
     an RJ, but to find talented individuals and train them to be      that their stories will inspire our viewers and motivate them
     radio professionals. The property was initially launched          to look at life with greater positivity.”
     only in Mumbai, but has now expanded to seven cities.”
                                                                       Dainik Bhaskar Group hosts India
     MiD Day’s Meter Down campaign                                     Pride Awards
     makes a comeback                                                                           Dainik     Bhaskar        Group
                              MiD Day re-launched its Meter                                     organised the third India Pride
                              Down campaign, which will be                                      Awards on Oct. 21 at Taj Palace,
                              run as a joint programme with the                                 New Delhi. These awards
                              traffic department and the RTO.                                   recognize the contributions
                              This edition is targeted at auto                                  and services of Indian PSUs.
                              rickshaw drivers and will end mid-                                This year’s ceremony added
                              November.                                                         two new categories, namely the
                                                                       Social Change Agent and Impact Creator-Civil Servant.
                              Manajit Ghoshal, MD & CEO, MiD
     DAY Infomedia said: “MiD DAY is a local city newspaper            Jaideep Dhagat, Senior GM & Business Head, National
     and thus, we endeavour to cater to issues pertinent to the        Government Vertical, Dainik Bhaskar Group said: “The
     people. The last season saw great response from the city          new categories have been created with the belief that
     and we were happy to launch this campaign again, as people        society has a major role to play in the development of our
     have again started facing issues with rickshaw drivers. The       nation. By recognising those who have made a difference
     success the campaign received last year makes us hope             by working towards the welfare of society, we reinforce our
     that this campaign will make a stronger impact.”                  commitment towards our responsibility.”
Industry Watch Developments                                          4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 14

E18 appoints Puneet Mehra                                                      POINT OF VIEW
as General Manager-West
E18, on Oct. 3, appointed       Alternate Brand Solutions
Puneet Mehra as General         India Ltd. (ABSIL) as a
Manager-West for Corporate      Western Regional Head.
Brand     Activations.    In
this capacity, Mehra will       Commenting on Mehra’s
be    responsible   for   all   appointment,        Navneeth
the business generated          Mohan, Senior VP, E18 said:
out of Mumbai and the           “We are indeed excited
western region for events,      to have Puneet on board;
activations and exhibitions.    he comes with diverse
                                experience of handling large
Mehra joined E18 with 12        teams both at 360 Degrees
                                                                                      Roshan Abbas
years of experience, out        and Mirchi activation. E18
                                                                                      MD - Encompass
of which nine years were        is at an exciting point on
spent with Entertainment        the growth curve and we         Each time an issue of ExM magazine reaches me, I browse
Network India Ltd. (ENIL).      need strong leaders like        through the first few pages to see a plethora of activities
His    experience     covers    Puneet to take E18 to the       going on. All is well one would believe in the event
multiple profiles ranging       next level. His experience in   industry. Yet when I meet people on a one-to-one, there
from accounts manager and       handling media integrated       is this constant looking over the shoulder. You can tell an
marketing manager to sales      brand activations and sales     event manager in a room by the number of times he is
head. While at ENIL, he led     will help us build the ground   on calls. We have the shortest attention spans for we are
the Mirchi activations team,    activation business along       always paying attention to solving an issue that someone
following which he was          with a strong events and        else didn’t pay attention to. There is always something
internally transferred to       exhibition business.”           critical, something that just cannot wait.

Wings Brand             Percept appoints                        Do we put ourselves in this position? Is it bad planning or

Activations             Joji George as CEO                      bad timing or just pure bad luck! Frankly, it’s our innate
                                                                ability to handle anything that makes us indispensable to
launches in Dubai – Percept Sports                              the client and unavailable for ones own self. We are the
                                                                first to process a new input and deal with an anomaly.
Wings Group of Cos., in & Entertainment                         But on the other hand, we always have all the balls in
association with a local                                        the air, juggling to stay alive! Ever tried to ask a juggler
advertising agency in Dubai     In his new role, George will    an intelligent question…you wouldn’t. You know all his
called Adcom, has initiated     be responsible for providing    concentration is on the balls. At a seminar a client had
a joint venture in Dubai at     strategic          direction,   said, “We love you for you always take the bullet for us,
the Burj Dubai Bank Street      creating opportunities for      you are too busy playing hero.” Our heroism is our failure.
under the name, Wings           integration, and paving the     We say yes to the impossible and then don’t deliver.
Brand     Activations.  The     roadmap for the overall
joint venture was officially    businesses of the Percept       When do we pause to reflect? Is our value only in crisis
launched in Dubai in the        Sports & Entertainment          management? Or can we demonstrate our value elsewhere?
second week of October.         vertical.                       In an ever-changing world what are you doing to stay
                                                                relevant? As more and more clients get event managers
Arun Samuel, MD, Wings          Commenting        on     his    to work for them, our bag of tricks is getting exposed. The
Brand     Activations  said:    appointment,            Joji    secret once unveiled kills the magic!! We become a vendor
“We see great potential in      George, Chief Executive         or a commodity. Unless we keep replenishing our bag of
Dubai. Considering this is      Officer,   Percept   Sports     tricks the magic will disappear.
the recession period, we        &    Entertainment    said:
thought it was the perfect      “I want to make Percept         So what are you investing in? Technology or Talent or both?
time for us to enter the        Sports and Entertainment        I suggest you do, or else you may just lose relevance.
Dubai market. This is a time    the preferred partner for       Today the event professional needs to understand brands,
when we think brands will       businesses that are looking     bands, social media as much as socializing, audiences and
engage in numerous BTL          for creative and memorable      amplification. Share some knowledge, it only multiplies
activities, as BTL activities   brand     experiences    for    when it populates new brains. This crablike approach of
will ensure more returns.       its    stakeholders    and      pulling each other down must end.
Our team in Dubai will be a     consumers and meet their
mix of locals and Indians.”     needs.”                         Manage today but don’t mortgage the future.
Industry Watch Destination                                             4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 15

Punjab Tourism formulates vision
plan for 15 years to promote tourism                              Australia Tourism to
Punjab       Tourism
formulated a vision plan
                         has     tourism board plans to
                                 promote in a big way in
                                                                  focus on China and
of 15 years with a view to       other markets. In Heritage
capturing the leadership         Tourism segment, PHTPB
position in tourism. A brand     plans to develop circuits
building exercise around         connecting both royal and        Beginning on Oct. 15, the       Martin Ferguson, Federal
niche    tourism    products     religious heritage of the        Australian tourism industry     Tourism Minister said: “Now
will be unleashed in the         state.                           came together in Canberra       more than ever, we need
domestic and international                                        to discuss its renewed focus    to remain focused on the
markets in order to attract      Presenting the Vision 2023       on the growing cashed-          big picture improvements
more tourists to the state.      road map at a conference         up middle classes in China      that can enhance the long-
Farm Tourism and Heritage        in    Amritsar,   Vidya     B    and India. The Australian       term competitiveness of
Tourism are two important        Kumar, Executive Director,       Tourism            Directions   the sector. The conference
niche segments that the          Punjab Heritage & Tourism        conference also analysed        renewed     the   industry’s
                                 Promotion Board (PHTPB)          the progress of plans to        focus on Asia and the rise
Sri Lanka launches               said: “Within the next ten       double overnight visitor        of China as Australia’s most
tourism growth plan              years, Rs. 1,000 crore will
                                 be spent to develop various
                                                                  spends to $140 billion by
                                                                  2020. Tourism Australia MD
                                                                                                  valuable tourism market.
                                                                                                  It also examined the need
In September, Sri Lanka          tourism circuits and tourist-    Andrew McEvoy deemed            for more and better hotel
launched     its   five-year     friendly amenities. There        it critical that Australian     accommodation, for higher
tourism     growth       plan    are plans to promote Punjab      operators learn about the       investment in destinations
to achieve 2.5 million           as a niche destination for       burgeoning Chinese and          and for increasing aviation
arrivals by 2016, up from        the film industry as well.”      Indian markets.                 capacity.”

                                 3rd world saves tourism
the     average     600,000
currently. The sector is a
major foreign exchange
earner for the country. The
government has decided to        Tourism reports indicate         marked increase year on         and     Marketing,    Pepper
scrap the ‘on arrival’ visa      emerging market tourism in       year.                           Club Luxury Hotel & Spa.
system applicable to 78          South Africa, led by South                                       “Traditionally, South African
countries, including India,      America and Asia, with both      “This steady growth in our      hospitality providers have
from next year in bid to         regions recording double         foreign visitor statistics      focused on mature European
streamline the issuance of       digit growth in the first        shows that post the 2010        target markets such as
the travel document. From        quarter of 2011. Recent          FIFA World Cup, despite the     Britain and Germany, but
January 2012 the visitors to     foreign visitor statistics       global downturn in travel,      emerging economies such
Sri Lanka other than from        recorded by Pepper Club          emerging      markets    are    as China and India, as well
Maldives and Singapore           Luxury Hotel & Spa support       still seeing value in South     as territories in South-East
need to apply online for an      this growth with guest           Africa as a preferred travel    Asia and Eastern Europe
electronic entry permit.         figures from India, China        destination,” said Bruce        are now showing significant
                                 and Japan showing a              Deneys, Director of Sales       growth.”
Reports     indicate     that
the arrival of Indians to        Russia approves easy Visa arrangement for Indians
Sri Lanka has increased
by 50 per cent, thereby          Russia’s lower house of          President Dmitry Medvedev,      of citizens and promoting
contributing to an over 27       Parliament      has     voted    the individual citizens and     creation    of     favourable
per cent surge in tourism        to    approve     an    inter-   organisations will no longer    conditions     for     certain
in September year on year.       governmental deal on visa        need an invitation or a         categories of citizens of
According to the ourism          regime simplification that       tourist voucher to travel to    the two countries, first
authority,   in   the    first   will benefit Indian citizens     Russia or India and will be     of    all   representatives
nine months of the year,         wanting to travel to this        able to directly apply for      of   business,      scientists,
the    cumulative    arrivals    country for tourism or           visas.                          cultural workers, students
increased by over 34 per         business purposes. After                                         and tourists,” commented
cent. Maldivian tourists         the ratification of the Indo-    “The agreement is aimed at      Deputy Foreign Minister
were the next highest after      Russian agreement by the         consolidating the legal basis   Alexei Borodavkin, when
Indian nationals visiting Sri    upper house of Parliament        for Russia-India relations in   presenting the document
Lanka.                           and signing it into law by       the area of mutual travels      before the House.
Industry Watch Events                                               4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 16

SUPER Events World to hold Global Sports Confab in Abu Dhabi
The world’s leaders in          Super Events World MENA        will feature government and      on new audiences; attract
planning     and     senior     2011 is the only conference    senor executives from major      financiers,  endorsements
management      of   major      in the region that will        event owners conducting          and      sponsorship     to
sporting events around the      address how to attract         case studies on innovation       maximize revenues; invest
world are set to gather at      major events and will look     and excellence.                  in and develop critical
Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi from     at the phenomenal growth                                        national infrastructure to
Nov. 21-23 for the Super        in attracting major events     Event managers attending         meet event requirements;
Events World MENA 2011, a       to the MENA region. It         the Super Events MENA will       leverage social media and
two-day event which will be     is a two-day strategic         learn how to produce the         web 2.0 to expand event
hosted in the UAE.              conference and showcase        winning bid; strategize event    outreach; and design the
                                exhibition. The conference     re-location   to    capitalize   ultimate event experience.

50th ICCA Congress sees record                                 Best of British venues set their
breaking 1,000 plus attendees                                  sights on the new UK Venue Show
The 2011 ICCA Congress,         for our annual congress        The     inaugural     edition    of nearly 4,000 to take in
which took place from Oct.      as well as a continued         of the UK Venue Show,            the full scope of the live
22 to 26 in Leipzig, Germany,   growth in membership,          slated for Feb. 1 and 2,         event sector; ranging from
saw registration from more      including from countries       2012, will open the trade        sourcing venues to full
than 1000 delegates from        which are suffering the        show season for the event        scale event production.
70 countries, which broke       most. Germany has one          sector. The self-titled show
their previous record of        of our largest and most        will offer a focused forum       Commenting on the show,
982 delegates for the 2009      active    national   groups    for buyers and decision          Tanya      Cohen,      Event
ICCA Congress in Florence,      of   member      companies     makers      of     corporate     Director, UK Venue Show
Italy.                          and    organisations,   and    events, product launches         said: “The show is shaping
                                the surrounding northern       and experiential campaigns       up well and should be a
Martin       Sirk,     CEO,     European region also has       as well as seasonal parties      benchmark for others as
ICCA     said:      “Despite    strong ICCA membership.        and smaller meetings.            we lead in the trade show
the    challenging    global    These are just some of the                                      season. Our central London
economic       environment,     reasons that we achieved       The UK Venue Show will run       base and focused approach
we were delighted to            a record attendance in         alongside the noted Event        to our exhibitors has helped
see a record attendance         Leipzig.”                      Production Show in a back        us fill a gap in the market
                                                               to basics formula, enabling      that venues are keen to get

EIBTM hosted buyer programme en                                the existing visitor base        involved with.”

route to record breaking business                              First ever Event Tech
                                                               Conference in NYC
Scheduled from Nov. 29          ensuring         maximum
to Dec. 1, EIBTM 2011 is        productivity and ROI.
set to have its best year of
business yet with a four per    June Clark, Hosted Buyer       Introducing the first-ever       of education, networking
cent increase in accepted       Programme Manager, Reed        conference focused on the        and sharing.
applications.    This  year,    Travel Exhibitions EIBTM       digital+live phenomenon,
EIBTM expects to see over       said: “What makes our          Event Tech will take place       With       dozens        of
3,800 hosted buyers with        hosted buyer programme         on Dec. 5 and 6 at the           sessions,         speakers
serious purchasing power        so invaluable to those         Cuny Graduate Centre in          and presentations, the
attending the show. In          attending it is that ours is   New York City.                   conference     will    give
order to meet the growing       100 per cent buyer-driven.                                      attendees     access     to
demand       for    business    All hosted buyers attending    This event is being produced     trends, best practices and
meetings at EIBTM, an           decide which exhibitors they   by Event Marketer and            case studies. It will also
additional appointment per      would like to see before the   Event Design magazines,          feature the first annual
day will also be arranged       show. EIBTM then matches       and will bring together          Event Technology Awards,
for each accepted buyer. As     these appointments and         technology experts, social       which will recognize the
a result, EIBTM is expected     provides each buyer with       media gurus and some of          best users of technology
to generate over 60,000         an individual diary of pre-    the most progressive users       and social media in their
one-to-one appointments,        selected appointments.”        of digital+live for two days     events.
Industry Watch Venues                                                 4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 17

Marriott International
debuts three city
                                Resorts World                     New Meeting Venues
                                Manila unveils
center Hotels and
three brands in Doha,           budget-                           in New York
Qatar                                                             There are 10 new and            Dream        Downtown,      a

Marriott      International
                                friendly                          recently renovated meeting
                                                                  spaces, conference centers,
                                                                                                  design-driven hotel that
                                                                                                  offers a ground-floor space
announced the opening of
the three-hotel Doha City
                                Remington                         and function rooms in
                                                                  New York, which can
                                                                                                  measuring 6,000 sq.ft. that
                                                                                                  is suitable for conferences
Center complex, including
the 257-room Renaissance
                                Hotel                             accommodate small and
                                                                  large groups for meetings,
                                                                                                  and     presentations;
                                                                                                  Mondrian SoHo, with a

Doha City Center Hotel,         Genting     Hong    Kong          conferences,         product    penthouse and dedicated
204-room Courtyard by           has    announced     that         launches,    presentations,     meeting space which can be
Marriott Doha City Center       Remington    Hotel,   the         and other types of corporate    used for private functions;
and    123-unit     Marriott    third and newest lodging          gatherings.                     the new Aloft Brooklyn from
Executive Apartments Doha       brand at Resorts World                                            Starwood Hotels & Resorts,
City Center. The opening        Manila (RWM), will be             These venues are the Hyatt      which offers the 1,200
marks the debut of the          launched in December              48 Lex, with 116 guest          sq.ft. Fulton Room which
three brands in Qatar and       this   year.   Remington          rooms and four executive        holds 100 for receptions or
is an addition to the Doha      Hotel has 623 standard            boardrooms for private          64 seated banquet-style,
City Center Mall complex        rooms and 89 units of             powwows; Sentry Centers,        and a 600 sq.ft. room that
which features over 340         serviced apartments.              which houses 11 rooms           holds 50 for receptions;
shops and attractions.                                            across two floors, the          the Museum of the Moving
                                Located at Newport City           largest of which is the 2,162   Image, which reopened in
Ed Fuller, President & MD,      Pasay along with Maxims           sq.ft. Empire room, which       January following nearly
Marriott       International    Tower and Marriott Hotel,         seats 232 theater-style or      three years of renovation
said: “The opening of the       Remington Hotel will open         160 classroom-style, or         which added a number of
three hotels is a major         its doors in December             holds 200 for receptions;       spaces at the film-focused
step forward in reinforcing     for the savvy and cost-           Tryp by Wyndham hotel,          institution,   including    a
Doha’s futuristic vision and    conscious traveller either        which will provide 2,100        digital learning suite and
surging tourism potential       for business or leisure. At       sq.ft. of meeting space; the    the 54-seat William Fox
in Qatar. These three new       the same time, the hotel          Yotel New York, which offers    Amphitheater;      and    the
hotels give us six properties   is also ideal for those who       airport-inspired       spaces   Conrad      property    from
in the country, which is fast   desire affordable hotel           for meetings and events         Hilton, which will have a
becoming a key business         accommodation without             on its 18,000 sq.ft. fourth     grand ballroom with room
and leisure destination in      compromising on quality           floor; the Grand Hyatt New      for 600 people, and 13
the Middle East.”               and service.                      York’s new 4,400 sq.ft.         rooms for meetings and
                                                                  meeting and event space         an open-plan prefunction
ONYX Hospitality Group debuts its                                 ‘Gallery’; Vikram Chatwal’s     space.

Amari brand in China              Wyndham Hotel to expand in India
With effect from Oct. 1,        and CEO, ONYX said: “This
Thailand-based       ONYX       inaugural of an Amari-            with three hotel franchises
Hospitality Group assumed       branded hotel in China
management of a 105-            is a significant milestone        Wyndham        Hotel   Group    Grand property will be
room hotel on Hainan            in     ONYX’s         strategic   LLC, a part of Wyndham          established in Agra, Uttar
Island, China. Owned by         development.       With     our   Worldwide       Corp.,    on    Pradesh.
the Sanya Daxing Group,         international     experience,     Oct. 11 announced its
a leading local developer,      proven          management        expansion in India with         “With the rapidly increasing
the landmark property will      track record, and depth of        the signing of agreements       tourism     and      business
continue operations as an       resources, we believe that        to franchise three hotels       industries,   India     holds
upscale boutique offering       Amari Sanya Bay will bring        under      its     Wyndham      an abundance of growth
while it undergoes a phase      a vibrant, Thai-style level of    Hotels and Resorts and          opportunities     for   hotel
of   re-branding,   before      service to Sanya, thereby         Ramada brands. Under the        companies,”      said     Ken
emerging as the Amari           differentiating it strongly       Ramada brand, two new-          Greene,     President     and
Sanya Bay on March 1,           from      the      large-scale    construction properties will    Managing Director, Asia
2012.                           developments        elsewhere     open in Alleppey, Kerala,       Pacific, Wyndham Hotel
                                on the island, allowing it to     and    Ghaziabad,       Uttar   Group, commenting on the
Peter   Henley,    President    reach its full potential.”        Pradesh, while a Wyndham        development potential.
COVER STORY                                                        4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 19

                                                 An         Xperience  fit for
                                                the ultimate driving machine

      From the house of the prominent German automaker BMW,        BMW Xperience provided patrons with the opportunity to
      comes a new addition to its BMW X range of Sports Activity   test drive the BMW X5, BMW X6 and the new BMW X3 at a
      Vehicles (SAVs), called the BMW X3. Launched in India        specially designed test course in a 32 acre excavated DLF
      on Oct. 16, the compact crossover SUV is equipped with       site, which will soon be converted into the ‘Mall of India’ by
      BMW’s proprietary four-wheel drive system called xDrive.     the builders. The test course was designed by international
      To give India an experience of its X range of SAVs and       experts and included 10 simulated obstacles that showcase
      the xDrive technology, BMW India also hosted the BMW         the unique features of the BMW X range.
      Xperience at Gurgaon, NCR, from Oct. 16 to Oct. 23 as a
      follow up to the launch event.                               It was the proposed event site and concept around this that
COVER STORY                                                             4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 20

                                                                        Saffer elaborated, “Both the objectives were achieved with
                                                                        great success, as we could deliver a great drive experience
                                                                        to our customers, so they could actually appreciate the
                                                                        unique features of the xDrive. The track was developed
                                                                        to be demanding enough to only be completed with the
                                                                        xDrive, while one could fail if driving a sedan or any other
                                                                        SAV on this track.”
      won Showtime Events the mandate for this event. Showtime
      Events was selected through a pitch process to execute the        “Customers that attended the event were pleasantly
      launch of the BMW X3 and to conduct the BMW Xperience.            surprised, as they did not know what to expect at the event
      The brief was to create an exceptional xDrive experience,         until we unveiled the entire experience track right before
      preferably in the centre of the city. The launch event was        them,” he added.
      the announcement that the X family of BMW in India is now
      complete.                                                         Deepali Design and Exhibits were partnered by Showtime
                                                                        Events for the creation of the marquee and the execution
      On awarding Showtime the mandate for this mammoth                 of the interiors. SOUND.COM was the audio solutions
      task, Christian Saffer, Marketing Director, BMW India said:       partners to the event.
      “Showtime’s proposal was the best fit to the brief. They
      had the most interesting concept and seemed to have
      understood the objectives the best and also showcased the
      capabilities for a great execution of the concept.”

      “This is probably the largest ever event BMW has done in
      India. The idea was to create a test drive experience that
      would bring out special features of the X3. Usually for such
      drive experiences a suitable area is only available outside
      the city limits. But when we proposed this excavated site
      for the event, the client’s team went berserk with the idea. It
      was this concept that won us the pitch,” Michael Menezes,
      Managing Director, Showtime Events, told ExM.

      The mandate involved two broad aspects. One, to simulate                              Christian Saffer
                                                                                           Marketing Director
      a track for the test drive, that showcases each of the features
                                                                                              BMW India
      of the xDrive in totality, which was created over 10 acres
      of the site. The other being the launch event, which took
      place in a hangar that was built within the excavated site.
                                                                                       “BMW Xperience was a
      The event was targeted to existing and potential customers                     first of its kind for BMW in
      of the brand. The launch event featured the unveiling of                      India. We had not yet done
      the new model with an Australian drum and dance troupe                         an event of such scale with
      called Raw BANG! The brand’s creative agency specially                           the creation of such an
      put together a film that went along with the music and                        experience for our existing
      percussions of the act, which made for the backdrop of the                     and potential customers.”
COVER STORY                                                           4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 21

      The Experience of creating the BMW Xperience
      By Michael Menezes, MD, Showtime Events

      When BMW called for a pitch for the launch of the X3, it
      raised a couple of eyebrows in the industry. Simply because
      the German automotive giant had stuck it out with one
      agency faithfully almost since it set foot in India and could
      well have done over a hundred events with this agency.
      But nonetheless, it evoked more than casual interest in the
      industry leaders as it was after all a world leader who had a
      reputation for doing world-class events.

      Showtime Events, which has always believed in accepting
      challenge and love the opportunity of demonstrating that
      they have no peer when it comes to innovation in thought        60 feet below the surface of the earth by asking them to
      and technology, got down to the task almost immediately         create the BMW Xperience in a crater spread over 32 acres
      after coming off the perfect execution of another daunting      that had been excavated a couple of years ago to build
      challenge, the India Soiree at the Annual Meeting of the        the largest mall in India. BMW loved the thought in terms
      World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year for the         of its phenomenal relevance to the product and together
      Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and right in the midst   Showtime and the BMW India team pushed the envelope to
      of planning some extremely high-profile events for one of       make it happen. The rest, as they say, is history.
      their oldest clients slated for later this year.
                                                                      Showtime’s client, DLF, which owns the venue contributed
      A credo that Showtime’s Creative Director has always            in no small way to getting the event on the road from
      driven home with full support from the management team,         actually buying into the idea and allowing use of the venue
      whether it was launching a car by taking it up the wall of a    to assisting with information on reliable contractors for
      building, doing a 360 degree projection across the roof of      road-building, earthmoving and even water drainage. The
      an arena to bring home the magic of the cloud for TCS Ion       vagaries of nature stepped in to add their own challenges
      or dwarfing even the imposing Brabourne Stadium with the        with the heaviest rain in the last 59 years in the region that
      world’s largest projection screen for SBI and TCS.              transformed the venue into a virtual lake and necessitated
                                                                      postponement of the initial planned date.
      Showtime pushed the envelope yet again this time for BMW,
      with an idea that would take the automotive giant literally     But eventually it all came together perfectly thanks to
                                                                      a herculean effort by the Showtime team led by two of
                                                                      their redoubtable stalwarts, Navin Sarin and Reeva Lal,
                                                                      with some great support from the client who may have
                                                                      gone through some justifiable pangs of doubt at times but
                                                                      ultimately was more than overjoyed at the final delivery.

                                                                      Simply because conditions tested everyone to the
                                                                      maximum be it the terrain itself that often sank by the sheer
                                                                      weight put on top of it and therefore had to be reinforced to
                                                                      the mounds of flying dust that one had to contend with and
                                                                      were a housekeeping nightmare to the sheer task of lighting
                                                                      up a voluminous 32 acres economically and productively.
                                                                      Let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

     Pictures depicting stages in the construction of the test-drive track in the 32 acre land chosen as the venue for the Xperience
COVER STORY                                                       4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 23

      “BMW Xperience was a
      first of its kind for BMW in
      India. We had not yet done
      an event of such scale with
      the creation of such an
      experience for our existing
      and potential customers.
      Although we have created
      experiences        for   our
      customers before, we never
      built up a proper track for
      showcasing the complete
      capabilities of the xDrive,”
      said Saffer.

      The BMW xDrive monitors
      the      driving     situation
      constantly and distributes
      drive     power      smoothly
      between the axles. BMW
      xDrive splits drive variably
      to the front and rear axles to
      suit the driving situation and the surface. Under normal    “We consider experiential marketing very important at
      driving conditions, xDrive works with a basic 40/60         BMW, as it’s only through such experiential platforms
      torque split front and rear. The system identifies any      that the full features of the vehicle can be experienced.
      changes in the terrain or road surface and adjusts the      Advertising cannot achieve the customer to feel the
      torque split accordingly within a fraction of a second      product.
      without the driver even becoming aware of the change.
                                                                  Also, even on the Indian roads, one cannot experience
      While most four-wheel drive vehicles use all-wheel drive    all the features of the SUV, and it’s only through
      principally to make up for the shortfall in traction, BMW   such experience creations that we can showcase its
      tunes its xDrive system to provide handling typical of      superiority and create a complete education for our
      rear-wheel drive. Even in normal situations on the road,    customers. We would surely look forward to creating
      all-wheel-drive BMW models send the majority amount         more such experiences for the Indian market,” said
      of drive to the rear wheels.                                Saffer.
ALSO FEATURED                                                        4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 24

      How is your brand connecting
      By Shweta Ramsay

                                                      Movies, music and cricket are the most preferred lifestyle indulgences of
                                                      Indian consumers. Music festival or any music-related activity helps the
                                                      brand connect with consumers in a very engaging way. While helping to
                                                      improve the brand awareness, these events also provide an opportunity to
                                                      make the consumers experience the brand.
                    Amitabh Sehdev
              Marketing Head, Luxottica India         Association with music can only be unique for the brand if music fits in well
                                                      with brand’s promise or brand core. For a lifestyle brand like Ray-Ban, the
      association with music goes back a long way and consumers all over the world now strongly associate music with Ray-Ban.
      Ultimately, any association with a brand should look credible to the target audience. If the brand association with music is
      seen as genuine and credible, then it helps the brand in terms of brand visibility, recall and connect.

      Consumer engagement opportunities that music festivals provide depend on how one utilizes these events to engage with
      the target audience. One way to make it unique is to weave the brand into the content.

      We are currently running a music-related project called Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds in association with Rolling Stone.
      This is a platform for the young Indian western music bands to present themselves to the world. While the grand finale will
      happen in Mumbai on Dec. 4, there have been lots of preview concerts in popular malls and open mic nights at famous
      pubs across the country.

                                                       We are starting off this year with NH7 in November followed by Great Wide
                                                       Open in December and many other such festivals.

                                                       With increasing clutter in advertising across mass media it is becoming
                                                       essential to talk to your consumer directly. A brand experience for the
                                                       consumers not only allow those exposed to feel and understand what your
                     Kunal Mukherjee
                Vice President – Marketing,            brand stands for, but also word of mouth spread via positive experiences
                    UTV Broadcasting                   leading to growth of the brand’s equity. Associating with a music festival by
                                                       creating experiences within the festival would thus benefit a brand versus
                                                       pure sponsorship which has a lower ROI.

      International music festivals are held in large arenas and allow consumers to come and experience not only the music
      but participate in a host of engaging activities. Fashion weeks, sports event and awards are passive consumption versus
      music festivals which are active.

      When done well, brand visibility from a music festival could be part of the pre-marketing, the experience within and a take
      away from the event. Once a festival gains critical following and a brand has been associated with it for a long time, brand
      recall becomes synonymous with the events recall. The function of experiences creates such events, but the platform
      allows for controllable, planned and innovative brand connect.

      For consumer engagement opportunities at music festivals, a brand can look at games wherein consumers participate and
      engage with the brand. Brands could use such events as a test market place and also for sampling and feedback.
ALSO FEATURED                                                        4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 25

with music festivals this year?

                                                       The main aim of Mahindra is to engage all kinds of audience through
                                                       culture and have cultural conversations. The blues genre is extremely
                                                       popular in the US, but is not very popular in India. However, we feel
                                                       that the music genre has many similarities with the Mumbai culture that
                                                       eventually everyone can connect to.
                     Jay Shah
            General Manager – Corporate                The Mahindra brand represents genuineness and class, and its brand
         Communications, Mahindra & Mahindra           personality fits with the blues genre.

      Through Mahindra Blues we have seen that it’s not just for the elite or upper class, but for all kinds of people. Events like
      Mahindra Blues prop up the brand and gives back to shareholders. The festival is a 360 degree experience and not just
      music. We try our best to recreate the time of blues origination through sets, ambience, cuisine and all other aspects of
      the event. We have no doubt that people will come year after year to gain this experience and hence strengthen brand

      Brands associated with Independence Rock 2011
                                                 Amitesh Rao
                                                 Director – Brand & Media, MTS India

                                                 Our association with Independence rock is part of MTS Red Energy, which is a
                                                 platform designed to offer talented and digitally active young people a great way
                                                 to leverage their online status to get real world benefits. In this case, MTS Red
                                                 Energy offers talented bands a shot at winning a wildcard entry into the finals of
                                                 Independence Rock, based on their online activity and engagement with rock
                                                 music fans.

                                                 Ferzad Palia
                                                 Head of VH1

                                                 VH1 India has partnered with Independence Rock since its launch seven years
                                                 ago. We’re proud to take this partnership to the next level with LIVE simulcasts
                                                 and other exciting stuff we’re doing with the new rock talent. VH1 will take this
                                                 talent to the next level.

                                                 Aditya Swamy
                                                 EVP & Business Head, MTV India

                                                 I grew up going to I-Rock and now to be a part of it is unbelievable. MTV will now
                                                 take this iconic property LIVE for the first time and showcase the music not just
                                                 from Bombay but from the other four cities as well. So a historic property makes
                                                 history once again.
ALSO FEATURED                                                          4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 26

      By Karan Iyer

      Two roads diverged in a wood,                                    Holidays, ibrands and BrandSpeak are only some of the
      And I took the one less traveled by,                             names now being heard in the experiential marketing
      And that has made all the difference                             space.
      -- Robert Frost
                                                                       ‘Fly by night’ is the usual tag given to the numbers of new
      Starting up on your own is always a massive challenge, but       agencies that crop up every now and then. Rightly so, in the
      nobody denies the rewards of taking the road less travelled,     case of just any other ‘me too’ event execution agency. But
      ask Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or closer home the Tatas          there are some, that are worthy of careful consideration.
      and the Birlas. With the festival of Diwali shedding light all   For the difference they are already making in the space
      around, we thought why not shed a focus light on the new         of experiential marketing either through a niche offering or
      kids on the block in the events and experiential marketing       exceptional delivery.
                                                                       ExM magazine speaks to a few of these fresh entrepreneurs
      Line Communications, Thot Media, Cream Events,                   to understand a little better what its like to be a new player
      engage4more, Think Events, Brand Box, Archers                    in the big, bold world of events, and what challenges they
      Entertainament, Sperm Marketing, Cranberries Branded             face therein.
ALSO FEATURED                                                          4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 27

                                                                           Thot Media client:
                                                                           Anand Bhardwaj,
                                                                           Vice President, Marketing – Hindustan Times

                                                                       “   Many of the people who started up Thot Media
                                                                           used to work for TIC and other agencies and I
                                                                           had come into contact with them at that time.
                                                                           I had a very good experience working with
                                                                           them and, based on this experience, we had
                             Chetan Vohra                                  associated with them for many of our events

                            Chief Executive                                like the Hindustan Leadership Summit and
                         Line Communications                               Crystal Awards.

                    “The aim was to improve
                                                                       so they weren’t really customised to their needs. There
                       what the industry was
                                                                       were no event agencies that specialised in the lifestyle and
                      offering to clients. The
                                                                       luxury space. Cream Events personalises its events to the
                     idea was not to just start                        needs of the brands.”
                      an event agency but to
                       create an agency that                           Keeping the Engine Running
                     brings an intrinsic brand                         While an idea is the seed that starts a new venture, it is the
                       perspective. The goal                           vision and beliefs on which the venture is based that keeps
                       was to make events a                            it going. So, what has kept some of the new agencies
                    method to communicate                              going?
                        to the audience. We
                                                                       Vohra believes that “new agencies like us are like small
                    wanted to create a niche
                                                                       boats in the sea. What has kept us going is our strategy
                       by conducting brand
                                                                       of renovation and innovation. What has worked for us, we
                     activations with a strong                         have innovated and what has not worked for us, we have
                    communication strategy.”                           renovated.”

                                                                       Chavan believes that the trust of the brands and appreciation
      Seeding the idea                                                 for our ideas is what has kept Cream Events going. “What
      Jumping into the entrepreneurship ocean is not everyone’s        you see is what you get. Many brands like Tommy Hilfiger,
      piece of cake and there are numerous obstacles that new          Puma and Calvin Klein have been with us for two and half
      businesses face ranging from finance, competition, clients,      years. Till date, we have not received a single event from
      human resources and many more. Entrepreneurship is a
      road filled with risk, but there is always a story or an idea
      behind taking this route. Behind every venture is the urge to
      create something that either improves an existing system
      or addresses an issue and fills a gap.

      For Chetan Vohra, Chief Executive, Line Communications,
      the aim was to improve what the industry was offering to
      clients. The idea was not to just start an event agency but to
      create an agency that brings an intrinsic brand perspective.
      “The goal was to make events a method to communicate to
      the audience. We wanted to create a niche by conducting
      brand activations with a strong communication strategy,”                             Harshad Chavan
      Vohra told ExM.                                                                      Managing Director
                                                                                            Cream Events
      Meanwhile, for some like Harshad Chavan, Managing
      Director, Cream Events, the idea behind venturing into
      the entrepreneurship sea was to fill a specific gap. He told                      “We have been able
      ExM that the aim was to start an agency that specializes in                      to retain clients mainly
      events for the luxury and lifestyle segment. “While working                    because clients see us as a
      for Arvind Brands, I was working on the client side and                        one-stop-shop for all their
      I had observed that for event agencies doing events for                                  needs.”
      lifestyle or luxury brand was just a part of their portfolio
ALSO FEATURED                                                            4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 29

                                                                         the competition but to work on our two strengths – creativity
                                                                         and execution – to ensure the work that we do for our clients
                                                                         is par excellence,” Singha told ExM. “The name of our
                                                                         agency is Thot Media so essentially our work is a reflection
                                                                         of our client’s thoughts. There is no particular strategy for
                                                                         us when it comes to garnering clients, so far our strategy
                                                                         has been to provide our best work to clients and make them
                                                                         happy, ensuring that they come back with repeat business.
                                                                         We basically started with one tree and then increased to
                                                                         three trees and now we have a whole forest.”
                            Kanishka Singha
                                Director                                 Vohra echoed a similar sentiment when it comes to Line
                              Thot Media                                 Communications’ competition. He told ExM that the need
                                                                         is to be more focused internally rather than worry about
                                                                         what others are doing outside. “We have witnessed good
                      “There is no particular                            client retention due to the quality of work we have done
                       strategy for us when                              for them and there has been considerable growth so we
                      it comes to garnering                              are not pitching against other agencies. Our competition
                                                                         is internal. Creativity is our strong point and our approach
                         clients, so far our
                                                                         towards clients is more of a partner than an event agency.
                       strategy has been to
                                                                         We are here for the long term and our strategy works
                    provide our best work to                             keeping in mind our long term goals.”
                     clients and make them
                    happy, ensuring that they                            Riding the waves
                     come back with repeat                               Besides competition and garnering clients, there are a
                      business. We basically                             range of other challenges that new agencies face. Thot
                    started with one tree and                            Media sees talent acquisition and retention as a major
                     then increased to three                             challenge.
                    trees and now we have a
                                                                         “We try to recruit top talent and, if they are new to the
                           whole forest.”
                                                                         industry, they would have to be go-getters and passionate
                                                                         about their work. We are trying to address the challenge
      a business development angle. All of them come through             of recruiting top talent and retaining them through several
      references from the clients we have worked with.”                  ways, including providing with the best working environment
                                                                         as possible and providing them facilities at our offices. We
      Speaking about his agency, Kanishka Singha, Director,
      Thot Media, told ExM that the agency is based on two
      pillars – creativity and execution. “We started the business            Line Communications client:
      in 2008 because we felt it was a good time to do so. Given              Priyanka Kaul,

      the recessionary situation then, we felt we would be well               Head, Special Projects, NDTV
      positioned when things turn around.” Singha further added
      that the “underlying idea or vision of Thot is to provide our           We worked with Arpita Gandhi and
      employees with a great work environment. We consider                    Chetan much before they started Line
      our employees as our primary asset. We believe if the                   Communications. In NDTV, we have a great
      employees are happy at their workplace, the output of                   regard for sincerity and honesty towards
      their work would be excellent which in turn would keep                  work and we found the same qualities in both
      our clients happy. We are a full service agency working in              Arpita and Chetan. So when they came to
      various verticals in which we are very strong, with activation          us as Line we had no doubt that they would
      being our strongest vertical. What we try to do is give a little        give our event the best and treat it just like
      tadka to whatever we do.”                                               theirs. Also, I feel they are a young company
                                                                              wanting to prove themselves so they were
      David vs. Goliath                                                       even more determined to make everything
      One of the major challenges in starting up a new venture is             happen right despite all odds.
      the competition and garnering clients, and the events and
      experiential marketing industry is no different. There are              The experience of working with Line was
      whales in the ocean like Wizcraft, Fountainhead, Showtime               very good. There is a comfort level while
      and Encompass making waves. So, how do these new                        working with them now. We have a great

      ventures handle the competition?                                        rapport and are impressed by their hard
                                                                              work and delivery.
      “Our strategy regarding the competition is to not think about
RNI registration 108290/2010 Postal registration no MH/MR/N/150/MBI/11-13
posted at Mumbai Patrika Channel Sorting Office on every 7th or 8th of the month
ALSO FEATURED                                                          4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 31

                                                                       Speaking about Cream Events’ strategy in terms of
           Cream Events client:                                        competition, Chavan told ExM that “we have pitched
           Shailesh Chaturvedi,                                        against many established event agencies, but our strategy
           CEO-Tommy Hilfiger India                                    has always been based on concept and deliverables. We

                                                                       are a niche agency so we don’t really compete with other
           Event management is a highly people                         agencies.” He further added: “When it comes to garnering
           dependent industry. We had heard of the                     clients, I would say god has been kind to us. We don’t
           good job done by Harshad for Arvind Brands
                                                                       actively go out and garner new clients. We have about 175
           Ltd. and when he decided to become an
                                                                       clients and we have been successful in retaining these
           entrepreneur, we decided to support him
           and make use of his talent and experience                   clients. Frankly, we have enough work from our current
           on brand. His organization was new, but                     clients that we are not actively going out and looking for new
           Harshad had immense experience on events,                   clients. We have been able to retain clients mainly because
           so we were quite clear in terms of working                  clients see us as a one-stop-shop for all their needs.”
           with his organization. Our experience of
           working with Cream Events was wonderful.                    Another niche agency is Engage4More, which is in the
           They understand the Tommy brand well since                  business of employee engagement and employer branding.
           Harshad was personally involved with the
                                                                       Explaining the idea and the factor that differentiates
           brand launch. With his experience, working

                                                                       them from the competition, Nishant Parashar, Director,
           with him has always been very smooth.
                                                                       Engage4More, told ExM that the idea is to create events
                                                                       that create engagement and this is what differentiates them
                                                                       in the industry. He further added that the idea is new so it
      also have incentive plans for employees and take efforts         takes time for it to be accepted, “but the fact that we have
      to motivate them in every way possible, including taking         garnered 18 MNCs in a span of 15 months of business
      employees out for foreign trips,” Singha told ExM.               demonstrates that the idea is garnering acceptability.”

      Besides talent, Line Communications sees finance as a            When it comes to niche agencies in the industry, Everything
      major challenge for new and small agencies. Vohra told           Goes! Communication may not be a new agency given the
      ExM that “we are witnessing lesser money in the market           fact that it has been in business for about seven years.
      and brands are cutting their marketing budgets for events.       However, Vjay Dewan, Chief Creative Guardian, Everything
      This means lesser food on the table and more sharks so
      there is less for everybody. We have been able to retain
      clients because we understand the brand and they are
      happy with our work. When it comes to clients, there are
      two sets of clients – one set that seeks to associate with
      larger agencies and have the budgets to do so, while the
      second set of clients is looking for more creative options
      and is open to associating with newer agencies. There are
      also smaller issues like high attrition rates. Some of the new
      talent join smaller agencies for experience and eventually
      jump ship to larger agencies so retaining talent is also a
      challenge for new agencies.”
                                                                                            Vjay Dewan
      Finding a niche                                                                 Chief Creative Guardian
      The experiential marketing industry comprises of                            Everything Goes! Communication
      numerous verticals and serves a range of segments. While
      an event or experiential marketing agency can create                               “The limitations of
      events or BTL activities for businesses across various                          being an agency with
      industries, sometimes having a specialisation can make                            a niche focus on the
      a significant difference. After all, a general doctor cannot
                                                                                     retail sector include not
      do a cardiologist or a surgeon’s job because it requires a
      specialist skill and experience. Some of the new agencies
                                                                                      having explored other
      in the industry came into existence only for the purpose                      industries or doing more
      of focusing on one particular segment’s needs like Cream                          brand launches, but
      Events, which specialises in the luxury and lifestyle space,                    there are advantages
      or Engage4More, which is in the business of employee                              of being specialised
      engagement and employer branding. These niche agencies                           in a particular sector,
      have their own set of challenges and strategies to address                         especially with the
      them. These challenges range from being restricted to just                         growth in the retail
      one industry to bringing forth a concept so unique that it has                           space.
      to find acceptance.
RNI registration 108290/2010 Postal registration no MH/MR/N/150/MBI/11-13
posted at Mumbai Patrika Channel Sorting Office on every 7th or 8th of the month
ALSO FEATURED                                                           4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 33

      Goes! Communication, gave ExM an insight into how he
      sees the industry from the eyes of a much experienced
      niche agency.

      Everything Goes! Communication is an experiential
      marketing agency with a niche focus on retail. “The
      limitations of being an agency with a niche focus on the
      retail sector include not having explored other industries or
      doing more brand launches, but there are advantages of
      being specialised in a particular sector, especially with the
      growth in the retail space,” Dewan told ExM, adding that the
      advantage of being a niche agency is the specialised focus                              Nishant Parashar
      and the strength of the agency in that area. “Specialisation                                Director
      in one particular area is always great even though there                                 Engage4More
      are lesser revenues. My advice to new agencies is to live
      by the motto of ‘Yes, we can’. Everyone has to go through                             “The experience of
      the grind. Now a days, ideation is not as big a deal as it was                   moving from an agency to
      before, it is the execution that has now become crucial.”                        the client side opened me
      Dewan’s opinion on older, established agencies is that they
                                                                                       to intellectual stimulation.
      are too slow to adapt or evolve. “We have pitched against
                                                                                        I received an insight into
      many older agencies previously and replaced many of
      them because we were willing to adapt.”                                              the decision-making
                                                                                        process that goes behind
      The learning curve                                                               deciding events. Working
      Like in any other business, starting up is always a challenging                    on the client side gives
      task, but it always helps to have some experience in the                           you exposure to a great
      field before making that jump. Some of the entrepreneurs                            amount of intellectual
      in the events and experiential marketing industry came with                                capital.”
      experience from a much established event agency or with
      a client side perspective or both.

      Vohra of Line Communications started up with about 10             and lifestyle segment.”
      years of experience at Wizcraft where he had served as
      Executive Vice President. Expressing his feeling about            Meanwhile, Parashar worked with 360 degrees then moved
      moving from a prominent and massive event agency like             to Standard Chartered prior to starting up Engage4More
      Wizcraft to starting on his own, Vohra said that it is “like      about one and half years back. “The experience of moving
      a captain of a luxury liner being moved to a speed boat. A        from an agency to the client side opened me to intellectual
      lot of times it is fun moving through the choppy sea, there       stimulation. I received an insight into the decision-making
      is a lot liberty and freedom to do things the way you want        process that goes behind deciding events. When you
      to do them, but sometimes you do wish you were sailing            are on the event agency side, you are just looking to sell
      in the luxury liner. It’s a balanced feeling. The experience      events without really understanding the value proposition
      at Wizcraft has helped me a lot and I am grateful for that        behind them, but that is what this experience with the
      experience. I believe that every experience in life is valuable   client side has given me – an understanding of the client’s
      and it gets stored in a drawer somewhere at the back of the       needs. Working on the client side gives you exposure to
      mind and can be opened when you face a similar situation.”        a great amount of intellectual capital,” Parashar told ExM.
                                                                        Talking about leveraging his experience for his own agency,
      Chavan has worked at various corporations for 15 years            Parashar said: “As for moving from the client side to starting
      in different capacities. His last assignment was at Arvind        up on your own, it has been a great journey and I use all
      Brands where he had launched six different international          my learning whether in terms of costing, packaging, pricing
      brands. “Moving from the client side to the event agency          and many more.”
      side was a fantastic move for me. It is an extension of my
      previous role but now instead of giving budgets to event          Being an entrepreneur in the events and experiential
      agencies, I come up with proposals and propose the                marketing industry is like venturing into any other
      required budget to clients,” Chavan told ExM. Expressing          business, there are challenges to face, ideas to execute
      how his client side experience has helped him while               and things to learn everyday. Despite all the challenges
      approaching clients with proposals, Chavan said: “I believe       and risks, entrepreneurship is about creating something
      if the idea or proposal is good and the client is convinced       new and bringing about change, sentiments that reflect
      then there is little chance of any issues with the budget         the significance of the festival of lights. ExM wishes
      arising. My experience in the client side has been very           entrepreneurs of the industry, a happy Diwali and a joyous
      helpful in understanding the needs of clients in the luxury       beginning.
MARKET PULSE                                                       4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 34

      Branding with
                                                                        depth, which means that we can make very interesting
                                                                        graphics by programming one layer in front of the other.
                                                                        For permanent installations, we can build modules which
                                                                        have four or eight layers of programming. The minimum
                                                                        ceiling height required by our Graphical Waterfalls is about
                                                                        15 ft. (4.5 m). The reason for a minimum height is so that
                                                                        viewers will have time to really see the graphics falling. The
                                                                        maximum height is about 60 ft. (18 m)

                                                                        Is there a standard format for this technology or can it
                                                                        be customised?
                                                                        The beauty of the modular system is that the modules
                                                                        can be arranged in many ways. Separate modules can be
                                                                        placed in an area and they can either be programmed to
                                                                        run the same program or different programs. Modules can
                                                                        be arranged in a semi-circle, a circle, the perimeter of a
                                                                        square or a matrix.

                                                                        How can the Graphical Waterfall be used?
      The first three dimensional computer controlled waterfall         The Graphical Waterfall can display corporate logos and
      image was produced in 1977 by Stephen Pevnick                     marketing slogans and words. In a permanent installation,
      on a machine that has evolved into today’s Graphical              we can provide LED lights and a controller to change the
      Waterfall. The first Graphical Waterfall was displayed at
      the International Art Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois, in 1988.
      This technology can be used to display corporate logos
      and marketing slogans using free falling water droplet
      images. The technology has now arrived in India and Red
      Entertainment has been selected to market it. ExM spoke
      with Pevnick to get a better insight into this newly arrived

      What are Graphical Waterfalls and how do they work?
      Graphical Waterfalls are computer controlled waterfalls
      where falling water droplets are programmed to make
      kinetic graphics, slogans, words and logos. Each nine
      water droplets, 3 wide by 3 deep, form a pixel which is the
      smallest element of a picture. Research on the Graphical
      Waterfalls began in 1974 and the first Graphical waterfall
      ran in 1977. It received a design excellence award from the
      Industrial Designers Society in 1983 and began travelling
      to shows in 1989.

      What are the various module sizes that you offer?
      Our standard modules are 4 ft. wide (1.2 m) and you can
      join as many together as you would like. Currently, we have
      three of this type of modules in India, which is sufficient to
      stage a 12 ft. (3.6 m) wide Graphical Waterfall. The standard
      modules have two programmable layers, six nozzles in
MARKET PULSE                                                         4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 35

      colours of specific graphics. The client can also purchase
      a controller that can be synchronized with a DMX lighting
      board or with music using SMPTE.

      Is there a need for having the technical know how to
      operate this product? Where has this technology been
      Our agent in India has been trained by us to be able to
      set up the system and to create shows. We have chosen
      an exciting, young company, Red Entertainment, to market
      our waterfalls in India. They have a 12 ft. wide, two layer,
      Graphical Waterfall and they are ready to set it up for you.

      Our waterfalls have been shown in over 130 exhibits in
      over a dozen countries, including the US, Mexico, England,
      France, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, China, Japan,
      Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Thailand, Guatemala, Greece, Israel
      and Jordan. Clients include: King of Thailand, Kohler,
      Samsung, IBM, Daimler Chrysler, Genentech, Upjohn
      Pharamecia, Glaxo Welcome, Cadillac, General Motors,
      Anheuser Busch, Jones Lange and LaSalle, Outboard
      Marine, Boston Scientific, Wachovia and Toyota.

      Perhaps our most notable shows have been a 24 ft. wide
      two layer deep Graphical Waterfall which was displayed
      for the 60th anniversary of the ascension to the throne of
      the King of Thailand and a 12 ft. wide, eight layer deep,
      50 ft (15 m) high display for Annheuser Busch at the 1996
      Summer Olympics. Both of these displays were seen by
      millions of people.
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      GO LIVE is a platform under the EVENTFAQS umbrella, which              Through a shortlisting process, the final participants crooned
      includes innovative formats of engagement for EVENTFAQS                their hearts out at the finale, which took place on Oct. 22 at
      audiences. The Idea GO LIVE - Corporate Karaoke                        Tryst. Tryst came on-board as the venue partner for the event.
      Challenge was initiated in order to reach out and create a fun
      engagement for corporations across the city of Mumbai. The             The winning team of Idea GO LIVE was Affinity Hostway
      property saw the active engagement of over 26 corporations             while Valentino Victorio from Affinity Hostway took home the
      through a three month-long initiative. Sharing EVENTFAQS               title of Best Male Singer and Neha Pinto from Web 18 took
      belief in a fun format to take your brand message to a variety         home the title of Best Female Singer. Another popular award
      of corporations, Idea Cellular associated with the platform as         of the evening was the best Duet, which was swiped by Anuj
      the title sponsor. The property had co-sponsors in ICICI Bank          and Anand from Affinity Hostway. The Best Cheering Team
      Salary Accounts and Sky Waltz Hot Air Balloon Safari.                  was won hands down by Angel Broking. Ravindra Aras from
                                                                             CEAT/RPG was declared the Most Popular Performer of the
                                     Commenting         on        the        day.
                                     association with the GO LIVE -
                                     Corporate Karaoke Challenge,            Shilpa Rao was the star celebrity judge for the finale. Shawn
                                     Jay Sharma, Senior Manager              Perriera and Mario had been judging the challenge since
                                     – Marketing, Idea said: “The            the initial stages. The event was hosted by Sheena Chohan
                                     Idea GO LIVE - Corporate                and featured performances by the band Echoes and the
                                     Karaoke Challenge proved to             entertainment group act ‘Illuminati’. The event was also
                                     be extremely useful and was             graced by model Viraf Patel and TV personality Gunjan Walia.
                                     a well-executed activity for the
                                     brand. It was useful because            The prizes up for grabs included an all expenses paid trip
      it helped us reach out to the young mobile corporate. And              to Jaipur for the SkyWaltz hot air balloon experience for the
      well done because EVENTFAQS produced the entire activity               winning team; merchandize by Provogue, Esprit, Shaze and
      superbly. Idea not only managed to reach out as a brand, but           much more. The finale also featured a style zone by Provogue
      the activity also helped us to give demos for Idea netsetter           with their latest collection on showcase.
      and the Idea 3G services.”
                                                                             The fnale was managed and executed by Sheer Management
      The initiative concluded on a high note, with 26 corporations          with SNL Pro and VideoWaves handling the event technical.
      battling it out for the coveted GO LIVE title! The activity began      High Street Phoenix was the Live Experience partner,
      close to two months ago with auditions being held at each of           E Positive engaged the celebrities for the event. The event
      the participating corporation’s office. Sheer Management and           was supported by the Event and Entertainment Management
      D&D Promoters (Karaoke Technicals) managed this phase of               Association (EEMA).
      the activity.
                                                                               An initiative of                Supported by


                                                                                Celebrity Judge - Shilpa Rao
                     Viraf Patel with Sheena Chohan

                    Winning Team - Affinity Hostway
                                                                      Best Singer Female - Neha Pinto from Web 18

                       Performance by Illuminati
                                                                     Best Duet - Anuj and Anand from Affinity Hostway

                     Performance by The Echoes

                                                                Host: Sheena Chohan - sheenachohan@hotmail.
                                                                com - 9987400967 | The Echoes: Shawn Pereira -
                                                       - 09987085379 | Illuminati:
                                                                Kartikeya     Ranga   -  -
                                                                09920035591 | Sheer Management: Ajay Prajapati
                                                                - - 09004055150 | Sound
                                                                & Lights Professionals: Manish Mawani - manish@
                                                       - 9820134780 | Tryst: Rihad
                                                                Mistry - - 09820521110 | High
                                                                Street Phoenix: Akshay Menon - akshaymenon@
                                                       - 09769092771 | D&D
                                                                Promoters (Karaoke) Reema -
                                                                - 9820943272
            Best Singer Male - Victorio from Affinity Hostway
MARKET PULSE                                                         4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 41

      NOET’s ParaForest Forces Programme
      By Avishkar Tendle, Managing Trustee, NOET

                                                                      hurdles they would pose. By the summer of 2012, we
                                                                      will launch a continuous sustainable programme in
                                                                      conjunction with Mumbaikars for Sanjay Gandhi National
                                                                      Park, an initiative of the park, headed by Sunil Limaye,
                                                                      Chief Conservator of Forest.

                                                                      We will be concentrating on the various parts of the Sanjay
                                                                      Gandhi National park i.e. Borivali Section, Yeur Section
                                                                      and the Manpada Section. As each of these sections
                                                                      has a different entry point to the national park, its tourist
                                                                      population and demographics differ drastically.

                                                                      Even corporations can participate in this programme. The
                                                                      aim of this initiative is to create various projects that can
                                                                      be sponsored and adopted by corporations as part of their
                                                                      CSR initiative. We will create various branding opportunities
                                                                      such as wildlife posters, banners and signages,
                                                                      along with wildlife-based art installations, recreational
                                                                      adventure activities, showcasing of awareness videos,
                                                                      and installing information placards, dustbins and other
                                                                      such paraphernalia. Once we determine all the feasible
                                                                      options, we will try and customize each micro-project
                                                                      and make sure it is a perfect fit to the organisation’s PR
                                                                      campaign, positioning and CSR needs.
      The Natura Outdoor Education Trust (NOET) launched
      the maiden initiative of the ParaForest Forces Programme
      in October with a dam-building drive in the core area of
      the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. The initiative
      saw almost 80 volunteers from the Terence Lewis
      Academy and Global Vision Classes pitching in to help
      build a check dam on a stream deep inside the forests of
      the park.

      The ParaForest Forces Programme was born from the
      various independence clean-up drives that we have
      organised in the past. It began with the I-Day Trash Day,
      which is a clean-up marathon that used to be organised
      on Independence Day and is now held on Oct. 2. Other
      similar pilot programs have been run in the past, ranging
      from clean-up drives, mountaineering workshops, and
      mapping and GPS workshops for the forest department,
      GPS forest trail mapping, forest fire management, and
      volunteers for crowd, noise and litter patrol.

      All of these culminated in the ParaForest Forces
      Programme, which aims to bring passionate and
      enthusiastic ordinary citizens together with environmental
      experts, field ecologists and scientists to form groups that
      are entrusted with the scientific monitoring of the national
      park. This initiative mimics hundreds of such movements
      across the world, where citizens have volunteered into
      systematic scientific monitoring programmes that fights
      for the conservation of a rich habitat.

      We plan to run a few more pilot programmes to ascertain
      the feasibility of such programmes and the logistical
IN FOCUS                                                               4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 42

       Countdown to NH7 Weekender
       2011 begins
       By Shweta Ramsay
                                     “If music be the food of love,     festivals, but I think the organisation of it is up to a very high
                                     play on,” said the greatest        standard, certainly up to the UK standards for a medium
                                     playwright of all time William     sized festival. The standard of staging, equipment, facilities
                                     Shakespeare. Add           150     and staff are really excellent and comparable with the best
                                     artists, 75 pre-parties, six       in Europe. Budd and I, our job is mainly to advice on the
                                     stages and three days of           artists that could be available to come to India, liaise with
                                     non-stop,     unprecedented        their agents and help make the bookings possible.”
                                     music and you have the
                                     Bacardi NH7 Weekender.             Bigger and Better
                                                                        Commenting on version 2.0 of NH7 Weekender, Nair said:
      Only Much Louder (OML) brings back the multi genre music          “Only Much Louder and Bacardi are pulling out all the stops
      festival that created a stir in India with its premier edition    to bring back the magical experience we delivered to artists
      last year. Organisers of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender have           and fans, and to even take it to the next level. Our ambition
      challenged that if last year was memorable, this year             was never to follow the model of any other event or create
      they plan to take audiences a step further. The festival is       the largest music festival. It’s about creating an experience
      scheduled to take place from Nov. 18 to 20 at Magarpatta          that people will perhaps remember as the happiest festival
      City in Pune. The three-day music festival is an initiative       and look forward to it. This year, we have more number
      of Motherswear, Only Much Louder’s festival division, in          of artists, several alternative acts, more promotions and
      collaboration with Stephen Budd, founder of Stephen Budd          we aim to deliver an enhanced experience to our fans.
      Management, and Martin Elbourne, who books artists for            The festival this time will also include music and tattoo
      one of the world’s biggest festivals Glastonbury. A majority      convention titled Tattoo Republic.”
      of the event production and all technical aspects for the
      event are managed by SNL Professionals.                           Tattoo Republic will be the first tattoo convention by artists,
                                                                        for the artists. Featuring over 45 stalls, nine international
      NH7 Weekender: The Origin                                         artists and 17 Indian artists, the convention will be a melting
      Like every other major project, Bacardi NH7 Weekender             pot of the different tattoo cultures from across India and the
      too started out with like-minded people having the                globe. It will be the place for tattoo artists to network with
      same passion and vision coming together. Bacardi NH7              each other, aiming to create an artist community for Indian
      Weekender is a festival where the best of Indian talent           tattoo artists. The convention will be a one-stop-shop to
      alongside excellent international alternative acts are            meet some of the best tattoo artists in the industry.
      showcased. It has taken two years of hard work to put this
      together to give audiences an amazing experience last

      Commenting on the festival, Vijay Nair, CEO, Only Much
      Louder said: “Having been to several festivals abroad, I felt
      there was a need for a true music festival experience in
      India. Thus, Bacardi NH7 Weekender was initiated and we
      planned to develop this property into an annual event.”

      Commenting on the association with Only Much Louder
      and launching of the property, Stephen Budd, Co- Founder,
      Bacardi NH7 Weekender said: “I have spent a lot of time                                 Vijay Nair, CEO
                                                                                             Only Much Louder
      in India and have been inspired by the range of wonderful
      rock, dance and indie music. I also quickly realized that
      in spite of all this, not enough UK artists were coming to                       “Having been to several
      India to experience it for themselves. Thus, along with Vijay                     festivals abroad, I felt
      Nair and Martin Elbourne, I co-founded the Bacardi NH7                         there was a need for a true
      Weekender music festival.”
                                                                                     music festival experience in
      Comparing music festivals overseas, Elbourne stated: “The
      three-day festival is unique as compared to international
IN FOCUS                                                              4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 43

                                                                      Commenting on the buzz the festival has generated in the
                                                                      international market and international promotions, Martin
                                                                      Elbourne, Co-Founder, Bacardi NH7 Weekender said: “It’s
                                                                      still early days for NH7 internationally. Certainly now the
                                                                      UK agents are aware of the festival and we hope that some
                                                                      will attend this year. We have been speaking to agents and
                                                                      managers in the UK, Canada and the US, of course this is
                                                                      about what artists we may be able to get to come to play at
                                                                      NH7. With regards to music fans coming to India to attend
                                                                      NH7, we talk to UK journalists and blogs about the festival
                           Stephen Budd,                              and are running competitions. It is a new idea for the UK/
                            Co- Founder                               US music fans to travel to India for a festival, but we hope
                       Bacardi NH7 Weekender                          that after this year, we will be able to really put Bacardi NH7
                                                                      Weekender on the same music map as other international
                   “I have spent a lot of time                        festivals.”
                     in India and have been
                    inspired by the range of                          Technically Speaking
                   wonderful rock, dance and                          This time the Bacardi NH7 Weekender will have six stages.
                                                                      Each stage will feature a different genre of music and
                          indie music.”
                                                                      experience that will truly bring to life the ideology behind
                                                                      Dewar’s, Bacardi Black and Eristoff from the house of
                                                                      Bacardi. Three stages have been revealed so far.
      Tattoo Republic will feature guest international artists
      such as Darrin White (USA), Larry Brogan (USA), John            Arvind Krishnan, Director, Marketing, Bacardi India, said:
      Montgomery (USA) and Jesus Cabanas aka ‘Sala’ (Spain).          “Bacardi has a strong belief that great things happen when
                                                                      people get together and Bacardi NH7 Weekender is a true
      Heavy promotions are being done through a 360 degree            affirmation of that belief. It’s a perfect experiential platform
      campaign. 75 pre-parties are being held in eight cities. Nair   for our portfolio of brands - Bacardi Black, Eristoff Vodka
      said: “We are doing a lot of digital and online promotions.     and Dewar’s scotch that have dedicated stages to provide
      This allows us to reach out to our target audience aptly.       an experience true to its brand style. Overwhelmed by last
      Also, since the festival is taking place just a day post the    year’s response, participation and support, Bacardi brings
      Nokia Music Connects initiative we are expecting a lot of       you another unforgettable year at Bacardi NH7 where
      industry experts, professionals and agents to attend the        acclaimed international and home grown talent will come
      Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2011.”                                    together for stellar music performances.”

                          Martin Elbourne,                                                 Arvind Krishnan,
                            Co- Founder                                                  Director - Marketing
                       Bacardi NH7 Weekender                                                 Bacardi India

                     “The three-day festival is                                     “It’s a perfect experiential
                      unique as compared to                                          platform for our portfolio
                    international festivals, but                                    of brands - Bacardi Black,
                      I think the organisation                                      Eristoff Vodka and Dewar’s
                      of it is up to a very high                                   scotch that have dedicated
                     standard, certainly up to                                         stages to provide an
                       the UK standards for a                                      experience true to its brand
                      medium sized festival.”                                                  style. ”
IN FOCUS                                                                4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 45

      The Dewarists Stage: The Dewarists Stage will offer the           plan every aspect of the event. Our challenge is to execute
      best of world, folk and eclectic music created by inspirational   a flawless event in spite of the fact that our team will be
      artists, who are part of The Dewarists movement. The              working day and night prior and during the actual event. We
      festival’s international headlining act, Imogen Heap from         will be programming and saving settings of each and every
      the UK will perform on this stage. Other artists who will be      artist who will be performing on each stage. We took a lot of
      performing at the Dewarist stage include Soulmate, Dhruv,         learning from the last year and have tried to improve this year
      Raghu Dixit, Hipnotribe, Swarathma, Papon and The East            and make the event more interactive.”
      India Company, among others.
                                                                        Festival gets Bindass
      Eristoff Wolves Den: Eristoff will present high-energy            A significant part for any event is its sponsor and partner
      performances at the Eristoff Wolves Den featuring live            associations. Although Bacardi NH7 Weekender is hugely
      electronica and dance music. The festival’s second                sponsored by Bacardi India, this year UTV Bindass has
      international headlining act, Basement Jaxx, will play house      joined hands with the music festival organisers and will be
      music. The other artists performing at this stage include Sky     partnering the event. Commenting on why UTV Bindass
      Rabbit – formerly Medusa, Bay Beat Collective, B.R.E.E.D.,        has associated with a music festival, Kunal Mukherjee,
      Dualist Inquiry, Midival Punditz, Jalebee Cartel, Shaa’ir +       Vice President – Marketing, UTV Broadcasting said: “With
      Func, Bobby Friction (London), DJ Nihal (London) and Riz          increasing clutter in advertising across mass media it is
      MC (London).

      Bacardi Black Rock Arena: With an underground grunge feel,
      this stage features the best Indian rock and metal acts in the
      country. Some of the bands that will perform at this stage
      include Metal act Skyharbou, Goddess Gagged, Scribe,
      Bhayanak Maut, Demonic Resurrection, Blakc, The Circus,
      Menwhopause, Motherjane and Tough on Tobacco.

      Speaking about the selection of the artists who will be
      performing at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Nair said: “The
      entire artist selection process is overseen by us. Since we are
                                                                                             Kunal Mukherjee,
      in tune with the music scene in India and we know what our
                                                                                         Vice President - Marketing
      audiences would like to hear we take full charge of deciding
                                                                                              UTV Broadcasting
      which bands or new artists will be part of our festival.”
                                                                                          “A brand experience
      Commenting on the production aspects of the event, Manish
      Mavani, Director, SNL Professionals said: “We manage
                                                                                           for the consumers
      all technical and production aspects of the Bacardi NH7                             not only allow those
      Weekender. This year we have had almost 11 months to                                exposed to feel and
                                                                                         understand what your
                                                                                        brand stands for but also
                                                                                         word of mouth spread
                                                                                        via positive experiences
                                                                                         leads to growth of the
                                                                                            brand’s equity. ”

                                                                         becoming essential to talk to your consumer directly. A brand
                                                                         experience for the consumers not only allow those exposed
                                                                         to feel and understand what your brand stands for but also
                           Manish Mavani                                 word of mouth spread via positive experiences leads to
                              Director                                   growth of the brand’s equity. Associating with a music festival
                           SNL Profesionals                              by creating experiences within the festival would thus benefit
                                                                         a brand versus pure sponsorship which is an emerging trend
                          “We will be                                    and has a lower ROI. Thus, we have associated with the
                       programming and                                   Bacardi NH7 Weekender.”
                     saving settings of each
                                                                         Commenting about the future of the event, Stephen Budd
                     and every artist who will
                                                                         said: “We truly hope this year the festival will be a very happy
                     be performing on each
                                                                         one! I think that we can grow this festival substantially each
                             stage. ”                                    year and also look to take it to other cities in India and who
                                                                         knows, Sri Lanka?”
IN FOCUS                                                                4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 46

      Panasonic India seeks the
      ‘Face of Beauty’
       By Shweta Ramsay

      Panasonic India is giving young girls the chance to walk           is to create activation spaces where we find the apt target
      to stardom with its ‘Face of Beauty’ campaign and turn             audience for this product segment.”
      their dreams into reality. The Face of Beauty campaign is a
      hunt organised to find three fresh faces and give them the         Speaking about the association with Panasonic India and
      opportunity to be featured in Panasonic Beauty’s upcoming          the Face of Beauty campaign, Poonam Lal, Managing
      TV commercial. The entire campaign will also be telecast           Director, Marketing Solutions said: “Marketing Solutions
      as a reality show on MTV in February 2012. The ‘Face of            has had a long standing relationship with Panasonic. We
      Beauty’ campaign comprises of several mall activations             have managed several events for them and will continue
      and college activation programs. All the on-ground aspects         to do so. Through the Face of Beauty campaign, the client
      of the initiative are being managed by Marketing Solutions.        wanted people to experience the product in a manner
                                                                         that would create a lasting association and a high brand
      A face to launch a thousand ships                                  recall for Panasonic Beauty. Our responsibilities included
      Panasonic Beauty is a small product category segment
      that comprises of self grooming and beauty products. This
      segment was launched by Panasonic in India earlier in this
      year in the month of April. The category products broadly
      cover face care, skin care and hair care products.

      Commenting on the objective of the Face of Beauty
      campaign, Manish Sharma, Director - Marketing and
      Sales, Panasonic India said: “There are three objectives
      to the ‘Face of Beauty’ campaign. One is to create
      awareness about Panasonic Beauty - the new range of
      personal grooming products from Panasonic. Second, is
      to engage people through product experience, giving them
      the touch and feel of the product. Finally, the third objective
IN FOCUS                                                              4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 47

      developing the concept, content, design, fabrication of         manned by professional hair stylists and make up people
      stalls, and execution of the entire campaign on-ground.         from VLCC, a leading salon chain. Women in the age group
      We were also endowed with the responsibility of finding         of 18 to 30 years were approached and informed about the
      the right television partner, in this case MTV, and jointly     contest. Applicants were allowed to register themselves
      working on the content and production for the on-air show.      and be a part of the ‘Face of Beauty’ campaign. The zone
      We played a vital role in formalizing the deal between the      has trained stylists and make-up artists who use Panasonic
      brand and the channel.”                                         Beauty products to give the participants a new look. Post

      The road to fame
      Auditions for ‘Face of Beauty’ were being held across six
      cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and
      Hyderabad – from Sept. 10 to Oct. 9, across 15 malls and
      15 colleges. Commenting on the activations, Lal said:
      “The complete activity module and set was designed by
      Marketing Solutions for the Face of Beauty campaign.
      Unique experience zones with an intelligent design that
      accommodated a product display zone and a live product
      experience zone were set up. So, while people can touch
      and feel the products and see the range, they can also
      experience how easy the products are to use at home. We                             Manish Sharma,
      charted a simple road map listing the products’ objectives.                    Director - Marketing Sales
                                                                                           Panasonic India
      The two objectives of creating curiosity and engaging
      people through product experience were easy to achieve.
      The beauty contest added to the excitement among the                            “The importance of
      participants and many looked forward to it with aspirational                   connecting with and
      gratification.”                                                                engaging consumers
                                                                                       is increasing, since
      At the selected malls and colleges, Panasonic Beauty                            the penetration and
      experience zones were set up. The set was trendy, youthful,                   awareness of the beauty
      bright, eye catching and multi faceted. It had a contemporary                  products category is
      design divided aesthetically into product display area and
                                                                                         lower in India.”
      a large demo area. The product demonstration area was
                                                           RNI registration 108290/2010 Postal registration no MH/MR/N/150/MBI/11-13
                                                           posted at Mumbai Patrika Channel Sorting Office on every 7th or 8th of the month

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Our involvement begins right from Conceptualizing, Designing, Logistic coordination, Hospitality Management,

                   organizing entertainment and execution to venue management Globally.

                                  Sheer aims to serve client from One Roof.

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                                                                                                                         TO CH

                                             romot   ion
                                     Brand P

                                Mumbai • Delhi • Bengaluru • Ahmedabad • Vapi
IN FOCUS                                                               4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 49

                                                                        dozen. And the psychograph of the target audience says
                                                                        they have a short memory. We had to address both the
                                                                        issues. Creating Panasonic Face of Beauty as a distinct
                                                                        property and not a run of the mall promotion was the big
                                                                        challenge. We had to also ensure that the contest was
                                                                        executed in the way it was conceived without cutting
                                                                        corners. We had to give it the edge of credibility, which
                                                                        fortunately came from the brand itself. And what added
                                                                        weight was the association with MTV, a channel that today’s
                                                                        youth identifies with, and the VJ’s who travelled to all the
                             Poonam Lal                                 cities to host the challenge at various activity venues.”
                          Managing Direcor
                          Marketing Solutions                           Commenting on the need to go on-air, Sharma added: “The
                                                                        importance of connecting with and engaging consumers
                       “Creating Panasonic                              is increasing. The penetration and awareness of the
                        Face of Beauty as a                             beauty products category is lower in India unlike in other
                       distinct property and                            developing countries. Hence, branded shows add to this,
                       not a run of the mall                            by creating top of the mind space in the consumer minds.
                                                                        Given that one finds large chunks of audiences hooked
                      promotion was the big
                                                                        on to one television channel or the other, the medium also
                                                                        offers specific psychographic of audience to target through
                                                                        branded shows. Thus, we decided to associate with a
                                                                        television channel and feature Panasonic Face of Beauty
      this, the participants walk the ramp and have themselves          as a reality show which will allow participation through an
      photographed by professional photographers. The pictures          audience that was engaged in activity designed around the
      were then uploaded onto a micro site created for the              product. And over a period, we hope the show can become
      contest.                                                          a brand property, in the process building brand equity too.”

      To add a glamour factor, hourly fashion shows at these            The Panasonic Face of Beauty will be an annual property of
      malls and colleges, where models walked the ramp                  Panasonic Beauty now onwards.
      carrying Panasonic Beauty products was organised. Post
      this, the anchor had a small interaction with the crowds,
      and winners walked away with exciting custom designed
      Face of Beauty freebies.

      Sharma added: “A combination of online voting and jury
      selection by Jacqeline Fernandes, Kajal Aggarwal and
      Koyel Mullik, will decide the final 12 contestants. Two
      finalists from each city will be chosen and the 12 finalists
      will be part of the grand finale. These contestants would go
      on to battle it out in an on-air show on MTV. The final three
      winners of the contest will get the opportunity to be featured
      in Panasonic Beauty’s upcoming TVC.”

      The grand finale of the hunt will be held in November, as an
      on-ground event in Mumbai. The entire initiative will then be
      telecast on MTV as a reality show titled Panasonic Face of
      Beauty by Valentine’s Day in February.

      A face to remember
      For the activation, five fabricated sets were used across
      the 30 activity locations. The set mostly used lot of whites
      against fuchsias and purples as these colours represent
      Panasonic Beauty. Since the auditions would form a part
      of the TV show, it was made sure that the set never lost
      its freshness and sheen. So for each location, the entire
      acrylic surfaces were changed and replaced.

      Elaborating on the other challenges faced while executing
      the campaign, Lal stated: “Beauty contests are a dime a
IN FOCUS                                                                4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 50

      Percept gets artsy with Percept Art
      By Shachi Tapiawala
                                                                                       across the world. In the next few months,
                                                                                       Percept Art will host art tours for Ajay Gulati
                                                                                       in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Goa. The tour
                                                                                       will be an exclusive preview of the artist’s work
                                                                                       who made it big not only in India but in the
                                                                                       international art arena too.

                                                                                     Percept Group feels that in India and overseas
                                                                                     art is an institution in itself and Percept Art sees
                                                                                     a lot of untapped potential that needs to be
                                                                                     explored to enhance the business of art across
                                                                                     the country and the globe. Art has always been
                                                                                     viewed and purchased as a commodity, but
                                                                                     through this initiative, Percept aims to convert
                                                                                     art from a commodity into an experience. The
                                                                                     contemporary Indian art market is valued at
                                                                                     $400 million which represents just 1 per cent
                                                                                     of the $40 billion international art market. The
                                                                                     interest in art is further corroborated by the
                 Shailendra Singh, Jt. MD, Percept with artist Ajay Gulati
                                                                                     statistics that there were over 70,000 visitors
      Percept Art is a new initiative from the Percept Group that      at the Indian Art Summit held recently in Delhi and the
      brings together expressions and visions of artists from all      fact that the Indian art auction market now stands at $150
      corners of the country. Every year, Percept Art will present     million, a phenomenal rise from $52 million. All these facts
      a wide spectrum of creativity from contemporary art and          prove the untapped potential for the contemporary Indian
      design encompassing paintings, sculptures, photography,          art market which gave rise to ‘Percept Art’.
      moving images, murals and priceless antique memorabilia.
      The first artist to be promoted under this wing is Ajay Gulati.  Throwing some light on the USP which differentiates
      Percept Art has designed an avant-garde promotional              Percept Art from other art exhibitions, Singh added: “Art is an
      campaign through a world tour that will exhibit his works in     experience that will be cherished among consumers world
      London, Munich, Zurich, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Cape Town.          over and Percept’s know how will give it a cutting edge.
                                                                       Ajay Gulati’s work revolves around light and this excited
      This medium aims to be a platform where an artist’s visions,     Percept, as light is very symbolic in nature, showcasing the
      designs and creations will be showcased and retailed to art      art of playing with light on a canvas is innovative.”
      connoisseurs and aficionados across the world. Percept
      Art will manage all marketing, financial, administrative and     Shedding some light on his works and the exhibition, Ajay
      other diverse needs of the artist in their respective domain.    Gulati said: “The dominant role played by light and color
                                                                       leaves an ever lasting impression on my mind. The essential
      Commenting on the idea behind this initiative, Shailendra        purpose of great art is that while it promises to bring solace
      Singh, Joint Managing Director, Percept Ltd. said: “An artist    to the mind and body, it sets the spirit free to fulfil its highest
      needs the right platform to get noticed and appreciated and      purpose. Percept understands the visualization of an artist.
      that is exactly what Percept Art will be offering their talents. Art brings the value of good education in my understanding.
      Percept Art is all set to revolutionize the way art will be      This exhibition was created differently and was showcased
      perceived in India and across the globe. At Percept Group        as a show on an AV. I would not compare Percept and other
      we have learned to convert commodities into experiences.         companies as to who is superior, but I would say everyone
      Over the past decade, we have become aware of the                can pick up a paint brush and call himself an artist. There
      importance of art and the experience of enjoying art in one’s    has been a trend of art galleries and organizations which
      life. Ajay Gulati has spent years understanding the physical     are developed to support art.”
      world around him which included exhaustive studies and
      observations through isometric and perspective drawings          Percept claims to have always created experiences that are
      which helped him to explore the third dimension on a two         bigger and better, with Sunburn as the biggest electronic
      dimensional surface.”                                            dance music festival in Asia and Goa Super Sixes as the
                                                                       biggest in corporate cricket tournaments. Percept Art might
      For Percept Art to grow, a holistic 360 degree model             just end up becoming another feather in Percept’s crowded
      covering all aspects of exposure for the artist including        hat of achievements, as a platform that offers art not as a
      exhibitions, road shows, art tours and a diverse array of        commodity, but as an experience for both the artist and the
      marketing and promotional campaigns will be conducted            consumer.
IN FOCUS                                                               4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 51

      MAA GLOBES felicitates the best
      of the best in promotion marketing
                                                       For over 45     Every year, Gold, Silver and Bronze winning campaigns
                                                       years, the      from MAA Worldwide partners compete in the GLOBES
                                                       Marketing       Programme and are evaluated by an international judging
                                                       Agencies        panel of 150 members representing clients, agencies,
                                                       Association     the media, industry organisations and academia across
                                                       Worldwide       23 countries. The 26th annual MAA GLOBES Award
                                                       ( M A A         Ceremony at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, Rio de Janeiro
                                                       Worldwide)      witnessed the announcement of 48 GLOBES, Silver and
                                                       has     been    Bronze Certificates and Orders of Merit in 16 categories.
      dedicated to meeting the interests and ambitions of CEOs,
      Presidents, Managing Directors and Principals of top             US-based Arc Worldwide was deemed the 2011 Best of
      marketing services agencies around the world. Through            the Best in the World winner in the 26th MAA Worldwide
      MAA, marketing leaders meet to discuss, debate and share         GLOBES Recognition Programme for their campaign for
      techniques to solve operational problems in business and         client Walgreens, ‘Arm Yourself for the Ones You Love’.
      forecast market changes. Populated as it is by the crème-        The campaign repositioned flu shots as selfless acts and
      de-la-crème of the marketing world, membership in MAA            inspired people to stop procrastinating and get their flu
      Worldwide is limited to a select group. Potential members        shots at Walgreens. Heart shaped bandages were provided
      are invited to join the organization based on their reputation   to mothers to write the names of the people she was
      and achievements, their integrity and their unbiased             protecting by getting their flu shot. The campaign inspired
      consultative vs. supplier approach to their work.                5.4 million people to get their flu shot in just five weeks.

      As part of their commitment to excellence, the MAA               Paying tribute to the quality of entries received this year,
      GLOBES Recognition Programme was established 26                  Mike Da Silva, VP Marketing, MAA GLOBES, Sydney,
      years ago to acknowledge the best of the best in the             Australia said: “The quality of the 2011 entries reflected the
      world in promotion marketing. This was established in            consolidation in promotion marketing with greatly increased
      partnership with industry organisations in the US (PMAA          budgets and execution, spanning all available techniques
      REGGIES), Canada (PROMO Awards), UK (IPM Awards),                and disciplines, particularly throughout Asia. The highlights
      Argentina (CAMPRO Awards), Australia and New Zealand             of the 2011 programme were the domination by the US with
      (APMA Stars), Asia (The PMAA Dragons), Brazil (AMPRO             four GLOBES and the Best of the Best in the World. Brazil
      Globes), Russia (Silver Mercurys), Israel (Globes) and           returned to the winner’s circle with two GLOBES, and new
      Japan (JPM Awards).                                              GLOBES winners were Ukraine and Taiwan.”

                                   The event also saw the              industry in Australia, across Asia and globally. Mike is a past
                                   induction of Da Silva of            president of MAA Worldwide and was personally responsible
                                   MDSA Promotion Marketing,           for creating the highly successful Academic Challenge
                                   Australia, into the MAA Hall        program as part of the admirable leadership role he played
                                   of Fame before a capacity           in the development and management of the MAA Globes
                                   crowd of his global peers.          Awards, as we know them today. In short, Mike represents
                                   Leading into the induction,         one of the best of the best in our industry.”
                                   David Ploughman, President,
                                   MAA Worldwide said: “This           This award takes its place among Da Silva’s existing
                                   lifetime achievement award          accolades like the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award from
                                   goes to an individual whose         the Australian Promotion Marketing Industry, International
                                   character,        professional      Promotion Marketer of the Year, Brand Leader Achievement
                                   standing       and      career      from the Asia Brand Congress, and a Global Super Achiever
                                   achievements        epitomise       Award from the Indira Gandhi University, India.
                                   the qualities and ideals that
                                   best reflect the standards          Next year will be Da Silva’s 20th as an MAA member. He is
                                   our members strive to attain.       a past president of MAA Worldwide and for 12 years was the
                                   Mike has a proven track             IEVP for Asia Pacific. In 2005, he became VP Marketing for
                                   record of personal success          the GLOBES Programme and, in 2007 he launched the MAA
                                   over his long career. He has        Worldwide Global Academic Challenge to recognise young
      played a major role within the marketing communications          marketers globally.

                   Harley Rock Riders
                   Season Two
                   Harley Rock Riders Season Two, a property
                   conceptualised jointly by Harley Davidson
                   motorcycles and Rolling Stone Magazine, saw
                   the band, Half Step Down perform in Mumbai,
                   Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad along with
                   other popular bands like Split, Thermal and
                   a Quarter, and Parikrama. The grand finale
                   marking the culmination of the tour was held in
                   Delhi on Oct. 1 at the Tal Katora Indoor Stadium.

           India International
           The India International Regatta (IIR) was held in the Bay
           of Bengal, off the Chennai Port from Oct. 2 to 9. The event
           was organised by the Yachting Association of India (YAI),
           hosted by the Tamil Nadu Sailing Association (TNSA) and
           conducted by the Chennai Sailing Academy (CSA). The
           entire event was managed internally by YAI.

            In order to celebrate the art, design and speed of
            high-end cars, Bellset Entertainment organised
            ‘SuperCar’ at The Claridges in Delhi. SuperCar is
            an event that provides a one-of-a-kind platform for
            high end luxury car owners and aficionados to come
            together and share their passion for these vehicles.
            Some of the automobiles that were featured in the
            show included Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches,
            Maseratis, Audis, Mercedes, Bentleys, Rolls Royce
            Phantoms, BMWs and Aston Martins.

           Globus Style Awards
           The second edition of the Globus Style Awards was
           organised at the Hilton Hotel in Chennai on Oct. 7.
           The event is a property jointly owned by Globus and
           Beep. A total of 36 awards were given away during
           the awards function, which was attended by over
           500 people. Chennai-based Yodhakka was roped
           in to set the tone of the night with a high energy
           percussion act.

                Max Miss Bangalore
                Dream Merchants organised and managed Max
                Miss Bangalore 2011, the grand finale of which took
                place at Hotel Lalit Ashok in Bengaluru on Oct. 7.
                Max was the title sponsor for the event, while the
                other sponsors included TVS Streaks and DNA
                After Hours. The event also featured a fashion
                show, Max Fall 2011, which was organised and
                choreographed by Sheetal Sharma.

                 EEMA North
                 celebrates Diwali
                 An EEMA North Zone Diwali bash was thrown at
                 CIBO, in Hotel Janpath, New Delhi on Oct. 29. The
                 party was open to all EEMA members and their
                 families. The entertainment included performances
                 by Vinod Thakur and Sandeep Batra, along with a
                 violin symphony, laser acts and a fireworks display.

                                             Players of Mumbai’s
                                             marketing,        events
                                             and       entertainment
                                             industry were out in
                                             full force at the Fat Cat
                                             Kitchen & Bar on Oct.
                                             19 for the inaugural
                                             edition of the EEMA
                                             and       EVENTFAQS
                                             initiative, E Nights.

                       Miller High presents E Nights saw the house
                       rocking to the tunes of Bombay Bassment,
                       which was the opening act, followed by an
                       action-packed set by DJ Praveen Nair.

                       The next E Nights is scheduled for
                       Wednesday, November 23 at Fat Cat Kitchen
                       & Bar. The event is open to every one from
                       the event & entertainment industry. Partners
                       to the event are Team Rustic & SOUND.
GLIMPSES                                       4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 67

Goa Super Sixes
The third edition of the annual Goa Super
Sixes cricket tournament took place from
Oct. 7 to Oct. 9 at the Taj Exotica in Goa.
Launched in 2009, Goa Super Sixes
is a Percept intellectual property. The
tournament featured top corporations from
around the world coming together for an
action-packed event that combined the
game of cricket and the ambience of Goa.

                                              Diwali Rishton Ki
                                              Cineyug Worldwide managed an event, ‘Diwali
                                              Rishton Ki Mithas’ for Star plus at Filmcity in
                                              Mumbai. Star Parivaar members came together
                                              and celebrated Diwali together, while 55 parivaar
                                              members performed in different acts. Shahrukh
                                              Khan and Kareena Kapoor were part of the finale,
                                              which was a ‘chamak chalo’ act.
GLIMPSES                                                        4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 68

           Mercedes-Benz Best
           Dressed Show
           Every year, People Magazine comes up with a special
           edition titled ‘India’s Best Dressed’, which showcases India’s
           best dressed celebrities. This year, in celebration of this
           edition, an on-ground event titled ‘Mercedes-Benz Best
           Dressed Show’ was organised by People Magazine. The
           event, managed by Seventy EMG, was held at Grand Hyatt
           in Mumbai on Oct. 8 and was attended by 500 people.
 GLIMPSES                                                      4 August 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 55
                                                            4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 69
                                                                  4 June 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 61

              +919810119989 |

            Harley Rock                                       Hero Tahiliani Ma Pa
                                                             Tarun Sa Re GaBridal
            Riders Season 2                                   Li’l Champs Finale
                                                             Couture Exposition
            Harley Rock Riders, a property                     Zee TV organised the Hero Tahiliani Bridal
                                                             The third season of the Tarun Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l
            conceptualised jointly by Harley Davidson        Couture Exposition (TTBCE) is taking place
                                                               Champs grand finale at the Surat International
            motorcycles and Rolling Stone Magazine, is         Exhibition and of July and Centre In Oct. 1 in
                                                             over the months ConventionAugust. on Mumbai,
            back with season two. The tour, from May 5       the event was held at the Four Seasons Hotel
                                                               Surat. Finalists Azmat Hussain, Salman Ali and Nitin
            to October 1, will see the band, Half Step         Kumar, 23 to 25. This year, TTBCE went the
                                                             from July competed against each other andto winner
            Down perform in four Indian cities along with      was felicitated by Bollywood and Shah Rukh
                                                             New Delhi and Mumbai in July actorwill travel to Khan.
            other popular bands like Split, Thermal and a      The event, attended by August.
                                                             Hyderabad and Kolkata inover 7,000 people, was
            Quarter, and Parikrama.                            executed on-ground by Fusion Events.
IN FOCUS                                                             4 November 2011, EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING 70

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