Correction notice to Desert Freedom Press re: March, 2011 by ShananaRainGolden-Bear


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     March 17, 2011
     Desert Freedom Press
     A�n: Jennifer Jones, Editor;

     The ar�cle appearing on the front page of Desert Freedom Press dated March 15,
2011 contains at least two serious errors. “The runway was used as recently as February
13th, the same day Desert Messenger publisher Shanana Golden-Bear showed up claim-
ing it was scheduled to be destroyed at 10am” is a false statement.
     On page 2 of your March 1, 2011 issue, a “man who resides near his airstrip” (which
you and I both know is the caretaker, Melvin or Rocky) was quoted as saying “Rain is up
here and she says they’re going to plow the runway at 10 o’clock, and she’s here to take
pictures”. This was not previously addressed by me because it was in a “supposed quote”.
Earlier in the ar�cle the date is men�oned as February 24, 2011 about 9:10am (note the
dates do not match).
     This second statement is also false. I was nowhere near the airstrip on February 24,
2011, as I was par�cipa�ng in an all day Future Focus of Quartzsite mee�ng. When relying
on an “anonymous” source, it is always wise to check your facts, especially a�er the front
page Desert Messenger ar�cle of March 2, 2011 described the highlights of the full day
seminar. I have over 20 witnesses who will collaborate the fact that I was present at that
mee�ng from 9am un�l a�er 2pm.
     If you had performed your due diligence and proper research, you would have found
that the facts do not sustain your ar�cle and should not have been printed as such.
     Please publish a correc�on no�ce in your next issue of April 5,2011 clarifying the false
informa�on printed.
     Please respond that you have received this email and your inten�ons of retrac�ng
your statements.
     This le�er is not for publica�on or dissemina�on.

     Thank you,
     Shanana “Rain” Golden-Bear
     Publisher, Desert Messenger

     PO Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359

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