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					                      netCache Commerce Suite
Selling your brand
We believe that no one can portray and sell your brand better than you. At      netCache contains all the
netCentrix, we have provided the platform for many companies, both large        critical data to drive your
and small to accomplish this goal using our solution. Many other firms          ecommerce solution, and
attempt to provide a “one stop” solution by offering services like marketing,   when      integrated    with
strategy, advertising, SEO etc. – and their overall project rates reflect the   Ecometry®          (Escalate
overhead required for these services. We stick to our core competencies:        Retail), all web related
site development and hosting. It’s what we do affordably well.                  data is cached in the
                                                                                netCache       system     to
Our Mission                                                                     provide        performance
Our eCommerce mission is simple: to provide a reliable, scalable and            enhancements to your
manageable environment that produces an effective ROI. Each netCentrix          web site while taking the
solution is designed to produce a favorable margin to our clients. The end      web      load    off   your
goal is to increase your average number of orders as well as order size.        Ecometry®          (Escalate
                                                                                Retail) servers
The core of our eCommerce platform is our service engine - netCache. In
addition to managing your eCommerce data (inventory, transactions,
customer information etc), netCache also provides easy to use Content
Management hooks into your site – providing you the ability to instantly
update ever evolving pages. netCache is a fully managed solution which
combines Tier 1 hosting, in-depth monitoring, a robust eCommerce
platform, merchandising tools and best of breed web site development.

The netCache eCommerce engine offers a complete array of ecommerce
functionality to enhance any online store site, and is the premier Ecometry®
(Escalate Retail) site accelerator with data caching, guaranteed order
acceptance, content management, and a host of other advanced
functionality. Best of all everything is managed through a browser based
Control Panel, with no software or servers to purchase or maintain.

     •   netCache maintains its own web content database

     •    netCache accepts and completes all web transactions
         independently from any other system

     •   netCache synchronizes data cached with an inventory
         management system or Ecometry® (Escalate Retail) on client
         determined schedule

     •   netCache transmits completed Web orders in real time. In the
         event that communication with Ecometry® (Escalate Retail) or
         other back end system is unavailable, netCache queues orders
         and submits them in bulk when communication is re-established.

0 Foot of Broad St                                       1                              (203) 870-1201
Stratford, CT 06815                                                    
 eCommerce Enhancements
                                                                                netCache            virtually
     •       Ecometry® (Escalate Retail) real-time syncing                      eliminates web site outages
                                                                                by providing a fault tolerant
                    netCache syncs with various Ecometry® (Escalate Retail)
                                                                                database engine to drive
                    tables to provide real-time information such as Inventory
                                                                                your ecommerce store, and
                    data     and     stock     levels,     Shipping,  Source
                                                                                when combined with a
                    Code/Promotions, Customer data, Orders and keywords.
                                                                                netCentrix         managed
                    Multi-company/multi-division is fully supported
                                                                                hosting    solution,     can
                                                                                guarantee that you never
         •     Advanced item correlation engine
                                                                                lose another web order
                     Top Selling Items – at any level of the site, including

                    “People who bought this item also purchased…”- lists the
                    most popular items purchased for every SKU

                    Related Items – Specify related items at the Item,
                    Category or Site level

                    Personalization – present Recently Viewed and
                    Purchased items for a particular visitor

                    Catalog Quick Order- allows users familiar with your
                    product line to enter SKU’s directly in an order-form

         •     Search Term Redirector/Phrase Replacements

                     Determine what links to redirect certain search terms

                    Reports to show most commonly used internal search
                    terms on the site

                    Replace search phrases with more applicable wording

                    Remove plural, prefixes and suffixes

                    Weighted Search Results – determine criteria to push
                    search results subsets to top of list

                    Smart Search module allows search dropdowns to be
                    defined at any level – site or category; dropdowns only
                    show values that will only return results

         •     Advanced inventory management

                    Flexible Inventory structure – Inventory schema can be
                    customized for virtually any industry

                    Existing Schemas for the Apparel, Music, Sports,
                    Furniture and Electronics industries

                    Extensive Long Descriptions – Unlimited number of Long
                    Descriptions per SKU (e.g. General Info, FAQs, Warranty,

0 Foot of Broad St                                           2                          (203) 870-1201
Stratford, CT 06815                                                    
                MSDS); Searchable throughout the site; Edited through
                                                                            netCache provides a full
                out HTML WYSIWYG editor
                                                                            featured      eCommerce
                Long Description Import – converts existing long            platform,     and     for
                description TXT files into the inventory database,          Ecometry®       (Escalate
                therefore making this information searchable                Retail) users, extends
                                                                            core    functionality   to
                Reports to show missing images, TXT files                   allow you more flexibility
                                                                            and greater control of
       •   Advanced Category/keyword management                             your eCommerce site

                Sort category and keywords using multiple sorts on a per
                keyword/category basis in addition to designating certain
                items to appear at top of keyword searches

                Weighted Search Results – determine criteria to push
                search results subsets to top of list

                Top Search/Keywords – see which internal search terms
                visitors are using – helpful with redefining category
                strategy as well as featured item sections

                Category image management

                View/Manage keywords and their associated SKU’s from
                both the keyword and SKU perspective

                Define Price Discounts at Category/nav level

       •   Promotions/Discounts

                Can use Ecometry® defined Source Code discounts

                Can define Product and shipping Discounts outside of
                Ecometry® at the Item/keyword/category level

       •   Recently Viewed…

                Display Recently Viewed Products, Categories, Searches
                and purchased items on any pages

       •   Store Locator

                Search by State or Zip Code

                GoogleMaps® integration

                Uses true Radius calculation

       •   Gift Certificates

                Can integrate with Ecometry® Gift Certificates/Coupons

                More full featured netCache® Gift Certificate module

                Third party Gift Certificate interfaces (Store Value

0 Foot of Broad St                                      3                           (203) 870-1201
Stratford, CT 06815                                                
                   Solutions®, Paymentech®, etc)
                                                                                 Real-Time      Orders    –
                                                                                 Orders       flow     into
         •     Customer Reviews
                                                                                 Ecometry®        (Escalate
                   Allow visitors to leave comments at the site, category or     Retail)    within     5-10
                   item level                                                    seconds from the time
                                                                                 the order is taken
                   Moderate which Reviews appear on the site

                   Ranking System

                   Integration with third party review systems such as

         •     SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

                   Keyword/Category/Item level META information

                   Search engine-friendly URL rewriter

                   Static Page Generation

         •     Order management

                   View Approved orders by Data Range

                   Fix/Edit orders that are rejected by Ecometry® – instant or
                   batch resubmission back to Ecometry®

                   Search orders by Order number, Customer or SKU

                   Order data downloadable into Excel

                   Reports automation – Daily Demand/Sales Excel report
                   can be sent via email, cell or PDA

     •       Order Conversion

                   Target Customers that have purchased certain items

                   Email A Friend

                   Abandoned Carts – target users who have not completed
                   the Order process

                   Out of Stock Notifications – Emails are automatically sent
                   to users requesting to be notified when out of
                   stock/backordered items are available/in stock

     •       Catalog Requests

                   Catalog Requests are captured

                   Catalog Requests can be queued and sent to Ecometry®
                   or Word®/Excel®

         •     Flexible Inventory Structure

0 Foot of Broad St                                        4                              (203) 870-1201
Stratford, CT 06815                                                     
                Multilevel level cross sell and related items

         •      Enhanced customer management

                 Memberships/Clubs – provide product and shipping discounts

 Wish List / Gift Registry Engine

     •       Complete stand-alone registry management

     •       Data mining capabilities to allow targeted promotional campaigns
             to registered customers

     •       Notification service to allow registered customers to distribute Gift
             Registry to friends and family

     •       “Smart Price” feature that corrects for stale products and pricing
             while providing discounted promotions to aged items in wish lists

 Address Verification and Address Intelligence

     •       Address Verification with corrected address suggestion with user

     •       Service based solution with no software to install, manage or

     •       Affordable, transaction based pricing

 A/B Testing

     •       Multivariate

     •       Conversion Tracking


     •       Capture and market to entries

     •       Flexible Awards methods

 Shopping feeds

     •       Inventory feeds to Google®,®, Pricegrabber®,
             Nextag®, Shopzilla®, eBay® and others

 Payment Processing

     •       Online Authorizations for major processing networks including
             Chase Paymentech®, Litle®, Fifth Third®,

     •       Google® Checkout, PayPal® and Bill Me Later®

 Content Management

     •       Modify page content, and layout via the netCache® Control

0 Foot of Broad St                                            5                             (203) 870-1201
Stratford, CT 06815                                                        

     •   Schedule page templates

     •   Adjust product offering, categories and sort criteria

     •   Long Description and page management with our HTML
         WYSIWYG editor

     •   3 tier push technology with roll back

 Web Stats

     •   Industry standard Web stats are provided using Urchin

         netCache integrates with 3 party stats services such as
         Omniture®, Google® Analytics, FireClick® and WebTrends®

 Third Party Integration

     •   Fully integrated with Ecometry® (Escalate Retail) MPE, Open
         SQL® and Open Oracle® v.5.x to v 10.x

     •   Mail Order Manager®

     •   Custom financial integration with JD Edwards®

     •   Paymentech®

     •   Chase Merchant Services®

     •   Litle®

     •   Canada Border Free®

     •   PayPal®

     •   Marketing services such as eDialog®, 24x7®, WebLoyalty®,
         Celebros®, SiteSpec®

 Data Import / Export Capabilities

     •   All reports are downloadable to Excel, Word or PDF

     •   Advanced Import / Export functionality to retrieve existing data
         from spreadsheets or third party databases

         netCache interfaces with 3 party gateways for payment card
         processing, shipping, site statistics and data warehousing


     •   Portal based system for Call Center Reps to create orders without
         using Ecometry® (Escalate Retail)

0 Foot of Broad St                                        6                         (203) 870-1201
Stratford, CT 06815                                                
     •   Perfect for migrations, downtime or overflow Call Centers

 Customer Alert Modules

     •   Email-a-Friend – allow your customers to email product links to

     •   In-Stock Notification Engine - Let your customers create alerts to
         notify them when out-of-stock items become available

     •   Email promos to customers with items in a wish list

 Mobile Integration

     •   Sales Reports can be sent to email, PDA or cell phone on
         demand or scheduled

     •   Ecometry barometer data can be sent to email, PDA or cell phone
         on demand or scheduled


     •   Site uptime

     •   All major eCommerce pages (e.g. Product Detail, Category, Cart)

     •   Complete checkout process

     •   Order patterns

     •   Ecometry® DB and Listeners

     •   Order Trends

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Stratford, CT 06815                                                 

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