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									                         Transforming content,
                         tools, and services into a
                         unique experience for you
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                         Medical Conference in Miskolc
                         October 11, 2002

                            Ovid in review
                            Ovid in Hungary in review
                            Options Going Forward
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                            Ovid’s Information solution: Content
                             Tools and Services
                            Life demo
                            Questions and Answers
                         Ovid Year in Review

                            SilverPlatter acquired by Wolters-Kluwer in June
                            Integrated immediately into Ovid Technologies
                             – One company
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                             – Committed to meeting the information needs of
                               our global customer base
                             – All departments from both companies are
                             – All offices are integrated
                         Ovid Today

                         1.   Ovid’s core mission: we deliver premier
                              information solutions based on content,
                              software tools and services to support
                              research, education and patient care
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                         2.   Ovid and SilverPlatter: two well
                              respected platforms for a single company,
                              Ovid Technologies
                         Going Forward:
                         Important Changes at Ovid
                            Over time we will consolidate Ovid and
                             SilverPlatter online platforms into a single
                            Why?
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                             – Customers across businesses rank the same
                               things as important.
                             – While each platform has unique strengths, there
                               is an overlap in functionality. We’ll evolve to the
                               best of both, with some new ideas too.
                             – We can accommodate customer needs in a
                               single tool.
                         Going Forward:
                         Important Changes at Ovid
                            This evolution will occur over time.
                            What steps are involved in getting to a
                             single platform?
                             – SilverPlatter platform databases which are not
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                               currently available on the Ovid platform must be
                               moved to Ovid
                             – Unique SilverPlatter platform features must be
                               incorporated into the Ovid platform
                             – Compelling new functionality in Ovid, including
                               better interface options, must be in place on the
                               new Ovid platform
                         Ovid tomorrow

                            One Ovid Brand

                            Movement to a Single, Online Platform.
                             – Development platform for the future is Online
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                             – Local platform will be supported as long as

                            Re-dedication to Customer Feedback and
                         Ovid Tomorrow: From Your
                           As long as there is significant customer
                           demand, we will support SilverPlatter
                           – ERL 5.0 for Sun has been released.
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                           – ERL 5.0 for NT, Windows 2000 on CD was
                             released in early July.
                           – Online versions will have expanded browser
                           – No changes to the price model that you are
                             used to
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                         of Ovid activities in Hungary
                         Ovid activities in Hungary

                            SP platform well introduced since 1990
                            many SP database consortia via OTKA:
                             Embase, IPAP, PsycINFO, BACD, CAB CD,
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                             FSTA, BTAB, Geobase, EconLit, Phil. Index,
                             with ZOOR + BHAA coming soon
                            Ovid databases, e-journals and e-books in
                             two Medical libraries only
                         Current issues

                            Good medical collection on SP + Ovid platforms

                            Different platforms and access points

                            Currency issues with CD-ROM’s
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                            Links from SP db to Ovid full text / Non Ovid Full
                             Text but no cross search and no De-duplication
                             across SP/ Ovid db

                            Currently no direct linking from SP/ Ovid db to
                         Our Ideas for the Future

                            Mix of Online and local→ Online
                            Mix of Ovid and SP→ Ovid
                            New consortia for KAP and LWW
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                             journals via EISZ
                            New consortia for EBMR
                            New consortia for e-books
                           Ovid’s Medical Solution
                         Content, Tools and Services
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                         Ovid’s Medical Solution: Online

                            Critical currency: permanently updated
                            Faster access than hybrid solution
                            Vastly increased content: books, journals
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                            Better tools: multiple linking options, OpenLinks,
                             SFX links, full text, Auto Alerts
                            Save time and money on local administration
                            Robust online service:
                             3 Regional Data Centers
                         Ovid’s Medical Solution : Content

                            Highly recognised (Oxford textbooks, BMJ,
                            From multiple sources, exclusive LWW
                            Up to date, no embargoes
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                            With millions of links

                             Saves time & money …. provides quality
                         Content: Medical Databases@Ovid

                            Medline               SportDiscus
                            EBMR                  AMED
                            EMBASE                Derwent Drug File
                            BIOSIS                CancerLit
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                            CINAHL                Pharmaprojects
                            PsycINFO               Online
                            Current Contents      BNI
                            IPAB
                         Tools: Databases@Ovid

                            Linking to full text resources
                            Tools for accurate, precise and relevant
                             results: mapping is only one!
                            Multi-file de-duplication
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                            Enhanced Auto Alert, Search recovery
                            Expert searches
                            Citation manager
                            Personal account
                            Jumpstarts
                         Content: Journals@Ovid

                            1,500+ journals from 60+ publishers
                            Highest quality medical titles
                            Currency: no embargoes
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                            Collections & A la carte
                            Free TOC/ Abstracts information for all non-
                             subscribed journals
                            Archival Policy
                         Tools: Journals@Ovid

                            Millions of links: from databases, between
                             articles, from external URLs

                            One search interface, one entry point
energise your thinking

                            Fully searchable: captions, graphics, words

                            Expert searches

                            Full Text manager
                         Content: EBM@Ovid

                            ACP Journal Club

                            Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
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                            Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness


                            Cochrane Controlled Trials Register (CCTR)
                         Tools: EBM@Ovid

                            Limit from Medline

                            Deep Linking to Full Text

                            Ask a Librarian
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                            Citation Manager

                            Saved searches

                            Search by Cochrane group
                         Content: Books@Ovid

                            Premier health sciences titles
                             – The largest online medical book library in the
                             – Multiple publishers from U.S. and Europe
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                            Collections & A la carte
                            Quick Reference (Manuals)
                            Comprehensive Texts: OUP, LWW, Harrison’s
                            Specialist Texts: De Vita, Kaplan, Danforth’s
                         Tools: Books@Ovid

                            Single license for all book publishing partners
                             – Reduces implementation and training time
                             – Simplifies licensing process
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                            Easy navigation
                            Currency - updated as released
                            Flexible use of text
                            Support remote users as well as on campus

                            Authentication options – Personal Account
                            Statistics: comprehensive now…ICOLC
                             compliant by Dec 2002
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                            Customer Support
                            Training
                            Access from anywhere: web or handheld
                         Personal Accounts

                            Secure, personalised storage for saved
                             searches and AutoAlerts

                            For IP-validated (shared account) users
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                            For non-IP validated users
                             – Project-specific searches
                             – Chargeback accounts
                             – Departmental storage
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                         Comprehensive Integration
                         Thank YOU!

                         For more information:
                         www.ovid.com and www.silverplatter.com

                         Or contact:
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                         Reiner Klimesch, rklimesch@ovid.com

                         Info Technology Supply Ltd.
                         Geges Joszef, itsltd@axelero.hu

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