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					Revision of Module 9

  Jiashan Sizhou Middle School
           Dong Juan
Can you guess: who is my hero?

   She is a member of SHE.
   She got injured when she was acting.
   She is very brave.
Talk about your heroes in pairs.
A: Who’s your hero?
B: It’s Bill Gates!
A: Why?
B: Because he’s the
head of Microsoft.
  Who is your hero? Why?

China’s first astronaut acts well in all his films
 Pair work: who is your hero? Why?

built our first   gave his life to   won the first
railroad          helping the        prize in the
                  Chinese people     Olympic Games

            …                 …                …
 Use the words and phrases to complete
the passage about Norman Bethune.
                 avoid Canadian excuses
               invented  looked forward to
                thoughts  gave his life to

      Norman Bethune was _________, he was a hero
 of China because he didn’t make ________ to stay in
 a safe place and _______ danger. His _________
 were about helping others. He _________ new
 treatments and________ tools. He ______________
 the end of the war. At last, he ____________ helping
 the Chinese people.
He invented new treatments and medical
  invent 动词, 意为“发明;创造”;
  invention 名词, 意为“发明; 创造”;
  inventor 名词, 意为“发明家”
1. Do you know who ________the telephone?
2. As we know, Edison is a great ________.
3. She is working at a new __________.
         invent & discover
discover “发现”
Eg. Columbus discovered America in 1492.

用invent 或 discover的适当形式填空
1.Edison was great and he invented
2.We went to the mountain and suddenly
 discovered a large hole.
例句:He continued working in spite of
cutting his hand.
        in spite of & although
 In spite of a bad storm, the plane landed
 Although there was a bad storm, the plane
 landed safely.
1._________ the heavy rain, he rushed out to
  In spite of
help the old man.
2._________ he is 80 years old, he looks very
Match the words with their meanings.

   excuse                想法
   look forward to       想象
   brave                 期待
   imagine               勇敢的
   thought               借口
Choose the correct words to complete
the sentences.
1. It was only a reason / an excuse. It wasn’t true.
2. We like/ look forward to hearing Sally play in
   the concert next Saturday.
3. She’s very brave / strong to play in front of so
   many people.
4. I can guess / imagine how worried she feels.
5.Yes, the thought /sound of playing in public
   makes me feel ill.
1.There are few doctors, so he had to work very hard.
2.He also wrote books so that doctors could learn
about new treatments
3.He died because he did not stop to take care of his
      The Adverbial Clauses (状语从句)
      adverbial clause with so
      adverbial clause with so that
      adverbial clause with because

e.g. He came to school late this morning
because his bike was broken.
Join the sentences with because.
1. Lingling thinks Sally’s a hero. Sally gave Kylie a
   chance to play.
   Lingling thinks Sally’s a hero because she gave
   Kylie a chance to play .
2. They sail around the island. They want to find
   some lost gold.
   They sail around the island because they want
   to find some lost gold.
3. They are standing up. They are both going to
   play .
  They are standing up because they are both
  going to play .
   结果状语从句常用so, so ... that, such ...
e.g. He didn’t work hard so he didn’t pass
the exam.
 =He didn’t pass the exam because he
didn’t work hard,
    so+ adj. + that    such + n. + that
He was so tired that he couldn’t walk farther.
It’s such a fine day that we all want to go out.

1. He got up ___ early that he caught the first
2. It’s ____ a good chance that we must not
   miss it.
目的状语从句常用so that等来
引导(为的是…,目的是) 。
后面常接can, could, will, would等词。
e.g. He got up early so that he could
     catch the first bus.
Join the sentences with so that.

1. Norman Bethune trained doctors . They could
   save lives .
  Norman Bethune trained doctors so that they
  could save lives .

2. Zhan Tianyou built a railroad . People could
   travel from Beijing to Zhangjiakou.
 Zhan Tianyou built a railroad so that people
 could travel from Beijing to Zhangjiakou.
         so that & in order to
I got up early so that I could catch the bus.
I got up early in order to catch the bus.
                     so that
1.She works hard __________ she can go
  to a better high school.
2.He didn’t have a rest __________ finish
                         in order to
  the work on time.
Ask and answer.
e.g. why/ Norman Bethune travel around the
      wanted to help soldiers
---- Why did Norman Bethune travel around
      the world?
---- He travelled around the world because
     he wanted to help soldiers.
   /He travelled around the world so that he
   could help soldiers.
1. why/ girl/ stand up?
   she/ could see the blackboard (so that)
---- Why did the girl stand up?

     The girl stood up so that she could see the
---- ___________________________________
2. why/ children / leave early?
   they / could meet their parents (so that)
---- ____________________________________
     Why did the children leave early ?
---- The children left early so that they could
   meet their parents.
3. Why / he / go out?
   he / wanted to buy something (because)
      Why did he go out?
---- __________________________________

      He went out because he wanted to buy
---- __________________________________
   Complete the sentences with so, so that
                     or because
1.I can't help you because I am not free now.
2.I spoke slowly so that people would
  understand me.
3.The shop is closed so       I didn't get any milk.
4.The manager was ill so I took his place.
5.She worked hard so that everything would be
  ready by 6 o'clock.
6.I did the work     because he told me to.
7. He became a scientist ______ he could study plants.
                         so that
8. They played football every day ______ they
   wanted to become football players.
9. He wanted to be a good writer ____ he wrote
   for many hours every day.
10. The soldiers were fighting because they loved
   their country.
11. The soldiers were ill ____ he tried to help
                      so that
12. She worked hard ______ she could become a
Complete the passage with because , so
or so that .
     We think that Hua Mulan lived about
1,500 years ago. The army wanted her father
to fight in a war , but her father could not go
(1)_______ he was old and ill. Hua Mulan’s
brother was very young (2)_______ he could
not fight. Hua Mulan dressed as a man
(3)_________ she could fight in the army.She
      so that
fought in the army for many years
(4)________ people didn’t know she was a
woman. They only learnt that she was a
woman many years later.
Which words can describe a hero?

   brave, friendly,
   kindhearted, clever,
   honest, selfless(无私的),
A game: choose the word you think
is the most important for a hero
and finish the task behind it.

    brave        kindhearted/
    strong       beautiful
Write about a hero

  Introduce a hero:
  Para.1: Where he/she came from.
  Para.2: What he/ she did.
  Para.3: Why he/she was so important
for you today.
               Helen Keller
   Helen Keller lived in the USA. She was a great
    When she was a baby, she was badly ill and became
blind and deaf. Then one day a teacher came to live
with Helen and her family. Helen was very clever and
learned a lot. Later, she became very famous. She
helped many blind and deaf people.
    Helen is remembered as a brave and wonderful
woman today. She was blind and deaf , but she found a
way to see and hear.
d hear.

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