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“Engage others and make a Difference.” - Lions Clubs New Zealand


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									 December 2012
                                                                                           Monthly Newsletter of
                                                                                      Lions International District 202M

                        “Engage others and make a Difference.”
Robyn's Reflection
Robyn’s Reflection 1 December 12
It is hard think that Christmas is nearly here and the round of Christmas/year end functions is well
underway. My own club (Wellington Host) has the Festival of Magic organised and our members are
looking forward to another day of magic. It is my favorite project I just love watching the children
who attend, their eyes popping with amazement as the magic unfolds before them.
The MD 202 Council meeting was held 16 – 18 November. It was nice to meet my Governor
colleagues again along with members of the Executive Management Team. Here are just a few of the
items of business covered during the meeting:
      The Multiple District Directory will be published in its shorter form for 2013-2014 with the addition of Partner
       names for Presidents and Secretaries. The plea is for club secretaries to check that all the details registered on the
       LCI website for club members are correct as this is where the directory information comes from.
      Cost of producing the directory along with printing hard copies includes such things as the CD sent to each club and
       maintenance of the database and web site information. The charge per member will continue to be included in the
       Multiple District dues.
      The Club Excellence Process and Club growth were talked about and the 202M cabinet will be reviewing plans when
       it meets in February.
      International projects such as Youth Exchange and the Peace Poster competition were promoted as well as the
       online training that is available on the LCI website www.lionsclubs.org. Click on “member center” and then
       “leadership development”. Under “Lions Learning Center” you will find a wealth of information on leadership and
       management to help with organizing, planning and leadership.
      We were reminded of conventions in 2013. There is our District 202M convention 15 -17 March at Upper Hutt.
       The registration form is on line. MD 202 Convention is in Christchurch 12-14 April, look out for the registration
       form in the Lion Magazine and plan to support our friends in Christchurch. The early bird registration for the
       International Convention in Hamburg Germany closes on 31 December 2012 so if you are thinking of going it is
       time to register.
      We were reminded that remits for conventions need to be vetted by legal counsel and submitted sixty days before
      Donations to LCIF have increased this year, thank you to those clubs who have contributed.
      The strategic plan was also discussed and a suggested goal for new members was for one new member in 50% of
       clubs per year. I think we should aspire to do better than that.
      Camp Quality and Child Mobility were also promoted.
                                                I had pleasure in passing on the 202M winning peace poster to CC Eric
                                                Carter to be included in the Multiple District Competition.
                                               The winning poster was drawn by Anjali Gentejohann from Samuel
                                               Marsden Collegiate, and submitted by Karori club.
                                               Thank you to those clubs who submitted posters to make this a worthwhile
                                               competition. Anjali will receive a prize from the District.

                                               Robyn Daniels
                                               District Governor 202M

 Club visits confirmed as at 25 Sept.
 Date        Club(s)
04-Dec-12    Havelock North, Havelock North Village, Havelock North Lionesses

District 202M Events Calendar

Date & Time            Event Details                                                   Organised By
1, 11:00am             Johnsonville Christmas Parade                                   Johnsonville Lions
1, 2:00pm              Tawa Christmas Parade                                           Tawa
8, 11:00am, 2:00pm,
                    World Festival of Magic, Three shows, Wellington High School Wellington Host Lions
                    Woodville Lions Club 20th Annual Suzuki Coast to Coast,
8, 10:15am                                                                       Woodville Lions Club
                     Himitangi - Woodville - Akitio
13, 8:00pm             Hobbit Movie night, Penthouse Theatre, Brooklyn                 Karori Lions
                       Hap Cameron, Author & Inspirational Speaker, Copthorne
15, 7:30pm                                                                             Masterton Holdsworth Lions Club
                        Solway Park Hotel
                       “The Hobbit: Premiere”, Focal Point Cinema, Salisbury Street,
16, 6:00pm                                                                             Levin Waiopehu Lions
10, 6:00pm             Summer Holiday Meeting, Senior Citizens Hall, Waikanae          Waikanae Lions Club
16, 11.00am - 4.00pm Workshop (Communication), Greater Wellington                      GLT & GMT
17, 10:00am - 3:00pm Karori Lions Karnival & Fair, Ben Burn Park, Karori               Karori Lions
2, 11.00am - 4.00pm Workshop (Orientation), Wairarapa                                  GLT & GMT
15-17                  202M Convention 2013, Upper Hutt                                Rimutaka Lions
12 - 14                MD Convention, Christchurch                                     MD
20, 11.00am - 4.00pm Workshop (Communications), Hawke’s Bay                            GLT & GMT
May- 2013
                       Kapiti Sports Persons of the Year Event, Southwards Theatre,
9                                                                                      Kapiti Lions
18                     50th Anniversary                                                Kapiti Lions

Cabinet Meetings
9-10 February 2013 Wairarapa
11-12 May 2013 Hawke’s Bay
Editorial                                                       Situation Vacant

The year is almost coming to an end and this is the last        LIONS CLUBS NZ SOCIAL MEDIA ADVISOR
edition of InforM for this year. There will be no edition of
InforM in January, but the InforMer will be published.          Over the past couple of years Lions Clubs New Zealand has
                                                                recognised the need to have a greater presence in the
                                                                growing world of Social Media.
It is the time for reflection and retrospection and to make
new year resolutions. Well, new year resolutions are meant to   If you know what a 'Tweet' is and have friends on
be kept, “yeah right!”                                          Facebook, then our official Facebook and Twitter pages are
                                                                calling out for you.
I am currently in India attending a friend’s wedding and also
sight seeing. I was fascinated by the beauty of The Taj Mahal   We need a Lion with an active interest in social media to
and the architecture of the Forts and Temples in India. And     monitor our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
of course what can I say about the authentic Indian cuisine,
yummy…….                                                        You will connect Lions Clubs New Zealand with the world
                                                                of social media and to both interact with participants whilst
While I enjoy my holiday, I wish the same for everyone.         suggesting options and future strategies to our Council of
Have a great Christmas break and stay safe.                     Governors.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family          The Council of Governors invites applications from Lions
and friends.                                                    for a two year term through to 30 June 2015. This Lions
                                                                advisory role will be required to complete an annual report
                                                                to both Council and the Multiple District Convention and
                                                                should be available to guide the Council of Governors with
Best wishes
                                                                opportunities to progress with Social Media. The successful
                                                                applicant will possess some knowledge (and possibly
Mark Patague                                                    experience) within the Social Media general area, be
202M District Bulletin Editor                                   reasonably up to date in the world of Lions and have a
                                                                desire to provide the best possible service to our
                                                                Association. There is a draft social media plan available and
                                                                the time requirement is envisaged at approx 1 hour per

                                                                Applicants are invited to provide their reasons for seeking
                                                                the position along with a concise CV (no more than 3 – 4
                                                                pages) outlining the attributes that they would bring to this
                                                                advisory role. Applications may include the following:

                                                                            Personal Details including employment/
                                                                             occupation history
                                                                            Achievements & Skills
                                                                            Lions involvement
                                                                            Key strengths toward the advisory role
                                                                            1 or 2 Referees/references

                                                                Applications (either electronic or post), marked
                                                                confidential, close with the Executive Officer at 9 am
                                                                Monday 14 January 2013 and an appointment will be made
                                                                shortly thereafter by the Council of Governors.

                                                                (Further detail relevant to this Advisory Role may be
                                                                obtained from the Executive Officer).

                                                                Executive Officer
                                                                Lions Clubs International
                                                                Multiple District 202
                                                                P.O. Box 691
                                                                Orewa 0946
            To the following clubs I say….. THANK YOU!

Gisborne Host            Greytown            Hastings Host            Hastings Pioneer

Havelock North Village                Johnsonville              Kapiti              Karori

Masterton Host Waipoua                Silverstream              Takapau

Collectively these clubs have donated US$3867.21 to LCIF during the current Lions year (Jul – Oct 2012)

I ask all clubs to remember LCIF when making charitable donations. We are all very good at supporting other
charities but we do little to support ourselves. If you are proud to be a Lion and believe in what we do, then
please donate to our OWN International Charitable Trust – LCIF. You could donate the proceeds of one
project a year to LCIF or perhaps make a $10 or $20 per member donation, even a one off donation of $100,
$200, $500…etc. Donations don’t need to come from a club, individual Lions can also donate to the
Foundation at any time. ALL money your club gives to LCIF goes towards assisting Lions clubs in
addressing the humanitarian needs of people around the globe.

Our Foundation is all about Lions helping Lions achieve their community projects.

If you have any questions about making a donation, applying for a grant, awarding someone with a Melvin
Jones Fellowship award or any question about the Foundation, then please contact me. My details are in the
directory, however email is probably easiest and my email address is 202m.lcif@lionsclubs.org.nz

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

PCC Jo Cameron
202M LCIF coordinator
Congratulations to the following clubs on achieving a net increase in their membership;
Dannevirke Host Featherston Wairoa Waikanae Levin Waiopehu Titahi Bay Napier Spirit
Pencarrow and Havelock North Village

At the beginning of the year our District Governor Robyn set some membership goals for the year. DG
Robyn set her targets at introducing 210 new people to Lions (this includes forming 1 new club) and reducing
our losses to 130. This will give us a net membership growth for the year of 80. I believe these are achievable
goals if we continue to promote Lions in our communities and support and nurture the members we have. We
started the year with 1395 members so a net growth of 80 would bring our end of year figure to 1475.
So how are we doing? As at the end of October we have a membership of 1378. We have brought in 33
members and lost 50, giving us a net loss of 17. But don’t despair!!! There is some good news out there which
will help us turn this around.
At the Presidents’ weekend in July, 15 Presidents indicated a desire to see their clubs undergo the Club

Excellence Process (CEP) and one club is currently working through CEP. We have 10 trained facilitators
available for clubs in or south of Napier and have a training date set for 2nd Feb 2013 in Gisborne to train
facilitators in the northern part of our district. If anyone is interested in attending this training (regardless of
where you are from) they should contact either Tanya Leyland or me. The district will cover the cost of the
facilitator training however your transport, meal and accommodation costs are your own.
We have also held 2 successful membership workshops where it was wonderful to see such enthusiastic
participation. In Lower Hutt we had about 30 Lions representing 12 clubs and in Napier we had 11 Lions
representing 5 clubs. We started each workshop with an open discussion about why we were Lions; we talked
about our clubs, why we thought people left our clubs and what we perceived to be the obstacles to gaining new
members. We then went on to explain some of the Lions programmes available to assist with both membership
growth and retention. We talked about the Lions, as listed in the directory who can assist and we looked at
forming new clubs. In Napier we were privileged to have PDG David Eddy, who is one of the new Club
Consultants, lead the new clubs section. The following areas were identified for potential new clubs;
Leo Clubs = Lower Hutt, Petone, Nae Nae, Masterton, Hastings.            Lions clubs = Aotea, Otaki/Te Horo/
Peka Peka, Western Hills, Churton Park, Newlands, Totara Park, Rimutaka Pakeke, Stokes Valley, Brooklyn,
Pukerua Bay, Paekakariki, Clive, Eskdale/Bay View, Taradale, Waipukarau, Dannevirke, Flaxmere, Ekatahuna,
Thank you to everyone who attended these workshops and I look forward to seeing you reap the rewards for
your ongoing hard work. It was extremely pleasing to see so many of you interested in CEP and exploring new
recruitment options. The long list of potential new club areas is also promising. Always remember that the
Cabinet members are available and willing to assist you - so please use us!
Keep smiling, enjoy what you do and celebrate your successes!

PCC Jo Cameron
202M GMT Coordinator
Lions and promotion!
Have you ever stopped and thought about Lions as a company? Sure, we all know that Lions is the largest ‘Service’
provider in the world but did you know we could rival the biggest companies in the world in terms of ‘employees’ and
‘world coverage’? DHL are present in more countries than Lions (220) and Wal-Mart employ more staff (2.1million) but are
only in 28 countries. Our best comparison, believe it or not is McDonalds! Lions have 1.35million members, McD’s have
1.7m staff, Lions has 46,000 clubs, McD’s have 33,000 stores and Lions are in 207 countries compared with McD’s in 118
countries. Makes you think! Our structure is also business-like, we have budgets, Mission Statements, Presidents,
Treasurers, GMT (Personnel) and GLT (Training and Development) but the biggest difference (aside from revenue!!) in my
opinion is our policy of ‘Promoting from Within’. McD’s may headhunt an outsider to take a top position but this will
never happen within Lions. Could you imagine a Rotarian (sorry Rotary!) being recruited next June to replace Robyn as DG
in July! Never!!
Yes! Lions are a great believer in promoting from within! And we are all eligible for all the roles; we may choose not to
pursue certain roles but we are not excluded! You may not aspire to be DG but you have the opportunity the same as all
Lions to take that path. To help Lions grow; personally and along the promotion path, LCI have many programmes in
place. By going to the LCI website www.lionsclubs.org you will find numerous sections, including on-line courses and
webinars. There is also information on Institutes, Zone Chair and DG training and lots more. Locally, we are running
Workshops which are open to all our Lion members; have you attended one yet? This year the workshops are covering 3
subjects, next year there will be others; tell us what you would like to learn! The opportunities for growth and promotion
are there, you just have to use them! Ask me how!

Tanya Leyland
202M GLT

Company information sourced from www.cnbc.com World’s 10 Biggest Employers

Emerging Lions Leadership Institute
March 2-5, 2013
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Emerging Lions Leadership Institutes focus on building the skills of Lions members for leadership opportunities at the club
level, including the position of club president.
Candidates must be Lions in good standing who have successfully served on a club committee and who have not yet
attained the level of club president. Charter club presidents are also eligible for this institute.
Candidates must be willing to commit to every day of the institute. Participation is limited to Lions from the Constitutional/
geographical area, being New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia.
Lions who meet the qualifications may apply to the Emerging Lions Leadership Institute. Applications will be available four
months prior to the event. If you are interested in applying, please obtain a copy of the application from your Global
Leadership Team District Coordinator or download the application from the www.lionsclubs.org website. Because of the
high number of applications received by the association, acceptance into the institute is not guaranteed.
Cost of the Institute
Lions Clubs International will provide meals and lodging according to the schedule of the institute. Please note that
according to new board policy, a non-refundable participation fee of US$95.00 (or the equivalent in local currency) will be
required to offset these costs for all institutes. This fee will be due no less than four weeks prior to the institute start date.
Please do not send funds until you receive a letter of acceptance to the institute. Participants are also responsible to
pay for their own transportation and related travel expenses to and from the institute site.
The deadline for applications is 18 December 2012

Please do not hesitate to contact Tanya     Leyland, 202M GLT for information or assistance! tanya.leyland@xtra.co.nz
                                             Peace Poster Contest
Thanks to all the clubs who supported Peace Poster Contest and sent the final peace posters to District Governor Robyn
Daniels on time.

                                      Lions Quest - Life Skills Programme
           Our mission statement—“To create a world that cares more deeply about it’s young people”

Make a difference in the lives of the young people you know – become involved with the Lions Quest Life Skills
programmes at your local school.
Action Now - Please contact schools now to include the skills programme in next year’s curriculum. Information
regarding the programme has been sent to Zone Chairman to forward to all clubs. For further information, you can contact
me, or email Past District Governor Marion McWha ian.marion@xtra.co.nz or visit the link: www.lions-quest.org.nz

                                 Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards
                                               Challenge Youth to Serve

Young people who volunteer become adults who serve. Through the Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards, your Lions
club encourages youth in the philosophy and habit of service to the community. Recognise young people from 12-21 years
who have completed 50 or 100 hours of voluntary community service within a 12-month period. Encourage young people
to create a better tomorrow and give them the opportunity to know about Lions and what we do. Thanks to all the clubs
who are already doing this project and I would like to encourage other clubs to recognise young leaders in the community.

Experience the benefits for youth, the community and your club!
For more information visit Lions website at:

                                             Services for Children
                                      Today's Children Need Lions More Than Ever
The mission of the Lions Services for Children Program is to improve the lives of children and young adolescents in
adverse circumstances through health and education services, locally and internationally. LCI programs and resources that
can assist you in expanding your efforts are:
    Reading Action Program: Increase literacy and access to learning resources during this year long campaign. Each
       club that documents a reading or other literacy activity through the online service activity reporting system will
       receive a specially designed “Reading Action Program” club banner patch. Each District Governor whose district
       achieves at least 50% club participation in literacy programs will receive a “Reading Action Program” award to
       commemorate their success.
    Global Service Action Campaign: Take part in Relieving the Hunger program. Projects include feeding programs
       in local schools, collection of baby food or infant formula for organisations serving mothers at risk, community food
       drives to benefit a food bank, homeless shelter and more.
    Lions Children First - LCI offers materials and resources for clubs to develop hands-on service projects for
       children in need.
    Lions Children First Facebook - This Facebook page enables Lions worldwide to share their successful service
       projects and ideas.
    Lions Services for Children Symposium - A symposium can help identify valuable service opportunities,
       especially in the areas of health and education.
    Diabetes Awareness and Action - Host Lions for Diabetes Awareness event to promote greater awareness of
       diabetes among children and youth in our district.
To know more about how you can help, check the link below:
  Nalini Bhaskar
  202M Youth Team Leader
  (04) 526 8282 or nalinibhaskar@ymail.com
                             International Youth Camp
            Lake Okataina, 27 December 2012 to 6 January 2013

This year's camp really is shaping up to be a great one, and certain to be the best-attended
for many years. The number of campers now exceeds that which can be accommodated in
a single bus for trips out, and so supplementary transport is being arranged.
The programme is getting finalised and an exciting time for all is guaranteed; there will be a
good range of visits and activities and the company of young people from New Zealand
and a number of other countries – from Europe, the Americas, Asia, as well as Australasia
and the Pacific – will make for 10 days of unforgettable experiences. All for only $600!
Contact me for more information and application forms. But hurry!

Tom Lumb
202M Youth Camps and Exchange Chairman

  Welcome                                                            Farewell and Thank You
  A very warm welcome to the following new members                   Acknowledging the contributions of the following
  to District 202M:                                                  members:
              Club                         Member                              Club                       Member
   Hastings Host                 Julia Alexander                      Havelock North Village     Ann Rapley
   Johnsonville                  Judith Porter                        Kapiti                     Andrew Sheehan
                                                                      Lower Hutt                 Cecelia Henderson
   Pahiatua Tararua              Talitha Vandenberg
   Waikanae                       Ian Rhodes                          Lower Hutt                 Denise Leckie
   Wainuiomata                   Allan O’Brien
                                                                      Host                       Phillip Vaaitoa
   Waipawa                       Alan Huck
   Wellington North              John Manning

                                                                   Milestone Club Member Service
  Happy Birthday
            Member               Milestone Birthday
                                                                            Member        No. of years in Lions
   Lions Club of Kapiti                                              Lions Club of Greytown
   Laurie Bason                            70                        Bob Dugan                              10
                                                                     David Bowie                            33
                                                                     Stuart Patterson                       37
                                    Lions in the News
 Gisborne Herald

Kapi-Mana News - 26 November 2012
 Around the clubs
Greytown Lions – The club will be celebrating their 40th              Pencarrow Lions – Successful Garage Sale and BBQ projects for
anniversary on Tuesday 20th November. Participated in Blind           fundraising.
Collection appeal.
                                                                      Rimutaka Lions – Successful celebration of the club’s 40th
Hastings Hertaunga Lions - Club completed much of the Club            Birthday/ club Christmas dinner at the Te Marua Golf Club on 3
Excellence Process with Tanya Leyland and her team. Support           November. Fundraising through the Food Truck
Camp Quality by meal serving on 16 and 19
                                                                      continues to be a huge success.

Hasting Host Lions - Book and music sale was a success. Club          Spirit of Napier Lions – Participated in Peace Poster competition
President and another club member attended three Intermediate         and sent the winning poster to DG Robyn. Organised morning tea
Schools assemblies and told each school a little about Lions and      for the St Johns Ambulance staff is on the 27th November.
Ronald McDonald House.                                                Involved in Christmas in the Park,15th December. Club Christmas
                                                                      Party is to be held 2nd December, at Jarks Waimara-ma.
Hastings Pioneer Lions – Attended Hastings Young Achievers
Awards. Catering services provided at the Masonic Lodge.              Takapau Lions - Norsewood to Takapau fun event, which includes
Christmas lunch on 16th December.                                     walking, running and cycling - a joint effort with the Norsewood
                                                                      Lions Club, BBQ at the senior citizens health expo in Waipukurau,
Havelock North – Fundraising BBQ. Three club members do               helped run the gates at the CHB A&P show, and ran their Senior
Meals on Wheels each week.                                            citizens mystery bus trip in and around Central HB.

Kapiti Lions- The Lions Club of Kapiti Christmas Charity              Tawa Lions – Christmas Parade - will be held on Saturday,
Concert (presented by the Roger Fox’s Wellington Jazz                 1 December at 2pm. Care & Craft and Bread Pick Up
Orchestra) on 25th Nov 2012, commencing at 2pm in Southward           continues. Neighbourhood Support - further progress was made
Theatre, Otaihanga Rd, Otaihanga, Paraparaumu. Planning under-        regarding the revitalization of Neighbourhood Support. Assisting
way for Kapiti Sports Persons of the Year Event in May 2013.          Tawa-Linden Plunket to redevelop their premises by project man-
The 50th Anniversary of The Lions Club of Kapiti will be held on      agement.
18th of May 2013.
                                                                      Tinakori Lions – Tinakori Lions have had a busy few months. In
Karori Lions - Impressive total of 65 entries to the Peace Poster     October the club had a very successful and
Contest, out of which 20 were selected and the finalist sent to DG    enjoyable club trip to Hawkes Bay. Also a very successful fund
Robyn which was the winner of Dist 202M. Club members                 raiser for Ronald McDonald house and also helped raise funds for a
participated in Blind Week collection and Wellington Free             defibrillator that has now been installed at the Northland Medical
Ambulance appeal. Christmas Dinner with Eastern Suburbs Lions         Centre. In November a group of club members attended a fund
on Dec 12. Movie night showing THE HOBBIT at the Penthouse            raising movie night to raise money for a little Northland girl Tate
on Thursday 13 December, the major beneficiary is the Neo-Natal       Redgrave to have a cochlea implant. Coming up in December the
Trust.                                                                club has a stall at the Tinakori Fair selling jams, marmalades & pre-
Levin Waiopehu - Magic Show on 18 November. “The Hobbit:
premiere at Focal Point Cinema, Salisbury Street, Levin on 16         Waikanae Lions – 12 gardens for the Super Garden Trail have
December @ 6 pm.                                                      been finalised. Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch to be held on
                                                                      Saturday 1st December. Lions Refresh project to be held at Wai-
Mana Lions - Over 70’s Xmas Party on 2 Dec. The proceeds of           kanae Beach Bowling Club on Saturday 2nd March.
next years’ Golf Tournament will go to Ronald McDonald House.
One new member in the club.                                           Wainuiomata Lions – Participated in Blind Week Collection
                                                                      Appeal. New member in the club.
Martinborough Lioness - Assist Annual Zone Fishing Contest
in January. No projects over holiday season.                          Wairoa Lighthouse Lions – Organised second Car Boot Sale and
                                                                      the proceeds was donated to a family to help offset some of the
Masterton Holdsworth Lions - Open Day on Sat & Sun 8 & 9              expenses incurred when having a family member with major
December at Tidsfordriv Gardens, proceeds to Hospice                  medical issues. Next Car Boot Sale planned for just before
Wairarapa. Tidsfordriv Garden Calendar on sale for fundraising.       Christmas. Assisted on Pink Ribbon Appeal day. Jerseys donated
“Hap Cameron” speaking event 15th December @ 7.30pm at                To Russia with Love.
Copthorne Solway Park Hotel, High St South, Masterton.
                                                                      Wellington (Host) Lions- The club supports Lions Room at the
Napier Host Lions – Some of the club members assisted in              Inn Committee (RATI) exists to cater for one meal a year, that
erection of a raised garden.Car rally under way on 2 Dec. Supper      being Christmas Day Lunch. On the 1st December the club has the
for the children and care givers on Jan 16th at Lindisfarne College   Pride Awards where young people are recognised by the
for Camp Quality in conjunction with the Havelock North Village       community for their achievements. On 8th December the club has
Lions Club. The club held MEMBERSHIP PROMOTIONAL                      a Magic Show.
MEETING/WORKSHOP and was attended by Lions Clubs of
Hastings and Napier areas.
                                       Club Notices
Woodville Lions Club 20th Annual Suzuki
             Coast To Coast

      Himitangi - Woodville - Akitio
          8th December 2012

    Registration: 9.15am at Himitangi
            Depart: 10.15am

            Entry Fee $20pp
    (includes light lunch in Woodville)

  Light breakfast available at Himitangi
               (user pays)
        End of day SPOT PRIZES!

                                               Lions Club of Featherston
                                                Annual charity golf tournament

                                                      Featherston Golf Club
                                                      Sunday 27 January 2013

                                                Players may tee off anytime from
                                                      9.30 am to 12.00 noon.

                                                 Funds raised go to Camp Quality
MD202 Convention Christchurch 2013
The Lions Clubs of Christchurch, led by Wigram, are look-
ing forward to welcoming you all to Christchurch for the
MD 202 Convention “The Crusade goes On”.
More details at http://www.lionsclubs.org.nz/Clubs/
 Mossburn and Districts Lions Club is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary
                           Saturday 16th March 2013

We invite all present and past members to join us to celebrate this event.


      March 16th at 3.00 pm -vsmoko and catch up
      Evening meal at 7.00 pm which will be a three course meal
      Sunday the 17th will offer either a Church service or Ambrosia Golf,
       with a BBQ to follow, to wind up the weekend.

Cost: $35 per/head to be paid on registration, which close on the
28th Febraury 2013.
RSVP to either; beandean@woosh.co.nz, or PO Box 61 Mossburn
For those travelling there is local Lions available to host you.

          “ Come and catch up”
                              District 202M Cabinet Team 2012-13
District Governor                             GMT                                  Non Cabinet Positions:
Robyn Daniels (PDG Ken)                       PCC Joanne Cameron (Mike)            Camp Quality
202M.districtgovernor@lionsclubs.org.nz       202M.membership@lionsclubs.org.nz    Paul Shailer (Debbie Lawson)
Club: Wellington Host                         Club: Karori                         202M.campquality@lionsclubs.org.nz
                                                                                   Club: Carterton
Cabinet Secretary                             District Editor
Graham Atkinson                               Mark Patague                         Youth Exchange & Youth Camp
graham.atkinson@xtra.co.nz                    202M.inform@lionsclubs.org.nz        Tom Lumb (Anne)
Club: Wellington Host                         Club: Petone                         202M.youthexchange@lionsclubs.org.nz
                                                                                   Club: Karori
Cabinet Treasurer                             Public Relations/IT
Keith Kenderdine (Mary)                       Ken Huberts (Phillipa)               Leo Advisor
202M.treasurer@lionsclubs.org.nz              202M.PR@lionsclubs.org.nz            Bill Thomas
Club: Tawa                                    Club: Gisborne Wainui                202M.leos@lionsclubs.org.nz
1st VDG                                       Zone 1
David McDonald (Jill)                         Ian Stewart (Phyl)                   Other:
202M.firstvicegovernor@lionsclubs.org.nz      202M.zone1@lionsclubs.org.nz         Strategic Planning
Club: Hastings Host                           Club: Gisborne Wainui                Joanne Knight
2nd VDG                                       Zone 2                               Club: Wellington Host
Keith Kenderdine (Mary)                       Phil Allport (Diane Holmes)
202M.secondvicegovernor@lionsclubs.org.nz     202M.zone2@lionsclubs.org.nz         Club Visits
Club: Tawa                                    Club: Hastings Host                  Stephanie Kitching
IPDG                                          Zone 3                               Club: Wellington Host
PDG Simon Domper (Marianna)                   Georg Popow (Yvonne)
202M.pastdistrictgovernor@lionsclubs.org.nz   202M.zone3@lionsclubs.org.nz         Alert Chairman
Club: Norsewood                               Club: Dannevirke                     Brian Deverill (Lillian)
LMLCCT                                        Zone 4                               Club: Johnsonville
Simon Williams (Murray Pringle)               Glenys Hansen (Athol Rowden)
202M.lloydmorgan@lionsclubs.org.nz            202M.zone4@lionsclubs.org.nz         Sponsorship and Environment
Club: Dannevirke                              Club: Masterton Holdsworth           PDG Ray Lindsay (Trish Gibson)
LCIF                                          Zone 5                               Club: Tawa
PCC Joanne Cameron (Mike)                     Rex Bullard (Trish)
202M.lcif@lionsclubs.org.nz                   202M.zone5@lionsclubs.org.nz         Convention Chairman
Club: Karori                                  Club: Silverstream                   PDG Norm Griffin (Margaret)
District Governor Liaison/Mentor &
                                              Zone 6                               Club: Rimutaka
PDG Rosemary Cook (Stephen)                   Dave Forrest
202M.dgsupport@lionsclubs.org.nz              202M.zone6@lionsclubs.org.nz         Convention Secretary
202M.almoner@lionsclubs.org.nz                Club: Wellington Host                PDG Adrian Ash (Sharon)
Club: Johnsonville                                                                 202M.convention@lionsclubs.org.nz
                                              Zone 7                               Club: Rimutaka
Legal Advisor                                 PDG Gary Benton (Debbie)
Murray Pringle (Simon Williams)               202M.zone7@lionsclubs.org.nz         District Webmaster
202M.legal@lionsclubs.org.nz                  Club: Kapiti                         Rex Bullard (Trish)
Club: Dannevirke                                                                   202M.webmaster@lionsclubs.org.nz
                                              Youth Team Leader                    Club: Silverstream
GLT                                           Peace Poster & Speech Maker
Tanya Leyland (Adrian Rhodes)                 Nalini Bhaskar (Bhaskar)
202M.leadership@lionsclubs.org.nz             202M.peaceposter@lionsclubs.org.nz
Club: Spirit of Napier                        Club: Petone

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