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                                                                                                                                       April 2007
                                                                                                                                       Nisan/Iyar 5767

Temple Menorah, 1101 Camino Real, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 310-316-8444

                          From the
                                                                                     Come Share in the warmth of
                                                                                   community and family as we extend
                                                                                      a heart felt Mazel Tov to the

                                                                                           5767 Adult B’nai
                                                                                            Mitzvah Class
                                                                                                     Carla Bradford
 Dear Friends,                                                                                           Lisa Krouse
 I am writing to you from Washington DC. Where I                                                   Marcelo Liberman
 came to attend the annual American Israel Public
 Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference. AIPAC,                                                  Judith “Judy” London
 considered the most effective lobbying group in
 Washington, attracted its largest and most diverse                                                      Lora Mallen
 crowd in history, over 6200 delegates, including 1200
 students. In fact, it was my student son, Jesse, who                                             James “Jim” Myers
 challenged me to attend the conference with him.
 AIPAC’s sole purpose is to insure that the relationship                                             Roger Peterson
 between the USA and Israel remains strong. This year
 Vice-President Dick Cheney, House Speaker Nancy                                                         Julie Reback
 Pelosi, and many other leaders of Congress from both
 sides of the aisle addressed the conference, as well as                                          Mildred “Mim” Rivo
 all the top Israeli politicians and diplomats.
                                                                                                     Erika Robinson
 The real purpose of the event was not only to remind
 elected US officials of the strategic importance of the                                                 Nancy Silbert
 only democracy in the Middle East but to actually go up
 to the Hill and lobby over 400 members of the House                                                       Imi Silver
 and Senate on behalf of three items in the action
 agenda. This year the threat of Iran’s nuclear weapons                                              Marcia Spanier
 program was on everybody’s mind. HR1400 asks that
 tough economic and diplomatic sanctions be imposed
 on Iran, as a way to prevent armed conflict. Second                                              Shabbat Morning
 Israel is up for one last year of military aid in the
 amount of 2.4 billion dollars and third, we asked
 Congress to pass a bill that the US government will
 only recognize a Palestinian government that
 recognizes Israel, as Mahmud Abbas now does, and
        Inside this Issue
 Hamas does not. The outlook on all three is highly
 positive, as they have strong bi-partisan support.
    Annual Gala .................................... p. 13   Michael Mitzvah Day Highlights .... p. 9       Service Schedule ....................... p. 2
 If you are an Israel lover and enjoy politics, the Purim Highlights ........................... p. 6
     Cantor’s Message ............................ p. 4                                                     Sisterhood ................................. p. 12
 conference is for you! Next years’ AIPAC policy
     Education Update ............................ p. 8 Save Darfur Shabbat Dinner ......... p. 5           Teen and Youth ......................... p. 10
 conference will be held in DC on June 2nd — 4th.
     Israeli many members of our p. 11
 Hopefully Independence Day Festival will Scholar-in-Residence .................... p. 3      Women’s Awareness Seminar.... p. 14
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 2                                                                                                    Menorah Message

Continued from cover
accompany me to the conference in 2008.
I also want to remind you of the major program we will host                                     From the
here on April 13th, the famous Tikkun Olam activist, Danny
Siegel. This program is a joint effort of our synagogue,                                        PRESIDENT
Congregations Tifereth Jacob and B’nai Tikvah. This is a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study from one of the most
creative minds in the Jewish world. I had the privilege of                I want to thank Felice Zoota for chairing the Purim Carnival for
spending time with him, in Israel, two summers ago.                       the second straight year and with providing us with the great
                                                                          weather and fun we all enjoyed so much that day. Felice’s great
Lastly, there is still time to sign up for our synagogue tour of
                                                                          energy and skills made possible our most successful Purim
Israel June 25th to July 5th. This is a full, deluxe, child-friendly
                                                                          Carnival ever!!
trip appropriate for first timers as well as veterans. Please
contact my office if you are interested.                                  The Purim Carnivalia was an event that will not be soon forgotten
                                                                          by those in attendance. Lisa Krouse and Erika Robinson, and all
With Love                                                                 of their volunteers, deserve all the credit for putting on a
                                                                          marvelous Purim party so we could share a wonderful evening of
                                                                          drinking, eating and dancing with our many friends at the
           Schedule of                                                    Temple. I won’t even talk about Santa Claus. And what’s this
                                                                          about the Rabbi getting married? You should have been there!

        Synagogue Services                                                The Cultural Arts Committee has planned a film night for us at
                                                                          the Temple during Passover called “Matzos and Movies” on
                                                                          Saturday, April 7, from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. with dinner being
                        April 3                                           served. Where else can you have a Kosher dinner for Passover
1st Day Passover Morning Service ................10:00 a.m.               and see 3 Jewish films for only $40?

                      April 6 & 7                                         I would like to invite you to participate in what promises to be a
                                                                          landmark event for Temple Menorah. Three congregations in the
Shabbat Candle Lighting Time ......................6:59 p.m.              South Bay Jewish community are joining together to bring world
Tot Shabbat Service (Passover) ......................6:30 p.m.            renowned Mitzvah Maven, Danny Siegel to our part of the globe.
Shabbat Morning Service............................10:00 a.m.             Our synagogue, through our Bernie Spanier Memorial L’Atidenu
                                                                          Fund, is co-sponsoring Scholar–in-Residence Danny Siegel on
Torah Portion................................................... Pesach
                                                                          April 13th-15th with Congregation Tifereth Jacob and B’nai Tikvah
                         April 10                                         Congregation. But, WHO IS DANNY SIEGEL? He is the master of
Passover Yizkor Service...............................10:00 a.m.          tzedakah, a nationally known poet and tzedakah activist. He will
                                                                          lead us on a mission of solidarity with our fellow South Bay Jews
                     April 13 & 14                                        in exploring what real Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) means
Shabbat Candle Lighting Time ......................7:04 p.m.              and how we can become “Mitzvah heroes.” Danny Siegel will
Scholar-in-Residence Danny Siegel................6:30 p.m.                explain to us that all Jews can individually and collectively
                                                                          participate in the pursuit of Tikkun Olam.
Shabbat Morning Service..............................9:30 a.m.
                                                                          Please join us by attending the Friday evening services on April
  At Congregation Tifereth Jacob
                                                                          13th here at our own Temple Menorah, and then go with us to
Torah Portion.................................................. Shemini   Congregation Tifereth Jacob, along with Bnai Tikvah
                    April 20 & 21                                         congregation for Shabbat morning services on Saturday, April
                                                                          14th. The Rabbis and Cantors from all three shuls will be sharing
Shabbat Candle Lighting Time ......................7:10 p.m.
                                                                          the bimah and participate in the services together. Can you
Shabbat Morning Service..............................7:30 p.m.            imagine the feeling from being involved in this event? Danny
Shabbat Morning Service............................10:00 a.m.             Siegel will be our featured guest speaker for the entire weekend.
Torah Portion....................................... Tazria-Metzora       Do not miss this!
                                                                          Finally, the Temple Menorah Gala honoring Rabbi Silver’s 20th
                       April 27 & 28
                                                                          year at Temple Menorah and Sisterhood’s 60th birthday will be
Shabbat Candle Lighting Time ......................7:15 p.m.              held on May 12th. If you would like to honor the Rabbi, his
Shabbat Service ...........................................6:30 p.m.      devoted service to us and his many accomplishments and have
Community Shabbat Dinner .........................7:30 p.m.               an idea and money to create something special for this event, I
Jewish World Watch & Save Darfur                                          would like to hear from you right away. Please call me at 310-
                                                                          280-0400 to discuss your idea.
Shabbat Morning Service ............................10:00 a.m

                                                             IMPORTANT REMINDER
                               Shabbat services on Saturday, April 14th will be held at 9:30 a.m. at
                                       Congregation Tifereth Jacob in Manhattan Beach.
Menorah message                                                                                                      Page 3   3

            Sponsorship Levels –
            BONEH - $180 – includes participation at all        GIBOR - $36 per person – includes
            sessions, 2 signed books - Giving Your Money Away   participation at all sessions, unsigned book - 1+1
            & Who Me? Yes You! and recognition in printed       = 3 and recognition in printed material.
                                                                MENSCH - $18 per person – thank you
            MITZVAH MAVEN - $72 – includes participation        for your support
            at all sessions, signed book - Giving Your Money
            Away and recognition in printed material.
            These Sponsorship levels will help the 3 synagogues to cover the cost of bringing Danny
            Siegel to the South Bay. Although the sponsorships are voluntary, it is our hope that
            everyone will find it in their hearts to support the mitzvah of giving.

                                      See the enclosed “Quick & Easy!” form to register for this program!
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 4                                                                                            Menorah Message

                                                                                   TODAH RABBAH
                        From the                                        For remodeling my office! Thank you to all
                                                                       the wonderful people who made it happen:
                        Cantor                                           Fran Martel, Cathleen & Scott Richland,
                                                                      Randi Sher, Robin & Avi Franko, Pearl Gold,
                                                                        Katie Bryan & Matt [ ], Lorenzo Rodriguez,
 What a month! ~                                                          Gaston Veliz, Joshua Richland, Aaron
 As we head into April (and a time that was once thought of as        Richland, David Fox, Mark Reichard, and Pat
 the real “Head of the Year”) and we settle into celebrating                            Hoffman.
 Pesach and our freedom from slavery we look forward to see                                        F    R bbi Sil
 the weeks ahead: Yom Hashoah, Yom Hazikaron, and Yom
 Ha’atzmaut, all falling within this month of April… so many
 days of remembering…
 Persecution and freedom in our history seems to color our            Muse on the move…
 landscape as Jews. How wonderful it is built into our structure
 and heritage, to “never forget.” We are a strong and devout          Attention Neshamah service and Jewish Spirituality
 people, filled with such intelligence and capacity to love, to                  and Meditation participants.
 somehow forgive, and go on. We take our memories and our             Please attend our services with Congregation Tifereth
 lineage with us wherever we go. As we clean out the chametz in       Jacob, B’nai Tikvah Congregation and Scholar-in-
 our hearts and march forth to freedom, we celebrate life and         Residence Danny Seigel in place of our normally
 Torah, our heritage and our story – reading the Haggadah and         scheduled service and class on Friday, April 13. Rabbis
 continuing the dialogue from one generation to the next.             and Cantors from all Congregations will be leading
 On Friday, April 27th, and continuing on Saturday, April 28th,       together at both our Synagogue and Congregation
 our Adult B’nai Mitzvah class will be celebrating their collective   Tifereth Jacob!
 Bar and Bat Mitzvahs; what an accomplishment and true
 delight! Please, come and share our pride and joy as these
                                                                      Thank you to everyone who made purim such a
 committed adults come together before God and community to           sensational success, and to our amazing
 delight in the words of Torah – Parashah Kedoshim – and what         megillah readers:
 it means to be holy.                                                 Saturday Evening:
 These devoted individuals have dwelled in the study of Hebrew          Wendy Wengrow, Kristl Holtz, Miriam Nash, Paul
 and prayers for the past 18 months and have truly                      Birnbaum, Steve Goldberg, Dan Spector, Tracey
 accomplished something amazing! How wonderful that a                   Newmark, Bob Hoffman, David Fox, Erika Robinson
 month which starts off with a people going forth – in faith – to
                                                                      Sunday Morning:
 create a nation and a people committed to a life lived by the
                                                                        Ben Farris, Blake Shapiro, Shayna Stuart, Scott
 commandments of Adonai, is culminated with our community
                                                                        Drucker, Allie Goldberg, Kadi House, Andrew Jacobs,
 standing before God, embracing the covenant as adult Jews
 wishing to pledge their hearts and souls to the study of Torah
 and the furtherance of its teachings. What a legacy. What a gift!
 Please come celebrate with the Adult B’nai Mitzvah class of
                                                                      American Red Cross Blood Drive
 5767 and bask in the light of Adonai and what we, as the
                                                                          Temple Menorah hosted another extremely
 community of Temple Menorah pledge to be, family and friends
 – lovers of Torah – “lighting the path to Reform Judaism..” I am
                                                                      successful blood drive on Michael Mitzvah Day, this
                                                                                    time collecting 50 units!
                                                                           Thanks to all of our donors and volunteers

                                                                        Our next drive is Sunday, May 20th
                                                                              8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
                                                                           Temple Menorah Social Hall
                                                                                   To make an appointment,
                                                                               or for more information contact:

                                                                            Ann at 372-6939,
                                                                        or Debbie at 465-1807,
            Contact Katie Bryan at (310) 316-8444 or
    for details!                         American Red Cross Info at:
 Menorah message                                                                                                           Page 5             5

                                                                     amazing committee for ALL their support and hard work: Rabbi
                                                                     Silver, Cantor Didi, Marisol Blystone, Katie Bryan, Amy
                    From the                                         Christopher, Jason Engel, Lori Ernster, Bill & Carol Gevov, Pearl
                                                                     Gold, Francisco Gonzalez, Joe Hasson, Paola Hirsch, Anya /Leah
                    Executive                                        & Alex Krouse, Rose Pierce, Lorenzo Rodriquez, Randi Sher, Garrett
                                                                     Richland, Scott Richland, Aaron Richland, Brian Robinson, Quinn
                    Director                                         Robinson, Drew Kozain, Gaston Veliz, Felice Zoota-Lucero, and
                                                                     our wonderful Sisterhood!
                                                                     For the second consecutive year, Felice Zoota-Lucero, chaired an
Dear Friends,                                                        amazingly fun, delicious and crowded Purim Carnival! People
Have you noticed just HOW MUCH is going on at Temple                 came from all corners of the South Bay to Temple Menorah’s
Menorah these days? Not only is your staff working very hard on      renowned carnival. Apparently word has spread throughout the
your behalf, but your fellow congregants are truly sharing their     community that the best carnival in town is right here in OUR
love and caring for Temple Menorah with you.                         home! The children were very busy with tattoos, games, slides and
Thank you Sue Fogelson, Corey and Jeff Newman, Bill and Muriel       an array of activities to make any adult jealous! The food (thank
Berks, June and Harvey Horwich, Barbara Stokes and Nancy             you Sisterhood!!!) and entertainment (thank you The Chain Tribute
Silbert for the most wonderful New Member Shabbat and dinner!        To Fleetwood Mac!!) was fabulous and the weather… (thank you
Eighteen new families were able to attend this touching and          God!!!). I wanted to thank Felice personally for all her tireless
welcoming event. The committee prepared the meal, set the décor      hours of support and dedication to this project. Felice has thanked
and planned the activities enjoyed by all during the evening.        all of the wonderful volunteers in her article so I will not list them
Additionally, each new member present went home with an              here. You are all delightful to work with!
assortment of gifts including a Mrs. Beasley’s basket of muffins,    March began a myriad of programs which are extending into
Shabbat candlesticks from Israel, and a Temple Menorah               April. Please plan on joining us for Matzos and Movies on
membership list. Welcome aboard!                                     Saturday, April 7th at Temple Menorah. A strictly kosher for
Thank you Erika Robinson, Lisa Krouse and Cathleen Richland for      Passover meal with be served. Reservations are required – please
the most unbelievable, adult-only, Purim Party ever experienced at   return the enclosed RSVP form to the synagogue office asap.
Temple Menorah.      Nearly everyone who attended came in            Danny Siegel, renowned Mitzvah Maven, will be coming to the
costume and enjoyed the pre-megillah festivities, the inimitable     South Bay for a Scholar-In-Residence Weekend on April 13 –
megillah reading and the dancing and celebrating following the       15. Please see the enclosed article for information on this amazing
reading. Thank you to Erika Robinson, Lisa Krouse, Aaron Krouse      person and his gift to help heal the world. On Friday, April 27th
and Cathleen Richland for spearheading this event and to your        we will have a special Community Shabbat Dinner with guest
                                                                     speaker Tzivia Getzug-Schwartz, Executive Director of Jewish World

                                                                                       With Guest Speaker:
                                                                                       T ZIVIA SCH W ART Z G ET ZUG
                                                                                                           ewish World Watch
                                                                                       Executive Director, J

                                               Friday, April 27, 2007, 6:30 p.m.
  In response to the 400,000 civilians that have been murdered and the nearly 2 million displaced in the Sudan, Jewish
  World Watch chose Darfur as its first advocacy campaign. Since its inception, more than $500,000 has been given as
  direct assistance, and the construction of water wells and health clinics have been completed in the Darfur refugee camps.

  Tzivia Schwartz Getzug, the Executive Director of Jewish World Watch (JWW), has developed JWW into a strong and
  vibrant organization that has quickly been recognized as a serious political entity. Ms. Getzug will give you the real story
    the hard facts and honest truth often difficult to uncover
Page 6
 6                                                                                                       Menorah Message

                                                                                    PURIM CARNIVAL 2007!
                                                                          Yes, the carnival was hot this year in more ways than one. It
                                                                          was a beautiful 75 degree day, the music was "hot", the
                                                                          games were "flaming" AND Wilderness Park was having a
                                                                          little fire bringing fire trucks into the neighborhood.
                                                                          Hopefully all of you managed to maneuver around the area
                                                                          to find parking!
                                                                          Everywhere I turned, I saw smiling faces from all generations
                                                                          enjoying the day within our little corner of the world. What
                                                                          greater way to support your Temple then to spend time with
                                                                          good friends and see a smile on a child's face! A special
                                                                          congratulations to the 10 winners of the "incentive donation"
                                                                          drawing with combined winnings of over $1900. Thank you
                                                                          again to all of the generous sponsors and outstanding
                                                                            volunteers for making this day possible!

                                          HUGE SUCCESS!

Lawrence Leopold, CFM, Merrill Lynch
Fremont Investment, Torrance
Grant Norris, Platinum Capital Group
Jeff Newman, GNW Insurance

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Manhattan Beach
Scott & Cathleen Richland
Robin Crevelt, In Any Event
Ori Huberman, Gotham Guitars

Peter & Jill Albert; Andrykowski Famil; Brian & Renee Berliner; Michael & Kelly Bluman; California Financial Partners, Inc., Harvey Jacobson;
Chavureem Havurah; David & Mala Fox; Jack & Dina Gample; Bill & Carol Gevov; Roger Gillespie, DDS; Jeff & Mariana Gitomer; Steve & Cathie
Goldberg; , Robert & Cathie Gotthoffer; Kenny & Nanci Goussak; Jayme Jones; Aaron & Lisa Krouse; Les, Nora and Michael Latner; Eric & Gitte
Lieber; Manhattan Bread & Bagel; Ann & Mickey McRae-Gotthoffer; Jim & Leanna Myers; Jeff & Corey Newman; Cliff & Diane Numark; Tim & Candi
                Olit; David & Sara Rice; Loren & Nancy Silbert; Rabbi Steven Silver; Temple Menorah Book Club; Cantor Didi Thomas; Felice & Teresa
                 Zoota-Lucero; Westside Dental, Les Latner, DDS

            Crown Plaza Redondo Beach, Gotham Guitars, Gyu-Kaku Charcoal Yakinuki Dining, Coyote Cantina, Elephant Bar, Gable Bowl &
           Laser Tag, Lazy Dog Café, Eat at Joe’s, Any Occasion Balloons, Buena Sera, Vince’s Spaghetti, Jackson’s Bistro, Kincaid’s, California
           Pizza Kitchen, Martha’s, Redondo Beach Brewing Company, Macaroni Grill, Hennessy’s H.T. Grill, Olive Garden, Pedone's Pizza, 5
           Choice Card, Wildflower Café, Mama D’s, China Tea House. Special thanks to PrintTech.Com for providing the 5000 incentive donation

Candi Olit, Incentive Donation Lead; Ann Gotthoffer, Sponsorship Lead and Sisterhood Food Co-Lead; Marilyn Sternfeld, Sisterhood Food Co-Lead;
Les Latner, Carnival Food Lead; Jayme Jones, Volunteer Team Lead; Carol Gevov, Volunteer Team; Lori Haig, Volunteer Team; Sue Fogelson,
Volunteer Team and Prize Booth Lead; Randi Maggid, Volunteer Team and Banner Lead; Lisa Snowiss, Signs; Meryl Braudo,
Ticket Sales Lead; John Schugel, Parking Lot Supervisor; Dennis Forel, Animal Balloon Artist; Cathleen Richland, Tile Painting
Co-Lead; Nanci Goussak, Tile Painting Co- Lead; Sisterhood for cooking the scrumptious food! Sisterhood volunteers: Sue
Abelson, Pat Alexander, Kelly Bluman, Elain Blumberg, Ruth Blumfield, Carla Bradford, Cindy Bryan, Lee Corner, Madeline
Eble, Ester Farber, Joy & Bob Feldman, Maria Fink, Evan Friedman, Kristine Henja, Carrie Kahn, Shirley Kaufman, Carol Kerster,
Millie Linnetz, Addie Millman, Corey Newman, Elaine Porzucki, Beverly Radmanovich, Saundra & Mark Reichard, Sara Rice,
Cathleen Richland, Lynn Schubert, Jann Segal, Imi Silver, Marcia Spanier, Barbara Stokes, Wendy Wengrow. Barbecue Guys: Les
Latner, Rob Lefton, Brian and Ronnie Berlin, Paul and Nita Birnbaum, Roberta Britton, Grant Norris, Loren Silbert, Steve
Goldberg, Scott Richland, Larry Leopold; Countless Booth Volunteers and the Temple Menorah Office Staff , Robin Franko,
Amy Christopher, PearlGold, Randi Sher, Francisco Gonzalez, Lorenzo Rodriguez and Gaston Veliz.
Menorah message                                         Page 7     7

With gratitude and friendship,
Felice Zoota-Lucero, Carnival Chairperson

                                            Just ONe More game !
Page 8
 8                                             Menorah Message

         And What a WILD ‘N   CRAZY Megillah it was!!
                                    Purim Festivities started off with a
                                    bang on March 4th! Young and old alike
                                    came for the annual Megillah reading
                                    and Religious School Spiel – even a
                                    couple celebraties came out! Megillah
                                    readers included Ben Faris, Blake
                                    Shapiro, Shayna Stuart, Scott Drucker,
                                    Allie Goldberg, Kadi House, Andrew
                                    Jacobs, Alissa Thomas and Aliya Stuart.
  Menorah message                                                                                                             Page 9           9

                      From the                                           Kid’s Night Out this month will be a Lag B’omer BBQ on April
                                                                         28th. The last KNO for the year will be our Shavuot Shout on June
                      director of                                        2nd. Our last few months have been completely sold out so be
                                                                         sure to register early! Call us at the synagogue for questions or
                      education                                          more information.
                                                                         RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
                                                                         Yasher Koach, and a big thank you to all of our Religious School
As you read this article I will be in Israel visiting my youngest son.   teachers and students for a true group effort in creating our Purim
Daniel has been here since the fall, on what is now termed a             Spiel. We have a very talented group at Temple Menorah who
“gap year program”. These are programs designed to fill the              are busy working towards our end of the year assembly. Be sure
gap between high school and college. My son chose a program              to mark your calendars for Sunday June 3rd at 11:30 am so that
through the Conservative movement that includes a semester of            you will not miss out! All of our Religious School students will be
study at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and community service            participating.
hours elsewhere in the country.                                          On April 22nd we will have a special Religious School Family
Seeing Israel through his eyes shows me what this trip, its              Program for Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) during
opportunities and his earlier Religious School experiences, have         school hours. Please plan to join your children to study and
meant to his development as a thinking member of the greater             experience Israel Independence Day together, as a family.
Jewish community. The places and experiences that he has                 Our 8th and 9th graders participated, with their teacher Joy
chosen to share are well thought out and full of meaning. I hope         Smeltzer, in an Arachim activity on March 11th. Our teens
that I will have time, at a later date, to share more about our trip     gathered with others from the South Bay to restock a local food
with you all.                                                            bank and to create Passover baskets for families in need in our
Passover reminds us just how lucky we are to be free to live in a        local community. They also saw a video and had discussions
community that we love, belong to a synagogue that we choose,            about what it means to be poor and how to help out.
and observe as Jews the way we wish; we need reminders that              The last Arachim program for the year will be on June 3rd when
life is not this way for everyone. The seder is just that reminder       the teens will go to Beit T’shuvah. Please refer to the Arachim
for most of us. I hope your seder and Passover holiday are as            program details fround on page 10.
meaningful as mine.
                                                                           Dates to Remember!
Registration materials for summer camp are available now in                April 2nd-10th             Pesach/Spring Break for Tuvia
both the synagogue and Tuvia offices. Katie has outdone herself            April 6 th
                                                                                                      Tot Shabbat
with new opportunities and a revamped program. Please be sure
                                                                           April 11th                 Tuvia Resumes
to turn your forms in as soon as possible. We don’t want anyone
                                                                           April 12th                 Kindergarten Round-Up - 9:00
turned away or disappointed. For more information or questions
                                                                                                      a.m. & 7:00 p.m.
contact     Katie     at    310-316-8444      ext.   120     or                                                   April 14th/15th            Religious School Resumes
                                                                           April 20th                 RS Family Service with 6th Grade
TUVIA TIDBITS                                                                                         participating
Tuvia registration is now open for fall. We have many new                  April 22nd                 Religious School Family Program
families inquiring so please turn in your materials early to ensure                                   for Yom Ha’Atzmaut
your space as class size is limited. For more information or               April 28th                 Kids Night Out
registration materials please contact the Tuvia office or Mary at          April 29th                 3rd Grade Family Education
310-316-8997 or
Thank you to everyone who helped make our Tuvia seder such a               May 4th                    Tot Shabbat with the 2 year olds
success! Our amazing students, their wonderful parents and                                            participating
families, our teachers and clergy; everyone worked together to             May 6th                    Third Grade Field Trip
produce a very meaningful seder. We sang songs and prayers,
ate traditional foods and had a wonderful time together.
Celebrating with friends and families creates forever memories.           Temple Menorah is a Peanut
Thank you for being part of ours!                                         Free Zone!
                                                                          Peanut allergies are rising in
Tuvia will be out of session for Spring/Passover break from April         occurrence and severity across
2 – April 10. Classes resume Wednesday April 11th with our                the country and we are no
regular schedule. Don’t forget that we will be celebrating Yom            exception. We currently have
Ha’Atzmaut on Monday, April 1, so be sure to wear your blue               students in both Tuvia and the
and white!                                                                Religious School whose
                                                                          allergies are life threatening.
Tot Shabbat this month will be on April 6th celebrating Passover!         This means that products
Next month we will meet on May 4th when Arty and Sara’s class             containing peanuts may not be
will be participating. We start at 5:30 pm with dinner and a              on the premises. We
craft. Services begin at 6:30 pm. For more information or to              appreciate your help and
RSVP      please       contact     Stephanie       Dreyer      at         understanding with this.
Page 10
 10                                                                            Menorah Message

                              Michael Mitzvah
                              February 18th

                                                                   Top from left: Michael Mitzvah Day
                                                                   awards ceremony; cooking for Purim; Red
                                                                   Cross blood drive; Heal the Bay beach
                                                                   cleanup; 2nd row and bottom: Quilts for
  ‫יד ביד‬                                                           Valor sewing for veterans and ill children;
  Yad B’yad –                                                      painting the Tuvia teacher lounge;
  Hand in                                                          making sack lunches for Toberman

            TOT SHABBAT
            Friday , April 4 t h
                                                                        Lag B’omer
                      P ESACH           IS                                 BBQ
                      H ERE !                                            April 28, 2007
                                                                       $36 for first child,
                                                                  $18 for each additional child
           5:30 p.m. Shabbat Dinner
                                                        For more information please contact Katie Bryan at
   $13/Adult, $5/Child, RSVP with payment due to          
           Stephanie Dreyer by April 2nd
  ( or 310-780-7861)
                                                          TRIBUTES ARE FOR EVERYONE
          6:00 p.m. Children’s Craft
                                                        Send congratulations, condolence, get well or
          6:30 p.m. Children’s Service                  any kind of greeting to friends or family. For a
                                                         minimum donation of $3.00 Marcia Spanier
 An Oneg will immediately follow the service
                                                           will send a lovely, personal note for you.
   Please bring a Kosher L’Pesach dessert for 8 – 10
 people. Kosher L’Pesach desserts can be found in the           Just pick up the phone and call
      local supermarkets in the Passover section.                 Marcia at 310-378-3156!
Menorah message                                                                                                               P a g e 1 1 11

                    From the                                          Our next   ARACHIM program, the last one of this
                    director of                                       year, is on June 3rd. Teens will visit Beit T’Shuvah, a
                    Teen & Youth                                      residential treatment facility in West LA, that provides
                                                                      emotional and spiritual healing to people with addictive
                                                                      and behavioral disorders while integrating Torah with a
March was a great month! We improved the food at our lounge
nights and many of you have been tasting our new flavors! Now         12-step recovery program. As part of the Partners in
you can come earlier and hang out with your friends before            Prevention program, Arachim teens will interact with
Academy. We have had an increasing number of teens joining
us from 6pm to 7pm to chat, meet friends, play sports, and plan       residents who will be sharing personal stories and
activities while we have dinner together.                             exploring the power of prayer in their lives.
                                      I am proud to share the         For more information about these programs and future
                                      news with you about all the
                                      mitzvah work our teens are      events please contact Cecilia Hanono at (310) 316-8444
                                      doing this year. Our 8th        ext. 113 or
                                      and 9th graders have
                                      joined other teens in the
                                      South Bay for the past two
                                      months performing mitzvot
                                      through     the    Arachim            From Your BBYO President
                                                                                            My name is Ilana Gat and I have been a
They included the whole community in a book and a food drive.
                                                                                            member of Temple Menorah my whole life. I
In February, they collected more than 800 books that were
                                                                                            had my baby naming here, I went to Tuvia and
donated to Koreh LA to help the less privileged in our
                                                                                            the day school, and I am currently in the 10th
community. In March, they collected tons of non-perishable food
                                                                                            grade Confirmation class. I am N’siah
to restock the St. Paul’s Project Needs Food Bank and to make
                                                                                            (president) of a Jewish youth group called BBYO
kosher for Passover baskets that were distributed to needy Jewish
                                                                                            (B’nai Brith Youth Organization) that is now
families by Jewish Family Service.
                                                                                            meeting here at Temple Menorah on Tuesday
MyClub had an amazing time at the Aquarium! We learned a                                    nights. I have been in this youth group for two
lot about our environment and various ecosystems. We looked                                 years now, and it is the best thing I have ever
through microscopes, played in fish tanks, and had lunch at the                             done.
beach with all our friends!
                                                                      I joined BBYO half way through 8th grade, but I didn’t really enjoy it. I
Join us for a family friendly activity at Woodley Park to celebrate   was forced into it by my sister who was in 11th grade at the time and
Yom Ha’Atzmaut on Sunday, April 19th!              Look for more      was having the time of her life in this youth group.
information coming soon!
                                                                      Ashrey is the name of the girl’s chapter meeting at Temple Menorah
APRIL @ MENORAH!                                                      on Tuesday nights. It is part of BBG (B’nai Brith Girls), and Galilee is
                                                                      what the boy’s chapter is called, and they are part of AZA (Aleph
April 15th: Fun Bus – Community Service Trip going to the             Zadik Aleph). AZA and BBG are part of the whole organization of
Dodgers! 2:00 – 9:00 p.m., $30 per person                             BBYO. We are part of a region called PCR (Pacific Coast Region) and
BBYO Fun Bus takes us to fun places while we perform                  there are around 15 chapters in this region. There are so many more
community service! WE are going to the Dodgers vs. Padres             regions all over the world. They have BBYO chapters in Europe and
Game! Turn an ordinary baseball game into something                   even in Israel!
EXTRAORDINARY! To honor Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust
Remembrance Day, we will be donating a portion of ticket sales        I started getting into the whole BBG thing when I went to convention. It
to Darfur, a modern day holocaust. If you haven’t RSVPed yet,         is held annually anywhere between the months of April or May. All of
check with Cecilia.                                                   PCR comes together and stays in a hotel and has a convention to
                                                                      elect the new regional board. My eighth grade year, it was amazing,
April 21st: Menorah OPEN MIC Night                                    and it just got better my freshman year. That first time, that’s where it
We are hosting our first BBYO regional event! Start practicing        just clicked where I noticed I really liked this new part of my life. I was
some skills to show off … the MIC will be all yours! Karaoke,         meeting all these new Jewish people, and we all just had this
henna tattoos, massage booth, fortune teller, silent auction, and     connection.
much more will be waiting for you! RSVP by April 14th.
                                                                      There are so many events that take place and there are usually events
April 28th: Fraternity Overnight!                                     every weekend. There are great community service opportunities,
AZA members are getting together for an exciting 24-hour day!         social action events, and just fun recreational programs. I think what
All Saturday: day and night for you and your friends! And on          also pushed me to become a part of this youth group was that
Sunday morning you will join with the rest of us for the Israel       colleges love this organization, which is always a plus to put on a
Festival at Woodley Park.                                             college application.
April 29th: Israeli Festival at Woodley Park!                         To put the plethora of remarkable experiences that happen while in
Over 40,000 people get together each year to celebrate Israel’s
Page 12
 12                                         Menorah Message

         Temple Menorah will be
        renting a bus to the Israel
       Independence Day Festival
              on April 29th!
      We will leave the synagogue at
      11:00 a.m. and return at 6:00 p.m.
      Please contact Cecilia ASAP at 310-
      316-8444 ext. 120 to RSVP so that
      we can be sure that we have
      enough people to rent the bus.
Menorah message                                                                                                                                                           P a g e 1 3 13

                                                               Women of Reform Judaism
Message from the Co- Presidents: Happy Passover Everyone! Sisterhood is delighted to invite you to attend two very
special April events: Join us in celebrating Passover with a delicious and meaningful seder luncheon led by Bonnie
Leopold on Thursday, April 5. Then bring your loved ones and join us Sunday, April 29 in honoring the important
ladies in your life! Bring your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, etc. to a wonderful lunch and CJ's
Fashion Show provided by Cynthia Cohen. We wish you and yours a wonderful Passover week and a very happy April.
Love, Saundra and Dale, Sisterhood co-presidents

                                                                 TWO VERY EXCITING EVENTS THIS MONTH!
   SPECIAL FOURTH DAY SEDER                                                                                                                  FASHION SHOW
                                    Thursday, April 5                                    th
                                                                                                                                                 Sunday, April 29th
                                 1:00 p.m. Garden Room                                                                                        1:00 p.m. Garden Room

      THE JOURNEY CONTINUES                                                                                                                         FEATURING
                       led by Chaplain Bonnie Leopold                                                                                           CJ’S FASHIONS
  Take a personal and joyous journey to freedom from the places                                                                            Presented by Cynthia Cohen
      where you have been in slavery. With study, song and
     reflection we will cross the Red Sea as a template of life                                                                                 Luncheon Served
    experience. We ask the question “Where does the journey
     begin, where will we go? Years pass, the answers have                                                                            Bring your friends, sisters, mothers,
                changed as we keep moving along.
                                                                                                                                              everyone welcome!
               Traditional foods will be served                                                                                       Please RSVP by April 20th To: Joy Feldman
          Please bring – your own special Charoses                                                                                                 310-540-7169
                         RSVP by April 1st To: Joy Feldman
                                 310-540-7169                                                                                                       Cost: $9 00
               NOMINEES FOR SISTERHOOD BOARD FOR 2007 - 2008
 PRESIDENT .................................................................................. Saundra Reichard
 MEMBERSHIP VP ........................................................................ Cathleen Richland                                  Sisterhood
 PROGRAM VP ................................................ Ann Gotthoffer, Madeline Eble,
 .............................................................................................................. Pat Alexander               in Action!
 WAYS & MEANS VP............................................. Candi Olit, Shirley Kaufman,
 .........................................................................................................................Sara Rice
 HOSPITALITY VP.........................................................Lori Ernster, Millie Linnetz
 EDUCATION VP.................................................................................Corey Newman
 TREASURER .......................................................................................Marcia Spanier
 FINANCIAL SECRETARY ...........................................................................Judy London
 .....................................................................................................................Jann Segal
 RECORDING SECRETARY ................................................................... Carla Bradford
 ................................................................................ Faith Goldman & Imi Silver
 PARLIAMENTARIAN............................................................................... Dale Korman
 HISTORIAN .............................................................................................. Pat Hoffman
 CHAPLAIN.............................................................................................Lynn Schubert
 HONORARY CHAPLAIN..................................................................Natalie Kaufman

                               NEXT SISTERHOOD BUSINESS MEETING ~ April 11, 10:00 AM – Garden Room
                                    ALL WELCOME at 9:30 a.m. for socializing & coffee ~ COME AND BRING YOUR IDEAS AND TALENTS
                                                                 •         SAVE THE DATE: WEDNESDAY, MAY 16TH LUNCHEON PROGRAM
Page 14
 14                                                                                           Menorah Message

      An Anniversary Celebration!
          6:00 p.m., Saturday Evening, May 12, 2007

   Tribute Book Orders (forms enclosed) are due by Thursday, April 12. If you have questions regarding the Tribute book
   please contact Ann Gotthoffer at or 310-372-6939.
   Silent Auction Donations (forms enclosed) are due by Thursday, April 26. Questions can be directed to Candi Olit at 310-
   944-0276 or
   Please feel free to contact Cathleen Richland with any general questions regarding the 2007 Gala at
   or 310-378-2595.
Menorah message                                                                                                                         P a g e 1 5 15

                                                                                            Happy Birthday to our
                                                                                            (If your name is missing, please let us know at 310-316-8444)
                                                                                                           March 2007
                                                                                    1    Macie Berlin      15 Steven Liberman
                                                                                    1    Jolene Meskin     15 James Myers
                                                                                    2    Renee Berliner    16 Emily Fogel
                                                   Taught by: Benjamin Morse,       2                      17 Reed Hasson
                                                                                         Christina Carpenter
                                        Israeli Elite Forces Certified Instructor   2    Robbie Drissel    17 Sheila Lefton
                                                                                    3    Leslie Heimov     18 Gertrude Lewison
                                                                                    3    Emily Schugel     20 Mia Lieber
                                                                                    4    Brandon Engel     20 Tracy Numark
                                   One out of six women report                      4    Steven Jacobs     20 Neilan Sleven
                                   a completed or attempted                         4    Stephen Lewis     21 Serena Letvin
                                   rape to authorities at some
                                   point in their lifetime. It is                   5    Max Fogel         21 John Simpson
                                   estimated that the majority                      5    Irene Jacobson    21 Samuel Valladares
                                   of rapes go unreported.                          5    Ronna Nelsen      22 Dustin Abelin
                                   More than half of all
                                   lifetime rapes happen before                     5    Lauren Schwartzer 22 Cynthia Cohen
                                   age 18. In approximately 8                       5    Gail Teicher      22 Robert Hoffman
                                   out of 10 cases (83%), the
                                   victim knew the perpetrator
                                                                                    5    David Zaro        22 Tyler Kae
                                                                                    5    Arnold Zimmerman  22 Sam Lambert-Peck
                                                                                    6    Sarah Craemer     22 Karen Rosenberg
                                                                                    6    Lawrence Leopold  22 Matthew Silbert
                                                                                    6    Elaine Porzucki   23 Elaine Berris
                                                                                    7    Steve Braudo      23 Brittany Bovee
                                                                                    8    Jeri Berlin       23 Joseph Wolf
                                                                                    8    Brendan Hirsch    24 Allan Fineman
                                                                                    8    Donald Shannon    24 Mitchell Numark
                                                                                    9    Andrew Edelstein  24 Susan Shall
                                                                                    9    Cameron Rosenberg 24 Lena Silver
                                                                                    11   Robert Koch       24 Barbara Stokes
                                                                                    12   Isabella Beristain25 Alan Silkes
            Mothers, daughters,                                                     12   Ben Kae           26 Andrew Dietz
         Grandmothers it’s not too                                                  12   Rhonda Windsor    26 Amanda Heimov-
             late to become the                                                     13   Dorothy Benardo  Parisse
          “Wonder Woman” in your                                                    13   Jorge Birnbaum    27 Lisa Blumberg
                   family!                                                          13   Evan Downs        27 June Horwich
                                                                                    14   Jason Goussak     27 Clifford Numark
                                                                                    14   Asher Richland    28 Meredith Johnson
            Thursday, May 3rd 8:00 p.m.                                             15   Romina Birnbaum   29 Jacob Heimov-Parisse
                                                                                                           29 Eitan Seri-Levi
                 Temple Menorah                                                                    Happy Anniversary
                                                                                                           30 Alexis Katzelnick-Wise
                                                                                                      To Our Members!
                  $20 per person                                                                 (If you do not see your name, please call the office)
                                                                                    April     2       Burton & Geraldyn Belzer
                                                                                    April     5       Douglas & Adele Gleichman
                       Benjamin Morse is a Temple member and a
                      Tuvia graduate. He has been teaching Mixed                    April     5       Frank & Gail Kantrowitz
                         Martial Arts to all ages and levels for                    April     6       Michael & Kelly Bluman
                    almost 15 years. He currently teaches self-
                         defense tactics at the Religious School                    April     6       Hal & Shirley Kaufman
                    Academy on Wednesday evenings. Not only is
                        he a Certified Instructor of Israeli Elite
                                                                                    April     7       Leon & Rita Levy
                    Forces for Hand to Hand Combat but also a                       April     10      Roger & Diana Wolff
                     certified instructor of Gracie Brazilian Jui-
                                                                                    April     15      Daniel & Rebeca Rosenberg
                                                                                    April     15      Nelson-Michael & DoloresTorres
                                                                                    April     27      Ann Gotthoffer & Mickey McRae
Sponsored by the Temple Menorah Cultural Arts Committee
                                                                                    April     28      Harvey & Barbara Jacobson
                                                                                    April     29      Mr. Jeffrey Tidus & Mrs. Sheryl Stein-
   See the enclosed “Quick & Easy!” form to register for this
                                                                                    April     30      Jeffrey Parisse & Leslie Heimov
Page 16
 16                                                                                                  Menorah Message

  Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund                   Sandra Lincoln, in memory of her                Condolences to Rabbi Leon and Peppi
Bob, Susan, Bethany and Brent Abelson,          grandfather, David Lincoln, her aunt Rona       Kahane, on the loss of their daughter, Dr.
 in honor of Rabbi Silver in assisting Brent    Smith and Gertrude Markman                      Shari Kahane, from Ellie Reed, Kenny, Craig
 achieve the Boy Scout’s Etz Chayim            Marjie Block, in memory of her                   & Bruce Preston, Miriam & Dave
 Award                                          grandmother, Rhea Chain Shindell                Eizenwasser, Mim Rivo, Natalie Kaufman,
                                               Maureen Romero, in memory of her father,         Ester Farber, Elaine & Ben Berris, Joy & Bob
Ruth Blinder, in honor of her return to
                                                Alvin Meyers                                    Feldman, Arlene (Preston) and Bill
 good health
                                               Toni Wolff, in memory of her mother,             Aberbuch, Addie Millman, Wendy Wengrow,
  Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                   Regina Frankel                                  Saundra & Mark Reichard, Frances Kurofsky,
 Jason Engel, in memory of his wife,             Continuing Education Fund                      Anne Forel, Judy & Ed London, Shirley & Hal
  Barbara Engel                                 Karola Kuc, in memory of her mother,            Kaufman and Faith Goldman
Shirley Falk, memory of her sister, Rona        Ursula Ritter                                  Condolences to Monty & Lillian Koslover, on
  Lincoln Smith                                             Prayer Books                        the loss of Monty’s brother, Joseph Koslover,
Keala Friel, in memory of her sister-in-                                                        from Shirley & Hal Kaufman
                                               Viviana Birmbaum, in memory of her
  law, Deborah Melody                                                                          Condolences to Jeff & Mariana Gitomer, on
                                                father, Abraham Matles
David Tisius, in memory of his son, Daniel                                                      the loss of Jeff’s mother, Mickey Gitomer,
  Tisius                                       Frances Kurofsky, in memory of her               from Joy & Bob Feldman, Shirley & Hal
                                                husband, Harry Kurofsky                         Kaufman, Marcia Spanier and Saundra &
             General Fund
Erika Snow Robinson, in honor of Katie                   Trees for Israel                       Mark Reichard
  Bryan/Kid’s Night Out                                                                        Condolences to Harriet Apsel, on the loss of
                                               For Bill Kornheiser & Family, Sincerest
Eric Lieber, in memory of his mother,                                                           her husband, Julian Apsel, from Ellie Reed
                                                condolences on the loss of your beloved
  Barbara Lieber                                                                                and Arlene & Bill Aberbuch
                                                wife Gloria, by Carole & Ed Casper
Jay & Debora Kaufman, in memory of Joe                                                         Condolences to Dale and Howard Korman,
  Fradkin                                          For Information Regarding Planting           on the loss of Dale’s father, Julian Apsel,
Claire & Victor Kaufman, in memory of            Trees In Israel, Please Call Millie Linnetz    from Arlene & Bill Aberbuch, Ellie Reed,
  Joe Fradkin                                               At (310) 373-3025                   Miriam & Dave Eizenwasser, Saundra &
Shirley Falk, in memory of her sister, Rona                                                     Mark Reichard and Marcia Spanier
  Lincoln Smith                                       SISTERHOOD TRIBUTES                      Wishing Francisco Gonzalez a quick recovery
      BERNIE SPANIER MEMORIAL                  Mazel Tov to Toni & Gerry Wolff, on their        for his broken ankle, from Ann Gotthoffer,
             L’ATIDENU FUND                     son, Alejandro’s appointment as Acting          Barbara Stokes, Susan & George Fogelson,
Marcia Spanier in memory of Dr. Shari           U.S.Ambassador to the UN, From Ellie            Gitte & Eric Lieber, Jamie Jones, Randi Sher,
  Kahane, daughter of Rabbi Leon and            Reed, Frances Kurofsky, Addie Millman,          Nancy & Bill Hirsch, Lory & Lou Greenbaum,
  Peppi Kahane                                  Ann Gotthoffer, Essie Farber, Connie            Addie Millman, Faith Goldman, Millie &
Sara Rice, in memory of her cousin,             Mirell, Dorothy Siedler and Millie & Fred       Fred Linnetz, Miriam & Dave Eizenwasser,
  Sharon Silverglade                            Linnetz                                         Wendy Wengrow, Pat Alexander, Judy & Ed
Nelson & Dolores Torres, in memory of          Mazel Tov to Mickey & Irv Rodner, on the         London, Joy & Bob Feldman and Cathleen
  her father, Kenneth Vincent Santucci,         marriage of their granddaughter, Eva            & Scott Richland
  and friends, Joseph Rosenfield, Bob           Karz to Adam Buckstein, from Frances           Wishing Neilan Sleven, prayers for a speedy
  Segal and Lillie Frohman                      Kurofsky                                        recovery, from Addie Millman, Faith
Regina Katz, in memory of her mother,          Mazel Tov to Julie Reback, on her son            Goldman, Joy & Bob Feldman, Tricia
  Sylvia Haferling and her husband,             Blake’s Bar Mitzvah, from Mim Rivo and          Margolis, Dorothy Siedler, Lory & Lou
  Jacob Katz                                    Roger Peterson                                  Greenbaum and Rose Uberman
Andrew and Barbara Lieber, in memory of        Mazel Tov to Victor Penso and good health       Wishing Marcus Kellman prayers for a
  Andrew’s mother, Barbara Lieber               on his 80th birthday, from Ruth & Al            speedy recovery, from Joy & Bob Feldman,
Rose Uberman, im memory of her                  Blinder                                         Tricia Margolis, Rose Uberman, Toni &
  husband, Seymour Uberman                     Condolences to Lynn & Roy Schubert, on           Gerry Wolff, Ellie Reed, Millie & Fred
                                                the loss of their son, Jonathan Paul, from      Linnetz, Wendy Wengrow, Susan & George
         Tuvia School fund
                                                Toni & Gerry Wolff, Ellie Reed, Elaine &        Fogelson and Naomi Schiff
 Aaron Krouse, in memory of his                                                                Wishing Pearl Gold’s daughter, Sharon
 grandmother, Rae Panster                       Ben Berris, Millie & Fred Linnetz, Wendy
                                                Wengrow, Connie Mirell, Dorothy Siedler,        Lobell, prayers for good health, from
Lisa Krouse, in memory of her grandmother,      Naomi Schiff, Susan & George Fogelson,          Cathleen & Scott Richland, Ann Gotthoffer,
 Clydelia Bonney                                Gitte & Eric Lieber, Randi Sher, Cathleen       Rose Uberman, Faith Goldman, Nancy &
David Tisius, in memory of his mother-in-       & Scott Richland, Barbara Stokes and            Bill Hirsch, Wendy Wengrow, Susan &
 law, Ann D. Polakoff                           Faith Goldman                                   George Fogelson, Jamie Jones, Randi Sher,
                                               Condolences to Natalie & Bob Spencer, on         Joy & Bob Feldman, Tricia Margolis and
            Mitzvah Fund
                                                the loss of Natalie’s mother, Anne              Ellie Reed
Jann Segal, in memory of her father,
                                                Wallace, from Gertrude & George                Wishing Rose Uberman, prayers for a speedy
 Russell Segal
                                                Lewison                                         recovery, from Bettian Pollack and Gertrude
Robert Feldman, in memory of his cousin,
                                               Condolences to Gabriel Pilowsky & Selma          & George Lewison
 Sally Levin
                                                Abaud, on the loss of Gabriel’s mother,        Thank You to Nancy Hirsch, for your renewed
   Building & Improvments Fund                                                                  efforts on our distressed library, from Lynn
                                                Nina Korenblit, from Ruth & Al Blinder
 Menorah message                         P a g e 1 7 17

Schubert, Wendy Wengrow, Millie
Linnetz and Judy London

For information regarding Sisterhood
 Tributes or to send a Tribute, please
call Marcia Spanier at 310-378-3156
Page 18
 18                                                                                 Menorah Message

             April Yahrzeits                                              Mishebeirach
    April 1                   April 15                           Temple Menorah wishes a speedy recovery
    Fannie Croll              Beatrice Adelsman                          to the following people:
    Louis Croll               Rae Lipsky Rubin
                                                       Barbara Beck           Arthur Beckerman   Flo Berman
    Joseph Bernstein          Aaron Hillel Silvera
                              Samuel Berger            Marvin Cohen           Roberta Cohen      Samuel Czerny
    April 2
    Sarah C. Casper           Luke Boccanfuso          Marci Eizenwasser      Shirley Falk       Wendy Gardner
    David Greengard           Erwin Grauman            Francisco Gonzalez     Herman Krouse      Eileen Levin
    Jack Margolis             Perry Joseph Hasson      Sharon Lobell          Marvin Musick      Roz Sher
    Ramona Torres             Sol Levitt
                                                       Charlene Simpson       Rose Uberman       Jacob Witkin
    Goody Kallner Weintraub   April 16

    April 3                   Martin Orzeck                                Condolences
    Arthur Fox                Jiro Nakao                     Temple Menorah and its members extend heartfelt
    Henrietta Ackerman        Barney Cohen                      condolences to the families of the following:
    Ben Diamond               Harry Cohen
    Ben Kaufman               Stephen Sampson          Jeff Gitomer, on the loss of his mother, Mickey Gitomer
    Jean Kuperman             April 18                 Dr. Mark Baskin and Rabbi Leon & Peppi
    Eleanor Thomashow         Ben Alpern               Kahane on the loss of their wife & daughter, Dr.
    Janice Cleff              Rose L Silberberg        Shari Kahane
    April 4                   Philip Fink
                              Maurice A. Glasser
                                                       Dale Korman & Diane Numark on the loss of their father
    Yitzhak Isaac Levy                                 and grandfather, Julian Apsel
    Jacob I. Goldberg         Bernice Budney-
    April 5                   Eva Kurman                                     Thank you
    Hyman Alteresko           Anne Levin
    April 6                   William Mirell           Thank you to all my Sisterhood sisters for giving me
    Caryn Siegel              Betty Feldman            the courage and strength to move to my new home.
    Rose Zaft                 McFarlane                                                      Faith Goldman
    Rachel Rappaport

                                                                     Men, Women,
                              April 19
    April 7                   Sidney Sternberger
    Frances Solomon           Max W. Becker
    Charles Esensten
                              April 20

    Mark Fisk                 Rose Goldberg
    April 8                   Abe Goldberg
    Aaron Feinerman

                              April 22
    Louis Fox

                              Raymundo Najera
    Morris Friedman           Eva Cohen
    Joseph Friedman           Molly Levin
    Phil Schlifka

    Eva Greenstein            April 23
                              Mary Katzelnick
    April 9                   Herb Kornfeld
    Samuel Plotkin
    Ruth Rollband             April 24                          Do you like to sing?
    Belle Friedman            Therese Szwec
    Ricky Wasserman           Helen Aibinder                    Do you sing in the shower?
    Morris Sabath             April 25                          Do you sing in the car?
    April 10                  Benjamin Benjamin
    Dora Grosshandler Gross   Charles Pinski
    Lottie Becker             Belle (Birdie) Solomon                  WE NEED YOU!
    April 11                  April 26
                              Max Turner                    Whether you are trained or not, please come to our
    Bernard Robinson
                              Oscar Levy                    choir planning meeting where we will discuss forming
    Eric Gutman
                                                            a year-round group of spirited singers to help enhance
    Bernard Robinson          April 27
                              Dr. Edward D.                 our worship experience.
    April 12
    Herbert Cohen             Wasserman                                   Date: April 18th
    Siegmund Neu              April 28                                    Time: 7:00 p.m.
    Helene Neu                Frances Jacobson
    Ernest Schugel            David Danos                             Where: Temple Sanctuary
    April 13                  Ellis Milstein
                              Maureen Soll                                Friends             Family
    Grace Knight
    Richard J. Polakoff       April 29
Menorah message   P a g e 1 9 19
Page 20
 20                                                                                                  Menorah Message

                                         L’Chaim! For your Health!
        Chair Yoga Class                                                      Israeli Folk Dancing
              Now Offered Weekly!
                                                                                   Open to the Community
            M ondays 11 :00 a.m. - 1 2:0 0 p .m.                                         Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.
            T em p le Men o r ah Ga r d e n R o o m                                     DANCE TILL YOU DROP!
                                                                                 All levels of experience are welcome
                Fee: $6.00 per class,
                                                                                         and will be challenged!
              or six sessions for $30                                                   Temple Menorah Social Hall
     Experience the many benefits of yoga which include increased                            1101 Camino Real
  mobility, flexibility and bone density, join us for yoga where breath and             Redondo Beach, CA 90277
  movement create a balance of body and mind. Meditation is used for          $10 per class or 11 sessions for $100
            calming the mind while relieving stress and anxiety.                      Classes are on-going.
                                                                                      For more information please contact
                                                                                           Cecilia at (310) 316-8444

                                                                                PACE®: People with Arthritis
                                                                                       Can Exercise
    Jazzercise combines elements of jazz dance, resistance
  training, Pilates, yoga, kick-boxing, and more to create truly               This class brings together people with arthritis
 effective programs for people of every age and fitness level.                and other related conditions for enjoyment while
 Increase your muscle tone, flexibility, balance, strength, and                 doing gentle exercise to improve well being,
          endurance using easy-to-follow movements.
                                                                                increase flexibility and range of motion, and
   Jazzercise meets at Temple Menorah on                                           improve muscle strength and posture.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:15 a.m.
                                                                                         Tuesdays, 10:45 a.m.
   To find out more about Jazzercise including pricing and
  registration information, please contact Marie Hoffman or
                                                                                     Temple Menorah in Room 6.
         Dwain Roqué at (310) 791-4703 or email at
                                                   Call Muriel Berks at (310) 545-6117
        Visit our website at                                      for additional information.
Menorah message                                                                                                         P a g e 2 1 21

In appreciation of your business, I will donate at least $1,000 to
 Temple Menorah on your behalf for your completed transaction.

                                                                               SPIERER, WOODWARD, CORBALIS & GOLDBERG
                                                                                   Attorney At Law - A Professional Corporation
                                                 (310) 892-6016
                                                 S TEPHEN B. G OLDBERG , A TTORNEY A T L AW
                                                                                 Real Estate Business Litigation/Transactions
                                                                                     Estate Planning Practicing Real Estate
                                                                               Business & Estate Planning Law, we focus on dispute
                                                                                            avoidance and resolution.

                                                                                             707 Torrance Blvd. #200
                                                                                            Redondo Beach, CA 90277
                                                                                310-540-3199 Fax 310-316-1823

       To advertise, please contact Paola at (310) 316-8444 ext. 103 or
                                                                                                    Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                      U.S. Postage
                                                                                                  Redondo Beach, CA
                                                                                                     Permit No. 200

1101 Camino Real, Redondo Beach, CA 90277                                                    TIME VALUE - PLEASE EXPEDITE
(310) 316-8444

Steven L. Silver, Rabbi x104
Didi Thomas, Cantor x123
Alexandria Shuval-Weiner, Rabbinic Intern
Robin Franko, Executive Director x109                    Address Service Requested
David Fox, President x127
Randi Sher, Director of Education x108
Katie Bryan, Director of Children’s Programs x120
Cecilia Hanono, Director of Teen & Youth Programs
           Rose Pierce, Layout and Design
               Marcia Spanier, Editor

  MATZOS AND PASSOVER                                                     FO
                                            Saturday, April 7, 2007
                                                    5:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
    Join us for the film,Watermarks; Enjoy a       Kosher L’Pesach Dinner and
                      the Oscar® Winning short musical, West Bank Story;
                                  And stay for the adult comedy, Go                  For Zucker
              A night of award-winning movies! See just one – or see them ALL!

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