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									        Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER                                     Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                                                                Desc
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Form B1 (Official Form 1)- (Rev 1I0B)

                                 UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT                                                                                                    ;                   .   .
                                  CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA                                                                                                   a                           n   !

Name of Debtor (If Individual, enter Last, First, Middle):                                                 Name of Joint Debtor (Spouse) (Last First, Middle):
All Other Names used by the Debtor in the last 6 years                                                     All Other Names used by the Debtor in the last 6 years
(include married, maidei", and trade names):                                                               (include married, maiden, and trade names):
dba Asanti
Last four digits of Soc. Sec. No.lComplete EIN or other Tax 1.0 No                                         Last four digits of Soc. Sec. No,/Complete EIN or other Tax I.D. No
(if more than one, state all): 95-4512543                                                                  (if more than one, state all):
Street Address of Debtor (No & Street, City, State, & Zip Code):                                           Street Address of Debtor (No. & Street City, Slate, & Zip Code):
2670 Mission Street
San Marino, CA
                                                    Zin Code 91108                                    I                                                                I   Zip Code                    I

County of Residence or of the                                                                              County of Residence or of the
Principal Place of Business:                              Los Angeles                                      Principal Place of Business:
Mailing Address of Debtor (if different from street address):                                              Mailing Address of Debtor (if different from street address):

                                                                  I Zin Code                                                                                               Zi   Code
Location of Principal Assets of Business Debtor
(if different from street address above):

      Type of Debtor (Form of                                 Nature of Business                                               Chapter of Bankruptcy Code Under Which
             Organization)                                     (Check one box.)                                                     The Petition is Filed (Check one box)
        (Check one box.)
D Individual (included Joinl Debtors)            D Health Care Business                                    t8 Chapter 7         D Chapter 11           D Chapter 15 for Recognition of a
 See Exhibit D rin page ;: of this form                                                                                                                Foreign Main Proceeding
                                                 D Single Asset Real Estate as
t8 Corporation (included LLC and                      defined in 11 U.S.C. §101(51B)
      LLP)                                                                                                 D Chapter 9          D Chapter 12
o Partnership
                                                 D Railroad                                                                     D Chapter 13           D Chapter 15 Petition for Recognition
o Other (If debtor is not one of the             D Stockbroker                                                                                         of a Foreign Nonmain Proceeding
    above entitled, check this box               D Commodily Broker
      and provide the information
                                                 D Clearing Bank                                                                      Nature of Debts (Check one box)
    reauested below.)
                                                 ~ other
State type of entiy:
                                                              Tax-Exempt Entity                            D Debts are primarily consumer                 ~ Debts are primarily business
                                                                                                           debts, defined in 11 U.S.C, §101(8)            debts.
                                                     (Check one box, if applicable)
                                                                                                           as "incurred by an individual
                                                 D Debtor is a tax-exempt                                  primarily for a personal, family, or
                                                      organization under Title 26 ol the
                                                                                                           house-hold purpose."
                                                      United States Code (the Internal
                                                      Revenue Code).
                              Filing Fee (Check one box)                                                                                     Chapter 11 Debtors
~     Full Filing Fee attacned                                                                            Check one box:
                                                                                                          D Debtor is a small business as defined in 11 U.S.C. §101 (510).
D     Filing Fee to be paid in installments (Applicable to individuals only)                              D Debtor is not a small business debtor as defined in 11 U_S.C §101(5ID).
       Must attach signed application for the court's consideration certifying
       that the debtor is unable to pay fee except in installments. Rule                                  Check if:
       1006(b). See Official Form 3A
                                                                                                          D Debtor's aggregate noncontingent liquidated debts (excluding debts owed
                                                                                                                  to insiders or affliates) are less than $2 milion
D     Filing Fee waiver requested (Applicable to chapter 7 individuals only).
                                                                                                          Check all applicable boxes:
       Must attach ~igned application for the court's consideration                      See
       Official Form 38.                                                                                  D       A plan is being filed with this petition
                                                                                                          D       Acceptances of the plan were solicited prepetitio~ ~~m ~(~~ or more
                                                                                                                  classes of creditors, in accordance with 11 U.S.C. 1126 b
Statistical/Administrative Information
                                                                                                                                                             THIS SPACE FOR
    Debtor estimates that, after any exempL propertY' is excluded unsecured creditors.
EI Deblor esLimates that funds will be available 'or distribution to and administrative expenses paid there will be no funds
      available for distribution to unsecured creditors.                                                                                                    COURT USE ONLY
Estimated Number
 Of Creditors           1-       50-      100-      200-       1,000-       5,001 -         10,001-       25,001 -       50,001 -       Over
                        4'       9.       ,..       ...        5,000        10,000          25,000        50,000         100,000        100,000
                        D        D         ~        D             D            D              D               D             D             D
Estimated Assets
'o-    $50,001- $100,001- $500,001- $1,000,001-                       $10,OriO,001_ $50,000,001- $100,000,001-           $500,000,001- More
$50,000 $100,000 $500,000              $1 million   $10 Million       $50 million     $100 Million    $500 Million       $1 Billion       $1 Billion
  D             D            D             ~              D             D               D                  D               D                D
Estimated Debts
$0-          $50,001-   $100,001- $500,001- $1,000,001- $10,000,001- $50,000,001- $100,DOO,001- $500,000,001- More
$50,000 $100,000        $500,000 $1 million $10 Million $50 million  $100 Million 5500 Million  $1 Billion   $1 Billion
  D             D            D             D              ~             D               D                  D               D               D

                                                                                                                                      MAINlJOCS.# 154l:M i -v l-I\santi_ Chaptcr7Pclition, DOC
       Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER                       Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                                                   Desc
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Form 81 Official Form 1 Pa e 2 - 1/08
Voluntary Petition                                                                                                                                    FORM B1,Page 2
(This page must be completed and fifed in eve/y case)

Where Filed None
Location                                                                           Case Number'
Where Filed

                                                                                              mrs Deiítor (If rnor
Name of Debtor'                                                                    Case Number:                                Date Filed:
District:                                                                          Relationship:                               Judge'

                                 Exhibit "A"                                                                             Exhibit "B"
                                                                                   (To be completed if debtor is an individual whose debts are primarily
(To be completed if debtor is required to fie periodic reports, e.g., forms        consumer debts) i, the attorney for the petitioner named in the foregoing
10K and 100) with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to
                                                                                   petition, declare that I have informed the petitioner that (he or she) may
Section 13 or (15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and is
                                                                                   proceed under chapter 7, 11, 12, or 13 of title 11, United States Code, and
requesting relief under chapter 11)
                                                                                   have explained the relief available under each such chapter. i further certify
D Exhibit A is attached and made a part of this petition_                          that i have delivered to the debtor the notice required by 11 U.S.C. §342(b)

                                                                                       Signature of Attorney for Debtor(s)                   Date

                                   Exhibit C                                                                              Exhibit 0
Does the debtor own or have possession of any property that poses or is                (To be completed by every individual debtor. If a joint petition is
alleged to pose a threat of imminent and identifiable harm to public health        filed, each spouse must complete and attach a separate Exhibit DJ.
or safety?                                                                         D Exhibit D completed and signed by the debtor is attached and made a
                                                                                         part of this petition.
D Yes, and Exhibit "C" is attached and made a part of this petition                If this is a Joint petition:
¡g No.                                                                             D Exhibit 0 also completed and signed by th~ joint debtor is attached and
                                                                                         made a part of this petition.

                                                          Information Regarding the Debtor - Venue
                                                                    (Check any applicable box)
l: Debtor has been domiciled or has had a residence, principal place of business, or principal assets in this District for 180 days immediately preceding
    the date of this petition or for a longer part of such 180 days than in any other District

o There is a bankruptcy case concerning debtor's affiliate, general partner, or partnership pending in this District.

o Debtor is a debtor in a foreign proceeding and has its principal place of business or principal assets in the United States in this District, or has no
   principal place of business or assets in the United States but is a defendant in an action or proceeding (in a federal or state court) in this District, or the
   interests of the parties will be served in regard to the relief sought in this District.

                                         Statement by a Debtor Who Resides as a Tenant of Residential Propert
                                                                   Check all applicable boxes

D Landlord has a judgment against the debtor for possession of debtor's residence. (If box checked, complete the

                                                           (Name of landlord that obtained judgment)

                                                                      (Address of landlord)

D Debtor claims that under applicable nonbankruptcy law, there are circumstances under which the debtor would be
      permitted to cure the entire monetary default that gave rise to the judgment for possession, after the judgment for
      possession was entered, and
D Debtor has included in this petition the deposit with the court for any rent that would become due during the 30-day period
   after the filing of the petition.
D Debtor certified that he/she has served the Landlord with this certification. (11 U.S.C. §362(1).

                                                                                                           MI\INUOCS-# 154XS 1-\'1 -I\santi_ C1111pter7PeLilion.DOC
     Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER                         Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                                             Desc
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                                                                                                 . r(s):                                         ~rw 1i1.P~lJlI$
                                                                                                 . FINE JEWELLERS, LTD.

              Signalure(s) of Debwr(s) (Individual/Joint)                                      ~~ Si9na~ 01 . Foregn Rep..entive of.
, deolare under Pèn.lty of f:rjury lhl!t tho Informaton p~ldod I" tn~                           ~ Roi:~gnized Foralgn Proooings
petition Îs- tre and GOrJcL ¡If petitioner is an indiviual whose: debts are
priarily consumer debts and h.. choien to file und.r ch.Ptr 7)1 .m              I dêolaÆ und ii t peril!lly ò~ pe~ury that Ihe infrmation provided iii this
aw.re thall ma proc under chapter 7. 11, 12 or 1301 tit I 1, Unn'               pèition lr ti'l~ ~ri rmr'md, tliit I i:m 1M fnl'i!n 'P.lUl"_I:Pint~tN. l) a d~r in
States Code, understnd the relief available undei' ea such eliapter, and        . foreign m.iij proin/i, and th.t I 'm autorized 10 filo lhis pellton.
=hOOt. to proceed un(ler chapter 7. (If.,o attrney represents me and no         (Ch.cK one tl~) i
bankruptcy pet~lon preparer signs ttie peliiOn) I have oblained and read        o I reues ~Iie in .ccordn,, with chapwr 15 of t~l. 11, Unltad Stotes
the nojlce required by 11 U.S.C. §32(b).                                        Cod. CMff copie of             the docmant. requird by 11 U.S.C. 51515.re
                                                                                .naehed. d' !
I request reliel in a.eordanee with the chaptr el lh. tile 11, Unlted Slate.
COOl;, ~ri~clM I" 1¡'11; ri~titioi.
                                                                                D F'UfSlli'iiL l, 11 us_~_ §1 !l1~. I fequee.t f~ller In 8Crdanca with the
x                                                                               chapter of' ,11 s~c:iféd in this petition. A certlfed coy of the ordr
    (Signatre of De~tor)
                                                                                granting rBco~nltoli is atÌei:hed

                                                                               X 11
    (SiQnatuTB of Joint Debror)

Telephone and FaJl Numb!;r (If not represented by atlmey)
                                                                                                Ii i
                                                                                 (Signatre dlForeign Rèpreenlative
                                                                                                I~ :.
                                                                                 (l~nted N,. 01 Foreig R.pre,"ntatie
Dete:                                                                                           If
                                                                                 (D.la) I::
                               i~mey                                                            !llgn.lure bl Non..lt"" PI!Hlon Prep...r

      Signature óf At10mey for DQbtor(s)
                                                                               I docl.re "nd'" penalt otpe~ury th.t: (1) lem a bsnkruptcy potitn
                                                                               prepereras d~fined In I 1U,S,C,. § 110; ~2) i prepared this dOCm.nl for
                                                                               ccrlneeitior.o.nd héYc ¡)roidci tIt debtor wit ii oopy of lh~ iJOlII~rll
                                                                               OMd the nolicl ,nd Infrm.lion reuire under 11 U.S.C. §il 10(b). 110(h),
                                                                               end 34(b); a~ (3) il rule or guldelin.. hove boon Proulg.ted purouent to
                                                                               11 u.s.C. §11Ib(l') setng a maimum fee for setvices chargefible by
      Rjçbarç Hi Golybg                                                        bankn.ptc pdJition prepaters, I have givem th_ debtor notice of ttie
                                                                               rrximum øm~unt before preparing any docmerit for filing for a debtor or
      Prnted N.m. of AUomey ror Debtor                                         ,ccpllng on~~~ frm th debtor, e. requi.. In lhet seion. Ofci.1 Form
      Winthrop CpuSbot ProlijOO" ceægration                                    18D is ataclieo.
      Firm Name                                                                                 Ii
      660 Newprt Center OM 4"1 Floor                                                            It
                                                                               Printed Na~iand Iltle. if iany. nf R:nkf\iptey PiMrnon Prep:;rQr
      Nea BeaM ÇA 9æ60

      Telephone: S4g.72Q.1OC                                                   Social Secrì numbor (lithe bankruptcy polillon prep.rer is not.n
                                                                               IndlYk:ui!l, $tat tne Socii    I SecrIt nUmDer Of the affcer. principal.
                                                                               responsible p¡son or partner of      th bankruplcy pel~ion praparar.)
      Date: NpVlMblr 22. 2010          Bar No. j 80434
                                                                               (Required by 1~ U.S.C, §11 0.)
                 Signare 01 Debtor (CorporetionlPer1norship)                                    !i.
      I dcolre under pe,,"y Qf ¡)rjury that thll il1r"llIi!Uun prQvldd In                       i~
     this petition l$ true aind ccrrct. .;nd that i hive been auti-oii to
     fire this petition on behalf cf the debtor.

     Tle ciebkir re(luests Illlef In eccrd::mæ whh the chaptiir cf t1ki 11,
     Unned Slals C ,..
                                                                               X I,: I          I';

                                                                                                Ii: I
                                                                                Sinature 01 ~nkn,ptc)' l=étiion Preparer Dr ofcer, prinâpal, reponSible
                                                                                                I~ !
                                                                               pemon, Dr parêer wl'os socal ",curi number Is. pmvir.õbove.
                                                                               N.me. and srl,i Secriy numbers lOf'1I other Indiiiidu.1s who prepare
                                                                               or assisted in drp:iring thb; document unl... thl bankrvplq petiion

     Nelson A Holdg
     Printed Name of Authorizsd Individuai
                                                                                                i.' ,
                                                                               prepilrer ¡is nai~ii Indiliidiià1.

                                                                               If m"" thon ok. p.rson plepared thl. document '\lch .dditin.lshee
                                                                               conformlna (0 h aDDroD"te t.lll fo fur I!eh ~T'Dn.
     Title of Authorlnd Individu
                                                                                                'l I
     e.t.: l: ~ :-''                                                           A banknplcy ¡rHöo ~r'. "'i/ure 10 compl wi the pr,lon oIlf
                                                                               11 ond tho Ferol Rule. 01 Benkfl1c Prro mey "sun in fln.. or
                                                                               1m menrbroOln 17 U.S,C. isa



                                                                                                I!: MAINDOS-I ~488i~'Y I.Asli_Clilptc1Pclition (2)_DO
   Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER                           Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                                                 Desc
                                                   Main Document     Page 4 of 11
                                                                                                   "              I

  Attorneyoc POl Name, Md,"'. Tdephonc& F IV Nnnib".. oed C"òr"m;. Stst, Bat Number ir                     FOR ~OURT USE QNL Y

  Rich.re H. Golubow- State BarNo. 160434 .                                                                       !
  WINTHROP COUCHOT PROFESSIONAL CORPORA nON                                                        1
  660 Ni:wPllt Center Drive, Fourt Floor
  Newport Beacb. CA 92660                                                                                         .
  Telephone: (949) 7204100/Facimile: (949)7204111                                                                 ,
  18 Attorney for: A.antí Fine Jewellers,Ltd., dba A.anti                                          !i:

                         UNITEÐ STATES ØANK~VYTÇY COURT                                            il:
                          CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA                                           l

   In rc:                                                                                          ,
                                                                                                           CASE       NO.:

   ASANn FINE JEWELLERS, LTD. dba ASANTI                                                           I:
                                                                                                           CHR; 7
                                                                                          Debtor¡s).       ADV,NO.;
                                                         ELECONlC FIING DECLATlArnON
                                                           (COllORA TIONIPARTNERSHI)
            15 Petition. stmeent of        afrs. scheules or list II: Dated Fl1ed~ MIil'mrTntly

            12 Other; '11 ; Dated Filed:
            il Amendments to Ihe petition, S1te,"ent of afrs, scheules or lists " , Do:ed .Filed:

                                                                                                   I. ,,
            i, the undcrsiBIlci h~I'i;J dlXli:li¡ UliiJlil' lNmilly Ufp-IJUI)' iJiii: (1) 1 h~vç tiçm Ibtfmnzcd ~y the Di:btor or oUler par on whQS benalf
the above-refernce 40cument is being fict (Filng Pa) 10 'ign and to me, on beh.lfof~e Filing 11:111y, the above-refereicct documeni being
fied eleeironic,11y (Filed Document); (2) I ha"" read and und..std the Filed Document; /3) the iaroneation providod In the Filed Document ¡,
tre, Cor anO c:omplctCj (4) Ulc "ISI/' followed by my name. on the signatrc IiIl tor thë!Filng pat in the Filed Docuent serves as my
sí.soatu on behalf of the Fllin@ Part ard derotos the. making of suh declarions, requ~, stomcnbl verificaiol'.s and cerifications by me and
by the Filng Par to the sae exiet and ell as my RCal ,Ign.tore on sueh sign ¡¡ii(,): (5) i have ""lo'lIy 'igned a ine and corct har
copy of the Filed Doeumeni in 'uch place, on bE.a1f of the FlUng Par and provided t.e e'¡ted har copy of
                                                                                                                             the Piled Document to th Pntng
Ptly's attornoy; and (6) I, on belalfofthe Filng
                                                      !'. have authoriid the Filng Part's ~Olney to file the electronic v.,ion of            the Filed
Document and ~ (i'. e United StatES Bankrptcy Court (nT t,he r.C1tnll);'tr;i:,t öfCnlloria

S: ature of Autlwl"ized SInIi:to,y of Filng PÙ,.Cy
                                                                                                   Ii .
                                                                                      Dale I,:
Nelson A. Holda                                                                                     '; ,

Printed Name 'if Authorized Signature 'if Filing Party
Tiile of Auihor;:ed Signature of Filing Par                                                        ii

            t the i.iiders¡gn~d Attorney for the filing Parl hereby dechirç under penalt of JijUl' tnat i (I)th l4!sI," followed by my nam~ on the
sigiiiture lines (or tlie Attrney for the FlItig Par in me filed Document i;es as my sigrlre and d~olç the making of
                                                                                                                                 such deciMatonS.
rcCli.csts. ~Uint~ 'lerfia"tion'l :iid ("-fifics¡on~ to thii Slll'~ '~tent and efToct Q5 my ~ signa1ii on .mdi ~ilnfttlJlçljlit:; (2) an authorized
sÍgnatory of the Filing På signed the     Declararion of Aurharized Signaiory of Debtor or oVier Party ~ore I electtnnica1y rubmiltd the Filed
Doument for filing wilh the United Stale, Banlcpty Court fur the Centrl Distct ofCalit"miii (3) ¡ihave octually '¡gned a irue and eorrec hard
ti()tly ofthc .lîlcd I)O'umot in tll: locø.tiQntl that an;: imJil;i1ied by "/s/;'IbIlC)wed l'Y my nan~ and nave ~btinoo th ~itraturc of
                                                                                                                                           the authorze
signatory of   the Filng Par in the locaions that ii h,dieatcd by "/sf."" followod by the nii~ ofthc FiI~g t'an's autorze signato, on ti'e true
and corct hard copy of     the Filed Document. (4) J shal maintan the exected originals ortis Declaratian. the D~laratif)1' l) A.uthorued Si,¡Tllo",
of Deb ior or Qihe' Fort, and Ihg¿Flled V e"ment ror a period offi.. yo"" aftr
                                                                                 the closingjofthe c..~jn whic IIley .. mod; and (5) I ,hall rnalc
the executed originals 0 Der; atiJ!i ~ 'lclarøti01 of Deb'or(s) Or Other Part, and:~he Filed Dbment mailable fo reiew upon reuest of
the Cour or other p " . ~ I!
                               . Navembe~2 2010 '
Signatre of Attorney /17" Flling ParIJ) Date It
 Richar H. Go Iubow If
Prini.d Name of Attorney for FiI,,/! Party "

                             This form Cl mandiili by Orer of   the UnÎtç(J :Staies Bnnknrtcy CQnlfdhe Centr;Distrct ofCaliromia
N..mbt,2006                                                                                        "

                                                                                                   ¡r MAINDOC$-I :i878-vl -Asiilt_,EFïlcl)ç,OO
     Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER             Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                                     Desc
                                       Main Document     Page 5 of 11

                                          United States Bankruptcy bourt
                                            Ce"'~1 0;.",1 of C. io.t;,

In re:   ASANTI FINE JEWELLERS. L TO                                          Caee N.o.
                                                                         I. Chapter 7

company: II, i
        I, Nelson A. Holdo, the President of Asanti Fine Jewellers, U\d., the lDebtor named herein and
that on November 19, 2010 the following resolution was duly adopt~rJ by the Board of Directors of this

         "\NeroBs, ij is in the best interest or Lhis company to file a ~~Iuntary ¡petition in the United States
Bankruptcy Court pursuant to Chapter 7 of Title 11 of the United Sillies Coáe;
         Be II Therefore Resolved, thai Nelson A. Holdo, Ihe Presideht of Asaiitl Fine Jewellers, Lid., is
authorized and directed 10 execule and deliver all doouments nece~sary to perfect Ihe filing of a
chapter 7 volunlary bankruptcy Oil behalf of Asantl Fine Jeweiiers, i;td; and:

       Be It Further Resolved, that Nelson A. Holdo, the President tf Asanti: Fino Jewellers, LId., is
authOrized and direcled to appear in all bankruplcy proceedings on ~ehalf ot: Ihe Debtor, and 10
olherwise do and perform all acts and deeds and to execute and deliver all necessary documents on
behalf of tiie Debtor in connection With such bankruptcy case; and 1, :

         Be It Further Resolved, that N"lson A. Holdo, the President If I\sontiiFine Jewellers, Ltd" is
authorized and directed to employ the law firm of Winthrop c,ouchot'lilProfessional Corporation to
represent the Debtor in such bankruptcy case." I,,

6xecuted On: November 22, 2010

                                                                                         o. President


                                                                                 M.£4 154377.'1 i -A~ant¡ _ Aiit'(il T of ilePefTon. DOC

                              '.-p ,
       Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER                     Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                                            Desc
                                                 Main Document     Page 6 of 11

                                                                                              Ii          i
   Atto''''r u. P..Lr N.."" AJJ..". T.i""hon. '" pro Numbor, and C'lllbmla 5.." Bar tb"                  ~R COURT USt U.NL Y
   Richar H, Golubow -- Siate BaT No, i 60434 "                                                           i

   rgolubow@winihrOl'ooèhot.com I

   WlNTHOP COUCHOT PR.OFESSIONAL CORPORATION !                                                            !

   660 N,wport Cen.ir Drve, Fourt Floor ,                                                                 1

   N.wpii a_h, CA 92660 i,
   Telephone: (949) 720-4100i¡
   Facsimile: (949) 720-11 fi
   Altomcy for Debtor, A::anti Fine lewtllÇJ,\ Ltd.
                           UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT
                            CENTRAL DISTRCT OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                              ii          I
   In re:
                                                                                               II         I
   i\SANTj FIN JEWELLER.S, LID, db.           ASANTT                                                     IIY,NO,:
                                                                                                         CJTAF7R; 7

                                                                                          Plai 'ff,),

                                                                                        Dore :ll.).

                                         Corporate Ownership Statement ~ursuan~ to
                               F.R.BoP. 1007(a)(I) and 7007.1, and Local BlIhruptcy Rule 10025
                                                                                              Iii :
 Pu",uant to F.R,ßP. l007(a)(l) and 7007.1 and Local BankrptCy Rule 1002-5. Ji carpartriol1 otherthrm" g"".rnmmlal unit,
 that is a debtor in a volumar case or a part to on adversary proeeding or a collesed mailer slillfil.thi4 stalement Meniijing all

                                                . , :
 Its parent corporations aitllisling ain pibllcly held company, oiher than a govermenlal unt. that directly or indirectly own JO% or
mnrp. rf any r.~s, of '''4 torpòraJion 's tiquil)' inftJßÇt, or state ihllt there are no e-nliit~ to ,,~pvr'_ 7'hii Corparace Ownership
Siaiament must be filed upon arr chang In clrCUMstaiiæs that renders ¡his Corpo!ale Ow&ship Slalement Inaccurate,

             I, NelSOn A. Holdo the President olthe undersigned in the abov,,capt,6ned easel herby declar under pealty of
perjury underihe laws of           the United States of Ameríca that the following is iiè andcorret:

                                                                                              Ii: !
 (Cbock lbe appropriate boxes Bod, if

 1, I Imv" I"n;unal knowledge of
                                                applicable, provide tbe ""quired infqkmalion.,

                                               the matters set forth in this Stsement bCiause;
                                                                                              Iii ,
             rg J am the prsident or other offcer or an authori7.m agentofthe debfur corporation.

             o J am a pany t( an adversary proçeding. I,
             CJ I rn (l PEtIty to a (¡QT1ti;:s D1ottea', 1;11
             D I il the attni.y for the debtor corpration. I:
2.0.         o The following entities. othe than the debtor or a govemmmtal uni~directly dr indireey own 10% or more of an
                  class of th, eOl1m'tion's(s') equity inierests; Ii!:

                      If additional pages required, attach Iii I

~ Nl.mbotil :iuiu
  b. ti There are no entities that directly or indireotly own i 0"11 or more orl~ny c1as, ~fthe corporation', equit intees.

~;gey or D~ Dt i
Nelson A. Holdo                                                                               Ii

Prnted Name of Attorney or Declarat                                                            "

                                                                                              ,: I

                                                                                              Ii .'
                    This rerm is opti(intil. It ha ben npprnctl for us bylhe Unitid States: ßanktu~ Court for ~e Ccntl DbtrCl0fClifuili.

                                                                                              j! ~1ND' 5487~-v J -kini:( Q'ner$hipStlerl ,DOC
       Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER                           Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                                           Desc
                                                       Main Document     Page 7 of 11

  Part Namll. Ai:drt.t!', ",ncl T",lçiphCln,; Ni)ml:ø.r (CA Stit9 F.;ir No. If ;ir:Pi(~f:)   FOR coul! USE 0'" Y
  Riohard H. Golubow- Stal. e.rNo, 160434
   rgolubow@winlhropcouohotcim                                                                      Ii         ;
  WINTHROP COUCHOT PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION                                                          i'
  660 Newport Cenler Drive, Fourth Floor
  Newport Beach, CA 92660                                                                            ,         ;
  (949) 720-4100                                                                                     II

                                                                                                     i;        ;
             UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT                                                         r
             CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA                                                         I

  In rei                                                                                     CHAPTEJ:
                                                                                             CASE N "BER
  ASANTI FINE JEWELLERS, L TO.                                                                                 !

                                                                              DeblOr.               !i       nJo H..~nø Reouired)

                                                      VENUE DISCLOSURE FOR~
                                                 FOR CORPORATIONS FILING CH~PTER Ü
                                                          (Required by General Order $7-) I

                                   . Attch addroonal sheets as necary and indlcaJ so in eabh sec/ion"
                                                                                                    Il !
  1.       SpeciN the address of the principal offce of the Debtor currently on 1e with the California Secretary of State
           (from Form SOl 00, S0200, or S0300): ~
           2670 Mission Street, San Marino, CA 91108 "

 2.        Specrf Ihe address of the principal offce of the Debtor listed on the :: ebtor's n'.t recent l"rJ"rëltax rsrn:

           2670 Mission Street, San Marino, CA 81106

 3.        Disclose the current business addressees) for all corporate offcers: II

           2070 Mission Street, San Marino, CA 91108


                                                                                                    I!: ;
           Disclose the currnt business address(i:s) where the Debtor's boks lind recorts are located:

           2670 Mìssion Street, San Marino, CA 91108                                                 i


Rev. 1219 ThÎ$ fO is røu~ .Danlli Gimel'1 Onr 87.o:i, II MIJ ri RfJ1"11 ft: lll ~ 1M Unbd ~R 1i5lkNpt ClMrt 1M _ ~~I Olñ' or ~1i.:tii..

                                                                                                     ,;. VEN-C

                                                                                                    I~ MA1NI.x5- 134879.v I~A5:ati _ VCQueDÎsclostlR:, DO

       Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER              Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                             Desc
                                          Main Document     Page 8 of 11

                              Venue Disclosure Form for Corporations Filng ChaplZr 11 - pa~~ Two (2)

  In re
                                                                                  If .                                       VEN-C

  ASANn FINE JruLLi;RS. L'r.                                                   CHA~TER7 '
                                                                               CAS~ NUMBER;

                                              I ii . .         Debtor.

           List the address(es) whel" the maj~rlt of the Oebtor's ass..'" "r9 iJLted basod on a book value deterinin..tion
          as set fort on the Debtor's most recent balance sheel' !Ii'

          2670 Mission Slreet, Sen Marino, CA 91108

                                                                                   'I i
                                                                                  '~l ;

              I: i
          NfA,i' I
  6.      Disclose any different addressees) to lhose listed above within six m nths pndr to the filing ofthe petition and
          state the reasons for the chAnoe in Oldress(es): Il ~

 7.        .                                                                      i i
          Stale the name and address of the offcer signing this Statement an~'the relationship of such person to the
          Debtor (specify): ¡.
          Nelson A. Holda, 2670 Mission Street, San Marino, CA 91108

          correct I ,
 8.       Total number of attched pages of sUPPor1ng documentation:

 9.       i declare under penalty of pe~ury under the laws of the United State ,I,of America, thai the foregoing is tre and

 Executed on the 22"" of November 2010 at San Marino, C..lifomia

 Nelson A. Holdo                                                                                       ..
Printed Name

President                                                                         Ii i
                                                                         iy""lurn O~Dec/a¡¡rir

Position or Title of Offcer





      Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER                      Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                                        Desc
                                                 Main Document     Page 9 of 11

                                                    STATEMENT OF RELATED ': SES i
                             INFORMATION REQUIRED BY LOCA~ RULE ~01S-2

 1.                                                                                          II
                                                                                             ;'1 :
                                                                                             i¡ :
                                                                                             ~" ,
        A petition under the Bankruptcy Act of 18gB or the Bankrupt Reform Act .1 1978 has preously been filed hy nr egoinll the
        debtor. his/her spouse, an offliete of the debtor, any copartnership or joint ,Jn\u,- of which debtor Is or formerly was a general
        or limited partner, or member, or any corporation of which the debtr is a dii;ctor, offCer, or pers in control, as foliow; (Sel
        forth Ihp. r.mpl@'1e number tind titlø of ..uch of prior !'roecedingi date filod, i~ture IhtØnlrof, the Bankruptcy JUdge and court to
        whom assigned, whether stHi pending end, if not, the disposnion thereof. ¡ If none, So indicate. AlSO, list any real propert
        included in Schdule A that was filed wi1h any such prior prOceing(s).) ~

        None                                                                                 i!
 2.     (If petitioner is a partership or joint VInture) A pettion under the Bankruptcy Act 011898 oi, the Bankn.pt Reform Act of
        1978 has previously been fied by or againsl the debtr or en afliate of
                                                                                !he ~ebtor, or ii general,pertr in the debtor, a relalle
        Qf the geiieral fJ,in(rivr, general panner Of, or persn In control of the debtr, pannèrshiP in which the debtor is a general
        parner. general partner of the debtor, or person in control of the debtor aslöllow: (ait forth !he complete number and mle of
        such prior proceeding, date filed, nature of the proceeding. the Bankrupl~rr'!JurJge .'* court '" whom oo.igned, whether .tll

        N/A j" ,i
        pending and. if not, the disposition thereof. If none, so indi""te. Also, list'. ny real propert included in Scheule A that was
        filed with any such prior pmceeding(s).) ,¡ ¡

        (If petiioner is a corporation) A petition under the Bankruptcy Act 01 1898 ¡ the Baniiptev Act of 1978 has previously been
        flied by or ageinst the debtor. or any of it affliates or subsidiaries, a direJ¡Of the de~tor, an ofcer of Ihe debtor, a person in
       eontrol cf thp. rlebtor. a partnllf$hip in which the debtor ia general P8rtnel"~.. general! pililrær of the debtor, a relative Of the
       general partner, direct. offcer, or person in control of the debtor, Or any pe . ons, firm or corpraons owning 20% or more of
       its voting stock as follow; (Set forth the coplete number and title of such .prior proceedin~, dale filed. nalure of pro.Reiing.
       the tlenKrupicy Judge and oourt to whom assigned, whether stil pending' and if nOt, the disposion thereof. If none, so

       None . 11'.. rI.i
        indiæte. Also. list any reel propert included in Schedule A that was filed wi1 any SUChlPriOr prooeeding(s).)

       (If petitioner i6 £In indivifyGtI) A petio., ","O'er tne Bijn~rupicy RefOrm Act, in~ll,ding atrndments thereof, has bêen filed by or
       against the debtor wnhin Ihe last 160 days: (Set lort the oomplete number ild title of $uch prior proceding, date filed, nature

       N/A I' .
       of proceeding, the Bankruptcy Judge and court to Whom assigned. wh.ihar ~fill pendi~g, end if not, the diepccílion thereof. If
       none. sO indicate. Also, list any real propert included in Schedule A that waii~fled w~h ~ny SUCh prior proceeding(s),)

I declare, under pena~y 01 pe~ury, that the foregoing is tre and correct

Executed at c Si/k-vp' . Califomia
                                                                                                               I Fin eweners, Ltd. dba Asanti
Dated      November 22, 2010
                                                                                                      B~: NelSon A. Holdo. President


                              miG: for is mandatory by Orderoflh Unile States 8ankrbplt Ci; ror ~ Genlril D~ct of Catli,

R@vise ",:I 20                                                                                   ~:
                                                                                                                                 F 1015.2.1
    Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER                          Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                                                  Desc
                                                   Main Document    Page 10 of 11

                                                           . l I
  Form B 203 - Di5i;losure ofCompenSition of Alli)Ç) ror Debtor- (i¡gg)) l'

                                                        United States Bankruptc ~Court
                                                                                                                            J998 USEe, Cerimil nl~ltict ofClilltbmitl

                                                          Central District of Califo . ia

  In re:    Asanli Fine Jewellers, Ltd. db. Asanti
                                                                                                    i Case No.

                                                                                           Depi, Chapter 7

                                DISCLOSURE OF COMPëNSATIO~ OF ATIORNEY
                                                           . FOR DEBTOR II' :
 1. Pursuanllo 11 U.S.C. § 328(a) and Bankruptcy Rule 2016(b). i certfy that I a~ the attorhey for the aboe memion@ij c1ebtor(o) and
    that compen~~l¡on paid to f)'it! within one year befOre the filing of the pethion ¡nl:bankruptcY, or agreed to be paid to me. for seNic$
    rendered or to be rendere on bellf of the deblor(.) in contemplaticn of or in linnediortwith the benkn.plcy ease is Os follows:
     For legal services. I havf. ;:greed to acc@pt for C9rviC$C; rendc~d i~ $ 22.00,00

     Balance Due i1 $ 0.00
     P~or to the filing of this Slalement. i have received payment of It. $ 22,00.00

 2 The source of compensation paid to me was:

            12 Debtor                                     o oth.r (specify)
 3. The sour"" of compensation to be piid to me is:                                                 h:

            o Debtor D Other (specify) ii'


4 r8 i have not iigreed to eh..re tho obo..e-dîeGlos eompeiisiilhm with any ot11er person unless they are members and

           atched I!'I:ii
           associates Of my law firm. r,
    D i have agrP.F!ct tn $hi¡re the above-iscloiBd compenaetion wifn I! person fJllisons Who are not members or associates of
         my law firm A copy of Ihe agreemenl, together wih a list of the nam.. O~~he peoplè .hanng in the compensation. is

5. In return for the above-dieclosed lee. I have agreed to render legal service for an aspeet oftli bankruptcy case, including:
    a) Analysis of       the debtor'S financial situation. and rendering advice and aSGi~!"nce to tH deblor(s) in delemiining whether to filA
           a petition 4Jnder Title 111 United SlGlfes Code; I:;
    b) Praparation and filing 01 any petition. schedule, statement of afirs. and oiher docrlnls required by the court;
    ç) RepreselllGiliun of the deOtor($) at the meeling of credftors. I!:


                                                                               j; !
6. By agreement with lh. debtor(s) the above dieelosed lee doe. nol indude the IQiiowng services: reprsentation in any
           litigation which may be brought in connection with the Chapter 7 i~cluding. ~ut not limited to, examinations
           pursuant to Rule 2004 ofthel'ederal Rul"" ufBanlmptcy Procedur! and rcljeffrom stay litigation

                                                                     CERTIFICATIOÑ it .
                                                                                                    :', :
                                                                                                    I', ,i
i certify that th,e foregoing is a compl~te statement of any ;:!J~mE'nt or agreement lI~ r p:iymc~. 10 me for represenl;liun of
deblor(s) in lhis bankn.p1cy proeding, , ,                                                                                                         the

Doted: November 22, 2010                                                                            ii,


                                                                           Richard H. GoluboW
                                                                           Winthrop Couchot PrèesionalColloralion
                                                                           Anomey for Oebtor(.j!

                                                                                                              .M1 S4833-vl -A$.1nlt blscOgiircAli)'p. DO

       Case 2:10-bk-60227-ER                         Doc 1 Filed 11/23/10 Entered 11/23/10 11:14:00                                      Desc
                                                     Main Document    Page 11 of 11
  Attorney or Pa Name, Addiiss, Telephone and Fax Numbeii, and Caljfomiii Stete Bm- Numl)r             FOR COURT USE ONLY
  R1CHARD H. GOLUBOW - STATE BAR NO. 160434                                                                  !

  WITI.IROP COUCHOT PROFESSIONAL CORPRATION                                                                  !

  660 Newport Center Drve. Fourth Floor                                                            ,
  Newport Bech, CA 92660
  Telephone: (949) 720-4 i 00
  Facsimile: (949) 720-4 i i i
  Attorneys for Debtor

                         UNITD STATES BANKRUPTcY COURT
                         CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORIA

  In re:                                                                                           : Chllor i
  dba ASANTI                                                                                    ;;

                                                                                                ,i CAS NlER

                                                                                     DebtoL !~

                                                             Ii. ,
                                   DECLATION RE: LIMTED SCOPE(~F APPEARACE
                                                                                                                  (No Htaine Rtou¡",dl

                                        PURSUANT TO LOCAL BANUP~ÇY RULE 2090.1

                    . I
  i . I am the attorney for the Debtor in the abovtxptioned banknipt~ cae. '

                                                                                               l ¡
              On November 18,2010, I agred with the Debtor that for a fee oftI2,OOo.Ob, i would provide only the following
             ~rvice~ Prepare and fie the Petition and Schedules 'iil

             b. ø Represent the Debtor at tbe 34                    I   (a) Meeting ii .
             c. 0 Represent the Debtor in any relief from sty actions II. i
             ct. 0 Represent the Debtor io any proceeding involvins "0 ~bjoction to Debtor's dischai¡,IO pursuaJ)t to
                                I i U.S.C. § 72 Ii ,
             e.         o Represent the Debtor in any pr=diog to deler ine lheter a specific debt is nondischargeahl.
                                under i i U.S.C. § 523 i
             f.         o Other (JPecif):! '. .
                                                                                               'I ;

                           this page. I:
3.           i declare under pealty of perjury under the laws of the i Initict ¡:taJ~. of America that tho foregoing i. tre and
             co.rrect and that this declaration was exeuted on the following d..l~ at the cily set forth in the uppe left-hand
             comer of

Dated: Novembe 22, 20 i 0
                                                                                             ~Ol' COUCHOT P.C.
I HEREBY APPROVE TH ABOVE:                                                                      U

                                                                                             B~:          ¡Z.t/dJ
                                                                                               Ii Richard H. Golubow
                                                                                             Attorney for Deblor


                                                                                               Ii! MAlNæIlISJ88-vl'A~ti Ltd~¥Apce.DC
Rev.   I/O! This form   ii:optional,   It has been ap"roved fb, usc by the United Stfles Clift for the Cenl:~~District QfCallfola. F 2090-1.1


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