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					Exercise RIMPAC 2010

  Medical Working group

                 CDR Paul Miller, USN
                 Deputy Surgeon
                 29 Jul 09
    Medical Working Group - Objectives

• Update the RIMPAC 2010 POAM, with medically
  related tasks delegated to key planning agencies
   – Delegation to CTFs
• Develop key admin documents
   – P-O-C list
   – Medical exercise and real world JMDs
   – Reference guide and smart packs
• Develop the framework to support completion of key
  RIMPAC documents
   – Update OPORD and OPTASKS
   – SOE
      Medical Working Group - Outputs

• POC List
• Action items to be included in POAM
• List of events that require de-confliction with
  other working groups
• Out Brief to C3F (to be completed by 1600 30
  Jul 09)

• RIMPAC 2008 Medical Highlights
   • Past exercises

• Hawaii Health Threats

• Medical Care Overview
    Navy Health Clinic Makalapa
    Navy Health Clinic Kaneohe Bay
    Tripler Army Medical Center
    The Queen’s Medical Center
                 Medical Highlights

• 12 member multinational medical cell provided 24/7
  Battle Watch support (3 Canadian, 3 Australian LNOs)
• Completed 7 of 8 scheduled Medical Exercises
   –   BW Agent drills x 2
   –   Helicopter crash with casualties on USNS ship
   –   Chemical casualty during VBSS
   –   Diving decompression injury
   –   Helicopter MEDEVAC from STF
• Highly successful Fleet Mass Casualty drill involving
  ship-to-ship and ship to shore transport of 75 casualties;
  a RIMPAC first!
                         Medical Exercises

 Event     Date & Time                             Description                                      Assigned Units
                          Diver Decompression Injury
               9 July                                                                            MDSU
MEDEX-1      1100-1300
                          MEDEVAC of Australian diver with Type I DCS injury to MDSU
                          decompression chamber                                                  Australian Dive Team
                          MEDEVAC from Coalition Ship
              10 July                                                                            RSN STEADFAST
MEDEX-2      0900-1100
                          Coalition ship will request MEDEVAC assistance via CENTRIX for
                          injured Sailor with surgical abdomen.                                  USS KITTY HAWK
                          Influenza Outbreak on FFG
              16 July                                                                            USS REUBEN JAMES
MEDEX-3      0900-1600
                          Unusual increase in patients with lower respiratory disease leads to
                          PI isolation procedures & testing                                      USS KITTY HAWK
                          Chemical Contamination of VBSS personnel
              11 July                                                                            USS PINCKNEY
MEDEX-4      0800-1000
                          VBSS team member contaminated by unknown industrial chemical,
                          suffers collapse & seizure.                                            VBSS Team
                          Helicopter Crash with Mass Casualty on USNS Ship
              17 July                                                                            USNS GUADALUPE
MEDEX-5      1500-1900
                          Helicopter crash on AOE flight deck at end of UNREP results in
                          casualties requiring assistance from CVN.                              USS KITTY HAWK
                          BW Agent Contamination aboard LHA
               8 July
MEDEX-6A     0900-1100
                          Biological contamination on LHA from substance found in package        USS BONHOMME RICHARD
                          bought from vendor, requires DECON, diagnosis and treatment.
                          BW Agent Contamination aboard CVN
              11 July
MEDEX-6B     1200-1400
                          Biological contamination on CVN from substance found in mail           USS KITTY HAWK
                          package, requires DECON, diagnosis and treatment.
                          Major Mass Casualty Exercise with TAMC
              21 July                                                                            USS O’KANE
MEDEX-7      0800-1830
                          DESRON ship suffers 75 casualties after ordnance mishap requiring
                          MEDEVAC to CRTS and Tripler AMC.                                       USS BONHOMME RICHARD
        Hawaii Health Threats

• Motor Vehicle Accidents
  – Vehicle vs. Pedestrians in Waikiki
• Beach & Surf-related injuries
  – Neck injuries
  – Drowning
  – Sunburn
• Leptospirosis in fresh water streams/pools
• Alcohol-induced stupidity
  – Bar fights
  – Balcony jumping
      Military Medical Facilities

   Army Health
  Clinic Schofield

                                                    Navy Health
                                                   Clinic Kaneohe

                                 Tripler Army
                                Medical Center

  Navy Health
                                                 Sand Island Coast
Clinic Makalapa
                                                   Guard Clinic

       Air Force 15th Medical
       Group Clinic Hickham
                 Medical Care Overview

Naval Branch Medical
  Clinic, Makalapa

Telephone: (808) 474-1510

Central Appts: (808) 473-0247
Pharmacy: (808) 473-1880 x 229
Clinic Hours:
    M-F: 0730-1800
    Sat/Sun: 0800-1600
                   Medical Care Overview

Naval Health Clinic,
  Kaneohe Bay
  Telephone: (808) 257-3365/2145

  Central Appointments: 473-0247
  Pharmacy: 257-3365 ext 107
  Clinic Hours: Monday – Friday:
  7:15 am – 4:00 pm
  Saturday & Sunday: all care
  referred to Branch Health Clinic
 Tripler Army
Medical Center
          Tripler Army Medical Center

Central Appointments:
Emergency Department:
Adult Medicine Clinic
• Regular Hours: M-F: 0800-1600
• Sick Call (Active Duty Only)
  M-F: 0715-0815
Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic
• Regular Hours:
      MWThF: 0800-1600
      Tu: 0900-1600
• Sick Call (Active Duty Only)
      MWThF: 0730-0830
      Tu: 0900-1000
               Queen’s Medical Center

Queen’s Medical Center
The major trauma center for Hawaii

• Telephone: (808) 538-9011

• Emergency Dept: (808) 547-4311

• Information Desk: (808) 538-9011
Makalapa Compound

  Bldg 352 & 400
                   RIMPAC Surgeon
    Bldg 250           Duty Officer
                     (619) 726-1813


  Volcano Room

     Bldg 251

Surf Injuries

• UV Index: 0-15
• Hawaii usually 11+
• UV overdose causes
  – Sunburn
  – Skin Cancer
  – Cataracts
• UV dose can double on
  beach due to reflections
  from water, sand
Sunburn Damage





• Caused by spirochete
• Transmitted by contact
  with urine from infected
  animals in fresh water
  or moist areas
• Initial symptoms are
  flu-like: fever, headache,
  muscle aches
• Can progress to meningitis, liver and kidney failure
• Don’t drink untreated water from streams and pools
            Nettle Caterpillar

• Stinging nettle
  caterpillars have
  bristly spines that
  cause a burning
  sensation when
• The sting usually
  lasts for about an
       CFMCC RIMPAC Medical Staff

   CAPT Dean Bailey, USN – CFMCC Surgeon
   CDR Paul Miller, USN – Medical Operations Officer
   Medical Admin Officer
   Deputy Surgeon A
   Deputy Surgeon B
   Medical Plans Officer
   CFMCC Medical LNO
   CFMCC Medical LNO
   HMCM Mark Dunham, USN – Force Corpsman
   Medical Staff
   Medical Staff
   Medical Staff
         Diving Casualty Management

• Hyperbaric
  maintained by
  Mobile Diving and
  Salvage Unit ONE
• Quarterdeck
• Bends Hotline
  808-471-9984 or
  808-223-9875 (cell)

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