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Mary Coyle AO 2007 presentation


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									Homotoxicology and Autism
Mary Coyle, D.I. Hom Children’s Excel Center 170 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11211 718-218-6200

What’s going on with our planet?
• Our Planet is sick, and it’s temperature is rising.

If our planet is sick, what’s going on with the creatures on it?
• “The Dying of the Trees” • by Charles E. Little • Colony Collapse – What’s happening to our bees? • Where have all the frogs gone?

What’s going on with us?
“US EPA biopsy studies of chemicals stored in the fat of humans shows 100% of the people studied had dioxin, PCBs, dichlorobenzene, xylene, and styrene.” -From the book, “Detox or Die” by Dr. Sherry Rogers Toxins stress our emotional and physical health Toxins are trans-generational Toxins are expressed in human breast milk 1 out of 6 children is learning disabled. “100 million US Chronically ill” – Reuters, Nov . 12, 1996

What we don’t know?????
• In 2005 the European Union gave initial approval for REACH – Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals – which requires companies to prove their substances are safe, or that the benefits outweigh the risks. The bill was opposed by the US government. There are over 80,000 chemicals in our environment. How most of these chemicals impact a developing fetus is still unknown.

What do toxins have to do with ASD?
• From “The Biology of the Autistic Syndrome” by Gillberg & Gillberg, it states that there are statistically significant differences between the parents of children with autism and control parents: • What are those differences?
– Exposure to chemicals – The presence of hypothyroidism – A higher rate of spontaneous abortions.

What’s the potential relationship of Hypothyroidism and ASD?
• “Very low levels of PCBs and dioxin, levels well below those generally recognized as toxic, can alter thyroid function in the mother and the unborn baby, and thereby impair neurological development.”
• June, 1994, “Environmental Health Perspectives” Dr. Porterfield

What is Disease?

• “Disease is a mal-adaptation to stress.” • Dr. Greg Ellis, “Autism: Body-Brain Connection.”

What does Dis-Ease look like?
• “Disease is not the mere surrender to attack, but also a fight for health; unless there is no fight there is no disease.”

• Dr. Hans Seyle, European researcher and physician

Toxins and Homotoxicology

• Homotoxicology is the understanding that diseases are considered to be caused by toxins.

There are many different kinds of Toxins
• Endogenous: Lactic acid, histamines, antigenantibody complexes • Exogenous: Air Pollution, Toxic Metals, Toxins in our Food, Bacteria, Viruses and other Microbes, Allopathic Residue or Impact • Autogenous Toxins: These result from hereditary factors

How important is detoxification?

• Our ability, or inability to detoxify, is directed related to our health.

• “We often mistake normal detoxification processes with symptoms of disease.” • Dr. Greg Ellis • “Autism: Body-Brain Connection”

What is destructive stress?
• Destructive stress is when our bodies are pushed beyond their ability to cope with the stressor(s).

Homotoxicology: The Flow System
The body is a dynamic flow system, constantly adjusting to its environment to remain in a state of balance.

Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, MD (1905 – 1985)

What is Homotoxicology?
Homo – From the Latin word Human Tokson – From the Greek word, Poison

Homotoxicology but is often thought of as the bridge between allopathic and homeopathic medicine.

Healing is a Dynamic Process
• According to the principles of homotoxicology, healing occurs from within to without, from above to below, from the most vital organ to the least vital organ, and in reverse order of appearance of symptoms.

Six phases of homotoxicology, which are divided into two main sections: Humoral: excretion, reaction, deposition Cellular: impregnation, degeneration neoplasm

The Humoral Phase
• Excretion: Expulsion of the toxic product • (body odor, acne, runny nose, diarrhea, etc.)

• Reaction: Cleansing by activating the immune system (inflammation, fever) • Deposition: Storage of the toxins in the extra-cellular space

The Cellular Phase
• Impregnation: Toxins invade the cell • (toxins layer toxins) • Degeneration: The intoxication results in cell death • Neoplasm: Neoplastic changes in the cell (cancer)

And if the flow system is blocked?
• Parasites, yeast, fungus and other microbes can build-up in the mucous membranes and walls of the intestines
• Mercury and other heavy metals and chemicals can build-up in the system, contributing to the toxic load • The immune, metabolic, lymphatic, endocrine systems become stressed • The Ph can be thrown-off.

• Oxidative Stress

The degeneration phase of homotoxicology

• In the phase of degeneration, the body has walled off the toxins and the cells around, and in it, are degenerating. Oxygen is therefore not getting to the cells

How do we feel when the flow system is blocked?
• If the intestinal tract is compromised, a portion of our ingested food is not properly converted into the energy we need. • ATP production is therefore diminished, and the body becomes fatigued.
• The body compensates to function • under the stress, (fight or flight response, etc.).

Adrenal Stress
• Some symptoms of adrenal stress: • • • • • • • • Hypoglycemia Dark Circles under eyes Lack of mental alertness Constipation Dilated Pupils Poor Immune Modulation Allergies Chronic Fatigue

Homotoxicology aims to restore the flow system

• Dr. Reckeweg believed that treatment should involve as few side effects as possible, designed to give rapid relief with no inhibition or suppression of symptoms, which prevent the body from eliminating the homotoxins.

Opening the Pathways
• Opening the Pathways: • Prior to deeper detoxification, it is wise to Open the Channels, to insure that the channels of elimination are clear.

How do you Open the Pathways of Elimination?
• Lymphatic drainage – The lymph system brings the toxins to the large intestines, instead of being stored in the adipose tissue • Liver support and drainage – Almost everything in the body is filtered through the liver. • Kidney support and drainage • Adrenal support and drainage • GI Support and detoxification • Replenish lost minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Low-Potency Detoxification
• Through low-potency, homeopathically prepared active ingredients, and the use of herbal combinations – homotoxicology is designed to stimulate metabolic and circulatory functions, thus enabling the body to eliminate toxic deposits and energize the self-healing mechanism.

• “The Laws of Nature are so simple we have to rise above complexity of scientific thought to see them.”
- Richard Feynman Nobel Prize, physics

Recommended Reading
• “Autism: The Body-Brain Connection” • Dr. Gregory S. Ellis • “Rediscovering Real Medicine” • Jean Elmiger, MD • “Our Stolen Future” • Theo Colburn, Senior Scientist, World Wildlife Fund

• “The Field” • Lynne McTaggart

The Children’s Excel Center strives to bridge the gaps, and “surround the tiger” in addressing and facilitating the full healing process: Subtle Energy: Homeopathy Mary Coyle, D.I.Hom Bioelectric Magnetic Fields Dr. Tatyana, Acupuncture Biochemistry: DAN! Doctor Dr. Raphael Kellman, MD Structure: Chiropractic Neurology,Dr. Dov Widenbaum Function: Rehabilitation Process Wellness Pregnancy Seminars: Mary Harris

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The Children’s Excel Center 170 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11211 718-218-6200

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