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									                                        the SCHOLARSHIP
                                        FA LL          20 11                                                SCOOP
                            SPARKing HOPE since 1984!

Justin DeLille
Board Chair

Lisa Brown
Debra Broyles
                               Gwendy Lefforge, Jennifer Forrest, Glenda    Justin DeLille , SPSF NWA Board Chair, and    X, Doris Cordes, Ralph Nesson, Marcia McCain
Jennifer Cain                Graves, Kim Sharpe, Tressa Horton and Wendy    Erik Rivadeneyra from Johnson & Johnson
Ruth Collier                         Teal from CitiScapes Magazine
Doris Cordes
                           Single Parent Scholarship Fund of               ious Spark of Hope awards. After-               Thomas Alan Jacoway Memorial
Dr. Karen Hodges
                           Northwest Arkansas (SPSF NWA) held              ward, DeLille and Dilday announced a            Scholarship; Scot Ripple, Lois M. Fry
Frank Johnson
                           its annual Spark of Hope celebration            program to pilot this fall, pairing             Memorial      Scholarship;      Paula
Shana Kasparek
                           Thursday, June 16, 2011 at the Fa-              scholarship recipients with members             Thomsen-Perez, Lois J. Imhoff Single
George Knight
                           yetteville Town Center.      Approxi-           from the business community for                 Parent Scholarship; Sjah Short,
Matt Machen
                           mately 350 guests gathered for a                career advising.                                Elaine M. Longer Endowed Scholar-
Marcia McCain
                           cocktail reception before the 7 p.m.                                                            ship; Caren Carrothers, Forsythe
Sarah McCarter                                                             Scholarship recipient Brittney Peace
                           program hosted by Jake McBride from                                                             Family Endowed Scholarship; Katy
Kyle Mooty                                                                 presented the second annual Suppor-
                           Kix 104 and Laine Baker from KNWA                                                               Stonesifer, Willard and Pat Walker
Carolyn Rehbock                                                            tive Employer Award to her employer
                           Today. The Spark of Hope celebrates                                                             Endowed      Scholarship;      Jazmin
Donna Samples                                                              HP Engineering, Inc. Accepting on
                           the success of the year’s scholarship                                                           Harmon, Alford Sherman Endowed
Deniece Smiley                                                             behalf of HP Engineering was Presi-
                           campaign from corporate and individ-                                                            Scholarship; Kelly Story, Richard F.
Chris Smith                                                                dent Bill Hodge.
                           ual giving. The 2011 Spark of Hope                                                              Cooper Endowed Scholarship; Char-
John Stare
                           raised more than $360,000 for schol-            McBride and Baker introduced guest              lene Dodd, Community Hope En-
Joanna Taylor
                           arships.                                        speakers Jeff Parmer, SPSF NWA                  dowed Scholarship
John Threet
Brandy Tuft                                                                scholarship recipient; Kayla Main,
                           SPSF NWA Board Chair Justin DeLille                                                             Guests dined on a delectable meal of
Sofia Vawter                                                               daughter of graduate Beth Main; and
                           and Executive Director Jody Dilday                                                              Filet Mignon and Crab Cake with
Pam Yarberry                                                               Pamela Center, SPSF NWA graduate.
                           honored the organization’s founder                                                              Fume Blanc sauce, prepared by
                           Ralph Nesson, founding board mem-               Board Members Dr. Karen Hodges                  Southern Hospitality Management.
                           bers (Marcia McCain, Doris Cordes,              and John Threet announced the 2011
                           Ruth Collier, Jan Judy, the late Elaine                                                         Liquor World sponsored the cocktail
                                                                           Endowed Scholarship Awards:
                           McNeil, the late Lois Fry, the late             Meghan McConnell, Charlotte Lang-               hour and evening with an in-kind
INSIDE THIS                Charlotte Forsythe and the late Lois            worthy Forsythe Endowed Scholar-                donation of wine, and the musical
ISSUE:                     Imhoff), CitiScapes Magazine and                ship; Nancy Grizzle, Diane Blair Me-            stylings of Don’t Stop Please enter-
                           Johnson & Johnson with the prestig-             morial Scholarship; Kristie Hamilton,           tained guests during the reception.
Events              2-3

Student Spotlight   4                      Thanks to our 2011 Scholarship Campaign Sponsors!
Program News              Presenting                                                                             Summa Cum Laude

Board Spotlight     5     Magna Cum Laude

Calendar            6     Cum Laude

                          Dean’s List                                                                       Tyson Family Foundation

                          Graduate              Acosta, AAUW, Berryville Professional Women, Baum Foundation, Domino Sugar, General Mills,
                                                                Kiwanis of Springdale, Ozarks Electric, NWA Newspapers
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Events          ROCK THE RUNWAY
               The 3rd An-
               nual Rock the
               Runway for
                            for Education
               proved why                                                                                  This third-party event is a crowd
               this event has                                                                              favorite, and we look forward to
               become one                                                                                  Rock the Runway for Education
               of the most                                                                                 2012, which will be part of the new
               awaited in Northwest Arkansas!                                                              NWA Fashion Week next Spring.
               Coordinator Tammy York with                                                                                        Thank you
               Gatsby Events produces nothing                                                                                        to Tammy
               short of a New York style runway                                                                                      Y o r k ,
               with fashion that even Gossip Girl                                                                                    Ryan Gill,
               would be proud of!                                                                                                    all    the
               Guests included supporter Elaine                                                                                      and the
               Longer, shown above with friends,                                                                                     countless
               making a girls’ night at Rock the                                                                                     volunteer
                                                                  year’s Rock the Runway for
               Runway, and our friends at DR De-                                                                                  models,
                                                                  Education earned nearly $17,000,
               sign Firm (photo at right) who coor-                                                        designers, boutiques, restaurants,
                                                                  and from that, a donation was made
               dinated event promotions. This                                                              supporters and guests who made
                                                                  to SPSF NWA.
                                                                                                           this event a SUCCESS for SPSF NWA!

is not
the filling    Serving Up Scholarships!
               Local restaurants offer a great venue for spreading aware-             favorite Hugo’s donated
of a pail,     ness about a cause. For several years, SPSF NWA has held               15% of meals after 5
               Eat Out for Scholarships one month each year with several              p.m.
but            local restaurants. In order to grow this program, “Serving
               Up Scholarships” was born, and SPSF NWA will be holding
                                                                                      Next up, Hjem Restau- SPSF NWA Graduate LaDeana Duncan
                                                                                      rant on the Fayetteville with kids Sir and Justice at U.S. Pizza
               restaurant nights at all your local favorites throughout the
the lighting   year!
                                                                                      square will support SPSF
                                                                                      NWA with 15% of sales each Tuesday in September
               On April 20, U.S. Pizza on Dickson Street donated 10% of               going to SPSF NWA!
of a fire.‛    all sales to support SPSF NWA! Every Tuesday night in
               May, Café Delta Soul on Mission and Crossover also con-
W.B. Yeats     tributed 10% of sales to scholarships. And on May 4, local

                                                                                       Throughout July and August, SPSF NWA promoted raffle
                                                                                       ticket sales for the Cox Suite at Arvest Ballpark. Cox do-
                                                                                       nated their ballpark digs for the August 20 Naturals game
                                                                                       to SPSF NWA for this event. The prize package included
                   Wendy Stouffer (left) with her mother Barbara Dinning and sister    15 tickets to the game, 4 VIP parking passes, and a ball-
                                                                                       park style dinner for the whole crew!

               SPSF NWA’s first Mother’s Day Campaign, not only raised                 The winner was drawn at the August 14 SPSF NWA board
               several hundred dollars for scholarships, but recognized                meeting. Thanks to Cox, George Knight, along with his
               amazing women in a special and unique way. Through-                     family and friends had a great time at the game and en-
               out the months of April and May, supporters made a $10                  joyed the opportunity to mingle with the fine folks at

               donation to SPSF NWA and sent in a photo of the “Mom”                   Cox. The raffle earned $1,200 for scholarships! THANK
               in their life. We posted these photos and sentiments in a               YOU COX for partnering with SPSF NWA in such a crea-
               special “THANKS MOM” section on the SPSF NWA web-                       tive way to raise scholarship dollars!
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                                                 SAVE THE DATE!
                                               EVENT DETAILS
                                               October 15, 2011
                                               Gator Golf, Fayetteville
                                               Flights at 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
                                               SPONSORSHIP AVAILABLE
                                               Hole Sponsorships—$200
                                               Team Sponsorship—$50 (sponsor an SPSF Family to play!)
                                               Teams of Four—$60
                                               Forms and Online link available at
                                               Anne Jackson at with any questions.
                                                                                                                                  the verb
the Social Scene...
SPSF NWA is offering a “trilogy” of socials to introduce new friends and supporters to
                                                                                                                                ‘To Love,’
the organization. In January, we held the very first Scholarship Social at West End. In
April, we hosted a gathering at Savor, and in August, we held the final Scholarship
                                                                                                                                 ‘To Help’
Social of 2011 at Powerhouse Seafood and Grill. From 5 to 7 p.m., guests socialized
with SPSF NWA supporters, including board members, community leadership council,                                                    is the
SPSF NWA recipients, graduates and staff.

                                                 These “after-hours” affairs are a
                                                 great way to engage co-workers and friends with SPSF NWA in a cas-
                                                 ual setting. A $10 donation at the door provided complimentary beer             beautiful
                                                 and wine to all attendees. Sponsorships for the 2012 Scholarship
                                                 Social series are available. Sponsors will have exclusivity for these               verb
                                                 events, with the opportunity to welcome guests and provide informa-
                                                 tion about your business. Please contact if inter-
                                                 ested.                                                                             in the
                                                 Annetta Young, Lori Slane, Teresa Williamson, Paige Zaloudek & Jeromie Hale       world.‛

                               THANK YOU!
                                 Thanks to our friends at Campus Bookstore, SPSF NWA scholarship recipient Justina

                                 Arriaza was awarded $300 towards textbooks for the Spring 2011 semester. Justina
                                 studies nursing at NorthWest Arkansas Community College. Congrats, Justina! And
                                 a big THANK YOU to Campus Bookstore for offering SPSF NWA recipients an addi-
                                 tional discount on their textbook purchases at their Fayetteville and Rogers locations.
                                 Your contribution and sup-
                                 port and creates better,
                                 brighter futures for single
                                 parent families!

 Campus Bookstore Locations:
 Fayetteville—624 West Dickson Street
 Rogers—2600 West Hudson Rd., Ste. C                                                                                           Events
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                                                           meet KRISTI
                                                                    than I did while I was pregnant with                 excited to see me and comes running

Spotlight                                                           him, which I never thought was possi-
                                                                                                                         up to me with a heartfelt kiss and hug
                                                                                                                         to follow. Melts my heart every time!
                                                                    My ultimate dream day...                             I value education because…
                                                                    Have a ME day! I would love to be                    No one in my family has any educa-
                                                                    able to wake up, sit outside while                   tion past high school. My mother
                                                                    drinking a cup of coffee, go work out,               only made it through middle school.
                                                                    and then go and get a mani/pedi/                     While she may be doing well for her-
                                                                    massage!! That would be heavenly :)                  self now, raising me was financially a
                                                                                                                         huge struggle. She, too, was a single
                                                                    I heard about SPSF NWA through…
                                                                                                                         mom, which often led to working 2 or
                   Child’s Name and Age…                            My aunt received the scholarship
                                                                                                                         even 3 jobs at any given time. She did
                   Jackson Priesmeyer - age 2                       through SPSF Benton County. She said
‚While we try      School Attending and career path…
                                                                    it was a huge blessing and encouraged
                                                                                                                         what she had to do so we could sur-
                                                                                                                         vive, but our time together suffered
                                                                    me to apply for it!
                   John Brown University - Organizational                                                                tremendously. I want to make sure I
to teach           Management
                                                                    I find my inspiration in...
                                                                                                                         don't struggle like she had to. I value
                                                                                                                         every second I get to spend with my
                   Current place of employment…                     My past and how far I've come, re-
                                                                                                                         munchkin, and an education is a
our children       McDonald's                                       gardless of the circumstances thrown
                                                                    at me. I'm able to look back and say,
                                                                                                                         proven way to help make sure I get to
                   Something that has surprised me                                                                       spend as much time with him as pos-
                                                                    "Wow! I've come a really long way! If I
                   about motherhood…                                                                                     sible!
all about life,    How strong your love for your child is.
                                                                    did all that, what I'm facing now
                                                                    should be a piece of cake!"                          One word to sum me up…
                   You always hear people talk about how                                                                 BLESSED!
                   much they love their children, but you           My favorite part of the day…
our children       never truly understand until you have            Is when I get off of work and pick Jack-
                   your own. I love Jackson more now                son up from school. He is ALWAYS so
teach us

what life                                             SUMMER OF FUN!
is all about.‛
Angela Schwindt

                  SPSF NWA Graduate Andrea Mutzhaus        Makenzie Price and Dalton Hamilton at the Scholarship Strike Out       Sophia and Isabel Pacheco with Sierra
                  with son Jaden, Carolyn Rehbock & Jody                                                                            Montgomery at Family Movie Day
                   Dilday at the Graduation Open House

                   SPSF NWA is SO MUCH MORE than scholarships! We not                       their kids joined staff and volunteers to watch Disney’s Tan-
                   only offer quality personal and career development train-                gled and snack on theater-style popcorn! What a treat!
                   ings, but we also provide opportunities for FUN every                    For some back-to-school FUN, SPSF NWA hosted the Schol-
                   chance we get!                                                           arship Strike Out at Arvest Ballpark August 8. Approximately
                   Parenting is a master juggling act, and we know that fun                 100 scholarship recipients, kids, and SPSF NWA staff and
                   activities often take a backseat to running kids to school,              volunteers cheered on the Naturals and participated in on-
                   work, and providing all the essentials for daily life. That’s            field activities. Dalton Hamilton, son of recipient Kristi Ham-
                   where we come in! Staff at SPSF NWA are thrilled to util-                ilton even threw out the first pitch!
                   ize connections through our organization to benefit our                  During the pre-game festivities, all school-aged children of
                   scholarship families.                                                    current recipients received a “mini scholarship” or stipend
                   In May, we held our first Graduation Open House. SPSF                    for school supplies sponsored by the Walmart/SAM’s Club
                   NWA board members and leadership council congratu-                       Foundation.

                   lated spring grads with a cake and punch reception at the                Other activities offered to recipients each year include tick-
                   SPSF NWA office.                                                         ets to Walton Arts Center productions, riding in the U of A
                   This summer, SPSF NWA hosted Family Movie Day at the                     Homecoming parade and participating at SPSF NWA’s Golf-
                   Fayetteville Public Library. Scholarship recipients and                  toberfest.
                                                                                                                                       PAGE   5

J O H N S TA R E                                                                  CHRIS SMITH                                     Board
                           Johnson and Johnson
                           2005 – Present. Director of Sales
                                                                 Senior Sourcing Manager – 9
                          Hometown and/or when you               Years
                          moved to NWA:                          2010 Merchandising Excel-
                          Originally from Cleveland, OH          lence Award (Buyer of the
                          and with my career Jeannie and I       Year)
                          have bounced around the Mid-           Hometown and/or when you
                          west, most recently living in Indi-    moved to NWA:
anapolis prior to moving to Rogers in July 2008.                 Newport, Arkansas.
Married to: Jeannie Stare (SPSF NWA CLC)                         Moved to NWA 1999 to attend the University of Arkansas
Kids: Mac (12) and Colin (10)                                    Married to: Tiffany Smith
Hobbies:                                                         Pets: 1 dog (Darth)
The family and I are very active in sports and fitness. We       Hobbies:
are a big baseball and football family and exercise as a fam-    Riding my motorcycle and spending time with family and
ily several times per week both outdoors, swimming and in        friends.
our home gym.
                                                                 Why did you get involved with SPSF NWA?
Why did you get involved with SPSF NWA?                          My mother was a single parent who had me at the age of
The original connection was a past business relationship         16. My grandmother encouraged her to finish high school
between J&J and SPSF, but after meeting with Jody and            and go to college. My mother followed in her footsteps
Anne felt an immediate connection and felt our partnership
could go/grow to a much higher level.
                                                                 and became a teacher. My grandmother raised me (from                   ‚The
                                                                 birth until I moved to college) so that my mother could
What inspires you the most about the families we serve?          focus on her education and start a career.
For me it’s all about the positive domino effect our work        What inspires you the most about the families we serve?
produces. We help one single parent and it immediately           To see so many single parents who are committed to
helps their children and I believe will impact generations       breaking all obstacles in order to provide a better life for
that follow. I believe it not only serves a financial need but   their children. They have chosen to take the path less
also helps reinforce the work ethic and value system that        traveled and in doing so motivate their children and fami-            about
will be engrained in that family and everyone they touch.        lies to be even stronger.

                       State of the PROGRAM...                                                                                         is that
                                                                                                                                      no one
                       As we begin        the beneficiaries in your life insur-    field. Both will attend a one-hour
                       another aca-
                       demic     year,
                                          ance policy.                             training session, which will include
                                                                                   an overview of the program, goals
                                                                                                                                   can take it
                                          New PROgram
Single Parent Scholarship Fund of                                                  and guidelines. Following the train-
Northwest Arkansas is poised and
                                          SPSF NWA will be piloting a new
                                          program this fall, designed to add
                                                                                   ing, PROs will be introduced to their                away
ready to offer single parents encour-                                              assigned students, and together they
                                          support beyond the scholarship for
agement and access to higher educa-
tion thanks to a generous gift from a
                                          our recipients, as well as a meaning-
                                                                                   will agree upon a date to meet for a
                                                                                   one-hour advising session.
                                                                                                                                   from you.‛
                                          ful way to engage new volunteers in
loyal donor, and a new program on
the horizon.
                                          the mission of our organization.         Students will utilize their time with             B.B. King
                                          Members of our Student Support           the PRO to learn about working con-
Gift In late June, SPSF NWA received      Committee, which include Board           ditions, day-to-day work duties, skills
a donation of appreciated stock from      Members, Community Leadership            required for success, pathways to
a long-time supporter (who wishes to      Council members and Alumni, met          promotion, and other opportunities
remain anonymous). This incredible        throughout the summer to design          available in the field. The intention is
gift, valued at more than $50,000,        what will be known as the PRO            to give students nearing graduation a
will endow a full scholarship and         (Professional Resource Opportu-          glimpse into the real-life workday of
strengthens our financial position in     nity) Program.                           professionals who hold the degree
these difficult economic times. The                                                they are working towards.
                                          The PRO Program will utilize experi-
donor who made this gift has created                                                More details on the PRO Program,
                                          enced professionals in the commu-
a lasting legacy. You can too, and it                                              including how to get involved, are
                                          nity as advisors for current SPSF
is simple to do. Consider leaving a
portion of your estate to Single Par-
ent Scholarship Fund through your
                                          NWA scholarship recipients. These
                                          volunteer advisors (PROs) and stu-
                                          dents will be matched according to
                                                                                   listed on our website at: http://
will or naming SPSF NWA as one of
                                          degree     program     or    career
                                 September                    October                          December

Calendar                         5:
                                 SPSF NWA Office Closed
                                                              Spring Scholarship
                                                                                               Jingle Mingle, 6-9 p.m.
                                 Labor Day Holiday            Deadline                         Scarpino’s, Fayetteville
                                                              16:                              23-26:
                                 6, 13, 20, 27:
                                                              Golftoberfest                    SPSF NWA Office Closed
                                 Serving Up Scholarships
                                                              Gator Golf, Fayetteville         Christmas Holiday
                                 Hjem, Fayetteville
                                                              Flights at 10 & 12:30            Dec. 30-Jan. 2:
 S T A F F
 Jody Dilday                     25:                                                           SPSF NWA Office Closed
 Executive Director              PRO Program, 2 p.m.          November                         New Year Holiday
                                 The Jones Center             24-25:
 Carrie Montgomery                                            SPSF NWA Office Closed
 Program Director                                             Thanksgiving Holiday
 Anne Jackson
 Development Director

 Courtney Pacheco                              Spring 2011 Graduates
 Administrative Assistant         Paula Alvarez                  Kaplan University                 Accounting
                                  Pamela Center                  University of Arkansas            Elementary Education
                                  Kristie Hamilton               NWACC                             Respiratory Therapy
 A D D R E S S
 601 W. Dickson St., Ste. 2       Carole Haws                    University of Arkansas            Social Work
 Fayetteville, AR 72701
                                  Natasha Johnson                NTI                               Practical Nursing
 P H O N E
                                  Andrea Mutzhaus                University of Arkansas            Elementary Education
 (479) 935.4888
                                  Amanda Prince                  NWACC                             Assoc. of Science Business
 F A X
 (479) 439.1179                   Dacia Robberson                NWACC                             Associate of Science

 W E B S I T E                    Stephanie Seuyaphanh           NWACC                             Associate of Science                  Kelly Story                    University of Arkansas            Master of Arts in Teaching
                                  Paula Thomsen-Perez            NWACC                             Associate of Science
   Stay Up-to-Date                Melissa Veach                  NWACC                             Business Management
   with SPSF NWA

Facebook    Twitter   LinkedIn
                                                           Super Scholars
           SPSF NWA Blog                                   (recipients with a 3.5 GPA and above for Spring 2011)
                                 Paula Alvarez         Kiayanna Foster            Patricia McClendon        Kimberly Pease
                                 Desarie Alvis         Angela Gonzalez            Melissa McKee             Amanda Prince
                                 Justina Arriaza       Nancy Grizzle              Ashly McPherson           Cassie Reid
                                 Mandi Beesler         Carole Haws                Juliana Mendoza           Scot Ripple
                                 Pamela Center         Angie Johnson              Andrea Mutzhaus           Alaina Ryan-Hunt
                                 Tina Culley           Jennifer Jones             Sharon O’Grady            Crystal Shoffit
                                 Charlene Dodd         Shannon Kiger              Tracy Pack                Kathryn Stonesifer
                                 Christine Eckert      David Klotzbuecher         Brittney Peace            Kelly Story

                                 SCHOLARSHIPS. SUPPORT. SUCCESS.

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