2009 Annual Report - Child Advocates by pengxuebo


									2009 Annual Report
                        Letter from the Executive Director
                      Reflecting back on the last year, I am proud to     Collectively our volunteers have traveled over 30,000 miles to
                      report that our staff and volunteers have been      visit children, even those in foster placements outside of our
                      immersed in incredible work for our children.       area including: Vernon, Graham, the Dallas area, San Antonio,
                      In 2009, we were able to provide a Court Ap-        Houston, and Austin.
                      pointed Special Advocate or CASA volunteer for
                      237 of the 340 children in Child Protective Ser-
                                                                         With each day that passes we remain focused on achieving our mis-
                      vices (CPS) care. With each year that passes,
                                                                         sion, but we also must recognize that the last year was a tough year
                      we are working to reach 100 percent of the
                                                                         financially for non-profit and for-profit organizations alike. In 2009
                      children in care, but more importantly for those
                                                                         our organization saw decreases in government funding and the loss
                      we do serve we want to ensure we are provid-
                                                                         of our United Way funds. As you will see in our financials, despite
ing quality services that lead to positive outcomes for children.
                                                                         these decreases, our organization ended the year in the black. This
Quality advocacy services are best offered through our CASA volun-
                                                                         ending to the last year would not have been possible if it had not
teers who have more time to devote to a child’s case than a staff
                                                                         been for the unwavering support by individuals, organizations, and
                                                                         foundations in our local community.
We are inspired to reach our goal of providing a CASA volunteer to
every child who needs one, when we stop to really understand theAs an organization we are so blessed to enjoy tremendous commit-
impact one volunteer can have in a child’s life. Each and every ment from countless volunteers, staff members, board members,
child’s case is a little different, but here are a few examples of the
                                                                donors and supporters. As we work together to advocate for the
extraordinary work of our volunteers over the course of the lastbest interests of abused and neglected children, we are securing a
year:                                                           better future for the most vulnerable children in our community. I
 Mary took an American Sign Language (ASL) class, so she could am proud to share our 2009 Annual Report and I hope you too will
 communicate with the five year old girl on her caseload who is be impressed by all we have achieved on behalf of children. Thank
 deaf;                                                          you for your continued support.
 Kathy has been in contact with medical doctors to obtain reports Sincerely,
 and better understand the special medical needs of her child;
 Kurt helped a single mother adjust to caring for her four children
 at home again;
 Debra and Ron continue to babysit two girls who were returned to Emily Streeton
  their mother;                                                   Executive Director

   Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report
Forgotten Children Display—April 9, 2009
As the sun rose, 311 life size cutouts of children appeared on the Wichita County Courthouse Lawn, each silently representing a real local
child who had been removed from his or her home because of abuse or neglect.
The Challenge
Every year in the United States over a half a million children
enter the child welfare system due to abuse or neglect.
These children are removed from their homes and placed
into relative or foster care. With overburdened judges,
caseworkers, attorneys and foster parents, they quickly
become lost in the system. That is where our staff and CASA
volunteers step in.
                                                                                        Associate Judge Alyce Bondurant performs a swearing in
Our Vision                                                                            ceremony with Rickey Santellana, Christy Baker, Susan Dartar
To end the cycle of all abuse and neglect.                                                and Maureen Chellette (not pictured), four new CASA
                                                                                                        volunteers in July 2009.

Our Mission
Empowering volunteers to be the voice in court for abused
and neglected children.

The Role of a CASA
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are trained volunteers that focus on
one case at a time. A CASA serves as an impartial third party who speaks for the
child's best interests. Specifically, the CASA is focused on shortening the child's
time in foster care, and recommends a permanent placement for the child that
will provide safety and predictability.
A CASA’s job is to:
     Get to know the child and gather information about their background;
     Advocate within the child welfare system for the best interests of the child,
                                                                                         Carrie Fondaw, CASA Volunteer; Jennifer Estes, CASA
     to ensure their current and future needs are met;
                                                                                        Volunteer; Emily Streeton, Executive Director; and Carol
     Make recommendations to the court regarding a safe, permanent place-             Morath, Program Director pictured with Senator Craig Estes at
     ment for the child.                                                               CASA Day at the Capitol in Austin, Texas (February 2009).

   Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report
CASA Volunteers Achieving Positive Outcomes
                        In 2009, we served 237 children from 138 families. Our goal was to pro-
                                                                                                    Outcomes of Closed
                                                                                                                                    Aged Out of
                        vide each child with the best quality advocacy by a Court Appointed
                        Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer and I am thrilled to report we were
                                                                                                      Cases for 2009                Foster Care
                        able to provide a CASA volunteer for 222 of our children or nearly 94%.                                         2%
                                                                                                              Placed with
                        Just two years ago we were only able to offer 45% of our children ser-
                        vices by a CASA volunteer and the remainder of our children were
                        served by staff. Unfortunately ,our CASA program was only able to                         24%
                        offer services to 237 out of 340 children in foster care this year or 70%
                        of the foster children in Archer, Clay, Montague and Wichita Counties.           Permanent
                        That number grew from 66% in 2008, but our goal is to see that num-               Managing
                                                                                                         Conservator                     Returned
                        ber grow to 100% in the next couple of years.
                        Our CASA volunteers and staff were able to secure permanent place-                 (PMC)
                        ments for 102 children in 2009. The pie chart to the right shows the                 6%
                        different outcomes achieved for children. You can see that many op-                          10%
                        tions are available for children, but that 58% of our children were able
                        to return home in 2009. Another 24% were placed with relatives dem-
                        onstrating the importance the child welfare system and our agency                   FY 2009 Service Statistics
                        place on family.
                                                                                                       Total Number of Families.……..…138
When closing cases, we evaluate the effectiveness of our advocacy services in several ways.
                                                                                                       Total Children Served……………..…237
One of the best ways to evaluate our services is by looking at how often the judge agrees with
CASA’s final recommendation and in 2009 the judge agreed with CASA 85% of the time. An-                Age of Children Served
other goal in achieving quality advocacy is to reduce the time children spend in foster care and       Birth to 5 years………………..………...107
in 2009 60% of our children were permanently placed within 12 months and another 24.5%                 6-11 years…………………………............76
were permanently placed within 18 months.                                                              12 and over……………………….………...54
                                                                                                       Ethnicity of Children Served
What Population is Served by CASA?                                                                     Hispanic…………………………………….…29
A CASA volunteer may be appointed by a judge for any child from birth to age 18 who has been           African American………………………….54
removed from their home due to abuse or neglect. The majority of our children live at or below         Bi-racial………………………………………..43
the poverty line. Most come from single parent or non-traditional family environments. The
                                                                                                       Gender of Children Served
children served by Child Advocates are brought into care due to physical abuse, neglectful su-
pervision, risk, physical neglect, sexual abuse, abandonment, medical neglect, and/or emo-
tional abuse.                                                                                          Female……………………………………52.7%
Volunteer Staff (September 2008 to August 2009)
Anderson, Gloria            Howard, Kristie        Preston, Kay                       2009 Volunteer Awards
Baker, Christy              Humphrey, Chelsea      Rios, Esmeralda
Beaird, Connie              Jones, Kathy           Rios, Milton                              Volunteer of the Year
Bober, Lynda                Jones, Milly           Roland, Shirley                                Mary Melvin
Booth, Billie               Jones, Sean            Ross, Misty
Bowman, Diann               Kennedy, Patricia      Ruth, Steve                            Rookie Volunteer of the Year
Boyd, Linda                 King, Jerry            Santellana, Rickey                                 Steve Ruth
Brazil, Sherry              Lamb, Virginia         Schroeder, Margaret       Volunteer With the Most Continuing Education Hours
Cardwell, Gary              Landrum, Jill          Scott, Brenda                                Margaret Schroeder
Carroll, Cathy              LeBlanc, Todd          Scott, Margie
Chellette, Maureen          Marroquin, Lori        Secord, Jeani                     Volunteer Who Donated the Most Hours
Clark, Betty                Marten, Kurt           Stewart, Tiffany                                  Betty Clark
Clark, Rebecca              McCoy, Susan           Stone, Jennifer
Coats, Wayne                Mead, Shawna           Stone, Suzanne            Volunteer Who Drove the Most Miles Visiting Children
Contreras, Jessica          Melvin, Mary           Streeton, Matt                                  Diann Bowman
Cook, Susan                 Mills, Dan             Tackitt, Lynra
DeArmond, Diana             Molinaro, Dean         Taylor, Lela          20 Year Service Award
Dierig, Jean                Moore, Marie           Valdata, Debbie
Dowdy, Linda                Morgan, Ann            Warren, Jr., Reuben            Alice Gordon
Edmonds, Jackie             Morrison, Kelly        Watkins, Sara          In April 1989 Alice Gordon filled
Estes, Jennifer             Murphy, Tamara         Weaver, James           out an application to become a
                                                                          CASA volunteer stating that her
Everett, Francis            Oberschlake, Melissa   Webb, Byron
                                                                              strengths included time to
Fondaw, Carrie              Olaya, Joan            Westmoreland, Barbara    contribute and a passion for
Forquer, Jason              Palmer, LaCresa        Whiteley, Christy       children. In the 20 years since
Garza, Sheila               Papp, Kathy            Wilson, II, Keith        she has impacted the lives of
Gilmore, Julie              Parker, Cindy          Woods, Alicia           countless children serving as a
Gordon, Alice               Parks, Margaret        Yell, Matt            CASA Volunteer and as a member
Greanead, Veronica          Paul, Debra            Young, Steven             of Child Advocates Board of
Gregg, Ted                  Paul, Ron                                                Directors.
Hardy, Judy                 Persuad, Erica
Henderson, Natalie          Pleiman, Rosalie

   Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report
CASA Volunteer Helps Family Reunite
Happy endings are usually reserved for stories that begin with “Once upon      home. Scotty called Diann one evening, telling her that Tiffany was really
a time” and rarely found in the world of child welfare. Just the fact that a   depressed and he didn’t know what to do. Diann went over immediately
family has entered the CPS system hints at a story that will end badly for     and helped Tiffany and Scotty deal with her emotional state. As Tiffany
either the parent or child or both. Every now and then though we run           began to heal, Diann continued to work with the girls. “Sometimes you
across a story, a case that CASA is involved with, that takes on the attrib-   don’t want to tell your foster mom and dad something,” said Destiny. “I
utes of a fairy tale. The Pease story is one of those cases.                   would rather tell my CASA.”

Tiffany and Scotty were having problems.                                                                      One of the obstacles that the family faced
Financial strain and emotional instability                                                                    were their financial limitations. Without
led to domestic violence in the household                                                                     transportation, Tiffany couldn’t hold a job.
that also contained three young girls. It                                                                     Without a job, she couldn’t buy a car. They
wasn’t long before the boiling point was                                                                      were also living without a stove or an oven.
reached and Child Protective Services was                                                                     Diann helped Tiffany set up job interivews
called. For the second time in their young                                                                    and helped the family make decisions about
lives, the three girls were put into the fos-                                                                 how to spend the little money they did have.
ter care system.                                                                                              Diann asked her Case Supervisor if CASA
                                                                                                              could purchase a stove and oven for the
Diann was the CASA assigned to the case.                                                                      family. A few weeks later a new stove with a
Taking the girls out and making them feel                                                                     propane hook-up was delivered and in-
special and loved was a priority for Diann.                                                                   stalled.
“She took us to the park, we walked her
dogs. She came and visited us at school. We went out to eat,” said Des-    Just six months after having their three children removed, Tiffany and
tiny, the oldest girl in the group. “We called them adventures.” Recogniz- Scotty were reunited with them. Diann had the honor of driving the girls
ing the cycle that was occurring in the family and the need for stability, to the house. Today the family is doing well. They now have two cars and
Diann made herself available not only for the girls, but for Tiffany and   both Tiffany and Scotty are working. The girls are thriving and doing well
Scotty as well. “She was a rock for my girls. But she was also there for   in school. There are still struggles, still the daily battles that the family
me. If I had a question, and Diann didn’t know the answer, she would find  faces, but they are making it. For the Pease family, Diann was the charac-
out and let me know,” said Tiffany. “She was someone for me to lean on.”   ter in their story that changed it all. “I think that we would have gotten
                                                                           the girls back anyway,” says Tiffany. “But with Diann there, she made the
After several weeks of working with the family, Diann felt that if Tiffany whole process better. Better for my girls and better for me.” It seems
could get the help she needed emotionally, then perhaps the family could that fairy tale endings do happen after all.
be reunited. Working alongside CPS, Diann helped Tiffany and Scotty
work on their relationship issues that were leading to violence in the                               Pictured above: Courtney, 7; Trinity, 8; and Destiny, 10
Light of Hope

Over 300 community members joined us on April 2, 2009 at
the historic Wichita Theatre for our Annual Light of Hope
ceremony. The event brought light to the 379 children in
foster care in our area due to abuse and neglect. We were
honored to welcome featured speaker and former foster
youth, Josh Shipp, to join us for Light of Hope this year.
Josh moved the audience to laughter and tears, but on a
more serious note concluded, “I’ve found that sometimes
the very thing that has hurt you the most is the very thing
you can use to help others. You can’t change the past so
why not focus on building an incredible future?”

   Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report
CASA 5K Run and CASA Holiday Cards
On April 10, 2009, we had 479 adults and children join us at
                                                                                                  2008 CASA
Lake Wichita Park for our 3rd Annual CASA 5K Run. It was
such an amazing gift to receive such great support from our                                       Holiday Cards
community that day and with 479 participants our numbers                                          Pictured Left: Mary
more than doubled in just one year. Cryovac (pictured be-                                         Grace Scales from
low) took home the team trophy for ‘Most Spirit’, Sheppard                                        Fain Elementary
AFB 361 TRS took home the ‘Fastest Team’ and Team Isaiah
                                                                                                  showing off her
took home the trophy for ‘Largest Team’ with more than 50
                                                                                                  original artwork.

                                                               Child Advocates asked students
                                                               from Fain Elementary and Barwise
                                                               Junior High to submit art-
                                                               work during the holiday
                                                               season. The top six
                                                               entries were used to
                                                               create the 2008 CASA
                                                               Holiday Cards sold to
                                                               raise funds for Child
                                                               Advocates CASA
Donors and Supporters
Child Advocates is grateful to the following individuals, organizations, corporations and foundations whose contributions from September
1, 2008 through August 31, 2009 made our work possible.
INDIVIDUALS                              $100-$249                                 Bridwell, Clifford                             Klein
$2,500-$4,999                            Aponte, Johanna                           Brown, Tabitha                             In Honor of Emily Streeton by Linda &
Sullivan, Donna & Hollis                 Ayres, Warren & Pam                       Burns, Jenny                                  Richard Boyd
                                         Brock, Judy                               Capps, Rosemary & Emerson                  In Honor of Fardin and Ana Djafari by
$1,000-2,499                             Chambles, Lois                            Connors, Kevin & Jamie                        Sukie Desire
Freeman, Alan                            Garcia, Elizabeth                         Delagarza, Raymond                         In Honor of Fowler Elementary School
Gurry, Mike & Sharon                     Huffman, Louie                            Dorzab, Jeremy & Denise                       Student Council by Robert Fowler Jr.
Hirschi, John (Wichita Falls Area        Kimbell, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. David            Duncan, Angie                              In Honor of Laurie and Peter Taurianen
   Community Foundation- John Hirschi King, Erika                                  Frazier, Margie                               by Sukie Desire
   Donor Advised Fund)                   McKnight, Jeff                            Fulkerson, Pam                             In Honor of Linda Gipson by Unity III
Tate, Frank & Glenda (Wichita Falls Area McMillin, Timothy                         Garcia, Alyce                                 Study Club
   Community Foundation- Frank &         Mills, Dan & Marylyn                      Guhl, Ellen J.                             In Honor of Mother-Viola Parker by
   Glenda Tate Donor Advised Fund)       Morris, Monica                            Hanes, Mr. and Mrs. Robert                    Kathy Jones
                                         Nutt, Milburn                             Henshaw, Mildred                           In Honor of Nick and Rita Kong by Sukie
$500-$999                                Payne, Michael                            Hill, Britt                                   Desire
Ayres, Warren                            Schroeder, Margaret                       Ho, Tom                                    In Honor of Robert Fowler by Fowler
Bice, Suzanne                            Schwartz, Donna                           Hoang, My                                     Elementary School Student Council
Bolin, D. Phil                           Smith, Katherine                          Horton, Ronald D.                          In Honor of Ved and Depika Ganeshram
Estes, Senator & Mrs. Craig              Spencer, Dr. David & Carrie               Johnson, Kenneth F.                           by Sukie Desire
Jones, Denny & Ruth                      Stevens, Alice                            Jones, Carmen M.
Perkins, Donna                           Thacker, Bill & Pat (Wichita Falls Area   Kelsey, Michelle                           DONATIONS IN MEMORY OF
Ross, Joseph & Krystal                      Community Foundation- Bill & Pat       Love, Mary Mihecoby                        In Memory of Jacki Blair by Sue Coldiron
Smith, Scott & Beth                         Thacker Donor Advised Fund)            Marvel, Herb & Sandrea                     In Memory of Lorraine Bowers by David
Sparkman, Judge Roy                      Warren, Kellis                            Masman, Mark & Ellen                          & Pat Wolverton
Whiteis, Bonnie                                                                    McDonald, Gary
                                         Up to $99                                 McFall, Sonya                              CHURCHES
$250-$499                                Ambler, Wanda W.                          Morath, Laura                              $250-$499
Bjordammen, Stephen & Meg                Anderson, Gloria                          Mustafa, Dr. Eid B.                        Cowboy Church of Henrietta
Bomer, Donald & Vivian                   Baxley, Brenda                            Norris, Marta
Laughlin, John & Lola                    Beaird, Connie & Gerald                   Oatman, Gary                               $100-$249
Slagle, George & Janet                   Beechler, Rick T.                         Patterson, Kerry R.                        First Christian Church
Streeton, Matt & Emily                   Beshear, Jerry                                                                       St. Marks United Methodist Church
Warren, Jr., Reuben                      Bianchi, Iris                             DONATIONS IN HONOR OF
Wells, Mark & Jenny                      Bondurant, Judge Alyce                    In Honor of Alli Klein by Rodger & Debra

    Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report
Up to $99                              $1,000-$2,499                               Up to $99                              IN-KIND DONATIONS
First Presbyterian Church              Holiday ISD Walk-a-Thon                     James Ash Services                     Boyd, Linda & Richard
Floral Heights United Methodist Church Lalani Lodging, Inc                                                                Clark, Betty Ann
                                       Pratt & Whitney Aerospace, Inc.             GOVERNMENT FUNDING                     Flying J Travel Plaza
FOUNDATIONS                            Target                                      $40,000 & Above                        GAP Broadcasting
$20,000 & Above                        Wal-Mart, Bowie                             Crime Victims Compensation Fund        KFDX News Channel 3
Priddy Foundation, The                 Wal-Mart, Central Freeway                   Other Victims Assistance Grant         Lamar Advertising
                                       Wal-Mart, Greenbriar                        Victim of Crime Act                    Parker, Bruce & Cynthia
$5,000-$9,999                                                                                                             Perkins, Donna
James N. McCoy Foundation              $500-599                                    ANGEL TREE GIFTS                       Reed, Samuel & Mauri
Parker Family Foundation               Benchmark Business Solutions                Albert Moving & Storage                Starbuck's Coffee
Texas Bar Foundation                   Dr. Devek Frech, DDS                        Burkburnett Fire Department            Streeton, Matt & Emily
                                          First Bank                               Burney, David & Cathy                  Times Record News
$2,500-$4,999                             Owens and Brumley Funeral Home &         City View Elementary School Student    United Supermarkets
Caring for Children Foundation of Texas      Cremation Center                          Council                            Wichita Industrial Sales
                                          Rotary Club of Wichita Falls North       Clark, Betty Ann
$1,000-2,499                              Walsh & Watts, Inc.                      Desire, Sukie                          CASA 5K PARTICIPANTS
Hazel & Henry S. Grace Foundation                                                  Farrier, Sue & Marshall                Acevedo, Seonaid
Julia Lee Taubert Foundation              $250-$499                                Gonzales, Shelly & Derrick             Adams, Kayla
Kadane Foundation, The                    Books-A-Million                          Gurry, Mike & Sharon                   Aikens, Kathy
McKinley Thacker                          Thomas E. Taylor, Dermatology            Henshaw, Mildred                       Alonzo, Chris
M. & A. Mc Cullough Foundation            Tracy Hill, DDS                          Hunters Crossing Apts.-Real Property   Alonzo, Mary
                                                                                       Equity Holdings                    Alonzo, Melissa
CORPORATIONS                              $100-$249                                Junior League of WF, Inc               Alonzo, Tommy
$10,000 & Above                           Allred-Thompson-Mason-Daugherty          Klein, Vickie                          Alread, Nick
National CASA                                Insurance                             Liffick, Greg                          Amond, Paddy
                                          Guarantee Title                          Morgan, Ann                            Anderle, Terry
$5,000-$9,999                             Jim's Truck & Trailer Equipment, Inc.    Perkins, Donna                         Ariel, Llana
Blue Cross and Blue Shield                Mathis, West, Huffines & Co.             Reed, Tim & Ruth                       Ariel, Nomi
North Texas Area United Way               Unity III Study Club                     Starr, Susan                           Arredondo, Aaron
                                          Wichita Falls Catholic Life Insurance,   Streeton, Matt & Emily                 Arredondo, Mildred
$2,500-$4,999                                Branch #81                            United Regional Hospital Cardiology    Ashlock, Kaden
Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie and       Wichita Falls Ford, Lincoln, Mercury         Department                         Ayala, Jessica
   Auxiliary #358                         Wichita Falls Gastroenterology           Virgin, Teresa                         Babyak, Beth
Gateway To Texas Pro-Am Charity Golf         Associates, LLP                       Westmoreland, Barbara                  Babyak, Blake
   Classic                                                                         Wilson, Lawanda                        Baker, Tina
                                                                                                                          Barfield, Tamara

Barnett, Billy               Carol, Morath        Estes, Mark           Harlow, Jessica           King, Damon
Barnett, Brandon             Carolyn, Morath      Ewen, Alexa           Harmon, Justin            King, Erika
Baumgarner, Sean             Carr, Kathy          Farkas, Kerrine       Harmon, Whitney           King, Greg
Bean, Becky                  Carter, Susie        Farkas, Ron           Harper, Amanda            Kirkpatrick, Paige
Belcher, David               Catano, Martha       Farkas, Timothy       Harris, Bruce             Klein, Vickie
Bell, Linda                  Catano, Megan        Farrier, Marshall     Harvey, Jeremy            Knaup, Peggy
Bennett, Pat                 Cauruzz, Sonya       Farrier, Sue          Harvey, Pam               Koester, Michael
Beyer, Ean                   Ceballos, Tonya      Featherston, Pamela   Harvey, Veronica          Koester, Shane
Billingsley, Cindy           Christian, Dylan     Figueroa, Jon         High, Kim                 Koller, Marybeth
Bina, Jackie                 Christian, Mark      Filer, Larry          Hill, Tracy               Kunkel, Meredith
Bird, Karen                  Clark, Kylene        Filer, Noel           Hoang, Cam                Lamb, Virginia
Bjordammen, Meg              Collins, Carl        Foster, Latosha       Hoepfner, Monica          Lambert-Reed, Tanner
Bjordammen, Will             Conner, Erica        Freeman, Mae          Holguin, Teresa           Lamont, Amy
Black, Laurie                Conner, Greg         Frutos, Cesar         Holzer, Melissa           Lancaster, Annette
Black, Randy                 Cook, Micah          Garcia, Kristen       Howard, Breanna           Landrum, Mary
Blair, Jason                 Costa, Ethan         Gibson, Jonathan      Howard, Madison           Lane, Robert
Bland, Lori                  Costa, Kyran         Gibson, Melissa       Huff, Phyllis             Lane, Sarah
Blassiwagame, Melissa        Costa, Luis          Gillit, Annginette    Hughes, Donald            Larance, Melissa
Bohannon, Jerry              Costa, Sabrina       Gonzales, Shelly      Hughes, Leslie            Laseman, Alisha
Bondova, Adela               Crosley, Wendy       Gordon, Alice         Huntington, Christopher   Laseman, Kim
Boren, Linda                 Crow, Michelle       Gordon, Harry         Hutson, Daniel            Laseman, Lyndon
Bowers, Susan                Crowley, Chad        Gordon, Lori          Hutson, Jeff              Laughlin, John
Bowman, Diann                Crumpton, Christy    Gragg, Christina      Hutson, Madison           Laughlin, Kaleb
Boyle, Michael               Crumpton, Derek      Graham, Justin        Hutson, Nate              Laughlin, Lola
Brady, David                 Crutcher, April      Gregg, Ted            Hymel, Nathan             Laura, Drury
Brazda, Barbara              Cunningham, Diane    Gresham, Tammie       Jefferson, Alicia         Ledford, Randy
Brillhart, Gail              Cunningham, Robert   Grimes, Andrew        Jentsch, Jason            Legros, Joseph
Britt, Bobby                 Darity, Kelly        Grimes, Donald        Johnson, Jackie           Lenoir, Chance
Brock, Judy                  Davis, Becky         Growley, Kayla        Johnson, Mike             Lenoir, Shania
Brown, Jimmy                 DelaCerda, Luz       Gurry, Andrew         Johnston, Charlotte       Lenoir, Teresa
Browning, Peggy              Diamond, Julie       Gurry, Elizabeth      Kajs, Mike                Leslie, Adam
Burney, Kathy                Dorzab, Jeremy       Gurry, Mike           Kamela, Segers            Leslie, Bailey
Burross, Karen               Downin, Richard      Gurry, Sharon         Keller, Shelly            Leslie, Brennan
Butler, Garrett              Dozier, George       Gutierrez, Tammie     Kelton, Danny             Leslie, Dan
Butler, Grayson              Dusson, James        Gutierrez, Zoe        Kennard, Donna            Leslie, Ellie Anne
Cagle, Chelsy                Estes, Andrew        Hamilton, Summer      Kennedy, Tricia           Liffick, Greg
Campbell, Andrea             Estes, Craig         Hampton, Bob          Ketner, Amy               Lively, Joni
Canfield, Jeff               Estes, Jennifer      Harlow, Christine     King, Anya                Long, Christi

    Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report
Long, Scott         Oatman, Gary           Riddle, Karen                  Smith, Sarai            Walker, Carla
Lopez, Carlos       Oberschlake, Melissa   Riner, Katrina                 Smith, Scott            Walker, Loyd
Lowry, Carolyn      Olsen, Alison          Riner, Melissa                 Smith, Susan            Walker, Sara
Loyd, Isaac         Olsen, Daniel          Riner, Waren                   Sokseng, Bith           Walsh, Leah
Lucido, Madison     Olsen, Isaiah          Rines, Allyson                 Sonnenburg, Genevieve   Ward, Sheri
Madison, Jusalena   Olsen, Roxie           Ringman, Phil                  Spruiell, Stan          Warren, Gaye
Mancilla, April     O'Neal, Brandon        Ross, Brian                    Stanton, Chris          Watson, Huey
Manning, Lisa       Parker, Jackie         Ross, Kirsten                  Stanton, Sonya          Watts, Lynette
Martinez, Adela     Parks, Christy         Ross, Misty                    Starlin, John           Webb, Byron
McCoy, Tom          Parks, Colton          Ruff, Tanya                    Stephens, Stephanie     Webb, Evan
McGinty, Patrick    Parmer, Melissa        Ruiz, Secilia                  Stevens, Melinda        Webb, Sara
McGinty, Tanya      Parr, Ashley           Russell, Kirkland              Stone, Suzanne          Wedin, Lynn
McKnight, Jeff      Parsons, Ashley        Russell, Roman                 Straub, Cassie          Wessel, Pamela
McMurrey, Sandra    Parsons, Kevin         Ruth, Crysti                   Streeton, Emily         White, Joel
Melvin, Mary        Pawloski, Bernie       Ruth, Isabelle                 Streeton, Greg          Whitmire, Adam
Meurer, Casey       Pease, Desiree         Ruth, Melinda                  Streeton, Matt          Whitmire, Lisa
Michael, Murphy     Pease, Trinity         Ruth, Steve                    Streeton, Stacy         Whitt, Kandice
Miller, Candace     Perkins, Donna P       Scarborough, Stacie            Stunson, Tim            Wiese, Lidia
Miller, Steven      Pierson, Jordan        Schmidt, Brittany              Taylor, Shirmel         Wilde, Denise
Montcalm, Ryan      Pleiman, Chris         Schmidt, Randy                 Temelcoff, Mariya       Williams, Linda
Moore, Brady        Pleiman, Rosalie       Schoby, Keith                  Terry, Connie           Williams-Walker, Diane
Morath, Jessica     Polk, Andrea           Schroeder, Carol               Thomas, Ronnie          Wilson, Lawanda
Morath, Kathryn     Propest, Elvis         Schroeder, Marcia              Thomas, Sherea          Wilson, Mark
Morath, Laura       Puckett, Bobby         Sebby, Andrew                  Tony, Gross             Wilson, Thomas
Morris, Geraldine   Reasor, Glenda         Sebby, Jan                     Trevino, Sarah          Wimberley, Georgeanne
Morris, Grace       Reed, Jake             Sebby, Riley                   Trimble, Alec           Wolf, Merry
Morris, Kristen     Reed, Mauri            Secord, Troy                   Trimble, Evan           Womack, Kim
Morris, Margaret    Reed, Patrick          Secord, Jeani                  Trimble, Jeff           Wood, Angela
Morris, Mike        Reed, Ruth             Segers, Lance                  Trimble, Kelly          Woods, Alicia
Morris, Vance       Reed, Spencer          Serrano de Puckett, Josefina   Trimble, Owen           Woods, Andrea
Moschgat, Sandi     Reed, Tim              Shaw, Phillip                  Tyler, Lindy            Woods, Artie
Moss, Pam           Reyes, Anna            Shepherd, Wes                  Utz, Martha             Wright, Abby
Motley, Doyla       Rhea, Susan            Sissom, Debbie                 Valdata, Debbie         Wright, Lauren
Mowrey, Elizabeth   Rhodd, Brice           Slagle, Janet                  Valdata, Gary           Wright, Shawn
Neely, Tom          Rhoden, Brittany       Slagle, Jason                  VanSlyke, Matthew       Wurster, Michelle
New, Julie          Rhoden, Darla          Smith, Brittany                Vasquez, Megan          Wuthrich, Ben
Nguyen, Jim         Rhoden, Jennifer       Smith, Katherine               Vaughn, Angie           Wyatt, Chris
Nguyen, Tina        Rhodes, Terri          Smith, Phoebe                  Virgin, Teresa          Wyatt, Cindy
Nimetz, Amanda      Richardson, Susan      Smith, Preston                 Walker, Cameron         Yowell, Amy & Mark
Statement of Financial Position
August 31, 2009, with comparative totals for 2008

Assets                                         2009             2008
  Current assets:
       Cash and cash equivalents          $   75,990.00   $ 125,112.00
       Grants and other receivables       $   77,209.00   $   28,410.00
       Prepaid expenses                   $    2,271.00   $    2,634.00
                                                                           City View Elementary School Student Council
                                          $ 155,470.00    $ 156,156.00
                                                                           collected toys to give to our foster children at
                                                                                 Christmas time (December 2008).
  Noncurrent assets:
       Property and equipment, net        $ 266,328.00    $ 273,830.00

                              Total assets $ 421,798.00   $ 429,986.00

Liabilities and Net Assets
   Current liabilities:
         Accounts payable                 $    1,131.00   $    4,522.00
         Accrued expenses                 $    6,658.00   $   16,495.00
                                          $    7,789.00   $   21,017.00

  Net assets:
       Unrestricted                       $ 330,369.00    $ 338,631.00
       Temporarily restricted             $ 83,640.00     $ 70,338.00
                                                                           CASA Volunteer Steve Ruth raised money to
                         Total net assets $ 414,009.00    $ 408,969.00    purchase bikes for our foster children (Pictured
                                                                          with Carol Morath, Program Director and Mauri
                                                                             Reed, CASA Case Supervisor, June 2009).
       Total liabilities and net assets   $ 421,798.00    $ 429,986.00
Statement of Activities
                                                                                                       Fundraising ,
For the Year Ended August 31, 2009
                                                                                                           6%                             Revenue
Revenue:                                           Unrestricted       Restricted          Total                                     Government
    Government Grants                                               $ 143,291.00      $ 143,291.00                                  Grants, 29%
    National CASA                                                   $     50,256.00   $ 50,256.00              Products and
    Foundation Grants                              $ 12,000.00      $     50,000.00   $ 62,000.00              Services, 29%
    Donations                                      $ 29,372.00      $        545.00   $    29,917.00
    Donated Products and Services                  $ 142,044.00                       $   142,044.00
    Fundraising (special events net of expenses)   $ 27,361.00                        $    27,361.00                                              National CASA,
    Other                                          $     406.00     $     39,267.00   $    39,673.00                                                   10%
    Net Assets Released From Restrictions          $ 270,057.00     $ (270,057.00)    $           -                Donations , 6%      Grants, 13%
                                                   $ 481,240.00     $     13,302.00   $ 494,542.00
                                                                                                       Administrative,     Fundraising, 3%
Expenses:                                                                                                  11%
    CASA Program                                   $   420,796.00   $            -    $   420,796.00
    Administrative                                 $    55,793.00   $            -    $    55,793.00
    Fundraising                                    $    12,913.00   $            -    $    12,913.00
                                                   $   489,502.00   $            -    $   489,502.00

Change in Net Assets                               $ (8,262.00)     $     13,302.00   $     5,040.00

                                                                                                                                       CASA Program,
Beginning Net Assets                               $ 338,631.00     $     70,338.00   $ 408,969.00
Ending Net Assets                                  $ 330,369.00     $     83,640.00   $ 414,009.00
Board of Directors and Staff
Executive Committee                            Donna Perkins
   John Laughlin, President                    Burkburnett Independent School District
   Wichita Falls Police Department
                                               Joseph Ross                                Meg
   Erika King, Vice President                  Regional Manager, AT&T                 Bjordammen
   Social Worker, Sheppard Air Force Base                                            Accepting Six
                                               Janet Slagle
   Meg Bjordammen, Treasurer                   Diagnostician, Clay & Jack Co-Op      Year Board of
   Mathis, West, Huffines & Co. PC                                                      Directors
                                               Katherine Smith                       Service Award
   Kelly Warren, Secretary                     Smith’s Gardentown Farms                from Emily
   United Regional Health Care System                                                   Streeton,
                                               Jenny Wells
   Glenda Tate, Past President                 Human Resources, AT&T                    Executive
   The Antique Wood                                                                     Director.
Directors                                       Emily Streeton, Executive Director
    Vivian Bomer
                                               Carol Morath, Program Director
    Hirschi Realtors
                                               Ashley Almanza, CASA Case
   Angie Duncan
   Teacher, Henrietta Independent School                                                              John Laughlin
   District                                    Beth Babyak, CASA Case Supervisor                     Accepting 2009
                                                                                                     Board Member
   Alan Freeman                                Mauri Reed, CASA Case Supervisor
                                                                                                       of the Year
   CPA, King & Freeman LLP
                                               Kari Rehmann, CASA Case Supervisor                      Award from
   Louie Huffman                                                                                     Emily Streeton,
                                               Charlene Perez, Office Manager
   Retired MSU Professor                                                                                Executive
                                               Suzanne Stone, Outreach & Education                      Director.
   Monica Morris                               Specialist (Part-Time)
   Airport Administrator, City of Wichita

   Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report
“I’ve found that sometimes
   the very thing that has
  hurt you the most is the
very thing you can use to
    help others. You can’t
   change the past so why
 not focus on building an
      incredible future?”
-Josh Shipp, Former Foster Youth and
  2009 Light of Hope Guest Speaker
   Child Advocates (CASA) ▪ 808 Austin Street ▪ Wichita Falls, Texas 76301
(940) 766-0552 ▪ (940) 766-0806 fax ▪ www.casawf.org ▪ casawf@casawf.org

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