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									In view of the great fuel economy, comfortable ride position, and lightweight construction, the highly popular

Suzuki V-Strom 650 is able to present itself as a perfect all-round touring bike with great torque. A great high-

mileage motorcycle of this nature often demands a range of touring accessories, such as the hard and soft

luggage options.

Here are some of the most common luggage systems available on the market for the all-round V-Strom:

Aluminum Pannier Kits

Offering great functionality, a full aluminum pannier kit is often counted as one of the most effective luggage

systems available for those riding a high-performance touring motorcycle, such as the V-Strom. A pannier kit is

often sufficiently sized to accept those hard-to-leave-behind essentials, without being overly sized. An official

Suzuki branded or aftermarket pannier is designed to fit to the motorcycle via a rack system, which is often

purchased with the bags for greater convenience. Unfinished aluminum isn't always the most aesthetically

please, so it benefits to shop for the panniers that have received a powder coat paint finish. This not only

provides a high-quality look but also protects the luggage from the residue which is often produced by the un-

treated aluminum. If preferring a more streamline pannier kit, you might want to search the available options in

the series of plastic cases.

Tank Bags

Constructed in hard-wearing materials, such as tear-resistant woven polyester, the tank bags offer a luggage

system which is often used in conjunction with a range of luggage pieces or in complete isolation. Tank bags

aren't able to offer a particularly high load capacity (12 to 20-litres), although they can feature a top map pocket

and multiple pockets which provides complete ease in storing the essential on-the-go cargo. Attachment to a

motorcycles tank area is via high-strength magnets or straps.

Soft Luggage Bags

Soft luggage systems for the V-Strom generally consist of the saddle bags and panniers and come in some very

resilient water-repellent materials, such as vinyl or Cordura nylon, to make sure the rear cargo is protected in all

travel conditions. Most of the soft bags are designed to strap-on and strap-off in seconds and generally offer a

universal fit with attachment to the motorcycle achieved via multiple mounting straps. A light travel option, the soft

luggage is often favored by the dual sport, dirt bike, or off-road motorcycle ride

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