How to Replace Chain and Sprocket on a Dirt Bike

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					When riding your dirt bike there are always things that you are going to need to check regularly to see if they

need to be replaced or not. Things include tires, oil, air filter, oil filter, chain and sprocket, and a ton of other items

not to mention more physical aspects of the bike such-as the seat or the handlebar grips.

Today we are going to talk about checking and changing your chain and sprocket regularly and correctly. The

chain and sprockets are an important aspect to your bike because besides the engine they are what make the

bike move. So for normal maintenance for your bike, you will usually want to always check the lubrication of your

chain before you ride so as to not ruin it. Now when checking to see if you will need to replace your chain and

sprocket you can start by looking at the sprocket teeth. There is both a front sprocket and a rear sprocket on your

bike. If when you inspect the teeth, some are missing, or they're dull and rounded, or all leaning to one direction

you are going to want to replace them.

When checking your chain you will want to see how far it stretches. If for example you have the chain adjusted all

the way out and your chain is still loose you are going to need to replace your chain. You can also remove your

chain from your bike and hold it sideways to see how much flex is in it and whether or not you need to replace it.

Once you have determined you need to replace both your chain and sprockets (if you replace your sprockets you

always want to replace your chain too) you can start by removing the rear tire. You then take the front sprocket

cover off the front by more than likely removing the two bolts holding it in place. You will then want to unscrew the

bolt holding the front sprocket to the engine drive shaft and the bolts keeping it in place. You will then want to

remove the rear sprocket from the rear tire.

Take the old sprockets and chain and get rid of them because you are done with them. Now take your new

sprockets and chain and replace the old one. Put the new rear sprocket and put it on the rear tire. Put the new

front sprocket back so it is connected to the engine drive shaft. You will more than likely want to put the rear tire

back on before putting the chain on the bike. With the rear tire on adjust it all the way to the front and line up the

chain and connect it together. You can now adjust the rear tire properly and you are done replacing your

sprockets and chain on your dirt bike.

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