How to Remove Rust From Your Bike

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					Removing rust from your motorcycle and the parts associated with it allows you to keep the bike's quality and

aesthetics intact. Preventive treatment to ensure an object from rusting again is essential. For these actions to be

undertaken, you need to be in a dry area, you will need good products and plenty of elbow grease.

If you already have a motorcycle that is experiencing some rust issues, follow these helpful tips to ensure your

bike returns to its former glory.

1. Cleaning - The first step in any cleaning process is to wipe down the affected areas. You can do this by using

motorcycle shampoos with water and then take a rag and wipe off the area.

2. Removing the rust - To remove any present rust, start off by cleaning the etched surface. If it is a large flat

surface, you can use a sander on low speed. The sander disc or strip should be equipped with a grinding wheel,

just in case. Remove any loose paint that you see by using a normal household spatula (just don't put it back in

the kitchen when you are done). You can also remove rust with a wire brush on surfaces that seem irregular or

are difficult to access. You always want to start with a wire brush or steel wool. After this step, vacuum the dust

away before proceeding. Be careful that you don't sand off or rub off paint, however, as this can leave ugly marks

and patches on your bike's surface.

3. How to remove rust - To clean a rusty surface, you can also use anti-rust products. They apply by brush or

spray. They alter the composition of the rust and destroy any present rust and will also help deter future rust.

These products often avoid tedious sanding and scraping of a rusty object.

4. Prevent the recurrence of rust - Treat your bike so you can prevent it from becoming rusty again. Many

products prevent the recurrence of rust. Paints with lead oxide apply as a normal paint. We call them anti-

corrosive primers. Other products can paint the metal, although it is still a little rusty. Also try covering your bike

when not in use. While a motorcycle cover can't prevent rust, it can help present excess moisture and harmful

debris from collecting on it.

5. Regularly treat the rusted objects - Repeat this process of treatment about every two years on your motorcycle

or earlier, if needed.

Regular maintenance and care can help reduce the amount of rust that collects on your bike. While motorcycle

covers and rust resistant paint coatings are not cure-alls, they will help reduce rust that occurs as well as help

make the cleaning process easier.

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