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					  Scared Of Beautiful lyrics: An excellent
                piece of music by Brandy
   The singer Brandy Rayana
    Norwood is often known as the
    name Brandy or B-Rocka,
    Bran'N. Brandy was born on
    February 11, 1979 in McComb,
    Mississippi, United States. She
    has started the music career
    from 1993 and on going.

   She is not only a singer but also
    a dancer, an actress, a record
    producer, a model and a
    songwriter. The most favorite
    genres of Brandy are R&B, pop,
    soul and hip hop.
   Although she is not a top star of the
    music world but she co-operated with
    many big ames like Timbaland,
    Snoop Dogg, Ma$e, Mike City, Willie
    Norwood, Monica, Rodney Jerkins,
    Ray J. Brandy was luckily born in a
    musical family and she started
    enrolling the performing in the school
    very soon.

   Officially, she get involved in art of
    performing is in 1993 when she acted
    as a supporting role in a short live
    ABC sitcom Thea. People knew her
    name when UPN sitcom Moesha got
    success in 1996. The series lasted
    up to 6 seasons and Brandy was the
    star of the series.
   In 1993, she signed the first
    recording contract with Atlantic
    Record and one year later, the
    first debut was released and got
    a lot of commercial success. The
    two singles "I Wanna Be Down"
    and “Baby” got two number ones
    in the Billboard Hot R&B Singles
    chart. Many songs were released
    later bring the name Brandy to
   Billboard has ranked Brandy top
    20 Top Pop Artists of the 1990s
    and Top 50 R&B and Hip Hop
    Artists list of the past 25 years.
   The singer sold out six million copies
    worldwide, produced 3 top ten hits in
    the Billboard hot 100 ("I Wanna Be
    Down", "Baby,". "Brokenhearted").
    These success gave Brandy 2 Grammy
    Award nominations for Best New Artist
    and Best Female R&B Vocal
    Performance. Then she won 4 Soul
    Train Music Awards, 2 Billboard
    Awards, and the New York Children's
    Choice Award.
   These achievements are really
    respected. During the time from 1993,
    Brandy has received many awards,
    nominations and accolades but there is
    one thing that is even more important,
    that is she is one of the most influential
    artists of her time.
   Beside the 3 excellent
    pieces of music "I Wanna
    Be Down", "Baby," and
    "Brokenhearted", there is a
    song that not many people
    know but really good. The
    version by Brandy was not
    famous as the version by
    Frank Ocean but it give a
    brand new breath:
   “Scared of the good more than the evil
   Scared of the light more than the dark
   Scared of the truth so much more than the lie
   I'm scared for you
   I'm scared of you
   Scared of beautiful”.
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