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The Economic Recession is Over. Thousands Become Wisdom, Invoke Magic, & Empower Their Lives Through Generation Flux


Millions of Dollars have been raised over the last twelve months to help ordinary people live better lives, we invoke magic at this special time and become wisdom. It is Generation Flux and the economic recession is over. 2013 has hit and already the fertility is here. The economic recession is over for those who have made the decision. I myself have seen magic in action, now I’m not a normal person who has a normal life. I go to school for witches. Now they of course don’t call it witch-craft there, we use a different word; consciousness. But if you want to know what was actually kept a secret, it is that magic happens when you evolve you consciousness; a purely natural spontaneous effect. It is YOU who will become wisdom. Some have been known to call this witchcraft. Which is why all us witches really get a laugh out of that. Here is the story of YOU can invoke magic in 2013. This is Generation Flux.

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