The Economic Recession is Over. Thousands Become Wisdom, Invoke Magic, & Empower Their Lives Through Generation Flux by JamesTipton3


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									The Economic Recession is Over. Thousands
Become Wisdom, Invoke Magic, & Empower
Their Lives Through Generation Flux.
by PenniJames | on December 25, 2012

Millions of Dollars have been raised over the last twelve months to help
ordinary people live better lives, we invoke magic at this special time
and become wisdom. It isGeneration Flux and the economic recession
is over.

2013 has hit and already the fertility is here. The economic recession is
over for those who have made the decision. I myself have seen magic in
action, now I’m not a normal person who has a normal life. I go to school
for witches. Now they of course don’t call it witch-craft there, we use a
different word; consciousness. But if you want to know what was actually
kept a secret, it is that magic happens when you evolve you
consciousness; a purely natural spontaneous effect. It is YOU who
will become wisdom. Some have been known to call this witchcraft. Which
is why all us witches really get a laugh out of that. Here is the story
of YOU can invoke magic in 2013. This is Generation Flux.

What kind of magic have you seen?
I’ve seen all kind; from human beings lifting off the ground, sparks flying
from hands, spirits entering brains, others spirits acting
as metaphysical guides. I could tell you of the magic that rigged elections,
started wars, prevented them, brought down a nation, magic happens just
as much at a global level as it does within us. Magic is that principle wich
conducts change.

The most amazing magic I have ever seen though is the magic that
happens inside every human being. That’s why John Lennon said:

“War is Over, If you want it.”
The economic recision is over if you want it. The bad times are over if
you want it. The suffering is over if you want it.

Because it is 2013 and fertility is here if we want it.

How do we end suffering? With sacrifices these 2012 years. This day
marks the point when we become conscious of the choice we now have for
wisdom, that is for us toBecome Wisdom.

I don’t just mean to become wise. I mean becoming that which is the very
essence of Wisdom. It’s a very magical way of perceiving it. This
is consciousness.

We now have the Choice to Decide for Wisdom, for us to Become
Wisdom, rather having to make the sacrifices in our lives to have to deal
with the suffering.
These cases of magic which are transporting everyday people around the
world from a state of living in sacrifice, suffering…. weather that’s working
long hours, or not getting enough money, to have the things you deserve…
to a state of wisdom in which you are empowered so you may live your life
freely the way you desire.

The formula for this that allows you to invoke magic is actually very
simple, it was almost kept a secret, but it’s past 2012 and there’s no more
secrets, so you just go ahead a know it. It’s 3 things that make money
every time. It’s math really… and the power of collaboration. The will to
take action, ability to learn more everyday, and get thrilled empowering
others and yourself. You shape your future. Become Wisdom Invoke
Magic. The Economic Recession is Over if you want it!

I’ve seen a bum living in a van touch thousands of people with his message
using the internet and doing these 3 things, he went from broke, to over a
million dollars.

There’s something magical that is
happening all over the world right now
and that’s people are deciding to take action, get the wisdom they deserve
and stop suffering. Stop working jobs you hate, stop living below your
means. And that wisdom can be found looking inside yourself and also on
the internet if you know where to look.

I’ve seen a construction worker driving a beat up ford truck he had to start
with a screw driver, help 61,230 normal people earn over $21 million
dollars in commissions over the 12 months. How? This doing it anywhere
formula every may know now. We laugh and call it magic because of the
transformation that occurs, both for the wallet also the inner self. That it’s
confidence and courage, self-assurance and inspiration; these are the gifts
that are the true magic that evolves once one choses wisdom
and empowers their life. The financial circumstance is just a reflection of
that inner growth that occurred.

So what is it that over 61,2300 normal people have become in the last 12

A Community of Generation Flux Bad Asses that are fighting the forces of
evil through wisdom, inspiration and taking massive action.

To learn the three things these Bad Asses do to make money every time,
empower themselves, and become All Stars in this 2013 world of synergy
between content, and marketing, and having a life, click here to continue
the story.

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