Ways to Make Her Notice You - 3 Ways You Need to Get a Woman's Attention

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					If you are seeking ways to get a woman's attention, you are not alone.
Being able to get women to notice you is one of the first steps to
success with the opposite sex and it is one of the ones that most guys
are clueless about. If you try to get a woman's attention the wrong way,
you are going to either come across as a complete turnoff or you are
going to make her see you in the wrong way. The idea of making the right
first impression is key, because just getting a woman's attention is not
what it is all about. It's all about getting the right kind of attention.

Here are 3 ways that you need to get a woman's attention if you want her
to want you:

1. You need to make her feel like you are someone who can make her feel

All women want to feel special. That has to be one of the most common
things that women will list when they get asked what they are looking
for. If you can show a woman that you can do that, you can be the kind of
guy that can make her feel really special, not only are you going to get
her attention - you are going to get it in a good way.

2. If you want a woman to notice you, then she has to be curious about
who you are.

Think about what kind of guy women get curious about. Is it that plain
old boring guy or is it the one that seems to have an air of mystery that
surrounds him? I think you know which one is the one that ends up getting
noticed by women. You want to give off an air of mystery so that she
feels like she really wants to get to know who you are and what makes you

3. She'll notice you and want you if you walk around like a true alpha

These are the guys that don't seem to have to do much to get attention
from women. They are the guys that know how to enter a room and get
attention from women. The true alpha males. This is how you need to come
across if you are going to really attract attention from a woman you like
and you want to make her feel like she really wants YOU.

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